Match Replay: Republic of Ireland v Sweden Match of the Day

Match Replay: Republic of Ireland v Sweden

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# Je revois la ville en fete et en delire


# Suffoquant sous le soleil et sous la joie


# Et j'entends dans la musique les cris, les rires


# Qui eclatent et rebondissent autour de moi


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


Welcome to the opening game for the Republic of Ireland. Sweden and the


great Zlatan Ibrahimovic looking to make a start.


It really is a very important moment. They are all fit, talking


all week of getting a crucial good start, McCarthy and Walters in that


line-up. And wakes but Hendrick to get


forward to make it a diamond on the left-hand side when they do have the


ball. Walters will do a lot of work down the right-hand side. Hoolahan


will add to the hard running front pair. The referee to Ireland defeat


during qualifying. And here come the two captains. They were talking


about Zlatan 's record this season, 55 in 57 for club and country, and


in his career, 760 games, 421 goals. Standing, really. It is so difficult


not to tag Sweden as a one-man team. Marcus Berget the pic alongside him.


Lost Lustig was a scorer beside him. Brilliant for Bentley could this


season, but long could physically intimidate him. And off the bench,


we Ireland C Robbie Keane? I think Ireland will leave nothing


on this pitch. They may lack a little quality, but they will


seriously work so very hard to stop Sweden playing. They are up against


a team of giants who have so many players, six foot two, six foot


three or more, and they will look for those big diagonals to get the


full backs up. Lustig chasing down the right-hand side straightaway.


Bright sunshine in Paris, it has been dreary over the last 24 hours.


Sweden kicking from right to left. Ireland looking for Long


but Lindelof is with him. He almost joined


Middlesbrough in January. Clark was a bit late according


to the Swedish fans. In all the games, the referees have


let it roll, I thought Ireland looking for Long


but Lindelof is with him. He almost joined


Middlesbrough in January. Clark was a bit late according


to the Swedish fans. In all the games, the referees have


let it roll, I thought You know what you will get


with Glenn Whelan, 100% every game. Robbie Brady drew


the challenge. This is one of the reasons


he is in the team. They have a big presence


inside the penalty area. A decent header


away. Just too far for Walters to stretch,


does not want to stretch Remarkable character,


Martin O'Neill. Many of you may have had the


pleasure of meeting him. Incredibly intelligent man


and just so vibrant. He will have ants in his pants down


in that dugout, that is for sure. He was beaten in the semifinals


domestically last season. The three goal-scorers


against Wales in the warm up, that is Kallstrom who had


that spell at Arsenal. Granqvist and Lindelof


are giants, aren't they? He had a little spell in English


football with Wigan. Ibrahimovic, shortly to come


to England, they say. We saw him play many times for PSG


in the last two or three years, he disappears out of games


and suddenly strikes. And the game is won and lost in a


instant. He hasn't been the brightest in the


warm up. He said he still dreams of winning


a medal with Sweden. He says they won't make


it to the round of 16! He says that reality and dreams


are separate things. They are neutral country, anyway,


aren't they? They are developing some good young


talent on the European U21 team. One of their players was in the best


XI for the tournament. This is Olsson, suffered


relegation again. Olsson has time to measure


the cross, Ivanovic far post Good work by the Republic of


Ireland. of the championship so far,


the ball goes out and teams They are going to have to hurry


and harry, especially Footballer of the Year ten times,


winning 14 titles in 16 His manager describes him


as one of the best three Shane Long, he will challenge


all day long for things like this. He would chase a paper bag in the


park, wouldn't he? The abrasive James McCarthy whips


in with those challenges He has been struggling


with a hamstring injury since the end of the domestic


season, missed the warm Tight to the line, beyond McCarthy


and a good run as he goes beyond O'Shea but straight


into the hands of Darren Randolph. He had a good end to


the season with West Ham. They just need a little spell


on the ball, Ireland, Walters attacking the ball and get


it back, crashed away by Lindelof. That move to Middlesbrough


apparently died in the end when Lisandro Lopez was injured back


in Portuguese football. Wes Hoolahan, so important


to how Ireland play. And because of the position,


they have to get him on the ball. Ireland are the oldest squad


at these finals with the average age Ciaran Clark, born


in Harrow but Irish. This is one of the most colourful


stages we have seen in these championships so far


with the yellow and green. Jeff Hendrick, consistent


at the end of qualifying. He gets that shot and that is


what he is capable of. That is something that Ireland


will have worked on the long throw, knocked down to Hendrick


and a decent strike. Relatively fresh, he missed the tail


end of the season with Derby. McCarthy, stumbled


over his first touch. That is a bit of a waste


from the corner. All the way back in their own half


and gave it away to Sweden. When you consider that Ireland


are really good at set pieces. This was the referee that sent off


Pepe at the last World Cup finals. Was he not feigning injury


at the same time? He has seen a fair amount of red


cards over the years. One of the features of the display


in the play-off against Denmark was the amount Ibrahimovic


worked off the ball. That is a lovely ball,


another big diagonal Seamus Coleman was caught a little


bit underneath it but Darren Randolph came out quickly


and was alert to the danger. He had a good end to the season with


Palace I cost. Berg scored 14 in his last 12


games for Panathanaikos. He is in ahead of Guidetti,


apparently there was a bit of a bust up at the training ground last week


with one of the squad members and as a result Sweden have trained


behind closed doors. There was a bump in the middle,


it was Long and Lindelof I don't think the


referee has seen it. This was the chance at the other end


with Berg, but quick thinking There is no doubt that Shane Long


will look to physically impose himself on the 21-year-old


rookie centre-back. Double winner with


Benfica this season He didn't play much football


at the end of the season, Has played just two and a half hours


since the start of April. Martin O'Neill signed a new deal


with his coaching staff through to the next couple of years,


or agreed it, I think he still has


to put his name to it. Space in front of him


but denied by Larsson Good combination on the left,


Hendrick and Brady, they have been They were at a very good club


in Dublin, Saint Kevin's boys club. I was looking at their website


today. They have been together


all of those years, firm friends Larsson goes across but he has


allowed Brady too much room. He will commit people


down the left, Brady, This time the cover cross


was by young Lewicki. This time they have to put this


into the box. It was so crucial for Walters to be


fit and also Lewicki who had O'Shea is trying to run away


from his marker. It nearly came to him,


Ibrahimovic brings him down and O'Shea might have been rolled


to the ground but play on. It is quite a clever foul,


although he will have to be careful There was no shout or


appeal for handball. Calling him God and


legend and so forth. Kallstrom has left a foot


in, it is a free kick. It was good pressure


from Walters initially Big Andreas Isaksson,


the six foot five goalkeeper, he played 20 games for


Manchester City in He steps down after this,


his sixth major finals. At least this time they are


making Sweden defend. Really good young defender,


Lindelof, he played right back in the U21 finals last year


and scored the decisive penalty in the final against Portugal,


who were expected to win. Shane Long was right


behind him as well. He has scored three goals


for his country, but famously away When given this draw in December,


Martin O'Neill said, yes, but hang on, we have come out


of a group that contained The 24-year-old Dubliner


just put his toe on it. If Ireland are to make the diamond


formation work, they need to get At the moment, Marcus Berg


is keeping Seamus Coleman in check. Ireland spent the build-up


for this back at home, they spent a lot of the last


championships in Italy, They had a terrible start four years


ago, when they were beaten by Croatia in Poznan


and thumped by Spain, What a party there was


that night. I remember having a conversation


with somebody in a bar for an hour and a half, and I discovered


the next year that it was a mirror Along he comes, peels the ball away,


over the top. That is what he is in the team for,


that kind of ball and run, Double figures in Premier League


football for the first time A couple of goals in


qualifying for Marcus Berg. He shot to fame in the U21


championships of 2009, He said this morning it's his city,


his stadium, his tournament. Even the great con big


right at all times. Even the great can't be great at all


times. He has been in charge


a long while, Erik Hamren. He has been the Swedish manager


for 83 games now, he took over He said he likes his players to sit


at breakfast and generate His pre-tournament notes


were not too positive! A free kick for the


challenge on Granqvist. Kim Kallstrom only played


four games for Arsenal. I think he picked up


an FA Cup winner's medal. He signed and then said he had


a back injury from A tenacious player. Lustig, good


claim, looking for Randolph. A really good starting position


with reading the play. This is his sixth start


in their last eight games now. Jeff Hendrick played every


minute of their last Ireland have done well


with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, because he Kim Kallstrom now 31,


he was based in France Again, offside flag against Zlatan


Ibrahimovic. The pattern of the game


is there is no pattern. You don't want to lose


the opening game. The strengths and weaknesses


of the Irish side will have been pointed out by one of the backroom


members of the Swedish staff, he has been Leicester City's


performance director, We haven't seen him want to roll


onto his right foot so far. Granqvist.


It is a bit of a sterile game so far.


They know it is their best realistic chance of getting


The big guns to come, Belgium and Italy.


The ball is going to get carried off!


Should Shay Given be called upon today, and Ireland will hope


he isn't in many ways, he will be the oldest player


But the Hungarian goalkeeper is expected to break the record


when they play Austria tomorrow in Bordeaux.


The first time we have seen Seamus Coleman get forward


He went for a swinger, it is a good strike.


Hendrick did well, it was difficult to knock him off


the ball, a nice ball to Robbie Brady.


The interchange between the pair from the boys' club.


People always ask me, what is Martin like in real life


and he is exactly the same as on the telly.


He and Roy Keane, an unlikely pair, you would never have seen it.


The Irish fans starting to stir again.


Ibrahimovic was waiting to pounce on the slightest error.


He was a decent Gaelic footballer in Ireland, Seamus Coleman.


What a bonus he has been in terms of service for Everton.


Sweden edging possession, 52% so far but very tight.


Granqvist challenged by Walters, always


That will have worried Sweden as well.


Looking to get Lustig high up on the far side.


Hoolahan with the touch away, Ibrahimovic challenges and surely


that is a free kick but the referee says no.


He will give it now for the challenge on Clark.


It was loaded for him to hit it straightaway and he has caressed it


He hasn't scored for Ireland, a couple this season for Derby.


It was like Atom Ant against


Forsberg trying to do the organisation.


You just feel Ireland need to score the opening goal.


Sweden thought that was a foul on Forsberg.


He stayed down after the challenge, the man just promoted to Bundesliga


They are definitely letting more challengers go, the referees.


Hendrick is there again, his old pal and Hoolahan has


made a run into the box but that is short.


Ireland have only won three out of 19 games at major finals.


They have lost their last four games at the Euros.


Six goals in European finals football, one behind Alan Shearer.


We said at the start they are a very big side so it will be a testing


There is a percussive banging of seats from the Swedish


He was sent off in one of the qualifiers, against Moldova.


He has one goal for Sweden in six years.


Back in, just touched on by the centre-back.


And under pressure from one of the Irish players.


Working so hard to deny him a chance, two Irish


Ibrahimovic scored 11 in qualifying, the second highest scorer en route


At the other end, Sweden conceded 12 goals in qualifying,


only the Czech Republic conceded more in getting here.


Just at the moment, you get your chances


19 Premier League players, nine from the Championship


Lindelof was pressurised and he is annoyed with himself.


It was his mistake when he was not pressurised at first


when he lashed it up into the air and Shane Long did the rest.


Can Ireland deal a knockout blow here?


Brady will take it, and Lindelof looked a bit hot under


Ibrahimovic back out wide, Brady settled and if it comes


Robbie Brady has seen a lot of the ball and a decent ball in!


It was just edged away by Larsson and Shane Long is looking


at the assistant, claiming he was fouled.


It is a great ball, away from the goalkeeper.


He put the striker under pressure, good defending.


It is a Serbian assistant behind the line and he had


Forsberg, the first time he has got into that sort of position.


He scored against Wales coming in off the left,


Lovely pressure, tenacious from McCarthy.


Kallstrom, who he challenged, looks slow.


McCarthy is Glasgow born but his grandad


Kallstrom is 31 now, in his fifth tournament finals.


Perhaps his best days are behind him.


He did well and held off the challenge of the hefty


That is a foul and I don't think McCarthy will get away


One of the Swedish players has gone down holding his head,


Steve Walford, he has been with Martin O'Neill


Very much Ireland in the ascendancy and have had good opportunities


They have to make sure they get in at half-time at 0-0 and start


They have been the better team, Randolph has not made a save.


It looks like they are going to have to make a change.


Lustig is not going to be able to continue.


But not too many experts in that position.


Granqvist has gone across and played there in the past and they are


already missing a couple of big defenders.


Erik Johansson is going to come on, a very good game against Wales.


But young Victor Lindelof played well at right back


in the U21 Championships last summer and has gone out there.


All of that singing and passion has been replaced by a nervous energy


now and tension around the Stade de France.


The closest we have come to a goal, a terrific effort by Jeff Hendrick


after a lovely interchange with Robbie Brady, it


Ireland kicking from right to left in this second half.


It has been great to see fans of both teams mingling


There is very little segregation in this stadium


You look at the rubbish happening in Marseille, it is Neanderthal.


It takes me back to the first tournament I covered


which was the Euros in 88 and again, the threat of expulsion for England.


I hate to see this threat of expulsion like England


Hendrick has had such a bright game and he might get a shot here!


He makes the goalkeeper make the save.


Lindelof is now at right back after the injury to Lustig.


Great play by Coleman because he had the opportunity to cross


but kept his nerve and went past the defender and got his


head up and had a look and a fantastic finish.


He could have gone left foot but waited and there was the ball


He will be told about that moment for generations to come.


It will only be worthy if they can


The talented Forsberg, back in and dangerously


They say that the first five or ten minutes after you score are the most


Has always been a good deliverer of a free kick.


Brilliant save and a deflection and hammered over by Forsberg!


Outstanding chance, really good save by Randolph because he saw it


Randolph has to take his time a bit here, just slow down.


He has been around a long time since starting back at Charlton.


Spent time at Accrington and Gillingham, Bury and Hereford,


all an apprenticeship for these moments.


McCarthy again, he has to be careful.


Ireland might have to make a change quicker than


He sweeps it in, back in the middle looking for Ibrahimovic


It was a good header from Lewicki, only five foot nine.


Coleman was in a good position in the middle of the box.


Kallstrom again, once more it flies through.


It nearly came to Granqvist but away by Whelan.


You can feel the nerves in that penalty area.


Kallstrom again and this time it came off Walters.


These arcing corners are causing problems.


Good carry and sensibly checking back.


Many people might have wanted him to keep going


Absolutely, he went so fast that nobody was up there so he had


to stop and recycle the ball and now they have a free kick.


Two Norwich boys - desperate disappointment around Carrow Road


They all worked so hard to get back into the top flight.


Brady, like so many players, started at Manchester United,


Hendrick waits but it goes back to Whelan who looks


Hoolahan was behind him but it was well seen


They are going to need something from him to get back


62 goals for his country, Ibrahimovic.


His team are behind.


It is his best position at left-back, I know he can play


left side but there are acres of space to run into and everybody


knows he has such a cultured left foot and he can run all day.


He just played one game for Manchester United,


coming on in a League Cup tie away to Hull.


Good ball round the corner to Hoolahan, well played


Whelan was fouled but play on says the referee.


The official statistics say that Sweden are still dominating


There is not much in it, 52% against 48%.


Olsson switches on to his right foot, and this is dangerous,


Ibrahimovic could not turn, O'Shea and Clark did their jobs.


The problem for Ireland, the game is starting


Kallstrom trying to get it in the box.


Sweden might have to make a change and it could be Kallstrom going off.


Great chase from Long and Hendrick drew the foul.


He knew he was going to get hit and he did.


If you are John O'Shea or one of the midfielders,


it is let's just settle down and slow down the game.


The rhythmic noises we could hear were the Irish fans.


They were banging the boards around the front of the stands


John Guidetti is going to come on for Sweden.


Martin O'Neill unhappy that Ireland have given Sweden


Beyond the goalkeeper, back across the goal,


Coleman has misjudged it, Hoolahan was cool.


Darren Randolph needs to get hold of the ball, push people up,


everybody back in position for the next ten minutes,


John Guidetti will replace him in a minute.


Here he comes, the man once at Manchester City, he had


a terrible time there, on his 20th birthday they he had


a piece of bad chicken which caused a virus that led


to the nerves in his right leg being totally paralysed.


He now plays his football at Celta Vigo.


He had a decent season, 12 goals, in the Europa League next season.


He was asked in an interview to translate his name in Spanish,


his translation was that it means fiesta in the dressing room.


They don't need the brightest, they just need to get a goal.


I wonder if you might drop Jon Walters into midfield


Leaning back, he did well to keep the ball heading


He has had a staggering career, the Swedish icon, 29 trophies,


the major clubs in Europe, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan,


Barcelona, the domestic title in Sweden with Malmo.


That is going to be a card for Victor Lindelof.


This is the new law, striking the head or face


when not challenging for the ball is a red card,


Sweden will say, how come James McCarthy is


I hope they say, how come we lost 1-0?


Ireland are going to make a substitution,


James McClean will come on, the West Bromwich Albion player.


He came on for one game four years ago, under a quarter


He scored a couple of goals in qualifying in the victories


Martin O'Neill is going mad, the fourth official is trying


The fourth official is having none of it, and the assistant.


Jonathan Walters takes the standing ovation of the masses in green.


He has done well alongside Shane Long.


He has been an international for four years now, James McClean.


I would just leave Shane Long up now.


James McCarthy also needs to keep his head.


The worst thing for Ireland would to go to ten.


Now he sits in, goes towards the middle,


Victor Lindelof only made 40 appearances in his homeland before


They have not created enough for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


They always knew they were outsiders to qualify.


After this it is Tolouse and Italy, and then Belgium in Nice.


Sweden have virtually pushed three up.


John Guidetti, Ibrahimovic and Emil Forsberg.


They sat in shape a bit, I learned, they look


His father and grandfather both played. He has it again.


More pressure for Granqvist. The result is that the ball up front


could be cleared by oh shave. Ireland just sat in shape, looking a


little more secure. Their next game is Belgium,


and then Italy in Lille. Just couldn't get it out


of his knee and midriff, because the defender would have


had to have fouled him, Sweden have attempted more passes


and with greater accuracy. But those stats mean nothing


if they end up with this The ball was rolling,


he has to take it again. Kim Kallstrom could


have been a golfer. 1-0 to the boys in green,


is the song. It certainly is, a stupid foul


from Sweden's point of view. He was not a favourite


under Trapattoni. That is looking for McClean, who got


through his man. I remember James McClean scoring


against the USA back But that would be next


to nothing compared to this, The movement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic


took it to the dead-ball line. As the cross came in,


it may have gone There has been a range of crosses


into Ireland's penalty area in the last ten minutes,


they always looked It is an own goal,


there is nothing worse. He knew that Sebastian


Larsson was behind him. He has got to deal


with it, obviously. A crucial five minutes


now for Ireland. It was a crucial time after they had


scored else well. I wonder if he had


a look alongside him. Ciaran Clark had a miserable


season with Aston Villa. But that the most miserable moment


of his football career That is a good position


by the referee and Ireland He caught him with the


trailing leg as well. It was a zippy cross back


into the six yard area from him. Just to remind you,


Belgium against Italy is live on BBC One tonight,


the other game in this group and you can see


Ronaldo in our live game Portugal against Iceland,


and we have England Coverage begins at one o'clock on


BBC Two. And there is the app. Every which way you want


to watch on the BBC. The clearance could have gone


anywhere and it is an Irish corner. Brady with the corner,


O'Shea was forward, lose on the edge of the area, James McClean,


took a bit of a bump. It has come loose and the free


kick has been given. We have got a game on here,


15 minutes to go. Ireland are making another change


I think. And it is time for


the record-breaker. But Robbie Keane will have


to wait a little while. Ireland look for Long,


and the goalkeeper thought about coming


and went back. He brings in McCarthy,


but he has to chase out wide. The Swedish fans


thought that was out. Guidetti, the challenge from Whelan


and the referee let that go as well. Ibrahimovic had clattered into him


and things are getting a bit hot Whelan has caught the


Swedish player as well. I'm not sure the referee was looking


at the Whelan incident, I hope people cannot lip-read


as well from Larsson. Leading up to that,


Ibrahimovic fouled him. Here comes the Irish substitution,


Hoolahan is going off He had a calf problem and a knee


operation in March, but came back He scored four goals in eight games


at the beginning of the American Shane Long looks for the foul


but it doesn't come. It seems only a blink ago that


Robbie Keane was making his name in the World Cup finals


in Japan and Korea in 2002. He scored an important goal,


was it against Germany? It was, in the 1-1 and he scored


against Saudi Arabia. Olsson, Ibrahimovic waits and goes


for it and he fouls his man. The final championships


for Ibrahimovic, probably, and probably for some


of the other Swedish players. 13 players were at the Euros four


years ago and have He has been a problem


for Ireland in the second half. He has had acres and acres to run


into, and here he is again. Ibrahimovic has gone


down in the box. He picks himself up,


away by Clark. They have just struggled


with all of the crosses He went down in the box


in the lead-up to that, Sweden have dominated most


of the second half. And they know that McCarthy cannot


really make a challenge out there. Robbie Keane is trying to cover


the right-hand side Granqvist has had a long career,


almost 400 club games. Out wide for Lindelof,


danger signs for the Republic of Ireland with eight


and a half minutes to go. Olsson, it goes in and it went


all the way through. The danger keeps


coming down that side. Ireland have not done


anything about it. He has got the freedom of the park


down the left-hand side, Olsson. They might just have too


park somebody on him. Just so you don't allow


Sweden to play him in. Larsson, good battling by McClean


and it is a Swedish throw. Sweden have never lost


a competitive international I think Ireland are doing something


about the right-hand side. They are going to send


on Aiden McGeady as a I wonder if Roy Keane has


given him a pat on the back! Hendrick is over there covering


at the moment. Sweden sensing their moment


is coming, but not like that. Larsson expansively


waving at Guidetti, Hesitation and a mix-up


between Granqvist and little Tired as you say, a lack


of concentration and heavy legs. Albin Ekdal is going


to come on for Sweden. He was included in the squad


even though there was a nightclub incident not long ago when he fell


over and gashed his back. He said he had not been drinking


and they were OK with it. It raised a few eyebrows


when he came back to Off goes Oscar Lewicki,


23 years of age and he is Swedish protests as


down went Granqvist. Larsson with the challenge


to stop Brady. It is a silly throw,


just push everybody up. Sweden very much look like a winner


if there is one. He just caught him,


accidentally or not, A frustrating year at Sunderland


for Larsson, only four starts Ireland will not want the game


to flow. The second half has gone on, they


look like the oldest squad in town. The referee was content to let


Ireland have possession. Well done, Shane Long,


he knew he would get clattered and he was prepared to take one


for the team make sure he got I just wonder if they can create


a last gasp chance for Three minutes of stoppage


time to play. Aiden McGeady going back


to Goodison Park after his loan spell at Sheffield Wednesday,


he has not caught fire there. Nothing wrong with going back,


you take what you have got. Avoid defeat in the opening


game at all costs. Martin O'Neill will not want them


to be too expansive. Ciaran Clark fouled


by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. No need for him to foul


like that at this late stage. I don't really think


he is concerned about convention. A brilliant mind, Zlatan


Ibrahimovic. On the top of his foot,


towards his ankle. Sweden will have to give possession


back to the Republic of Ireland. Ireland dominated the first half,


the early goal in the second half, and started to sit back


and invited Sweden on. Not the heavyweights in the group,


but they have slugged it The Republic of Ireland's victory


hopes dashed by the own goal by Ciaran Clark 19 minutes from time


after Wes Hoolahan gave them He was one of the players


substituted. Ireland could not get the victory,


but it is a better start Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a hand


in the goal, but a nightmare They have an opening


point at the Stade I acted for France -


because I AM FRANCE!


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