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Match Replay: Portugal v Iceland

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Welcome to St Etienne as Portugal and Iceland become the last two


teams to get their Euro 2016 underway.


So, the last two teams to get their Euros under


It has been raining again here today, but the sunshine has


come out in the early evening, just as it did yesterday in Lyon.


So, Portugal, who have actually lost at home to Albania


and the Cape Verde Islands in the last two years,


are without Ricardo Quaresma, who is injured.


Ricardo Carvalho and Pepe are hardly the youngest central defensive


On their bench, 18-year-old Renato Sanches, who has just signed


for Bayern Munich for a fee which could rise to ?61 million.


Cuneyt Cakir, from Turkey, is the referee.


Although not without the odd blemish on his record,


as Manchester United fans might tell you.


The captain on the right, Aron Gunnarsson.


Don't forget that Iceland almost qualified for


the last World Cup, only losing in the play-off to Croatia.


The team plays for clubs scattered across northern Europe.


Gudmundsson, Gunnarsson, Sigurdsson play in the English leagues.


Of course, strikers Sigthorsson and Bodvarsson play for Nantes


Sigthorsson, 20 goals in 39 internationals.


At the back, Kari Arnason captained Malmo in a Uefa Champions League


match against Real Madrid, where they lost 8-0.


And when you come to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play,


you are expecting big things to happen tonight.


Hopefully he can light up this tournament with a big performance.


Iceland, a big occasion for them, can they nullify the threat?


and Iceland are introduced the referee blows his whistle


to international football at its peak.


All in white against Portugal, who are predominantly in red.


Ronaldo is immediately knocked off the ball and gets a glare.


It was a strong challenge from Aron Gunnarsson,


who dispossessed Cristiano Ronaldo and then glared at him.


Through to the goalkeeper, Halldorsson, who will be happy


Did well, Iceland, getting bodies back


Ronaldo running at the opposition, getting a bit of freedom.


It's not all about Ronaldo, obviously it's mostly about Ronaldo,


but when you look around and see Pepe, Danilo,


Joao Moutinho and Joao Mario, they have some other good players.


I was particularly impressed when Danilo played


He looks like another one that has come off the Portuguese


I'm sure he will be looking to secure a move at some stage,


Inside to Joao Moutinho, away to Pepe.


That is a good ball from Mario into the box, but straight


into the comfortable grasp of Hannes Halldorsson.


Fernando Santos in charge of Portugal.


We talk about Iceland being debutants, and they are.


There on the right, Heimir Hallgrimsson,


but the very familiar Lars Lagerback,


this is his seventh major tournament final.


Six with Sweden and one with Nigeria.


He is no debutant, he's been around the block.


Gylfi Sigurdsson cuts inside, Sigurdsson!


That was nearly the story of the first week in the Euros


Excellent work down the left-hand side.


He has to clean the ball out, put it in the stand if necessary.


If you are Iceland you want Sigurdsson with those big chances.


As he steps inside, Danilo, you expect him to bend it


beyond Patricio in goal, past his left hand side,


He went for power and it was a comfortable save in the end.


Trying to give him the eyes, trying to go near post.


Eidur Gudjohnsen in the middle of your shot there.


Still going, 37 years young, Eidur Gudjohnsen.


He will retire from international football for the second time


The free kick does go Portugal's way.


Nani is edging towards 100 caps, after tonight, 97 for Nani.


Another one who has the talent but hasn't always consistent enough.


Pepe has come forward, so has Ricardo Carvalho.


He has had two or three good touches.


Not the greatest free kick from Joao Moutinho.


Been caught out a few times in possession, Iceland.


A lot of experience in Iceland's back four.


Three of the back four started every game in qualification.


Flicked on, deflected, another corner.


Danilo just trying to get the direction on it,


not able to get the power coming away from goal.


Joao Moutinho with the second corner.


the referee having a word with Aron Gunnarsson.


The temptation is to see Iceland as rank outsiders


and total underdogs, but they came into this


tournament coming second in the qualification group,


Three teams from that group made the finals, because Turkey


came through a play-off, and the Netherlands


Just missed out on the last World Cup to an excellent Croatian


It has been a work in progress in the last ten years.


The blue-shirted hordes from Iceland reacted rather late


It was a long time up before they realised it.


Bjarnason arrives on the scene, the decision has gone Portugal's way.


He will stand down at the end of this tournament.


And the man alongside, Heimir Hallgrimsson,


We talked about Iceland having a population the size of Leicester,


I did put a call into the Icelandic Embassy this morning


to ask how many Icelandic men that are between the age of 20-40


who could conceivably be picked for the squad.


That means if you are an Icelandic man in that age group you have


a one in 2000 chance of being in the squad.


For someone whose name ends in -son, I'm a bit disappointed


That was a poor ball from Sigurdsson from the back.


Joao Moutinho loves the feel of the ball at his feet.


Guerreiro with the throw-in for Portugal.


Gudmundsson inside to Gylfi Sigurdsson.


Danilo immediately in on Gylfi Sigurdsson.


That is exactly what he does, that is why he plays in the side.


Allows the likes of Moutinho and Mario ahead of him


Ten minutes in and the best chance was for Iceland.


They have not been great in possession, Iceland,


when they have had it, a few overhit passes.


But when you get those chances, those big chances, those big


moments, you want them to fall to Sigurdsson


and you expect him to do better with the chance he had.


Danilo, to the feet of Joao Moutinho.


Bjarnason made the challenge and the referee saw


Referee said he won the ball and not sure there was much contact.


Skulason will take the throw-in.


Hand raised, as soon he released the ball he knew


In a good position, the full-back, but the referee has


You want the game to flow, in a good position going forward.


Awareness from Moutinho to spot the run.


A good-looking ball, just didn't quite find Joao Mario.


Just a bit scrappy at the moment, isn't it?


They're not able to string a few passes together.


Carvalho, the ageing Portuguese defender, now at Monaco.


Danilo. Vierinha.


We have seen that challenge from Ricardo Carvalho a lot.


He knows what he is doing, just leaving his foot


Keeping a very good shape, Iceland.


The goalkeeper just wanted a second look at that.


Just a very good attacking full-back, Vieirinha.


Strikes it well enough, just did not have the direction.


He is a little bit off-balance, although he struck it well enough.


Gylfi Sigurdsson is down at the moment for Iceland.


Portugal are about to put the ball out of play.


Ronaldo gave it to Gudmundsson so that he could do so.


The referee is coming over to have a look at Sigurdsson.


He has just trodden on the top of his left foot.


One of the most historic stadiums in France, home to Saint-Etienne,


of course, who had that great team in the 1970s,


with Jacques Santini, who managed Spurs, who is here today.


As is the star of the team which reached the European


Cup Final in 1976, Dominique Rocheteau.


Danilo for Portugal, who have not really troubled Halldorsson yet -


certainly not with anything which would unduly worry him.


That was a brilliant ball in from Ronaldo,


and Nani's header hit the goalkeeper.


Shifting it onto his right foot, great ball in.


It is actually a really good save from Halldorsson,


Provided a bit of room, actually and Nani's header


will loop over the top of Halldorsson's crossbar.


It was the way Ronaldo got the cross in, the change of feet,


Good movement from Nani to recognise it.


And that is a really, really good save.


Getting across his line, Halldorsson.


Iceland couldn't really profit from that.


Gomes now for Portugal with a powerful surge.


Pulling away onto the shoulder of the defender, getting across him,


just couldn't quite get the direction.


If he has a good tournament, Ronaldo, he could become the


highest-scoring player of all time in European Championship finals.


Michel Platini, on nine, Alan Shearer on seven.


Ronaldo currently on six in his three previous tournaments.


As you said earlier, Kevin, you can throw any figure


in the air and you'll find an achievement that matches him.


More than 50 goals again, just amazing.


Six seasons running now, 50 goals plus.


Iceland will be quite happy with the way it has gone.


Gudmundsson felt that, and has got the free kick.


Someone needs to wake up, because Bjarnason is there.


Pepe goes to ground and gets the free kick,


but there was certainly hesitation there.


When you let it bounce you are under pressure.


We know, they are uncomfortable at times, Pepe and Carvalho.


Alan Shearer spoke about set pieces for Iceland,


The quality hasn't always been great in this first half up to now.


Patted away by goalkeeper Halldorsson.


Lovely ball from Pepe towards Ronaldo,


Well, you have got to compete, but the referee


What a chance that was, brilliant ball from Pepe.


Almost like the goal for Italy last night, the same movement.


Here comes the free kick for that Bjarnason challenge.


Halldorsson again with a comfortable take.


That has happened two or three times now.


Free kick given in his favour this time.


Danilo, that is asking rather a lot of Nani.


Just that final ball at the moment, Kevin, for Portugal,


No, it's not, apart from that ball from Pepe to set up Ronaldo.


Great movement from Ronaldo, and he has got to be scoring.


Gomes could not make the most of that error.


Joao Mario was beaten, but Ricardo Carvalho wasn't.


38 now, but brilliantly-timed challenge.


Joao Mario, that was a very good ball.


It was just a little bit too high for Joao Moutinho.


Bodies behind him as well - he knew he had to deal with it.


That looked to me like it had gone out of play.


You can see the set-up from Iceland every time -


allow Portugal to get over the halfway line, then put them


under more pressure, going into a rigid 4-4-2.


That's good reading for Iceland, 0-0 after half an hour.


I still think Gylfi Sigurdsson's chance was every bit as good


Switch off for a second and Portugal make you pay.


Nani with the goal, Gomes with a pass.


A great bonus from Andre Gomes, when he gets in he gets his head up.


A brilliant run from Nani near post and it's a simple task at the end


But I have to say, it has been coming.


They've been a bit slack in possession, Iceland.


Sigurdsson had that early chance in the third minute to put the cat


amongst the Portuguese pigeons but didn't take it.


When you get those big moments, you have to take them.


A great ball, Joao Moutinho hasn't always produced with free kicks


in wide areas in this game but that was a super ball.


Another corner, didn't quite reach Ricardo Carvalho.


Got to try and see this spell through at the moment, Iceland.


They are struggling and need to get out of their own half.


If Portugal get a second in the next couple of minutes, you wouldn't


It just has that feel at the moment a third before half-time.


that this is an important 10-12 minutes up to half-time for Iceland.


with his fingertips rather than his palms, but it stuck.


Nani knocked over by Gylfi Sigurdsson.


It's interesting, I saw some very good stuff in the paper


the long-standing international Icelandic player.


He said when he moved to England he was 23, but in mental terms


he was still like a teenager because the Icelandic


system was so far behind, and that is no longer the case.


A lovely turn away from Gylfi Sigurdsson.


Joao Mario has gone down for Portugal.


Bjarnason here charging forward for Iceland,


trying to curl it off the outside of his boot around Pepe.


It almost fell for Gudmundsson at the back post.


It is a better ball from back to front.


Just a little floater, to give them a chance


But a vital touch at the far post to deny a good chance for Iceland.


A few hoots from behind the goal from the Icelandic fans,


thinking they might have a penalty shout.


Not a good set play from Iceland again.


Aron Gunnarsson to take this for Iceland.


The Portuguese right-back said it didn't come off him,


but the Turkish referee says, yes it did.


Hardly a long throw, but certainly made the most of it.


Gylfi Sigurdsson to take this for Iceland.


A goal down but on the front foot again now.


Now Gudmundsson, caught in possession by Joao Mario,


Just taking an opportunity to have a word with Aron Gunnarsson.


Pepe has charged forward from the back.


Joao Mario for Portugal, back to Nani.


Well taken, Halldorsson did well and delivers it quickly.


Pepe is not going to get back as quickly as he got


Nani seems to have decided to hold the right touchline at the moment.


Good ball, Andre Gomes feigning to shoot with his right.


Halldorsson would have seen that quite late, Arnason


Make it hard to find any space for Portugal.


Joao Mario and Danilo for Portugal enjoying


Ricardo Carvalho, one of the players, like Cristiano Ronaldo


who will have memories of being beaten by underdogs


Losing the opening game of Euro 2004 to Greece


and then again in the final, on home turf.


Wise enough and experienced enough to know


not to take anything for granted.


They will be happy going in at half-time if it stays


a big chance early on, little going forward,


but you expect better from them from set plays.


They haven't provided any telling balls into the area.


Nice jinking run, but blocked in the end, a Portuguese throw.


Taken away from Nani by the flying figure of Saevarsson.


Got to try and see this spell through,


There has to come a time in the game when they will throw bodies forward.


Vieirinha, a good ball, but too high for Cristiano Ronaldo,


who had Sigurdsson jumping just in front of him.


He has picked up a couple of good positions, Cristiano Ronaldo,


Just can't quite get it on target again.


That was the chance, excellent awareness from Nani,


He's going to have a word with Danilo.


Who presumably had something to say for himself.


Might have a chance here to try and get something right at the end


This throw from Aron Gunnarsson will be launched in, I expect.


Nani taken out, and the referee has decided that that will do


There has been a few of those throughout this first half.


Great early chance, though, for Gylfi Sigurdsson,


which would have been a dream start for Iceland.


But in the end, Nani getting the goal after some


At half-time, it is Portugal 1-0 Iceland.


10-macro to Portugal and Nani, the goal-scorer.


but sometimes the Portuguese, they leave you wanting more.


Difficult to play through the Icelandic side, we know that.


But I think there is a lot more to come.


As the tournament progresses that is when the likes of Ronaldo


step up to the plate and put in big performances in big games.


It has been a low-key start for them.


Portugal from left to right in the second half, no substitutions


No yellow cards in the game either, and just the one chance for Iceland,


but it was that big one early on the Gylfi Sigurdsson.


A chance we have become accustomed to see him take.


I think that was the disappointing thing in the first half for Iceland,


how disappointing they were from set plays.


It might be a set play that gets them into this game,


Joao Mario has ghosted forward on the edge of the penalty area.


Looking to see where Ronaldo is, there he is.


Sigurdsson got in the way, the defensive Sigurdsson,


Even on his left foot, comfortable and confident enough


Didn't have a lot to talk about at half-time, fairly quiet,


But he had a few big moments in the first half,


Saevarsson forward for Iceland, towards Jon Dadi Bodvarsson.


Guerreiro, a good little run that, it has resulted in a corner.


It probably shouldn't have done, Halldorsson was a bit slow to react.


He could have freed the wide man up, Guerreiro.


That was poor, poor goalkeeping at the end.


Not exactly sure what Vieirinha thought he was doing with that.


Group F started with a surprise earlier today, with Austria,


many people's fancy to maybe overachieve in this tournament,


Hungary are Iceland's next opponents.


Off the grateful heel of Aron Gunnarsson.


He has been impressive, Andre Gomes, looking to get forward.


It was a foul, a clear block from Saevarsson.


The referee in a really good position there, as well.


Bjarnason in the middle, Sigthorsson as well.


The cross coming in from Gudmundsson.


Terrible defending, Bjarnason with the finish!


Absolute bedlam among the Icelandic supporters.


Bjarnason comes in well and finishes it.


Gets himself in all sorts of trouble, he doesn't need to.


First off they missed a big chance, but Bjarnason comes in.


Such bad defending from Portugal, really bad goal to concede.


But brilliant moment for the Icelandic fans.


Into the history books for Bjarnason.


Two goals in ten games in qualifying for these finals and has just tucked


away their first-ever goal in a tournament final.


He will be absolutely pumped after that.


He has just won the Swiss title, so he's having a good


Gunnarson with this throw, flicked


Very little possession for Iceland in this game,


not really able to get any momentum going forward.


Guerreiro to take this corner kick for the Portuguese,


Joao Moutinho wanted to take it quickly, but no one


The goal for Iceland has put a bit of extra pace in Portugal's play.


As I say that, Carvalho puts it out of play.


A bit more urgency from Moutinho, Ronaldo and Nani.


Looking for it to be a lot brighter in the final third.


Move the ball quickly, try and take the Icelandic players


And the first yellow card of the game comes out


Could be another yellow card in front of us,


More than a touch on the late side.


He doesn't need to make the challenge.


But allows Iceland to kill the game, set the play up, condense it.


Long ball forward, that's how they've played this game.


Tempted to do the words from the old song...


"Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right,


He must feel like that a lot of the time.


He is better than a lot of the players around him.


But his record over the last seven or eight years at international


Aron Gunnarsson, whose brother is an Icelandic handball champion.


A nice double for the Gunnarson family.


Four flying at the Icelandic penalty area.


Andre Gomes to his left hand side, don't think it crossed his mind


A lovely break, lovely touch from Ronaldo to set Joao Mario away.


Gudmundsson was not mucking about there.


Wouldn't be so happy if it finishes 1-1.


It is getting a little more physical.


A really good ball in the first half played by Guerreiro,


Four in the middle for Portugal, everybody back for Iceland.


Looking a little penned in at this moment.


Very good header clear, defensive header clear by Kari Arnason.


A bit of movement ahead of him from Sigthorsson.


The full-back Vieirinha has to do better, he has to adjust his body


Given away to Gylfi Sigurdsson, just couldn't take it in his stride.


The goalkeeper somehow got it around the post.


For all their physicality, Iceland, they have not conceded one


That obviously would have been one of their priorities.


I think they have defended dead balls very well.


It is their own quality which has been lacking at times.


Pepe, that is going to reach Joao Mario.


They have got to have some white shirts up the field at some point,


They can't keep just giving it back to Portugal,


That is a long time to sit around your penalty area.


That ended up in the gloves of the Icelandic goalkeeper.


It is a good ball from Vieirinha, slight deflection on it.


Has not always been great with his deliveries from wide areas.


Nani has made a good run, and that is well


That has been taken extremely quickly by Joao Mario.


There's urgency from Cristiano Ronaldo, who is looking


Fernando Santos, the Portuguese coach,


Portugal's quality has let them down at times.


Arnason working really hard to get there first.


The Portuguese full-back Vieirinha is not having the best of times


No, with Cedric Soares sitting on the bench, he will be thinking,


Vieirinha with this throw for Portugal.


Substitutes warming up all over the place


Ronaldo was a little bit on his heels there.


The white shirts just struggling to find a way out at the moment.


They just cannot keep hold of the ball.


As I said at the start, Portugal are not immune to embarrassment.


Albania won in Portugal in qualifying.


Cape Verde also beat them in a friendly.


I do not mean that disrespectfully to Iceland, to suggest it


would be embarrassing for them to beat Portugal,


because they are a very good side, but it would


And Pepe has knocked down Bodvarsson, and I think he knew


He has had a little kick out as well, Pepe on the floor.


I wonder what Cuneyt Cakir will make of this.


It is a foul from Bodvarsson, but just when he goes down...


The legs come up and there's absolutely no need for that.


Coming on shortly for Portugal will be Renato Sanches.


Bayern Munich got in quickly to sign him from Benfica this summer


That was easy, really, for Saevarsson.


It is following the same pattern, Steve, isn't it?


Attack after attack, but just breaking down.


Nani - the referee's whistle has gone for the earlier


Here is the change, and Moutinho is coming off for Portugal.


On comes Renato Sanches, who is joining Bayern Munich


from Benfica, costing them ?27 million, rising


The youngest Portuguese player ever to be kicked for a major tournament,


beating the record set by Cristiano Ronaldo.


Six inches wide, I would say - no more than that.


Iceland free kick - that's good news for them,


just gives them the chance to settle themselves down.


Sigthorsson coming back from an of side position.


Sigthorsson coming back from an offside position.


Gylfi Sigurdsson was very keen to ask the question.


Ronaldo - plenty of power, but rising too much.


Sigurdsson is still asking the question of the referee.


20 years ago, Eidur Gudjohnsen on the Icelandic bench came


And the player who went off was his dad.


Dangerous leave, right across the face of Patricio's goal.


Dangerous, right across the face of Patricio's goal.


Really good delivery from the throw and towards Bodvarsson.


That is where they will get their chances.


Long ball back wins the initial throw in.


Renato Sanches with the clearance downfield.


Quaresma will be on shortly for Portugal, their second change.


Goalkick to Iceland, and Portugal take off Joao Mario.


They bring on Ricardo Quaresma, who is 32 now.


Left out of the World Cup squad two years later.


Went to Euro 2012, but sat on the bench the whole tournament.


He has been around a long time but only his third ever appearance


Positive substitution, they needed to change things up.


Quaresma probably wasn't quite fit to start the game.


An unpredictable player, a real talent.


A poor header from Pepe, it really was.


Towards Bodvarsson, and Pepe makes amends.


He knew if he headed it clear, Cristiano Ronaldo was lurking.


It is fair to say that I think those in blue are enjoying it


rather more than those in red at the moment.


It sounds like the Icelandic fans are singing,


"Come On You Spurs" but I'm sure they're not!


Gomes to his left, Nani in the middle and Ronaldo as well,


Came to Gomes rather fortunately.


That's what they want to do, Portugal,


get Quaresma into the game as quickly as possible.


It takes a lot to get them sticking together through those difficult


times, to get big results in big tournaments.


Iceland are going to make a substitution


They are defending first, with this corner kick


Halldorsson in the Icelandic goal hasn't had to do anything brilliant


to keep Portugal out since they equalised.


Good bit of control from Aron Gunnarsson.


They can't get out but they are content to sit in, and sit deep.


They clear and then get back into shape for the next attack.


We might see Iceland make that change now.


This was the deflected shot from Quaresma


He read it well, the goalkicker part had to get himself into position.


Alfred Finnbogason is the man coming on.


Finnbogason scored against Arsenal in the Champions League


this season when he was on loan from Real Sociedad to Olympiakos.


Finished the season on loan in Germany.


I'm not saying the referee was going to give it


I'm not saying the referee wasn't going to give it


When he senses the Portuguese players breaking,


just clips the heels or drags the shirt back.


First time we've seen the familiar statuesque stance


of Cristiano Ronaldo over a free kick.


Whipped in and deflected over the top by Gunnarson.


One day I'm pretty certain there will be a statue


Who knows? There might be one already in Madeira!


A better ball, a better delivery from Quaresma.


Good movement from Pepe across the near post.


Not so sure it would have gone in anyhow, but had to deal with it.


The question is, can Iceland keep them out?


It is very hard to imagine Iceland scoring again


You said it before about Halldorsson in goal -


he hasn't had much to do, not tested enough by Portugal.


The guys in front of him have been excellent.


They have been very well organised, disciplined as well.


Again, Aron Gunnarsson with another interception.


Not even looking to make passes, just clearances.


Keep yourself set up, offer to throw any bodies forward.


Swansea's player, Eder, about to come on.


He has been on loan to Lyon here in France.


Pepe has dealt with Finnbogason and it is a goalkick to Portugal.


I think he recognised he made a poor decision,


He wanted to get the strike away early.


Andre Gomes comes off, Eder comes on.


Didn't score in his 15 games for Swansea.


Did better when he went on loan,


the French club taking up their option.


No wonder he is puffing his cheeks out.


The best chance of the half, brilliant from Nani.


Ronaldo pulling away to get between the right-back


Gets a good look at the goal, straight at Halldorsson.


You think Ronaldo in that position, so good in the air,


I did say a couple of minutes ago that I couldn't see Iceland scoring.


They can get two or three bodies around Finnbogason.


Straight at Patricio in the end though.


Sanches, good feet, really good feet,


You have said that a lot, Gunnarson.


No problem at all for Halldorsson in the Icelandic goal.


This was a chance, good feet from Finnbogason.


Lucky in the end, comes straight at him.


Had a spell in Holland, Finnbogason, when he scored 53 in 45 games.


Had a spell in Holland, Finnbogason, when he scored 53 in 65 games.


Sometimes difficult to judge strikers in Dutch football.


You don't know if you're getting a Ruud van Nistelrooy


There are a lot of goals in Dutch football.


If you don't remember Marco, ask a West Ham fan.


It's a familiar tale, really, from Portugal in tournaments.


Guerreiro may be with a better angle.


I was going to say if it would be in.


Dealt with any of the threats coming in from wide.


130 games at Rotherham, Kari Arnason.


Not sure if it prepared him for defending against Ronaldo.


Everyone knows he has it in him but a wonderful leap


from practically a standing start and caught Halldorsson by surprise.


The jump is so good, his head is higher than


This is designed to just eat up a few seconds.


Played one game for the club in 2007,


so if you are a Celtic fan and don't remember him,


It is now just a matter of seconds for them to hold out.


About 90 seconds of added time to play.


That's how close Iceland are to an historic result.


In comes the free kick - and out it goes.


I think the ball had gone behind first.


He has got away with it, the goalkeeper.


That is Gylfi Sigurdsson, but he has put it into the path of Nani.


Is it a little bit too far out for Ronaldo?


Slightly to the right of his earlier one.


You know what? If anybody can, he can.


The three minutes have been played so that it is now


all about Cristiano Ronaldo, Halldorsson and his wall.


Another free kick a few yards nearer.


This is really a big problem now, because this is Ronaldo country.


Is it his moment to light up the tournament?


This could be the last kick of the game.


The wall did its job again, and the whistle has gone!


And Iceland have a point against Portugal.


They have put in an enormous shift against a not very inspired


And Arnason is the man with his name written large


You will each collect a Michelin-starred chef.


'En route, each chef will prepare a dish.'


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