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Good evening. It was time for the talking to stop for England and


Wales, as both sides started their Euro 2016 campaign in Group B.


We'll have highlights of both matches for you over the next hour,


in the company of Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Dean Saunders.


There have been plenty of false dawns down the years.


COMMENTATOR: England go home. Oh, England are out of the European


Championship. England are out of the World Cup. Heartbreak in a penalty


shoot out. Your commentators in Marseille,


Martin Keown and Guy Mowbray. England walk into another tournament


and the usual mix of hope and hype. As the weight gets longer, the squad


gets younger. Perhaps just precocious enough not to feel the


huge pressure. Well, here is a first test. It's an England line-up that


we're seeing for the first time. So much for Roy Hodgson's overly


cautious reputation, as he selects Wayne Rooney in midfield for the


first time. With the energy of Raheem Sterling and Adam Lallana has


wide support for Harry Kane. A first time for the Spurs duo of Dele Alli


and Eric Dier in a competitive international. Nicola Rizzoli


handled the World Cup final. Keeping discipline always key and especially


so when he is in charge, he likes a card. Five players selected from the


title winning CSKA Moscow, including Vasili Berezutski and Sergey


Ignashevich. Won by Smolov. Look at the run of


Smolnikov down the right. Danny Rose with him, and importantly Eric Dier


stopped him from firing. He was racing down the wing, great


challenge from Danny Rose. This is the area where Hiro Mike Neal Paul


Scholes. He's got a bit more pace and he can break from there as well.


-- hit reminds me of Paul Scholes. Brilliant work from Kyle Walker,


that is Lallana! Too straight. Straight at Akinfeev, whose hands


are stinging. Fantastic play from Walker. Good technique from Lallana.


A real test for the keeper. Dzyuba found Shatov. Here is sterling. He's


quick and he's going to have to be to take him on. Sterling in! Cane!


Kane! Wasn't quite crisp enough but it was another England opening. Dele


Alli just drifting into that space. It wouldn't have counted. No,


exactly. It's that man again. Brilliant how he finds space, just


wanted a better finish, of course. Kane, dispossessed by the youngest


player in the Russian squad, turned 20 at the end of last month. The


exception in the squad, because by and large it is experienced, shall


we say. There will be a free kick for Russia. Dzyuba down, Rose


guilty. He goes down very easily. Big jobs to do here. In towards


Dzyuba! But at the front of the queue was Sergey Ignashevich. That


shouldn't be happening, he should be getting an England head onto that


ball. Rooney had to shift the ball quickly


and does so again, to find sterling. Rose is on to it. Alli didn't quite


get his feet sorted out. Impressive again from Sterling. Very good play


again. Danny Rose as well, he didn't give up on him. Little backheel here


from Sterling and Danny Rose is on to this in a flash. It's a great


ball across the box but Dele Alli just can't make up the ground. It's


agonising. Sterling being closed by Oleg Shatov.


Lallana now to Alli, Alli to Walker. Lallana! Drag to wide. Second


shooting chance for Adam Lallana. Another very easy on the eye England


move. Great ball, isn't it? They can't deal with it. England very


strong on either wing. Good interchange play. Couldn't hit the


target, though. Alli, brilliant footwork. Where to


next? Wherever he wants to go! Rooney. Straight down the barrel for


Akinfeev again. Those fists are being made to work. There is Eric


Dier, with a tremendous tackle. Wouldn't quite bounce Lallana's way.


Lallana in there, England hunting. You can see it from the players.


Great play here. He's got no right to get through. You see the new and


the old there. Great technique from Rooney. Straight at the keeper,


fortunately for Russia. They will be mindful of the Uruguay game in the


last World Cup, two lapses of concentration hurt England. Rooney,


Rose! Bounced up awkwardly for Akinfeev, who dealt with it well.


Rose, England go again. Kane, a little bit of space for Harry Kane.


Finding support. A very high Russian line. If someone finds that run from


deep well, they are in. A great ball in from Rose. Dele Alli in their


again. Smalling, and Sterling is onside.


Was he fouled? He was, just outside the box. England free kick. Small


lake of just diving in, Sterling was too quick for him. -- Smolnikov.


Just as importantly, Akinfeev can't be the ball. There is Kane. Akinfeev


gets a glove to it. Touch to Sterling! Sauber Dave from Akinfeev


but the flag was up anyway. It wasn't at the time that Sterling had


a go. -- Sauber save. Look at this from the Russian defence, just


pushing up and catching Sterling offside. That was given away by


Ignashevich. Kane does well to retrieve it. Alli. Kane can't go any


further, another England free kick. They are building something again.


They certainly are. Ignashevich diving in. I think Dier may be going


to run over this. He has scored in his last seven England


internationals, Rooney. He's going to hit it. Can't make it eight this


time. The way he's got his eyes fixed on that target, but it's just


too difficult, it's just too high. Difficult skill to get that up and


down from there. Dzyuba, it has come for Kokorin. Danny Rose didn't know


much about that but fortunately was in the right place to block it. It


is a corner. Danny Rose was nice and tight there, get as close as you


possibly can, create that barrier to block the shot. Russia's first


corner of the entire match. They're coming. Shatov delivery, and Joe


Hart has to save it. Back towards his own goal from Eric Dier. Well,


it's an awkward ball in hand die just doesn't adjust quickly enough,


does he? -- and Dier doesn't adjust quickly enough. Sterling, Rose wide.


Rose with the delivery... Here's Wayne Rooney! What a save! Follow-up


from Lallana off the post but the flag up anyway. What a save that was


from Akinfeev to keep Wayne Rooney out. That is stunning play from


England. It comes back off the post and yes, Lallana is clearly offside.


It's a nice strike as well from Wayne. He doesn't go for power, he


tries to place it. Danny Rose. He is nearly finding Alli. He feels


he was unfairly impeded. The referee agrees with him. A free kick to


England. A yellow card for Schennikov. Very intelligent. Tried


to knock it through the legs. Dyer is right in the mix. -- Dier. Harry


Kane has similar ideas. He leaves it. Eric Dier smashes it. England


find a way. It is a dynamite strike from Dier.


England 1-0 Russia. A stunning strike. What on earth is Dier doing?


A fantastic strike. Four people moved to the left at the wrong time.


Schennikov buries it. A fantastic strike. A flare has been fired from


the Russian end of the field. A couple of others have been lit that


you might be able to see. Let's hope it has not gone anywhere else.


You may just have heard a huge explosion. That again has come from


the part of the ground where the Russian supporters are housed. A


menacing atmosphere down that end. Let's hope nothing gets any worse


than that. Three minutes to go. Three minutes is what the board said


will be added on at the end of this. Difficult moments for England to see


this one through. He cannot stop the cross. Smalling does. Excellent.


State goal side and keep your eye on the ball. -- stay.


Schennikov being closed by James Milner. A good header. It is Vasili


Berezutski! It was a diagonal ball to the far post. What on earth was


Danny Rose doing? He lit looped it into the far corner. He climbed


really high and England are devastated.


The referee has a look at the watch and puts his whistle to his lips. It


is a draw that will feel like a defeat. They had it won, they had


the job done. The Russian captain, Vasili Berezutski, has made it a


point each, rather than the three points that Eric Dier looked to have


got for England. It has finished in Marseille on the field, England 1-1


Russia. I am afraid to say that in the stands there is more to come. We


had another flare at full-time sent out from the Russian supporters. We


then got an invasion of the Russian supporters into the England section.


Plenty of running for the exits as quickly as they can. It is a


horrible end to the night. What are the overriding emotions in


the dressing room? Bitter disappointment. We were winning 1-0


and deservedly in my opinion. To concede a goal so late in the game,


it is hard. Sometimes you are lucky you get it go like that to save the


game for you but when it goes the other way and you lose two points as


a result, it will take a few moments before you get over that. It is part


of football. You have to do that. You need to remember that for long


spells of the game we played really well. At least the goal they did


score was really good. It was not a goal which was easily stopped. We


had the game in our hands. We dominated at times and controlled


the game. We had the best chances. When you concede late on it is


always disappointing and feels like a defeat. It is not the worst result


and we have is to lift ourselves. We have an important game on Thursday.


Naturally a degree of disappointment about the overall result. I suppose


there is plenty of positives to take from that game and still two matches


left. Plenty of positives. Roy will be really disappointed with the


result and with the way they played. It was tough on them. They deserved


more. We always... We have said in the past weeks that we have been


worried about us defensively. If we are going to progress in this


tournament we had to score goals. We got a great goal tonight. This


should have been two or three goals and the game should have been out of


sight. Having said that, it was a very good goal we conceded a couple


of minutes from the end. It is remarkable. In 65 Premier League


games, temp three macro had never blushes the Dier had never shot from


a free kick. -- Dier had never shot from a free kick. I did not expect


him to take it when you have Harry Kane on the pitch and Wayne Rooney.


He said, get out of the way, it is my turn. They must have spotted


something in training in the past couple of weeks that has given him


the authority to go ahead and take it. The keeper doesn't do himself


any favours. That is the smallest I have seen him look on the pitch. He


cannot see the ball. He is too far off his line. So close to the ball


that his reaction time is cut down. He has power on it. The ball has not


gone into the corner. We all thought that was for England but they could


not see it now. Roy thought it was a really good goal. What do you think?


I agree that it was a very good header. It could have been stopped.


Very good centre forward play, pulling out onto the full-back. The


good ball in from Schennikov. That is a superb header. James Milner


makes up the mind of Schennikov. If he stops and jockeys him, it is a


different matter. He does not run past him. A brilliant ball and a


brilliant header. You might have a query with regard to Chris Smalling.


Danny Rose gets beaten at the back post. In the middle of your box, you


have to be looking, who is the danger man? A centre-half is the


biggest player. Make sure you are against him rather than Danny Rose,


who will be bullied like he was there. Do you think the


substitutions were at fault? I thought Wayne Rooney was excellent


in that position. There was speculation about where he would


play. He played in midfield and I thought he was brilliant. He


controlled the game. His passing was excellent. He got the balance right.


He helped out defensively when he needed. I was surprised when he was


brought. In the later stages of the game, some might Wayne Rooney is


vital. He can take the sting out of the game and compose himself,


composed other players in the team. It is a team that lacks experience


generally. They have had chance after chance. The goal you are


talking about, when you are zone marked from the first free kick, no


one marks anyone. It got headed out. When it came back in May were all


over the place. An experienced centre-back sorts it out. That is an


unbelievable save. There are so many positives. It is good to see the


players and a manager talking positively thinking about the way


they have played rather than the result. They will feel like a defeat


which is difficult to swallow at this stage of the game. They need to


be filled with some sort of confidence. They have to be


clinical. A lot of good performances. Dele Alli two. Get his


customary goal that he is a threat. In Schennikov and Wayne Rooney and


Alli, they got the mix right in midfield. There is much like Wayne


Rooney, he chose his moments. When to go. I thought the midfield


blended well together. He did that a few times in the game, timing his


runs going forward. I thought he was very good. I like his positions. He


has a maturity. He understands when to run through. He has a great


awareness about him. He is like a gazelle, going around the pitch.


It's no one is available, no one world take shots. He looked a very


experienced player tonight. Harry Kane was a bit of the boil, wasn't


he? I was at Wembley. He looked very leggy. A lot of games, including all


this season. While we're on about Harry Kane, let's get straight to


the point. What is he doing a corner? I imagine those are his


instructions. It is bizarre. It is well within his right to say to his


manager, find someone else to take penalties. I am York best


goal-scorer in one of the best headers of the ball. Get someone


else to take the corners are not him because he is a top centre forward.


I agree. We have seen how many times England get to the byline. If Harry


Kane get that type of service can use schools. He did not get in on


the end of anything. I thought the two full-backs were particularly


good. You can see the touch as they had. They are an influential part of


the team. Great intensity and desire to get up and down the pitch. When


they get there they have a very good delivery. Especially Danny Rose.


Anticipation and gambling to go in there. Does full-backs are well


within their rights to say to the Centre forward or midfielders, we


have done our job tonight. We have put the ball into the box in


dangerous areas. The time to worry is when you are not creating


chances. You can work on that and work on finishing, which I am sure


they will do. As strikers, asked three, you would say to the manager,


if I'm not getting chances, leave me out. -- us. I am busy not getting in


the right position. -- I am obviously not getting in the right


position. There has been quite a lot of trouble in Marseille. I took the


end, the English fans were rushed by Russian fans.


I'll where there are English fans say may have been attacked for no


reason. It is shameful and embarrassing, isn't it? People say


this might be provoked by the police or other fans. It does always seem


to be in the place where England are. That cannot always just be a


coincidence. Everyone has come into this tournament talking about


terrorism. Hooligans have been put onto the back burner. It is a shame.


Hopefully it will get cleaned up because we do not want to be


associated with that anymore. England fail yet again to win their


first match at European Championships.


Earlier, Wales opened against Slovakia, and after 58 years


without a major football tournament, it was time to wake the dragon.


COMMENTATOR: Chris Coleman's men have saved Welsh football from the


shackles of despair... Your commentators in Bordeaux, Robbie


Savage and Steve Wilson. COMMENTATOR: It has been an


agonising long wait but here it is. Bordeaux is the setting Slovakia the


opposition and these the proudest Welshman you can imagine. Act here


by huge support in this beautiful stadium and this beautiful city. So,


Wayne Hennessey's last-minute back spasm has meant a first ever


international start for Liverpool reserve Danny Ward, and so much


depends on Gareth Bale, but he has broad shoulders. Slovakia did appear


in the World Cup finals in 2010, when they beat Italy. Marek Hamsik


is the golden boy. Nine season is now at Napoli but still only 28.


Kucka has enjoyed a good first season with AC Milan. Chris Coleman


saying yesterday now is not the time to sit back and enjoy the moment,


now is the time to roll up the sleeves and do the job. Hamsik has


dispossessed Bale, ghosted through and he goes on, what a goal... Oh!


Unbelievable! Ben Davies, there, I've got to say what an absolutely


fantastic run from Hamsik, he goes to shoot, cuts inside, just watch


Ben Davies on the line. Fantastic, goal waving. It was within a whisker


of being the worst possible start for Wales. Jonny Williams... Free


kick. The Norwegian referee says yes. So, Gareth Bale is standing


around 30 yards away from the Slovakian goal. Bale, for Wales...


In! Completely fooled Matus Kozacik. Wales 1-0 Slovakia. He's done it


again. Gareth Bale, the way he strikes the ball with his left foot.


Just look at that technique. Up and down. 1-0, Gareth Bale. His 20th


international goal in his 50th cap -- his 55th cap. Can't speak highly


enough of him. Chester forward, Williams looking to nip in between


and he might... Martin Skrtel has bundled into Jonny Williams. Free


kick has been given. The extra official behind the goal nearly got


taken out. As he comes across, Skrtel, just watch his right elbow.


Well, how has that official not seen that? If you're going to have them,


these extra officials, they are not just there to watch the game,


they're there to contribute to decisions. It might be Slovakia's


verse European Championships finals but it's worth saying that the


Czechoslovakia team which won the European Championship in 1976


included eight Slovaks and only three Czechs. Weiss finds Duris.


Weiss... Got to be careful with those legs, the Welsh defenders, and


they were. Suddenly for the first time in the game Vladimir Weiss is a


factor of yellow good feed by Weiss but so many Welsh bodies back


protecting Danny Ward. Wales nearly beat the All Blacks


this morning! And they could -- they are beating Slovakia this evening.


Here is Weiss. Little ricochet. Corner. Now, from a Slovakian points


of view, Weiss with the corner, you want to get all the bodies around,


which it in, get Skrtel and Jan Durica flying in and really test the


goalkeeper. Weiss with this corner. Away by Bale.


Pretty certain he was in an offside position. He wasn't! Not when the


ball was played. That is a lovely ball in for Robert


Mak! Alarm bells were ringing. A great run from Mak. As you can see,


Ashley Williams at the top of the page tries to play offside, on his


own favoured left foot, Mak. Going to be difficult to score from there,


running away from goal. Here comes Chris Gunter. Williams's first touch


a bit heavy, Jan Durica with the slide in. Joe Allen. Lifted in to


Bale! Matus Kozacik just kept it out. Just look at the power. A


standing start but he still knew he was going to beat the defender. He


jumps committee powers it into the ground. -- he jumps, he powers it


into the ground. Still no real threat from Slovakia, but here's


Mak. And now the chance, and the equalising goal! Duda, who has only


been on the pitch for a matter of seconds, has equalised for Slovakia.


Ondrej Duda with the goal. Wales 1-1 Slovakia. Out of nothing. Well, what


a substitution. Great finish. Great run from Mak, 1-1.


Duda, Weiss. Good ball, that. Well taken by Mak. Well hit. Rising, just


too much for Robert Mak. Don't forget, of course, that Slovakia, in


World Cup qualifying, are in the same group as both England and


Scotland. Robson-Kanu, Ramsey in the middle, Bale arriving, Ramsey! What


an opportunity. Robson-Kanu looks up and whips it in. I have to say, I


think Ramsey jumped just a bit too early. Ledley, that's a good ball,


Aaron Ramsey here, can he stay on his feet? Hal Robson-Kanu, it's in!


Hal Robson-Kanu for Wales! Another substitute, another girl, another


Welsh huddle. -- another goal. They are back in front with ten minutes


to play. What an absolutely fantastic ball. Look at Ramsey's


position. He makes it past Skrtel and then Robson-Kanu, on his left


foot, in between the legs of Jan Durica. That pass from Ledley,


Ramsey in a great position, Jan Durica can't get there, yes he


scuffs the shop, Hal Robson-Kanu, but who cares! It's in the back of


the net, 2-1 Wales. Shin and in! Off his shin, but who cares! Look at


those Welsh fans! Duda. Change of pace on that from


Mak, but come out nicely for Hamsik. It's hit the post.


Well, that was close. Hasn't scored in two years, but he gets across


Ashley Williams. Powerful header. Jan Durica for Slovakia. Up two


awards Adam Nemec who hit the post a moment ago. Bale, two onto', Hal


Robson-Kanu the other. Bale again, maybe.


Pushing for the equaliser Slovakia, they are leaving gaps. Two


opportunities now for Wales to finish the game off. Will they pay


for these missed chances? Duda, nice dummy, Mak. Six in this attack in


blue. In from Hamsik to the back post. Wide from Robert Mak. I think


when Danny Ward clears this, the referee will blow his whistle.


WHISTLE And the party will begin!


CHEERING 58 years of waiting, 58 years and


victory in their first game back on the big stage. Hal Robson-Kanu with


the winning goal. Gareth Bale set them on their way. And although


Ondrej Duda equalised for Slovakia, who then had a very good spell,


Wales have won. And you've got to give Chris Coleman massive credit.


He resist the temptation to play the three people who had just come back


from injury. He left Ledley and Robson-Kanu out, on the bench. Then


he brought them on and it was Ledley who played the ball to Ramsey, and


then Hal Robson-Kanu got the winning goal. What a team, what a


performance. Wales 2-1 Slovakia. What can I say? It was like a home


game today. Our fans are just the best in the world and they fully got


behind us tonight and we gave them summary to celebrate. Our boys


showed incredible passion and a lot of courage to come back. Incredible


attitude and mentality. I just thought it was a great game of


football, it had everything. It had goals, it was quite physical, the


atmosphere was electric. Rambo has done great. He's opened up a bit of


space and the ball has dropped to me in the box and I've managed to


direct it into the corner. Not the best finish but one that we're all


delighted about. Man of the Match performance from yourself. How much


did you just enjoy the experience, enjoy the moment and enjoy being on


the big stage? That was the message for everyone, to make sure we not


let this pass us by without soaking it in, enjoying it first and


foremost and making sure that 100% effort was there from everyone.


Credit to this squad of players, every time we do play, the effort is


always there from everyone. When you have that, these are the sort of


results you can get. What goes through your mind when the manager


told you you were going to start in Wales's first ever game in a


European Championships? It was obviously a very proud moment but


then straightaway you switch into game mode and think about all the


preparation you've done and you just want to train and give your best.


We'll learn on the job really because we've never been here, we


don't know what to expect, and we've been a little bit knocked off our


park on the way because there's been a lot happening that doesn't


normally happen, a lot of intrusion, but we can't complain, that's what


we've always wanted, we've always wanted to be here. Next game is


Thursday, we know it's against a fantastic team, we know what the


atmosphere is going to be like, I think it's going to be a great game


come what may, we will go into it and give what we've got and whoever


comes out -- whatever comes out of the mix at the end of it, that's how


it goes. But you can't ask for more than what they've given today.


A wonderful day for Welsh football, Dean. Terrific performance, great


victory and heroic performances right across the field. Just a great


day for the country. We don't get many days like this, so stay awake


as long as you can tonight! LAUGHTER


It's a dream start for us. I didn't know how we were going to do. I


don't think the players would have. But Allen said it earlier, what they


would have gained from this result is the belief that they should be


here and they can compete at this level. So it was a great win. We


will let you enjoy the winning goal once again. Robson-Kanu, magical


moment. Yes, we talked about Chris getting his tactics right. Ramsey


ended up spreading the ball through. And it's a great ball from Joe


Ledley, who Chris has brought himself on as sub, to Aaron Ramsey,


who finds himself in the position he wants to be, and a fantastic strike


from Robson-Kanu... LAUGHTER


He has reacted first to the ball and then on your day, they go in. If


your day is not going well, that hits the land's legs and goes out.


All eyes were on Gareth Bale, as you would anticipate. He got a goal


early in the game. This free kick, this was before against Israel. Same


side, against Andorra again. The keeper must have had a look. He


takes three or four steps to his left. Gareth has smashed it the


other way. I do not think the keeper will be happy. He has taken three or


four steps to his left. If he stays still, he catches that. It is a


decent strike. It did not go in the middle of the golf was that that is


the presence of Gareth Bale and his reputation. As a manager, you try to


do the right thing. -- middle of the goal. The Slovakia goal unsettled


things for a while. It was a little bit nervous. Before the game, you


would say there would be a moment where you are uncertain and under


pressure. It was a great substitution. I think Ramsey should


have fouled him here and used his experience. Bang, reverse back into


the corner where it has come from! This is where you are saying to


yourself, let's see what Wales are made of. They could have crumbled.


Their backs are to the wall. The substitutions were by Chris Coleman.


He played the part in the winning goal. The confidence they will have


will be great and bodes well for a fantastic game coming up against


England on Thursday. There was a Skirtel elbow in the box which we


thought definitely was a penalty. All the officials missed it. I do


not know how he missed it. He was two yards away. If he cannot see


that in front of him, there is a very serious problem. It should have


been a penalty and a red card. He has gone in for him with his elbow.


I would give to read cards for that. What is the point of having that


official that if they do not make that decision or do not spot it?


England did not get away with it but Wales did. I was thinking, here we


go. So many bodies ran the ball. Ashley Williams has got him. He has


still got him. Great strike play. That is the type of goal that Alan


would score. Put his arm across and got his head there. When your luck


is in it hits the post and comes out. We needed luck and we got it


today. Before the game, we highlighted hams sit as star player.


A broad touch from Gareth Bale. Another poor touch from Gareth. He


sends three the wrong way. A left hook. What an unbelievable clearance


that is. Not as good as the Gareth Bale free kick. That moment there


appeared to mind what Wales were about. Everyone giving their all


with last-ditch tackles and preparing to put their bodies on the


line. I thought they were superb. England, Wales next. If they play


like that we -- they will not lose many. Let's hope everyone behaves.


How do you see that game going? I think England will have a lot of


possession in the game. The world skies will be comfortable sitting


back and hoping. The likes of Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey. Seeing Wales


qualifying, they are 18. They do not want to take focus of the team. It


is not about individuals, it is a unit. It is their strength and core.


Chris Coleman got his tactics absolutely spot-on. The decisions he


made to bring the players off and Robson-Kanu on were brilliant.


Because they work for him, will they go with Robson-Kanu again? Do you


see England shifting tactics because it is Wales? I thought today, the


England game was crying out for Jamie Vardy to stretch the


opposition back four. It did not happen. There is food for thought


for Roy Hodgson in attacking positions. The final ball may be was


not as clinical as we would have expected. A pointer for Wales will


be excellent and less so for England. If you win the first game


you are more or less through. Even if they get beaten against England,


they still have a good chance. So, Wales and England face


each other on Thursday. Match coverage will


be across the BBC. We start on BBC Two at 1pm,


before switching to BBC One at 1.30 There will be commentary across


5live and the BBC Sport website And if you fancy picking your


starting XIs for both sides have a look at our selector game


on the website. The day's first game saw Albania -


making their European Championship debut -


take on Switzerland in Lens. Kevin Kilbane watched this one


alongside Simon Brotherton. Rodriguez getting away. Finding a


little bit of space. He has done well.


Happy to see it bounced behind. Both full-backs getting forward,


Rodriguez in particular. An excellent left foot. The header


finds the back of the net. Inside the first five minutes of the game,


the best start for Switzerland. The Albanian captain will be put


straightaway. The Spanish referee is no more than ten paces away from it.


A heavy challenge. Here is a chance. A good save. The


danger is still not cleared. The offside flag goes up. It would not


have counted anyway. The goalkeeper called into serious action for the


first time this afternoon. They are claiming a handball here.


He has already been booked by the referee,


Cana. The captain of Albania is sent off.


That free kick from Dzemaili. Albania, a good chance. Side netting


by Sadiku. He is denied by the goalkeeper. What a chance and what a


save. He has made some really good saves. A brilliant ball played in.


So unlucky. Switzerland joined France on three


points in Group A. If the top to both win their will go through to


the last 16. Tomorrow Northern Ireland play


in their first major They face Poland in


their opening match. Two men who weren't even born back


in 1986 were the Evans Was he a good big Brother? He was


all right. Was he a pain? The best brother I could wish for. The first


ever Brothers to appear for Northern Ireland in a major finals, a piece


of history. How good will it be to share it with Corry? It would be


great. To go into the tournament, it is something we are both very proud


of, presenting our country. It is great we do it together. What would


your first footballing memory be of your brother? He was out playing


with kids and a boy would be standing around watching. Once he


was older, I was allowed to join in. I always welcomed him. He was a fast


centre forward at that stage. He was always scoring the goals. I would


take a position at the back, even in street football. We were always


close growing up. There was mum and dad, myself and Corry and my little


sister. Away from home and living in England. It was a big commitment for


all of us to make. I think that has kept us really close growing up as a


family makes it all worthwhile. How hard is it to get the balance right?


It is not about making up the numbers. It would be a new


experience for us all. We want to go and be competitive. At the same time


we will enjoy ourselves. You play aggressive football when you are


enjoying your football. You are at your calmest and you go and express


yourself. Our coverage of Northern Ireland's


game against Poland starts on BBC One at 4:15pm


with Neil Lennon, Then we get our first look


at World Champions Germany who take It is a big day for Northern


Ireland. A 30 year wait. It is phenomenal for them to be here. They


have topped the qualifying group. A staggering achievement to be here.


Enjoy it. They will fancy themselves, won't they? Why not? It


is another Wales in a way. They have that togetherness. Not perhaps the


individual talent that one or two of the Wales players have. But they


have the same spirit and collective work rate and can resist pressure.


They will come up against some really good teams that they have the


equipment to stop the ball going past them. They have three


centre-backs playing in the Premier League, which is great. Lafferty


bangs in a few goals for them. An element of doubt about him. Playing


with the three centre halves, they will have opportunities. There will


be playing against one of the top number nines in world football. He


has scored over 40 goals this season. We will see Germany


tomorrow. They tend to do quite well. Not bad. They don't have a bad


centre forward in their team! Miller is or is there with the Golden Boot.


I am looking forward to it. -- Muller. Wales became the first


British side ever to win their first game in the opening round of


European Championship. Good night. England have never won their opening


match in the European Championship. Eric Dier! Eight dynamite strike. A


header. The equaliser. Gareth Bale for


Wales. He has done it again! Another chance. Duda and the equalising


goal. Robson-Kanu for Wales. This DA


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