Match Replay: England v Iceland Match of the Day

Match Replay: England v Iceland

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Welcome to the for match reran of England versus Iceland. The prize is


France in Paris. My co-commentator is Martin Keown.


Tension, pressure, no slip-ups can be afforded. Roy Hodgson has


reverted to the England team that started the tournament and played so


well for so long against Russia. The difference is Daniel Sturridge in


for Lallana. The changes from the Slovakia team see the captain Wayne


Rooney and Harry Kane all come back in. Plus Raheem Sterling, and in


football and finance, Sterling has to perform better.


The referee is Slovenian. He's getting his third game at the


competition. He also handled three at Euro 2012, including income's 3-2


win against Sweden. Continuity is key for Iceland with


the co-coaches are green with fielding the same team as in all


their games so far. Gylfi Sigurdsson is the best-known player from the


England league. Johann Berg Gudmundsson's Charlton were


relegated from the Championship. It is a better team as a whole than


looked at as individuals. That was the key for success for some last


season. Huge expectation on England's


prospects. High hopes as regards Iceland. They have already delivered


at this tournament. England expects, and should, against


a nation at its first major competition punching


well above its weight and with a population equivalent to roughly


Leicester. Maybe that is one added reason for England not to be


complacent against the arctic Foxes. Martin Keown is with me to watch it,


hopefully enjoy it. There is extra tension and England have got to


embrace that and play in relaxed style, too. You mention tension, I


can rarely remember such pressure on an England team and an expectation.


The nation wants them to perform. Like Walker has in Euro 2016. His


first ball into the box is quite comped be defended, though. They


will want to sit back and hit England on the break where they can.


No team has had less possession, statistically speaking, than Iceland


so far. England getting the ball back, getting around one of their


key players. I expect England to dominate possession.


Lovely touch from storage to bring the ball under control. Nice touch


from Dele Alli to find him again. The shot was applauded by Wayne


Rooney. It was not one of the best from Daniel Sturridge but it was an


early sighter. Yes, just drags the shot. Noticeable before the game,


the England forwards were practising their shooting and looked good, but


that was not so good. The referee ruled that that duel was 50-50.


Sterling again blocked. Yes, Dele Alli just getting in behind their


midfield. That has opened up for Iceland with the impressive but


Kirby Arneson getting down the left-hand side. There he is putting


the squeeze on Gary Cahill. What are ball from sterling, was he brought


down by hot Lawson? The referee says he was. -- by Halldorsson. Stirling


won the race. He just takes it away from the keeper. Just gets a foot to


it and the goalkeeper clatters into him. It was so important for England


to get off to an early goal scoring start to ease the nerves. What an


opportunity here. It is of course the captain, Wayne Rooney.


And Rooney scores! Perfectly placed into the corner. It is the perfect


start from the players with the Three Lions on their chest. Already


Roy Hodgson can justify that move to recall Raheem Sterling. Definitely.


It was his run that forced the penalty. There we see it again.


Wayne Rooney stepping up, using all that experience, makes that look so


easy. You could feel the pressure he was under. When you see them tucked


away like that, you wonder why it is often so difficult for England after


extra time when those shoot outs occur. Wayne Rooney has a perfect


record on in game penalties for his country. That is now seven out of


seven. Good start. This will force Iceland to come out and attack


England. Expect a long throw here from Gunnarson. That is exactly what


is going to happen. And it is helped across goal, and Iceland are level!


Throw-in, flick on, ball for Ragnar Sigurdsson. What a response from the


underdogs! Awful England defending. As easy as 1-2- three. Look at this,


he catapulted in, flick on, nobody going with the runner, it is not as


if they haven't seen doing this already in the tournament. It is a


cultured finish from the centre-half. And for England, it


threatens to be quite a long 90 minutes when they can't hold the


lead for 90 seconds. Another huge moment of joy for Iceland at Euro


2016. England one, Iceland one. We talked about England keeping it


steady for five, ten minutes. It is all about game management. You have


to play with your head and read the script. The first long throw. Surely


they have been practising, working on that in training. A little too


much for Dele Alli to do close to the byline, and so, the game begins


again. Lars Leica back, we know what a good coach he is, good tactician


-- Lars Lagerback. I don't think he can have thought that it would be so


easy for him. It bounced up against his knee,


Danny Rose. Quick recovery. It is time for a little bit of composure


for the England players, just to take the sting out of this. They


have such spirit, though, this Iceland team. Showed character to


come right back at England there. Chris Smalling. Rose. Rooney.


Looking for Harry Kane, and he couldn't move too early to have the


slightest chance of getting on very end of lap one. The Arsenal defence,


holding a good line, pushing up. It has settled Iceland. It certainly


has. They have scored in both of the only two previous meetings of these


nations. They took the lead in the first meeting back in 1982 when a


reserve England side played them in a warm up game for the World Cup in


Spain. Either good Johnson 's -- Eidur Gudjonsen's bad scored in


that game. All Gothard scored for England. The next meeting was a 6-1


defeat for Iceland at Wembley. They have got to keep moving that


Balcombe to side. Gudmundsson making the foul. -- that ball, from side to


side. Rooney on the ball. Very well


defended. They are good in the air. They attack everything into the


penalty box. Storage, and it is taken from him by Gylfi Sigurdsson,


not the goal-scorer, Ragnar Sigurdsson. He is a defender who


plays in the Russian top flight for Krasnodar. He has been at Idol


winner in Sweden and Denmark. He plays at a good level in Russia.


Regulars in European club football. Bjarnason on this left-hand side has


already caught the eye. I liked the way he helps out his defence.


England, taking too many touches at the moment. That was the problem


against Slovakia. Sturridge. Always demanding that the


ball be played to him. Dele Alli. Never really going anywhere with it.


He is going in to traffic. He has got to use that ball earlier. Walker


this time does shift it out first time. Excellent sliding block from


Sigurdsson. They are so close, there is no room between the lines for


England. Harry Kane tried his luck. Corner. The Swansea man is


complaining about the challenge on Sigthorsson. Complaining that they


should of got the free kick. Last time England played Iceland, he got


two. I think Chris Smalling will be the target here. And Smalling missed


it. And it was there for him. Should be connecting with that. Rose.


Knocked out by Saeversson. England need to forget about the goal that


they have conceded. We spoke about the last 16 ties. Germany got an


early goal and went on to win. Dell John went on to win and win


constantly after an early goal. And there were times in both those games


when they had to be professional, defend, manage games, see-through.


-- Belgium. Dele Alli was making a great run at


the far post. Walker, two against three. Walker finds another option


and was dumped to the ground after he off-loaded to Kane. I thought it


was going to be a goal kick, maybe a double deflection. Not contested. It


must be right. Looking for that single the roory. This time, he


wants Smalling to get on the end of it. -- looking for that same


delivery. That is a test for the keeper. The


chance now for Dele Alli to hit it, and didn't he just! He sits out of


this one at the edge of the box. He hits that sweetly. Look at that poor


technique, confidence. Just can't keep it down. Great effort. -- look


at that poor technique. It was a spectacular strike also bid


was only once it had gone over that he realised hadn't scored one of the


goals of the tournament. Dele Alli again. That is a late challenge.


Sterling is flying into the box. Kane is there as well. And Sturridge


took too long and ran into trouble. Decision-making, isn't it, at the


highest level, waits too long, and the chance is gone. It is better,


though, from England, isn't it? That was Walker, turning it back to


Cahill. There was at the termination about England as well, that I like


to see -- there is a determinations about England.


Kane. He lets rip. Shoot on sight seems to be the policy. Certainly


that way from the Spurs boys. He only has one thing on his mind


there, he has gone for real power. Another warning for Iceland. Some


said that Jamie Vardy might have started this one. Roy Hodgson was


always going with Harry Kane. He insisted this week that he was 100%


fresh and just hasn't had a clear-cut chance to score in the


competition. On a day like today with no space behind the defence you


have got to play Kane in there. Sterling not able to get on the end


of that. Raheem Sterling, since his last performance, has had a pep


talk, from Pep Guardiola, to let him know that he will be a key part of


his Manchester City plans. There certainly seems to be no shortage of


confidence from him so far tonight. They now have a chance to play their


part tonight after not playing so well against Wales.


Another one hold forward by good Brunson. -- Gudmundsson. Saeversson


moving forward. It has come to Sigthorsson. Joe Hart cannot keep it


out. Iceland have taken the lead! Disbelief all around the ground.


From the England fans and Iceland supporters. It was a beautifully


crafted goal. Every player comfortable on the ball. And this


shot from Sigthorsson too strong for the England keeper. Great play. Far


too much space. You have got to get tight to him, Cahill cannot get


there, but Joe Hart should say that. He needs a stronger hand. He just


can't keep it out. England one, Iceland two. Prior to that moment,


Sigthorsson had had two shots in three games in the competition. It


was as if they froze, the defence, just standing ball watching. You


have got to get tight to these players. They are here to make a


name for themselves. They have done that tonight, whatever happens.


Iceland, they make you freeze! It is one of those. We know about their


spirit. They have shown great quality. They have turned this game


right on his head. -- its head. Bjarnason. He started the move on


this left-hand side. They don't get enough credit for what they do when


they are in possession. They are white players filter into midfield.


They pass it really well. -- their wide players. From the dream


scenario for England it is now a nightmare. They did not want to be


behind at any stage and there is no sign of Iceland going into lockdown.


There is lots of talk about possession. It is what you do with


it when you get it. They are now behind as they were


against Wales. Both front players, everybody back


behind the ball. Sterling to collate whack. This is where Iceland must


keep their discipline. Seven of their players sit on a yellow card


and abdomen and they are sitting on a quarterfinal place. For me, he has


a lack of pace here. Sterling should be running at him at every


opportunity. Imagine the smiles on the faces of the France players


after this. They are choking on their garlic, and they?


It is headed behind by Sigthorsson. England, corner. A little more


urgency in Wayne Rooney's side. Whips it in with power, again, it is


well defended. Very strong physically, and they love the ball


in the box. Especially Arnason, very good header of the ball. This is a


zonal system, the way they are marking. There is space for England.


Loads of space. And Cahill didn't make best use of it. Danny Rose.


Cahill is still there. Sigurdsson in, Walker couldn't


afford to mis-hit that, Miss it or anything other than he did with it.


They are asking questions and the ball has to be defended. Here comes


another one. Well, England better have learned from the first one.


Pick up your man. And win the first header, above all else.


It is another super throw. Saevarsson was struggling! The


whistle has gone anyway. A few English hearts skipped a beat. He


didn't look convincing, did he, Hart? It is a foul, definitely. He


has the benefit of the doubt. What do England do? They are behind,


do they slow it down? I'd love to see Dier receive the ball on his


back foot. There is a little bit of nervousness, and this has stunned


England, no doubt about it. The passes going astray. There are many


other teams in the tournament you'd consider potential champions at the


end of this who would do what England have done. No, you've got to


be able to defend and play as well. Get the balance in your play.


Even at this early stage, they will walk and take their time because


they have every right to do so. Well, they are living the dream,


Iceland. It's just unbelievable. They deserve it, by the way, to be


in front. Loving the fact people are taking notice of their country.


England are reeling, we need to get Wayne Rooney on the ball. Everyone


taking notice of England this week, too. For different reasons. Here is


Dier, going sideways. I'd like to see Wayne Rooney tell him to play


the ball forward. He just invites trouble.


I don't think Walker will get to that. They can see Wayne Rooney


having a word with him already, in Dier's year. Play it to an England


player! Another throw in for Skulason. The


worry is that Iceland are very good at this. Getting their noses in


front. They've worked so hard. They work so hard for one another. On the


plus side, we -- they were in front of hungry, they drew, then they won


against Austria. Doesn't matter they are in front, they will pack a


punch. They still have opportunities and England need to start to get


into this game now. Wayne Rooney, finally on the ball.


Gudmundsson places against Sterling. What a comparison in the number


sevens. He will be coached by Pep Guardiola next season, expected to


be right up there as title favourites. Gudmundsson, he will be


playing with Charlton Athletic in League 1. He was clever, he is more


streetwise than we are. For the first time, Gunnarsson


thought about throwing in a backwards direction.


That was clever movement by Sterling.


Others are there to help now. Sturridge, Harry Kane! Saved.


Better, better, better. Definitely better. Sturridge pulling this one


back. Harry Kane shapes himself nicely and it is a good save by the


keeper. He does everything right except hit the back of the net.


Here comes Smalling. I think he will struggle to get heard.


This is the pull-back here. Sturridge keeping it in, just


keeping this one in, good technique. Almost hits it too well, Harry Kane.


Good reaction from England, that is better.


It is another very useful flick on by Sigthorsson.


Alli confidently keeps going. He's chased all the way.


That was deflected and kindly. That was a very patient build-up, trying


to pick out Harry Kane, Rose gets the deflection. They need the end


product. Almost trying to walk it into the goal.


Half an hour played, 1- to, it all happened in the first 18 minutes.


The referee was perfectly placed to judge if that was a foul. Iceland


have it back. Dele Alli on the edge of the box.


From that angle, doesn't look like he has got any contact. And he has


taken a dive there. Should be a yellow card if there was no contact.


He hung his left leg out, Alli. He certainly did. No push there, no


free kick for Iceland. Sigurdsson fires another volley. Iceland are


doing well, stopping Walker from getting out. He normally dominates


when he gets forward. Walker is screaming at the players,


he wants movement. Sterling, nicely done. Saevarsson


back at him, what a crunching tackle, one of the tackles of the


tournament! Right in front of his own supporters, they will have


enjoyed that. Harry Kane, stumbled just as he took


it. It is only going to get more frantic. And here goes Bjarnason.


Down the side, Skulason, is like the server, just popping it in. Keeping


the ball very well until the team can get out. Another throw and


again, another set piece. Roy looks perplexed. He can't work them out.


He should know what is coming here. It is Gunnarsson. No direction in


that one, and there was a coming together of Rooney and Gudmundsson.


That's nearly crept in. Joe Hart will have seen that so late. Almost


another star I've asked it. -- almost a nervous dive after it. You


wouldn't rule anything out. Expect the unexpected.


It has been that sort of year for football. It certainly has. I wonder


if Roy is already thinking about changes, whether he's going to stick


with this group. The point was made several times in the build-up,


England look good going forward, frail at the back. There is a match


report. Great pass from Rooney. That is where England can't afford


to lose the ball. Iceland quite happy to take it off them and break


forward. Back with Halldorsson. He was put under pressure by Kane and


couldn't deal with it. We talked about it, getting after the


goalkeeper, already making mistakes against Austria.


Rooney had ago to find the top corner. He's annoyed with cell. He


goes to whips this. He just plays across it. Whips it wide. Well wide.


Interesting here, we took about 4-2- two, their two central defenders go


the width of the box, the midfielder drops off, and the winners come the


line. -- wingers come off the line. Coming to Rooney, brilliantly picked


off. Sigurdsson has gone to test Joe Hart


and it doesn't. That is how confident they are. Trying his luck


from distance. Nonstop noise from the Iceland fans. They were winning


that battle before kick-off and knows a prize England supporters are


stunned into relative silence. They orchestrate everything brilliantly.


Their fans, their play, their game plan.


There was a nice explanation about how they go about their business


from Lars Lagerback. You can't explain it in a simple way, you


can't understand it. 4-2- two. They are only 4-2- two and are out of


possession. Rose being held and palled.


Sigthorsson gets the first yellow card of the match. One of the few


who wasn't already on a booking from previous games. He's done well


there, Rose. Tried to play as quick as he can. He's up on its feet


really quickly, wants to keep the momentum. Don't let Iceland have a


rest. Not too long to go before everyone can have a breather.


England will be desperate to be level by then.


Smalling didn't direct it to. He won it, but again it is another teasing


ball in. He can get up but can't get the direction. He has been held a


little bit there. Great work from Bodvarsson. Look how


hard the two front to work. First line of defence.


The referee's brought it back to a free kick for Iceland. Dele Alli


tried too hard to keep it. Impressed with him. He looks our best threat


at the moment. They're not bothered there, they are


playing a percentage game. They are not bothered if it goes out for a


throw in, deep in England's half. Another one for England. Jon Dadi


Bodvarsson, his first international goal for two years against Austria.


19 appearances for his country in between. The centre halves are a


real nuisance. We keep looking at Jamie Vardy. The


match to rectify those him wherever he goes. -- match director. Contrary


to what we thought, maybe there is some space behind the Iceland


defence. There is but the ball has to go in early. Sturridge is playing


right down the middle now. I'd like to see Wayne Rooney come


closer to the ball in the build-up. They need him to start things off.


Nice exchange with Sterling, Rose. The ball just wouldn't come out of


the air. Just a little lunch. He is already off the pitch, to be fair.


Need to get Rose down the right-hand side and Walker on the right. The


slow build-up handclap is back. It is eerily effective. It is as


stunning as their performance in the first half. It seems to re-energise


the team. They all joined in when they beat Austria in their last


game. England look startled mess. They do, it looks scrappy. Roy wants


to reaffirm the message half-time. Believing. The Viking charm tour of


war. -- chant of war. It has made as tentative. Us and the team? Yes, us


and the team. Looking at Dier in particular. Be brave enough to play


the pass. Difficult situation, of course. But you have to show


character. That was well watched. I think it's


trying to pick out Alli who was making another good run into the box


and I think he put too much on it. Walker for England with two minutes


to go until half-time. Again, Walker is looking up, he has to go back to


the central defender. See how well he has read that and


come out? Lost it, and then Rooney was held back. That might have been


a booking. Yes, it's a foul on it from Sigurdsson. -- a foul a minute.


Rooney, off the knee into the ground. It does but it is a very


difficult ball to hit. He did everything he can, it just hits him


on the shin. It is painful, really painful right now. Unless, of


course, you are Icelandic. Unless, of course, you follow any other


nation in Europe than England. Roy has to be decisive. Has he got


anything up his sleeve in this one? We talked about this and affords not


allowing the clean header. -- the centre forwards. It relieves the


pressure. Kari Arnason. Looking for


Sigthorsson. Walker has two headed out of play. That's the end of the


first half. What a story we have developing here in Nice. Rooney 's


penalty cancelled out by Ragnar Sigurdsson, and 12 minutes after


that it became what it is now, England one, Iceland two.


An England half-time change. Eric Dier was MAC number result and on


for 17 comes number 18 Jack Wilshere, a player who has hardly


had any football in his legs due to injury in the last season. He did


start the game against Slovakia. Didn't finish it. He did manage to


start two of the three England warm up games which seem like a distant


memory now. They won all those. Not it matters. England, teetering on


the edge here. Roy Hodgson will have to give one of the best ever team


talks to rouse his troops. He has gone with Jack Wilshere and that


midfield. Eric Dier 's passing was just not good enough in that first


half. It is asking a lot of him. He has hardly played any football this


season. Roy Hodgson seems, he has to get this one right.


For Iceland, this is the biggest game of their lives. That makes it


almost worse for the players, that they are playing lowly Iceland and


they can't raise themselves. You have got to keep believing as a


player, stick together. That is a better looking pass, up towards Dele


Alli. England get a throw-in. England have never lost and


England's -- European Championship knockout game over 90 or 120


minutes. Everything has happened on penalties. Sturridge. Rooney,


looking for Dele Alli, or maybe sterling. Iceland will defend with


absolutely everything they've got. They have done that all tournament


long. Wiltshire. -- Jack Wilshere. The card is coming out of the pocket


for the Liverpool man Daniel Sturridge. He had to foul his


opponent. There is a steely -- there is a steeliness about Iceland as


they start the second half the way they finished the first. I like


their work ethic. The way that they are. Here is the foul. It shows what


you can achieve all stop I wouldn't say that there are any real stars in


the team. We know that Sigurdsson is an outstanding talent, but they are


all very good at their jobs. I think we know what is happening here. This


will be the long throw-in once more. They have got a win this post header


when the ball comes in. There has got to be an England head on this.


Gunnarsson tries something a little bit out of the what we have come to


see as ordinary. A little bit of imagination there. The header was


not a good one. He was all over the Larsen, and he wasn't bothered. --


over Bjarnason. That is a long one, Skulason this time. Skulason on to


it again. Gudmundsson, he seemed onside to me. The flag is up.


Gudmundsson, when they are in possession, see how he goes into


that central position. That is why I should never be trusted with the


flag. Jarrah, to Smalling. -- Joe Hart.


Rooney drew a challenge from Gudmundsson. Danny Rose challenged


and pushed to the floor. A little bit of indiscipline, there. Just a


push in the back. England now need to capitalise on these good


positions. Cahill is prominent, Smalling is loitering. Halldorsson


is readying himself. Harry Kane with the ball in for England. And


straight back out by Iceland. Disappointing again. Kane invited


together that one. He did. And that was nice and easy for Hannes Thor


Halldorsson. That was a great leap, he was better heading that back


across the goal. Smalling, waiting for it to come across. Safely into


the hands of the keeper in the end. That is Bjarnason. Sturridge has


been bullied a little bit by their central defenders. Nothing is


sticking. Pretty decent looking cross.


Gudmundsson will keep working. There was a picture at their training base


in Annecy which is of a Chihuahua chasing a rhino, and frightening the


life over it. They will be papering over the rhino with the line after


this! -- with a lion. Glasson uses his body to make sure that there is


no return effort. -- Gunnarsson. Sturridge. Rooney has dropped deep.


Walker trying to take on Bjarnason. He has had the measure of him. He


certainly has. They have got to switch it out. That was never going


to reach Wilshere from Rooney. Sigthorsson came back as the Centre


forward, just to pinch it. Doing a very good job of spoiling everything


for England. England have got to move this ball quickly. That is why


Wilshere is on the pitch. Smalling. Wilshere looking to find Dele Alli,


and it goes through to Halldorsson. Dele Alli knows to make that one,


because he's going to look for you, Jack Wilshire.


Skulason is outside, they have three in the middle. Skulason, three on


three in the box. It did just crossed the line, anyway. Too much


to work on there. It just goes out of play.


Sterling. They have got to keep probing and making these runs. Dele


Alli making these runs from deep. Iceland just get better and better.


That needed help from Smalling, to stop Boedvarsson making a free run.


Boedvarsson, very rarely do you see him wasting the ball. Doesn't want


to give it away. Back with the clapping again, to send chills down


the spine. Smalling has miscued it. Iceland corner. Sigthorsson, he's an


awkward big customer. Smalling has got to go and just take that ball at


the highest point. He should not be holding there. Just go and win the


ball. Iceland 's first born a kick. Bjarnason, actually, his team-mate


got in his way and it is not away yet! It look like it was going in


and it struck the England goalkeeper. That is another massive


let off. Absolutely nobody picking him up. Look at this for an overhead


kick. Fantastic effort again from the centre-half. Perfect execution


from Ragnar Sigurdsson. Every time it goes into the England goal, into


the box, they are at sixes and sevens. It is ridiculous. I am


looking to see you the leader is in there, is it Cahill, is it Smalling?


Nearly 350 Premier League appearances between them.


There's Gudmundsson. Rooney, able to find Dele Alli. Smalling.


It's just a good old-fashioned throw-in into the penalty box and


they don't seem to be able to deal with it. It is going to hug the


line, but it can. Daniel Sturridge trying to combine with Walker who


had done his bit by keeping it in. That is a tired looking Roy Hodgson.


It certainly is. Can't be looking at the watch, yet. They have got to be


thinking about putting on Jamie Vardy, surely.


Bjarnason. It goes out or play, of Sigthorsson. He has just added to


his international goals tally, 21 for his country, the one that made


it 21. He plays in France with Nantes. Harry Kane, again,


disappointing. That ball has two state. -- to stick. Kane. Rooney


gets it in the end. Walker. Sturridge.


He has got to get on his bike and run down the touchline there, and


whip in crosses. More variation needed from England. Jamie Vardy is


getting stripped. There is a real conversation going on between Roy


Hodgson and Ray Lewington. Someone has got to make their minds up and


be decisive, soon. In comes, towards Cahill. Headed away by Ragnar


Sigurdsson. That is the difference. They win the first header.


Raheem Sterling will keep it going for England. Sterling. Saevarsson in


his way. He would not get out of it. There will be a great cheer from the


England fans now. Everything has gone for him in the season just


passed and it has to keep going for Jamie Vardy if England are to sub


I've in the European Championship. -- to survive. He wants to get on


and grab the important goals for England. He came on to score the


equalising goal against Wales. There's a lot more on this one.


Sturridge. Alli. Always underneath it. It is a good ball in, he is


leaning back. Look at his form as he hits it. It hits him on the shin.


Straight back by Walker, to Kane. Wilshere not able to influence


anything yet. Sigurdsson. He finds Gudmundsson. Good play from Danny


Rose. Sigurdsson straightaway looking for that run. Walker brushes


Sigthorsson to the floor. Walker will go on, Sigthorsson does not


know where it was. That was Gudmundsson getting back and


shutting the door on Walker. Alli threads it through, and it was


stopped at the last by Ragnar Sigurdsson. Smalling wins it, and it


breaks for Gudmundsson. Cahill cannot afford any sort of error with


Bjarnason there. Bjarnason looked as if he had his number. Looked like he


was too quick. The little shelf on him has rescued Cahill. England


starting to ratchet up a little bit here. They need to, as well.


Wilshere. Rooney. They have been giving it


away a lot since half-time. All 11 Iceland players behind the ball. We


knew that. That is the exercise, to break them down. They shot the door


on him there. Good ball from Wilshere, Jamie Vardy pulling off on


the shoulder. Bjarnason, back to our Assen, who has missed it. England


have got to push up and press now. Jack Wilshere couldn't knock it on


to Rooney. This is Iceland 's game. They are


never happier than when they have got everyone behind the ball. Rose


set off. He wrote get to that. Jack Wilshere brought on to play the


right passes and find men in white shirts, and it is not quite


happening as Roy Hodgson wants it to.


Heads are dropping a little bit in this England team. Wilting in the


warmth of Nice. Lars Lagerback doing it to England


again. Unbeaten in six games against them with Sweden. Draws in 2002 in


2006. He knows Roy Hodgson well from a Swedish club football. He calls


him a friend and an inspiration. Dele Alli court late and recklessly


by Aron Gunnarsson. How many fouls has he made? He's saying three, it


may be more than that. Harry Kane on the free kick again which won't


please sum. -- some. Is this to be England 's free kick moment? Kane is


going to hit it. All the signs point to that. 41 metres from the England


goal. -- Iceland Gull. -- goal. Wide this time. Most of the others have


just rocketed skywards. It was never anywhere near on target. Total


waste. I'd like to see somebody have a word with him. A little pat on the


back. Tell him to get on with it. They are lacking leadership out


there. It is quite comfortable for Iceland


at times. They are well organised in their two banks of four, and there


two Centre forwards work harder than anybody else. Look at them now,


closing down. Smalling. Rooney, he seemed to get confused.


You have two credit Sigurdsson. He worked excellently. Takes


responsibility, in possession and out. This would not sit down for


him. Less than a quarter of the game to go. Well, there is now. Roy


Hodgson looks almost resigned to his fate. You can see him down there


from our commentary position. He needs to fire this team up.


Meanwhile, there is some controlled assurance from the Iceland coaching


team. Lars Lagerback will be stepping down after the competition.


He will be going on for at least another game after this unless


something changes. Lars Lagerback just sits back and let him make the


calls, just suggests if he needs to. The coach is a qualified dentist.


Some of the England fans would rather go and visit him than suffer


this. It is like pulling teeth, watching this England team just now.


It is just not working for him since half-time. I think you should have


just gone there, he delayed, hesitated, it was taken off him.


He is full of running, every time he gets it, Saevarsson. Cahill had to


Winnard. -- wins that. First chance Vardy has had. It looked a good


tackle from Sigurdsson. It is going to be a corner. Outstanding tackle!


Look at that. Beautiful, slides in. We know about his pace, Vardy, so he


has to get this exactly right and it is a beautifully timed tackle.


Rooney on the corner. First slim opportunity for Vardy to show what


he could do in the rest of this game. It is headed away very neatly.


Here is Wilshere. Rose. Under pressure by Gudmundsson. Rooney,


wants to find Sturridge, but he won't like that. Every incident like


that, Iceland put another tick in the box and get a little bit closer.


Iceland would have expected far more of this. England's most experienced


player, they are wasting another opportunity. You spoke to the


Iceland fans, they always thought this would happen? They are almost


arrogant, they think they can win the whole thing!


Sigurdsson in the way of the shot. Hopeful effort from that sort of


distance. Bjarnason, keeps running. Nobody has run Walker so much. He


runs with it, protects the ball, then gives it to his team-mate. They


are intelligent. It is economy of movement. They are just growing in


confidence, almost embarrassing England now.


Saevarsson shoots! Confidence, brilliant. It's stunning to see a


team player with such confidence, way above themselves. He sprints all


the way back into his position, never mind about thinking he should


have scored. I have to get back to do my job.


Less than 18 minutes of the 19 to go. -- 90 to go.


Cahill tackled by Sigurdsson and forced to take it out of play.


Again, great pressure. Just won't let any of these England players


settle on the ball. It is painful from an England point of view. What


you do? 2-1 down on the verge of crashing out of the European


Championship. We will tell you in a moment. It is an Iceland pro. Danny


Rose stops him from shooting. Another one who is playing so well


in this match, Gudmundsson. It is as if Rooney has pushed up


very high now. Shoulder to shoulder, side-by-side, he's everywhere,


Sigurdsson. He is like the glue in their team, so intelligent. Look at


them again. Game management. This is where the management breaks down a


bit. They don't seem bothered by that. Come and beat us if you can.


Halldorsson watches it casually fallen to his hands. It is a high


ball in. Too much pace on it and it breaks down again. Roy pulling his


hair out. Very kind surely have sit away to


Skulason, Sturridge. What on earth was he doing, Daniel Sturridge?


Iceland will make a change in a moment. England have been preparing


to make a change, they've just been hanging on. Now it will happen for


Iceland. They will bring on the man who created the winning goal in the


last match against Austria. Bjarnason. Bodvarsson goes off.


Bodvarsson, he has been magnificent, covered every blade of the grass on


the pitch, outstanding in the air. It will be more of the same from the


substitute as well. We posed the question a few moments ago what do


you do when you're crashing out of the tournament? Throw on the boy who


wonder, Rashford. And they have delayed. Well, you are either going


to do it or not. He was getting his last words, taking his it off. No


sign yet. They were marching him forward towards the edge of the


technical area at one point. Well, puzzling.


England don't seem to have enough imagination to break through.


It is Ragnar Sigurdsson that heads it behind. Vardy. He did well to


keep it alive, Vardy. He does so again to find Wilshere. Harry Kane,


straight at the keeper! That is what he is therefore, Wilshere. Just


can't get enough power on it. Needs to headed back into far corner. The


keeper made it look easy. Notice that the number 15 is still on. They


had a long conversation and it is Kolbeinn Sigthorsson that went off


instead. They are getting so close to another


piece of history, Iceland. Wilshere was fouled. Scrap for


everything, Iceland. Just too good for England. One every battle.


Wanted it more. -- won every battle. Can Vardy get onto it? No. They've


no chance of getting onto that goalkeeper's favourite.


Bodvarsson, thought he was coming off, still has plenty in him. That


boy never knows when he's finished. He plays in the second tier of


German football. Two goals in 15 league games last season. They're


just an inspiration, this Iceland team. They are incredible. Think of


the population. We've said a lot about it but England are second


best. There is still time for England but not a lot of it.


England seem determined to play their way through the middle. Vardy


shows the sort of commitment England fans want to see. Super tackle by


Sigurdsson. One of many. Vardy umps him into the floor. Just over does


it. You have to admire his determination to win it back. He's


trying to show something to his team. He is used to winning.


Travelled in their thousands down to the South of France, those England


fans. They didn't really come for a holiday, they came to see business


done. The referee has ruled in England's favour.


Brilliant, the way they closed down, Iceland. They have to be given


credit for what they've done. Haven't done it yet, it isn't


finished. They occasionally play the ball


long. We need some variation to our play. Kane, very deep. You want him


up high alongside Vardy. Oh, he has lost it. He seems to have


lost it mentally at the moment. Inexcusable.


Gunnarsson steps inside Wilshere and back out again to bring the save


from Hart. It could have been won. Look at his run from deep. He has


the determination and power. He gets his shot off. Joe Hart coming to the


rescue. They are so buoyant, full of determination. Look at the smile on


his face, he can't believe it. Is this really happening? It is


happening for Iceland. Joe Hart stays back... Didn't have to make


the save but on another day that might have been creeping in from


Arnason. Three years at Rotherham. Played for Plymouth before then.


He's on his way, and the moment, with a heavy limp, towards a


quarterfinals the Euros. Roy Hodgson stands alone. He's not


moving. He hasn't got any coaching staff with him. No sign of any


change here. I find it astonishing that he doesn't want to have one


last roll of the dice. Vardy... Kane attacks. There is


Sturridge. Flag up, there was an offside.


I think a substitute is about to come on. Very belatedly, you have to


say. Kane was crowded out, but he put his


hand on the shoulder, which is enough for the referee. Who would


have thought it would come to this for England? Because with only 4.5


minute selfie 90 remaining, they are going to put on a teenage striker,


who most of us had never heard of a few short months ago.


England have a throw in. And here is the final throw. And Wayne Rooney,


the captain of his country, is making way for 18-year-old Rashford.


Well, he is a special young man and he's going to have to do something


very special now. He has not been given a lot of time to do it. For


me, he should have been coming on much earlier. Looked as though they


were ready to put him on quite some time ago.


Rose was fouled and got in Rashford's way. Free kick for


England. This delivery is going to have to be absolutely spot-on.


Power with precision. Nothing has gone for Harry Kane all tournament.


Not at all. Oh, dear. That has gone on the wind. England have nearly


gone. That is just unbelievable. His form has deserted him.


Belief is deserting them. It certainly is. Just be live from the


England point of view. Iceland have been magnificent to a man. It is


probably their finest hour. Probably our worst hour in football. Now


Bodvarsson will saunter off the field. Another superb selfless


display from the striker. Look at him, he can hardly get off the


pitch, he's given everything for his team and his country. It is typical


of their team. This is the same substitution they made against


Austria. Traustason. They gave them an extra spark of joy in the game.


Nothing more needed to do tonight. They will be going back to the Stade


de France to play France. Interesting Rashford has gone to the


left-hand side. Surely, he needs to go down the middle. Free kick,


Iceland. Cahill, giving it away, ill discipline. Playing into their


hands. 90th minute, the Iceland fans have started the celebrations. Well,


they've in Paris to England tonight. England were second best in every


department. Gudmundsson, still has the energy to


run with Rashford. A drop of the shoulder and it comes off the


Iceland player. Something in an England shirt showing something. Why


wasn't he on the pitch earlier? Great run from the young man. He


takes the corner. It wasn't a good one. It is a goal kick for Iceland,


who won nearly there. They await what number is on the board with


anticipation, excitement. Only three more minutes. This is his run here,


Rashford. Great tackle in the end to deny him. It is a tap in for Vardy,


if he can cross that. Rashford goes again with another


run. He's testing people. That is what we want. The young man showing


the way. England trying to do it Iceland's way with a Dele Alli


throw. Cahill has to help it on, but he couldn't.


One of the three minutes gone. That is another ball out of the Iceland


box is. Fired back in, but it was hopeful.


Halfway through stoppage time. Gudmundsson. Smalling is on his own,


he will leave it for Joe Hart. Iceland hearts pumping. Cahill is


up, of course he is. It is a controlled ball from


Gudmundsson. Bjarnason takes the push in the back. And the flag is


for England, it is handball. Into the third minute of injury


time. Rashford. He has given just a little hope, probably too late for


England but on he goes again and then leaves the ball behind. Just


stands on it. On this right-hand side, Gudmundsson, the amount of


times he has run back with Rashford. This is it, time is up for England.


Maybe Roy Hodgson. Unless they can force one last chance.


Sturridge's cross! It is missed. Corner is the shout, corner is the


call. This is the last chance. It is a ball in the box. What about that


for defending. Outstanding, Arnason, again. This is it, Joe Hart is up.


Harry Kane's corner. Joe Hart hasn't got to it. It's gone behind and


England are out of the European Championship! And England's


embarrassment is Iceland's ecstasy. This is surely as bad as it has ever


been for England in terms of being rocked and shocked. Maybe worse than


losing to the USA in 1950 or Norway in 1981. Roy Hodgson, Wayne Rooney


and the rest, they took one hell of a beating. After last week, they


will be loving it is right around Europe. England out of Europe. It is


a theme. Well done, Iceland. They go on to Paris. They will play France.


They deserve every bit of the success that they are enjoying.


England out. England embarrassed. 2-1 to Iceland.


Just when you think you've got it all sorted...


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