Match Replay: Spain v Turkey Match of the Day

Match Replay: Spain v Turkey

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Hello everyone, we have come on a Army Mediterranean evening, the


reigning champions needing to beat Turkey to clinch a place in the


round of 16, but they will want to win the group and avoid Italy in the


second round. The Spanish are unchanged, Morata keeps his place


ahead of Aduriz. R Turkey, Turan, who plays for Barcelona in Spain,


ask for forgiveness on television after their defeat to Croatia.


Spain, in the red and blue, get is under way. Immediately looking for


Morata upfront, the Juventus striker. He could be playing in the


Premier League next season. A couple of goals here will bolster his


confidence. He has one or two fit this issue is coming into the game.


-- fitness issues. Gonul, right back, had a stomach problem.


Busquets, through whom so much starts for Spain. Poor touch by


Ramos. He has fouled his man. And Turkey are immediately calling for a


Yilmaz card, completely unseemly. It was deserved, and it is a very early


card, with just one minute late. -- played. Earlier, I think than the


caution last night in the Germany game. Ramos is now on a tightrope


for 89 minutes. The free kick floated high, off the


head of Volkan, playing his 48th game for Turkey. The touch by Ramos


puts himself in trouble in the first place.


A defensive midfield player, Volkan, of Galatasaray. Erkin has just made


a move to intimate -- Inter Milan. If Turkey do not win this they are


angling for one of the best third-place positions, I would


think. The overwhelming feeling from the Spanish camp after the win over


the Czech Republic was sheer relief. The first time they have won an


opening game at a major championship since 2008. They carved out 17 shots


on goal. Silva. He missed the end of the domestic season with Manchester


City through injury, he will settle for that corner kick. Turan, heavily


criticised after the opening setback, he did not play very well,


nor did the other attacking full-back. Silva, far post, a good


firm header away by Topal. Iniesta. Rarely wastes a ball. Turan knows


all about the Spanish, he is at Barcelona, where he has had a


frustrating season. It is starting to boil up, Ramos again involved,


the captain, he needs to calm down. Silva. Fabregas. Silva. Good


interchange. Pass and pass and pass and the last one was too near the


goalkeeper. In the last eight qualifiers they


were unbeaten. That model of the way through -- that will go all the way


through, to De Gea. First time that Casillas has not started a


tournament as the Spanish number one. He likes to bring the ball out,


Topal. Intercepted by the former Arsenal player.


Ozan, the player seen on the giant television screen adjusting his hair


as the opposition scored, the media were lampooning him. The keeper


could only parry that, good start by the Spanish.


Wouldn't have been going in, keeper made sure anyway.


Morata scored 12 goals for Juventus in the double winning season, just


gone. You will be the man that Turkey will be watchful of in this


penalty area. An injury concern for Topal, who did come into the game


with a problem. O'Connor, nearly cleared, nearly came to Pique.


Turan. Now they can perhaps break. Hakan four. A little shelf, but the


referee decides it goes the other way. Burak, plays his football in


China now, Beijing, 30 years old, the striker, missed the last couple


of qualifiers with a hamstring problem, but scored four goals in


getting Turkey to Euro 2016. Silva. Iniesta. His performance in the


opening game, Iniesta, was described as a global astonishment, and


Spanish newspapers. Destabilising the opposition. Unbelievable, said


Busquets of his team-mate. Alba, good season for Barcelona, scored in


the cup final against Seville, for the domestic double. Flailing back


there. A yellow card for Burak. The referee is not really giving himself


much room for manoeuvre later on in the game. The Serbian official. The


arm came back, but Busquets made a real deal of that. A real deal of


it. Ramos, to Fabregas. So much fluid


movement in the Spanish midfield. Busquets is nominally the anchor,


with virtually four ahead of him. Iniesta. A 111th appearance for


Spain today. Busquets. Leaves it for Pique. His goal against the Czech


Republic was his first those countries since 2009. Turkey, very,


very deep. 2- Ramos. A 34th International for Spain, the first


defender to score into Champions League finals. He was considering a


move to Manchester United last summer but signed a new deal at


Madrid. Iniesta. Fabregas, taking up a good position. He goes for the


return. Defending in there. The right back, drawn across, but they


can still get across in, and Morata! Outside of the post. It is a corner.


The last touch was the Galatasaray defender.


Just got there. Ramdas, up from the back. Scored ten goals this pain in


the past. It was aimed at Gerard Pique. Should have scored. Made the


run from deep between the defenders. Poor technique at the end of it.


He knows his team should be ahead. Stands down after these finals, the


Spanish coach. What a record he will go with. Should have made more


changes for this squad. Cesc Fabregas. Touched on by


Juanfran, the Atletico Madrid defender.


Was a good player in his day, Vincente del Bosque.


Arda Turan, got a great run in the Barcelona side.


It has been said you can't see the game, but if you look at Sergio


Busquets, you can see the whole game. That is a compliment.


Spain, dominating possession. 64%. Iniesta. Whips it into Silva. Decent


setup. Cesc Fabregas was in there. Out to Juanfran.


Spain, some lovely football. Silva goes inside and sets up Iniesta. It


was a good luck by Hakan but it was a good passing move. -- good block.


They have completed more passes than anyone else. This is a good Turkish


movements building up. Lovely pass up towards Alvaro


Morata. Was he just clipped? The referee is unimpressed by the


theatrics of Mehmet Topal, the defender.


Played a major role in qualifying, Mehmet Topal. Played the first three


games and then a sporadic involvements after that. 16 minutes


played. Did in, but then gave it away.


Scored three goals in their last four qualifiers, Selcuk Inan.


Only Podolski has scored more goals in Turkish football fan Selcuk.


Turkish players usually go by their first names but there Hakans in the


first team. Ramdas, to Jordi Alba. Turkey, only one win in ten games


against Spain. 1954, the month that saw RCA reduced the first-ever


colour television. Rock around the clock, Bill Haley and a very Young


Elvis Pressley. Spain, unbeaten in their last 13


European finals. Fatih Terim, his third spell in charge.


Give enters are looking for a 40 million buy-back clause and men will


sell him on. Many clubs in the queue.


Iniesta was fouled. Clipped painfully.


Oh Xan turf in, the 21-year-old, caught him. Caught him on the back


of the Achilles, that is a painful one. 22 years of age, Iniesta. His


team-mates seemed to think he is getting better and better. World


club Championships, Champions League, 15 major honours at


Barcelona. Has been a beautiful day in Nice, a warm day. Temperature in


the mid-60s. A bit humid. Turkey on the break. This is a chance for a


shot. They didn't take it. Tried to play it off instead and look for


Burak Yilmaz. Strayed offside. The coach is frustrated. The Turkish


number 14 was born in Holland, played for Arsenal in the four years


and two League Cup appearances in that time.


Terrific run end by Juanfran. He was offside. Galloped up, the


31-year-old. Was too early. Look how high Spain are playing, Turkey


retreating letting Spain calm. I wonder how drained one will be,


having played in the Champions League final. Of course, it was such


an intense title race in La Liga. I wonder if it could have led to a


little bit of burn-out in the Spanish squad.


No goals. Spain almost certain to qualify after their opening win.


Have qualified out of their group in six out of seven of all


competitions, it including the Federation 's cup.


Lifted it over, the Bayer Leverkusen player. How's got six foot Turkey,


three of them this season. German born.


Juanfran, was at Euro 2012. This is a good run by Jordi Alba. Another


decent header away by Mehmet Topal. As soon as Turkey get it away, back


come Spain. Alvaro Morata, fouled his man.


Was a Polish on the 30-year-old quarterback. Runner-up in the league


and cup and has been linked with Tottenham. Everton as well, I think.


Look at the number of passes from Spain in comparison to Turkey. But


the Turkish underdogs have a free kick.


The foul by the Atletico Madrid player and the Barcelona player. --


on. De Gea has not conceded a goal in four competitive games with


Spain. He has only conceded once in the last ten matches, 625 minutes


without conceding. Dipped, but over. He took some heavy criticism back


home after the opening defeat, Hakan, scored against England in the


warm up game in May. Gonul was the header. Leaves it for


Selcuk. The European Championships now


expanded to 24 countries. With the best third-place teams going


through. We will, in this competition and in the future, see a


lot of group games being played in a cagey manner. If a country winning


their first game, it almost certainly means they are through.


The second placed team in this group play the winner in Italy's group. If


Italy win that group it would be a tough game.


Of all the opening group games the Italian victory over Belgium was, I


think, the most impressive. The shot, brilliantly snapped at by


Nolito, just white, hardly any backlift. Try to curl it, just wide


it went. He scored twice in warm up games against South Korea and


Bosnia. Unhappy that he was given so much room, there. The former


butchers apprentice. Playing in a European Championship finals for his


country. He had a very good season at Celta


Vigo. Morata. Busquets. Space for Nolito. Back to Busquets. Great


setup, Nolito had come in from the left-hand side and was on the edge


of the penalty area. So many Spanish players get involved in fluid


build-ups. A foul by Silva on only to be present in qualifying, Ozan.


-- we only ever present. De Gea was quick out of his goal. Burak was


making the thrust through the middle. Decent scoring record in his


club career, Burak. Virtually one girl every other game where he has


played, whether it be Galatasaray or Trabzon, or Beijing.


Spain have had 63% of possession in the opening half-hour. Four efforts


so far, only one on target. That is the big question about the Spanish


again. Do they have a cutting-edge on the end of all this lovely


movement? We will see. Edge of the penalty area... Nolito was coming


in. They get the full-backs forward. And the wide midfielder gets in from


the other flank. They have been doing it for years. The


second-highest scorer in Spanish all over the last three years,


squandering the opportunity. Scored 12 of the season. Vigo, finishing in


sixth place, their best finish in six years. Busquets has been


absolutely clobbered by Pique as they went for the same ball. And the


big, burly Burak was making a nuisance of himself. The referee has


given the free kick Spain's way. He looks in some real discomfort,


Pique, they do have a firm favourite of the manager on the bench, Bartra,


who has just moved to German foot, Borussia Dortmund -- German


football. A calm and composed manager. Very shy off the field of


play. Juanfran. Silva. He is OK now, Pique. Again, they sweep left. The


Turkey supporters are in fine voice. Lots of them here in the Riviera.


Flashing cross, Morata... 1-0! At last, Spain have the breakthrough. A


beautiful, flashing cross, with 34 minutes gone, and a fine finish. He


knows he is under pressure to score goals, because waiting in the wings


is this remarkable veteran Aduriz who has had such a good season at


club level, but Morata and sit a few questions there, lovely cross by


Nolito, in between the centre-backs, and the left-back playing him on.


Lovely header. 1-0, Spain. Morata gets the goal. Got the one in


qualifying, and has had a very good 30 months, scoring in a domestic cup


final for Juventus, a Champions League semifinal, a Champions League


final, and now the European Championships. A man for the big


occasion. Spain should go on from this platform and win the game. That


is not to discount Turkey but Spanish quality is clear to see.


That is a silly foul to give away. A ticking off as he kicks the ball


away. Certainly caught Hakan. Balta. The Berlin born defender.


Played every minute of the last six qualifying games. Turkey have six


players born in Germany, one from the Netherlands, one from Denmark.


In the squad. They have some talented players, Turkey, no doubt


about it, including an 18-year-old, Emre, reportedly been checked by


Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City. And this may come


for Nolito... It was, and it is two! Horrible mistake at the back by


Turkey. Clever piece of play by the Spanish as they built it up.


Juanfran made another good run down the right hand side. Turkey might


have been expecting it to go out there. But it was a Richard mistake


at the back. Two goals in three minutes for Spain, they are heading


toward the last 16. When Fabregas get it I think Turkey think it is


going wide. But he chips it in, the defender lost his bearings, did not


know Nolito was coming in from behind him, a living -- 11 games


played for Spain now, five goals. Scored in two build-up games and now


has his first major competition football.


That is a mistake. Turan... Dragged it. A reminder of what he can do, he


had a terrific European Championships in 2008 when he missed


the semifinals, although he missed that game with a


ban. They have improved in tournament football. Went out in the


group stages in England in 1996 then reached the knockout stages for


years later, when they mixed returned in 2008, it was the


semifinals. But it could be curtains for them here.


At times in the last 24 hours the Riviera has looked a little bit like


Spanish coast, lots of Spanish supporters on the promenade area.


Lovely yesterday and today. Nolito. Silva. We have been waiting for one


of the bigger giants of European football to stand up and give a


superb display and win a game emphatically at these finals. And


this, I think, has been the game that has cemented Spain's authority


back on the European food all seen, in a finals. -- football scene. Long


Way to go but it has been a super showing from Spain in the first


half. They have attempted over 270 passes already. And the completion


rate is way up around the 90% mark. Iniesta. Brilliant. Pulled back.


That is going to be a yellow card. Ozan. The youngster has not really


been at the races. He has been bypassed. It has been a harsh lesson


for him today. Silva, over it. Gerard Pique is that


the back stick. Ramos had made the run to a deeper position. Juanfran.


Sergio Busquets, loses out. Will they see enough of the ball to do


anything against Spain? The answer is Spain have passed it 289 Times in


41 minutes. How totally dominated possession and here they come again.


Always a Spanish player in space. They get it, they give it.


Juanfran, goes to meet that. Beaten by Selcuk.


Iniesta, moves up through the gears. 32 years of age.


Jordi Alba is still on the edge of the penalty area. Red shirts, first


to it, of course. Iniesta. Trying a little bit too much


trickery. Turkey, simply cannot clear their half.


Now they have a chance, perhaps, to break from a deep position. His


shorts are pulled up to an unseemly height. Goodness me.


Burak Yilmaz, isn't working hard enough. Not sure he has the fitness


at 30. Retreating again. Still Spain find their man. Silva, need support.


Cesc Fabregas. Look at that... Don't always need to go forward all of the


time. Wretched end by Gerard Pique. Cesc Fabregas was happy to play a 60


yard pass deep. Second goal... Can't afford to make mistakes against


Spain. He slipped and he still managed to put it away.


Cesc Fabregas, forward. The run by Alvaro Morata. Just cut out by


Mehmet Topal. Early shower for the manager. No wonder he is hot under


the collar. A minute of stoppage time being played in Nice.


A third before half-time would be just deserts for Spain, they have


been brilliant. Hoisted high. Cesc Fabregas, Silva. Nolito. Ramos,


tried to keep it in and has done. Turkey, sluggish and getting after


him. Last effort from Turkey to get back


into the game at half-time. Spain lead at the break 2-0, after


completing 310 first half passes. Astonishing. It has been a passing


masterclass by the reigning champions. They took the lead


through Alvaro Morata and then doubled it with Nolito three minutes


later. They have been out of this world and the tournament at last has


a team to sit up and take notice of. Spain, brilliant lead the break 2-0.


Turkey are making a change at half-time. Arnold comes Nuri Sahin.


Had a spell at Liverpool 2012, 20 13. Has been hampered by injuries.


Only played 21 games in two years up to receive Dortmund because of


never-ending knee problems. He was a very promising talent at the world


under 17 championships a few years back. He won the Silva boot as the


second best player. First touch the new Nuri Sahin. On as a substitute.


He has replaced the Turkish midfielder, who never really got


going in the game, but he might have been injured, Hakan Calhanoglu.


He has had already, a wonderful tournament and only two games in for


Spain, Iniesta. He was in the best 11 at Euro 2008, Man of the Match in


the World Cup final in 2010. Man of the Match in the final at Euro 2012.


Here he is again, starring at Euro 2016, Iniesta.


Coming in was the right back Gokhan Gonul.


Turkey, yet to have a shot on target because Spain have just bamboozled


them with football like this. Get it, give it first time. So many


players taken off the back foot so they can move it easier into space.


Iniesta, brilliant run in by Jordi Alba and the flag has stayed down


and Alvaro Morata had made it 3-0 for Spain. A wonderful move. It was


all about the quality of the build-up. Stunning Spain lead Turkey


3-0. They have demolished them in the most impressive performance in


these championships so far. Look to me as if he was offside, but the


flag stayed down. Brilliant ball. Neat finish. His second of the game.


Spain's third of the night. Up towards Burak, as Turkey tried to


get some compensation. They wouldn't be out of the competition, they


still have one game to go against the Czech Republic. A win there


might take them through as one of the best third placed teams. Spain


want more. Silva, Juanfran, the right back was on the overlap. In


towards Alvaro Morata... On a hat-trick. Away from his man but it


went beyond the back stick. What a year he's had. Twice champion in


Italy with Jim enters, the double this season and scored the Italian


cup winner against Milan. -- Juventus.


High by Gerard Pique. Spain are certainly not unbeatable. Centre


halves can make mistakes. They are in a very strong position here. Free


kick against Nuri Sahin. He missed the qualifying campaign completely


because of a knee problem again. Turkey retreat. Damage limitation


now. Cesc Fabregas. The Spanish fans chanting Ole every


time they pick the ball up. Nolito has come into the side in such an


exciting way. Nine games played this season and five goal scored for his


country. His debut was in 2014 against Germany. It was a 1-0


defeat, but they don't lose any. Burak has got inside his man.


Couldn't finish Axel it was a good opportunity. He has had decent score


at international level. No composure when he got in.


Scored the goal that dumped Manchester United out of the


Champions League in 2013 and they went on to the quarterfinal,


Galatasaray. They were semifinalists in 2008,


Turkey. Won't reach that far this year. Unless there is a startling


turn of events. Have Spain switched off and gone into their comfort


zone? Decent block in the end I Gerard Pique. He had to get it in.


52 minutes gone and Turkey have their first corner of the game.


Selcuk will take it. No post, -- near post, Morata, looking to get


the touch for his first Spanish hat-trick. Gonul with the long


throw. Dealt with by Ramos. Ozan, did well, Selcuk with the


cross in. Turkey have thrown Topal into a more


advanced position, he can be a defensive midfield player but they


have got to do something quickly. Selcuk will take it. Scored the goal


which guaranteed Turkey would qualify as the best third placed


team in the qualification campaign. In its wings. Still, De Gea has yet


to concede a goal in competitive football for Spain. Busquets, with a


header. Silva. 654 minutes of European Championship finals


football now, since Spain last conceded a goal. Busquets. Iniesta.


How about the ambition of that pass? 60 yards on the diagonal, flashed


away, looking for Nolito. During qualification they kept eight


consecutive clean sheets, a national record. They dipped in Brazil in the


World Cup, an alarmingly, but have only lost 12 games in 110


internationals going back a decade, six competitive defeats in 78.


Spain, looking like the team that was top of the world rankings for


virtually five years. That wonderful run. Taking into account the level


of the opposition, Spain have been brilliant. Nolito, another passing


movement, tries to spin, goes down, the referee not impressed. The


crowd, 33,000 409. A 36,000 capacity stadium. That is a good show. Across


and all the way through. Not many empty seats in the crowd here in


Nice, splendidly done, everyone, because travel conditions were


awful. I would journey to the stadium from the centre of the city


took three hours, it was appalling. The level of infrastructure in this


competition in certain areas has been very dubious. Burak, his touch,


and the shot, just deflected, by Turan. How he would love to get one


against his team-mate, Pique, from Barcelona. Topal got his first goal


for his country in the warm up games against Montenegro, I think it was.


It comes. All the way through, are we, in the end, by Pique, who was


leaning back. -- away. Spain the very first team to win three


consecutive majors. Only Uruguay have come close, winners of the


Olympic title than the South American championship in November


the same year. A year later ended their winning streak. France have


helped two -- held. The European Championship and the World Cup.


Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, they have never been winners of the South


American championship whilst world champions. It makes the Spanish


hat-trick of success is all the more remarkable. Backheel from the


centre-half. His two and one today. Iniesta. -- he has to end it on


today. Turkey have spent most of the game chasing a lost cause. Fabregas.


Iniesta. Back to him. Alba, also comfortable on the ball. Fabregas.


Iniesta. Moving inside the defender, Fabregas, Juanfran, in two Silva,


took it neatly... Deflected for a corner. It came off Hakan, I think.


Juanfran just waited for his moment, sent it in, and the Galatasaray


centre-half blocked it. Iniesta. Saw the past. Silva. Moves are we.


Sticks it wide -- moves away crisply but not on target.


Turkey are going to make another substitution.


Spain have just completed the 400th accurate pass of the game. Morata.


Impudent. That is showboating, that. Morata forces the throw in. He has


been impressive. He has not been fazed by the pressure back home.


Ozyakup, formal Arsenal youngster, being replaced by Sahan. Iniesta.


Such a fine range of accurate passing, Iniesta. Silva. Fabregas.


Morata. Came in short to win it back. Bewitching, beguiling.


The man they have just brought on, the 29-year-old Sahan, his last


start was against Greece in November. Has not scored since 2014


for his country, against Denmark. Born in Germany, and a Germany under


17 international, actually. Nolito, clipped as he turned by Selcuk.


Spain will make a change. An outstanding display by Silva.


Standing ovation from the Spanish supporters in this crowd. On comes


the player known at his club is simply Bruno. Came through the youth


team ranks at Vilarreal, played nearly 400 games for them, this is


his ninth appearance for Spain. Fabregas, leaves it for Ramos, and


that will cause a headache in the morning. Shook his head a little


bit. Still feeling groggy. The referee might actually have a


cheque. -- check. Fabregas, could not hold that up.


Neither could Turan. After such a brilliant championship in 2008 he


has had a dismal tournament here. More is furthest across...


Iniesta... Surrounded by white and pale blue shirts yet very nearly


came out with the ball. Turan. 65 minutes gone. There are boos ringing


out. They are from the Turkish supporters, I think, because their


team is not getting on with it, showing no signs of getting back


into the game. That is offside. It was noticeable when Turan, who has


had so much criticism back in Turkey, picked up the ball, boos


cascaded down from the stands. Towards Morata. On a hat-trick.


Tries to hold it up, but cannot. Well, the Turkish coach was saying


that it is a much changed Turkey international team. He praised their


togetherness. He knew it would be a tall task to defeat Spain. And his


team has been put to the sword, and the Turkish supporters here, and


there are many thousands, do not like it. Boos, for Turan. And


certain boos from the Madrid supporters in the Spanish quarters


as well, because he plays for Barcelona, but the Turkish


supporters really are letting their feelings be known here. Away by


Alba. They were feeble against Croatia in their opening game. Any


chance of an improvement here today though has been made impossible


against such a good Spanish side. Fabregas. Options for him, there


always are. Juanfran. Fabregas, again, Turkey have let them play, it


has to be said. But it would have taken a very good team to stop Spain


tonight. Jordi Alba... Ramos. Midway through


this second half, 3-0, to Spain. Cess Fabregas into one. All wanting


to go at it. The drive is pushed away wide. First contribution as a


substitute. Most of the Spanish fans are in the


corner of the ground. They are destroying the Turkish


captain. I have rarely seen an individual targeted in this way by


his own fans at a European Championship finals, or at a World


Cup. Spain are going to make another substitution. Koke is going to come


on. And Selcuk is going off. Here comes Eunice Malley.


-- Yunus Malli. Of those Cesc Fabregas.


Terrific campaign with Atletico Madrid. Started the last five


qualifiers. He was the man anointed by Xabi as his successor when the


Maestro called it a day. Iniesta. Spain have switched now


with Sergio Busquets and Bruno holding deep.


A red shirt is always within ten yards of another. It is as if they


are all connected by some wonderful web of elasticities. They weave such


wonderful patterns. Mesmeric, in the eyes of the Turkish defender.


Sergio Busquets. Protects his centre-backs. As his manager said,


he sees it all. That was a clumsy challenge. He caught Iniesta. Born


in Dusseldorf, now his 25th appearance for Turkey. If Iniesta


doesn't win a Man of the Match, I will be startled, because he has


been astounding. Juanfran. Koke, strays offside.


Trying to lift it through the as. -- box.


Boos have rang out from the Turkish fans to the players. At times,


Turkey have looked like a punch-drunk bantamweight. They have


taken too many punches from the heavyweight of world-class quality.


From this position, Spain should go on and win Group D. In the second


round they would lay the third placed team from Group B, Group E or


Group F. That would be an advantageous position, that is for


sure. Just under a quarter of an hour to go. Foul.


Hakan Balta. That was a decent passing movement. But the final ball


was poor. Bruno retrieved it. Had to be dealt with in the middle and it


was. Away by Sergio Ramos. Arda. The symbol to the edge of the


penalty area. Just over. Yunus Malli, it was a tentative efforts,


nothing more than that. Touching scene in Nice, a makeshift


shrine has been put in place by football fans of many nations here


in memory of Aaron Rodgers, from Co Antrim, who lost his life just hours


after Northern Ireland won their match against Poland, after falling


from a balcony. From all of the horrible headlines we have seen, bad


behaviour in these finals, that behaviour needs to be praised. The


cheering is the Spanish fans congratulating themselves on


completing a Mexican wave. When the Mexican wave started it


always makes you think the game has reached a bit of a stalemate. The


game has been won and lost a long time ago. 12 minutes to go, Spain


should complete the 600 pass mark in the game. Turkey have beaten into


the possession stats in the second half, but not by much.


Get the feeling is Spain wanted to go up through the gears, they could


get a couple more. Not a good touch by Jordi Alba. That was a foul on


Gokhan Gonul. His foot was raised. Gokhan Gonul, then about J wingback.


-- Finne batch. What can he do here? Ramos, he has


made mistakes, the Spanish captain. From the very first minute, he got


himself a yellow card. Here comes a familiar face to Chelsea fans.


Often goes Jordi Alba. Covered a lot of ground, and on comes Cesar


Azpilicueta. Made just the one game in qualifying when they had already


made sure of a place. It was the 1-0 away win against Ukraine.


Third goal at the second the leader-macro start of the second


half really finished it off. Offside. From a short corner to then


be offside, that is a schoolboy error.


It is something coaches drill into players at a very early age. As soon


as they start playing 11-a-side football.


In charge of the national side for a third time on a part-time basis. In


August 2013 he was still at Galatasaray, became Turkish manager


again one month later. He is known as the Emperor, Terim, the Turkish


coach. Nolito. Strong enough. This is Ozan.


Ramos saw it out. But other teams who will likely go further than


Turkey in the competition will be watching this thinking, we can


certainly get in to Ramos. He was unsettled at the start of the game.


Morata has looked impressive. Spain might be in a position to rest


players in the last game. Although they will need to make sure they


finish above Croatia in the group when they meet Croatia in Bordeaux.


Six minutes to go. A city once ruled by Italians. Tonight, governed by


Spain. Bruno. They have not pressurised the Spanish players


enough. And when they have, they have not able to deal with them. Sad


that Sahin lost to M years of his career to injuries. Went to


Liverpool, but a bright player, did not work out, went back to Germany.


-- lost two years of his career. Ramos was there. Azpilicueta,


digging in, gives away a free kick. A terrific season for Chelsea, even


when they were in the doldrums he was playing consistently well. Five


minutes to go. Turan, Turkish captain, will remember this


nightmarish experience for a long time. That is a free kick to Turkey.


Given away by Busquets. Free kick, in from the new Inter


Milan player. Back into the box, Topal had stayed up. Golden.


Azpilicueta Wright behind him. Went to early, offside.


First time in these countries have ever met in the finals of a major


tournament. Turkey are unlikely to forget it. Actually qualified for


the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland by the drawing of lots after their


play-off against Spain in Rome ended 2-2. Thousands of Turkish supporters


have left. If the roads are anything like they were on their way into day


they will probably move back be back in the city centre by the weekend.


Chance that a consolation... But he could not take it first time, or


second time. It was no more than a consolation but the centre of the


Spanish defence looked suspect. Forced beyond Azpilicueta. He was


trying to play it square. Iniesta. It would be fitting if you


could put the final gloss on a very polished performance. Koke. Bruno.


Steered away. The left-back has had a decent game. Kept in play. Koke.


Busquets. He has rarely, barely broken into a sweat. Azpilicueta,


onto his right foot, of course. Nolito, give and go. Dancing


through, pulls it back, no end product from Bruno. No knockout


punch. They have eased off in the second half, at 3-0 ahead.


Tournament football is so intense, there is no need to burn yourself


out when a game has been won. It sounds like the Spanish


band I first heard many years ago outside the ground of Valencia.


Heard around the football world. It is a joyous expression of how the


game should be played, if they can, of course, sharpen the cutting edge.


And they have done tonight. Iniesta. Nolito. Koke is behind him. Bruno, a


difficult ball for him, but Ramos gets it out. We are into two minutes


of further punishment time, for Turkey. At club level, Spain rules


Europe. And it will take a very decent team to stop them in the


European Championships on the evidence of this. Taking into


consideration how poor Turkey have been. Turan. Sahin. They have got


more and more forward on that left is the second half has gone on. But


in the last half hour Spain have not left second gear. The Turkish


supporters who have stayed, spirited, waving their flags of


support, and that is good to see. They have been beaten out of sight.


The Turkish supporters making their voices heard. Proud and defined. And


the field of play... Topal. Towards Yilmaz, the big


target man. Sahin. Turan. A rare piece of work


for De Gea. A most emphatic victory, the most


impressive display, two goals for Morata and another for Nolito. Two


in three minutes in a blistering first half. Turkey, befuddled, the


dry cold, beaten by a brilliant Spanish side. A warning to the rest


of the championship. Spain have their Mojo back. Spain 3-0 Turkey.


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