Match Replay Quarter-Final: Wales v Belgium Match of the Day

Match Replay Quarter-Final: Wales v Belgium

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This is Steve Wilson with Robbie Savage alongside me in Lille.


Precious moments. But now is not the time to enjoy them. Now it is about


the job at hand, the opponent at your shoulder. And for proud Wales


tonight that is Belgium. It is pouring with rain. This pitch was


relayed only last week. There has been one match played on it since


then. Wales captain Ashley Williams is fit after that shoulder injury.


Hal Robson-Kanu is preferred to Sam Vokes upfront. The only change


manager Chris Coleman has made. Ramsey Williams and Taylor cannot


afford a yellow card if they want to play in the semifinal. Only three


teams have prevented Belgium from scoring in three years. Argentina


and Wales, twice. The referee is from Slovenia. He took charge of


Iceland against England. The last mention of England. Vermaelen is


suspended, Vertonghen injured. 139 caps last to Marc Wilmots. He had to


decide between innocence and experience. He has gone with


innocence. Jason Denayer's only previous competitive start was


against Wales in Cardiff. Jordan Lukaku has only played competitively


against Andorra when Belgium had already qualified. They have 11 caps


between them. Eden Hazard on familiar ground having joined Lille


as a kid and stayed until it was 21. Familiar but different. Leo moved


into this stadium the same summer he moved to Chelsea. They -- Lille.


Robbie Savage... Good evening, everybody. Hopefully a good game for


the neutral. This is where superstars can win you matches. Eden


Hazard and Gareth Bale two superstars who can win you important


games. Who is it going to be? The Vice Prime Minister of China is


here. Here we go. The last time was 1958. Wales last in Gothenburg to


Brazil. A 17-year-old called Pele scored his first ever international


goal that night. Wales in red and white from left to right, against


Belgium in possession. Early touches for a Denayer, on the ball wearing


number 15, and Lukaku, the younger brother of Romelu Lukaku. Both


getting a nice airy feel of the ball. -- airy feel. Alderweireld is


very much the senior man in the back four. Belgium keeping the ball early


on. The brine is looking to get in between the lines. He is trying to


get behind Ledley. -- De Bruyne. He is just roaming around that area. It


is important for Wales they try to look after him. That was 2- Lukaku.


Wales get their first touch of the game. That is where Eden Hazard has


got to get onto the back. Joe Allen has had an exemplary


tournament. Almagro there we see the benefit of Robson-Kanu. Running the


channels, holding the ball well. -- There we see.


Hazard to the byline. Red and white shirts back in numbers. Out by


Davies. A good positive start from Belgium.


On the front foot. They will have the majority of possession tonight.


The most important thing from always point of view is that the wingbacks


in Gunter and Taylor do not go forward all the time. At times they


will have to sit back alongside the centre halves. What a noise.


Good positive ball into Hal Robson-Kanu. Well covered by Joe


Ledley. Yes, good play from Joe Ledley. That is why he is in the


team, to do the dirty work, to mop up. Good tackle. Time did well. --


timed it well. Denayer was on loan at Galatasaray last season and


Celtic this season before. He is actually a Manchester City player.


It is going to be a game of cat and mouse for the Wales wingbacks. If


Gunderson goes forward, Hazard stays on the right hand side. Chester will


have to, cried. -- if Gunter goes forward. They will be big gaps. In


between those for a Lukaku and the brine to run through. -- De Bruyne.


Davies is in trouble. He has got another yellow card. It is his


second of the tournament of Wales get through he will not play in


Lyon. Sloppy from Joe Ledley. I think the referee has made the


correct decision. He has taken one for the team, Davies. Yellow card.


Rightly so. For the rest of the game he is going to have to time his


chances so well. One thing you cannot do against this Belgian team


is good entertainment. There is an amnesty on single yellow cards after


the quarterfinals. Belgium have improved as the


tournament has gone on, after a difficult start when they were


beaten by the Italians. So much pressure on their coach, Marc


Wilmots, to make the most of this golden generation, to use the


cliche. You can see how he frightens the opposition. Three Wales players


were attracted to him. That will leave space for the other Belgium


players, players of great quality, the brine, Carrasco. -- Deb Rina.


Jordan Lukaku is 21. Rimando Lukaku is 23. Chester with the throw. --


Romelu Lukaku. Carrasco... Great chance. Big save. Off the line. Over


the bar. Brilliantly defended. They have thrown their bodies on the


line. Kevin De Bruyne open the Wales Open. It was a great first touch


from Carrasco. -- opened Wales open. Hennessy got as body up, spread


well. Great start from Belgium. Blocking everything. They will have


to do that. Lukaku went close. He should score. He has to show more


desire. Great delivery. He has got to win that ball, he is a centre


forward. He has got to go with more purpose. He has to score that. I do


not think he thinks the ball is going to come to him. He has got to


score. Show more desire. 1-0 to Belgium.


Belgium have picked up where they left off against Hungary. Well won.


Allen to Ramsey. Free kick to Wales. Gareth Bale's first touch of the


game, almost eight minutes played. Robson-Kanu! That was a chance. What


a good start to the game. Belgium positive, should be 1-0 ahead. Wales


build on the left. A decent ball. If Robson-Kanu had have had a shed from


Gunter, he was clear. Not enough direction on the header. -- had a


shout. Good start to the game. Leaving both managers frustrated


their team have not scored. Many did well. He is just about to


sign for Paris Saint-Germain. He left the camp this week to have


talks with them. Many are trying to get back. They'll


running a Vandervelde. -- they'll running at Albertville.


Blistering pace. Carrasco could not get back. They'll wanted it on his


favoured left foot. He could not get his foot across the ball. Courtois


had it covered. What an open, positive start to the game from both


teams. I really hope those words fans


stranded at Folkestone earlier today have made it. -- Welsh fans. You


would not want to miss this. Much better last few minutes for Wales.


The ball into the front man, you have got to say, he is pulling him


back. Very difficult to see what Robson-Kanu did wrong. Poor decision


from the referee. But Denayer must be careful. He is too tight to


Robson-Kanu. When the Centre forward knows where the sun a half is he can


spin, turn. Unfairly penalised, Robson-Kanu.


Meunier, a very advanced position. I think he is been clever, Gareth


Bale, he has seen the full-back get forward a couple of times so he


knows where the space would be if it breaks down and can counterattack


quickly. Intelligent, from Gareth Bale. Given away, Carrasco, quickly


into his stride. Ramsey, coming to meet Witsel, back


to Hazard. A little bit of room, and he took the shot... And he scores


magnificently! Well, he hit a beauty against Sweden, but that is even


better. Afforded to much space. Earldom 1-0 Wales. The perfect way


to pass. Nobody closed him down. Hennessey got his fingertips to it


but he cannot keep it out. Great technique, smashes it, Hennessey,


fingertips, he just cannot get enough on it. A great start from


Belgium. You have got to say that in the opening minutes of the game they


have deserved that. 1-0 Belgium. A fantastic strike from Nainggolan.


But he was sitting in a pocket of space.


It was the weight of pass to him that made his mind up. It was


running across his body and lovely, he had one thing in his mind, hit


it, as hard as he could, into the top corner. Joe Ledley, Ramsey,


Bale... Robson-Kanu after it, Alderweireld. Bale, a delightful


ball in. Super delivery. Great pace on the cross from Gareth Bale. It


just needed a touch from Robson-Kanu. Ramsey was slow to get


out and block the strike. It went between two Wales players. Hennessey


sees it late, he dives, gets his fingertips to it, but there is just


too much pace on it. Great strike, Nainggolan, great goal. Here he is


again. And now Meunier. Williams. Ledley. They need to be rock solid


in the next few minutes, Wales. Gunter, into Gareth Bale. Beating


Denayer. Taylor. Ramsey. Gets around Meunier, Nainggolan there. Great


strength. Was he checked? He was. By James Chester. It will be a yellow


card for Chester as well. Great centre forward play from Romelu


Lukaku. He drives into space, is tripped, it is a yellow card. That


is two of the Wales centre halves on yellow cards. He is not always good,


Romelu Lukaku, but when he is, he is very good. Belgium look ominous.


Offside, Hazard. He went a fraction early. Hazard,


what he is doing is pushing Gunter back towards his own goal. Gunter,


so athletic, loves to get forward. Early in this game he has been more


like a right back. Lots to think about for Chris


Coleman. Has only been behind in this tournament, before now, for a


matter of seconds, after that late, late England goal. Robson-Kanu, a


lovely touch. Denayer, and it has gone against Robson-Kanu again. That


is twice now he felt that he has been the one filed by Denayer but


the decision has gone the other way. -- fouled. Strictly speaking there


was no decision that time, just play on.


Meunier. De Bruyne. Jordan Lukaku has made the run forward from


left-back. Here he is. Chester's clearance.


Gareth Bale got a good toe in. De Bruyne has given up the chase.


Nainggolan took it up, but the pass was misplaced. I am surprised he


passed it inside. He has got the pace, he has got the beating of the


full-back, Jordan Lukaku, just push it and go, get as far afield as you


can then cross on your right foot. Going back to the girl, I think Jo


Ellen will be really annoyed. -- Joe Allen. He has had a magnificent


tournament but gave the ball way cheaply for the goal, identikit will


face him, but he will be disappointed. There is a long way to


go. Ledley making a forward run. The


pass was right between Taylor and Ramsey.


Good response from Wales. Keeping the ball, they are not panicked, and


there is plenty of time, as you say, left in this game. Nice position.


Belief in what they do. Ramsey. Just eating to it by Alderweireld. Joe


Allen. Chester. Robson-Kanu. Allen with a little room. The flag


was on the near side. Gunter. All the good work of Robson-Kanu is


coming down the right-hand side. When it does go back for a cross,


there is only Taylor on the back post. Robson-Kanu has got to get in.


Here we see the girl again. It is just the weighted pass a cross


Nainggolan, some people might criticise the goalkeeper, but I


don't think you can say that. Too much pace on the shot. He got his


fingertips to it. It was a thunderbolt.


Now it is Belgium's to learn to enjoy the ball at their feet. --


turn. They have confidence from the early goal. De Bruyne. We all, says


the referee, correctly. Hazard was in an offside position. Wales have


the ball. Meunier tried to prevent the Welsh


throw in. Couldn't. Davies. Ledley. Ramsey. Ramsey.


Taylor. Just too high for Bale. Lovely first touch from De Bruyne.


De Bruyne went down, and for the third time a card comes out, this


time for Gunter. All for quite similar fouls. It is a great first


touch from De Bruyne. Gunter wraps his left arm around him. He does go


down too easily, De Bruyne, but it is the correct decision from the


referee, and another yellow card for Wales. Gunter must be so careful


now. He will have Hazard running at him, De Bruyne also. Hazard


wriggling on, Joe Allen with a firm challenge. Hazard goes down and the


decision goes the way of Wales. Hazard just throws the ball away.


And Ashley Williams is making that point to the referee.


The referee is only going to talk to Hazard. I have got to say I thought


that was a foul in the first place. He thought it was, grabbing the


ball. But then he throws it away. But I thought it was a foul on


Hazard in the first place. He may have given the free kick for


handball by Hazard. But Hazard then throws it away. That almost fell to


Ramsey. Alderweireld was there. Williams. They need cool heads,


Wales. Bale. Allen. Play on says the referee, he has let that go, and now


Ramsey, on-site, red shirts in the middle... Courtois with the save to


deny Taylor. Not done yet. Meunier, stretching. De Bruyne wins the


throw. Great response from Wales. Taylor had no right to be in the


box, Ramsey, what a pass, and you have got to say, unbelievable save


from Courtois. Gets a great hand on it. And


anywhere else and it is a goal for Wales. His goal against Russia was


his first goal since he was playing in the Vauxhall Conference with


Wrexham. The positivity. Neil Taylor in the box trying to get a goal for


his side. Chris Gunter are making a run and


Ramsey tried to find him. They are looking for the diagnosable


overtime. Very successful at that early in the tournament. -- looking


for the diagonal ball all the time. The referee has given a free for


handball. Mangling goes down. -- Nainggolan. Here is the chance for


Neil Taylor. He got a bit too much on it. If he flicks it, it goes past


Courtois into the net. You've got to say, top drawer from the big Belgian


goalkeeper. Do not miss tomorrow. Live on BBC One from her past 7pm, a


classic confrontation. -- from 7:30pm. Germany against Italy.


Robson-Kanu did not quite take it with him. He has beaten Lukaku. He


has won a corner from the brine. -- De Bruyne. Great play from Wales.


Ramsey is onside. If he can take the ball on his right foot, he is away


on goal. He shows great strength. The first Welsh corner.


There is a posse on the penalty spot.


Williams! Ashley Williams for Wales! The captain heads home the


equaliser! Ashley Williams's header. Belgium 1-1 Wales. It is all about


the movement from that corner. It is a great delivery. Williams is on


mark. Ledley is on to the near post. They have gone with Gareth Bale,


they have left the captain free. De Bruyne moves inside. Nobody in the


post. Great downward header. Great set piece. Great goal. He has got


his eyes on the ball all the way. If De Bruyne says on the post, he says


it. He moves in. I don't know why he moved on but it -- but I don't care.


It is 1-1. Fantastic celebrations. Ashley Williams. Wales are rocking


again. They are a level in Lyon. But hold on. Danger... Great tackle,


Williams. Denayer under pressure from Robson-Kanu. When Belgium


scored they deserved it. When Wales have equalised, they have deserved


it. Both teams having a right go. A joy to watch. Two very good sides.


It is only Williams's second goal for his country. What a goal. What a


stage on which to score it. Wales now have solid ground under


their feet in this game again. That was not too far away from Lukaku.


Important touch from Hennessy. Carrasco whipped the ball in. What a


touch from Hennessy. If he doesn't touch that, Lukaku headed into an


empty net. They have just equalised. They have sat back.


Gareth Bale went on his own. Sometimes one is enough. When it is


Gareth Bale. Not quite this time. Left foot, right foot, he drags it


onto his right foot. Across Courtois. The keeper got down well


to his right. Two hands on it. Once again, electrifying pace from Bale.


Tremendous game. 33 minutes played. Robson-Kanu getting a foul. He is


saying to the referee, that is 34 tackles Denayer as made. Good centre


forward play. He used his strength. Denayer tackles him from behind.


That is four. He says to the referee. And he is right.


The great moments for Wales. -- great moments.


There was a moment when you thought Gareth Bale was going to shoot. He


was in a great position. He got in behind Witsel and Nainggolan. 40


yards out. These move -- balls move in a split-second. Have a shot,


Bale. Good possession from the men in red. Just look how far up the


pitch both wingbacks are. Look at Taylor. He wants the ball. Meunier


get sucked in next to his centre-half. That is the football.


-- out ball. When Belgium went one up, you thought, go and get that


second goal. But they setback. -- sat back. Ashley Williams has headed


the pendulum of this game back in Wales's favour.


Taylor after this. Just not able to reach it. We saw in the first 15, 20


minutes, some of the best of Belgium. Wales looked them in the


eye, took it on the chin and have faced up and matched them. What ways


have done, Steve, they have believed in what they have done. They have a


panic. They didn't change formation, they didn't match up. They just


thought, we believe in what we do, we believe what the manager tells us


and we will keep doing what has got us to where we are, and that is why


they got the equaliser. Wales enjoying the bulk of possession.


Nainggolan prodded behind. That is the position where you want to get


the ball, in behind Nainggolan. In behind Witsel. Where the centre


halves cannot come out and make contact with you. Another corner,


Wales. Good period. He scored from the last one. In it goes from


Ramsey. James Chester at the back post on able to get over Lukaku.


Once again they all got drawn to the near post. Ashley Williams was free.


Look at him in the picture. Nobody is picking him up. Chester cannot


get enough direction on the header. I want to see a bit more from the


brine. -- De Bruyne. And a bit more from hazard. -- Hazard. Now it


swings the other way. There is already something epic about this


contest. Five minutes to have time. 1-1. Belgian corner. Good header by


Davies. A decent ball back in from


Nainggolan. Alderweireld at the back post with a tame header.


Into the last five minutes of normal time in this engrossing first out in


legal. -- Lille. Good show for handball. The referee indicating it


was Denayer's shoulder. Belgium are quite happy for Wales to


have the ball, no pressure on it, let the centre halves have it, the


only slight negative for Wales will be the three defenders who were


booked. A queasy surface, second-half, players will be tired,


got to keep your concentration. -- greasy surface. Deflected, off the


backside of Denayer, it is a Welsh corner. It is a good strike but


Denayer got out of there. He was committed. Interesting to see if


they leave Ashley Williams free, will somebody pick him up this time?


Ramsey's Corner... Williams! A chance. This is where they miss


Kompany. He has scored from one and still no one is marking him. The


captain, the leader, left unmarked. Another opportunity.


Boyata, also injured, another injured central defender from


Belgium could not make the final 23. They are threadbare at the back. But


dangerous upfront. De Bruyne has yet to score in this tournament. He has


yet to score now in six games for his country. Here is the girl again.


Everybody is drawn toward the near post. Denayer was not marking


anybody. Jordan Lukaku was not marking anybody. He heads it down.


He has got the armband, he leads by example, the supporters go berserk,


what a first half. The only criticism from the Welsh point of


view, Chris Coleman will be disappointed that nobody blocked the


shot for the goal scored by Belgium. The ball took a deflection and it


felt rather kindly for Romelu Lukaku. Concentration now. Jordan


Lukaku. Hazard. Carrasco. Meunier. It was well worked though. Exactly,


well worked. Taylor got sucked in and had to go and engage Carrasco.


But it has got to be a better cross from the full-back. Meunier, he has


got to put that into an area that Romelu Lukaku can attack.


There were some are worried faces in the Welsh end after 20 minutes. Now,


joyous. There is Ramsey. Robson-Kanu.


Once again, you know, there are five Belgian players back, as the


half-time whistle goes. Nainggolan with a rocket, then Ashley Williams


with a header. Courtois called into action to make a very good save from


Taylor. Elton started brightly, Wales responded. Half-time in the


quarterfinal, Wales 1-1 Belgium. The change, Carrasco off, Fellaini


on, the change, as much as anything, probably to get Fellaini defending.


But it comes at a cost, because now De Bruyne is out on the right-hand


side, and he has been more effective in this tournament playing in the


middle behind Romelu Lukaku, then he has been tucked out on the side.


Nainggolan has pushed forward, Fellaini has dropped in next to


Witsel. Here is Nainggolan. Now, De Bruyne. Meunier continues his run.


Joe Allen. Tidying up for Wales. Wales were very good in that first


half. I was pitch side before the game and I walked past the dugout,


and sitting there was Kompany, Vertongen, and this defence is short


and caps, what they would do for those players tonight.


That is not to say they are not good players, Jordan Lukaku and Denayer,


just that they do not have the miles on the clock, the know-how of those


they are replacing. Joe Allen has plenty of know-how but concedes a


free kick. Too aggressive in his challenge, Joe Allen. He cannot win


it, he has just got to stand up. It is a foul. Hazard. Fellaini.


Meunier. Lukaku! Big chance, big let off. What a ball in, he peels off


the back of Williams, in between the centre halves, Chester, Williams,


but he has got to get more power on the heather. He tried to glance it


into the far post. You have got to say, he needs to hit the target from


there. He should score, Belgium should be 2-1 up. Got those goals


against the Republic of Ireland, and this is his 50th cap this evening,


not bad for a 23-year-old. Impressive, Meunier, at right back.


He is leaving club Bruges to move to PSG. Hazard, good ball. The touch


was good. Nainggolan. Meunier, overlapping. Real danger. De Bruyne


again. And still. A big cast from the Belgian crowd. Good start to the


second half, Belgium. De Bruyne coming onto his left foot. Not too


much power on the shot, but the linkup play between Nainggolan and


Lukaku, very, very good. Nainggolan is close to him and can pick up that


second ball, good start from Belgium to the second half.


De Bruyne. Now, Hazard. Wales are looking a little stretched just now.


Hazard. Well, we saw what he is capable of against Hungary. And he


nearly reproduced. He drifts over to the left-hand side. Gunter and


Chester got in each other's way. Not enough which one it. -- whip on it.


Hazard is started the second half so well. Big moment for Wales. They


have responded before, must do so again. Bale, but that is too strong


for Robson-Kanu. He is on a booking, Chester. Hazard,


running at him a couple of times already, he has to make sure that if


you challenges, it has got to be right, got to be 100%. Davies has


received a yellow card early, he will not be in the semifinal if


Wales go through, Gunter and Chester also booked in the first half, and


Joe Allen. Sliding in with the challenge. Ramsey and Taylor have a


yellow card previously in this tournament so they are in peril, to


some degree. But you cannot let that bother you. Hazard. Trying to scoop


it to Meunier. Lukaku, and a vital touch from Ashley Williams, almost


on the spot from which he scored. Vital, it was. Once again, Lukaku


just drifting off the back of Williams, great position, there was


not much pace on the flight of the ball, but Williams, central defence,


and a great defensive header from the captain and leader.


Well out by Davies. But there is a freshness to Belgium again, at the


moment. Lukaku, Hazard, Nainggolan, De


Bruyne, Lukaku. The little reverse backheel did not


quite come off, Joe Ledley was in the way. Ramsey was fouled. What to


say, first impressions, I thought he slipped. Ramsey takes it across him,


that is not a foul, for me, Ramsey goes down too easily. But Hazard


wants the ball all the time in the second half. He is dropping deep,


wants it and they have to learn, causing problems for the Welsh


centre halves. Ledley thinks it took a little flick


of the town of De Bruyne, but nobody else thinks so. -- off the toe. The


Slovenian referee is saying to Joe Ledley, but -- just button it.


Good run from Aaron Ramsey. Well found. What a goal! What a goal from


Hal Robson-Kanu! What a moment for Wales. Wales hour 35 minutes from a


semifinal. Oh, this is unbelievable. What a run from Ramsey. Fellaini did


not track him. What's this for a Johann Cruyff turn. If that was


Messi, they would be talking about it for years. See you later,


Meunier. See you later, Denayer. See you later, Fellaini. He had the


composer to open his body up and stick a past Courtois. 2-1 Wales.


Great team. Just when Belgium felt that they were wrestling the


initiated out of Wales's grip, Hal Robson-Kanu with what may very well


be the goal of his life. The composure he has shown there.


That Christ turn in the box. He sent three Belgium players the wrong way.


-- Christ turn. The composure to open his body up. Courtois goes the


other way. What a finish, what a goal. It is up there with the goals


of the tournament. Look at those bouncing, dancing, prancing


Welshman. And Welsh women. -- Welshman.


Now keep calm, Chris, he is thinking. Lord only knows what he is


thinking. It was the run of Ramsey. Nobody


went with him. You have two track your runners. It was a great third


man run. Gareth Bale cannot believe he did


not find him. He is so annoyed of himself. Look at the first touch.


The way he cushions it. Three Belgium players go the wrong way. It


was on his favourite left. The turn with his left foot. Absolutely


brilliant. You have got to say, he is a free agent. Incredible.


Absolutely incredible. Playing in the Championship. Wales hour flying


at the moment, Belgian are rocking. Gareth Bale is back on his feet.


It is going to be a yellow card here. If that is Marouane Fellaini,


and indeed it is, he would not play in the semifinal for the foul on


Gareth Bale. UC Gareth Bale there. It is actually Nainggolan who


catches him first. Then Fellaini comes in late and stands on


Nainggolan's foot. It was the challenge from Nainggolan that sent


Gareth Bale down. It might have been the challenge from Nainggolan but it


is Fellaini who got the card. All the singing is Welsh singing.


What a header by Bale. Ramsey went off after it. It is a corner. Aaron


Ramsey, in this competition, has been nothing short of sensational.


He has worked hard for the team. He wants the ball, he makes good runs.


And if you are a lesser player than Ramsey, you want to do it yourself.


Fellaini is on the pitch to make sure Wales do not score from another


corner. But Belgium have magicians in their


ranks. What Wales can't afford to do, like


they did against England, is dropped deeper and deeper. If you keep


putting the ball in the box, one will eventually drop. Two fell to


England. You have to be brave, because the deeper you drop, the


more nervous you get. Robson-Kanu has been giving Denayer


problems from the first minute. How they could do with that man, Vincent


Kompany. That man, Vertonghen. From set pieces, they look all over the


place. Courtois does not look comfortable. Belgium are wounded. A


third Welsh goal might finish them. The referee is not going to allowed


play to continue. He has given it for Williams on Nainggolan. The


Belgian is holding his back. The Welsh are holding their breath.


Williams charges out of the back three. He has caught him on the


foot. What a position to Kevin De Bruyne. We have seen how this ball


moves. If you can hit the target, he could cause the goalkeeper problems.


You have seen Wales -- Gareth Bale do it often for Wales. Kevin De


Bruyne do it for Belgium? -- can Kevin De Bruyne do it? Hennessy will


take those all day. Good goalkeeping. He does not take a


step. What is the bounce of the ball. He has gone over the ball.


Good positioning from Wayne Hennessey.


Fellaini's irritated reaction only increases the joy of the Welsh fans


in that corner of the stadium. They will be quite happy, Wales, if they


can get Bale to run at Fellaini. Yellow card. Has not got the pace of


the Welshman. If, as the Fifa rankings suggest,


Belgium the world at the moment, Wales are the best.


Fellaini did well. He won the header. They keep the ball alive.


Joe Allen wants the ball more than Nainggolan. Ashley Williams could


not get his foot over the ball to keep it down. 25 minutes left. From


a Belgian point of view, you want to see De Bruyne. Hazard, Lukaku. Give


them the ball. They want the ball in dangerous areas.


Many couldn't take it. -- Meunier. The belief might just be ebbing away


from Belgium. That was a great transfer Lukaku, the header. He has


got to hit the target. He missed it. Since then, Wales have been the


dominant side. A Welsh throw. They look a team of individuals at


the minute. 23 minutes left. They are going to have to start playing


like a team. They seem to be running out of ideas. The Belgian fans are


not happy. Nor is the manager. Has he got it in him to get those


decisions right? Free kick. Great strength from Gareth Bale.


Lukaku one said. Hazard has delayed too long. -- once it.


Too high from Jordan Lukaku. Hazard had an opportunity to play Lukaku


in. He didn't. That allowed all of the Wells players except the Gareth


Bale to get back behind the ball, slow the play. Hazard has two be


more dynamic, more positive when he is driving forward.


The Belgian plant has almost completely unravelled. -- plan. What


is Marc Wilmots's plan B? that is dangerous, it is De Bruyne


for Belgium... Chester, spot on. The first bit of play from De Bruyne was


brilliant, the chest control, taking it into his path, but then the


positional play from Chester was exceptional. Fellaini.


De Bruyne to Meunier. Good ball. Fellaini.


Just look at the touch from De Bruyne. He just could not pick out


Lukaku. Could Lukaku show more desire? Get across your man, rather


than let him attack the ball. Williams underneath it. Goes in the


direction of Chester. Here is De Bruyne. Ramsey. Good play from


Gunter. Robson-Kanu. Lukaku, gets a foot in. Giving away


by Ledley, to Fellaini. Ledley immediately back. The free kick is


given. Joe Ledley approached that like a man determined to make


amends. It is a foul, correct decision.


Robson-Kanu has been absolutely magnificent, he has led the line so


well. He has got an unbelievable goal. But it might just now be time


to bring on Sam Vokes, he looks shattered, Robson-Kanu. Fellaini!


How that went wide, I don't know. Look at Fellaini, top of the


picture. He has got to score. Chester just doesn't offer, but he


has got to score, he has got to hit the target, he towers over Chester.


You have got to say that the centre-half has got his body in a


great position. What a chance for Belgium, and what a game this has


been for the neutral at home. End to end, both teams with a plan and


great desire to win the game. Joe Allen gave it away, and Ramsey has


got a yellow card, and Ramsey will be out of the semifinal of the


European Championships, if Wales progress. Handball. He knows it, as


well. Devastating for Aaron Ramsey. Belgium make a substitution, Jordan


Lukaku goes off, Mertens comes on. Even if you miss is the semifinal he


will want to get there for his team-mates. Fellaini's header,


Hennessey's clap. Again, Lukaku has got to get in quick. You have got to


believe that Fellaini will win that at the back post. Where is his


movement? Get across the near post. Andy King is coming on for Wales, he


has had to be so patient in this tournament. He has great energy.


They have got to get over in the middle of the park, Wales, they


cannot get out. Belgium are on top, Wales are dropping deeper. Only 15


minutes to play. Hazard, still going.


But into Fellaini... Vital touch from Davies. Brilliant delivery.


Davies tracks Fellaini who is a threat in the air. Such an important


touch. The last ditch challenge is coming in from Wales now. De Bruyne.


Met by Bale. Hemmed in, suddenly. Meunier, Fellaini, Witsel... He was


onside. Causing problems on the back post, Fellaini. They are looking for


him and he is winning every header. Witsel was onside. It is just the


pace, when it bounces off the surface, took it away from him.


Great deliveries from Mertens. Joe Ledley is heading toward the near


touchline. And Andy King will come on to replace him. Good performance


again from Joe Ledley. King, great energy, middle of the park, he will


have to be disciplined. Put in their next to Joe Allen.


The tension now. How close are his side to the last four of Euro 2016?


Mertens, Hazard, Lukaku, oh! He dived, why? He had beaten Davies. My


first impression is it is a free kick. Davies already on a yellow


card. But you are right, Steve, why on earth would he go down? Here is


the shot from Witsel. Here is the touch from Lukaku, that


is a foul, I am afraid, should have been a free kick. Davies, already on


a yellow card, should have been another, and a free kick for


Belgium. Change, as we see this incredible turn from Robson-Kanu. He


is replaced, and Sam Vokes comes on. Davies has got away with that,


Steve. For me, that should have been a second yellow card. Sent off. And


a good position for Belgium. Still ten anxious, long, maybe agonising


minutes, to go. They are dropping deeper, Wales. Because they are ten


minutes away from one of the best sporting occasions Wales has ever


seen. Batshuayi, about to come on, the striker from Marseille, who is


bound for Chelsea. 23 goals last season for Marseille. Meunier.


Alderweireld. Well left. Into the gloves of Hennessey.


Giving Lukaku something to chase, and Davies something to do. Hazard


has flickered today. Where he was searing against Hungary. Meunier.


Hazard, dangerous, Fellaini, Nainggolan, the referee has a look,


they goes on. I think it might have been the Lake of Ashley Williams.


Ramsey is down for Wales, but Belgium play on. It is going to be a


throw only to Belgium. Nainggolan thinks he should have had a penalty.


Great little flick from Fellaini. Ashley Williams caught him on the


foot. He does go down easily. But you have got to say, I think it is a


penalty. He has got away with it, Ashley Williams. They cannot panic,


Wales. Bale, somehow, impossibly, wriggles out of that. Nainggolan


stops him. De Bruyne. It could get hectic now, seven minutes to go.


Backs to the wall, Wales. Meunier. Meunier, deflected. Belgium are


appealing for anything and everything. They get a corner. This


is what will happen for the next seven or eight minutes. Great play


from Meunier. Definite corner. It came off Davies. Hold tight! De


Bruyne's corner. Davies with the header. Ramsey with the hoist. And


Ramsey has won that, and here is Bale. Meunier... No foul. Good


strength from the full-back. He could not lose that, and he didn't.


But here is Taylor. And again. Bale is coming back from an offside


position, Ramsey is down now. The referee has lost patience with Toby


Alderweireld. He has booked him. For the remaining


five minutes, Belgium, they will be launching everything into the box,


looking for the second ball, putting pressure on, as we saw with Wales


against England, they get deeper and deeper, and England got a


last-minute winner. Can they get it to Bale on the counterattack, used


his pace? In toward Vokes! Vokes! Wales are heading into the


semifinal! They have taken on Belgium and they have surely beaten


them. Another late goal. Another substitute. Go and wake your kids


up. Something special is happening here tonight! Wales are going into


the semifinals! What a ball! What a header! Just look at the desire. He


gets there first past Alderweireld. And he planted into the corner of


the net! Unbelievable! Wales are going into the semifinals of the


European championship! Brilliant substitution once again. Amazing,


amazing stuff! And that is Sam Vokes's first international goal


outside Wales since 2009. Records are tumbling. Wales are progressing.


Put behind by Chester. Johnny Williams may well be coming on for


Wales. A Belgian corner. Chester got a head on it. Four minutes. It is


the brine. -- De Bruyne. Behind for a corner. They still have work to


do. But they have a two goal cushion. I hope I have not gone


early with the semifinals because there is still three minutes left


plus injury time. Dries Mertens cannot get it. They


have the throw but they do not have long and they have two goals defines


from somewhere. -- to find. Into the last two minutes of the 90.


Surely, surely Belgium can turn this around? -- can't.


Levered away by Chester. Joe Allen can run it clear for Wales. It


doesn't really matter where it goes, just get it clear. Is that a foul by


De Bruyne. --? No. Ramsey was trying to win the free kick. James Collins


is coming on for Aaron Ramsey. We are going to see the goal. What a


substitution. What a header. He is running across that far post at


speed and he glances into the corner. What a header, what a goal.


Ramsey, magnificent. Nainggolan in. Fellaini with the header down.


Williams was there. Williams clears. The Welsh line holes. -- holds. Joe


Allen will stay for as long as he can. He has been absolutely


brilliant once again in the red of words. Look at him trying to get


back right now. Everybody keeping half and eye on the fourth official.


How long is the question? It is three.


Every angle, every probe, every Polish that Belgium have mastered


have been repelled. Fallen to a red shirt.


They are being sung over the line. Belgium may not get another side of


the goal. Bowled, well. -- oh, well. What a header. What a performance.


Absolutely incredible scenes. Thoroughly deserved. This is the


best Wells performance I've witnessed. And I think the majority


of Wales. Thoroughly deserved. What a team. 18, that is what they are.


Not individuals. -- 18. And they are going to the semifinals. Less than


60 seconds. The deflection folds into the


grateful gloves of Wayne Hennessey. Wales's giant goalkeeper. They are


not going home. They are not going to work. They are staying here. You


can bet they will have another beer. The whistle has gone. It is a


Belgian free kick. But that is the whistle that counts! History boys


indeed. Wales have done it. They have come from behind to beat the


mighty Belgium. And they have now is semifinal against Portugal in Lyon.


And a wonderful opportunity to be finalists of Euro 2016. Their dream,


there is some, continues. Belgium are out. Wales are through. -- their


summer. Wales 3-1 Belgium. This is as good as it gets


right here - open roads, blue skies, one of


history's most iconic muscle cars. Getting the blood flowing,


the adrenaline pumping...


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