Highlights: Semi-Final - Portugal v Wales Match of the Day

Highlights: Semi-Final - Portugal v Wales

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Ashley Williams for Wales. Wales rocking again. If that was Lionel


Messi, they would be talking about it for years. Sam Vokes! Something


special is happening here. Their dream continues. Good evening. Wales


certainly lit up in their game on Friday. Could they become the first


home nation to reach a major final in 50 years? In the studio, two very


proud Welshman with 134 macro 's and a first-class degree in chemistry


between them, both hoping Wales can find the formula to outwit Portugal


and these were the scenes in the stadium were 20,000 travelling fans


made their way by car, coach, train, ferries, flights to see if the


outsiders could cause yet another upset here at Euro 2016 and reach


the final on Sunday in Paris. Later we will get the thoughts of Dean


Saunders, but watching this historic semifinal, Guy Mowbray and Danny


Murphy. Already further than many thought possible, further than any


Welsh team that came before and now here is the next step and the


hardest, against a Portugal side that has not been beaten in the


tournament, but has not won a game in 90 minutes, who will be the


Keynes of Leon? The big news for watch Eagle is that Pepe is missing


and Bruno Alves is in for his first appearance as macro Pepe. In


midfield, there is a straight swap, Danilo is in. Wales have two key man


out. Ben Davies has been replaced by James Collins and Andy King is in


for Aaron Ramsey. It is Portugal in the pale mint


green and Wales in their grey with bright green change trip for only


the second time in the tournament, the other was in losing late on to


England but that seems like a different time, quite a long time


ago. Uefa decreed that Portugal, being technically the home listed


team,, were not allowed to clash with their the Wales team in red.


Wales trying to take begin to Portugal straightaway. Danny Murphy


is with me for the match, can the dream go on? Yes it can. Good start


from Wales, passing the ball well, the fascinating thing will be we


will see Wales without the creativity of Aaron Ramsey who was


so pivotal in the last game. Hopefully we can. Contrary to most


of the hype, it is not about Cristiano Ronaldo against Gareth


Bale, these are two teams, Portugal against Poland largely managed


without their star man, he only touched the ball 19 times during the


match. The first free kick the game goes against Joe Allen.


Great play that was from Hal Robson-Kanu, just the kind of touch


you want from a striker. He has lost it. He recovered quickly that time.


The referee has deemed that challenge a foul and Cristiano


Ronaldo takes issue with it and it means a booking for Joe Allen. Devon


at the game. A little bit nervous. -- definite booking. Rinaldo. Here


is Renato Sanches -- Cristiano Ronaldo. Scored the delicious


equaliser against Poland. Our good cross. James Collins did his work


for him. Another good ball in and Cristiano Ronaldo was winding up for


the big one. This is the header a game. He does get away with that


little bit. You cannot question his ability in the air. He hit it really


well. Making good progress in knocking the ball around nicely.


Cristiano Ronaldo. Joao Mario. He was fouled. But nearly paid off for


Portugal. Best move of the game by far. Portugal pulls it wide. Good


passage of play from the Portuguese. Portugal supporters have just been


buoyed by that last couple of minutes, when they saw their team


dominate possession. Gareth Bale, followed by Raphael Guerreiro. Joe


Allen had to think on his feet there. Gareth Bale. Flies on his,


good ball in, did not get the touch from Andy King, nicely gathered by


Rui Patricio. Nice feel the way Wales are getting forward. Gareth


Bale using the pace and power. Much more positive, great play from


Gareth Bale. Raphael Guerreiro. Cristiano Ronaldo. His head but in


the way. Gareth Bale, skipped past Danilo. Hal Robson Kanu in the


middle. It is a searing shot on target. Does not quite catch it, we


have seen him from there before hitting the back of the net. Nice


and comfortable for the goalkeeper. Really positive run. Hal


Robson-Kanu. Chips it in nicely and Andy King, he got in front of Jose


Fonte, good bit of defending. Superb run from Hal Robson-Kanu. Andy King


loves to get into the box, very unlucky. Strong work from Fernando


Santos. Raphael Guerreiro. Rafa Silva. Cristiano Ronaldo on the end


of it, unable to finish it. That is what we are talking about, crosses


into the box, really good ball, just does enough to put him off. You


expect Cristiano Ronaldo to hit the target, a warning sign for the Welsh


team. I think you can see in the movement, there is that natural


adrenaline boost. Everyone is a bit more busy. Joe Allen who was


scrapping, Rafa Silva fell at his feet. The line has been drawn on the


edge of the box. In behind for a corner. Claim and counterclaim. Good


defending a game error. Sachsenring. -- good defending a game there.


Cristiano Ronaldo met at -- he has picked his moment, found his spot.


Wales trail. And it is one of the superstars on show who has made his


mark on the semifinal. What a jump that was from Cristiano Ronaldo!


Absolutely incredible leap. Watch this for a leap. Unbelievable. That


is why he is one of the best players in the world. Big moments, big


players. Portugal one, Wales zero, Cristiano Ronaldo, now the game has


to come alive from the point of view of Wales. Rafa Silva finds 39-macro.


Cristiano Ronaldo. It is over Nani. Cristiano Ronaldo once again and it


has gone past. Finished off by Nani! On the slide to move that Portugal


close to Paris, it looks as though Wales are heading out. Good header.


Cristiano Ronaldo gets his shot, he is onside. Good reactions from Nani.


Really did have a mountain to climb now, Wales, so disappointing.


Portugal two, Wales zero. Andy King. He had to be quick. Coming in to


block was Cristiano Ronaldo. Williams gets on with the game


swiftly, Gareth Bale, through to Sam Vokes. Brought it down. Very good


last ditch bit of defending from Bruno Alves. He just does enough.


This is the danger for Wales, the more they go forward, the more that


Cristiano Ronaldo can hit them on the break. James Chester is going to


be booked. Cristiano Ronaldo on full flow. Yellow card there. Of course


it is going to be Cristiano Ronaldo, it was not far away. He is starting


to enjoy his football again. That is as good a free kick as we have seen


him hit in this tournament. Chester. Andy King. Joe Allen. Did not have


that much time with Cristiano Ronaldo. Joao Mario. Very good run,


Renato Sanches, Nani, he will have a go. Wayne Hennessey spills that and


it could easily have rocketed back in. He should have scored, it all


started from Guess what? Cristiano Ronaldo running back and winning the


ball from Joe Allen. Wayne Hennessey spilled that. I little neck off


Chester, it should be hitting the target. Joao Mario. He is waiting to


time his burst, it will be a corner, no, yes, I thought it would be.


Wayne Hennessey could not stop the ball from going over the line. The


system could not have been better placed. -- assistant. It is a corner


from Joao Mario. A good header. Just too close to Wayne Hennessey that


time. Comfortable save. Nani. Cristiano Ronaldo. Taylor just


winced and stretched and is not in a rush to get back up after stopping


that one. Is Fonte trying to take it strongly.


Danilo wandering through, Hennessy keeping it out. Nani trying to force


it over the line. Came off his back, did well to recover. Just over ten


minutes to go. Those Wales players have given everything in this


comfort isn't, they have to give it a little bit more. Everything they


possible have. That was swinging away from Rui Patricio. Gareth Bale,


the movement on the ball. Unbelievable technique. Decent save.


Danilo got a bit lucky. Andre Gomes, strong enough to hold up the


challenge. Ronaldo. Invading Hennessy, but the angle was too


tight, even for him. Just takes it a bit too far out. They cannot turn


and get a shot on goal. All over only one, all over for Wales. It


will be Portugal in Paris on Sunday. On the evidence of the night, they


deserve their place in the European showpiece. It is a second final for


the country that has threatened to promise, but never delivered. Maybe


this is theirs and Cristiano Ronaldo's year. For Wales, the end


of one story, the country's raters yet with the round ball. In years to


come, thousands upon thousands will be able to fondly say, I was there.


Portugal's night tonight, it may be their championship. Portugal 2-0


Wales. It is a proud moment for us, we achieved a lot as a group. Nobody


expected us. We have pride and passion, ultimately disappointed.


Those fans, applauding you, that means a lot? Incredible, all the way


through the tournament, they have been the best fans by far. Still


cheering us when we lost. We would have liked to have done it for them.


We want to thank all the fans home, all the ones who have travelled and


behave themselves. The staff have been absolutely incredible, all the


players, amazing journey for us. One we have had a taste of, and look


forward to the future. We have a dressing room full of


disappointments, unfortunately. I always thought, if we can get to the


final, whatever the time that we bowed out, it would always hurt. Did


not expect it to hurt this much. I told them they should be proud of


themselves, the nation is proud of them. It is devastating, that speaks


volumes for them as a group. They will get stronger from this


experience. Not all about winning. That is football, you had to do a


fair share of losing. I know this group, that this experience will


make them better and stronger. The nation is proud of them, I am proud


of them. Disappointed tonight. When they look back, they should know how


well they have done. Game after game, we kept getting ourselves up,


maximising what we have, to win. It was one too far for us. Maybe if we


had three or four macro more days, but you will never get that in the


tournament. They have been seven semifinals, this is our first one.


They managed it better than us. I don't have any criticism for the


team, they were fantastic. Just one match too far. Great performance by


the team. We continue to surprise everyone. The quality on our team is


fantastic. We deserved to win tonight. Now one more time, we must


arrest well, and prepare for the final. They got the first goal from


a set piece, great leap, great header. Everybody knows, the second


goal at this level, it kills you. Always going to be anti-climactic.


Credit to us, we threw everything at them, not to be. Support we had from


the fans, incredible yet again. Unfortunately we could not do it for


them. I said whenever the end of the tournament was for us, the final or


not, not the end of this group and team. Plenty of football left in


them. We will learn from this. Disappointed. Disappointed is


putting it lightly. We will learn from it. Very, very proud of the


team, they could not have given any more. I always say, if you give


everything you have got, you come up short, so what? They get everything


they had. Just one too much for us tonight. Wales finally defeated,


disappointing effort. The whole team emerging as national heroes after an


incredible last few weeks. John Hartson has followed all the twists


and turns in France. Obvious disappointment in the Welsh camp.


One game too far? I think so. The players will know themselves, they


have played better, on occasions during this tournament. A real sense


of pride, justice, the way they performed above their level.


Tonight, Portugal got the breaks, just a step too far. Were the


changes a factor, the manager had to make them? Possibly, Aaron Ramsey


had a great tournament, scoring and setting up goals. Here's the link


between the defence and the front, covers every blade of grass, he has


that quality. Ben Davies, on the left, talking about continuity. Two


big players missing from one side, it is difficult. Take nothing away


from Andy King and James Collins, coming in as replacements. They


performed quite admirably. This is just the start. Amazing story. What


will be the thing you take and the most? Jesse fantastic performances.


They have really lifted the nation. The performance against Russia, to


win the group, outstanding. The performance against Belgium are


arguably the greatest football performance we have put in in our


history. The fans have been very colourful. No arrests, no trouble,


mixing in with the opposition fans. The country has taken a really big


lift. We have done ourselves justice on a world stage. Wales on the


football map, and they are not going away. Absolutely right. Full ahead


to the World Cup qualifiers beginning in September. John is


right, no Welsh van will forget what happened, magnificent journey? It


has. They have made us all proud. You cannot help think how well we


have done. I still have that, we could have got through. A lost


opportunity. We could have won the game, got into the final. We have


not been rolled over, set pieces and a world-class player. Amazing


journey, the players will learn from this? Fantastic. Average age 20 six.


Of the starting XI. Plenty of lakes, plenty of years left. One thing John


Hartson forgot, was Chris Coleman's performance. The players, and him in


front of the camera, absolutely fantastic. Tonight is disappointing.


Portugal did what Wales do, they did it better. First goal always going


to be the killer blow. It came from one of the European greats. Well


Wales the better side in the first half? Nothing in the game. We had


more possession, arguably the better opportunities. Nothing in the game.


I don't agree with John and Chris, it was one game too far. We have


been done by a set piece. Nothing in the game. Ronaldo getting on the end


of one, making the other goal. We could have won the game. They dealt


with Cristiano Ronaldo very well in the first half. James Collins coming


to the team, Ben Davies suspended, this is what he gives you. It is


like Lucky? He is, it is Ronaldo, getting tight. Lucky not to give


away a penalty. Great header. Again positional play. Perfect. Get his


head on it. This time the ball coming in from the other side. He


has James Chester, can beat in the air, which is proven run. The signs


were there. If you watch the movement at the corner, brilliant


header. Watch the movement, takes James Chester towards the ball,


pulling behind him. One run for the defender, polls behind him, he gets


trapped under the ball, James. The leap and the header, seven foot ten.


They remind James Chester is five foot ten. Good points and bad


points. The Chester and Gunter combination has done well. He


usually plays on the other side. Ten crosses from the left, did not get a


sniff. Why was James Collins not marking him? You have two big centre


halves. From Cristiano Ronaldo's point of view, massive goal for


Portugal and himself. He was in esteemed company. Very significant


goal, putting in joint top with Michel Platini. Incredibly five of


those headers. We talked about this being Bale against Ronaldo, cometh


the hour, cometh the man. He has done it again, scores 50 goals a


season. Those headers, he gets them every week. He was the difference in


the game. You could argue. We have had some luck since we have arrived.


Slightly unlucky on the second goal? Some bad luck. Ronaldo offside


initially. A lot of football to be played between the offside and the


final shot. Second offside coming up. There is the first one. As I say


a lot of football between this and the final shot. Still in good shape,


gets recycled. This is where it starts to fall apart. The header,


Ronaldo reading it, buying some space. Ashley Williams going one


way, Collins going the other. Sanches possibly offside,


interfering, stepping over it. Wayne Hennessey cannot move until it has


gone past. Nani reading it like any good striker with. Another


world-class player, Nani, with the Lucky, scuffed shot. In the first 20


minutes, we were reminding ourselves that he was on the pitch.


World-class players step up at the right moment? We spoke about it at


half-time, both managers happy. The way that both teams were playing, it


was a case of who blinks first. When they get the breaks, Ronaldo Nani is


good enough to stick them away. How many times have we said this will be


watch Gareth Bale, talking of world-class players, he has no right


to shoot from some angles, we saw it again tonight. They work this


corner, Collins and jester taking two players in, the ball looping


around him. Change of pace, going around in yellow. Everybody treading


water behind him, opening his legs. To hit the ball, like years, running


flat out, really difficult. He is brilliant at it. Five instances,


that is world-class, could have gone in the top corner. This one,


unstoppable. How do you stop him, what technique? The ball moving both


ways. The goalkeeper making a brilliant save. Weise


-- we spoke about the first goal being important, the second one


kills you. Any team would start to lose the shape in those


circumstances. We have to do something not really drilled to do.


Bale getting dragged deeper and deeper. During things he should not


be doing. Lovely shot at the end, may be the next world's best player,


embracing with the current best one. I think Chris was forced into making


substitutions to date, because of the second goal. You have to chase


the game? Sometimes they can make it worse. Credit to Portugal, not


pretty, the manager said if we have to win ugly and get the final, we


will do it. We were talking about how Wales


might have been better, the won nine, drew four, eight wins before


tonight, and the manager would have happily gone to goalless at


full-time and after extra time and went to penalties. Regardless, they


have not been beaten and they are in the final. We did not see Ronaldo


throw his arms around, this is a wonderful moment, if only he smiled


a little bit more, because look at him now, this is before the match


was about to start,, he says no more and here he comes, undeterred. Is


there any tells I can get one more hug. The cheek of the lads. I am not


going way, I'm going to wave to my mother. Ronaldo should smile a


little more. This is the first time I have seen him laugh. He has worn


him down. The World Cup qualifiers begin for Wales in September and


this is all about now, building on the success of your 20s are kidding,


it is a difficult group. The first game we won against Slovakia, we


needed to win that game, just a the likely blog in the tournament and


now we have done really well, you get the hunger to go through to the


next one and win something there and we have won 14.5 million, which we


can use to bring the kids through and bring grassroots football up. I


will not remind you, but it is Moldova and Georgia, you had a


terrible afternoon in both of them in the 1990s, Moldova, Georgia,


Serbia and Republic of Ireland. A lot more difficult to get to that


tournament than this one. The average age, 26, now is the chance


to go and do it again. Show that they can. Sadly Wales will not be in


the final but we still have a Sunday sport to savour, Andy Murray is on


course to feature in the men's final in Wimbledon and then Gary has a lot


of experience for the build-up to the final of Euro 2016, it is


Portugal against either France or Germany on BBC One from seven


o'clock and before that, at tasty semifinal tomorrow, live from


Marseille. -- a tasty semifinal. Antoine Griezmann! Hector. Bastian


Schweinsteiger! Germany or France in a word. France


are great going forward but Germany can export them at the back. I said


Germany before a ball was kicked, but France have home advantage but I


still think Germany. Do you want some Euros to pay for your parking


ticket? If you told the others could be here at three and a half weeks, I


will get a mortgage to pay the parking ticket. Thank you. It is all


over for Wales, Ronaldo wins the battle, Portugal are on to the


final, heartbreak and tears for Welsh fans but they have made us


proud, lighting up Euro 2016. Good night, Wales. It has been an


agonising long wait. Gareth Bale! Hal Robson Kanu for Wales. It is a


win for St George and defeat for the Dragon. Aaron Ramsey with a dinky!


They are in dreamland. Gareth Bale with another wicked delivery, it is


another Wales win. What a turn, what a goal. Something special is


happening here tonight. Wales are heading into the semifinal. Already


further than many thought possible, already further than any Wales team


that has gone before. Gareth Bale. Cot Portugal out. It is


a searing shot on target. The game is starting to those. Ronaldo has


nicked it. It is turned past Wayne Hennessey for two, it looks as


though Wales are sliding out. Commentary and analysis


on BBC Radio 5 Live. Follow every point with Wimbledon


coverage across the BBC. Oh!




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