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Match Replay: Switzerland v France

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They look confident size. Switzerland made the one change to


try and get to the knockout stages. Embolo has real pace. He has a


little bit of experience. The referee is from Slovenia. He was


in charge of England's win over Sweden in 2012 and he has had one


game here already, the Slovakia game, one yellow card in that game.


There is the Switzerland's captain, joined by Hugo Lloris. He joked that


he would take the captaincy away from him so that he would equal his


record. Five changes, that has raised eyebrows in the French


commentary box. Paul Pogba is back. There is the Swiss canton


Stephan Lichtsteiner joining the other record equalling French


captain Hugo Lloris. Deschamps joked yesterday


that he would take the captaincy away from Lloris so he


wouldn't equal his record of 54 Well, five changes has raised


eyebrows in the French commentary boxes, as we expected


them to take no risks with Kante and Giroud on yellow cards, allowing


Gignac and Cabaye to get their first Sissoko former Tweedie had been


discussed but Coman is staying in and Payet dropping out, Coman


played well the other night but Payet dropping out is the surprise


for the French, especially given he Yellow cards against


Kante and Giroud. As Alan said there is a big gap


between this game and the next match should France


go through a six days and then another six days


to A long time to rest


or lose momentum? It will be France nominally


on the team sheets as the away team tonight in the change


strips to get us off and underwear kicking from right-to-left


in the first half, what will I listened to the chaps talking


about the changes and Gary Madine good point about building up


partnerships and relationships If you ask somebody


like Dimitri Payet, would he rather play for us it on the bench he'd


rather be out It is different if some


buddy has a little knock. I spoke to the French TV


commentators around me when the teams were announced


and that was the big surprise, they didn't expect Payet


after the way he started the tournament, to be rested by that


man, who has had plenty of advice from former managers


are for and against major changes. There was a thought that


Evra would be rested but both full-backs


are Yohan Cabaye was in the Lille


double winning side. We will be keeping you up-to-date,


don't forget throughout the evening with the Romania


against Albania match. They need a point to be


confirmed as group winners. group and they are guaranteed second


places they draw or if Romania fail. A shot deflected away


from the former Arsenal Good start from the French,


nice and positive. One thing I have noticed,


Jonathan, is the players slipping about all over the


place on the pitch. The harshest critic


was Didier Deschamps, the French manager, who was furious with the


state of the pitch the other day. That was in Marseilles


where there had been a heavy metal In comes the first


corner of the evening. Away by Fabio Schar who scored


the opening France caught a little


bit on the counter. That was sent towards


Andre-Pierre Gignac. He has been playing


out in Mexico where It was said they would


not just be coming Just looking at Breel Embolo


being offside there. There was a sloppy ball


to the edge of the box. A bright start stop Lloris,


his 78th cap in all. There is the Swiss coach,


Vladimir Petkovic. He is a Bosnian Croat with a Swiss


passport, born in Sarajevo. He has been an enigma


at these finals so far. They had such a bright game


in their second match They were dubbed in


the local press here as the kings of suspense


because of the late goals. Lloris said they want the ball


higher up and close to the Albanian Blaise Matuidi, who


is not in the starting line-up today, said the players


discussed at half-time what they would do and he thinks


the coach made good changes by going back


to Xherdan Shaqiri of


Stoke has had a great As soon as you raise your boot


above knee height in international football, you will


always get a free kick. Rodriguez is one of the best left


wing-backs in Europe. We have not seen him get


forward too much on a four four two, nor


Lichtsteiner on the right. So strong normally


for their country. There is plenty of space out there


to get forward when Switzerland It is interesting


to see Griezemann and I thought Griezemann


might start on the left There is a left-footer on the right


and a right foot on the left. Some managers prefer that


to see how that develops. Lichtsteiner does arrive


and pound forward. That is what he is capable of,


getting up in support with such He does really well


there, Adil Rami. A wasted opportunity


from Switzerland. Laurent Koscielny


has been so steady. Lichtsteiner's nickname is Forest


Gump because he can run and run and Life is like a box


of Swiss chocolates. This comes to the near post,


they very nearly get it. He watched as big


Paul Pogba got it away. Giroud I think it is lying


on the floor, cannot get We saw in the first game,


France get the ball off set plays. Sagna was stepping out


watching something We know that France have conceded 20


goals from set pieces. Valon Behrami was a doubt before


the game with a knee injury. You can see his shirt being pulled


at the bottom of the screen there. That is what he is


telling the referee. And we have seen them


given in these finals. A change of shirt for


the He is in the squad


because another player was To lose two defenders


of their quality was a real blow but Adil Rami is playing well


in the squad. Really good play from


Andre-Pierre Gignac. Cabaye's most competitive game


of the FA Cup final. Xherdan Shaqiri has been


a bit in and out of this competition so far, little bit


like he was with Stoke He has shown glimpses this season


of what he could do, but I think he has only got three goals


this season, Jonathan. For a man of his talent,


that is not enough. He has got to do more in the final


third to become a top player. Three goals in a season


for an attacking Only three players in qualifying


created more chances in the whole of No wonder he's being linked with


Premier League clubs, clubs like Sommer comes and claims


but that is not too impressive. A terrific save, two shaky moments


so far for the big Lichtsteiner can be


an outspoken character. He has spoken about the number


of Swiss players who were not born in Switzerland or whose parents


were not born in Switzerland. A good pace about the opening


quarter of an hour. Deflected up and away


and kept in by Hugo Lloris. Dzemaili has had a bright start,


although he's been a bit inconsistent


in the tournament. Good linkup from


Mehmedi and Dzemaili. Couldn't quite get the shot away,


but so many players are Northern Ireland, of course,


want it to remain like that. A remaining victory would take them


on to four points and if they don't finish in the top two in this group


four would be enough to send them through as one of the best third


placed sides come you would think. There is a scenario tonight that


third place in the group could be settled under fair play,


or Uefa national team coefficient rankings rule,


which means at the end of the game we probably won't have a clue


as to who has gone through, not a Good pick out from Griezmann,


little pull-back to I was watching Schar read the run


and he did well to get the France won an


extraordinary game 5-2. That is the Pogba France have


been waiting to see. This is the power of the man,


a big long stride, terrific He looks hungry tonight


and like he's trying Xhaka very rarely wastes


a pass, Arsenal fans Djourou Dzemaili is playing very


high, higher than he has so Against Romania in the first half


Xhaka was picking up the ball far too deep and in the second half


they moved him forward and work a Behrami was shaking his head


a little bit after that, he lost him They've got to keep an eye out


for him and his runs from deep. Communication between him


and Xhaka is crucial. 18 months since he last


scored a goal for France, against Portugal


Here he is again, finding space, and cruising along.


A lot of pressure on him in the first game.


Remember, France 98 so clearly, they were slow


to gather momentum, France, but when they did they became


Pogba, into the box, two went for it.


Gignac got the last touch, not enough powerful stop


Djourou just did enough, Pogba again with loads


of time on the ball, good


You can see Djourou nice and strong competing with Gignac, he just does


Good defending that from the Swiss centre-half.


Coming in off the left-hand side, Mena de.


He scored three in the U21 European Championships in 2011 when


Switzerland were runners-up and scored in a famous victory against


Germany in May 2012, the first win against their old foe in almost 60


Griezmann took it neatly enough but didn't make


A very willing runner down those channels,


Rami just grabbed hold of him a bit there.


Behrami was the last man to give cover.


Two came to block, it came off Shaqiri.


The referee says no foul by Koscielny.


The bulk of the Swiss fans in red kind


They are hugely outnumbered but full of noise and


spirit and great temperament from what we saw today, Danny.


I have not sensed any bad atmosphere at all.


Helped Borussia Moenchengladbach into a


Champions League will place this season.


Cabaye again, higher this time, Sommer came.


He may be a good shot stopper but he's looked shaky in the


air when he's had to make a decision.


What I will say is at least he's trying to come but he's


got to do better, he's looked shaky on those crosses coming in.


France have the decision and the Swiss do not like it at all.


You could see Granit Xhaka barking at


Did it glance off the back of his calf?


It didn't look like it to me but you've got to get on with it and


They have to concentrate and focus again, in comes the corner kick,


dangerously whipped in and the head up and over by Fabian Schar.


It was whipped in with great pace, wasn't it?


He helped Hoffenheim steer themselves to safety again this


In it comes again, looking for Gignac, Schar behind him.


Shaky season domestically and looked shaky


at times here, the defender, against Gignac, the 30-year-old, 6' 1"


Rami stayed in and lifted his foot too high and he


The foot was too high but it was because he was


ponderous about it, thought about it, that's why the referee


I'm not sure that is a yellow card, to be honest.


I'm not sure about the


seven rolls from the lad who went down.


We have seen a little bit of this brandishing


of an imaginary card but


not that much, not as much as we had anticipated.


We haven't seen a great deal of diving, cheating.


I think it is a good point you make and a very refreshing one.


The discipline side has been really good.


I think the refereeing has been good, generally.


The odd bad game here and there but overall


really encouraged by the referees' willingness to try and let the games


At the moment Switzerland have had 53% possession.


Since their World Cup final defeat against Germany


Only one of three countries to have won the


Euros as hosts along with Spain and Italy.


There was a foot raised by


Pogba that caught Behrami who immediately squealed to the referee.


It was a little bit higher, free kick, fine.


50 yards up the pitch he would be giving a yellow.


That's the inconsistency that people don't tend


to like, but I'm all for


I wonder what Didier Deschamps thinks of this pitch judging the


Stade Velodrome so harshly, he called it a disaster.


It's the worst I've seen so far, Jonathan.


It has cut up a lot from


There has been half a dozen times at least when players


A BBC man was speaking to the groundsman


here in the build-up to


He said it was because the pitch is so new, relayed at the end


Dzemaili has started the game very strongly for


As opposed the question is, if it is going


to be a risk to relay the


Dzemaili had a spell with Bolton in 2007-2009, he only made one


appearance but he had a cruciate ligament injury during that spell.


Lichtsteiner into wa Dzemaili, little back heeled to Embolo.


Straight at Koscielny, who took one for the team.


Clever little touch, wasn't it, from Dzemaili?


Embolo, I think, tries a cheeky little toe


Koscielny stood there like a rock, he wasn't


getting out of the way and


He could have played for Poland, Koscielny,


Such a wonderful qualifying campaign, but it hasn't really


happened for him here in these finals.


Terrific World Cup in


He was the first Swiss player since 1954 to score a World


Right foot cross back into the middle.


The French were purring about his display the other day


He is a real threat, he has good quality,


Of course, when you sometimes need summary to get you up the pitch with


that pace, he gives them that, as does


Martial, who is sitting on the


They lacked that in the first game, didn't they?


Why on earth would you want to send him out on loan for two years to one


of their European rivals, Bayern Munich?


Maybe they thought he was not up to the level.


Pogba proving a few people wrong tonight


The French system is quite narrow, this 4-3-3.


It means the Swiss full-backs are getting out quite


The French system is quite narrow, this 4-3-3.


It means the Swiss full-backs are getting out quite


Still no goals between Romania and Albania.


I was interested in reading Thierry Henry's,


Arsene Wenger believes he is one of the top


centre halves in the whole of Europe now, Koscielny.


first came, he did not have the confidence he possesses now.


If France make it three wins on the spin,


last time they went to the


One of the heroes of '84 was in the Media Centre earlier.


Very well-thought of midfield player.


Obviously, a man of your age could tell me more, I was a young


I remembered Big Ron Atkinson passing the ball square in the


penalty area after about two minutes and we were 1-0 down.


Evra deflected that away, it is a corner to France.


He did not look that comfortable in the air, Sommer.


I just noticed on that corner, Switzerland are bringing everyone


back to the 18-yard box which is fine but


they don't put anyone on


Normally you would cover the posts as well.


We are hoping for the 50th goal in Euro


Griezemann got a touch, nearly came to Gignac.


A piggyback ride on the far side of the ground!


Both of them were smiling at some stage in that.


Is that the third ripped one we have seen?


He will not be able to


The youngest player ever to five red cards


The guys in the studio were


Obviously, they have made a switch with Coman going on


He looks more comfortable over there.


The stadium is named after a former mayor of the city and French Prime


If you are wondering why the crowds are not up to the


official capacity, a lot of seats are taken out in European and World


Cup and every major tournament, to allow a number of media


That is why it is never quite up to the maximum.


He covers a lot of ground, Admir Mehmedi.


He has been in the squad for the last three years now for


Switzerland, very consistent and much admired by the coach, Vladimir


A decent cross back in towards Embolo.


We have seen a great deal of Sissoko in this first half,


using that great pace and power driving forward.


He is a regular during the friendly matches, only


Griezemann played more of appearances for France in the two


His future at Newcastle seems to have been up for discussion for


They are confident, have grown into the game.


Gignac getting his chance today with Giroud rested.


He scored against Russia in March in his previous


He has made strong decisions in his selection of the squad for tonight's


game, here's a strong minded man, Didier Deschamps.


So much criticism from outside the French camp in the


build-up to the World Cup finals but he led


the team so magnificently to


How do you think he will do in the Premier League, Granit Xhaka?


He looks like an Arsenal-type player.


My only slight concern would be his defensive capabilities.


From a footballing perspective, very, very good.


Patrice Evra has had 76 appearances now for France.


A good ball spun away to Lichtsteiner.


That means the group looks like this as it stands, France seven,


Switzerland would have five, Albania will have three,


keeping alive their hopes of qualifying as the best


They are allowing the full-backs to get out so easily.


They have stopped those runs by Pogba.


And they have grown into the half, they just need to try and get some


decent chances because France have had the better ones.


Pogba hitting the bar early on for France.


from him was pushed up onto the bar by the Swiss goalkeeper.


We have had no goals in the first half.


Nine of France's last ten goals in the Euros have


been scored after half-time -- underway.


They should not be any surprise that games between these


Seven goals between the teams in their


last meeting in the Brazil World Cup finals, but seven goals in more than


they have been in the four meetings prior.


Those meetings boasted just six goals.


They have been in the last seven major football


Here is Cabaye towards Coman who had a bright first half.


They are capable of creating chances.


They have actually started with Shaqiri in a ten role.


It was that man, Shaqiri, who started that


They have never beaten France in major


The French have won at Euro 2004, and the World Cup.


Switzerland sending three substitutes out to warm up right at


One of them is Michael Lang who came on in the


Trying little skills and tricks in the middle of


Shaqiri has come alive at the start of this half.


nine goals in the last nine competitive internationals.


This is the man the French supporters want to see out there,


One headline in a French newspaper said Payet, given by God.


They certainly have been fulsome in their praise.


great deal of praise but that might be a little bit too much!


I bet he's disappointed not to be playing.


When you are playing so well, you just


want to be out there and keep that momentum.


Too easy for Xhaka and Valon Behrami to play in


They are trying to hit them too hard.


Just get them in the middle of the box


There are so many big powerful players and wasted


Rodriguez getting forward, noticeably high and well and early


The first real sight we have had of Gignac.


A mistake from Valon Behrami there, giving the ball away in the


He used to be taunted about his weight by rival


fans and sections of the media in France, Gignac.


There used to be a


He had to put in a strong tackle because this was a bad error.


I did not think I have ever seen that before.


I wonder whether the Swiss coach has said to Shaqiri, you have 15 minutes


Really colourful scenes in the stadium, half


The Swiss fans are in the far corner.


Very nearly came to the edge of the box.


France are struggling at the start of the second half to find


A sloppy start from the French in the


Lloris' fourth tournament now as the French number


That was an easy save from the goalkeeper.


Everyone's favourite pin-up in French football right now.


He once had a bad boy reputation, Griezemann.


Shaqiri is milking it to his own supporters while France


A free kick given for the Patrice Evra challenge, I think.


He is not best pleased, Shaqiri.


He makes the most of it but it is definitely a free kick.


It was the old slip, slop and fly routine that persuaded


Pogba, strength again, finesse, and fouled.


Really good strength but he


didn't need to do the Cruyff turn, the easy pass to Roman was on down


didn't need to do the Cruyff turn, the easy pass to Coman was on down


He's had a strong European Championships.


He was recalled for the last couple of games before the


finals, the friendly warm up games, after being out in the wilderness


Two more than in the previous five years.


I think the longer the game is played at this tempo the


I know the French have already qualified


but you'd expect them in front of their home crowd to play


Albania still lead against Romania 1-0 with the Sadiku first half goal.


Which means they will finish third in the group if it all stays like


Important to win the group, the winner of


Group A plays the third best team from either Group C, D or E.


That could be Northern Ireland, the Czechs,


Group A will play the runner-up in Group C, the Germany, Poland group.


Sissoko making the forward run and getting


That is another slip in a costly position by


The weather in France, let's give them the benefit of some


doubt, has been awful, floods of biblical proportions


in the latter few weeks but the pictures have not


in the latter few weeks but the pitches have not


It has not been good with the weather.


Here in Lille he had two years, just under


They sold him for less than they bought him for two


Payet has had a chequered past but had a wonderful 12 months


with West Ham and France, four goals in his last six internationals.


He's been the outstanding player in these


He had a decent first half, but hasn't really


got himself going so far in the second half.


Getting Payet on the pitch will lift everybody, won't it?


So, on comes the man dubbed this week "The gift from God."


Have you ever been described as that?


They have been by far the dominant side in the second half.


Shaqiri needs to take a bit of pace off it,


maybe stand one up, do


He's been trying to whip the ball so hard into


a dangerous area, take something off it and go for more accuracy.


Is this the moment that France crack on a


If I was one of his centre halves I'd be going mad at him right


He has scored important goals in qualifying, Shaqiri.


Qualifying in England's group, of course.


Qualified capably, but


Two former Lille players combining there.


Koscielny came in leaving Embolo down.


In this brief lull, what do you make of England tomorrow, what team


I think he's going to have to start Jamie Vardy and Sturridge, they came


I think maybe Jack Wilshere might come


in for Dele Alli to give him a little breather and freshen things


I certainly think it's as strong a squad in the


attacking areas as we have had in a long time and fantastic


He's only been a professional footballer for a few years, Fabian


In the World Cup in Brazil he made a couple of


Seven of this Swiss team were beaten by


That area of the ground in particular is very


I think it is crucial you've got the right footwear on.


I know that sounds ridiculous but


there are so many different types of studs these days.


For a pitch like this that is really wet and


coming away underneath as


Not too many players have the longer studs these days.


Rodriguez Diaz well under pressure from Sagna.


The managers came and looked at the pitch last night.


I can't remember what the weather was like in this part of


It's difficult to remember where you are half the time


Sold short by Evra and Behrami is away here


to Shaqiri who's had a


Switzerland would finish second in the group if it remains like this


It could well be that England and Wales, and Northern Ireland, not


giving up on the Republic of Ireland yet, could be in the knockout phase.


He has not featured much in the opening 20


minutes of the second half after a busy first half.


Looking for him but too far for the Bayer Leverkusen player.


I think Didier Deschamps might be looking at other options on the


To add a bit more creativity and pace to this side.


The chaps in the studio made the point earlier on, they have not


played Giroud and Kante, they would expect to be


If they haven't played today, six games before the next game and


Someone said to me many years ago, footballers


can't just turn the form on like a tap.


Especially when you are winning games are you just want to keep


playing and build with your confidence and fitness levels.


Sometimes when you sit out you try and replicate the running by doing


an intense session in training but it's just not the same.


Cabaye to Pogba, and away towards Payet.


Glanced on by Pogba, Griezmann with a lovely dummy.


If England win the group they could potentially play


here in the last 16, there is a quarterfinal


scheduled to be played on this pitch.


This and the Marseille surface are the worst we have seen


A quarter it would be for England if they get that far here.


It is a genuine concern for teams that want to play good football


And if we get more rain, which is highly likely,


It's the same for both teams, I suppose.


Change here for Switzerland, Haris Seferovic is going to come on.


Seven goals in his 32 internationals, none here.


He scored three in the qualifying stages,


couple against San Marino and one against Estonia.


Severovic might not even have made the squad


if his team-mate was fit and Embolo might not have come through.


It held up on the surface, that ball.


Koscielny did well under pressure from the young man, and was


Lovely quote by Deschamps about the pitch down at Marseille


He said when I saw the photos and videos at the end of the concert


they had there I thought I was in another world,


but that's the power of Highway To Hell.


The young man is going off, he's done well.


He is said to be interesting a lot of


He would suit the Premier League with his power and


There was talk of a 25 million pounds deal.


It would be a step up for him, Wolfsburg are not in major


European competition next year, meaning


this man who is taking the


free kick might be up for grabs, Rodriguez.


He started the game shakily against Mehmedi, but


he's grown stronger as the game has gone on, that has been the pattern


of his play so far in the three games.


Quick, reliable, I like him at full-back.


His former Newcastle team-mate, Sissoko.


Look at this for power and determination, Griezmann is in the


middle if he has a look and Payet is further


across, he is aiming at


It would have been absolutely astonishing!


I actually expected it to hit the back of the net, with that man's


Three times they have hit the woodwork in the game.


That is the best we have seen in a French


shirt from Moussa Sissoko for a long time.


He is capable of that, we have seen him do it.


For some reason he does not do it often enough.


France are going to make another substitution in a moment.


Here is Gignac challenged by Shaqiri.


He takes his time, keeps going, keeps his head up, a


Pogba has come to a right-hand side position there.


In their last seven games on home soil in European Championships,


Shaqiri has had a great second half but it


Shaqiri has had a great second half but it


Sometimes when he's out wide, gets isolated.


A bit disappointing with the set plays, but overall,


Fernandes is a more defensive option.


He had a spell at Manchester City, the Cape Verde born player.


That move started with a sublime touch by Payet.


He has had a hand in three of their last four


goals which means he is the most creative player in France since


Switzerland have had more of the ball.


It is time to bite the old fingernails down to the quick.


Albania lead Romania 1-0 in the other game.


You did predict a 0-0, Mr Pearce.


It is the ones I put the money on which never come off.


I have a wife who tells me the moral of the story repeatedly.


He was waiting to see the colour of the card.


He doesn't do anything, they just collide.


I think his look to the referee was more to see


I remember a game in 98, I think it was Paraguay,


it went to the Silver Goal or whatever it was called in


those days, that was really the game and there were frustrated long


periods that really kick-started their campaign.


I think it is they have to say the amount of changes


has made a difference, a negative difference.


It is the difficult when


you play in a team and there are lots of changes,


to get those little relationships that you need, knowing


when someone is going to come on, spin behind.


Switzerland will not have given up hope of going on to


They must have a word with the manufacturers, surely?


They will be pleased with their performance, Switzerland.


They have kept their shape, nice and


It is Lang, the defender, who will come on for them.


Lang came on for the last seven minutes against Romania.


He plays a defensive midfield centre-back.


He had a trial at Celtic when he was a teenager.


I thought he was coming off, I thought


Certainly, there has been discipline.


I think it is safe to say Payet will be involved


I think if I was involved in this Swiss Wall


now, I would say to my keeper, don't guess, stay where you are.


I would say to the wall, we have got a job,


Three of their four goals so far have come in the 89th minute or


Can they defend what has been the indefensible this season?


This will be the first time France have failed to score


They have failed to hit the back of the


net twice as the World Cup finals in all their friendlies.


But I certainly think they have been worthy of a


I think they have played with a nice confidence.


With good quality, yes, a little bit lacking in the final


third, but they certainly deserve a point.


I was critical of their display against Albania.


Albania have not been bad in these finals.


France would win the group, Switzerland second, Albania third


and Romania would be heading out as things stand.


Albania would have three points, the same as Northern


This would enhance Northern Ireland's chances of getting through


into third place, and indeed the Republic aren't out of it yet.


It could all yet change here, we are into the last 30 seconds.


They are up against one of the favourites


and controlled long periods of the game


They should be pleased with their performance.


The little glare to Xhaka by Schar tells him


The other game is running a little slower than this.


Into the last minute of stoppage time and Romania-


The Swiss will appeal that there was a hand on there.


The referee having none of it, Dzemaili complaining.


Sagna was the French defender with him.


Yes, he has got his shirt, it is a penalty.


That could make such a huge difference in this


With the placings, that would have been a


France could have been playing Poland or Germany.


As it is, France drawing with Switzerland means the hosts finished


top of the group and will get a favourable break before


their round of 16 game which will be against a


third-placed side but Switzerland get their point, which means they


are through to the knockout stages of the European Championships for


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