Highlights: France v Romania Match of the Day

Highlights: France v Romania

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# Je revois la ville en fete et en delire


# Suffoquant sous le soleil et sous la joie


# Et j'entends dans la musique les cris, les rires


# Qui eclatent et rebondissent autour de moi


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Et perdue parmi ces gens qui me bousculent


Good evening. Euro 2016 is under way. The opening ceremony in Paris


was described as a celebration of the French spread and featured 424


performers including cancan transfers the Parisien born DJ David


get and for the grand finale the French air force as the host nation


got ready for the first of 51 matches to be played over the next


four weeks. These were the scenes in the fun park just outside our


studio, over 60,000 people watching the game in the shadow of the artful


tower. And we set of to Alan Shearer, newly appointed CBE!


Routings, Commander. It is quieter than it was a couple of hours ago


when tournament favourites France kicked off against Romanian side who


qualified with the best defensive record in the tournament. Mark


Lawrenson and Jonathan Pearce wowed the Stade de France. , Twitter after


this stadium was attacked by suicide bombers, strikes and floods the


opening ceremony dramatically characterised French unity and hope.


Now it is kick-off. Fans's first competitive game since the World Cup


quarterfinal two years ago, in Brazil. Budget France's this game.


Five of that side remain. Adam Riley only record last month. Dmitri Piatt


gets the nod over Martial of Manchester United. Giroud earning


his 50th cap, the crowd wanted Currie bends are restored after he


was banned for his part in the alleged blackmail plot against


team-mates. Budget Currie bairns are -- Currie bends was the one the


crowd wanted restored. Unbeaten in Romania had the best defence in


qualifying, conceding only two. They will make it hard for the hosts


tonight with the former Spurs player Chiriches.


It is important to start the tournament well, seven out of the 11


teams to have won the opening match in the European finals have gone on


to lift the trophy. Adam Riley. He chases there, dovetailing behind was


Laurent Koscielny of Arsenal. He did well, just dealing with the issue.


Bogdan Stancu takes it and it is brilliantly saved. Romania could


have been in front but for that man, world-class save. World-class


reaction save, brilliant. The French goalkeeper on his toes. Trouble for


the French defence at set bases, and 46% of their goals conceded under


the current management have come from is business. Two free headers,


two corners. It is a worry. Paul Pogba. Towards Dimitri Payet. It is


a chance for and from Griezmann, deflected up and over. He has been


in magnificent form for Atletico Madrid. Giroud the target? You very


much was. Some shirt pulling there. Two midget pay-out, looking for


Giroud. It's a big chance for France, almost as big a chance as


Romania had. Great play by admitted Payet. A lovely little cross. Piatt.


When they were absent Etienne they had a pitch side brawl. Griezmann!


Friends come so close to scoring the opener. Fantastic pass by Paul


Pogba. Great play from the French. Look at this ball. Absolutely


brilliant. Came off the defender. Hits the post, Griezmann. He missed


the first cross. Didier Deschamps as player and captain won the trophy at


this stadium. So close, it's a fantastic ball by timidity Payet


because with plays alone coming he's saying you must hit it first time --


with pace alone, he is saying, you must hit it first time. Really


unlucky. A wayward foot. Laurent Koscielny, high on Florin Andone. He


catches him, does he not? A foul. Did he pull his foot away at the


last moment? He didn't, it's a penalty. I am not sure it was in the


penalty area but that was definitely a foul. Strong pressure at the end


of the half by the hosts. It's a ball that you have to defend. Payet


will take it. Has to hit the target. Not good enough for your main


striker, not good enough. And the longer it goes on for him, you will


hear the name of Benzema signed by the French supporters. Almost a full


house here tonight. Tickets priced up to ?450 by Uefa. Nicolae Stanciu.


A bright young talent who burst onto the scene this season. Paul Pogba.


Bogdan Stancu, he was behind the first effort of the game. A good


ball. Gets a second chance. Nicolae Stanciu with the cross in and it's a


really good opportunity, Bogdan Stancu at the far post, could not


hit the back of the net, could not even hit the target. A massive


chance for Romania. The French were just standing, watching. He has


still hit the target. There's a massive gap to the left of Hugo


Lloris. So wide. Romania have started the second half like they


started the first. Griezmann. Payet. Good interchange. Passes to Giroud!


He's had three big chances in the game. The under fire French centre


forward. Actually got a shot on target.


Griezmann, isolated with Chiriches, who is on a gallon. Brilliant by


Payet. That would have been stupendous! He did not do a lot


wrong. Great play by Payet yet again. A decent strike and a very


good save. The fifth French corner gets the tricolours waving again in


the stand. Payet swings it away, Laurent Koscielny was in there.


Payet stayed wide, Laurent Koscielny stayed up. Giroud. Attacks Ed and


scores! And fans are ahead. And now they are singing his name. And now


they are cheering Giroud! -- he attacks it and he scored. Will he


have won them over at last, three big chances and he squandered them


but Giroud scores the first goal of Euro 2016 and puts funds ahead.


It'll be interesting to see the Romanian keeper, if he just got


there late or not. It was it isn't ball by Payet. What is the keeper


doing! Dear, oh dear, oh dear. He's six foot six and weighs nearly 14


stone. He's got to claim that and take anything at that in his way. He


certainly has. France do not care! Across goes in this time. Brad


Haddin is not convincing. It's back into a difficult area, Nicolae


Stanciu goes down, Romania appeal for a penalty and they belatedly get


it. The referee thought about it, and gives the penalty. There was a


brush from Patrice Evra. A brush of the fire. Mind you, no contact, no


penalty. He has gone down very easily. Bogdan Stancu. Looking for


his 10th International goal, and certainly the most important. Can


Romania pegged back the hosts? 1-1! Bogdan Stancu! His team are back in


it. He kept his composure, didn't he? 1-1.


Payet surrounded yet still manages to get the ball out to Bob. Giroud.


This time it is a French appeal and the penalty is not given. It's


difficult to see from here. Giroud who appealed for a penalty. He was


holding on to Chiriches anywhere. 23s and 16. If it stays like this


the French media will be howling about Benzema. A good header from


Koscielny. Gariel Torje getting ready to come


on. Martial, he has bags of pace, we know that from Premier League days


at Manchester United. Tools Giroud. Back towards Martial. It was well


played, comfortably saved. Three draws from three games could


be enough to send you through. It is not the way France would have wanted


to start. There is a stumble. Payet! What a wonderful goal! An


absolute belter. That will settle the opening game at Euro 16, surely.


In the last minute! What a wonderful season he's had and that caps it


off. Well, match-winners win you matches. We said before he's been


the game's best player. That is a brilliant moment of sublime skill.


He has blossomed at West Ham and he scores a screamer for his country.


What a brilliant goal to win a game. What about that? What is it, a yard


outside the far post before it bends? Yes. A late, late show for


the hosts. One last hit and hope from Rat.


Blood pouring down from an eye wound. Can France defend the


set-piece better? Giroud half got it away. They will break now. Matuidi,


powers on to it now is Sissoko. Can he go all the way? No.


A smile on the face of the goalscorer.


If they keep the ball, they will win the opening match.


Great cheers every time a man in blue touches the ball.


On it goes. Until Sissoko gives the ball away. France have won the


opening game with a wonderful goal from Dimitri Payet. At times, it


hasn't been wonderful for them tonight. But it has been a wonderful


experience being here. An emotional night at the Stade de France,


Romania, who got back into it with a penalty by Stanciu, have been beaten


by a very special player. France 2, Romania 1. The hosts are off and


running. It was a massive three points. We


really need them. When you start the competition, it is never easy. You


have the pressure and it was the first game we play only friendly


games for two years. We played against a tough team. Romania played


very well. At the end, we didn't give up. We showed character,


personality and we want all the French people to be proud of this


team, that is why today, to get the three points, we are really happy.


It is a pity. We were playing good. We had good chances to have the win


today. They also, but at the end of the day Payet, it was so lucky and


we were so unlucky. So it was a bad day for us. When you have player


like Dimitri Payet, in the last minute, when he shoot, you know he


is going to score. He is unbelievable. I'm so happy for him.


Of course, I'm happy for the team, that is the most important. Terrific


start for France and it is obvious that they have got three points.


First game of the tournament and off to - it is often a tough opener, and


they came through and that winner will give them massive confidence?


When you consider the pressure they are under as well, because everyone


or a lot of people are tipping them to go all the way. Myself included.


And it wasn't a sparkling performance. But that in itself,


plenty of positives to take from the game for them. Two magnificent


performances from Kante and Payet. Also plenty of things to work on


defensively. They were sloppy. It is a big, big win for them and a good


start. It is more the momentum that gives you, that early win. Getting


through these groups for the big sides shouldn't prove too much of a


problem? No. It gives them the freedom to play a bit more


expressive in the next game. I think Romania deserve credit, they had a


go. A lot of these early games, sometimes they play with caution.


They contributed to the game as well. I enjoyed it. Danny, I noticed


that Patrice Evra called him Payet. Maybe we should go with that? This


is somebody who is ready to prove a point in this tournament. What I


love about him is his end product, he makes things happen. He's got the


great footwork and the skills, the tricks, but he plays the right pass


more often than not. Today it was as if he was trying to show the French


public that I should have been in this team many, many years before.


Every time he got on the ball, something good happened. Some of his


skill was breathtaking, but the weight of pass for Giroud, it is


constantly for him about making the right decisions and the right passes


and more often... This is incredible. It is a man who is


confident, it is someone who is lean, he is fit, he is hungry. He


was everything you want your number ten to be. I think that there, I


mean that would have been an unbelievable goal. Set-plays is one


of his strengths. As Pogba went off... This was special. He's always


on the front foot. He is always trying to go forward. He got more in


the game later on. Super pass from Kante here. And this just speaks for


itself. What a fabulous goal! We have probably seen goal of the


tournament already. I agree. What is surprising, we haven't seen enough


of his left foot. If he can do that with his left foot, he doesn't need


to keep cutting in on his right! I don't think we will see a better


goal all tournament. You can see what it's meant to him, this journey


from where he's come from to get in the team. He was really emotional.


That is understandable. These were the scenes at the fan park behind us


here. They were quite excited about that late winner. A huge goal, of


course, for Payet. The other goalscorer, Olivier Giroud, had a


few chances. A little bit of debate about whether he should start for


France. Both at home and here of course? He did have chances and he


will be one relieved man tonight. You have to hit the target. This...


Romania played a high line. This is what France didn't do. Giroud is not


the quickest. He doesn't want to run in behind. That is why they were


able to hold that high line. Another free header. Got to do better. Got


to score. But to his credit, he kept getting in there. He didn't shy away


from it. Good ball in, hitting the target this time. Look, he points to


run in behind, they pick the pass out, but because he doesn't want to


go there, he isn't quick enough, he stops, he checks to take the ball on


his chest. If he continues, he will be in there behind. As I said, he


kept sticking away at it, he got in there, and he got the goal. He will


be one hell of a relieved guy tonight. He's played his part. He


clips the goalkeeper's arm. That puts him off. A lot of the time at


international level you will get punished for that. He kept on going


and he got the goal. As a centre forward, not only is it important


for the team to get off to a good start, it is important for the


forward to get off to a good start. He will get more confident. The


manager will have more faith in him. He could have brought him off. He


made the right decision, Deschamps, overall? Taking big-named players


like Pogba and Griezmann? It worked a treat for them. We have talked


about Payet. Equally effective was N'Golo Kante. Your favourite player.


He is one of my favourite players, for obvious reasons. Once again,


tonight, he did just everything right. The way he protected the two


centre halves like that, right place, right time. And you know what


is impressive about him? When you go to football matches, the one thing


you can hear managers screaming is, stay on your feet, stay on your


feet, and more often than not, this guy does that, he's always in


control of himself. His range of passing was just superb as well. It


is just brilliant. Only conceded one foul all night. What about that,


taking the ball but look at that, his range of passing, short passing,


long passing, into Payet there. Again, protecting the back four.


Look how strong he is. He's not going to get done there. There is


only one winner of that ball. Good tackle again. Reading the game. Give


it to somebody else, give it simple. It was a sparkling performance from


him. There is bad news for Leicester supporters. If he keeps playing like


this, I believe, Gary, he could play in any team in the world. I think


he's gone. One of the Giants will come in for him. There is not a team


he can't get into it. The statistics - passing accuracy, he was top of


that. Interceptions made - top of that. Distance covered - top of


that. He also won the most tackles in the game. And he is so fit. He


just runs all night. Superb. He really was. I suppose the one major


concern for France would be over the set-piece defending, they look very


vulnerable from corners, free kicks? I played in this position here with


Giroud, you cannot... You have to open your body up. He is not aware,


he is on the back foot, he doesn't attack it. You have to attack that


space there. It was a brilliant save from Lloris. The defensive team has


to have the man in front? This is ten seconds later. It is the same


thing happening. Giroud with his back to play. He is not aware of


what is about to come in front of him. He gets caught on his heels. He


has to attack the ball. It is identical to the first one. What is


fascinating for me with it, why someone else is not saying to him


and having a go at him and if he can't do the job, put someone in


there who can because it will cost them. They had a couple of good


chances, Romania. They had a go. They played well. They did OK. The


penalty was a stupid tackle... Teams will be looking at France, and the


way they defended those set-pieces. How far can they go? All the way?


You have tipped them? Have you tipped France? I can't remember! Who


do you want to tip? I think the French have got a great chance. The


only worry tonight was the lack of pace. That really was a worry. When


they brought Coman on and Martial, they looked like they had more


power. Two huge games coming up tomorrow


for Wales and England. Shortly we'll hear from Roy Hodgson


and Wayne Rooney, but first let's find out how Wales are shaping up


ahead of their game Chris Coleman's team


are making their first appearance Wales will be in France next summer


in the European Championships! It is emotional, realising what we


have achieved. It is all very real. You can sense the excitement, one or


two nerves, but that is a positive thing. The place where we is


amazing. The facilities are wonderful. And soon as we turned up,


we knew where we were, why we are here, so we are looking forward to


it. Wales will head to Euro 2016 on the back of a thumping defeat! I


don't blame the players for the result. I knew it would be a hard


game. That is why I chose it. It was good for us. It was a nice wake-up


call to say, you know, we know when we don't do what we are capable of


and what we don't do what's brought us here in the first place, then we


don't get what we need. I think in terms of the performance, the


performance was down to myself. I knew where our guys would be


physically. They needed a game like that. We were disappointed that we'd


lost. But there is a bigger picture here, that we are all looking at.


Slovakia is so interesting, a game you would love to get three points


from, so it takes the pressure off the England match? We have never


once mentioned the second or the third game. It is about the first


game. It is new territory for us. We can only take it by the next game.


If we stick to that, that will serve us well. We are playing against a


Slovakian team that will probably be favourites. Normally, we perform


well when we have a point to prove and we have got a point to prove. So


it is a big challenge for us, but we are looking forward to that. Can you


give us an insight into that changing room before kick-off? Will


you have the final word? I will have the final word. Our boys know what


is on it when they come and play for Wales. During the campaign, every


game was just as big as the last one. That is how we approached it. I


can't remember ever needing to remind them how important it was


that we performed for our country and I don't expect that to change.


This is a starting line-up that we think they might go with tomorrow.


We think, we heard that Bale might be given the centre forward role.


I'm sure what they will say to him is, don't worry about defending, you


do your stuff, have a free role and try and get on the ball as much as


possible. Almost like that false nine position. And also the three at


the back. They have been good defensively. They are solid. I'm


pleased Joe Allen is fit. He is crucial to them. Looking forward to


watching them. I suppose in many ways, what we will see with Bale, it


will be give him the ball. So they should. He is a big-game player. He


has performed on the biggest stage. That, the range of goals here from


him, that is a fantastic header, a towering header. Not only does he


get up there, he manages to get the power on it. And he's going to be a


huge threat. A great strike. You don't want him chasing back. You


want him to have all the power. He's going to be the one that if they do


well... The impressive thing is the range of all these goals. We have


seen free kicks, headers... I suppose in many ways, they may well


have qualified if it had been 16 teams. The fact we have 24 teams


allows players with this kind of talent to play on the ultimate


stage. The touch and the technique for that, when he was under huge


pressure to take it down, superb. He will be a threat. Looking forward to


watching him. Wales versus Slovakia is one of two


live games tomorrow on the BBC. Coverage begins at 4.00pm on BBC One


and the BBC Sport website. Before that it's Albania


against Switzerland in Group A. Live commentary of every game


is available on 5 Live. And if you fancy yourself


as a pundit, check out the predictor As for England, it's Russia


in Marseille tomorrow. Roy Hodgson and Wayne Rooney faced


the press this afternoon. I think it is great that people hope


and want England to do well. I think it is very good that they believe in


the players as much as I and my coaching staff believe in the


players. One would like perhaps sometimes when the matches come


around if things do not always go our way for some sort of empathy to


be shown, that is another matter. We know how important it is to make a


good start, it cost us in the first game, we have talked about it as a


group and we are ready. We know what we can do. We know we have a team


that if we perform to the level we think we can perform two, we will


make it difficult for any opponent that comes our way. Wayne, you say


you have change your position and you are playing more close to


midfield, how do you feel playing there? Firstly I said I changed my


game, not my position. I've changed my game slightly. I have played with


players who have done that over the years, played in a different way to


what they did and probably been better players, I think it is


natural for a footballer to do that. As far as we are concerned tomorrow


evening cannot come soon enough, and whatever happens in that game we are


looking forward to the ones ahead and we won't be drawing enormous


conclusions from it, if we do not win we will not -- if we win, we


won't say, it is finished, we are through and if we lose we will not


believe it is the end of the competition. I've been around the


players for the last few weeks, you can see the confidence they have,


that ambition and desire to do well in this tournament which is great to


see. We believe we are as ready, as much as we can be, and this


tournament could be a big moment for England and for this group of


players. There's live commentary of the game


on 5 Live and the BBC Sport website. We'll have highlights


on BBC One at 10.35pm. Alan, Rio Ferdinand


and Dean Saunders in the studio. The Eiffel Tower is sparkling behind


us, let's hope England can sparkle as well! You've both had a think


about what side he should select, not what he will, but what you would


do. Four at the back, two sitting, Eric Dier, and Henderson,. He has


not usually played this way, he has more recently gone 4-4-2 in a kind


of diamond. Alan and I said we preferred this, more balanced,


getting really into more positive areas although he will probably go


with three. I think he will go close to maybe what happened in the


Germany game as long as he can. I think that Rooney could come in


maybe of the left for Danny Welbeck and if you have Dele Alli behind him


and it leaves Rooney room to get on the ball. I think with him in


midfield it could work as well. Harry Kane, he's one of quite a few


Spurs players possibly to be an aside and perhaps it is his interest


to play the way that Tottenham play. That is how he and Dele Alli link so


well together and they have done all season. Harry Kane did deserves to


be done once forward for England. He was under pressure to perform a


game, you has been brilliant all season and got the goals. I hope


they play him in a way that we know he can play, certainly not the way


they played against Portugal in the friendly when they nullified both he


and Jamie Vardy asking them to go out wide. If you are going to play


them play them as a centre forward, not a winner all the time. Because


he can do this. He comes in, full of confidence, it will be sky-high


after finishes like this. It's about playing with freedom, allowing them


to play the way they play with their clubs, week in, week out. Last time


they were overthinking positions and tactics. All we want to see tomorrow


is seen playing in the most balanced formation. He needs to give them


wings and let them go, do you suspect he will, it is not in his


nature! I think we might see a positive performance tomorrow. I


don't think the Russians are particularly strong. It might be a


little safe in areas, especially in midfield, where he will have the


legs and the energy, where some people prefer more creativity, I


think it will be a decent game. I am happy with us going forward.


Concerns defensively. When you come up against top-class players... Use


of France today, a lot of us tipped France and they were not exactly


solid. Get a bit of momentum and belief behind you and you never


know, do you? If you make a good start and get your confidence how


you will be difficult to stop and that is what happened to France


tonight. We will begin to find out tomorrow. Dudley, thank you, Alan,


CBE, thank you as well! -- Danny, thank you.


That's it on a night when a Hammer blow from Payet proved


Stade de France is a nerve tingling experience tonight. The Yen-Hsun Lu


saved! Off the post, fans have come so close. He scores! The referee


gives the penalty. MUSIC: Echoes of France


By Django Reinhardt


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