Highlights: Quarter-Final - France v Iceland Match of the Day

Highlights: Quarter-Final - France v Iceland

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The last of the quarter-finals to be played at Euro 2016 saw host nation


France take on the team who ended England's hopes.


10% of Iceland's population were estimated to be in Paris tonight.


That's the equivalent to 6.6 million French fans turning up


at the Stade de France. The winners of this game already


knew they would face Germany in the final four on Thursday,


the Germans having beaten Italy on penalties last night.


Wales, of course, face Portugal in the other semi on Wednesday.


Good evening. Chris Waddle and Kevin Kilbane


are ready to unleash their inner Viking.


But first, let's get to the action. Your commentators are Mark Lawrenson


and Jonathan Pearce. COMMENTATOR: We want it to end like


it did for Leicester City, say the fairy tale believers, Iceland. For


the hosts, victory would mean a grand celebration, the pretournament


target of a minimum of the semifinal achieved. Iceland, save the -- say


the French, rapid and in the land of ice and Fire. Beyond the poetry it


would be the greatest Icelandic sporting triumph ever. The French


are very wary. The players have spoken of the pressure they felt


against Romania. They started sluggishly, not scoring in the first


half of any Euro 16 game. Iceland will work and work. Two changes,


with Rami and Kante out. Umtiti becoming the first French outfield


player in defence since the 60s. Payet and Griezmann, the men in


form. Lloris is well aware of the danger. If we go out there telling


ourselves we are the best and have more talent, we won't go through, he


said yesterday. Iceland naming the same side for the fifth game


running. Nine players on one yellow card. Space between defence and


attack. Sigurdsson has been one of the best passers in the tournament.


They will know that the last four teams to beat France in a


quarterfinal have gone on to win that tournament. Can't happen,


surely? Or can it? Sissoko, powerful in the game


against Switzerland. He started. I think if you look at the power that


Sissoko, Matuidi and Pogba in midfield, it's outstanding. Space


for Evra on the left. He'll shoot! It nearly came back off Halldorsson.


So much pressure on Didier Deschamps. He's made big, bold


changes. In his selection and in his substitutions. They effort from


Bjarnason. -- a decent effort. Iceland have started brightly. Got


the shot away. Lars Lagerback and how Grimson -- how Grimson --


Hallgrimsson. It was said that England should go on to beat Iceland


on a bad day but they lacked the match winners like Griezmann and


Payet. A reflective mood about that game all week. Here's Giroud! 1-0


France. Too much space and he exploited it. 12 minutes gone and


the hosts are ahead. The first time they've scored in the first half of


these finals. There was so much space. My first thought was whether


he was offside. He is on, no doubt about it. A pretty poor goal to


concede. A great finish as well. Very difficult to stop.


A really wretched night, I can't remember a summer tournament when a


weather has been so poor. Towards Griezmann, that's a corner kick. It


came off Arnason. First corner kick of the game.


Umtiti is up from the back. There he is, six feet tall, the 22-year-old.


Griezmann with the corner, it's in! And the long, long wait is over. His


first since October, 2014, in French colours. They are 2-0 up. And the


underdogs have it all to do now against the hosts. We said before


the game, what kind of goals would Iceland concede, you wouldn't use


the first or the second. Very simple, easy goals for France to


score. -- you wouldn't choose. No one with him. Valiant effort to keep


it out on the line. Great leap from Pogba. Way above Arnason for the


second French goal. Umtiti, so important for Lyon. Conceding less


than a goal a side when he was -- less than a goal a game when he was


in the side but without him, conceding two a game. A long throw.


Only four league starts for them. Miserable night for him tonight. The


chance of a long throw. Sigthorsson, the knock on, and over. Brilliantly


worked fro in. Everybody knows what's going to happen. Very


difficult to stop it sometimes. Should have done better.


Sigurdsson, a poor turn, gave it away.


Sagna has four to hit in the middle, Giroud is the target. 3-0. The


French are as good as in the semifinals. How simple was that


goal? This time it was a well worked goal. Nice interchange of passing.


Really well worked goal by France. Putting them 3-0 up, two minutes


before the break. That's the key, the early ball from Sagna. A good


jump from Giroud. Nice touch, Griezmann. Hitting across the goal,


very difficult for the goalkeeper. Nearly always goes through


somebody's legs. Lovely touch by Giroud, Griezmann is


in here! He scores. France finding every possible form.


They are 4-0 up against Iceland, who have simply been blown away. Two


goals in two minutes. This is real quality, great ball in. Giroud does


brilliantly. Of all the people for the chance to come to, you knew he


wasn't going to miss. Two conceded straight through the back of their


defence. France are as good as in the last four, as they lead by four.


France are playing around Iceland. How many passes in this move?


Well, what a goal that would have been. Possibly 20 touches, and one


from Iceland, which topped the charts for Payet. -- set up the


chance. Iceland throw. Gunnarsson will throw it to the near


post. Some calm defending by Evra. Sigurdsson, lovely ball in and they


have won back! Sigthorsson on the near post. A very well worked goal,


this. It came from the throw. Lovely ball, that is, for someone to attack


and it's a super finish. Crossing the marker. Just a toe in the past


Hugo Lloris. That's a poor challenge. Bjarnason. Has he really


caught him? That's the question I'd like answered. The food came over


the top of the ball and then he let it go a little bit higher, his leg.


Yes, he went to catch him. I'm not sure he actually did, but the


intention was very much there. Payet bending it in, Giroud! France have a


fifth. Brave header, this is. This is all about Giroud. Great ball in


from Payet. Brilliant delivery. Purposeful centre forward on the end


of it. The biggest scoreline of the competition so far. Well, this is


tailor-made for him. So good at attacking the ball. Much maligned in


some quarters, Giroud. Look at that, absolutely no doubt whatsoever. He


scored a similar goal against Romania in the first game of the


competition, when the Romanian goalkeeper was all over the place as


well, just like the Icelandic goalkeeper. He is much maligned but


he has 34 goals for club and country this season.


Corner ball. Threatening, wasn't it. Sagna. Has he tweaked something? No.


Just wanted some sympathy for a rank back header. First corner of the


game. Oh, brilliant save, Lloris. Outstanding goalkeeper. Outstanding


save. The Germans will be watching this with interest. Looking for in


-- Ingason once more. It is a throw but it was a terrific effort on goal


by the substitute centre-half. Gunnarsson launching it in.


He stayed in there again. That definitely get a hand. It came of


his foot, I think. His 88th cap for Iceland, and very


probably his last, Eidur Gudjohnsen. What a career this man has had, I


Gudjohnsen. -- Eidur Gudjohnsen. Another well worked goal, very


simple as well. Kept his eye on the ball. It looked for a second like it


wasn't going to reach him. A really good finish. Yet again, for the


French, another question over their defensive qualities, or lack of.


Cleared away. Just. Good play in the end by Mangala. But now Lloris's


decision-making is in question. Half a minute left of stoppage time.


Corner ball only. And that will be the end of it.


For Iceland, the bold, enticing adventure is over. France go on to


meet Germany in the semifinals of Euro 16. Two for Giroud, Pogba and


Payet, but Sigurjonsson -- Sigthorsson and Bjarnason scored for


Iceland. But, for them, the adventure comes to an end in France,


the hosts, are in the last four. Well, they had a great tournament


and their spirit has been phenomenal, but it is now over, and


here are the thoughts and within the Iceland camp. They were basically


too good, they played well. We didn't play our best game,


especially the first half, but I think in the second half we came


back and showed character and, in the end, the first half ruined the


game for us. Coming here and get into the quarterfinals in the Euros,


the players have done a marvellous job. Even if it's disappointing now,


the big picture, a fantastic journey. It's been a fantastic


tournament, something special for a small team like us. But I think we


have probably over retrieved something nobody expected us to do,


-- we have probably over achieved. It gives kids back home hope that it


is possible. It is a totally different feeling, playing in a


tournament like this where you have support like that, so it has meant


everything to us, and I think -- I thank them very much and I'm sure my


team-mates are thinking the same thing. Let's confirm the draw for


the semifinals. Never mind kids in Iceland being


inspired, it should be kids across Europe. How much do you praise


France? How much do you consider it a game too far for Iceland was to


mark definitely a game too far, but I have to praise France. They played


against a so-called lesser nation and they showed how you should play


them. They moved the ball quickly. Cryptically be three in midfield,


Griezmann, Pogba on the way they moved the ball wide and put them


under pressure. You can't be too critical of Iceland, a superb


tournament, but they came up against a better side. When they played


Portugal in their first game, they conceded 26 shots and blocked the


majority. Danny Murphy said to me, they can't do that for the whole


tournament, and tonight they didn't defend like they have done for the


rest of the tournament. Unfortunately it is difficult. They


are playing a side, the home country, it's in France, they never


really get eaten, France, so it was very difficult for them to put in a


dogged performance, like they did against other teams. Rusher never


really get beaten, France. They defended too high? I don't know if


it was a game plan or what, but they have always got a good line up about


them, they are all close together, which is what you want. France start


moving the ball and they drop off. That's what they've been doing well,


not letting anybody in behind them. They have been dropping off into


that area you can see. This time, and easy ball format to Eadie, and a


very good finish from Giroud. -- and easy ball for Blaise Matuidi. It is


a simple ball at this level of football for a player like Blaise


Matuidi. Giroud makes the run, not blessed with great pace, but a good


finish. I don't know why they wanted to play high tonight. I think they


struggled on set pieces, high balls being played in. Although the keeper


there, Halldorsson, is flapping, he gets nowhere near it. That was it


simple goal for them. It's not in keeping with how they defended in


this tournament. He is going to lack that up, Giroud, that sort of shadow


-- chance. There has been debate about Paul Pogba in this tournament,


but it shouldn't be have gotten -- it shouldn't be forgotten how young


he is. He struggled in the first couple of games. He didn't really


get into it. When he played Switzerland, the first half, you


started to see the real Pogba, getting forward from midfield,


getting strikes from distance, keeping the ball. That is what I


suppose you get from him. You do. Highline, simple runs. For these


forward, its basic stuff. This is where they get the corner from that


Highline. Zonal marking? They have marked zonal, nobody putting the


block on, and they allow the three players to run freely into the six


yard box. Three on the six yard box, the width of the goal. Pogba, with


his height and ability in the air... It's a super goal. Look at the


height he jumped to get on the end of that. But I'd be extremely


critical of Iceland, how they have lined up, marking, the zonal system.


It is a simple header in the end. Give him credit for jumping nine


feet and for doing the dance. We have seen that celebration a few


times. That brings us an... We are going to look at the Payet goal and


the Griezmann goal, but that brings us onto a dilemma for Didier


Deschamps for the semifinals, because it looked like a better


chance tonight with just two in midfield. Griezmann likes to play


around the striker. He can't dribble. He doesn't pass players, so


he is better floating around. Tonight, he caused problems. He has


to play Pogba. On the right-hand side, Griezmann was playing against


the better side. Against sides like Iceland, he is better playing as a


number ten. You can see that he will interchange with Payet, giving scope


for Payet to come in off the wing. They haven't changed a lot. This is


a great goal. -- they have interchanged a lot. A little


knock-down from Giroud. They both come quite narrow, quite centrally.


Pogba, shifting it onto his left foot. A great finish. When you have


Griezmann in the middle, it can also look like a partnership with Giroud.


The goal against Ireland in the last round, it was a knock-down from


Giroud -- from Griezmann and Giroud knocked it through the middle.


Believes it, Giroud gets to shout over. -- he leaves it. He likes to


run, he likes to spin in behind. That is his ideal position, where he


played tonight. It would be a big call to leave, take out. It is the


golden boot at the moment. The French have got the top three.


Gareth Bale can obviously still add to his three. Even though they lost,


even though they won it 5-2, rather, there will still be negative. Mark


Lawrenson said in the commentary that the Germans will be watching


this with interest, particularly how they defended. Every ball that went


into the area, and long throws, from corners... We have seen this setup.


You have to know how to defend that. If you go and attack those first


balls, the second balls they don't react to do well, I didn't feel, the


French players, and that is throughout the tournament. That is a


real vulnerability. Every time they come in box, nobody in front. The


last time was a goal against England. Great save by Lloris. Great


reaction save. At this level of football, playing a quality side in


Germany next game, you cannot allow this time on the ball. Nobody closes


them down. A wonderful ball. He has the angle to put the ball in that


gap. There folk queueing up. When he watched Italy last night, they allow


teams to cross. They like defending. France isn't comfortable with that.


Playing Italy last night, they are going to get a different sort of


team going into the semifinal. They have shuffled a bit tonight. They


have had problems. Germany will be able to take advantage. These are


the set piece goals they have scored in this tournament against Ukraine,


against Slovakia and you go back to World Cup 2014, Kevin, scored by a


player who won't be available for the semifinal because he is


suspended. The atmosphere in Marseille will be rocking.


Unbelievable. The atmosphere will be cracking. France are unbeaten in


their last 17 major tournament games on home soil, the Euros in 94 and


the World Cup. We love a good statistic! They have proved how


vulnerable they are on set pieces, how Germany put them out to years


ago. I fancy Germany. Even though they are missing important players.


They are losing Gomez and another big player. Here is what is coming


up over the next few days. You can follow Wales against Portugal across


the BBC. On Wednesday night, we will have live coverage of Germany


against France. Andy Murray's fourth-round match


against Nick Kyrgios will be the fourth-round highlight tomorrow


Wimbledon. Thank you to Chris and to Kevin. The sun has set an Iceland's


stunning campaign. Only four now remain. Good night.


Portugal have done it on penalty kicks! They are through to the


semifinals. Something special is happening here tonight.


Unbelievable! Germany are through to the semifinals of the European


Championship. Iceland have simply been blown away.


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