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Hello. We are now into the second week of Euro 2016, and we have


highlights of three more games for you on the way, in the company of


former internationals Chris Waddle and John Hart. We start with Group D


and an impressive Croatia who went into this game with three points


after Luka Modric's volley gave them a win. Watching the first


competitive meeting was Kevin Kilbane and Stephen Wilson. Croatia


may be emerging as a real force again. World Cup semifinalists in


France 98. They fail to get out of their grip in five of the six


tournaments they have played since. If they win, they are through to the


last experience. The Czech Republic lost to Spain in Toulouse. The best


they could do is finish third and hope it is good enough.


Croatia are unchanged from their last match.


Lovely from Rakitic. Ivan Perisic Jews arriving at the back post.


Rakitic goes it alone -- Perisic arriving at the back post. The Czech


Republic's defence, Perisic would have had a tap in but a great break


for Croatia. You just feel they can put paste into the game wherever


they choose. Spot on. That is how you feel when you are watching them.


You do feel as though the way the Czech Republic can get into this


game is by the forwards. Perisic! 1-0! To the surprise of absolutely


nobody, Croatia take the lead and a very fine finish from Ivan Perisic.


I hunt for the goalkeeping coach who like Dario Srna lost his father this


week. The one thing I like about Perisic is he continues to drive and


he does not disappoint. A little step over, getting it onto his left


foot and he goes across Petr Cech. Petr Cech gets a touch on it. You


have two Croatian players ready for the tap in.


Luka Modric over the top of Thomas Rusedski who stood in his way.


Rakitic into the box. A great ball. Luca is the man who gets the final


touch on it. Vida gets in his way. Given away. Rakitic she was onside.


He clips it over Petr Cech and Croatia lead by two! What was he


doing? Sloppy possession. He sees Rakitic choose free.


That is a super finish from Rakitic. He has got the awareness and the


presence of mind just to dink it over.


No one has scored three goals. Perisic. Mandzucik in the middle.


Nothing given. Just gets back into the position. Goes into the back of


Mandzucik. That is a foul. That should be given as a penalty. A bit


of a chastening experience this for the Czech Republic. Vida with the


clearance. That was culled back in dangerously.


It is in! What a great ball in and Milan Skoda heads it into the back


of the Croatian net. Not many people saw that coming. Well, well, well,


that has changed the complexion in Saint-Etienne. No doubt about it.


Rakitic. Here is Brosavic. What a goal that


would have been. A brilliant breakaway. Down the left-hand side


again, it is Perisic. People sit back to Rakitic. You can't get the


strike on target -- people sit back to Rakitic. We will see Tomas Necid


come on. The striker who was in the opening defeat to Spain.


Time might have to be held up for these flares. Again, Kevin, you


wonder, how giving the security you can get those in? We have seen


numerous bag checks on the route to the stadium. Croatian players


appealing to their supporters to behave. I am afraid these are very


sorry seems indeed in the context of what has happened in France over the


last 12 months. There are now fights breaking out in the Croatian segment


of the ground. We will get back under way but that has left an acrid


smell in the air and a sour taste in the mouth.


Tomas Rosicky has gone down. That should have been given a foul. He is


back on his feet. A big header! Taken away at the last


minute. What is Mark Clattenburg giving here? He has given a penalty!


I think it is for Vida. Vida's hand is up. It is handball. He has got a


yellow card for it. It is a spot on decision. What is he doing with his


hands in the air like that? They have dominated the game. Tomas Necid


here to take a point for the Czech Republic. Again, they have hardly


ever been in. 2-2. They were in huge trouble in this


group at 2-0 down. There seemed no way back in the game, possibly no


way back in the tournament. He has a big impact on the game. He goes for


power, Tomas Necid. At such a late stage in the game. It is another


substitute, another late, late goal and it is 2-2.


Well, the incidence with the flares dominated the post match discussion


and Uefa have said they will open disciplinary proceedings tomorrow


once they get the delegates' report. Ivan Rakitic fears they may be


kicked out of the tournament and they feel more comfortable playing


away from their own fans. The Croatian coach after the game said


the following: if you look at eastern European


social media experts they said this was to do with the Croatian fans


wanting to get their own federation into trouble with Uefa because they


feel they could be corrupt. It might be arguments between rival


fans from Split and Zagreb. And Ante Cacic, the coach, said it did affect


the players. They were winning 2-1, Croatia. That is terrible scenes


there. Mark Clattenburg did the right thing. He took the players off


the pitch for their own safety. It is a sad state of affairs where you


are almost pleading with your fans to stop throwing flares onto the


pitch. Croatia have a good team. I believe they have an opportunity to


go on and win this tournament, they are that good. The fans are spoiling


it. , That is what we thought. Particularly, watching the first


half, we were eulogising about them and the way they were playing. Luka


Modric and Rakitic char the most well-known but they are fantastic


and you can see here, this was the chance for the Czech Republic to get


a chance. Look how many blue shirts are at the back. He picks it up and


it comes to him, he opens his legs. This time, he picks it up, squares


it, so close again. They have got such a ten to about them. -- tempo.


You have got to show him wide and keep on going wide. Petr Cech should


have gone to his left. It is a great strike into the bottom corner. Every


time he picks it up, he is positive, he gets the team up the field, he


runs defenders back and he is creating chances. Terrific pace,


always willing. He gives the team up the field, the Czech Republic have


to run back, he has the step over. Not the greatest, but it works. A


calm head, they nearly get a goal. A slight deflection. He is a big part


of how they play. You are more likely to know a good step over than


me. For all of the flowers being blamed, the other problem was that


they lost Luka Modric with injury near the start of the second half.


He was having a great game, dictating the pace. He is a


fantastic player. They brought on Mateo Kovacic. He gives the ball


away there. Would Luka Modric have tried that? The Czech Republic


break. Mateo Kovacic is circled. You look at Tomas Rosicky, we used to


see him do this regularly for Arsenal. He pulls away. It is


liberally and had, good pace on the ball in. This is the penalty. It is


absolutely ludicrous from Domagoj Vida. What on earth is he thinking?


I don't know. His manager must be going crazy in the dressing room.


There is no excuse for that. But take nothing away from the penalty.


He put his foot through it, decided to go up the middle, the goalkeeper


had no chance. Next, the defending champions, Spain, against the 2008


semifinalists Turkey. Spain will be assured of a last 16


place with a victory, they are unbeaten in 13 at the European


Championships. They want to win the group and avoid a possible second


round clash with Italy. A tough task for Turkey, it is 62 years since


they have beaten Spain. Spain are unbeaten. The Turkish captain Arda


Turan, who plays for Barcelona, ask for forgiveness on TV for their


defeat against Croatia. He starts again. Barack your mouse is the one


change, he once knocked Manchester United out of the Champions League.


If Turkey don't win, they are battling for the best third-place


positions in the next round, I would think. A good start by the Spanish.


12 goals for Juventus in the double winning season just one.


Outside of the post. The last touch came off the Galatasaray defender.


Just got there. Italy's victory against Belgium of


the most impressive of the opening group games. Brilliantly stabbed


that while Nolito, just wide. Hardly any backlift. Try to curl it, it


went just wide. Calm and composed manager. Very shy off the field of


play. The Turkish fans in fine voice, lots of them here on the


Riviera. 1-0. At last, Spain have the breakthrough. A beautiful cross


in with the men it's gone, a fine finish. Alvaro Morata answered a key


question is, a beautiful cross by Nolito. The left-back played him on.


Lovely header. Alvaro Morata with the goal. Turkey have some talented


players. They have an 18-year-old who is being looked at by the top


English clubs. It is to. A clever piece of play by the Spanish as they


built up. Juanfran and another good run down the right hand side. Turkey


might have expected the ball to go out. I have horrible mistake at the


back for Turkey. We have been waiting for one of the big giant of


European football to stand up and give us a super display. Two goals


in three minutes for Spain. They are heading towards the last 16. Turkey


have yet to have a shot on target. Spain have bamboozled them with


football like this. So impressive. Give it first time. So many players


take it off their back foot so they can receive it and move it into


space. Happy to move it off either foot. Swept imperiously I Andres


Iniesta to Jordi Alba. Alvaro Morata makes it 3-0 within


three minutes of the restart. A wonderful move. So simply finished


off, but it was all about the quality of the build-up. Stunning


Spain. They have demolished Turkey in the most impressive performance


in these championships so far. It looked as if he was offside, but the


flag stayed down. A brilliant ball. A neat finish. His second of the


game. Turkey trying to get some


consolation. They would not be out of the competition, they still have


one game to go, against the Czech Republic on the 21st. A victory


there might take them through as one of the best third placed teams.


Spain want more. He stole away from his man. What a


year he has had. Boeing has wrung out from the Turkish fans for their


players. But at times, Turkey have been like a punch-drunk


bantamweight. They have taken too many punches from the heavyweight of


world-class quality. That was a good opportunity. He has a decent scoring


return at international level, 20 and 45. No composure when he got in


there. Midway through the second half.


It is pushed away wide, with Bruno arriving. First contribution as a


substitute. The Villarreal veteran. Thousands of Turkish fans have left.


If the roads are anything like they were on the way here today, they


will be back to Nice by the weekend. It would have been no more than a


consolation. The centre of the Spanish defence looks suspect. He


tried to play at square. The most emphatic victory of the


European Championships 2016 so far. The most impressive display. Two


goals for Alvaro Morata and another by Nolito. Two in three minutes of a


blistering first half. Turkey befuddled, but drag old and beaten


by a brilliant Spanish side. This is a warning to the rest of the


championship. Spain have their Mojo back.


In keeping with what feels like the tournament, the Turkish fans let off


a flare, Uefa will investigate that and open this up in a repressive in.


Turkey three... Spain through, and rather than revel in Andres Iniesta,


look at Alvaro Morata and the role he is playing. He plays a different


role for Juventus. He stretches teams. He is learning


to play the Spanish way. More standing still. That is a good


effort early on in the game. In the first game, he was running


everywhere. Now he is standing still. When you stand still, to get


the ball, because they are that good, technically fantastic. He can


do the channels if you want him to, very unlucky with his pass. Give the


defender credit. Standing still, not involved, he just holds away. Not,


for the ball, and he gets the reward. A fantastic header. The


defender sticks his hand up. He glances it into the top corner. Is


it easy to adapt your game as a central striker, depending on how


your side is playing? I never ran around as much as him! I agree,


sometimes as a centre forward you have got to stand still, occurs when


the likes of Andres Iniesta and Jordi Alba are coming in, Sergio


Busquets, they need a focal point, somebody to hit. For Wales I had


Ryan Giggs and Craig LME, they needed a target. Stand still, you


don't always have to be on the move. Let's revel in Andres Iniesta and


his involvement in the third goal, 22 passes, only David de Gea and


Gerard Pique did not touch the ball. You would go a long way to see a


better goal in terms of passing and movement. Whenever a Spanish player


is on the ball, he has two or three players wanting it, options, not


standing still. Crisp passing two feet. Nobody has got to stretch out


for it. Every other pass or every third pass goes through Andres


Iniesta. He is a magician, a wonderful player. 50, 60 yards


across the pitch. This is the one I like, a brilliant run by Jordi Alba,


and Andres Iniesta, that is true the eye of a needle into Jordi Alba. He


was slightly offside, although everybody seems to have forgiven him


and stop --. It shows how dominant they are, they last lost in 2004,


one goal conceded in their last 11. When you see it like that, when


Fatih Terim said, our national team threw in the towel, I will never


accept this, I am deeply upset, is he being slightly harsh? Yes. I have


heard people say Spain are boring. They just pass the ball. That is


fantastic football. If they win this tournament, it would not be a


surprise, they are quality. The Turkish fans got on the back of Arda


Turan, which could not have helped. The way Spain play, they could do


that to some of the favourites in the tournament. When they play and


pass, they get Andres Iniesta on the ball, they can embarrass any team.


They have become the favourite. They left certain players behind, they


said, how can you leave them? Alvaro Morata has answered the question.


Coming up, we will focus on the home nations but now our attention turns


to the Republic of Ireland's group., tree for this match is by Guy


Mowbray. -- commentary. This is an absolutely gorgeous day


in Toulouse. We are ready for the game between Italy and Sweden. Let's


have a look at the line-ups. Just one change made to the Italy team


from game one. Southampton's Gratiano Pelle is fit


despite a knock to his foot and a broken finger.


For Sweden, Celtic, Michael lost it was forced off at half-time against


Ireland and he misses out today with a groin injury so Eric Johansen


comes in -- Lustig. There are two changes.


That is a lovely take. Another opportunity for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


That did not go where it was intended to. For an attacking point


of view, Sweden have been the better team and have been infinitely more


entertaining than anything they is showed up against the Republic of


Ireland. -- served up. He put his hand up, it went wide of the post.


Erik Hamren is standing down after Sweden's game in the Euros.


The first touch comes from Giorgio Chiellini. The shirt is being held


into different directions. When you see an incident like that outside


the box, it would be a free kick. Should it be a Sweden penalty?


Brilliant work. That is a great pass, potentially. That is with


Betty. -- John Guidetti. The skill of the match comes from Sweden's


number ten. Pelle will shoot. He teams himself


up nicely. Just put it little too high. Just a little more positive


that Italy move forward. There is the man who we will be seeing at


Stamford Bridge next season, soon to be the coach of Chelsea, Antonio


Conte. Larsson uses his body. Eder does the


same. That was snuffed out. Really and tracking back by the Sweden


number nine. That was quite superb. Ibrahimovic. He was having a look to


see if he was offside or not. Should he have put the ball in the net?


Ibrahimovic is offside. The flag went up straightaway. You have had a


free miss there. Really ought to have poked it over the line.


That is a great cross and it is against the bar. What a ball in that


was from... Eder goes on. We have a late winner.


Yet another one in these championships!


It is Zaza with the knock-down and then Eder has plenty to do and he


does it. Zaza. I'd advantage, Italy. Look at the room.


Italy desperate to hear the whistle now. Larsson's little lift.


Ibrahimovic. Sweden appeal for a penalty. The referee is not


interested. Look at this shirt tugged. That is a


foul. Sweden will appeal. The luck has not been with them today. Sooner


or later in this Championship, or one team will get a penalty for that


sort of foul. Sweden will argue why not us today?


Italy are through. No goals conceded. They are the massive


favourite. They will keep Sweden down there with the Republic. I


think the strength of the Italian team are there three centre-backs.


They have so much know-how that they are very, very streetwise.


They are very much in sync on the pitch. They know each other so, so


well. Every team in this competition would want a Giorgio Chiellini. They


move together. Nobody gets left behind. They are all looking to see


where each other. This man, Giorgio Chiellini, what a warrior. Look at


this header. That is magnificent. He knows he's going to take one in the


back of the next they're from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That takes bravery, a


really does. -- the back of the neck. Look at the desire to get


back. John Guidetti is there. Nothing wrong with that. What?!


Little bit cynical, not dirty or nasty, but know-how. You talk to


experienced managers, most of them will have a Giorgio Chiellini in


their side. They are becoming fewer and far between? The Italians have


always had defenders. They have always had that, the man markers.


Are you saying there is nothing wrong with that? John has done it, I


have had it done loads of times! You cannot get it right all the time.


Eder's goal? It was a great goal but it is a foul throw not spotted.


Zaza, a great header down. I don't know why he goes to ground. That is


a great header down. He runs across the box, he goes down too early. He


has hit it well. The goalkeeper has got no chance. That is a good goal.


Do you agree with John in that that result has done a favoured to the


Republic in the sense it keeps Sweden down there, so you have the


Republic, Sweden and Belgium all battling down there? They will rest


a few, the Italians. They are tournament team. They always turn


up. You can never write them off. I have heard this is the worst team


for 50 years. I don't believe that. Italy's final game is against the


Republic of Ireland. Roy Keane has been playing the prankster in the


Republic of Ireland game. We do not often see him laughing and giggling.


Do you think there would have been smiles if it was the other way


around? I am not sure! Fell over and missed somebody kicking the ball? I


doubt it. There is commentary for the Republic of Ireland game against


Belgium on BBC Radio 5 Live. Our evening offering features Ronaldo


and Coe as Portugal play Austria. Before we go, time for some further


reflections on a good day for two thirds of the home nations in


France. Sorry, John. Brilliant! A moment of absolute


magic. And that is it from a callee. And he heads Northern Ireland in


front. -- Gareth McAuley. England are level. A tap in, 2-0. 2-0, Niall


McGinn! Daniel Sturridge! Sturridge scores! Talk about pressure. This


England team have it in bucket loads.


John, let me start with you, how big a job has Chris Coleman got before


their final game? He knew they had a huge job coming into the tournament


but they had a wonderful start beating Slovakia. I thought they


were second-best against England. They came up against a stronger team


that forced the issue, if you like. They put Wales under a lot of


pressure. Wales could not get a run of minutes in possession which they


struggled to deal with. I really feel Chris might freshen things up a


little bit. Whether or not he decides to play with a centre


forward, or whether he decides to play Gareth Bale up there and he


brings in the likes of Andy King who is desperate to get going. From a


Roy Hodgson point of view, he will not be able to resist the clamour to


start Vardy and Sturridge, will he? I think he will start both and leave


Rashford out. I think there is the problem with a lack of confidence.


I'd then think Kane has lacked confidence, I think he is tired. He


covers a lot of miles, plays every game. I think it has caught up with


him. I cannot see Raheem Sterling coming on the pitch. And there will


be a dilemma going into the Germany match? Niall McGinn did fantastic.


What I like about Northern Ireland, when they took the lead, they saw


the game out. They got their first win, beating the Ukraine and they


are very much in the mix also. There is still a chance of Wales against


Northern Ireland. That will be interesting! That is an


understatement! We will wait and see. We will. I was expecting a


longer answer. But it is late and I know you are very minimal with


words. The games keep coming. Today, the defending champions laid down a


marker. Good night.


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