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Good evening. Highlights of all three of today's games on the way


for you. We will see the hosts again and look ahead to Northern Ireland's


second group game and the small matter of England against Wales.


Fittingly we have an Englishman and Welshman, Jermaine Jenas alongside


Dean Saunders. We start in Marseilles where the favourites


France continue their campaign against Albania.


COMMENTATOR: It took something rather special from Dimitri Payet


late in the day in their start against mania, with first night


nerves in the rear mirror and three points on the board, the nation now


expects in the Calder and of these Stade Velodrome against Albania.


Didier Deschamps electing to leave out Paul Pogba and Antoine


Griezmann, who were both knocked on their best in the opening game.


Kante launching that one forward, met by the head of Ajeti. Ajeti


plays in Serie A in Italy. No getting past Agolli.


Who else but Dimitri Payet with the ball at his feet? Whipped in


dangerously and off the top of the head of Giroud. He has scored in his


last six starts for France. Some dark clouds in the sky above the


Stade Velodrome. Rain deposited on the venue.


Collected here by Andi Lila. The Napoli player has done well. A


dangerous one and Sadiku would almost on the end of that. A real


threat from Albania. The deflection from Anthony Martial just took it


away from Armando Sadiku. Kingsley Coman, brilliant skill. Not


quite such a good cross. But what a lovely touch, to take Kukeli out of


the game. The referee blew up for the first


challenge on Sadiku. He definitely got the ball, and then got Sadiku


afterwards. What can Albania make of this


situation? Dangerous ball in. Headed behind by Koscielny. Couldn't take


any chances there. Hysaj's delivery. Racing in with the


shot on goal, but smothered at the very last minute. Lenjani.


Up towards Armando Sadiku. WHISTLE


High boot, Albania get a free kick just outside the box. On the side of


the head. Will Albania take advantage press my both sides with


ten men on the pitch at the moment. Just over the top of the bar. Hugo


Lloris looked to have it covered. WHISTLE


The referee from Scotland gets us underway.


Giroud leaves it. As bodies to a Mak in the centre, Matuidi! Just past


the far post, Kingsley Coman racing in. Almost a blistering start to the


second half for France. Lenjani racing into the penalty


area. Agolli switching the play. This is


decent from Albania, dangerous looking cross. France really


struggling. Saved by the post-! France that. Chas the ball


ricocheted off the post. Evra to Giroud. Payet. Lovely. Great


chance! 'S guide by Pogba. -- skied by Pogba. Problem was there, on the


half volley. Patrice Evra. Kante just waited half a second too


long. He has won it back. Lots of blue shirts queueing up. Giroud


wide. Frustration cascading down from the stands at the velodrome.


Evra motoring along, in towards Giroud. Off the post-!


The closest France have come to scoring tonight, and Giroud can't


believe the ball did not go in. Nearly 82 minutes on the watch.


Gignac. Looking at the referee, hoping for a free kick. Albania


still digging in. France probing and looking to break the deadlock.


Gignac can't find a way past Mavraj. Berisha took it well. Left out at


the start of the match, Griezmann, but almost getting on the end of it.


What a gargantuan effort from Albania's defence today and it is


not over yet. The header this time from Agolli. Griezmann! Saves the


day for France in the last minute of the 90. Left out of the team by


Didier Deschamps at the start tonight, he's the hero of the hour.


Roars of relief at around these Stade Velodrome. The favourites are


set to squeeze home against Albania. Who came so close to keeping a clean


sheet and securing a precious and memorable point. But the French kept


probing, and in the end they found a way through.


Last chance saloon, surely now for Albania.


Sagna, Pogba. Gignac will wait for the past from Pogba and take it in


his stride. Matuidi busting a gut to get there with him. Dimitri Payet,


he can feel the deal here, and he has!


And that has put a better gloss on it from the French point of view.


Two goals right at the death. And they secured the points for France,


they go through to the knockout stages. Dimitri Payet, his second


goal at these European Championships.


Another amazing finish to the game from the host and they are through


to the knockout. No shots on target for 89 minutes, we thought it would


be one of those games, but quite efficient, two goals from two goals


and targets. A lot of that was down to the fact Albania were so good,


pressed hard higher up the pitch, making life hard for the French,


they had to work very hard to get the opportunities they did. This is


what the best teams do. Even when the game is going on a lot later,


they still believe they are going to get that chance. That is the


centre-half screaming at his midfielder to get across because he


knows the cross is coming in. Griezmann, the substitute who could


have been sulking, gets between the two defenders and puts his team 1-0


up in the 90th minute. Look at this for a pass from Paul Pogba, slips


but still manages it. A beautiful ball into the path of the striker.


This is the part I love most from Payet. Most people would pass that


because they would think he is in a better position, but he is so


confident and the moment, just wants to take responsibility over time. He


knows when he picks up that ball, this is a goal, this is going in the


back of the net. You can tell by his face he's like, this is my moment.


Used to be a crowd favourite in Marseille and enjoyed himself again.


You were decent with your head, so we asked you to look at some heading


techniques tonight. Some good stuff towards the end of the game, but


average throughout, you thought? Crossing and finishing practice


required. Giroud could have had three. The technique on some of the


headers, Giroud, his head is moving around too much. You have to keep


your head still until the last Trying to put too much pressure


power on it. The same here with Koscielny. You have to keep your


head still until the last second until you hit the ball in any sport


and football is no different. They need to get on the training ground


and practices. There is another one. That is three that could have got


in. Trying to get too much power and movement on it. Keep your eye on the


ball until it comes to you it's like a snatch with your feet. This one,


can't complain, great header. Punches it into the ground, keeps


his head still and very unlucky. And eventually, they get through.


Griezmann comes on, and this header is completely different. If you


watch, he keeps his head still longer and directs the ball in the


corner. But they need to practice, because they could have won 5-0. I


think it is time for another Dean Saunders masterclass, bad and good


technique... Any sport, if you're running around with your head


moving, you will not time the ball properly. On the training pitch,


keep your head still, as the ball comes in, last second, you just


punch the ball in the direction you want. If you are moving ahead and


trying to put too much power on it you missed time the ball. They need


to practice and practice until they get it right. There we go, learning


all the time. What about Albania? You said they frustrated France and


when it was goalless they had two great opportunities. They did. This


one from Lenjani, should have been in the back of the Nat. -- net. If


he gets a better contact is in the back of the net. This one, a great


cross from Hysaj, whips into the box so unlucky here. Memushaj. Yes, any


kind of contact on this... You think, just go in, please. Trying


all sorts to get it in the back of the net. You watched some of the


game in the fan zone. The noise was incredible, especially when the


goals went in. In terms of those changes Didier Deschamps made, no


Griezmann Pogba in the starting line-up, where you are impressed


with the spirit when they came in? Hazard yes, not just that, those


decisions are big decisions, dropping those two star players. For


them to come in and act the way they did, and the celebrations towards


the end, it told me a lot about how together the team is. Didier


Deschamps said it was a tactical decision. We are with Northern


Ireland as they prepare to take on Ukraine later on, but first, Romania


needed something against Switzerland after their opening night defeat of


the hosts. Jonathan Pearce was at the Parc des Princes.


The first major issue of tournament can be settled here, Romania makes


four changes from their opening loss to France, this will be the third


Centre forward they will have tried already, with Chipciu. Some players


picked up slight injuries against France. Switzerland are not changed


from their win against Albania. In towards the end, Seferovic turns and


shoots. Everything was right except the score. Anghel Iordanescu was the


Romanian coach when they were beaten before, has been described by his


country as the coach of the century. And there was some shirt tugging


their under penalty has been given. Chipciu was pulled back, needless


defending, Lichtsteiner pulled on the shirt of Chipciu, it was


blatant. Bogdan Stancu scored from the spot against France, and he


scores again in Paris to put Romania 1-0 up! 18 minutes gone. Well taken.


Delight for Anghel Iordanescu. Lovely effort they're! Looping and


swooping down. Freddie Mae Petkovic, the Swiss


coach. Caught by Xherdan Shaqiri. Torje with the free kick. Right foot


bending dangerously in. And just clipped the outside of the post. And


Romania were almost 2-0 up, through Sapunaru, the ride back. A lovely


ball bent in. Clipped the outside of the post.


Looking full of Steiner to get in behind, he does so, get set to the


edge of the box and it's headed wide. They have had their


opportunities and they have missed them. Hoisted high, rising unmarked


and could not hit the target. Torje with the cross. The set up.


Torje and that very nearly went into his own net! Romania, so close to a


second. A substitution for Switzerland any minute now.


Dzemali. If in doubt, get a doubt, that's what they did just then. The


corner kick is swung away. And it's the equaliser! He might have looked


across and seen that Switzerland were about to make a substitution


and fear that he might be the one to go off. Embolo was getting ready to


come on, you might have to sit down now, it's 1-1. No hesitation,


rocketed into the back of the net, buying in it was. Finding his man. I


think he's feeling a bit hard done by. Everything could change with


that goal. He's gone for goal. Unfortunately for him, the ball was


cleared away. 1-1. Confirmation of how Group A looks.


Funds are through to the knockout stage, Switzerland just behind them


on four. Romania and Albania meet in their final group game, just one


point between them It is hard to believe that


Switzerland found themselves behind, so many chances. Chance after


chance, some poor finishing, some bad luck, they missed too many


chances today, they will be kicking themselves. Seferovic played OK


apart from letting in the ball. He played OK, great feet, just did not


slot the ball when he was aiming at. This is something similar, although


he has to score. The keeper made a good save. Did he make him work


enough? Probably not. Great volley, great technique, not much more that


he can do. A good save from the goalkeeper, as Dean said. A thing he


thought he was going to get cluttered.


Embolo is about to come on, for Mehmedi. Manager's timing. Mehmedi


but that one into the net! I think the manager told Embolo that he


might need to sit down for a couple of minutes! It is better to be a


lucky manager sometimes than a good one! Romania and Albania are not out


of the group. Albania were good in that second half with just ten men


against Switzerland and they pushed France so they've got everything to


go for in that final game. Romania showed more against France than they


did today, think they were lucky to get anything out of Switzerland.


Albania have every chance of getting something in that last game. They


played really well today, with all those great French players on the


pitch, they did really well, they cancel get there. They should be


proud of themselves. England and Wales play tomorrow, the other two


teams in the group met in Lille today. Uefa had threatened to throw


rush out if there was any repeat of the violence that we saw in


Marseille. Russia plates of IPL. England versus Wales can wait one


more day, but then the qualification picture will be clearer after we see


what happens between Russia and Slovakia, B hits the middle games


today, the ones that can set up, seal, or all but end hopes of going


through. The Russian coach, Leonard Slutsky, saw enough from his team to


say same again. For Slovakia, three changes from the team and beaten by


Wales in Bordeaux. Duda is one of those coming in to start. I think we


can surmise the opening exchanges as scrappy. Hamsik! Got hold of it.


Poor play by Russia, that wasn't far away at all. Hope that Leonard


Slutsky is OK, that rocking and deep breathing does not suggest that he


is. The youngest coach in the competition. And with the highest


blood pressure! It's only just right! Absolutely brilliant. Central


defence seems to have completely opened up. I thought just a touch


too many. Hamsik. What a ball. Weiss! A lovely couple of touches,


and a fine finish! Slovakia take the lead! Thanks to a


brilliant ball and a very nice bit of work at the end. A lovely girl


for Slovakia, extremely well made, extremely well taken. Defensively,


Weiss. The path of the match. The right back is already on the wrong


side. Wesley going? It's like, you know that Weiss is going to come in.


It's, OK, coincide committed, and score! The young player who started


out at Manchester City and went on to play for Bolton is now based in


Qatar. He has made 1-0 in favour of Russia. That's the reaction that


haven't seen yet. The cross is good. That's a pretty handy knock-down for


Weiss. The ball from Hamsik was brilliant. He just picked somebody


out. He saw his opponent coming up, not many others did. Hamsik, again,


they've left him alone! Hamsik! Just a brilliant from the best player on


the field! Its two goals for Slovakia before half-time. And from


almost the same position. As good as his first goal was, for Slovakia,


this was absolutely top drawer. Such a sweet strike. Sweet, sweet, sweet.


The goalkeeper knows what he's doing, has absolutely no chance. And


you would say, little chance for Russia based on what we've witnessed


in this first half. We'd just like to reiterate that the game is being


played and the stunner are closed roof because of nasty weather in


Lille. It's not the middle of the night -- played under accused roof.


That's really good work. Robert Mak. And it has to be pushed twice over


the crossbar. Slovakia get a shot on goal. He does strike me as the kind


of manager who... He's been called the Russian Mourinho in some media


reports in the past. That was a better ball into the box. A chance


here. Smolov hit it, the follow up by Glushakov. Good play by Russia


this time. Happy is the vacuum everywhere. Even though Russia


trailing 2-0 there are echoes of the England game -- happy Slovakians


everywhere. They haven't had the the 23rd minute. There could be another


one about to come. Their next run against England was in the 92nd


minute, they now need to two. There might be one and there is! Russia


might have a way back! Glushakov! That was a well worked goal.


Slovakia just made a substitute, another striker, now they have to


strikers on, and they've just conceded. Really good play, a lovely


ball in. Good had. -- good header. Great finish. All of a sudden it's


panic stations for Slovakia. It's Glushakov! He can't get a second. He


had a quick look, decent strike, the first touch was good. Slovakia needs


to hear the full-time whistle as soon as possible.


WHISTLE There's a shake of the head from


Hamsik but he will be delighted when he takes stock of what his team has


done because for the first time ever they have won a game at the European


Championship. The final score, Slovakia have beaten Russia, 2-1.


A look at Group B. We will talk about that England and Wales game a


little later on. We saw against Wales Hamsik had one of those


frustrating days in Bordeaux. Today we saw him as the provider and


finisher and he is class? He is class, there go to player. His an


awareness on the pitch, it was the difference today for Slovakia. We


have highlighted in here because when he gets this ball... People


think it's simple because he makes it look simple, that touch with the


outside of his boots to get that in his path, and then the strike, hits


it so cleanly with his so-called weaker foot. That striker missed


pass you see now, always checking his shoulder. Knows where he wants


to hit it, Barry, right on the money. What a ball that is. -- bang,


right on the money. Good players can find space, but it's about knowing


when to turn and went to pop it first time. He wants to make things


happen. When he picks it up here, the thing Russia expected was that.


That is phenomenal. For me, goal of the tournament so far. We have seen


some good ones but that is high praise indeed from you. It was a


special moment, and even the celebration I liked it. Normally at


the strike you would say, great striker, let's celebrate that. It


you want to pick up on Smolov, that he was so busy going that way he was


forgetting the defensive duties. Hamsik was brilliant today, but it


was helped by Smolov who was out of position time after time. There, you


should be in line with his two centre-backs. Totally out of


position. Instead of rectifying it, he dives in. Again, coming down this


site, look where he is. Miles out of position, so they have to attack


down that side again. All the attacks were coming down that


channel, really good going forward, but caught out of position time and


time again. Some of the positions he was taking up today were ridiculous.


He is there, playing as from three with his back to goal, receiving it


like a striker. He is the right back, he shouldn't be in that


position. The centre-back playing inside of him will have his career


finished soon, if he keeps playing like that in front of him. He's


defending half a pitch on his own. And 36 years old! Another chance


down that side. If you're going to spring forward, sprint back. How can


you write back be closing your goalkeeper down? Ridiculous. If you


look at this, most of his touches were in the opposition's half. A


good young attacking full-back but today they give Hamsik too much


room, Wales didn't do that. Gareth Bale might enjoy his time against


him in his final game. You are a manager. Leonid Slutsky, his


reaction was brilliant. This is what it can do to you, started off quite


calm, getting a bit worked up. The goal has gone in. He's getting out


of control, so he has a word with himself. Now he's having a word with


himself, calming himself down, think he's sorted, no, he's gone against!


He's gone again. He's right, terrible defending. You'd think a


bowl would help him, it got worse when Russia scored. That's what


being a manager can do to you. A beautiful sight. It shows you, no


one in the dugout was listening to him because they knew he needed his


moment alone. In terms of off the pitch, tonight in Lille police have


had to use tear gas, pepper spray and acoustic missiles. The number of


fans have been detained throughout the day. We hope for a peaceful


night, because it is a big day tomorrow for all three of the home


nations. England against Wales is live on BBC One. Build-up starts at


one o'clock on BBC Two. If you are at work and your boss is nice you


can always watch it through the BBC sport website. Awesome commentary on


radio five live. Highlights on a little later for that you can still


get involved in the Euro 2016 predictor game. After six months of


waiting, England against Wales is nearly upon us, are you ready? Gabby


Logan and Jason Mohammed are in the camps. This will be the first


meeting between two home nations for 20 years.


A 2-1 win over Slovakia. 30,000 Welsh bands in red in Bordeaux were


loving it. An entire nation back home ecstatic. But here in the north


of France, all is calm. We got the result we wanted in the first game,


but we very quickly onto the second. We go into this game on a high and


we are a confident bunch. England next, I think the pressure will be


on their shoulders, not ours. I think they will have to approach the


game slightly differently, but it doesn't change our approach. Our


focus will be on what we can do, how we can affect them. I think if we


implement our game plan will hopefully come out with a Hosley


positive result. The players here are markedly focused ahead of the


biggest match of their lives, and they are quietly confident of


beating England. Things not quite so smooth in the


England camp, from elation to deflation with that late Russian


equaliser and the move is not helped with a Uefa warning so strong it


brought out the captain and manager to appeal to England's travelling


fans. As England manager I'm very concerned about the threat now


hanging over us, and the sanctions that could possibly be imposed on


the England team. I would like to say to the fans, if you don't have a


ticket, don't travel. If you have a ticket, safe and sensible. Away from


the pitch it is hard to get away from the question, what to do with


Gareth Bale? No doubt Gareth is a world-class player, but it would be


naive to focus just on one player in the team. They have quality


throughout the team. We are confident if we produce that


performance all round, where a better team. We have better players


and we are confident if we can produce that performance and stop


Gayle, we can win the game. Yes, people have said everyone wants to


gain the English scalp, but that is not just Wales, it is every other


country. We thrive off that. So no special treatment from Roy's


players, just another game they insist, just another country trying


to take on England scalp. At two o'clock tomorrow the noise,


atmosphere and nerves might just say different.


Can't wait to see what happens. In terms of the Wales team, three


points from a possible three so far, what are you thinking Chris Coleman


might do against England? A couple of options, I think it would be


harsh to leave anyone out after that result. But he could bring the


goalkeeper in, Wayne Hennessey, who has had a bad back. He has had an


injection, if that works it might be fit. Same back five, that has done


so well. Midfield, might make a change with Ledley coming in for


Edwards. Ledley is a big character in the camp. He wants him on the


pitch. The same front three. Robson-Kanu could go in, might leave


Williams out the Jerusalem, move tail along and put Robson-Kanu


upfront. We are expecting Roy Hodgson to play the same personnel,


but you would like to see, ideally, a slight positional switch. Explain


what you mean. Look, we played very well, but my only worry I had was


Harry Kane was a bit isolated and we didn't get the best out of Harry


Kane. I would like to see Wayne Rooney drop right next to Eric Dier,


because that way you get the extra cover with Gareth Bale and the


problems he will cause. Get Dele Alli into the position he plays for


Tottenham, higher up the pitch, near to Kane. Harry Kane was very


isolated, and I think it was a big part of the reason he didn't play so


well, he was just a little lost. Everybody else played really well,


he was the only one... Didn't have anybody to link up with. Do you not


think they played reasonably well? Very well. And you go searching for


a solution, and there was nothing wrong. Just on the day things don't


go your way on the day. I thought they played really well. The


goalkeeper made a great save and they had chances to win in the first


half but didn't take the chances. Will Wales go for the high press


again? Definitely. The team is full of sprinters and athletes, they are


all mobile and it starts with Gareth Bale, he starts everything off. If


he goes chasing the ball, they will go in behind. The midfield players


even join in, there will be a full press on, and it is if England can


play through them. It will be like a Premier League game. Ben Davies


around the and Jack Wilshere. Lallana Conor Henderson and Joe


Allen. They all know each other so well. These guys played against each


other week in and week out. They know what their strengths and


weaknesses are. It will be who handles the pressure. Both a bit


nervy? We have three points in the bag army is a bit more nervy than


me. Well said. Northern Ireland are back in action tomorrow, hopefully


getting their campaign up and running with the result against


Ukraine. Stephen Watson has been with the squad.


Where better to return after a disappointing defeat than the


beautiful Beaujolais wine region just outside Lyon? This is Northern


Ireland's team based during the Euro rose and they haven't had longed to


do well on their opening loss to Poland. Their 12 game unbeaten run


may be broken but their spirit and togetherness remains intact. There's


things in the game we've watched and we want to put right. Simple things,


things we have done in the past we've done good at, we want to get


back to that. We believe we will put on a better performance in the next


game. Are you confident as a team that you


can still progress, get a win against Ukraine? 100%. Everyone says


about 12 games unbeaten going into it. Some of those games were against


top quality sides and high-quality substitutions, as well. We have


characters in this team and people like myself... We have had to pull


things out of the bag. It's that attitude that got them to the


finals, and one that guaranteeing not to change. We'll put a lot of


effort into that match. I think that is something we can be proud of.


We've worked hard for each other. At times we were defending for lives,


covering each other, that's something that has never been


questioned by anyone in the team. We want to carry on. So, should we were


all Northern Ireland out of progressing in the tournament? Not a


chance! Do you think Northern Ireland will or can change the way


they play in the second game? I think they will definitely change


the way they play. I think they were far too conservative, it didn't seem


to be the way they wanted to play, very cautious. When he made the


changes and Washington came on, they looked far more dangerous. In terms


of the way they were playing, do you think their confidence might have


been knocked, that they were on a great run and it came to an end and


they weren't able to produce their best football in the Euro rose? I


thought before the tournament started that they were going to get


some result and I still think that. They can keep clean sheets. They got


three Premier League centre-backs at the heart of their defence. If they


concede a goal, they struggle. But they can win 1-0 and draw against


big nations, 0-0. Don't hold out yet, I think they are a good team. I


wanted to show you these two before we went today. Two things we noticed


today. This is Corluka preparing for the next game. That sums him up.


Goodlad Chris Wratt yes! And this is how Petr Cech has been preparing.


Have you seen that before? I have seen like a cricket catching cradle,


but never seen heating bottles. What if the bottle hits you in the face?


Could be a classic footballers injury. I guess it is whatever gets


you that extra little 10%. Gentlemen, massive thank you to you


tonight. Have a good sleep everybody, we will be back tomorrow


for the big one, England against Wales and the wait is finally over.


I must ask this of you, England, what shall we see question at the


promise and only that, of ancients turned grey. Free yourself England,


rise like Lions. The Dragon. Gayle for Wales! --


Gareth Bale for Wales! Spread your wings.


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