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Match Replay: France v Romania

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# Suffoquant sous le soleil et sous la joie


# Et j'entends dans la musique les cris, les rires


# Qui eclatent et rebondissent autour de moi


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Nous entraine # L'un contre l'autre


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Nous entraine # L'un contre l'autre


# Et perdue parmi ces gens qui me bousculent


Good evening and welcome to the rerun of the opening match of Euro


2016. Hosts France against Romania. The Stade de France is a nerve


tingling experience tonight. France, the hosts, kickers off and get those


underway. And get Euro 2016 going. 20 years ago these sides met at St


James' Park and France won that game 1-0 with a goal from Christophe


Dugarry. Anghel Iordanescu was a Romanian coach, just as he is


tonight. Romania defending the goal to your right, all in yellow. It is


important to start the tournament so well. Seven of the 11 teams who have


won the opening match of the European finals have gone on to lift


the trophy. An early feel of the ball for Cyprian and. He has had an


excellent season with Fiorentina, the six goalkeeper. Away by Rami. He


won the Europa League with Sevilla this season. Chiriches, second cap


for the former Tottenham man. And the first words from Matt Lawrence.


-- Mark Lawrenson. The show from David Guetta was absolutely


brilliant. It is no coincidence that they are running all over the place.


It was dramatic, simple and short. Be honest, would it not be one of


the best we have seen? Certainly was. Very touching, I thought.


Dragos Grigore and Vlad Chiriches were the backbone of the


qualification campaign for their fifth finals. They have only one one


game of at the European Championship finals, against England in 2000.


Only time they have got out of the group stage. Bob and Stancu, the


number 19, places football in Turkey. Not to be mistaken with


Stanciu, the Number Ten. Flicked on by Pogba. The first real effort of


Euro 2016 falls to one of the Steaua Bucharest players. DDA dish player


and captain who won the World Cup in this very stadium. It is a big


tournament for Giroud. He has had a decent season. Only Sergio Aguero


and Lukaku have scored more league goals since he made his Arsenal


debut. Away by Rami. Played in the last two warm up games. He has to


chase. Dovetailing in behind was Koscielny of Arsenal. He just dealt


with the issue. Laurent Blanc pick Rami for his first nine


internationals alongside Philippe Mexes who has long since disappeared


from the international scene. That was brilliantly saved and away and


Romania could have been in front or stop point-blank reaction,


Superstock. World class reaction save. Brilliant. Denying Rumania and


Bogdan Stancu. The French goalkeeper on his toes. That time it goes over.


Trouble for the French defence at set pieces and 46% of their goals


conceded under the current management have come from set


pieces. Two free headers, two corners. It is a worry. Florin


Andone getting across his marker. He was the top scorer in the Spanish


second division this season. That was the first one from Stancu. It


has been a bright opening. We thought that Romania would just sit


in. How wrong we were. Rats. Ngolo Kante has been very popular


this season. He's one of the Premier League players in the French side,


but how much longer with Europe 's elite preparing to swoop.


Andone going with Rami. At least he didn't give a corner kick away.


The very talented Real Madrid defender is out. That is why he is


in. Rat will take the throne. --


throw-in. Stanciu. Payet. He is held in great


affection by the French fans, Payet. He has only won his place in the


side this season. It comes on to Matuidi. A treble winner in domestic


football this season. Pogba will get licensed to move forward and wonder.


He said it does not work asking him to play in the Number Ten role.


Payet. Can he use the long strider Pogba? Out wide to Bacary Sagna.


Great idea. Lovely little run by Griezmann. Anghel Iordanescu scored


on the day the last time Romania beat France in an international,


over 40 years ago. I believe that was a foul. Very lively pace. I am


not sure that I have seen an opening game with such a strong quick pace.


Especially when the expectation was that Romania would sit back. Here


they come on another attack. Anghel Iordanescu, the Romania coach being


dubbed as the coach of the century. He was a manager in the heady days


of the 90s when he took Romania to the World Cup quarterfinals in 1994.


Stancu seeing a lot of the ball. Good challenge on Hoban.


I think the French are startled a little bit by this start that


Romania have made. Pogba. Diagonally towards Payet.


Chancellor Griezmann, deflected off and over. -- a chance for Griezmann.


He has been in magnificent form for Atletico Madrid. Hotly tipped to be


the top scorer in this tournament, Griezmann, seven goals in the


friendlies building up to this competition. He has played 18 times


since the last World Cup finals. No one else has played more than him in


a French shirt since 2014. Giroud the target, a little bit of shirt


pulling in there. Payet looking for Giroud. Good chance for France.


Almost as big a chance as Romania. Great play by Payet with the step


further and lovely little cross. The Euro 2016 -- the Stade de France and


French fans have booed Olivier Giroud. But now they are singing his


name. He has, for France, 17 goals. He is


the only French player out there with more than ten goals for his


country. He is some size, Pogba, it isn't he?


He is a beast of a footballer. Dimitri Payet, moving into a more


central position. Nicolae Stanciu, didn't play any of


the qualifiers. His in this team with a blossoming reputation.


32 goals for Atletico Madrid this season, Griezmann.


Everything that is good about France at the moment is coming from the


boot of Pogba. The French fans singing the La


Marseillaise. It is one of the best anthems, is it not? Pogba wants the


ball. He has always wanted the ball, ever since he was a Young man coming


into the game. Described as the future of the game. Patrice Evra,


look at the space ahead of him. Griezmann. Look at the tenacity of


Griezmann, winning it back. He does that for Atletico Madrid. He does it


all the time. Looking for Giroud. Couple of goals in the warm up game


against Scotland recently. Starting to find it a little bit difficult,


Romania. Early onslaught, could have been 1-0 in front as well.


They have got some ageing legs out there.


Before he was at Atletico Madrid, he was at Real Sociedad. He impressed


them well he was on trial for Montpelier. Had some spies there and


then they took him to Spain. Bacary Sagna, regular right these


days. Much better for Romania over the last few years. Played a couple


of games since March because of an injury, Vlad Chiriches.


Florin Andone with the challenge, settles for the throw.


20 minutes played. That has sailed by, hasn't it? Koscielny, one of the


best central defenders in Europe now, would you agree? Yes, I won't


argue with that. 16 year career at six clubs. Pogba, they call him the


motorcycle. Hasn't got into gear yet.


Stade de France is rocking. The 20,000 Romanians are playing their


part as well. The Tricolours, being waived. Mihai Pintilii, the


challenge there. Pogba, over runs the ball. You think you can go and


win it, but he just keeps nipping it past you. Fall was a bit theatrical.


Think he was trying to make sure he wasn't injured. Was captain of


France's under 20 World Cup winning side three years ago. Dimitri Payet,


looks for Griezmann. Off-side against Giroud. Pogba,


again. Fantastic vision. Whipped it in right footed. Quick look, bang!


Pulling the strings at the moment, Europe's Young Player of the Year


from 2013. And the Young player of the tournament in Brazil at the


World Cup finals. The first phase of matches and the


group stage since 1996 and four years ago, have ended in draws.


You can praise the referee, he is letting the game flow. He is an


experienced man. He was the referee when Barcelona beat Manchester


United. Given away. And if you can see


Anghel Iordanescu, he was unhappy the Romanian coach. Good player in


his time, Anghel Iordanescu. Think I might have played against him. Good


ball to Giroud. Just sneaked away from Dragos Grigore. Dragos Grigore,


he was in no man's land. Only played 180 minutes of football in two


months, because of injury. Proved his fitness, just stretching in


time. Rami arrives at the far post. Another corner. Just in the last 30


seconds, the goalkeeper has been a bit all over the place. At six foot


six, he needs to be coming and claiming them. France have their


third corner. No holding, yet. This time the


goalkeeper does better. Playing Europa League football next season


with Fiorentino, if he stays. Rami, made his debut in 2010. His


29th International. Koscielny. Pogba.


Is he an attacking midfield player or a defensive midfield player. The


answer was, neither, he goes where he wants. He is just a player,


really. A top player. 12 divots being taken out of the service,


alarmingly at this stage. Has been very wet in Paris in recent weeks.


Giroud, with the cross in. The pre-game show would not have


helped the pitch, would it? He was going to go for goal and he did. He


is definitely a bums off seats player, isn't he? Is not Ashley


scored for France since 2014. In this season Matuidi has a better


scoring record and has been more creative in terms of goals. -- he


has not actually scored for France. 0-0. Romania, 150-1 outsiders for


the competition. They have done what they do well. They have dug in. And


had one or two surprises. Kante. Chiriches gets across. It is a heavy


surface and a warm night out there. Testing conditions for an opener. A


little bit. Tickled down the line by Rat. Andone, the 23-year-old centre


forward conceding the free kick. You went to Spain when he was a toddler,


his mother being tragically killed in a car crash. Aston Villa and


Southampton are said to be looking at him.


Good work by the Romanian midfield. Hoban and Pintilii are very strong


physically. One of the cornerstones of the qualification campaign. He


stays down as Matuidi goes away. Payet can shoot from there. Hoban


getting the block in for Romania. Pintilii has stayed down. He just


seemed to get hurt when he was chasing Matuidi. Looks like he has


fallen on the boot of Matuidi at the end. Just there. A painful one


around the rib cage. Yes, not too many spare around there! It is a


long time since I have seen my rib cage! Another Romanian player in his


30s. Five of the remaining side have gone


the on their 30th birthday. Adil Rami had to eat humble pie after


being recalled to the squad. He was critical of the decision to leave


him out, then Raphael Varane got injured, and so he was recalled.


That is quite big dish on, though, as well, isn't it? He doesn't


suffer. I can. He has made a couple of virtual decisions and stood by


them. -- a couple of controversial decisions. That is game to be a red


card for Chiriches. The first yellow card of Euro 2016. The Romanian


captain. He didn't like the decision. Played less than 50 games


for Spurs in two years there. Tended to be exposed at the top level in a


Tottenham shirt, but he has been brilliant for Romania, Chiriches.


They are no mugs, Romania, they have lost just once in the last 18


internationals. Good idea by Rami, but that is not the ball for Giroud,


that is a Griezmann pass, really. 17 clean sheets in the last 25 games,


Romania. Cannot score at the other end. Only a Baker's dozen in that


time. France have never lost a competitive


game against Romania. Frustrations are growing. Rami hid his own


player, there. 1-2, isn't it? The sides drew their only previous


meeting here, a World Cup qualifier in 2009, the score, 1-1. Their only


other European finals meeting was a mill nor draw in Zurich, in 2008,


which was Romania 's last finals appearance. -- a 0-0 draw.


Stanciu. It was a hopeful ball for Andone to get. That was only one


person for Stanciu to hit. And it was such a quick break.


Five of the last ten competitive meetings between these sites have


ended in draws. -- sides. Has not had a great season at club


level, Chiriches. They could and should have been in


front. Giroud awaits the keeper 's clearance.


Rami. Distribution has lacked quality from him so the. -- so far.


Griezmann, so close. How did the French get in in the first place?


That is a problem for Romania. It was a fantastic all by Payet. Just


the pace alone, you have got to hit it first time, which is exactly what


a Griezmann did. He opened himself up to hit it. He was unlucky. Giroud


was appealing for a corner. It was a corner. Should have been. The short,


cruelly dubbed the water carrier by Eric Cantona. -- DDD shops. --


Didier Deschamps. He gave a half-time speech in that


game after the manager in that game, Didier Deschamps, and he was


absolutely brilliant. Griezmann just offside. Good understanding between


the pair. First time we have seen that understanding, that flick by


Giroud. Away by Rami and again by Pogba.


France in 84, among the host nations to have won the European


Championships. They lost the opening game. They could have been behind.


They could have scored at the other end. And that is a wayward foot by


Koscielny, high on and only. -- on Andone. The Arsenal defender was


quick to wave away any sort of possible decision but he left a foot


waggling and a challenge on the Cordoba striker. He has stayed down.


The referee is going to assess whether he thinks Andone is going to


need the physiotherapist. He catches him, does he not? That is a foul.


Was he trying to pull this foot away at the last moment? That is a


penalty. I'm not sure that he was in the actual penalty area, but that


was definitely a foul. He got away with that, Kashani. -- Koscielny.


That happens too often in his career. Almost a lazy type of


challenge by a centre-back. He had a brilliant season for Arsenal. You


cannot deny that, really. The French supporters are booing Andone. 60,000


of them here. Surprise, surprise, he's moving well!


Romania down to ten men with Andone of the field late. France getting


forward again with Pogba to Evra. He is 35. He wants to go on until he is


40, he says. Such a good defensive record in


qualifying, but in recent friendlies they looked very brittle, conceding


four goals in that game, Romania. That was a one defeat, no tackling


game, though. Koscielny, has won caps for France


now. -- 30 caps. One game in Euro 12,


Lorenz Koscielny. Deflected away. Flag Chirico 's went up with him. --


Vlad Chiriches. No host nature and has won the


opening game of a European final since Belgian beat Sweden.


Koscielny, free kick. Florin Andone, naughty boy. He is getting his own


back. France, dominating possession and


Romania doing the chasing. In 1984, France won their opening game en


route to winning the title across the city.


Payet, the rudimentary challenge stopped him there. He is always


going to cut inside. He thinks so quickly on his feet. You nearly


always foul him. Mihai Pintilii, the offender.


Dropped in shorts. Pogba Axel couldn't make any contact. It was a


disappointing free kick from the quality of a man like Payet.


Only has five goals for his country in 31 games.


If you want to find fault in what is a tremendous talent. This is going


to be interesting. It is a yellow card. The rules have changed on


this. If contact is made to the face. Rat is the man who has been


yellow carded. It is Giroud, when he first caught him, he holds his face,


quite rightly so. And then the next thing, he is holding his leg.


Striking the head or face when not challenge for the ball is a red


card. Unless the force used is negligible. Two minutes of stoppage


time in the opening match of Euro 2016. Payet strikes it in. It is a


loose. Vlad she reaches, clears it up again.


Strong pressure at the end of the half by the hosts. It is a ball you


have to defend. Fourth corner of the game for France. Payet will take it.


Can be cracked the best defence from qualifying? In a comms... Giroud!


Hit low. It was another chance. It has taken the target, it was a free


header. Lovely little ball, as well. Not good enough from your main


striker. Not good enough. The longer it goes on for him, if he misses


chances, you will hear the name of Karim Benz are -- Karim Benzema from


the fans. He is in LA at the moment. You did


mean LA, California and not lower Accrington. The first half has flown


by. Two big chances have come at the way of Giroud, after Griezmann also


hit the upright. But the first chance of the game came to Romania.


Bogdan Stancu saved by Hugo Lloris. No goals at half-time. Romania, all


in yellow cake of in the second half. There are worrying statistics


for France to consider. Romania have 17 clean sheets in the last 25


internationals. France, in their last eight European finals matches


have drawn blanks. Florin Andone, testing the French defence right at


the start of the half. Florin Andone, got away from


Koscielny. But not from the covering Abdul Rami. Romania have started the


half on the front foot is, as they did the first.


Right back. He refused to play for the previous manager. Christians


suck the narrow. Nearly a full house here tonight.


The vacant seats are one that were charged up to ?450 by Uefa.


I really, really good opportunity. Couldn't hit the back of the net.


Hit the target from there. Big opportunity. Massive chance the


Romania. The French just stood and watched. Has to be the target. There


is a massive gap to Hugo Lloris's left-hand side. Massive gap. Scored


two big goals and qualification in the away draw in Finland. I wonder


whether or not Romania will try to exploit the French fullbacks in this


second half. Sanyo, is 33. They may tire in the


second half. -- sat nav. Such a poor header from Bacary


Sagna. Romania have started the second half like they started the


first. We will be surprised if Romania can


go all the way, but it reads can do it and if Leicester City can win the


Premier France, have their back to the walls


in the opening moments of the second half.


Mitu read, rode one challenge. Court by the second. -- Mitu lead. They


have got some great energy in there. Shook Pogba in that mix.


Griezmann. Payet. Good interchange. Passes into Giroud! He has had three


big chances in the game. This time, he got his shot on target. Will it


come back to haunt the French FA, the Karim Benzema saga? A few


players not in the squad. Good climb by Rami. Rami wouldn't


have been in the squad had Sako not been banned. Giroud, did everything


right, in fairness. Does have a good goal-scoring record, but in terms of


goals scored from chances he has, it is not too healthy. The referee saw


nothing wrong with that challenge on the Tweedie. He has let the play go.


Longchamps, and those three weeks towards the end of the season, he


played just under two Lars football for PSG in their treble winning


season. Not quite a capacity crowd at the Stade de France, the stadium


built for the World Cup finals in 1998, the only stadium in the world


told a World Cup final in both football and Rugby Union. The


referee has allowed that to go on. Play on Somma says the referee. --


play on,. Interesting that the referee was going to let that go.


Maybe that is it, let's try and let the games flow. Let's hope so. It


would be good if it is. Normally, we see a plethora of cards in the


opening game to set a marker for the rest of the tournament. We have seen


only two, one for Stanciu. He has scored in his last three


internationals, the 23-year-old from Steaua Bucuresti. He is the big hope


of Romanian football. Andone. Good defensive work by Rami.


France of not use the ball well. Outcomes lorries. -- Hugo Lloris.


Patrice Evra has played in five European finals.


Pogba, France need to get him on the ball. Outrageous pass. Griezmann to


Payet. Pogba has continued his run. He started it and nearly got on the


end of it. Romania big in again, as they have done all the way through.


-- dig in. Griezmann isolated on Chiriches, who is on my yellow.


Giroud at the far post. Brilliant by Payet, and Pogba! That would have


been stupendous. He didn't do a lot wrong, Pogba. Great play by Payet


yet again. Decent strike, very good save. And the long run back to his


last French goal continues, against Portugal in 2014. The fifth French


corner gets the tricolours waving in the stands. Payet swings it away.


Koscielny was in there. Koscielny has stayed up. Good cross, Giroud


attacks it and scores, and France are head. And now they sing his


name. And now they cheer for Olivier Giroud. Will he have won them over


at last? He's had three big chances and squandered them, but Olivier


Giroud scores the first ball of Euro 2016 and put the hosts ahead. It


will be interesting to see the remaining goalkeeper here. Whether


he got there late or not. Decent ball in by Payet. The goalkeeper,


what is he doing? Dear, oh dear, oh dear. Oh, my goodness. Soap in the


shower! He's six foot six. He weighs my aunt


14 stone. But when he jumps, years four foot eight! He has got the


claim that. He certainly has. France don't care. You create a fantastic


opportunity, the great shot by Pogba, then you score a goal like


that. Great French names of their football past and present have been


saying how important this competition is to the nation. Didier


Deschamps said that the big competition allows the French people


a chance to escape from current political misery and last year 's


nightmare. They are bobbing up and down and singing and chanting and


dreaming here. Approaching the hour mark, France are head. What have


Romania got? What is plan B? -- France are ahead.


Razvan Rat claiming that it hit Bacary Sagna on the upper arm, but


definitely a corner. It hit him in the face. They have not been great


at defending corners, France. In it comes to the near post. Again,


Andone got marker. -- got across his marker. It is all a bit worrying


going forward for France. A couple of chances for Andone.


Romania to make a substitution. He has had two chances, he will have no


more, and he will be replaced by Denis Alibec. He scored 19 goals


domestically. His previous best tally of the season was nine. He has


got a broken hand. They say that he's going to Steaua Bucuresti this


summer. He will have to have a good tournament.


I would imagine, as difficult to beat as Romania have been, that they


will not be good at chasing the game. Do the stats tell you that?


They certainly do now. Matuidi trip. "Marchands, marchands". It would be


a proud night win the opener. Pogba stretches but


could not get there. They have won it back. Here is


Payet. What an outstanding gaming has had, Payet. There is nowhere


that he should get that. Good clearance as well. They have only


lost three of 32 competitive matches at the Stade de France, the host


nation. Spain, Russia and Belarus are teams who have won competitive


matches here against France. Towards Giroud. Eight goals in his


last eight games for France now, Giroud. Patrice ever. He sees the


run of Matuidi. So did Chiriches. Payet is becoming the game 's


outstanding player tonight. Denis Alibec, the substitute, could


not get there. Good interception from Adil Rami. He has answered a


few questions tonight. Pop against a cross in. They had not convincing,


Stanciu goes down, Romania appeal for the penalty, the referee thought


about it, considers and gives the penalty. The mistake processed from


a poor header from Sagna. They never really came to terms with it. There


was a brush from Patrice Evra. A brush of the five. -- thigh. Mind


you, no contact, no penalty. He has gone down very easily. Bogdan Stancu


looks for his tent international goal and certainly the most


important. Can Romania pegged back the hosts? 1-1. Bogdan Stancu, who


plays his football N Turkey. He puts Anghel Iordanescu 's team back in


the game. 1-1. France gave Romania a route back into the game and six


minute after he saw his team taking the lead, it is 1-1. And the French


response is immediate. Ofcom is Griezmann and on comes Kingsley


Coman. -- off goes Griezmann. He is the bright hope to be the


tournament 's top scorer, plenty of time yet. He is replaced by the man


who is on loan at via Munich, of course. -- at Bayern Munich. He will


play on the right of the three, won't he? He made his French debut


on that ill-fated night, the 30th of November last year against Germany,


the night of the Paris attacks. The Romania fans are having a wild


party. Pogba to Rami. Payet. The magician. He gets it back


again. Sagna arriving. Pogba. Payet surrounded but still


manages to get the ball to Pogba. Comes across to Giroud. This time it


is a French appeal, and the penalty isn't given. A suspicion that his


shirt may have been pulled as the ball came in. It was only Giroud who


appealed for a penalty, really. He was holding on to Chiriches, anyway.


Two threes and a six. He is holding Chiriches by the rest, isn't he?


Giroud wins that one. He has fouled his man and that is a yellow card


for Olivier Giroud. He is protesting his innocence. The Romanian player


goes down so quickly. I don't know. Sense of this season. -- sense of


this season. In the Champions League for Arsenal. The new instruction to


referees when there is contact to the head and face area, it will open


things up, pressure put on referees again, for the interpretation. There


is going to be inconsistency. This is the rule they have got to change.


The guy who has been fouled has to go of the treatment and then needs


permission to come back on. So your advantage is a disadvantage. The


Romanian players are signalling to the bench that Mihai Pintilii cannot


continue. Real swirling around his left eye.


Lucian Sanmartean, can come on in that role. Romania look like they


will make an adventurous substitution at 1-1. I cannot see


the holding midfielder, my hi panty coming back on. -- Mihai Pintilii.


The player they have lined up to come on is Alexandru Chipciu year.


They have changed their minds, Romania.


Mihai Pintilii, wants to come back on. Romania were going to bring on


an attacking substitutes, change their minds, now Mihai Pintilii has


come back on. On one Alexandru chip cool. Of goes


the player who won the penalty, Stanciu. A hope for the future.


Second forward at centre forward, he can play in a wide position. It is


Romania's fourth corner. Giroud, if he had put his chances


away, France would be home and clear now. That was a foul. Initially they


look to have played on, but the referee has brought them back. It


was a hefty challenge on Patrice Evra. He got caught there. Court


under the chin. If you're going to book rude... -- if you're going to


book Giroud. Bob Dunn Stanko has been moved into


a more centralised position since the arrival of Chipciu.


N'Golo Kante has used the ball well. Chipciu, sort it out.


Back by Rami, whose pressure was enough.


Not a good ball. Rare from him. Boy years ago, the opener with Poland


finished in an 1-1 drawl. Rami, fifth centre back choice for


France, but he has played well. The only problem for France with no


Griezmann, they've got nobody to run in behind and Romania can get


uptight and squeeze on rude, knowing he is never going to beat any of


them in a foot race. If it stays like this, the French media will


howl about Karim Benzema. The French players not here because


of injury or they were not picked because of suspension, make a very


strong 11. Here come France. Patrice Evra. Matuidi, always full of


running. France about to make another


substitution. Anthony Martial, of Manchester United to arrive. Will he


be sent through the middle in a wide position? Too much there for Bacary


Sagna you to do. He comes. I would be inclined to put him through the


middle. Pogba is the man going. This is a brave move. Pogba, has iconic


status in French football. He is going to Ruby replaced by Anthony


Martial yell, the crowd love him. What they have done, they have stuck


Anthony Martial on the left of the front three and they have Payet,


just playing in behind them. Who will force the winner? Foul,


crumpled to the ground. He has taken that for the team. Third Romanian


booking. N'Golo Kante, there again. Payet.


N'Golo Kante. Nobody gambling in behind him, which


is where you want Anthony Martial. Try and participate. Giroud is


looking at him thinking, it is your area if I don't get on the end of


it. Christophe Jallet, warming up to come on. Now plays in Mexico.


Rami. Romania look the more composed at the moment. It is a drive that is


whipped wide. Ovidiu Hoban, from midfield. Speculative at best.


Scored a huge goal in qualifying in the 91st minute against Finland. Ten


minutes to go. Good haddock, Koscielny. It needed


to be. -- good header. Anthony Martial, with plenty of pace, we


know that because of Premier League at Manchester United. Comfortably


saved. Wasn't entirely convincing with the strike, was he? Just


noticed, the pace, how all of a sudden the Romanian back for were


just backing away. Free kick given to France. Romania will have two


weight until they can make their third and final substitution.


Here comes Gabriel Torje. He replaces Adrian Popper on the


right-hand side. Three draws from three games could


be enough to send you through. No team has ever lost the European


Championship finals opening game and then gone on to win the title.


N'Golo Kante, tries to get them going again.


They had late dramatic wins in the World Cup 98 on their way to triumph


in the final. They are leaving this late, France.


Their second game is against Albania on the 15th of June. Romania have


Switzerland again in Paris. Well, set pieces, Romania, looked


dangerous. 46% of goals conceded by France and the Didier Deschamps have


come from free kicks. In the Premier League, the average is 31% of goals


conceded. France are dreadful at defending said pieces. Look at that!


He was offside. The French defence don't know that. They just let him


run. Grigore, up from the back. Goodness me.


The ex-Coventry City player Moldovan is on that dominion bench. --


Rumanian bench. Kingsley Coman goes up through the


gears. Razvan Rat, struggling to stay with him. Just over five


minutes to go plus stoppage time. Payet wriggles clear. He should not


be offside there, when he can see across the line. The linesman with a


famous name in Hungarian football. Deschamps was part of the team that


conquered Europe and the world and Europe at the same time against the


team that some people say showed football how they should be played,


the magical Magyars of Hungary, still to come, Romania showed the


world the way it should be played in the 80s, in the USA. They have not


been greatly expansive, his side here. They have hung on in there.


Cover from the right back, Sapunaru. Great covering by both the right


back and left-back. Both of them in their 30s. Patrice Evra to the line.


He has got it, it was a foul according to the French fans but not


the referee. He did well, actually. He was just eased out of the way.


Yes, we know how you feel, mate. Andorra and Switzerland were the


teams in this group. Albania and Switzerland. They play tomorrow.


The ball was really tight to Anthony Martial.


Once the mania got back with a penalty to 1-1, the French ideas


seem to go missing, the creativity has gone. I think, because you have


got a Giroud through the middle, there is no pace threat through that


middle and they have pushed up Romania, and made it really


difficult. They have concentrated the play in midfield and it is


difficult for France. They can't get away from them. There was a stumble


by Razvan Rat. Kingsley Coman. Payet. What a wonderful goal! An


absolute belter to settle the opening game of Euro 2016, surely,


in a last-minute. What a wonderful season he has had and that caps it


all. Matchwinners were new matches. We have said before he is arguably


the best player in this game, a brilliant moment of sublime skill.


-- win you matches. He had an enigmatic and mercurial career in


French football but he has blossomed at West Ham and scored a screamer


for his country. What about that? Yard outside the far post before it


bends. Yes. A late, late show for the hosts. France two, Romania one.


Koscielny slipped but got it away. Romania 's hard work may come to


nothing. Sagna has not had the best of nights. Three minutes of stoppage


time. Squeezed out by Anthony Martial.


The cross was blocked. France are going to make their final


substitution. Moussa Sissoko of Newcastle is going to be sent on.


Payet coming off, is it? Just struggling with a little bit of a


groin strain, but it will be Dimitri Payet who goes off. And listen to


this ovation. The emotion of it all. Too much for


Dimitri Payet. He longed for a place in the French national side and


could not understand why his heroics at club level were being ignored. He


scored a wonderful goal in the warm up match against Morocco to cement


his lace in the starting line-up. He scored against Cameroon to cement


his place in the starting line-up. And a terrific strike to win this.


Or have they won it? Koscielny, stretching. Cissokho, where will he


be next season? Move from his current club, Newcastle, to Arsenal,


being mooted. Hoban will not do anything there with Cissokho tucked


up behind him. Smiles on the face of the goal-scorer. And we are in the


last minute of stoppage time. Giroud needed to hold it up. Free kick


given away. Cissokho with the foul. One last hit and hope from Rat,


blood pouring from on I win. Can France defender set piece better?


Giroud half got it away. They will break with Matuidi, powering onto it


now is Cissokho. Can you go all the way? No. Interesting, though. We


looked at Deschamps when he took off Pogba and what happened was, he


moved Payet inside and where did he get the goal from? The French


manager has come up smiling. Lovely take from Kingsley Coman, Matuidi to


his left. Some space opens up for Coman. He did well for his team. A


bit conservative, but they have kept the ball, and if they keep the ball,


they will win the opening match. Coman holds. He feeds Sagna. Great


cheers, every time a man in blue touches the ball.


On the goes. Cissokho gives the ball away. France won the opening game


with a wonderful goal from Dimitri Payet. At times it has not been


wonderful for them tonight, but it has been a wonderful experience


being here. An emotional night at the Stade de France. Romania got


back into it with a penalty by Stancu to cancel out the opener from


Giroud, but they have been beaten by a very special player. 2-1 France,


the hosts are off and running. As they come in


towards the home straight, Jessica Ennis challenges


Brianne Theisen-Eaton.


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