Highlights: Quarter-Final - Poland v Portugal Match of the Day

Highlights: Quarter-Final - Poland v Portugal

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Greetings from Paris where the Euro 2016 quarterfinals are under way. It


is Portugal against Poland, renowned up against Lewandowski. We have got


Danny Murphy and Dean Saunders in the studio. He is very excited as he


will be in the Wales camp shortly as they prepare for their game against


Belgium. But first to Marseille where it is Poland versus Portugal.


The big prize has remained out of reach for Portugal. In stark


contrast to Poland are in uncharted waters having never previously won a


match in the quarterfinals. Here they are in the last eight for the


first time. Both will rightly fancy their chances tonight. Poland's


goalkeeper, Lukasz Fabianski, has only conceded one goal with a solid


and unchanged defence playing in front of him this evening.


Blaszczykowski scored a great goal in the group match against Ukraine.


There is plenty of firepower up front with Lewandowski. Felix Brooke


is the referee denied. He took charge of the England versus Wales


game earlier in the Championship. Portugal's goalkeeper, Rui Patrizio,


did not have a shot to save against Croatia. Rafael Guerreiro is


injured. Jose Fonte keeps his place in the starting XI. Renato Sanches


starts the game having come off the bench in the last two and the attack


is there with Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo who is one goal short of the


record held by Michel Platini. Grosicki with the chance to run into


the defence and Lewandowski scores inside two minutes. The captain


deliveries in a big game for Poland. They have waited for a while Boro


goal in this particular European search, but Lewandowski fires Poland


in France in Marseille. That is the first goal he has scored at the


European Championships since the opening match four years ago in


Warsaw. It is poor defending from Cedric. But was it he gets his head


up and Lewandowski holds back and waits for him. He gets himself in a


great position. That is technically as good a finish as you will see


from Lewandowski. What a start for Poland. Portugal have had more of


the play. Poland with the goal and the threat on the break.


Lewandowski got the better Pepe. He had the shot, but the goalkeeper was


right it. It was a decent enough strike, but Rui Patrizio was on top


in that situation. Pepe was able to deflect the ball


behind. He looks a bit frustrated with a few of his team-mates.


In the end Grosicki could not find his team-mate in the centre to


finish of what could have been a wonderful goal. It would have been a


wonderful goal. It was excellent from Poland. One touch passing.


Ronaldo had a chance to shoot. The first save required from Lukasz


Fabianski. That in the end it was relatively routine. He did not quite


get hold of it, it was under his feet. Patient play from Portugal.


Portugal are claiming they should get a penalty kick for that


challenge from Pazdan. The referee is having none of it. It is a clear


foul from Pazdan. He is making no effort to win the ball. That is a


clear penalty. It is the poor decision from the referee. Jose


Fonte gets a free kick. Renato Sanches finds the corner of


the net. The 18-year-old has his country in raptures. They are back


in this quarterfinal. Fernando Santos, the coach, put him in the


starting XI at last. And the decision has been more than


vindicated. Poland are a little static, but take nothing away from


Renato Sanches. Once he sees the eyes of Nani and plays the past, he


is immediately on the move. The Polish players are a bit slow to


react. A slight deflection on the strike, but what a finish. Fabianski


had no chance. It has been a really good reaction from Portugal after


going behind. Portugal have never been able to score more than one


goal at the European Championship. Cedric sends that one flashing right


across the face of the goal. How close was it? It was struck well


enough. That was good play. An excellent


save by Rui Patricio. An excellent passage of play. Jedrzejczyk was in


a difficult position to be able to hook it back past the goal.


Really close to finding Ronaldo, but then it almost did not matter


because he almost took it past his own goalkeeper and into the corner


of the net. If it goes beyond Jedrzejczyk, you fancy Ronaldo.


That could have been a chance for Ronaldo. He does not miss chances


like that very often. Superb movement, a tremendous ball. That


was a chance and a half. Ronaldo almost in there about four


yards out. That is another one, he made up a lot of ground, Cristiano


Ronaldo. What stodgy fare we have had in


extra time. Is there time for one last attack? Portugal need to get


the ball in the penalty area now surely. But the referee blows the


final whistle. Cristiano Ronaldo, having on previous occasions held


himself back to take what could be the decisive winning penalty, has


put himself forward here to try and put his side on the road to victory


by putting the first one in against Fabianski from Swansea and Poland.


Deafening whistles in his ears. It did not trouble Ronaldo, slamming


the ball home. 1- 04 Portugal. A positive start. Ronaldo was waiting


for Fabianski to move before drilling it the other way. Now it is


Lewandowski, the man who scored that goal so early in the evening. He put


his penalty away into the top corner against Switzerland. What will he


try and do here? Completely different, but the same result. It


is calm and composed. Lewandowski again waits for Rui Patricio to


move. Renato Sanches, who drew Portugal level, a responsibility


here for the 18-year-old. He put his hand up. It is some responsibility.


In his first season of first-team football. Leading from the front for


his country at 18. Decisive, firmly struck, confident, and in keeping


with his performance this evening. Yes, totally. Fabianski has gone the


wrong way twice now. He scored his spot kick in the shoot out the other


day. Will he keep his nerve? Or will Rui Patricio have the final say?


This is to make it 2-2. That is precisely what it is. Four good


penalties so far. People going the wrong way. That is a top-class


penalty. This is the third 14 Portugal. He came off the bench.


And he sends Fabianski the wrong way. Another expertly taken spot


kick. This is a masterclass in penalty taking.


Hall via he looks like he is walking to the dentist, about to have a


tooth taken Kamil Glik, scored against


Switzerland, he has sent the ball at a fair old rate of knots into the


net and Rui Patricio will not get anywhere near it. Goalkeeper has


gone the wrong way. He has got some power.


3-3. Nani For Portugal. Scored twice in regulation time. Not from the


spot, but in open play, can he had an important penalty here, to put


Portugal 4-3 up. Yes, he can. Seven out of seven between them, these two


sides. Seven out of seven, goalkeeper diving the other way,


composed from Nani. Jakub Blaszczykowski. Another one who took


a kick and scored in the last 16. First one missed, saved by Rui


Patricio. Jakub Blaszczykowski Was the hero the last time they played


in this stadium, with a wonderful goal. That left hand of Rui Patricio


just gives Portugal the advantage here now. No real conviction from


Blaszczykowski Bob what a chance now Blaszczykowski Bob what a chance now


for Portugal. This is decisive. This is Quaresma's moment for Portugal.


Takes his time... He finds the back of the net. They have done it on


penalty kicks, through to the semifinals. It is Poland going home.


Only one penalty kick missed. Blaszczykowski's shot saved by Rui


Patricio, and Ricardo Quaresma, who scored the winning goal in extra


time against Croatia, in the last 16, scored the penalty that puts his


team through to the last four. Suddenly, Cristiano Ronaldo has


forgotten all of the frustrations that he was feeling throughout the


evening. Poland are left to reflect on a near miss. It was a match that


started so well but in the end was very disappointing. The penalties


were decent, Portugal win, 5-3, on penalties, after a 1-1 draw in


Marseille. STUDIO: Amazing statistics about the game: Poland


had not been behind for a single minute at this European


Championships, and Portugal still have not won a game in 90 minutes


and yet they are through. Did they deserve it?


Regarding the format there has been more positives than negatives, leave


it at that(!) but overall, the goal try to win the game more, they


pushed forward, had the better chances, I'm glad they are through,


they deserved it, always like to see the best team go through. They had


to come from behind, looking at the goals chronologically, first goal in


seven games for Robert Lewandowski. The positives and the negatives. He


has got off the mark, which is good. Guaranteed that this is straight off


the training ground. Cut the ball back, Robert Lewandowski points at


Milik. The right back, Cedric, he makes a misjudgement, but when this


happens, the central midfielder, which is where I played, you spot


danger, you have got to get back, you have got to sprint. Help the


centre halves, the gap is too big. Lewandowski, in a position, Ricardo


Carvalho does not sprint to get back, if he does, he will stop the


goal. That is just spotting danger. He did not start the game


particularly well but it was a super finish. From the Portuguese point of


view, the youngest player to score in the knockout stages of the Euros,


Renato Sanches, both of you impressed with the way that he


created the goal for himself. His goal from start to finish, free kick


given, switches on, does not knock off, finds space, for an


18-year-old, picks the ball up, drives at the Polish defence,


positive, 1-2 with Nani, great lay-off, first touch, perfect.


Quality strike. Good all day. From a defensive point of view,


it is a pause here that does it, watching the ball, ball watching,


you teach it when you are kids, semi-players still do it, it was


Kamil Grosicki. Too late, in the back of the net. Amazingly, I have


only ever played in all of my years with one coach that ever did a


session on how to stop give and gos, we keep picking them up but how do


you stop it, but Marc Bolland did it, every Friday, Dane with that --


day before a game, five or ten minute drill, give and go, and you,


the defender, not allowed to look at the ball, you would stop the man


with your arm. -- Mark Bowen. I do not remember one goal going in that


season from a give and go. You are not allowed to watch the ball. That


is the drill, only the man, you stand in his way. You are not


creating much, you just stand in the way, you are not creating a foul,


but so what, it stops a goal. For Poland, you have been impressed with


Krychowiak all tournament, is in the losing side, but he gets the rhythm


and the tempo right. Deserves a special mention, usually we talk


about his passing ability, his skill, his calmness on the ball, but


it was break-up play to night, spotting danger, on the front foot,


could have been 12, 13 examples, that I could have shown, this is


what I am talking about, spotting danger. Knowing when to go forward,


keeping position, very rarely does he go to ground, you never see him


diving in, getting done, strong in his use of the ball. Everything they


did come through, and look at that, nice and powerful, stays calm, plays


out from his team. Did this throughout the whole game. The ugly


side of the game, people call it, but the enjoys doing it, always


calm. Could have died in, Ronaldo, one of the best players, waits... He


will be devastated, he was the best player on the pitch this evening. --


could have dived in. Pepe was great, but from an elbow's point of view,


his team has made it this far but we have seen in nowhere near produce


the quality he produced for Real Madrid. He trying too hard, that's


desperate to win things with Portugal, it is not happening for


him, not striking the ball clean, lifting his head a little bit, that


is a penalty, great run into the box, how the referee does not give a


penalty for that... I don't know. And here again, makes a great run.


Not a good finish. For his ability. Movement in the box is good, takes


his eye off the ball again. Sometimes do that when you are


trying too hard, that pass is perfect, difficult finish, having a


lot of air shots. That means... He has looked at the keeper on that


one. And there are, took his eye off it again. I don't know why he is


looking. I agree with Dean, trying too hard, I never thought I would


say that about Ronaldo, but I was in with Rio and Thierry and they did


not quite agree but he is so desperate, he is snatching at


things. I do hope that is bad form continues... LAUGHTER


Poland, another team that could join the long list of teams that have not


gone for it and go home thinking, what could have been. I don't know


if they have the quality or the fitness... Speaking with Deano,


level of fitness does not seem good, in this tournament, I expect them to


be powerful and fit, with the time they have had to build up but once


again they were very negative. Should have gone home against the


Swiss. Sank back to their own box, they barely went up the field stop


we will hear from the Wales camp shortly, already packed for that,


but Vicente del Bosque has resigned as coach of Spain, two days after


they were knocked out by Italy, eight years in charge, led them to


their first ever World Cup triumph, 2010, winning the Euros in 2012,


that was a repeat of what they had done in 2008 under Louis 0-G honest.


Spain long gone, Wales Belgium who will face Portugal and we will bring


you again tomorrow on BBC One. Luis Aragones --. And a heavyweight clash


for you, Germany against Italy. -- Luis Aragones. Tomorrow night could


be a huge one for Wales, Chris Coleman's side could be through to


their first-ever semifinal at a major tournament if they win in


Lyon. COMMENTATOR: Another Wales win, and on they go. We said Wales


can't lose, not meant to get to the quarterfinals, but this is another


huge test. More pressure on each game that we go through, we are


fully focused on the next game. You either hide from the challenge, or


you stand up to it. Put yourself out there. It does not come from off the


pitch, team spirit, that is full steam spirit, it must come from on


the pitch. That is where this group get it from. We are a band of


Brothers, we trust each other so much, really. COMMENTATOR: Eden


Hazard... Absolutely brilliant! We know a lot about LGM, but it is all


about us, all about Wales, our preparation does not change. -- we


know a lot about Belgium. You can be naive, you get found out very


quickly, we cannot rest on our laurels and think that we have made


it, because as soon as you do that, then football will bite you in the


back. Belgium will not change what they do. If you are as good as


Belgium, why would you change? They play with imagination, they have


pace and power. We will defend with our lives, and when it is time to


attack, we will attack with our lives, and if we do that, Belgium


will be in for a hell of a game. There will be massive respect


between teams, we will have to perform at our very best to get a


result, we believe that we can, and if we can, then it will be right up


there with anything we have ever done. Tomorrow night, one of us will


be exiting the tournament, no second chances, no coming away with a draw.


There is no saying, that is OK, we live to fight another day.


Everything is on its tomorrow. You can feel how big a game it is, you


have worked with a lot of these players, do you feel they can deal


with this? And the expectation? No pressure on them, we have a system


that we played to and we play it a long time, attacking and defending,


that gives you confidence. They are delighted to be where they are.


Ashley Williams is back, how big a factor is that, after what happened


with the shoulder? Really important, I think perhaps the shoulder popped


out and went back in, did not think that he would be fit. He is like Mel


Gibson in lethal weapon, pops it back in, gets on with it! LAUGHTER


Could they be stretched at the back? This is the potential back four, 78


caps between them, but the vast majority is for Toby Alderweireld.


Yes, you could have the left and right back coming in for Jan


Vertonghen and Thomas Vermaelen, that really would be a blow for


them. With Gareth Bale going forward, that could be beneficial.


My slight concern, if Belgium play really well, that front three, I


think Wales will be in trouble, they need Belgium to have an off night.


The think Hungary made Belgium look good? Definitely a bit of that, to


open. -- do you think. The Welsh will have to have the game of their


lives, but why not. They will come at us, we must defend well. But we


will definitely get openings. Supremely confident, what a night it


promises to be tomorrow, if Wales can get past Belgian, they will face


Portugal in the last four. Dean loves it, look at his face, he loves


it! The night! -- good night. COMMENTATOR: Let the quarterfinals


begin... Robert Lewandowski scores inside two minutes. Ronaldo with a


chance to shoot. Portugal claiming they should get a penalty kick...


Takes the return... Portugal level. Renato Sanches. Milik almost in,


excellent save... This could be a chance for Ronaldo... Cristiano


Ronaldo with the first penalty here in Marseille... Sliding the ball


home. First one missed, and Portugal have done it on penalty kicks.


This is as good as it gets right here -


open roads, blue skies, one of history's most iconic muscle cars.


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