Match Replay: Quarter-Final - Poland v Portugal Match of the Day

Match Replay: Quarter-Final - Poland v Portugal

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# Je revois la ville en fete et en delire


# Suffoquant sous le soleil et sous la joie


# Et j'entends dans la musique les cris, les rires


# Qui eclatent et rebondissent autour de moi


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Nous entraine # L'un contre l'autre


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Nous entraine # L'un contre l'autre


# Et perdue parmi ces gens qui me bousculent


I am Simon Brotherton and Kevin Cockburn is in the commentary box


alongside me in my say. Poland's goalkeeper, Lukasz Fabianski of


Swansea has only conceded one goal with a solid defence playing in


front of him this evening. Krychowiak's performances have


caught the eye of Paris Saint Jermaine. But Poland have yet to


find their groove in front of goal with only one between them so far.


Two men who could have a very significant role in the outcome of


this game, the two captains, Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert


Lewandowski. The referee took charge of the England versus Wales game


earlier in the Championship. Portugal's goalkeeper Rui Patricio


did not have a shot to save in the last game against Croatia. Raphael


Guerreiro is injured. Jose Fonte keeps his place in the starting XI.


Renato Sanches, the much talked about 18-year-old stars in the game


and the attack is led by Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo who is one goal


short of equalling the all-time record of nine at the finals held by


Michel Platini. We will have a moment of applause in


memory of the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attack in Turkey. And in


memory of the victims of other attacks which have occurred during


the Uefa Euro 2016 finals. The final checks are being made by


the referee here at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille. Let the


quarterfinals begin. And it is Poland or in white who get us under


way against Portugal. Kevin kill than is alongside me in the


commentary box. A hard one to call. Yes, it is, particularly seeing that


Poland got through their group with relative ease. It was not the case


with Portugal. It is a difficult one to call. 50-50 in any sense of the


way. It has been a solid defence from Poland so far. Meanwhile Kamil


Glik has had a ban on the nose. No major damage done. He is made of


tough stuff, the Turin defender. He will be signing for Monaco after the


conclusion of these championships. Poland are not simply a defensive


outfit. No, that is not the case. Robert Lewandowski has scored inside


two minutes. The captain deliveries in the big game for Poland. They


have waited a while for a goal on this particular European stage.


Robert Lewandowski fires Poland ahead early in my say. -- my say.


And that is the first goal he has scored at the European Championships


since the opening match four years ago in Warsaw. Cedric gets caught


under the posts. It is poor defending from Cedric. Lewandowski


just hold back away from Thursday Fonte and Pepe and gets himself in a


great position. That is as good a finish that you will see from


Lewandowski. What a start for Poland. What start to the match and


Lewandowski, his first goal of European Championship, but he has


hardly had any chances at all given the way the matches have panned out.


More of them have fallen to Milik. It will do him the world of good,


but you can see the class that Lewandowski possesses with that


finish. To guide the ball away from the goalkeeper, excellent. The last


time I saw Portugal, they waited the end of two hours to get a shot on


target. It ended up in the back of the net as well, but Portugal have


to come out and play now. That is Ronaldo on the deck. The one thing


Poland did against Switzerland is they sat back after going in front,


but they cannot do that against this Portuguese side.


William is a man mountain. Not the best technically going forward I


feel. That was Mario stretching, trying to reach the ball. Fabianski


did not start the first game. Boy checks as Chesney did. But I think


Fabianski has played very well. He has had an excellent tournament.


One thing that is noticeable with Jose Fonte coming in, the midfield


is keeping them organised. A word from the German referee.


That was Pazdan with a decisive challenge on Adrien Silva.


A positive response from Portugal, looking to get Nani and Ronaldo into


the game. Passing forward quickly. It is a very solid record to have


made the last eight in six European Championships in a row. Portugal


have been in every single quarterfinal since Euro 96. Some are


wondering why they have not gone on to win it with the quality players


they have had over the last five or six years.


That will be a weight of Lewandowski's shoulders. Yes, it


will. His all-round game has been very good. He has held up the ball


very good and he has allowed other players to work around him, but you


need a goal, yes. They have been doubling up and tripling up on him,


he has been getting kicked here and there, but he has created


opportunities for those around him. Pepe will need to be careful because


he is one of the players on a yellow card. Along with William four


Portugal. Also several of the Polish players are all on a yellow and they


would miss the semifinals if they weren't to go through.


Blaszczykowski scored a cracker of a goal against Ukraine. We know how


good he is. He has been finding his way back after an injury a few years


ago. The Polish are a very hard-working side. They have got


technical ability, but it is the work rate that they have got off the


ball that allows the players to progress from that.


No wonder Portugal are keen to get on with it.


Ronaldo has not quite come into the tournament. He was excellent in the


game against Hungary. In that last game against Croatia he had very


little chances. No strikes on target. Very low-key from Ronaldo in


this tournament. Raphael Guerreiro played very well


in the last game. I was impressed with him.


Fired in from Nani and Fabianski with all the time in the world to


watch it drop from the sky. Excellent from Sanches. Ronaldo was


also clever enough to buy a bit of space in the area. Ronaldo looks


more switched on tonight than he did against Croatia where he hardly had


a touch on the ball. He was anonymous and I cannot remember the


last time you can say that about Ronaldo. He is bang on it tonight.


He looks sharp and bright. Hopefully for us this is a good sign of things


to come this evening. Jose Bove on pay and Cedric have got


a new club manager in place now, a Frenchman. Krychowiak is the player


who dictates play for Poland going forward. He dictate the tempo of the


play. He has been superb at this Championship. I thought he was


superb in the Europa League final against Liverpool. He had an


outstanding second-half in that match. He has got plenty of


experience of playing in France. Portugal are looking lively in


response. Yes, Cedric is getting forward, they are prepared to take


chances. I felt he could have gone into the penalty area before looking


to find Ronaldo with that pass. 33rd match at the European


Championship finals four Portugal. No other team has played more than


Portugal at the championships without having lifted the trophy at


some point. So close, when they hosted it in 2004. Semifinalists


four years ago as well. That was poor defending.


There was a Fonte joining Pepe inside the Polish penalty area. That


was a little loose. A flag is up on the near side.


There is the man who scored the goal that separates the two teams. It did


not take him long to get up to speed. When you look at it it was


poor defending, total misjudgement from Cedric. But Grosicki has the


awareness of Lewandowski's position. Lewandowski has got a taste for it


now. He finds Milik and Milik really has


a taste for it. Well read from Krychowiak initially to find Milik.


He gets a strike on early, just off target. It is his positions that he


takes up, he is an excellent reader of the game. I mentioned he dictated


play before, but he is a great player. He went down straightaway.


The referee was quick with the whistle. The first free kick of what


will probably be several from Cristiano Ronaldo. With little


success it has to be said. We are looking for the man to step up at


some stage. We see lots of stats and one of them tells us that Cristiano


Ronaldo has had 40 direct free cakes at major tournaments for Portugal


and he has not managed to score with any of them and he has not managed


to score with 41 now. Lewandowski with the shot. The


goalkeeper was right behind it. That is super play. Initially for Milik


down the right-hand side, but Lewandowski just held up. It was a


decent enough strike. Good play, brilliantly done, but


again that White wall was lying in wait.


He did neither one thing nor the other, Grosicki. It was great


hold-up play from Lewandowski, but there was no real support. When you


see the impact that was it you can have as a key contributing attacker


for Poland will stop I have seen him being linked with Everton. He is


having an excellent tournament. His style would suit the Premier League.


He has got pace and power and he is a real up and down. If Everton can


get him, it will be an excellent signing for them.


Look at the space he has to run into. Lewandowski did well to


control the ball. Away from the boot of Eliseu and Ronaldo is down


easily. I like the way referees have tried to keep the game moving. I


think it is exciting when you see a few challenges being put in. So


often, you see referees killing the flow of the match. By and large, the


referees have been outstanding. Very little big mistakes that have been


made. 20 minutes in. Portugal have had


more of the play. Poland with the goal. And the threat on the break.


Every player is willing to play for each other. When a player leaves his


position, another will fill his gap. Poland work well as a unit. In


Lewandowski they have a real leader. More than anything, you describe


them as a very hard-working team. And it's why they play the basic


football they are singing off the same sheet. Everybody knows their


role in the side. Milik now! Turning aside, but Pepe a ball to turn the


ball aside. That is the aerial threat from Lewandowski. Pepe does


well to block the strike in the end. They are so good on the


counterattack, Poland, with the pace and power they've gotten that side,


difficult to stop. Beautiful play, this is sensational.


And, in the end, Grosicki couldn't find his team-mate in the centre to


finish off what would have been a truly wonderful goal. Wonder goal


that would have been! That was excellent from Poland. Portugal


couldn't get near them. One touch passing. Superb to watch. When


Grosicki gets in that position, could he take the strike instead of


pulling the ball back for Grosicki? Build-up of the highest quality from


Poland. Poland looking good here. Pepe again


called on in the centre. They will need all his experience this evening


by the looks of things. Didn't quite pick up the flight of that ball from


Milik. Right on top now, Poland, played some excellent football. A


quarter of the way through the match now. Poland on the front foot here.


Superb play by Piszczek. The right back.


Here is the move from a moment or two ago. I think Grosicki could have


gone for gold because his first touch gets away from him, then he


has to go for the ball back. If he sets himself perfectly, he can go


across Rui Patricio and take on the strike himself.


Nani scored a couple of goals in France in the group stages.


Sanches sense the break, and Maczynski got on the wrong side of


him. Sanches came on the second half in the games before tonight. He's


been given this opportunity. Two months older than Marcus Rashford,


the 18-year-old. He is a player that carries the ball as well. He is


prepared to passport but also carry 30-50 yards, which is what Portugal


lacked in the first few games when, certainly in the starting XI...


Meteoric rise to someone who made their debut last year and is now


moving to Bayern Munich in the summer.


That's the thing about Poland. Once they don't have possession, when


they are in 4-2-2... Serious lack of movement in the penalty area. They


were looking for Joao Mario to try to stretch the full-back,


Jedrzejczyk, but that was poor from Portugal in that position. Hajek and


hopeful from Fonte. Pretty quiet for Fabianski in Poland's goal. Hasn't


really been tested so far. No, not at all. It has been Portugal's


tournament. They haven't tested the oppositions' goalkeepers.


Very soft free kick. Going Poland's way.


Piszczek, slow on the uptake, but Nani was on. In towards Ronaldo with


a chance to shoot! First save required from Fabianski but, in the


end, it was routine for the goalkeeper. Could one outer have


picked out Joao Mario? I don't think there's any sort of chance in that


position Ronaldo isn't taking the strike on. It is a deliberate under


his feet. Big night for Rinaldo because he will have seen his great


rival Messi come off in the Copa America, and although Portugal and


the red-hot favourites, in terms of his career, this is likely to be the


best chance he will get to win some silverware. When you get to the


stage of the tournament, you can feel it. They fancy their chances


against Poland. We felt it is a 50-50 game but it is a big chance to


progress. And win a major tournament and get one up on his main rival.


Long way to go in this game. Just over an hour remaining of the 90


minutes. Nani is training with Fenerbahce


these days in Turkey. Patient play from Portugal. Towards


Ronaldo! And Portugal claiming they should get a penalty kick from that


challenge from Pazdan. The referee isn't having any of it. It is a


clear file from Pazdan. He knows Rinaldo is the wrong side of him.


That is a clear penalty and it is a poor decision from the referee.


Poland got away with one first. You have to see the officials, there is


a system behind the goal. See, I think the referee was in a decent


position. Absolutely. 19 to the dozen trying to get the


better of Cedric. That was much less of a foul than the last one. Didn't


need to make any contact, Grosicki. Why barge over? Ronaldo should have


had a penalty at the other end. Sanches. Portugal probing, starting


to threaten. Again, it doesn't reach Rinaldo. Glik gets his head on the


ball. Ronaldo is a little bit on his heels. He could have attacked the


ball, made a challenge against Glik. Sanches is a little heavy footed


with that. You still get the impression there


is plenty more to come from him, not the finished product, is he?


Exactly. I know Bayern Munich have spent a lot of money on him but he


still has the next two or three seasons to become more relevant.


Fonte gets the free kick. Sanches with Cedric just outside.


Takes the return, shoots, and Portugal are level. Sanches finds


the corner of the net! And the 18-year-old has his country in


raptures. They are backing this quarterfinal. -- back in. The coach


put him in the starting XI at last, and the decision has been more than


vindicated. Well, Poland are a little static but take nothing away


from Sanches. Excellent touch from Nani, but once Sanches sees the eyes


of Nani, he plays it in straightaway, immediately on the


move. A little slow to react, the Polish players. Maczynski tries to


get out, slight deflection on the strike, but the goalkeeper had no


chance. Very good response from Portugal after going behind. It is a


super finish. What a time and what an occasion to school your first


goal for your country. Yes, tremendous. We have a real game on


our hands here. It looked too close to call before the kick-off. I think


on the balance of play, you'd say Portugal deserved to have something


from this first half. Just pressing the buttons. Just going into another


gear. I felt they should have had a penalty, deserved the penalty. On


the balance of play, probably is right. Stretch from Carvalho, and


acronym back to his goalkeeper. -- Pepe. Good intensity to this one. We


see how Portugal were lacking intensity in the last game. Has been


a better response, more time to recover as well, has helped them.


Only the second goal Poland have conceded in France in this


championship. It is their turn to respond but Jedrzejczyk not able to


keep the ball in play. Cedric started the last game and kept his


place for this one. Lewandowski, held up by Carvalho but


still able to work it out via Krychowiak over to Piszczek.


It takes a little deflection! Putting the goalkeeper under


pressure, still not cleared! Ronaldo ends up on the deck after that


challenge from Krychowiak. We keep saying Poland are a real


threat on the counterattack themselves. An excellent ball from


Glik. Wasn't great goalkeeping from Rui Patricio. That is a threat they


carry, and it was a heavy challenge from Krychowiak. This is the strike,


deflecting off Cedric. Wasn't the most orthodox of goalkeeping. He did


flap rather, Rui Patricio. If you have to punch it, get a good fist of


it. That is a simple ball to catch. Just catch it to.


Blaszczykowski has been playing his football in Florentine on loan from


Dortmund. He has got a little tangled up in with Joao Mario. I


don't know why it Joao Mario is making the challenge. Blaszczykowski


is going away from goal, he is no threat, they have four bodies around


him. This is a real chance now for Poland.


That's another free kick from the referee. Clear foul on Pepe. That is


what you want on the striker, he's made the right run, Nani, does he


take the touch all a tough? As soon as he lays it off, it frees up


Sanches, and it is a good strike. Not too sure if he's going for gold


where, Eliseu. Well dealt with in the end but it provides another


chance for Portugal. Piszczek wasn't quick enough. It was stooping out of


the way. Fonte is heading towards the far post and it just gets away


from the Southampton defender. Milik is happy to let it roll out of play.


Haven't seen the best of him, Milik, in these championships. He has


scored many goals for Ajax. And Dennis Bergkamp has spoken highly of


his talents. Had great chances against Germany in their second


match. Potentially would have beaten the world champions in that game, it


was 0-0 win that game. Inside the last five minutes of the


first half. The Portuguese fans in the crowd are


trying to lift their team. Nani waits in the middle. Ronaldo


directing operations. Nani trying to control, and also


trying to win a free kick. Poland attempting to break. That was an


untidy tangle on the halfway line between Jedrzejczyk, and Cedric, and


he gets the yellow card, Jedrzejczyk, said he would miss the


semifinal, should they get through. He knows he is a breakaway,


Jedrzejczyk. He feels as though he has no option.


Jedrzejczyk will need to be careful here. Nani. And Cedric, who has


already put in a couple of decent deliveries in this game. That was


good play from Sanches. It off a little bit more than he could chew,


ultimately. He has real ability, doesn't he? That little not to make.


Milik got himself back into position but he didn't need to be so hasty on


the Challenger on Milik. He's doing nowhere. All he can do is give the


ball back, Milik. First little showboat of the


evening. He likes watching that, too, on the big screen!


He has to use the options to his right hand side, Nani. Never really


set to take the strike on. So, first half largely devoid of


stoppages. One minute of stoppage time at the end of this first half.


It has been sporadic from Poland but it is a dangerous looking threat in


the final third from them at times. Grosicki. Mac Jedrzejczyk! That was


a timely block from Pepe. Just lack quality at times.


Excellent work from Grosicki again but could he do better? Once you get


in that position, Jedrzejczyk has to do better, picking out his


team-mate. Poland looking as though they do not


want to do anything daft in the final seconds before the break. One


minute of added time just starting now. They have been a little bit on


the back foot since that goal. He is going to take it all the way back to


Fabianski. Just 30 seconds or so remaining before the half-time


whistle. It will be a goal kick for Rui


Patricio. The referee from Germany has not had too much to do in this


first half, but there was one big call, the challenge of Pazdan on


Cristiano Ronaldo. I think he got that one wrong. His assistants were


in good positions I felt. I good game, finely balanced and we are no


nearer to discovering who will go through to play in the semifinals.


Lewandowski with a goal in the second minute of the game, but


Portugal working hard to get back in the game and Renato Sanches with the


equalising goal after 33 minutes. At the break in Marseille it is 1-1.


So, will we have a winner over the next 45 minutes or will another half


an hour be required after that? Who knows, the drama of penalty kicks.


Finely balanced, a good game, played in a great setting as Portugal get


us under way in the second half. No changes made by either manager at


half-time. I think Portugal finished the first


half the rather more positive of the two. Yes, I think that is true.


Poland retreated a little bit early and they allowed the pressure to


gather. They allowed the pressure to mount upon them by sitting too deep.


Pazdan is hobbling around a little. Kamil Glik has been busy,


impressively solid so far in the match.


Switching the play, but only found the head of Cedric.


But Poland still on the front foot. A slight misunderstanding with his


long-time club colleague. Krychowiak drops right back among


the defenders when they are in possession.


He is urging his team-mates to move a little further forward.


Poland are looking to get back into their stride a little having been


pegged back by Portugal late in the first half.


Portugal's defence is holding firm. Into the centre towards Lewandowski.


It is another excellent cross from the right-hand side, Piszczek put in


an ball once again. Cedric did well because it was difficult for


Lewandowski to get any power on. Cedric was just leaning in and put


Lewandowski off. Portugal are looking to reach the semifinals for


the fifth time in seven appearances. Quite an extraordinary record. But


also the fact the country have never actually gone on to win the European


Championships. Not yet anyway. This is the third encounter between


the nations at a major finals. Poland won 1-0 at the World Cup in


1996. Piszczek was penalised for that


challenge on man, but there was not much in it.


Renato Sanches is a bright spark in that Portuguese midfield, not just


because of the goal, but the way he has played. That was floated in


almost onto the head of Ronaldo. Sanches has been excellent. He


started on the right-hand side, but he is always prepared to come in and


be creative, just like he did with the goal.


Adrien Silva did not make the most of that. So often I have seen


Portugal look to get Ronaldo on the ball and it is far too early and


they choose the wrong passes to get him on the ball.


It was easy for Fabianski. It is a better break. Ronaldo freed up


Sanches out wide. Poland are now on the move with Lewandowski who has


come out wide on to this nearside. Have Poland got the craft and the


guile to go on and win this match. Before this they had only scored


three goals in cuatro matches -- four matches. They need to start


opening up their creativity. The threat from Poland is coming in on


the counterattack. They are trying to make Portugal forced the issue.


But when Portugal drop a little bit deeper, they find it difficult to


find that creative spark in that side.


After the competitive intensity of the first half at the moment since


the restart of the second they are like two boxers who are eyeing each


other up in the middle of the ring. A serious lack of intensity in this


half tonight. The flag was up straightaway. Renato


Sanches is a lucky boy. He switched off totally and allowed Jedrzejczyk


to run off him. Poland will have to do something


that they have never managed to do before, School more than one goal in


the major European final. Ronaldo snatched at that one on an


angle that was closing all the time. It was a great move. He has got to


go across goal. Mario made such a long, bursting run to get into that


position. It never troubled Fabianski from that angle.


A lot of Poland's play is going through Krychowiak, who is


constantly barking at his team-mate in this second half.


That he wins a corner kick. He just delays it. It was an excellent touch


from Milik to free him up and down the right.


Pepe was caught in getting it away and Portugal will have a free kick.


Pepe is back on his feet. Rui Berthoud


will get it up and running. We have not seen so much of Nani. He has not


had a serious impact on the match over all. In terms of the general


play he is a little quieter. Now perhaps the chance for Portugal


to break. Ronaldo is over on the far side.


Poland have plenty back behind the ball. A deflection and very


straightforward for Fabianski. Again he had a better option there,


Eliseu. Play wide to Mario. I thought he committed a foul,


Eliseu, but it has gone the other way.


Once he gets the ball he feels a slight hand and he tries to put his


leg around Piszczek. He has fouled him, hasn't he? It is baffling. It


is more the reaction of Eliseu who has gone over, it has conned the


referee. A good intervention once more from


Pepe. It was another excellent break with William Carvalho and Nani


involved. Half an hour to go, very finely


balanced. It will be a throw for Cedric of


Portugal. Grosicki is being kept in the side by the national team


manager for this game. Grosicki plays his football in France.


Mario with a brewer bought in towards Nani. Good movement again


from Nani, but that is a big chance for Cristiano Ronaldo. With a pool


ball in towards Nani. Portugal look the most threatening


going forwards. Ronaldo has had a better game today without having had


too many chances overall. Don't forget, Kevin, they have got players


like Ricardo Quaresma who they can bring on as well who has made a


great impact in other matches. Krychowiak covered an awful lot of


ground and then he conceded a free kick. He was a bit unlucky. Pepe


just checks his run a little bit and once he feels the contact he will


always go over. He knows what he is doing. But Krychowiak is impressive.


Ronaldo is in space outside the area. Cedric joins in. He sends that


one flashing right across the face of the goal. How close was it? It


was a brilliant break. It was struck well enough. Fabianski was beaten,


diving to his right hand side. He is quite happy to see it go past his


post. Nearly 20 minutes into this second


half. Neither side able to really assert any authority on this


quarterfinal tie. Ronaldo cannot move an inch before


Kamil Glik is on to him. And Kamil Glik gets a yellow card. It is his


first of the Championship. It would not affect his potential


participation in the semifinals should he get there. Ronaldo is


clever, he sees him coming out of the corner of his eye. Once Kamil


Glik is committed there is only one outcome.


Kyvat Ho was voted the best player of the tournament at the previous


U21 Championship. It is the second start for Eliseu today. Fernando


Santos was the coach of Greece four years ago.


Jose Fonte is watching the every move of Lewandowski and sticking


close to him. Nani with goals against Iceland and


Hungary in the group stage. Enough to set up the equaliser today.


Just to the wrong side of Lewandowski. Could he have taken on


the strike on again? Grosicki is in a good position. Could he have taken


the strike? On his right foot? Renato Sanches in vain trying to


make an interception. This is good play! Excellent save by


Rui Patricio. Excellent passage of play. Jedrzejczyk is in a different


position, he does well to hook it back across goal. It is a movement


of Milik getting across Pepe. Pepe takes the power out of the strike


with the challenge, comfortable save down to his left, Rui Patricio. He


had plenty of time to drop down on the ball. Now Portugal are on the


attack. Just behind for a corner. Usual suspects in the penalty area.


Away comes Blaszczykowski. Has he chosen the right way? Adrien Silva,


did he foul? Now it is with Lewandowski, the referee will come


back and have a look at that as Lewandowski can't find a team-mate


inside the penalty area. Good interception by Piszczek, and


sliding in is Joao Mario. And Dr Felix Brych, the referee, is going


to perhaps have a word or two. Yes, he is, and it'll be a yellow card


for Adrien Silva. I think the referee missed it, the assistant


spotted it. He alerted the referee. 20 minutes to go of the 90. We're


looking for one big moment, and tweak? Lewandowski has been banged


on the side of the head. Cedric cannot find Nani in the


centre once more. Portugal with time in possession,


Poland sitting back. Adrien Silva can't break clear from


Piszczek. Pazdan keeping very close tabs on Ronaldo. Which she clearly


didn't like very much. No, he didn't. The one in the first half


was a clear foul, should have been a penalty. Pazdan shepherds Ronaldo


away. Portugal are preparing to make a change. Free kick. We may have


that change now. Joao Moutinho is going to come on. 88th cap. There is


the foul by Grosicki. And Joao Moutinho... Gets the call. Renato


Sanches having a word with the manager, and Adrien Silva is the


player to go off, and the man who had his name taken just a couple of


minutes ago. So, Adrien Silva started the last couple of matches.


He is off and with 17 minutes to go, Joao Moutinho, passed a experienced,


he has played in Monaco, left out against Croatia, on at half-time


against Hungary, but on the business end of this game. It is a good


return for him because he's has been struggling with injury. He will keep


the side ticking over. He can pick out passes as well. He has been


struck with an ankle injury for the last couple of months.


Involved quickly at the heart of things for Portugal, Joao Moutinho.


Eliseu, well forward and out of possession now. Ball hadn't gone out


of Blaszczykowski. Grosicki looked for a chance but


didn't come Oakley close to finding the net, never mind testing the


goalkeeper. It was a poor end to a positive break. Blaszczykowski and


Piszczek getting beyond the Portuguese players but that is a


poor effort by Grosicki. Krychowiak will win headers all day


long. 15 minutes to go of the 19. Can somebody prize this game open?


The first two passes that move were great. Yes, super touch from


Ronaldo, and Joao Moutinho. He is starting to dictate play, picking


out but passes from midfield. He has hit the ground running, hasn't he?


Yes. Some frustrating moments for them,


Portugal. I think he is in a great position, Joao Moutinho, why not get


the touch and get to run out? He's too hasty to get the ball in and


choosing the wrong option, time time again.


Piszczek was able to stick his foot in and reclaim possession for


Poland, perhaps only momentarily. Lewandowski tussling with Carvalho


for it. Rui Patricio, it is his 50th cap


today. A lot of the play from Portugal


going straightaway through Joao Moutinho. Joao Mario wins the


corner. You can sense the tension in the air


inside the stadium. The spectators and nervous, caution is the


overpowering emotion for many of the players. Pepe is up for this one!


Straight at the goalkeeper. Better corner, better set delivery. If


there was any sort of better direction, the goalkeeper is beaten


but fortunately for Fabianski, it is straight at him. He certainly hit it


firmly enough. Yes, great power. Lewandowski makes his move into the


middle of the penalty area... It is a goal kick. Better from Cedric.


Certainly the start of the game when he was overrun at the beginning, he


has settled very well and he has done very well up against Grosicki.


Joao Mario is the player being replaced. And if ever there was an


impact substitute Sunny in the last couple of games, it has been


Quaresma, who headed in the winner for Croatia late in extra time. And


also with his first touch against Hungary, provided the delivery from


the left-hand side from which Ronaldo headed home and equalising


goal. He has got technical ability, gifted footballer. He might not be


able to last 90 minutes at times but when he comes on, he has the


ability. Renato Sanches! They just can't get the ball off him


even though they are doubling up. Finally Poland push forward.


Interception by Pepe! That deflection from Jedrzejczyk


sliding in almost put it into the corner of the net. If it comes


beyond Jedrzejczyk, you would fancy Ronaldo. Pepe has excellent


awareness. Jedrzejczyk, he is so fortunate. He is the most relieved


man I've seen in a long time. Quaresma, clearly didn't know his


own strength. Pepe blocking off Krychowiak so it couldn't get into


his player. Another substitution. Kapustka, the 19-year-old, is going


to come on and replace Grosicki. Same role, like-for-like in that


sense. Grosicki made an instant impact in the game in the second


minute providing the delivery from which a Mac scored but, you could


argue, as time has gone by, he has been less and less effective. Cedric


has done a very good job on him, the Portugal right back. Logical


substitution. The youngster gives them something different. Some


talent, cemetery expected from him in the future as well. -- so much


talent, so much expected from him. He is one of Poland's stars of the


future. He could accelerate that with a great performance tonight.


Nobody wanting to make a mistake, nobody looking to take the


initiative. Nervousness around the stadium, nervousness on the pitch.


So difficult for anyone to step up and make an impact on the game.


There are players out there who can change the course of the game in an


instant. There is a lot of talent out there


today, if they can harness it properly. It'll be a throw to


Portugal. Ronaldo, two goals at previous


knockout tournaments before tonight. The ball is heaved into the penalty


area, far too close to the goalkeeper. Joao Moutinho is in a


great position, Cedric had a difficult cross.


Inside the last six minutes here. Too many chances in the second half.


Lewandowski, no chance he will catch up with that. Yes, they've gone back


into their mould a little bit, Poland, sitting deep, allowing


pressure to mount, hitting Portugal on the counterattack.


Renato Sanches, the scorer of the equalising goal in the first half.


Flag stays down, could be a chance to Ronaldo! Goodness me. He doesn't


miss chances like that very often. It is superb movement, superb ball


from Joao Moutinho. What a chance for Cristiano Ronaldo to take the


game, take his team through to the next round! Total mis-hit. You can


see his body language, looking at the ground, cannot believe it. Many


things have not gone his way this evening. He has had two or three


glorious opportunities tonight. No better than that. This time, the


ball doesn't find him at all. Blaszczykowski, a player more than


capable of coming up with something. We saw that with Ukraine.


We are in the last three minutes of the 19 now. -- 90. It looks resigned


to extra time. It certainly looks that way.


Again, Ronaldo waits. Again, the central defender gets there first.


Milik will be penalised for that challenge. That was on Joao


Moutinho. Well, Milik looked to me like his eyes are firmly on the


ball. That yellow card was being waved at Kapustka! I think the


referee is indicating it is an incident back up the pitch. It is


Kapustka that is booked. He hasn't been on the pitch very long.


Yes, that is the yellow card. He can't have any complaints about


that. No, he captures Nani quite badly.


Let's have a look at this incident once more. It's one of those. He


leads with his arm, he just captures Joao Moutinho with his elbow. You


have to raise your arm when you jump. He felt very sharply with


that. Here is that chance for Cristiano Ronaldo. What a chance!


What a chance. He has been frustrated at times tonight. That is


his big moment. A similar sort of chance against Iceland, actually,


where he spun away from the defender in a similar sort of situation and


fluffed that one as well. Just over 30 seconds remaining of


this 90 minute 's. The flag goes up on the far side anyway. No


indication as of yet how much added time we are going to have. Clearly


offside. Waiting for the board, which will go


up in the next couple of seconds. Three minutes. Minimum added time.


This is the first quarterfinal at Euro 2016.


Someone might have a chance between now and the end of regulation time.


Turning into trouble in the shape of Renato Sanches.


Renato Sanches is calling out for the ball and is now in possession.


Portugal are content to I'd their time here. To try to pick their


moment. It is a throw in. Too slow, not moving the ball quick enough.


Eliseu is marked, that is easy for Piszczek.


He was hauled back there by Carvalho, a cynical piece of play.


Carvalho would miss the semifinal. That is an easy one, isn't it?


This might be the last chance for Poland, perhaps. Still thinking


about extra time. Rui Patricio hasn't been tested for


a little while in this game, is it about to change? The answer is most


definitely no. Difficult header. The second half was very different


to the first in terms of the way the game was played. The approach to the


match of both sides. Most definitely different. An edgy half. Neither


side has taken the real initiative in the match. Both teams went to


extra time in the last 16 and both will have to do the same in the


quarterfinals. 1-1 after 90 minutes. Lewandowski giving Poland a


blistering start with a goal in the second minute of the game. Renato


Sanches with an equaliser before the end of first time, but an edgy


second-half means we will have extra time, and who knows, maybe penalties


after that. At the end of full-time it is 1-1.


Another long day at the office for both of these sides. It is the


second time in the knockout stages already is the first period of extra


time gets under way. What is interesting here is that Portugal


have not won a match in 90 minutes. That is in this Championship. Yet


they could be a semifinalist by the end of the evening. They did not win


a group game. They level 0-0 with Croatia after 90 minutes. They have


not been fluent, it has not been great to watch, but they are still


in it. Ronaldo almost in there about four


yards out. That is another one. Cristiano Ronaldo made up a lot of


ground. A brilliant ball from Eliseu.


In an excellent block from Blaszczykowski.


William always takes his time in possession.


Well covered from Pazdan. Pazdan and Kamil Glik do not mess around. That


is as good as anything he has had tonight. You expect him to score.


Again it is Sanches switching off and allowing Piszczek to run away


from him. We saw it in the first half.


Poland in their first European quarterfinal. He just lingered in


possession long enough. He is a good footballer, Krychowiak.


It looks like he could have a goal in him as well. He is a tremendous


footballer. We are almost five minutes into the


first period of extra time. Still Ronaldo and Nani wait in the middle.


We are going to see a change for Portugal. Dan Neil will come on. He


will come off the bench for the third match in a row. It is William


who is being replaced now. William, who has had his name taken by the


referee already, is replaced by another holding midfield player. I


think he is technically a better footballer than William. It will be


easier for him to pick the passes out. He is quite pacey as well. His


job primarily will be to try to break the play up and get them going


forward. He is a better passer of the ball than William. Portugal have


played all their cards now. Good movement to free a little bit


of space for Ronaldo. We are going to see a change for Poland.


He came off the bench in extra time against Switzerland in the last


game. He is a defensive midfield player and he has appeared in every


match so far. Portugal get the game moving once


more. The delivery was not bad. Bull. More frustration from Ronaldo


in there. That Nani has to take the header on. Ronaldo was lining


himself up for the strike. There was movement there from him to take


Pazdan away, to free up the chance for Quaresma.


Quaresma might have been a better option. There was a lack of movement


from Cristiano Ronaldo. For Quaresma it was an easy pass.


He almost inadvertently settled the game in the second half.


Sliding in and almost putting it in his own net. That would have been a


horrible way to lose. Milligan shoes. It was great


movement from Lewandowski. He frees up Milik. He went for power.


If you try and whip the ball, you have a better chance to get the


strike on target. Quaresma is calling out for the ball


on the near side of the field. Stalemate. Yes, very much so. A good


opportunity down the left with Eliseu freeing himself up, but there


was a lack of a telling cross. Fernando Santos, the coach of


Portugal, was quite animated down at the touchline a few minutes ago.


More animated than his players in the last few minutes!


The general direction of Ronaldo, even though he was always second


favourite to get to the ball. That was collected by Kapustka. A


foul. That was a superb break, an excellent ball from Lewandowski.


Pepe knows his position and he knows there are Poland players all around


him. Straight at Fabianski. Good play


initially from Nani. A comfortable save for Fabianski. Just like Jose


Fonte's header, straight at him. But if he had got power on it, Fabianski


would have been struggling. It was a good first half. It was very


exciting in the first half with really good spells in the match, but


the longer the game has progressed, it has got a little bit edgy. If you


were playing for either of these sides, would you be thinking, yes, I


will take penalties in this situation? I can understand the way


the game is going, you do not want to make the mistake at this stage,


you want to see it through. Croatia went for it late on and left


themselves open to the counterattack. I am sure these sides


are more than aware of that. You ask the question and the answer would be


yes, in this position. Lewandowski did not get the throw


that he was hoping for. We are in the last minute of the


first period of extra time. No hint of a goal. No, none at all, apart


from the Ronaldo chance at the beginning of extra time.


Unbeaten in their last 11 fixtures under Fernando Santos. All eight


winds whereby a single goal. One more go either way could well decide


this one, indeed if we do see another goal.


It is the end of the first period of extra time and we are still no


nearer to discovering who will go through to the last four. A first


period of extra time largely devoid of goal-scoring opportunities. Just


that half chance that fell to Cristiano Ronaldo right at the


start. But it got caught between his feet. This was a good game earlier


on this evening, but it is sometime ago now. Yes, I know. It has


progressively got worse from a spectator's point of view. Let's


hope that somebody tries to win the game. We do not just sleep walk


towards penalty kicks. We know what Blaszczykowski is


capable of. But it did not work that time. Slightly off-balance. He was


never really set. Can that man make a difference?


Portugal in both of their knockout matches so far have been, can we


take, somewhere short of scintillating. The game against


Croatia was the worst I can remember for a long time. So much hope and


expectancy going into the game, particularly Croatia went the way


they have been playing in the group. It certainly was a let down. It was


the first game in the championships since 1980 where neither side had a


shot on target in the first 90 minutes.


The deflection off Pepe will carry it behind for a corner and a chance


for Poland to put some pressure on Rui Patricio plasma gold for the


first time in a while. Milik with the former. Kamil Glik


was thinking about a header, but then he realised the ball was not


high enough. Everybody is back defending that penalty area for


Portugal. That is a surprisingly easy clearance. But Quaresma cannot


keep it in. The game continues to meander towards what would seem an


inevitable conclusion. Which is a shame after the first half we have.


We were expecting so much in this match. But it is understandable. You


do not want to take any risks and you do not want to end up costing


your side, particularly at this stage in a major tournament.


We have a spectator running on the pitch. He is rugby tackled to the


ground. Well, that is not what we want to see, but it has woken the


crowd up. He made a beeline for Cristiano Ronaldo. It will give the


players an opportunity to take some more fluids on board, which I am


sure they will be keen to do. I should think in the current


climate our friend who has run onto the pitch will be in even more


trouble than he might have been in in gentler times. The spectator is


being carted out of the ground and we can get on with the match now. It


could have been quite a scary moment for the players, let's be honest.


You could see Ronaldo himself he could see that man out of the corner


of his eye and he had that worried look. But it was an act of


stupidity. Let's try and get on with the game.


Five minutes gone in the second period of extra time.


And increasingly sterile spectacle this evening after a promising


beginning. From both teams as well. The way that Poland started the


match themselves. They were still a threat on the counterattack


throughout that half. Suddenly out of your picture there are dozens of


riot police wandering along behind the goal at the edge where the


spectators are. Headed behind for a corner. It was a


good break. It was a good position from Jedrzejczyk. It is a chance for


Pepe and Jose Fonte to get forward. They have been a threat in this game


from set pieces. Pepe had to stretch to keep it in the penalty area.


Portugal tried to break and the Neil Ohmae surely could not. But it was


right underneath the referee's knows. He knew exactly what he was


doing, it was a good break. Both Glik and Pazdan have been kept


on their toes this evening. Poland look as though they are


prepared to take their chances. With penalty kicks. There is no urgency


here at all, is there? Realistically, from 75 minutes


onwards, this was the pattern. Let's hope the other quarterfinals are


better than this one. Onto the head of Pepe, who gets it away. Poland


are now with a chance. Poland have the throw. Surely, somebody from


either side will get a chance between now and the end of extra


time? Harmlessly out of play. It was


Kapustka. It is a difficult cross for him to stand at up to the far


post, Kapustka. No real movement as well. Lewandowski only by the post.


Quite easy for Portugal to see through.


The ball in from Piszczek was a little bit too adventurous for


Blaszczykowski. Pepe saw it coming. Throw in for Poland. No, the other


way. There was a change of mind. Yes, there was, from the advice of


the assistant referee. The game is just being played in the middle


third. Very little in either final third of the pitch.


Fabianski not tested for quite awhile in this match well now.


What stodgy fare we have had in extra time.


Even Poland's coach looks lost for words!


We struggled to find too much to say, we hoped for some spark in the


match but there was none provided. Is there some late spark for Poland?


Not if Pepe has anything to say. He's done well for them today. And


he had to win the header as well. We are in the 118th minute of the game.


Renato Sanches, can he summon up some extra reserves of energy that


will take him towards the goal before Glik gets there? No.


Not interested in going over the halfway line, Blaszczykowski. Poland


look tired. Blaszczykowski is contented to see this through. And


this is the header that Pepe has to win because Lewandowski was coming


in behind him. A couple of minutes left in extra time and we are


heading for penalties. 30 minutes have offered nothing so


far. As a spectacle, it has been


absolutely awful at times. Absolutely dreadful. The longer it


has gone on, no one is willing to take that chance. Portugal have a


chance of being in the semifinals. They haven't won a single match in


90 minutes, the whole of the time they've been here!


Will we have some late drama in extra time? There was drama the


other day when Portugal took us into extra time against Croatia. Was not


as late as this. The last 30 seconds of extra time.


Who wants to win this? There could be a late chance here


for Poland! Potentially... Piszczek with the shot. That might be it. Dr


Felix Brych has had a little look at the watch. We have one minute of


added time in extra time. But from what we have seen, they could add


100 more minutes and it trouble believe would not change anything.


Yes, severe lack of urgency in the game, isn't there? Credit to Pepe,


first out, he has had a good game from Portugal's point of view.


If it is going to happen before penalty kicks, it has to happen now,


but it is off the head of Piszczek and out of play. A little look at


the watch from the referee. Portugal need to get the ball into the


penalty area now, surely! But the referee blows the final whistle.


Pounds of Torossian cask eight down from the stadium because after 120


minutes, we have ended level between Poland and Portugal, 1-1.


Lewandowski in the second minute, Renato Sanches in the 33rd. A match


which started so brightly and so strongly and so competitively slowly


slipped away. And, in the end, it turned into a turgid stalemate.


Here we go, then. Penalty kicks in Marseille. In the first


quarterfinal. They are going to take place at the


end of the ground where there are a large number of Polish spectators.


And it is they who are roaring and cheering loudly at that prospect.


Cristiano Ronaldo, having on previous occasions held softback to


take the decisive winning penalty, has put himself forward here. To put


his side on the road to victory by putting the first one in the.


So, Cristiano Ronaldo with the first penalty here in Marseille against


Fabianski of Swansea and Poland. Deafening whistles in his ears.


Didn't trouble Ronaldo! Slamming the ball home. 1-0, Portugal. Positive


start. Cristiano Ronaldo waiting for Fabianski to move before drilling it


the other way. Great start for Portugal.


So, now it is Lewandowski. The man who scored that goal so early in the


evening. He put his penalty away in the top corner against Switzerland.


What will he try and do here? Lewandowski against Rui Patricio,


completely different but the same result. Calm and composed.


Lewandowski again waits for the goalkeeper to move. Before stroking


it into the other corner. Same outcome, excellent penalty. And


Renato Sanches, who true Portugal level has put his hand up. That is


some responsibility. He has had an excellent game.


Decisive, firmly struck, confident, and in keeping with his performance


this evening. Yes, totally. Waiting for the goalkeeper to move. He's


gone the wrong way twice now, Fabianski. Milik will come up to


take the next one now for Poland. He scored his spot kick in the shoot


out the other day. Will he keep his nerve? Or will Rui Patricio have the


final say? This to make it 2-2. And that is


precisely what it is. Format good penalties so far. Milik, again,


waiting for Rui Patricio to move. Top-class penalty, calm and


composed. Joao Moutinho is going to come up and take the third one for


Portugal. He came off the bench. And Joao Moutinho sends Fabianski


the wrong way, another excellently taken spot kick. This is a


masterclass in penalty taking, isn't it? Goes early, Fabianski, and Joao


Moutinho/ set into the corner. Well, Glik is making the long walk. It


looks like he is walking into the dentist's, by the look on his face.


He thumped home his penalty against the Swiss the other day. Will he go


for the same strategy here? Well, he sent the ball at a fair


rate of not. Will the keeper guessed right? Again, the keeper going the


wrong way. He goes for power, Glik. Good penalty but it Rui Patricio


never getting anywhere near it. 3-3. Nani for Portugal. Nani, who scored


twice in regulation time. Not from the spot but from open play. Can he


add an important penalty here to put Portugal 4-3 up? Yes! Seven out of


seven between them these two sides. Seven out of seven, keeper diving


the other way. Composed, waiting for Fabianski to move first. Composure.


Blaszczykowski. Another one who took a kick and scored in the last 16.


First one missed! Saved by Rui Patricio! Blaszczykowski was the


hero the last time they played in this stadium with that wonderful


goal but that's left hand of Rui Patricio just gives Portugal the


advantage here now. Yes, he's well off his line, Rui Patricio. There's


no real conviction from Blaszczykowski. What a chance now


for Portugal. This is decisive. This is Quaresma's


moment for Portugal. He takes his time and he finds the back of the


net! And Portugal have done it on penalty kicks! They are through to


the semifinal! It is they who will be going to Lyon, and Poland are


going home. Only one penalty kick missed. Blaszczykowski's shot saved


by Rui Patricio! And Quaresma, who scored the winning goal in extra


time against Croatia in the last 16 scores the penalty that puts his


team through to the last four. And, suddenly, Cristiano Ronaldo has


forgotten all of the frustrations that he was feeling throughout the


evening. And Poland are left to reflect... On a near miss. Yes, so


close. Quaresma and Ronaldo finished it so well. I feel for


Blaszczykowski. I've been in that position, missing a penalty, and it


is a dreadful feeling. You want to get off the pitch as quickly as


possible but credit to Rui Patricio for saving the penalty and for


Quaresma for finishing it off. Well, Poland have taken nine penalties


here in shoot outs, in the knockout stages, and they've only missed one


of them. But it was that one that has cost them. At the end of the


match that started so well but, in the end, was very, very


disappointing. The penalties were decent, anyway. Portugal win 5-3 on


penalties after a 1-1 draw here in Marseille.


This is as good as it gets right here -


open roads, blue skies, one of history's most iconic muscle cars.


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