Match Replay Quarter-Final: France v Iceland Match of the Day

Match Replay Quarter-Final: France v Iceland

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. This is Johnathan Pearce. The host against the Magic makers of Iceland.


Germany in the semifinals await the winners. We wanted to end like it


did for Leicester City, and believe in fairy tales like Iceland. It is a


meeting place between and a great night and an incredible story. The


hosts, they have the target of a semifinal achievable and a


magnificent clash with Germany. For Iceland, the wind would represent


the most beautiful midnight sunshine for the land of ice and fire. Two


changes with Rami and Kante band. -- serving aback. Umtiti becomes the


first French outfield debut to and for French since 1966. Payet and


Griezmann are the men in form. Lloris is well aware of the danger.


They are telling themselves that we are the best and we have more


Iceland, and if we think like that, we won't go through full -- through.


Nine players on one yellow card, and very little space between defence


and attack. Gylfi Sigurdsson has been one of the best passers in the


tournament. They will note that the last people to beat France in a


major tournament have gone on to win the tournament. France, all in blue.


They will kick us off and under way for a place in the last four.


Kicking from left to right. On a grisly evening, as it has been


raining powers. Mark Lawrenson, which way will it go? It's a nice


night for Iceland, because it is cold. Every time I have seen France,


they have played with fear. If Iceland can make them play that way


tonight, who knows? The main aim for the French, according to the media


here, is to get players isolated with the full-backs, such as


Severson. He looked a bit suspect against England when Rashford came


on. Skulason on the left. An early trip on Griezmann. Bjarnason has had


a good competition. A man they call thought. -- Thor. Dimitri Payet will


take the free kick commerce who scored that wonderful winner on the


opening night -- will take the free kick, who scored that wonderful


winner. The centre halves are up Amat was a foul. -- and that was a


foul. Sigurdsson went down. Wrestled to the ground by Pogba. He likes a


foul in the box, doesn't he? Aron Gunnarsson. He had such a good


game against Ronaldo. The Portuguese destroyed him playing for Malmo in


the Champions League. Now Sigurdsson. In 11 games against


Iceland, France have never been beaten. Six home wins out of six.


Here is an opportunity for Berg Gudmundsson. I wonder how long he


will be a Charlton Athletic player after their dismal campaign. I'm


surprised he still is. There will be a fair amount of movement in the


next three weeks after the tournament has ended.


Sigthorsson is waiting on the edge of the penalty area, the number


nine, who plays in France. He plays at Nantes. Gylfi Sigurdsson has had


a really good competition, the Swansea player. It was a really


untidy challenge by Umtiti. Very nervous. Not played even ten minutes


of a friendly international. We had a chance to be on before the


tournament, but France didn't use it. He sat on the bench in the warm


up internationals, and that was against Scotland. Gunnarsson drops


deep. That's where he's made 75% of his passes in the tournament.


Sigthorsson, who scored against England, the Man of the Match


according to Uefa against England. It does mean a lot. No great


surprise about the early pace in the game. Pogba gets that one.


Sigurdsson is away. A powerful, no-nonsense defender. Gylfi


Sigurdsson. Syverson, the right back. -- Saevarsson. Lovely skill.


There's one thing about this Iceland team, it -- if you are playing in


it, you can close your eyes and know where every player is at that


moment. There is a Umtiti. Just gone to


Barcelona for 25 million euros. Only really in the squad because of


injuries and Rami's suspension. Bacary Sagna, who has got better as


the tournament has gone on, becoming one of the best full-backs ear. He


should be with his experience. Here is Matuidi. -- one of the best


full-backs ear. -- here. Pogba. Sissoko. Powerful in the game


against Switzerland. I think if you look at the power that Sissoko,


Matuidi and Pogba have in midfield, it is outstanding. Giroud. Sissoko.


Payet. Space on the left. He will shoot. And it very nearly came back


off Halldorsson. He has made more saves than anybody else in the


competition so far Mattis 's first of what will be a busy night


tonight. -- and that ease his first. The French fans matched the Iceland


fans for the rhythmic chanting that has become a feature of the finals,


the Icelandic Viking style chanting, which actually derives from


Motherwell supporters, apparently. Something they did in a game in


Europe a few years back. Sissoko. Touched off brilliantly by Giroud. A


slippery knighthood goalkeepers. -- a slippery night for goalkeepers.


Halldorsson does well, he reads the situation. Bjarnason.


Gets in again, Bjarnason. So much pressure on Didier Deschamps. He has


made big changes, bold changes in selection when he has needed to land


in substitutions. I think he has stumbled on the Pogba and Matuidi


thing through central midfield. What happened with Kante against the


Republic of Ireland? Bodvarsson. Matuidi is there with him. That is a


foul on Dimitri Payet Amat will be, will it, the first yellow card of


the night? -- and that will be. They have to be very careful in their own


box. They dive in a little bit. A bit of a warning for Aron


Gunnarsson. He was a very good handball player


in his youth, and France did beat Iceland to the gold medal for


handball gold. Sad life. Here comes the great, rhythmic


Icelandic clapping. And the French are trying to match it. It's


haunting, isn't it? It is. You say comes from Motherwell supporters,


but imagine the same sort of rhythmic chanting from the Vikings.


You can't imagine it. Imagine them coming down your street. A famous


battle near Newbury, King Alfred's men beating the Danish Vikings.


Decent effort from Bjarnason. Starting brightly, Iceland. Got the


shot away. Showing no respect, which is really healthy. There are the


managers, Lars Lagerback, and Hal Grimson. And he takes over the job


himself after the finals. He gives up his day job as a gent -- dentist.


I thought he was just filling in. Urgh. Koscielny.


Looking for Sagna. Sissoko very quick to clothes. -- close. Just a


throw in. I thought it was gagged over a free kick but the assistant


didn't flag. I think Iceland win the ball. A bit of a threat in terms of


the tackle but he did actually win the ball.


You say this is their fifth unchanged team? A very settled side


and the first country to confirm their squad for the finals back on


the 9th of May. Very, very settled. Some teams go around making six


changes and things like that. They are the ones sat at home now. That


was a scene -- that was a foul on Poyet, it seemed. -- Payet.


Saevarsson. He plays his football in Sweden. Sigurdsson. One interesting


the Premier League clubs, but he is 30 now. Plays in Russia. Bjarnason,


at the back with Sigurdsson. Bounces awkwardly off Gunnarsson.


Interesting French reaction to the defeat of England by Iceland, saying


that England, even on a bad day, and it was a bad day, should have gone


on to beat Iceland and it put Griezmann and Payet in a reflective


mood. Here is Giroud. 1-0, France! Too much space, and he exploited it.


12 minutes gone, and the host arrowhead. It's the first time they


have led in the first half in the finals -- and the hosts are ahead.


So much space I wondered if he was on or offside. Didier Deschamps grip


side ahead. -- Didier Deschamps's side ahead. They had doubts about


him before the tournament started, he was on their favourite son, but


he is now. A really poor goal for Iceland to concede, but a great


finish. In amongst the feet of the goalkeeper, very hard to stop. Nine


goals in his last 11 internationals. We did the first game, and they


booed him onto the pitch. This is the 68th game for club and country


of a wearying campaign for him. France are ahead. But a Umtiti was


outjumped there. Koscielny tidies up. Iceland have been here before


though, haven't they? I don't think they will change at all the way they


play, even though they are a goal down. Here comes the throw. They


know what to expect. Will they defend the long throw better than


England did? Arnason tries to lose his marker. Sigurdsson, and that is


a French throne. Giroud was back in there helping out, say the French


have obviously practised against these throws. The two suspended


players there. This will be intriguing if France


have an impressive night to the way that the team built in 1998 from a


sluggish start. A slow burn in that competition and then they just


became a runaway juggernaut and no one could stop them. Mind you, they


had a fellow called Zinedine Zidane in the side. What a midfield that


was. Emmanuel Petit, Patrick Vieira. Griezmann.


Sissoko, to Griezmann. One back by Sigurdsson.


Free kick given for the foul on the Nantes -based player. It was Pogba,


and he originally lost the ball. Hasn't had a great time with Nantes,


Sigurdsson, he nearly left in the January transfer window and he had a


knee injury in the build-up to this competition. Scored against England,


of course. Arcing it in. Little bit of a waste,


isn't it? Especially after you've just conceded a goal. You want but


the French defence under more pressure. If they watched Lloris in


the warm up, you can understand why they are testing in. Yes, like the


other day, he looked very, very nervy. I wonder if the pressure of


captaincy in a major tournament on home soil is too much. Yes, apart


from that it's all fine. Has won a number of his caps as captain. The


only thing about him is that he has not really use the ball in


distribution very well in this competition. Listen to this.


Terrific atmosphere again. It's like being at a concert. Griezmann. What


a different player he looks when he plays through the middle, rather


than on the right where he started the competition. Back to Payet.


Pogba has left foot in there. He might get a booking for this. No.


He said it was his first one, but he just have the foul before by the


touchline. Maybe he's taking into consideration the wet turf. They


weren't allowed to train here last time. Didier Deschamps Lloris flew


in by helicopter for the press conferences and so on.


Gudmundsson. Saevarsson. Good play by Iceland. The writeback gets the


ball, has want a chat of his feet and whips it in. Everybody knows


what they are doing and attacks the second ball. No challenge on the


keeper. They've had more challenges in the air than any other side at


Euro 2016. England with the second highest number and Northern Ireland


the first, and France, the fourth. That is Giroud.


Sigthorsson comes to this. That way by Koscielny. Here is Pogba. Umtiti.


Matuidi, to Payet. Sissoko has opened up the gap for Sagna.


Really wretched night, weather-wise. I can't remember a summer tournament


where it's been played like this. It's been played in the winter. Up


to Griezmann, and that is a corner kick.


First corner kick of the game. Here he is. Just under six foot tall, the


22-year-old. Griezmann with the corner, and the long, long wait for


a French goal weights -- ends for Paul Pogba. It's his first since


October 2014 in French colours. And the underdogs have it all to do now


against the hosts. If you said before the game what sort of goal


Iceland would concede, you wouldn't pick the first or second. Very


simple, easy goals for France to score. No one in with him. Valiant


effort to keep it out on the line. Great leap from Pogba.


Way above us, the second French goal.


17 eye thought that was a corner kick given. Or was that a free kick


-- 17 9/11. -- Sigthorsson. Hand ball. Iceland need to go ten


minutes without conceding a third or else it will be game over. , shell


me on the right of the centre-back. -- Salvatore Sirigu. -- Mesut Ozil.


Fiery character. He will take the throw. The French are singing.


Sigthorsson, away by Patrice Evra. 78 macro for Patrice Evra, he is 35.


There was some doubt that he would play, he had a hand injury, he hurt


fingers in the game against Ireland. Site now. -- Bacary Sagna. France


had an early rhythm and are now well on top. There is an early release of


pressure. Samuel Umtiti. Great pressure on the


ball there, France playing in the comfort zone. They are dominating


the ball, it is difficult for Iceland at the moment. Blaise


Matuidi. Dimitri Payet. Blaise Matuidi a game. Arneson is with him.


I hope he was not diving. He was a little bit. Great attacking of the


ball. I think the guy on the line seemed to duck a little bit. The


President likes it. There has been extra security because he is here.


That would be an understatement. Samuel Umtiti has been so important


for Lyon. They will miss him. Here comes a long throw. Gunnarsson


with it. It has been a miserable 2016 for Cardiff, only four league


starts for him. Chance for the long throw. I'm not gone. He should have


scored. Brilliantly worked. Everyone knows what will happen, it is very


difficult to stop it sometimes. Should have done better. He thought


he was being impeded but he was not. Good pressure by Samuel Umtiti.


Might not get many opportunities. He was a good coach, took Sweden to


five finals in a row. Olivier Giroud taken quickly. Closed down by


Gunnarsson. Site that could not keep it in play


-- Bacary Sagna. Skulason. It is a way. Caught in


possession, France are much sharper. Dimitri Payet. Dispossessed.


Good chase out there. The French fans loved it.


Dimitri Payet to Samuel Umtiti. Good play. Paul Pogba. Lovely ball to


Olivier Giraud. Staying onside. Bacary Sagna coming up in support.


Did not continue the run. Here is Paul Pogba. Blaise Matuidi. Didier


Defago day shop played him to the right-hand side but it did not work


early in the campaign -- the French manager.


He has won that back again. Cissokho. Antoine Griezmann to the


right-hand side. Held onto it too long. -- Moussa Sissoko. He did not


want the ball. The Iceland supporters have been in


great voice and they are chanting again now. They have it all to do.


Giroud. Good challenge. A corner. They need to stick this one where


they stuck the last one, when Paul Pogba at scored, do not do anything


different. Who will attack Pol Pot but when he


comes in? Zonal marking by the Iceland defenders will allow, shell


me and Giroud to get end -- Laurent Koscielny. Dimitri Payet with the


delivery, decent clearance. Dimitri Payet again. Skulason, the left-back


is in front of him. Moussa Sissoko, Dimitri Payet. Has a look.


Sigthorsson got it away. He is playing on, Laurent Koscielny was


fouled. At that stage, he cannot bring back, the referee. The


Arneson. -- Bjarnason. French fans do not


like it, they think they should have had the free kick.


Arnason had spells at Plymouth and Aberdeen and Rotherham.


Bjarnason. Very good season with basil. -- Basle.


Samuel TT with the challenge. We have not really seen him at all,


Sigurdsson. -- Samuel Umtiti. Long throw by Aron Gunnarsson. Not


too long. Slipped out of his hands a little bit. On this day in 2000,


there were people in the centre of Paris celebrating the victorious


Euro 2000 winners, they were celebrating by now. However we are


not at the semifinal stage this time around. Your thoughts overall on the


extended European finals. They have played an awful lot of games to get


rid of eight teams, I think it is daft. Portugal could win this


competition and not win a game in 90 minutes! Iceland being here has


nothing to do with the extended competition, they are hereby rights,


they beat Holland home and away, they had at mentis in qualifying.


They invested money in pitches and indoor arenas, 639 coaches for 3000


players. Moussa Sissoko did well. Dimitri


Payet. To the Newcastle player, Newcastle for how much longer, one


wonders. Dimitri Payet, Antoine Griezmann, a bit of space there.


Blaise Matuidi. Dimitri Payet. They want to use them, bring him in now.


Iceland holding their shape as they have done throughout the tournament.


76,830 people here at the start to France. It is a wet and miserable


July evening -- in the stadium. At least 10,000 from Iceland here, in


Paris this evening. Space for Patrice Evra. Moussa


Sissoko strayed offside. He disagrees.


Sigurdsson with the big heave Ho. Won it eventually. France unbeaten


in eight games. They look strong. Sigurdsson. To the fullback.


Arneson. That is offside, Giroud, came from


an offside position. It will take more than the chanting


of the Iceland fans to bring them back into this. Ten minutes to go in


the half. School arson. -- Skulason. Giroud to Moussa Sissoko. Paul pot


but to Blaise Matuidi. -- Paul Pogba. France are 2-0 up, playing


within themselves, Blaise Matuidi thought about the big one out to the


right, no need, it is late in the half, keep it simple. They are


working Iceland. Making it difficult for them to chase the game. Laurent


Koscielny. Blaise Matuidi in now. The Cameron defender. Cameron born


defender. Pol Pot but to Antoine Griezmann, could this be three? --


Paul Pogba. Here is Sigurdsson. Brings in Bjarnason. Skulason, now


Bjarnason. Very Conservative that from Patrice


Evra. Giroud made a really good run. It has at the moment, the feeling of


a training game. The Iceland players have coursing through them the idea


they have done brilliantly well to get this far and maybe they will get


no further. Laurent Koscielny. There will be


many people back at home saying if France can beat Iceland this easily,


why could England not do it? They would be right. Antoine Griezmann.


Paul Pogba having a good night. Blaise Matuidi! That was swinging.


You could see that he realised it was going to be on his left, he


prefers his right foot, slightly panicked. Dimitri Payet, still


managed to pick someone out. This is his 69th game in a


meandering campaign for club and country, although they played


friendly matches, they have played all the teams from the groups to


make it more competitive. A throw to France.


Bacary Sagna. Laurent Koscielny. It has to be said, the French have had


a lot of things in their favour. We know they are the hosts, but the


amount of time they have had in between games, very fortunate. One


week since they played Ireland in their last game, it was a week


before that after their previous match. Bacary Sagna scoops it,


Giroud with the header, the keeper comes to claim it. Giroud was a


little bit unlucky, he was under pressure from the two centre-backs.


France unbeaten now in 16 games in major tournaments on home soil.


Czechoslovakia beat them in the play-off in 1960 in the Euros. Five


minutes to go. The French dominating the first half. They have had 62% of


the ball and they lead 2-0. Skulason. Moussa Sissoko fouled him.


He is a good piece of kit. Iceland need a hammer blow.


Sigurdsson. The free kick. Tempting, teasing, O! Jittery. Hugo Lloris. I


think he did that on purpose, he sees it late and it's gets up and he


flicks it up to go at it for the second attempt.


Sigurdsson, gave it away. Antoine Griezmann. Moussa Sissoko. Dimitri


Payet. At Bacary Sagna has four to hit in the middle, Giroud is the


target. 3-0. France as good as in the semi-finals. How simple was that


goal. This time it was a very well worked goal. Nice interchange of


passing. Really well worked goal by France. Two minutes before the


break. The French flags are flying now.


Dimitri Payet has surely close the door on Iceland. Early ball from


Bacary Sagna, good leap by Giroud, nice touch by Antoine Griezmann, it


is across the goal, difficult for the goalkeeper. Greasy surface have


-- helps as well with the ball. He knows how important the third goal


would be. The old rivalry against Germany game in the semi-finals. One


game too many for Iceland. What a story it has been for them. The


thing was, that is the first really well worked goal they have scored,


the other two were very bog-standard in terms of how they scored them. It


is the fifth goal in his last six internationals for Dimitri Payet. He


was second in the Uefa form table behind Kevin De Bruyne. Lovely touch


by Giroud. Antoine Griezmann is end. It is four! -- but -- is in. France


find irrepressible form. They are 4-0 up against Iceland who have


simply been blown away! This is real quality, great ball,


Giroud does brilliantly for Antoine Griezmann and of all the people to


get the chance to come to, you knew he was not going to miss. Two goals


conceded, straight through the back of their defence.


His 38th goal for club and country this season. What's all that about?


Well, up until this moment they had only played 90 minutes once


together, Payet and Griezmann, and they have both scored a goal in this


45. Pogba and Giroud with the other two, and France are as good as in


the final four as they lead by four goals.


On comes Alfred Finnbogason, who's just completed a permanent move to


Augsburg. And Ingason has come on for Arnason, and he's played just


five bits of the competition so far. He has come on for a little spell


against Austria before -- five minutes. A lovely spin by Payet at


the start of the half for France. It stirs the ground. They can afford to


showboat at 4-0. Just give you some indication Iceland's task. In the


whole competition so far, France have only allowed four shots on


their target in all the games. I saw Finnbogason play for real Sociedad,


and to be honest with you, he couldn't hit a barn door when I saw


him. They sent him out on loan in Fairbridge Augsburg. Seven clubs in


seven different countries for him. Evra. Payet. Matuidi.


When it comes to pick the best 11 of the competition, surely Matuidi will


be in there. On to Griezmann. Matuidi.


Such a difficult game now. What has the manager said to them at


half-time? Come on, lads, keep going? The France, that they take


Koscielny and Giroud of? Yellow cards go after tonight, if they pick


one up here, they would be suspended until the final. The two of them,


with the way the scoreline is at the moment, just don't go near any


challenges, literally. Evra. Umtiti, settled in the game. Looked nervy


earlier on. Stade de France, European Championship posts, making


your baby. -- making your debut. Big games will come for him in Spain


this season. If and when France go through, Germany, that is a whopper,


isn't it? And they will be looking at the fact that Mario Gomez is out,


and Khedira and Schweinsteiger are major doubts. And they can't take


penalties any more. That was unbelievable.


They use to 20 players in qualifying and have used the same starting XI


every game here, and those players can be justifiably proud. They have


given Iceland its greatest ever footballing experience. Sigthorsson


with a little header on. Matuidi. France playing around


Iceland. Here is Griezmann. How many passes in this move? Evra.


Matuidi. Griezmann is around the corner.


Sissoko. Griezmann. Payet. Well, what a goal that would have


been, probably 20 touches against one from Iceland, which probably set


up Payet. A move that remind me in Argentina in 2006, can't remember


who they were playing, but it was wonderful. Was it Macho Rodriguez? I


should remember, I was there. Well really? Didn't he go on loan to


Liverpool at some stage? Yes, he's in Serbia now. Who said that?


Sigurdsson. Skulason. Gylfi Sigurdsson. He hasn't really been at


the races today. Can you imagine the possession stats for the second half


alone, forget about the first half? Damage limitation now for Iceland.


Before the game, the joint manager said that they wanted it to end as


it ended for Leicester City in the Premier League. Well, it won't end


that way, but they can go out holding their heads high. The scalp


of England under their belts. And what people will make of this at


home, you can understand, Mark, they will be thinking, how on earth did


it happen? How can France tear Iceland apart when England couldn't?


Same story from two years ago, is it not? The French players today,


knowing the job they had to do. Griezmann, playing in a deeper role,


that he loves to play in. One back by Pogba and he lets fly.


They talked of stress before the opening game against Romania, but


they've have showed no such worries tonight. They got the early goal.


Until the finals they had actually forged a habit of scoring early, in


the opening ten minutes of matches, in the build-up games. Gunnarsson.


Towards Alfred Finnbogason. Lost is man. Brings in Gudmundsson. -- lost


his man. Needed to bang it in, but he tried to place it.


They will still be heroes when they get back to regulate. And they were.


Have a great night to night, the Icelandic supporters. We were with


them in a bar the other night, and one guy said he was one of the


eight. I think he was a bit eight over the eight, and still counting.


I think, as you alluded to before, the biggest decision for Didier


Deschamps is who and when to take the players off. Cygnus, and he


played every minute of qualifying and has had a good tournament.


Ingason. A man who had to double up as a part-time stadium odd job man,


Ingason. And the goalkeeper has only been a full-time professional


footballer for four years. He was the man that directed the Icelandic


Eurovision video in 2012. Never Forget, it was called. Interesting


to note that the French gave them zero points.


Saevarsson. It's the Icelandic fans you can hear singing. They have sung


this haunting melody before the game had started. No idea what the words


mean, but it is something special to them. The amp alone, that was


haunting. -- the anthem alone. It was terrific.


Matuidi Bijan by Gylfi Sigurdsson. -- beaten. He gets back at him.


Iceland throw. Gudmundsson will hurl it in towards


the near post. Sigthorsson is in there. Calm defending by Evra.


Aaron Gudmundsson. Gylfi Sigurdsson. Lovely ball in, and they have one


back. Sigthorsson at the near post. Actually, it's a really well worked


goal, this. Came from a throw in. Lovely ball


in, and a super finish. Across his marker, and a toe poke against Hugo


Lloris. The Germans will have noted that. He can applaud it. It might


just be a consolation. Sigthorsson's second of the


competition. A long-range effort stabbed in by


Paul Pogba. I think Griezmann was moaning at him


not to have a shot, telling him to pass the ball. It is interesting


that the first thing that has gone against them in the game has


produced a little bit of finger wagging between team-mates. Payet


with the touch. Matuidi. Griezmann. Giroud. Opening up on the right.


Well played. The pace on the ball will beat Sagna.


He will remember the day he scored against France in the mighty Stade


de France. That is a poor challenge. Has he really caught him, that's the


question I would like answered. He is saying not. This will tell us.


Well the food came over the top, and he let it go a bit higher up his


leg. Yes, he went to catch him but I'm not sure he actually did, but


the intention was very much there. And he will miss their next game.


Their next in European Championship football. When is that? Another 27


years? Giroud is OK. We have no doubts.


Payet then is it in. Giroud is in there. France with a fierce. Brave


header, this. This is all about Giroud. Great Pavilion from Payet.


-- great ball in from Payet. Brilliant delivery. Purposeful


centre forward on the end of it. The biggest scoreline of the competition


so far. Well, this is tailor-made for him.


So good attacking the ball. Much maligned in some quarters, Giroud,


but look at that, no doubt whatsoever. He scrawled a similar


goal against Romania in the first game of the competition where the


goalkeeper for Romania was all over the place again, just like the


Icelandic goalkeeper. He is much maligned but he has 34 goals for


club and country this season. He has ten in 11 games for France. That is


in recent months. He is becoming the prodigal son. They booed him on the


opening night. They are giving him a standing ovation now. Those are not


booze you are hearing, they are Girouds. He is on a tournament


yellow, so a sensible move by the manager. I'm comes gig knack. -- on


the comes Gignac. Gudmundsson tried a shot.


Sigthorsson. Saevarsson. It comes Aron Gunnarsson. The man from


Cardiff City. Also, Matuidi got caught and he's just gone down now.


He didn't get up straightaway. I think he got a bit of a knock. 5-1.


They won't want to take any risks with Matuidi, that's for sure. He's


not moving too well. Gunnarsson with the throw. Oh, that


is hooked over the bar. The substitute was there, Finnbogason.


There really is an end product from these throw ins. There seriously is.


Oh, yeah. He got a kick. Accidental, it must be said. And he didn't make


a massive deal of it as well. Evra with the header. Gunnarsson. Blocked


by Matuidi. Gunnarsson. Gudmundsson. Saevarsson. Finnbogason. Who is in


there? Matuidi. He gets through so much work for


club and country. PSG they talk about Zlatan but Matuidi is the man


who glues it altogether. Payet. Gunnarsson. Gudmundsson. Back to the


captain. Saevarsson. Cauna ball. -- A Cauna ball. Threatening a bit,


wasn't it? He has not tweaked something, has


he? Diving forward. Maybe just wanted some sympathy for a rank, bad


header. Their first corner of the game. Gudmundsson will take it.


Brilliant save, Lloris. Astounding goalkeeping. And an astounding save.


Well, the Germans will be watching this with interest. Free header yet


again. It is an outstanding save by Lloris, but the number of times the


ball has come in the box and caused all sorts of problems. They look for


Ingason. Lloris got there again, but only just. Finnbogason. It is a


throw, but it was a terrific effort on goal by the substitute


centre-half, initially. Oh, that hit a hand. It came off his


foot though, didn't it? They are breaking away and with pace. Gignac.


Sissoko calling for it on the far side. He was never ever going to


pass, Gignac. He had just got his head down. He was always going to


shoot. Rules spirited, Iceland. 5-1 down


and still going for it. Here is Payet. Poor ball. I was watching


France, defensively, and when the ball came out from the throwing


before they did not push up, they all sat in there and they invite all


sorts of trouble. Finnbogason, little touch on for


Gudmundsson. Here is Griezmann. He's had a terrific night. Sissoko with


power. Opening the gates. You have to admire their work ethic,


Iceland, it's fabulous. The rhythmic chances now from the French


supporters behind the Icelandic goal. -- the rhythmic chanting.


Skulason. That's a good break. And a foul by Gudmundsson. He is not


happy. Handball or not handball? No. It


might as well bin basketball, he's saying, but I think is exaggerated.


-- as well have been basketball. Decent playing career in Iceland. He


played for 20 odd years. Bjarnason. Gylfi Sigurdsson. Finnbogason.


Koscielny was back there. Griezmann was foul. -- fouled. Well, the


French might be winning 5-1, but there are some whispers about them


defensively. They are finding it a little bit harder.


All the flair in the world will not beat Germany if you can't defend.


Gudmundsson. Finnbogason, but it didn't come to him. Payet. Sissoko.


Matuidi will attack that in the air. Gignac.


For a striker, it's as though he wasn't expecting the ball to come to


him in the box. You're going to tell me now he plays in Mexico and he


scored 83 goals in 17 games. He plays in Mexico and has scored 32 in


49 games. Now at the midway mark in the second


half. Gunnarsson. Saevarsson. Arnason. Ever industrious.


Think it should have been a Cauna. -- a corner.


The other thing about Iceland, rightly or wrongly, they still keep


two players up. They have a foul here. I think the French are about


to make a change shortly. I don't know who. Gunnarsson was foul there.


-- Bjarnason. France making a breakaway. Here's an side. Still


going, Kelly put it back? -- can heave. He did think about shooting


and Dimitri Payet had a look and tried to go past the defender to


make the chance for someone else. The rain is lashing down again. It


is slippy and a bit stumble E. Off the goalkeeper's leg. Third French


corner of the night. Samuel Umtiti at the back. Dimitri Payet. Ingason.


Finnbogason completes the clearance. The question for France, Kante will


be back for the Germany game, where will they want to play Paul Pogba


and Blaise Matuidi. They might play them in a tight three but then what


do you do with Griezmann. You want him in a central area. He says he


wants to play in the number then roll and I think he has earned the


right to do so. Laurent Koscielny being protected. He is on a yellow


card, just like Giroud. He will be replaced by Eliaquim Mangala.


It will be interesting now, to see how the centre-backs cope.


The other thing as well, I think they should take Griezmann off. 5-1


up, they can afford to make the change, Finnbogason. He is the top


goal-scorer. Andre-Pierre Gignac. Plenty of white shirts back now. A


bit sluggish getting forward in support, Blaise Matuidi. Paul Pogba


is there. First touch of the tournament for


Eliaquim Mangala. Fouled by good person. He is laughing -- 39-macro.


It is funny. --, sand. -- Aron Gunnarsson. Blaise Matuidi. Bacary


Sagna. Three outfield players have not made an appearance in the


competition for France, including Digne and Morgan Schneiderlin. It


will be interesting to see if Morgan Schneiderlin will be used at


Manchester United this year. Blaise Matuidi, that is a tired ball.


Samuel Umtiti. He hit him with his right hand!


A good night for David Dein and his coaching team. -- 29-macro. --


Didier Deschamps. Aron Gunnarsson. Another throw in


torpedo. Sigurdsson in there as well. He comes close for the ball.


Saevarsson. Paul Pogba shields it out.


Paul Pogba has some potential. He is a long way from being the finished


article but he has masses of potential. The French public have


their reservations about the team, they think they are immature. They


want to idolise them, but they are reserved at the moment. Skulason.


Caught by Antoine Griezmann. He got away with that. I thought he nicked


it from Antoine Griezmann. Blaise Matuidi with the header. Here is


Paul Pogba. Handball. A little warning for Finnbogason.


That was unnecessary, Paul Pogba was coming out with the ball.


Moussa Sissoko. Antoine Griezmann. Has the freedom of Paris. Opening up


the gap to Dimitri Payet. Bjarnason clears. Finnbogason. Has possession.


No communication there, lacked a bit of awareness, I think. Was not


expecting to get challenged on a football pitch!


Patrice Evra, caught in possession. 79-macro. Bjarnason. Decent ball in


the middle. -- Sigthorsson. Good play by Bacary Sagna. Sigurdsson


looking for the return. A stretch. Moussa Sissoko. Gave it away.


Skulason. Sigurdsson. Great challenge. Mangala. Really quickly.


Kingsley Coman is going to come on for France any moment.


Andre-Pierre Gignac, bundled over. What do you reckon? Antoine


Griezmann? Dimitri Payet is going to come off.


One of the French players of the tournament, one of the players of


the tournament, replaced by Kingsley Coman who picked up a bit of a knock


against the Republic of Ireland. He has got bags of pace. Patrice Evra.


Kingsley Coman came on against Ireland as a substitute and was


substituted with an ankle injury. Blaise Matuidi.


Paul Pogba. I think there is no doubt that the semifinal for France


against Germany will ask the biggest questions of this team. They set


themselves a target of a last four place. And that target will be


achieved and then the pressure will ease away from them.


Here is Patrice Evra. Gudjohnsen is coming on for Iceland. I would


imagine this is a farewell at the age of 37, their record goal-scorer.


Champions League winner with Barcelona and won a couple of titles


with Chelsea, has had a great career. Paul Pogba. Blaise Matuidi,


just over eight minutes to go. Kingsley Coman, goes to return. The


touch was heavy. Needs support. Still got the cross in. Aron


Gunnarsson crosses it out. He is looking for at Sigthorsson who


is fouled by Mangala. On for his ADA cap for Iceland and very probably


his last, Gudjohnsen. He replaces Sigthorsson who has done well in the


last two games and has always been a willing battler. Look at the


reaction. He gets the armband. And he gets on the ball. He brings in


Sigurdsson. Then comes the cross and they have got another one. Spirited


to be a hand. Bjarnason. -- spirited to the end. Very simple as well.


Kept his eye on the ball, it looked like it would not reach, really good


finish, yet again for the French, and another question mark about


their defensive qualities or lack of. Germany are watching. They will


need better defending than that to say in the competition. France look


for Kingsley Coman from the restart. It is funny, if you have said before


the start of this game that Iceland would score twice tonight, they


would have carried you away in a white van! Patrice Evra with the


throw. Blaise Matuidi. Good touch from Andre-Pierre Gignac,


Antoine Griezmann, Moussa Sissoko is on the edge of the box, Kingsley


Coman, head down, wasted opportunity. It was.


Five minutes to go. Iceland have scored four goals against England


and France in their last two games. What an adventure it has been for


them. Here is Antoine Griezmann. Moussa


Sissoko. Dear oh dear. He scalped it, completely. Aron Gunnarsson.


He still lost his footing, it was cleared away, just by Mangala. Good


play in the end, but the decision-making of Hugo Lloris is in


question. Should he have come, should he have stayed? He should


have stayed! The Iceland corner, can they get a third? Because every time


it goes into that box, the French defence is unconvincing and they


have another corner. Iceland now have more corners in the


game and France! He takes it, just did enough there, did Mangala to


stop Ingason. I am sure there was a hint of a foul.


They would have taken their foot off the pedal in the second half at 5-1


up. I think they know there are doubts


about them defensively. Smiling there, but they know there is harder


work to be done to beat Germany. You can see him thinking, flipping heck!


Coverage more ground, had more of the ball, more attempts on goal and


more goals, but not utterly convincing.


Paul Pogba. Patrice Evra. Sloppy. Paul Pogba was fouled.


He did not make a great deal of it, in fairness to him.


Into the last minute. Sigurdsson. Bjarnason.


Bjarnason, there is a suspicion there that he was pushed. Blaise


Matuidi. Patrice Evra forward to Kingsley Coman. Antoine Griezmann.


He thinks about bringing in Moussa Sissoko and does not and the chances


gone. I think he was waiting for Moussa Sissoko to make some kind of


threatening runs, he looked at him as if to say, what are you going to


do with it? Two minutes of stoppage time at Stade de France. Great


performance by Antoine Griezmann. Gudjohnsen. Finnbogason. Sandro. --


Skulason. Given away. Antoine Griezmann,


Andre-Pierre Gignac. Ingason. Did not have the greatest of touches


there, Andre-Pierre Gignac. And still they work. And still they


forage. Wonderful advert for what hard work, dedication, team spirit,


shape can achieve. And belief. Sigurdsson. Bjarnason. Loses out.


They are weary. Here is Blaise Matuidi.


Half a minute left of stoppage time, brilliant switch, Andre-Pierre


Gignac. One of the best passers of the night. That the -- Kingsley


Coman, Antoine Griezmann, blocked. A ball only. This will be the end of


it. For Iceland, the bold, enticing


adventure is over. France go on to meet Germany in the semi-finals of


Euro 16. Antoine Griezmann among the scorers, two for Olivier Giroud, but


Sigurdsson and Bjarnason scored for Iceland, spirited as ever, but for


them, the adventure comes to an end and France, the hosts, in the last


four. France five, Iceland two.


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