Match Replay: England v Wales Match of the Day

Match Replay: England v Wales

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# Je vois la ville en fete et en delire


# Suffoquant sous le soleil et sous la joie


# Et j'entends dans la musique les cris, les rires


# Qui eclatent et rebondissent autour de moi


Welcome to Lens. Joining me are Martin Keown.


England are unchanged, the same XI that played


against Russia, expected to play in the same formation.


Only Wayne Rooney, with 113 games, has played more in this team,


the third most experienced player, Gary Cahill, is the only one sitting


All three, including Chris Smalling, played the last time England played


A qualified doctor of law applying the laws today, Germany's Felix


For Wales, three changes from the win over Slovakia,


Wayne Hennessey has had a pain relieving injection after a back


spasm, Joe Ledley comes in for Dave Edwards,


his first start since breaking a bone in his leg on May the 7th.


Hal Robson-Kanu will play up front, with Williams making way.


Lens has a very British feel in a stadium that looks like a kind


Both sides will gather in their pre-match huddles to just


rev one another up one last time before it all begins.


A bit of a shame that Wales are not in their home red.


This game seems to have had just of a bit of a bigger build-up,


almost as though it has been allowed to breathe a little bit more.


The countdown has started to kick off, it is going to be Wales who get


Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale on the ball, and away we go.


Three Lions, one Dragon, it sounds like the stuff of legend,


it is just the sort of game my companions alongside me


Wayne Rooney tries to find Raheem Sterling.


Harry Kane didnt half set off on the front foot!


Robbie Savage, a few words out of the way.


The wingback areas are going to be massively important for Wales,


Gunter and Taylor, offensively and defensively.


Looking for a Hal Robson-Kanu and Gareth Bale to give


England a difficult game, but what a great start from England.


A lightning start, as if we expected anything else!


We will speak to Martin Keown in a moment, but we daren't


take our eyes off what is happening with this Kyle Walker throw.


Martin, England's need to win is more pressing than Wales' today,


but have they got that late Russian goal out of their systems?


I think so, they have had time to rebalance, the only thing


that was missing was the cutting edge in their finishing.


Harry Kane has started well, Williams will not want to take


Cahill allowed a bit of time on the ball.


Sterling has moved across into a central position here.


Just moving back out towards the left side now,


I was expecting Wales to press the ball a lot more than they have.


Interesting that the wingbacks, or the fullbacks for England,


pushing the Welsh wingbacks all the way back, that could be


Wayne Hennessey was passed fit to play, he would have been bitterly


disappointed at missing that historic win over Slovakia.


Taylor is forced to knock the ball behind for an England corner.


Looking for that diagonal ball, all afternoon, for Rooney, Walker,


a positive start from England, on the front foot, closing


Having all the possession, good start from England.


Wayne Rooney to take the corner, not Harry Kane.


The ball found its way in between the pair of them.


Aaron Ramsey takes issue with a nudge from Dele Alli.


A needless foul, Ramsey gets up, you can wind Dele Alli up,


a little word in his ear, a little push from Ramsey.


A little smile on Martin Keown's phase, Arsenal against Spurs


That is what Rooney is on the pitch for, over 100 caps,


Walker closed by Ramsey, won by Ramsey.


Ramsey is being held by Kyle Walker, and foul.


The referee, well, we all saw it, he could not have been better placed


Ramsey does go down a bit too early, his left leg seemed to slip,


but the referee awards a free kick in a dangerous area.


England have two in the wall and a line of seven across the edge


Ramsey taking plenty of time to get himself sorted,


Just looking at the English back line, not really picking up,


they are just in a line, not man for man.


It was Dele Alli who was stationed at the right place to get it away.


Smalling beaten, a little deflection.


No real pace on it, easy enough for Joe Hart,


who is in a hurry to find Raheem Sterling.


Quick ball out from Hart, he wanted to use Sterling's pace,


but he would have had an awful lot to do from there.


Just a watching brief to start with for Jamie Vardy


Ashley Williams is in charge of that one.


From a defensive point of view, for Wales, they are playing


Joe Allen, Ledley, and then in front of them, Ramsey and Bale


But Ramsey will drop in between Ledley and Allen


Very difficult for people to find space.


You will find that Rooney will probably get the ball


deeper than usual dumb luck for that diagonal.


Kane finds Lallana, Sterling has into the box for him.


Great bit of work from Adam Lallana, he put it in the right place


for Sterling, who could not find his perfect spot.


Great counterattacking from England, ball into the box, this is the area


From the Wales standpoint, that is the negative at times


Taylor was too forward, space behind, Lallana punished


Difficult one for him, but at this level you would expect


Time plenty for James Chester to find Wayne Hennessey.


He has launched that one, Gareth Bale will not chase it.


It will go all the way through to Joe Hart.


Chris Coleman was saying this week that he was looking forward to a bit


of a dust-up, a 100mph game football.


Chester sees off Sterling, Ramsey used the spin.


Robson-Kanu trying to get into the middle.


This is going to break for Neil Taylor.


Gary Cahill clear, England struggling a little bit here.


That mistake from Walker does not help.


Walker has it more under control this time to find Kane.


The officials didn't agree, but it will be a throw.


That was the opportunity there, he is stretching.


I do not think he has to stretch, I think he has to be more


It has come off his heel kind of, be more positive,


get your head over the ball, he should score that, Sterling.


It looked worse from that angle, he seems to get


We thought at Man City that is where the improvement would come,


It may play on the mind of Raheem Sterling, affect


He came in for a bit of stick for his second-half performance


Great bit of work from Hal Robson-Kanu.


Walker didn't dare risk challenging Bale, and it is a good block


That is why Hal Robson-Kanu is in the team for Wales,


he stretches the opposition, runs the channels.


Bale charges into the box, tries to shoot across


Cahill knows he will have to be alerted that.


Gareth Bale pulls the trigger, he is very dangerous,


His corners can be pretty dangerous, too.


He is indebted to Harry Kane for belting it away.


Lallana called Taylor napping, England throw.


That is a feature of Lallana's play, he wins the ball back brilliantly.


As you see, Joe Hart just loses the ball over Eric Dier.


Positive goalkeeping from Joe Hart early on.


He did have a little look towards the referee


and stretched his arms out, but I don't think anything would be


given for Joe Ledley's involvement there.


It feels like a scrappy Premier League game with added.


It is like a game of chess, really, tactically.


You can see the benefits of both systems, I like the way that England


have set their stall out, but on the break Wales


I am sure that the nerves will settle on both sides.


Ramsey, shoulder to shoulder with the Spurs man,


and he does enough to force out for a Wales throw in.


You can see the problem there, Ramsey is going to have


to chase all the way back, he will run his legs


off, he won't want to do that every time.


Dele Alli had just to make his way, Harry Kane went the other way,


making himself available for the ball.


It is important, though, in that build-up, that


when Harry Kane drops off, Ledley or Allen quickly engages him.


Got the ball too easily, laid it back to Rooney,


I think Wales will be happy that he is shooting


England were thinking about getting the game stopped,


but Gary Cahill has got back to his feet.


Adam Lallana is, as ever, moving quickly.


Some intelligent runs by Lallana, he is the one looking to get behind,


looking for the space in behind them.


It is going to have to go back to Smalling.


Wales certainly not snapping into the tackles yet.


The push from Raheem Sterling was spotted.


Patient build-up by England, they should be trying to get Alli


on the ball in the free space that he is finding.


They have to be patient and keep moving the ball.


Wayne Hennessey is seeking out Robson-Kanu, who does really


Even though Rooney was in Dier's way he manages to squirm


It's going to be important that Joe Allen engages Rose early.


Ramsey can move to this side to engage Walker early.


Lallana can push up against Davies and Sterling can push up


against Chester to allow space for the England fullbacks


Dele Alli making great runs again from midfield.


Gunter gets it away but not very convincingly at all,


Danny Rose concedes possession and Joe Allen puts it


through the legs of Wayne Rooney and he's away.


He manages to get to it before Aaron Ramsey and makes sure


This is Dier, see his pace, again, reading the game beautifully well


Really important job because Wales look as though


they want to counterattack at every opportunity.


Dele Alli, that was his reaction to the push from Ben Davies,


Dier has had a good start to the game for England.


You would think Wales would be pretty content with how


Defensively, I would like them to get it forward to Gareth Bale


Ramsey has been well and truly in the game.


He has stayed down as Sterling goes away.


Awkwardly off the head of Ashley Williams and spins behind


Getting around Ramsey there, very well, hunting in pairs.


Five of England's last seven championship goals have


come from set pieces, three of those from corners.


Rooney in, just over Eric Dier's head, but Eric Dier was free.


He went to the front post and spun off the back of Ben Davies,


Rooney was caught on the ball by Gareth Bale.


Chris Coleman has got a message that he wants to impart.


What he is saying is, to Joe Allen, get the ball and get playing,


look for diagonals and get involved in the game going forward.


They are doing great defensively but they need more offensively.


There is no point having the Welsh Xavi if you are not


going to get him with the ball at his boots.


He is frightened to pass it forward and that is what will


A couple of times Bale is getting into good positions


Adam Lallana, just gave Chester the hurry-up.


He was strong enough to keep the ball, though.


That was played off Dele Alli, Wales broke.


James Chester, as with so many on the field in Wales shirts,


Bale can't do anything other than head it behind.


A bit too straight from Ashley Williams.


Trying to hit a bit more diagonally, because Gunter will have loads


of space on the right hand side for Wales, as he did


He was a threat down the right-hand side.


You just get the feeling with 20 minutes played that the game


needs a bit of a lift, it is falling a bit flat so far.


That would suit Wales more than England.


It will, but they would still want to do better in possession.


I wonder whether Ramsey should drop deeper in the build-up to try to get


He needs to get his feet sorted out quickly, not quick enough


It was Joe Ledley, tackling from the wrong side.


We were saying about Taylor that he should be in


He comes in with his left foot and catches Alli,


I thought we might have seen a tasty tackle or two by now,


but it's been rather cautious on either side.


Possibly because you two aren't playing!


Harry Kane might not be on corners, but he's thinking about striking


You wonder what this is doing to his confidence.


He never really looked confident at all.


It's a difficult skill to get it up and down


but he gets it all wrong there, I'm afraid.


Closing in on Ben Davies and Williams takes no chances


He was met strongly by Chris Smalling.


The flag is waged against the Welshman.


Given it for a high foot, I think, there, the linesman.


Sterling was seen off by Chester with Gunter's help.


Cahill gets just enough on that to find Dele Alli.


Ledley was caught strongly by Lallana.


You have to say that Ramsey's workload is outstanding.


That is a foul, Lallana trying to get back.


Wales are just happy to have a breather for a second,


Ramsey for Wales and Lallana for England are the most energetic


I just think for Wales at the minute, it's too straight,


the balls are too straight, they are not switching play quick


enough to get the wingbacks engaged, get the ball and switch it.


Rooney is on the move for England.


Lallana was just trying to drift away from Williams in the box,


but the ball did not go the way of either of them.


Lallana points the way, lovely flick towards Kane,


A bit of rhythm is being found by England.


Lallana has got great feet, good imagination and vision.


Joe Ledley furiously wagging his finger.


He did not think it was a foul but it's a free kick for England.


That is two on the bounce, giving away free kicks.


He goes down far too easily for me, Danny Rose.


There is no contact whatsoever from Joe Ledley, that was a poor


Harry Kane has given this one up for his captain.


Rooney is lifting one towards Cahill!


This time it's a great teasing ball in, just stays onside.


Ashley Williams not even getting off the ground.


What I will say, if you were these Welsh players, they are slipping,


I'm not sure they have got the correct footwear.


It was an excellent stop by Ramsey, though.


Back in for Wales, to great cheers in the stands for James Chester.


You just have the feeling that it's getting a bit more lively.


It's getting a bit more scrappy, and that is suiting Wales.


Ramsey, nice bit of check on that for him.


Sterling has to come back and help there.


And then Wales felt he was all over the back of Gunter.


He lets the ball drift across to give himself more space.


Walker shows good pace down the right-hand side, testing Taylor.


Wayne Rooney, very deliberately walking across to the corner flag.


Trying to get himself and his team steady again.


He has to watch himself as he brushes past the referee.


Joe Allen is doing his job well, there.


I'm not sure that's a free kick actually.


He is the bigger guy, more physical presence,


Smalling beaten by Bale, Robson-Kanu giving Cahill a real test.


Too strong for Ramsey, Bale will chase.


A push in the back of Lallana, no foul, Wales throw.


Once again, Robson-Kanu giving one of the England centre halves


Taylor trying to put the pressure on Lallana.


Rose now, Sterling has set off in front of him.


Good play from the wingback Taylor there, he has seen


the crossfield passes, in a position where he can engage


Arms were the problem there, this time Ben Davies on his White


This is better, Kane making himself available, turns inside,


England have got to start making these free kicks and corners count,


getting somebody on the end of them, a bit of quality.


Rooney tries to lift one in again, firmly cleared.


Gunter swinging his arm angrily at the referee.


Kane and Williams having a right battle on set pieces,


We don't want to see the referee giving a penalty for shirt pulling,


they are both having a right go at each other from every set piece.


Just keep an eye on that one, Williams against Cahill.


He seemed to have asked too much of Danny Rose there,


Smalling was the cover man, Joe Hart get it away.


Ramsey looked to have outdone Cahill for a moment, good recovery


He makes good runs from deep as well, you cannot switch off to that.


The England back four all over the place at times,


petrified in possession, get the ball to Gareth Bale,


get him to run at this nervous England back four.


The assistant referee was flagging for a foul there,


but the referee was happy for England to get on with it.


Rooney tried to shift it out, hoping for a shooting opening,


Taking on Gunter, Kane goes for it, was it blocked by a hand?!


Not a penalty for me, I do not know what Ben Davies


could do, he was not even looking at the ball.


That is not handball, yes, it hit him on the arm,


but you cannot give a penalty for that, he is not looking


But it has certainly hit his hand, you have to say.


It is the first really big moments that we have had in the game.


It is Ramsey, it looks as if he has won the ball there, Guy,


Where do you expect him to go on his follow-through?


I am going to have to break you two up!


I think everybody knew this would happen.


Ashley Williams telling him to keep it, let's get out,


I think we will change our shape at half-time,


When he gets that ball, Taylor is isolated, great closing


Would it be a worry for you, Robbie, that Gareth Bale has not


He has been on the fringes, Guy, but he is a player,


at any one given moment in the game, he can create a moment of magic.


While he is on the pitch, he will have an opportunity,


Well, I think he is probably the best player, if not


the best player in Europe, outstanding talent, nobody


runs quicker than him, it's the ball harder, leaps higher.


We have seen some of the balls he has won in the air already today,


He has got a mate in Madrid who was not half bad, Martin!


Up he is not half bad, but Bale will one day


overcome him, he is very inspirational for this bunch.


Certainly seem to be the case for the latter half


Rooney is dictating the game, always looking for Walker.


From Wales' standpoint, if I was Chris Coleman, I would say,


get closer to Rooney when he picks that ball up.


They are doing that better than Wales this afternoon.


Gary Cahill again being watched very closely by Ashley Williams.


In it comes from Rooney, Smalling gets it!


Well, it is another great ball into the box, this time Smalling


getting a yard of space, just cannot get it on target.


Kane there as well, trying to flick it towards goal.


Even Roy Hodgson was trying to flick it towards goal.


Walker's skips past Taylor, nobody there in a white shirt.


Just an example of where England need more quality


It is OK getting into those areas, just a bit better at times,


I wonder if he wants to make a change at any point.


The shout was hold, but he could not do that.


Joe Ledley read that was about to happen from Dele Alli,


and Rooney read that pretty well too.


Up towards Lallana, but not close enough to him,


and Lallana gesticulates to Kyle Walker.


The Welsh fans pretty content with the way their team


are defending, it is a nervous watch, whether you have the dragon


I must say, my heart is pounding in the commentary box,


Every time the ball goes near the Wales goal,


we have got to say, defensively, the back three are doing well,


Once or twice Lallana has got in behind them.


The Welsh fans trying to lift their side.


Walker's allowed plenty of time on the ball in a half


The only defender to make over 300 clearances in the Premier League


last term, Ashley Williams, an old-fashioned defender.


He is the dictator in that defence, pointing the finger,


I don't think they should get the ball into Kane's beat


without Ledley or Allen screaming from the throw in.


It is to easy for him to get it do is feed.


Certainly having a lot more of the ball at their feet


Got to do more with it, got to move quicker.


Just seeing what the danger could be for Wales, if Alli drops deep


and Ashley Williams goes inside, because Chester and Davies


are so far apart, Lallana can run diagonally.


It is so important that he's followed.


Lallana, one of the most impressive players in an England


Alli, Williams quickly and, joined by Chester, double


Something that Williams has to do, three at the back, you have to send


They have done it there to good effect.


Into the final five minutes of the first half.


Chris Coleman is managing to look cool enough.


Never played against England during his career, 32


Here is Bale, here is Taylor, trying to slide one into Ramsey.


That is where Gareth Bale can be so dangerous,


picking the ball up in his own half, driving at England, the back four.


He has got to pick his head up, whip it in behind the back four


Rooney has reciprocated a little too keenly there,


it will be a free kick for Wales, you could see his frustration


rising, all thanks to the work of the Wales number nine.


You don't want to have an angry Wayne Rooney, you want him


to keep his head, the elder statesman in this team now.


This is all Gareth Bale territory, a long way out,


Just picked a bit of the Lens turf out of his boots, has Bale.


Almost like a rugby union kick, the way he has gone back and steps


to the right, and he strikes brilliantly!


Gareth Bale with a moment of absolute magic!


Not many players in the world can do that!


The Welsh legend might be writing another one, England 0, Wales 1.


That man again, he has been on the fringes,


It has gone over the wall, Joe Hart has got his hands on it,


he has to be pushing that past the post.


Wales 1-0, look at the technique from Gareth Bale, it is in


the middle of the goal, I think Joe Hart has


Listen, it is an unbelievable strike, the ball nearly catches


fire, he hits it so hard, but he should be saving that.


He has got to put an extra step in across his goal


Two goals at Euro 2016 for Real Madrid and Wales'


Gareth Bale, two free kicks, two mistakes?


He pushed him over and allowed the free kick to happen,


but I'm not being funny, a world-class goalkeeper


in Joe Hart, he should not be getting beat from there.


The same as against Kozacik at the weekend, down the middle.


Such a long way out, to even have the audacity to even


go for it from there, but we have seen him doing it


so many times, he is a special player who scores special goals.


What a problem Roy Hodgson now as do solve now.


The first goal is always important in any game at any level.


They now have to keep their wingbacks level,


and when you play a back five, just get to half-time 1-0.


We should not understate the part played by Hal Robson-Kanu


in rattling Rooney to win the free kick.


He has rattled himself by failing to keep the ball in.


This is testing times for England, they need character, of course.


The Welsh fans are loving this moment.


It will cost a fair few quid to pay for your travel and get your hotel


But every Welshman here thinks it is worth it right now.


He is leaving that side of a goal open and he is slow to get across.


Aaron Ramsey has kept his balance better than Cahill and played


Even though Bale didn't move, it might eat up most of the minute


and mean that Roy Hodgson's team will go into the break a goal down.


It will be an important team talk for Roy, dominating


possession in this match, and they have found


I think it's going to be the biggest team talk


of his managerial career, his England career.


If he doesn't get a positive display in the second half there will be


massive questions asked of the England manager.


He wants to hear the half-time whistle before the throw,


Two games, two free kicks, two goalkeepers who won't want


England have work to do if they are not to be


So Roy Hodgson is going for broke, he has to, otherwise English


That Gareth Bale goal in the first part was the first time that Wales


have scored in the last five meetings of these nations,


their first goal since Mark Hughes scored on his debut in Wrexham


So it is England who will start the second half, and their fans


Martin Keown is one of those, do you applaud those changes?


Without a doubt, when you have that kind of firepower on the bench,


Sturridge is probably the most naturally gifted centre forward


England really on the back foot, he needed to do something, too slow,


not enough quality in the final third, that has to change now.


Aaron Ramsey holding up Adam Lallana.


We were not surprised to see that those two have run further


From the England perspective, I think the England fans


would rather see a proactive manager from the start,


I think they would like to see a winning manager.


Here is Chris Smalling, ball out of play.


England had a lot of possession in that first half and they were too


slow, allowing Wales to get back into their shape quite quickly,


be strong, and that one chance of Raheem Sterling,


Other than that, there was no real pressure on Wales.


The flag up against Robson-Kanu, who went down after a brush


with Cahill, he started his movement from an offside position.


Joe Hart gets the ball to Kyle Walker pretty quickly.


And still Daniel Sturridge, enjoying his run on the ball.


Ramsey has lost its to Alli, but only temporarily, great recovery.


Vardy had a nibble at Bale, gliding away from him.


The referee had the perfect view of that.


Great pace, Gareth Bale, went past Walker, surely


there was an arm on the shoulder from Walker, why on earth


would he go down, great position on his left foot to whip the ball


into the box, he had gone past Walker!


Walker has got excellent pace, and even he is


He goes down to easily there, when you see the replay.


Bale almost got onto that, Ramsey almost got control of it!


Already, Sturridge is playing out there, quite wide,


Vardy will be the top striker, playing on the shoulder


Eric Dier shaping up to shoot, blocked.


Four in the box for Walker, but Walker is getting


there himself, into the side of the goal, deflected,


England corner, and there is an immediate England response.


That is what you want, Walker getting down that


That is the reaction from England that they were looking for.


Smalling tried to attack it, Cahill behind him.


Dele Alli will not get to it in time.


Wales throw, Dele Alli thought it was going to go his way.


Of course, with every throwing, with every free kick,


you cannot blame Wales for taking as long as they want.


England would do exactly the same, wouldn't they,


I would take 43 minutes over that throw in!


It is going to be a long 43 minutes for you, Robbie, if it stays


like this - but I am sure you would take it that way.


Walker takes the long way around past Taylor.


Allen realised he was coming in, got across,


Really positive start from England in the second half,


positive substitutions from the manager.


You could see how many bodies Wales had got back defending,


look at many bodies were in the box from the Wales' point of view.


All doing their jobs, good line, good shape.


They are queueing up in the box for that ball from Walker,


a ball of quality is needed for those strikers.


Williams can pretend he does not know where the ball is


Williams' header has gone to Dele Alli.


Sturridge has no way past James Chester.


Sturridge has gone for goal, nowhere near it.


Maybe encouraging, Martin, to see him wanting the ball


Roy has got his head down there, Sturridge not able to keep


the ball down, though, speculative effort from a very


This is the challenge of Vardy, getting tangled up with Williams.


Roy Hodgson, unless something changes, will be sharing


an unwanted record, England, five tournament games without a win


since beating Ukraine in the final group game


He could follow Walter Winterbottom and Sir Bobby Robson


by going six without a win, unless his team scored two goals


And it really would ramp up the pressure, not on Chris Coleman -


What a turnaround it has been for Wales under his management,


losing nine of his first 13 games in charge.


He thought about quitting after three or four.


I think Dele Alli will get much more space in the second half,


because body and Sturridge are trying to occupy two


of the three centre halves, which will allow Dele Alli


to get more space in front or running behind.


Not even Jamie Vardy will catch that.


Quality again, isn't it, in the final third?


Dier recognising that, got to keep believing in yourself,


Listen, it is an experienced group, look at this ball, though,


Well won by Robson-Kanu, well struck by Ramsey.


Nicely bounced back to Alli by Sturridge, Rooney now.


Ramsey lunged in, Rooney tried to bend it into the corner,


but when Hennessey has seen it, he got to it smartly.


Rooney opens his body up, just feeds it into the corner,


Hennessey just gets a hand on it, good effort.


Lallana comes for the short option, Joe Allen in pursuit,


Robson-Kanu making life really awkward for Walker.


He is doing himself no harm at all, the Wales number nine,


He left Reading at the end of last season.


Cahill could not get off the floor, Vardy is there!


The Jamie Vardy story goes on with another chapter!


Wales ask the question about offside.


The question for Roy Hodgson's team are on the way to being answered.


Jamie Vardy really does have the golden touch.


Cometh the hour, cometh the man, Vardy just waiting


For me, he is maybe a fraction of side.


He spins on it, he is not worried about that,


He is on side, it has come off Ashley Williams' head.


Just watch, he headed into Vardy's pass, it is a goal,


positive substitution from Roy Hodgson has paid off,


Wales look to bite back very quickly.


Jamie Vardy has scored in four of his last five England


appearances, Premier League winner, the rise and rise goes on and on.


Four years on, at the last European Championships,


he was just leaving Fleetwood, he was on holiday with his mates.


The fairytale just keeps going, Roy will be delighted with him.


Sturridge got the ball on the left-hand side,


whipped it into the back post and it comes off Ashley Williams.


Vardy in the six yard area, that is where you get goals,


Credit to Roy Hodgson for two positive substitutions at half-time.


Wales have dropped deeper and deeper.


England have do keep this going and feed off this energy.


Waving to the England fans, among them Mrs Vardy.


Taylor, he had to be quick and can only get the ball back to England.


This time he is out of position and he puts pressure


This is a big period of the game for Wales.


They had won against Slovakia and they came through it but this is


They have do stay strong defensively.


Sturridge to Lallana, this is some room.


Flinging himself at it, Ben Davies, England say handball,


the referee says corner and England say, that'll do.


More of the same down the right-hand side.


It catches his arm but I don't think there's any intention.


Is that three against the arm of Davies in the game?


Rooney is looking for Cahill to attack it and he tried to come


Vardy tries to spin away from the shoulder of Ledley.


His and Vardy's introduction have put more spring in the step


of being which players but is there a Wales break now?


Bale tries to find him but succeeds only in putting the ball


Ramsey tries to hold his run, Bale looks up and he should have


whipped it around the back four of England after Ramsey


But he puts too much on the pass from Gareth Bale.


It is a real positive part of the game now for England.


The referee will bring play back and give the first yellow card


The first yellow card for a Welsh player at this tournament.


This comes from Walker's endeavour down the right-hand side.


He is like a machine and he has no protection, by the way,


I think the excitement is getting to everyone!


It was Davies, but it was going wide anyway.


It is almost as if the nerves were getting the better


of the players there, swinging feet and heads.


There was Ledley and he was caught late, it's a Welsh free kick.


This was Sturridge's moment, wasn't it?


A clean strike and he would surely score.


That is why the free kick was awarded.


A bit of afters involving Aaron Ramsey after that.


Kane cannot get the ball out of his feet for the first opportunity,


you can see the England fans with their hands on their heads,


they are in the ascendancy and they are looking to win the game


Every time ball goes into the box, they look nervous,


Second balls, they have do try to win them cleanly.


I think you could power this stadium!


Dele Alli is there to stop the cross, he does that but it


The ball has not been down there too much since the start


It is one of those moments where you wonder if they could


snatch something again, Wales.


Good defending required from England.


Chris Coleman's demeanour has barely changed all afternoon.


Vardy just keeps himself airborne long enough to flick it behind.


Williams and Cahill, at the bottom of your picture.


Ashley Williams has his arms all over the back of him, look.


You do worry about this, with the fact that he broke a bone


in his leg on May the 7th against Stoke City.


This is his first start of a game since then.


Yes, he has got a knock right on that area.


It is remarkable that he has come back


That certainly won't have helped him.


It might have do be a Wales substitution.


The spirits have not been dampened in that end.


Joe Ledley is desperately trying to prove to everybody


Williams could not get off the floor.


For a second it looked as though had he been able to it may have been


Walker made the run, Sturridge went for gold.


That is two efforts he's had, he is setting his sights.


What they have done better in the second half, England,


they have moved the ball a lot quicker, they listened


to Alan Shearer at half-time, they have done that,


Wales cannot get set and therefore they are creating opportunities.


Joe Ledley came on for Edwards in the first match and it looks


as though it will be the other way round today.


As you said, he did fantastically well to be here.


I would not say that Wales have used the ball well today,


they have looked nervous and have not been great but Joe Ledley can be


The reception is also for his dedication, ever


since the injury he has been having 6am starts with Crystal Palace


They have been putting it in and the pair of them have got him


A nice little story is that he used to be


a housemate of Joe Hart when they were together


Just about midway through the second half.


Only three quarters of this tale is told, though.


I think we might see another little change soon.


I think he might go with Gareth Bale upfront, take-off Robson-Kanu


Put Jonny Williams in just to help out the midfield.


Well done, I think that is the first time either of you have used we,


Roy will be pleased that he has got back into the game,


The substitution has taken the sting out of England and Wales will be


That was well picked off by James Chester.


He does that really well, he comes out and wins it


Danny Rose comes out to meet him and forces him


Williams, Davies, Chester, Taylor has been playing


as a left back at times, they are getting very deep,


That is good work again from Chester but the ball runs away from Ramsey.


Dier, that was rather lazily played forward.


There was space for Dele Alli, though, perfect position for him


when the Welsh backline was deep and Alli was allowed to get


He is becoming a growing influence in this game.


20 minutes left, who will be the hero, who will be


Wales are going to make another substitution in a moment,


it is as though Robbie Savage has a hotline to Chris Coleman.


Because Jonny Williams is going to come on for them.


Sturridge, he hears the cry from Walker.


Now, England are really going to go for it, it would seem.


Marcus Rashford, with a word or two from his mentor, Gary Neville.


The first change is for Wales, Hal Robson-Kanu will


You don't have to look so pleased for yourself!


They are getting overrun in midfield, they need an extra


body, use the pace of Bale, run the channels and get Wales


Williams did very well in the first match, didn't he?


It is looking as though Rashford is now going to come on as well,


He is an outstanding talent, this young man.


I think Ramsey has lost his footing more than most.


Lallana, and with a pat on the back, England have got the 18-year-old


Manchester United man ready for his competitive England debut,


having scored 138 seconds into his first senior appearance


against Australia just the other week.


Cannot find a way through to Alli yet.


England have got to get Sturridge more central, higher up the pitch.


Alli trying to deceive Ashley Williams, who wasn't having


Behind it goes, and on will come Marcus Rashford.


Adam Lallana is the player to go off for England.


He has covered pretty much every blade of grass on the field,


he is going to get a rousing sendoff from the England supporters,


and all will come Rashford, England's youngest ever player


at the European Championships, beating Rooney by four days,


after his performance against France all those years ago, 12 years ago.


He is a young man with a wonderful mentality as well, his


Don't be surprised if he does something special.


Williams down, with Chris Smalling very close to him.


The shouts mainly came from those in the stands, I have got to say.


Gareth Bale have joined in, nobody else.


Jonny Williams went down to easy, no penalty, the referee has got


Rashford is just clipped, Aaron Ramsey, the 18-year-old's


first touch of the championship is not his best.


You see Jonny Williams, great tenacity, but goes


Well, he should not be winning the second ball.


The centre have should be clearing his lines with a header,


he should not be allowing Jonny Williams to regain the second


Sturridge rather belatedly follows Taylor back into his own half.


Really has added brilliant heading prowess to his game


That is what you would want, the isolation between Bale and Rose


Nine headed goals in La Liga, Gareth Bale, a real threat


He could not get his head directly on target.


I think England need to get balls into that central area


so they can slide things into channels for Vardy.


Anything over the top for him recently.


That is not the sort of service that Jamie Vardy really thrives on.


Putting his hand up, acknowledging that, the ball


into Rashford, who knocked it off and makes an intelligent run,


Look at those faces, the deep breaths, the concentration.


Thursday afternoons are quite boring, generally!


Alli can be a freeze boat in getting forward to support Sturridge,


They have to try to win this game, and the positivity from


And Rooney, all on the field together.


Rose gives it away, straight to Allen.


Ramsey, a lovely bit of play, but Chris Smalling


Steely challenge going in there, Rose just having a bit of a moment,


Somebody should be getting into his ear, talking to him.


Ramsey there in the nick of time for Wales.


Great challenge by Ramsey on the edge of the box, he has


But you just sense now, with 13 minutes left,


there is going to be a winner, and it looks


Rashford breezes past whichever way he wants.


Walker against Taylor, we have seen that a lot today.


Rooney sells the dummy to Ramsey, great recovery, Williams


In goes Dier, it will not break for Taylor.


It is an onslaught of attacks, this is Wayne Rooney,


but look at the Welsh defenders come out to block this shot,


It is a Premier League game being played out on the other


On the pitch now, it is human nature, you're thinking,


from the Welsh perspective, can we get a point?


You do drop deeper, you see the attacks coming, and you think,


That is the worry, because England will have all the possession,


But look at this, Martin has alluded to it, the passion,


Chester and Williams throwing themselves out to block it.


Rooney just giving the ball away, you cannot be sloppy,


you have got to keep possession, make it count now at this stage


Alli has been left behind by Edwards here.


Nice change of direction, positive play from Jonny Williams!


It could have opened up for him, you can't blame him for having a go.


Well, he is in all sorts of space, a player who was on loan to MK Dons


at the end of the season, who got relegated.


He's going to power past Taylor, Allen is there to help out,


and a great bit of work from Joe Allen.


Walker can moan all he likes, but Joe Allen has done the right


thing, got his body across, showing great pace to get past


Look how he uses his body, it is a foul, Walker


If you are a defensive midfielder in this situation,


with your wing backs out of place or your centre half not getting


over, you have to do that, and Joe Allen did


Team-mates for Team GB at the Olympics four


years ago to Walker, he is the best right back we have


Joe Allen was actually listed in the Olympics programme as


Rashford took the ball from Allen, but Edwards promptly


Williams is off again, making Joe Hart think of it.


Out of position, on his left foot as well.


Again, and other attack from England.


Alli hesitated when might have been a chance to put one


They have got no out ball, Gareth Bale has got


to try to get there quick, but it keeps coming back.


Sturridge trying to hold off Bale, what a great battle that is.


Wayne Hennessey cannot quite get there, it is going to be a corner.


England are over complicating it a little bit, better off getting


Rooney in, it is Dave Edwards who has got it up but not away.


It is Gary Neville who rushed out to get to the ball


I am surprised he did not split those tracksuit bottoms!


He can see somebody running in behind, he wants that ball


into the channel to get Wales up the park.


Marcus Rashford has come into this as though he is having


a kickabout in the park, he has done that with


just about every game for Manchester United


Alli, the whistle has gone against England,


for Wales, and they will take a bit of time.


They just need to keep their heads here.


Great feet there from Dele Alli, outstanding talent, Rashford, coming


on as though he is in the back garden with his mates,


these are big steps in a game of this size.


A goal on his England debut, two goals on his


then his Premier League debut, then his first Manchester derby.


Needless to say, Robbie Savage hopes not.


Have you got a rocking chair up here?


It is nerve wracking times for the Welsh support,


because England keep coming at them, keep coming at them.


Are they going to get the winning goal?


Here is Rooney, trying to do it all by himself.


It is too deep for Sturridge, he will chase but he is never


Another tick in the box for the Welsh defence.


Wales really digging in, not wanting to give an ounce away.


Let's be fair, Martin, Wales are holding on.


That is it, they have decided, they are camped in their own half,


it is up to England to get that goal.


That is what it means to football fans.


You have got to say, the England and Wales fans have been


Fantastic ball from Taylor, Bale will try to make


Eric Dier has all too often not got the ball.


He is moaning about movement, but he needs to give the ball


to Wayne Rooney and keep it moving - wrong selection.


Jamie Vardy has had almost one touch, one goal today.


Alli on the edge of the penalty area.


Taylor, across to try to stop the cross.


Ashley Williams could not follow it again.


What a huge, huge couple of minutes for both managers.


For Chris Coleman and his men, if they can hang on and get a point


and then beat Russia they will win the group.


If Roy's man can get the winning goal, they will go into the game


with Slovakia and if they win that they will win the group.


A huge couple of minutes for both teams.


Ashley Williams is Wales' captain and hero.


That is why Ashley Williams is there.


You have to read the game and he has done that there.


Walker decided to lash the ball in but it didn't work.


He has put in so many crosses that he thinks, why not?


He gets the run-up again but he can't get any power


Wales will be just a point away from guaranteeing their place


in the last 16 if it stays like this.


Of course, with four of the third placed teams going through,


it's almost harder not to in some ways.


Taylor is looking for Bale, Smalling gets there.


That is what you are looking for, someone to take charge in the box.


Don't care about reputations, just get it away.


Settle yourselves in for a huge three minutes.


What a big three minutes, coming up for both teams.


Wales have been so deep in this second half and have offered nothing


going forward, can they hang on, and it would be a great point.


England have got to keep moving this board, keep playing.


It looks as though there are heavy legs out there now.


He should be fresh having only played one half


Alli comes towards him and Vardy is in the area.


Talk about passion, talk about pride.


This England team have it in bucketloads.


He just knocks it in and then he goes and he gets it back.


He gets lucky and he hits it off his right foot, no


How he gets through that sea of players we will never


To beat Wayne Hennessey, and to have Roy Hodgson celebrating


Both substitutes, both scoring, Roy Hodgson


He got into the area, and he hits it quick.


Hennessey reacted late because he could not see it.


You have to say that over the 90 minutes, England have deserved it.


Have the young lions learned their lesson of the weekend?


It might only take one more chance for Wales.


Luckily he can't get it on target from an England point of view.


They are home and dry today.


It's a win for St George and defeat for the Dragon.


As England put themselves into first place in group B.


Which is set for a thrilling conclusion on Monday night.


Martin Keown and Robbie Savage, if you have anything left...


It was a gallant effort from the Welsh, hanging on for dear


life, but in the end that bit of quality,


we said that Sturridge was the most naturally gifted


It was a fantastic result in the end.


Positive substitutions from Roy Hodgson.


Gareth Bale with a good strike in the first half,


mistake from Joe Hart, should have saved it.


I don't think Wales played that well as a team,


they looked a bit nervous and did not get forward


much, hanging on, Wales, in the second half.


You have to say, Roy Hodgson reacted to that poor first half


performance from England, his substitutions have


Fair play to England, fair to Roy Hodgson.


Wales will fight to live another day.


A point against Russia will see Wales through.


Well done to both sets of supporters after this very good game,


Great drama, great game, great way to spend a Thursday afternoon.


Both teams could now go through to the last 16.


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