Match Replay: Semi-Final - Germany v France Match of the Day

Match Replay: Semi-Final - Germany v France

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Germany, on the right, face their hosts, France, on the


This is a fixture so laden in footballing


history, so stuck in the groove of German victory when it really


matters, so fixed in the French psyche that they are calling it


Germany's first taste of Marseille in this tournament. No return for


N'Golo Kante. Cissokho continues. Samuel Umtiti wins only his second


capital. -- capped. Two years ago at the World Cup


quarterfinal in Rio, Martin Keown, what a stage, what an


atmosphere. It is a truly amazing atmosphere. "The Game of the


tournament. Lots of free-flowing football. France in blue, from right


to left, against Germany in the white and black. For the right to go


to the Stade de France and face the Portuguese.


Griezmann trying to make a nuisance of himself.


Emre Can had an early touch and a good run.


Draxler coming in for the injured Gomes.


That is a feature of his game, he likes to run with the ball.


Hector did not keep it in play, it's a French throw.


Just a little shimmy and straight into the box.


That was the back of his arm, but it was not deliberate.


It is special, the way he delivers this ball.


White man Griezmann with the cross. -- Griezmann with the cross.


Olivier Giroud was hoping that would reach him.


Emre Can looked very nervous before this game.


He has had a few early touches which might settle him down. Is a huge


game for him to come into. He is going to play on the right hand


side. Schweinsteiger is playing


a more central role. A word about Schweinsteiger,


38 matches. In European Championships


and World Cup finals. Some people talk about like he is


37, he is actually 31. It is amazing.


What great experience to have alongside you.


Good early delivery looking for Cissokho.


Germany felt that was a foul, the referee did not.


The French have started well, there is a real


There is an incredible atmosphere here.


It's already very evident that Griezmann is coming


into those little pockets and linking very successfully.


It has been a powerful start for the French.


They want to use that momentum from the crowd.


Didier Deschamps was a tiny giant as a player, having lifted both


the World Cup and the European Championships as a player.


They called Didier Deschamps the water carrier.


I am sure he sees himself in Matuidi.


Griezmann got to the follow-up himself!


It takes a very agile keeper to make that one.


Germany here are facing the full force of their own possession.


He should have gone for a bit more power in his shot.


This is not a stadium, it is a cauldron, and it is bubbling


over at the moment, it is absolutely deafening.


Germany are happy to take the sting out of it and keep


This is Griezmann laying the ball off and getting it back.


Griezmann could not get the power on it, although it


He is that extra little bit of spice in the team, the glue almost,


that makes everything come together for France.


Interesting that France are not pressing the ball,


Muller was lurking inside the box, hoping that Boateng


He will keep getting down that right-hand side.


They were two difficult balls to deal with.


He was coming in all the way from the left-hand touchline.


There is a definite plan to win the ball back quickly from Germany.


The first ten minutes have been quick and competitive.


What an introduction to international


There were three white shirts in the box,


Germany look a little more settled now after that assault of noise


and pace from France in the first few minutes of the game.


They are OK with these short passes, as soon as they try to play it


a bit longer the ball goes astray a little bit.


They are using all of their experience here.


It is mostly the experienced players.


I have not seen Emre Can touch the ball much.


Still not quite happening for Thomas Muller


He did not seem to plant his foot alongside the ball.


He lost his confidence in front of goal.


Five goals in the 2010 World Cup final and five more


in the 2014 World Cup finals, but he has yet to break his duck


Germany owning the ball at the moment.


Emre Can, a good save by Hugo Lloris.


Koscielny and Bacary Sagna between them kept it out.


Germany had six players in that attack.


Umtiti, just a little bit of panic about that overhead.


Draxler pressing the ball high as well.


A good effort into the corner, Lloris swiftly across the goal, he


Both goalkeepers are cat-like, so quick.


Three passes before it came to Muller.


So accurate with some of their passes.


France seemed to take the game in their grasp


in the opening minutes, but it's slipped through their


Germany look confident and bright and comfortable.


Kimmich pushed to the ground by Dmitri Payet.


Payet got past him earlier in the game, but not this time.


Interesting how Boateng is playing these diagonal balls right


out to the wing-back or full-back tonight in Hector.


He's seen loads of the ball, Jonas Hector, on the left-hand side.


France getting overrun in that midfield.


Ozil has so much space when he comes off to receive the ball.


The pass from Draxler was a little bit wasteful behind Emre Can.


We know how good he is as a tactician.


Tactically they are out playing the French at the moment.


They look great in possession, but I'm worried about


Schweinsteiger in that quarterback role.


France have hardly smelt the ball in the last five minutes.


A change of pace from Kroos and put behind for the corner.


Hector on the left-hand side goes wide, Draxler comes into the


middle and they outnumber the French in central positions.


Two white shirts went for the same ball,


Sissoko couldn't find Griezmann, well covered by Schweinsteiger.


He read the danger and snuffed it out.


He's gone down and he is appealing long and hard.


The Italian referee doesn't want to know.


But if it was a foul, it was just outside.


Pogba might just have caught his heel very close


Interesting to see whether that was on the line or not.


Payet having to show a bit of invention.


Germany don't appear to be in the mood to share.


The French are getting worked again, Ozil again in space.


At the moment, Martin, France just about clinging on.


They are, and you just can't take your eyes off it.


Tactically, I'd like to see Griezmann go a bit deeper into the


midfield when they are out of possession.


The full-backs for Germany really do cause problems


because they are prepared to push on.


The ball, at last, for the home side.


Howedes with a rather wayward clearance.


Payet moving into a central position and he gets caught.


If he beats Manuel Neuer from 30 yards, he deserves all the


It's going to have to be some free kick to do so, but


he is arguably their best at this in a generation.


As the German wall lines up, the French discussions go on.


Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann are standing


over the ball, but I can't help feeling they are just


red herrings and this is going to be Dmitri Payet.


Keeper just keeps his eye on it nicely and makes it look easy


Just a little hand signal from Neuer, maybe to his


Catches out Matuidi and has to give the corner away.


France being tested and stretched all over the pitch.


I'm not sure it was going in, but neither was Lloris.


Such variation to the German play here.


They've got to get after the German team and push back the full-backs.


Matuidi finding the pitch gave way underneath him a bit as he tried to


Koscielny to safety, but only for a moment.


Their full-backs push on and the wide players come inside.


Just two midfield players for the French and they


Only 27 minutes played, but there may already be a case for


It saps your confidence when you can't get hold


of the ball and when you do you give it straightaway again.


Looking for some individual magic, France, on the counterattack.


That's what ten minutes without the ball can do to you.


Griezmann does really well to begin with, but just a simple pass.


The thing Germany do so well is to close


you down once they give the ball away.


The last 25 minutes have been an exhibition


It is all those little triangular passes and they are moving around


The pocket was well and truly picked by Schweinsteiger.


Look how deep all France's danger men are.


Sissoko on one side. Pyatt on the other. -- Dimitri Payet.


They are having to work so hard because they keep playing diagonal


France have to find some way of shaking Germany


Had to concentrate to clear that one.


Pushing up to 70% possession at the moment, Germany.


That was the clearance from the young man.


Umtiti's debut in the quarterfinal was a baptism of fire and this is a


I am looking at the French team and wondering where the


They really could do with some help from the touchline.


But when it is 0-0, you always have a chance.


They have given so much possession away it is just a


matter of time before Germany score one.


The German fans recreating the Icelandic clap.


That was better, the French team were a bit more compact.


The distance between the lines is really


important, how close that midfield is from the back line.


On Sunday the Wimbledon Men's Final from 1:00pm


on BBC One, hopefully with Andy Murray involved in that,


and then the final of Euro 2016 from 7:00pm.


BBC is the only place you can watch both, the climax of


the Wimbledon men's singles and the climax of Euro 2016.


He was put under a great deal of pressure.


He tried to play his way out nice and calm.


You do not want to give Payet too many looks


He is not happy with that one, but he shuts the door on Griezmann.


He does not want to see him sent off.


Are they going to try and do something a little more unexpected


Griezmann is leaving the scene, Payet is leaving the scene.


A different player this time, but very similar.


Emre Can was making the point that he felt that Griezmann


This is where they get killed a little bit, in the


build-up, Schweinsteiger coming in deep and building from the back.


The French team are happy to let them have it.


That is what you want in transition, you


want your defence to get back quickly.


Again Muller's shot was not really troublesome for Hugo Lloris.


France seemed to enter this game with such belief and they now look


You could see it breaking just there.


All that came from Matuidi's mistake.


Can the French survive until half-time?


Schweinsteiger is claiming he was being held and the


The referee just about got that right.


I am not sure he found Schweinsteiger.


-- I'm not sure Pogba was filing Schweinsteiger.


I wonder if the French are thinking about changes at half-time to stay


He changed the system, Didier Deschamps at half-time


when they were a goal down against Northern Ireland.


It has suited them well in this tournament up to this point,


It is great play down the left-hand side.


Griezmann takes it really early and it is into the side netting.


They have got quality and they have got matchwinners.


They have also got N'Golo Kante sitting on the bench.


They could do with his energy in midfield.


But if 90% of your focus and energy is being spent just


keeping the opposition out, then you have got a problem.


Olivier Giroud... He didn't feed Griezmann. Howedes.


He is celebrating like he has scored a goal.


That is what it means when you make a great tackle,


Not quick enough to accelerate away, and


not aware enough to pick out Griezmann.


That I would suggest is a yellow card for Patrice Evra.


Just look at that, that was brilliant play from


Germany, the way they've played out of trouble.


It was a good foul as well to stop them breaking, by the way.


Patrice Evra played in 2008 and the 2012


European Championships and the 2010 World Cup before he actually won


That was a really important header from Koscielny.


Here they come again, stretching, teasing, twisting...


He has come from nowhere to make that challenge.


They might have had very little of the ball, France, and been second


best by a distance, but they have had opportunities.


Griezmann with the best of them early on, you would say.


The two from Griezmann and that one from


It was turning awkwardly for Hector, who


Evra elected to get forward, we haven't seen much from


Moving into a minimum of two added minutes at the


If France get this right, they may go in the


Bastian Schweinsteiger is in the referee's notebook


His arm is up and he's headed it onto his arm.


It is harsh and surely the referee can't see


Antoine Griezmann has the chance to fire


This could be his fifth of the tournament.


The stadium celebrates and Germany wonder how they are going in behind.


How cool was he when he put that one away?


The man who missed from the spot in the Champions League final,


At half-time in Marseille, the hosts lead the world champions.


No changes from either manager, but Mesut Ozil was booked


in the melee that followed the award of the penalty for kicking


So he, Can and Bastian Schweinsteiger are all


The French are 45 minutes away from the final of Euro 2016.


They won the final in this stadium in another classic semifinal


against the Portuguese, but there is a lot of work to do


Again Olivier Giroud delaying the defender


Starting the second half like they started the first.


The sheer desire and noise can carry a team to a final.


60,000 French fans in Marseille will do so.


But France might well need a second goal.


France are asking the questions at the start of the second half.


That is better, good pressure from the French.


Mesut Ozil was forced to put that one out of play.


It would be very interesting to know what he said


I do not think there would have been a lot of panic.


There was a tussle involving Umtiti and Thomas Muller.


Muller is going to the referee to have a little word.


Listening to the atmosphere there is an incredible unity with


the players here and the French public.


Almost a lovely ball, well defended, Umtiti had to get something on that.


Umtiti is demonstrating why he is in this team,


There is that ball again, Boateng, brilliantly delivered.


That was a good battle, won by Sissoko.


That is great play from Moussa Sissoko.


Sissoko being asked to play almost as a right back.


A definite booking, he has gone in with two feet.


The game has gone very scrappy and it is suiting the French.


Umtiti again, he just keeps his eye on the ball, good positioning.


That was a great turn from Mesut Ozil.


You have got to stay patient if you are going to defend so deep.


It was a terrific turn from Mesut Ozil.


There was no way past there, Patrice Evra was really strong.


So, Antoine Griezmann's penalty kick in stoppage time in the first half


is the difference between the two sides, as the Germans continue to


press and probe and test the French backline.


A blanket of blue between Germany and their aim,


I think the German actually acknowledged as much as he got up.


There was a handshake between Emre Can and the


referee just out of your picture there.


I think he acknowledged it was not a foul, it was a stumble.


Winners generally find their way and Germany are used to winning.


That was a great ball and, Umtiti is coming into his own


He certainly is. And he has having to.


Koscielny keeps coming out and breaking the line,


stay there together, do not leave holes for


Germany were semifinalists four years ago with Italy.


They were beaten them. At the moment they are being beaten again. 35


minutes remaining. The flag is up, it will be


a French free kick. I am struggling to remember ever


having been in a more partisan It cost a lot of money,


this roof, I hope it There is no letup from


Germany as well, they keep coming in droves


with laser-like passes. Hector, again, the full-back,


pushing right on. He's got a look on his face that


says it's not going to be his night. Boateng is down for Germany,


he has a problem. That would be a cause


of concern for Germany, without Mats Hummels


through suspension. Well, I think that might be the end


of the road for him, that signal. Ping went the ball and his hamstring


might have done the same. Shkodran Mustafi will


come on, who played in Germany's first match


in this tournament, the 2-0 victory over Ukraine,


when he scored. Not sure he will have


had long to warm up. Whilst Boateng gets treatment off


the pitch, Mustafi is waiting to come on and Germany


are momentarily down to ten. They are delaying this


free kick I think in Boateng is clearly not


going to be coming back. If Germany do go through,


I would doubt very much whether he would be involved


in Paris on Sunday. Shkodran Mustafi, who actually


came through Everton's Half an hour for Germany to find


a way back into this semifinal. They haven't really had any momentum


in the second half. The French team started the second


half well. The French defence


knows what it's doing. If you're together as a back four,


even good players will run offside. Looks like a boxer


who's been counted out. A new defensive partnership here,


Mustafi and Howedes. He's got to be heading that


back across the goal. Antoine Griezmann is now on five


goals in these finals. No player other than


Michel Platini has ever scored more than five


in a European Championship finals. Platini scored an astonishing nine


in 1984. But there was a player at the far


post just waiting for that to be Germany looking for the momentum


which has eluded them a bit Anxiety is beginning


to replace certainty. They've got to remain


patient and keep testing the France team,


but France are quite Whether the referee has instructed


Germany to stop play... They've rather charitably


done so if he didn't. Joachim Low has seen enough


of the second half and he hasn't It will be a midfield player


he'll probably sacrifice. But Gotze is potentially


a matchwinner. He's come on and had


a quick word with Ozil. I think he's going to go up


and play alongside Muller. Matuidi continuing his run,


Sissoko looking for Payet. When he wanted


a rip-roaring good contact, Suddenly Ozil is playing


very, very central. Umtiti claiming goalkick,


but a corner kick has been Well, Umtiti here keeps his eye


on the ball and gets The referee isn't happy,


he's blown his whistle. A few shouts from the German crowd,


who couldn't hear the Giroud came and punched it knowing


the whistle had gone. I think it's Muller


who catches Koscielny. Koscielny certainly


made it look that way. Starting to get very stretched again


in that midfield for France. It would be another


final on home style. Winners of the European


Championships on home soil in 1984. Winner of the World Cup


on home soil in 1998. Mustafi offside and France


will bring on N'Golo Kante now. You'd never know that


was his boy, would you!? Kante coming on, this season


he's had, it's almost As good a player as Payet is,


he won't defend like Kante can. He stayed on his feet


when he might not have done. A German error, first by Kimmich,


Neuer couldn't clear, and Antoine Griezmann has six in this


tournament and two tonight. Look at Pogba here,


the quality he has. Skips past the defender,


great bit of skill, imagination. Griezmann stabs it


in with his left foot. It's a quality finish


to improvise that way. It's what top strikers do,


they just sniff a chance. Germany need a goal


and they need it now. That's the full-back, by the way, on


his wrong-foot. He has the presence of mind


as well to bend that. A bit of trickery, head up, picks


out the pass off his left foot. The second goal started on the


Kimmich mistake, he almost made Unbelievable confidence


in the young man. That would have been a goal and a


half from Paul Pogba. This free kick is going


to be the French wall This free kick is going


to beat the French wall What an effort that is,


from where we were, it Draxler cannot beat Bacary Sagna,


it is a goal kick. He got caught on the follow-through,


but great defending again. You can see the applause


that he is getting, Often not appreciated


in the English Premier League. Germany are going to


make a change as well. A very interesting prospect


on his international debut. He will be on shortly,


but it is asking a lot with Kroos claiming a foul


and getting a foul. He has been on the pitch


for about a second I think some of the Germans thought


that was a goal kick. Relegated with


Newcastle this season. He has not taken that


into this competition. All the first-half momentum


really was with Germany. Now there appears to be


an inexorable tide carrying The crowd have been like the 12th


man here tonight, it is an The second Griezmann goal is only


the first in open play which Germany With ten minutes to go it has


all but knocked them out. Even Mesut Ozil is making the wrong


decisions on the ball. The decision goes


against the Frenchman. Germany only know one way to play,


they just keep going for it. That was a fantastic


ball in, great movement, Germany will keep playing,


they will keep going, they will keep trying to find


a foothold in this semifinal. But at the moment it looks


like a force of nature and France Without the goal-scorer


or a recognised one, we thought Thomas Muller would score


the goals, they thought Sissoko was not quite able


to get on the end of it. The final from Paris on Sunday,


live on BBC One at 7:00pm, is preceded at 1:00pm, also on BBC


One by the Wimbledon men's final. It is going to be a long day in


front of the television, isn't it? Good centre halves cover


each other's backs. Sissoko has put in


a tremendous shift. There were a few eyebrows


when he kept his place, but he has He won this as a player,


he won this as their captain, Griezmann would have


been on a hat-trick. I do not know if there is time


for him to live to regret it. Gignac tried to draw


a foul out of Mustafi, I think they have done


that magnificently well They were hanging


on for long periods. He's done well since he's come on,


Gignac, very similar to Giroud. Griezmann is the man,


though, in that team, the way he holds onto


the ball, silky skills. I think the French have


broken their hearts. It's just been impossible to find


a way through this French defence. Looking to repeat the Triumph


of 1984, the joy of 1998. France are unbeaten in their last


ten games against Portugal As soon as the Italian


blows his whistle. Pogba, who's been exceptional,


I think is going to have to be Lovely little interception, maybe


he gets cramp at the same time. Now just listen to


this for an ovation. Antoine Griezmann, the man


for France tonight. Their Euros is going to end


in semifinal defeat against France. Another header from


Laurent Koscielny. Towards the back post again


and across the goal and wide. They still cannot get through,


find a way past Hugo Lloris. This is the second


one, just goes past. On a hot and humid Marseille night,


Didier Deschamps and his French team All eyes now on Nicola


Rizzoli, the referee. The next whistle will


surely be the last. You have to give Germany credit,


they kept going to the end. The force is most


certainly with them. Antoine Griezmann is the man


on the lips of the nation. France against Portugal


on Sunday in the final. Reggie Yates is joining


the Mexican army. It can't be that safe


if everybody is...this armed. You could probably get shot at.


Get shot at, OK.


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