Highlights: England v Slovakia, Wales v Russia Match of the Day

Highlights: England v Slovakia, Wales v Russia

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An masters of the destiny going into the final round of group games of


Euro 2016. Victory over Slovakia would see Roy Hodgson's side win


their group. -- England and Wales were masters of their own destiny.


For Wales, a point and they would almost certainly qualify. Good


evening. Highlights of both matches coming up. We're in the company of


Danny Murphy, Alan Shearer, and Dean Saunders. This was how things stood


in Group B, all four side still with a chance of making it through. --


sides. Can Wales embrace this opportunity?


The only way to guarantee finishing in the top two and progression from


Group B is to win. But Russia's need is maybe even greater. If they don't


win they cannot progress. The Berezutski twins are celebrating


their birthday. Neither of the defensive back two


will enjoy Gareth Bale. Four changes to the Russian side in total. Wales


won the toss. They make one change, Sam Vokes start in place of


Robson-Kanu. Two games in this tournament, two


free kicks, two goals, Robbie Savage, how you feeling? Nervous. --


how are you feeling? A dangerous looking ball. Chester


dealt with it well. Sam Vokes, getting selection ahead of


Robson-Kanu. We will talk about that in a moment, because Joe Allen is


looking to Gareth Bale. Ramsey in the middle. Gareth Bale got the shot


away, big chance the Sam Vokes. Flag up on the far side anyway. We see in


the build-up what Sam Vokes can offer. Got the ball, ticketing, and


put it behind Batman, Gareth Bale. It is a strike. -- take it in and


put it behind that man. Great start from Wales. A great noise from the


Welsh crowd. Ramsay is onside. Wales with the


lead! Aaron Ramsey for Wales. He knows he is in front. If they win


there is nothing anybody can do to deny them. Russia have given the


ball away cheaply. What a ball from Joe Allen. Look at the touch of Joe


Allen, look at Ramsay, timed absolutely perfectly. Then he has


the composure, he sees the goalkeeper charging out. He has the


audacity to wait for the goalkeeper to fall down, and then he puts it


over him. Cool, calm, collected. Perfect start. Delightful finish.


And it is a challenge from Davis to Ramsay. Gareth Bale trying to


exploit a gap. He has made a great run. It has come to Taylor. Can the


finish? He saves the first, but not the second. -- he finished. His


first ever for Wales. They are in dreamland. They haven't even played


20 minutes yet. Neil Taylor doubles Wales' lead. Impressive from the


Wales team. Ramsay again. Look at where he puts the ball. That has


bolstered the team. They dropped deeper. Bale gets the ball. I


thought he was going to knock it across. He took his time. Good save,


and then he blasts it into the net. A little bit lucky for Gareth Bale.


Outside of his left foot. Wales in dreamland. 2-0. Fantastic, fantastic


start. Playing good advantage. Sam Vokes is


with Ramsay. A comfortable save for the


goalkeeper. Mamaev made the attack on Gareth Bale. No protection.


Exposed again. And it fell to the wingback. Crucial save. Hennessy. It


is a brilliant save from Hennessy. It is a long ball from Akinfeev.


Williams has got onto it. But what a save. Under pressure. It is a decent


ball. Gareth Bale accelerating. Sam


Vokes... The goalkeeper prevents a third.


It is a really good header, that. Oh! Gareth Bale. Scintillating run.


Once again, they cannot live with him. Just look at how he drives


them. Should have been a foul. He can pass his cheeks out. You are


getting battered! -- puff. Ramsay, well hit. Akinfeev shuffling it


around the post. In the first half, he has been the best by any


tournament. The pass from Ramsay is stretching


the Russians. Gareth Bale's shot... He is in the


mood. What the job he has done, Chris Coleman. -- what a job. Gareth


Bale has turned it away from one. He has the pace to beat the two


defenders. It is no exaggeration to say that had it not been for the


Russian goalkeeper Wales could be four, or five in front.


Every time Gareth Bale gets the ball you think something is going to


happen tonight. Best performance in the tournament so far. He is playing


with freedom. I think it has helped having Sam Vokes in the side. Sam


Vokes has nicked it away from his man. Ramsay with Gareth Bale going


up the middle. Gareth Bale... Akinfeev again! It is good work from


Sam Vokes. Stole the ball. And the timing of the pass from Ramsay,


Gareth Bale is just trying to dink it over the legs of Akinfeev. He has


rushed out. Good save from the goalkeeper. He just got his toe to


the ball. Once again, devastating counterattack from Wales. 2-0


doesn't really begin to reflect Wales' superiority. Ledley, great


ball, Ramsay leaves it. -- Aaron Ramsey. Gareth Bale is onside.


Surely this time! CHEERING


There is the man, and there is the man with the plan. Wales three,


Russia zero. So much space on the right-hand side. Great from Ledley.


Gives the ball to Aaron Ramsey. He can drive it through the back four.


No protection. But just look at the timing of the run. Sam Vokes in an


offside position, he was clever enough to leave it for Gareth Bale.


He sees the goalkeeper rushing out. Look at how he composes self. Takes


it outside of his left foot. Licks it both Akinfeev. What a finish. --


over Akinfeev. You are looking at Euro 2016's top scorer. So easy for


Wales. What a performance. You cannot help wondering what Ronaldo


makes of Gareth Bale taking this tournament by the scruff of the


neck. It is one of the most one-sided games I have seen in a


European Championships. And I have been watching for a number of years,


these tournaments. For Wales to come out, and a little bit of pressure,


after conceding late against England, they have come out with


energy every time they have attacked. They have looked like they


could score every time they have attacked. Danger here. Over the bar.


A scant consolation it would have been, but he should have scored. It


is a fantastic performance into the box.


-- deflected behind. A good block from the Russian defender.


Almost overcome with the absolute joy of it. That is what it means.


That is what it means to these fans. Look at them. That is what it means.


Unbelievable passion, spirit, moved to tears by sheer pride. Pride is


the word. What a night to be a Welshman.


WHISTLE The whistle has gone. Wales are


through. Chris Coleman got everything right. Cracking from


Coleman. Exemplary from Alan. Ramsay was -- Aaron Ramsey was rampant. And


Gareth Bale was absolutely magnificent.


We knew everything was on this game. It was in our hands. We said before


the game just to go out there, enjoy ourselves. I have no regrets. Micah


have always said. The performance was probably the best I have been


involved with since I have been involved. -- like I have always


said. We move on now. The three points are massive. The performance


was even sweeter than the points. I thought the players were brave


tonight. What a night. One I will never forget, you know? I thought we


started the game so well. From start to finish, we thoroughly deserved


the win. To win in style Mike Batt, it is a special moment for Welsh


football, I think -- like that. Unbelievable feeling. To get it in


the year rose, at this stage. I did my best to miss it. But I scored in


the second attempt. The energy was sapped out of them. You often get


those games where you can ease off in the last ten or 15 minutes, we


did well. We started so well. The boys ahead of us were brilliant.


Created well. Broke them. Everybody worked so hard. Fantastic feeling.


What an occasion. We have been waiting a long time to show we are


capable of doing this on a big stage. To get two wins, and to come


so close against England, it is a fantastic thing. We have nothing to


fear. We respect everybody. But no fear. Why should we have any fear?


Well played, Wales, they go through. Marvellous, magical, memorable


comedy. We don't get many days like these, but this has to be up there


with one of the best performances I have seen in my lifetime from the


Wales team. That could have been ten. It was a brilliant effort, they


won very easily and it all started with a great start, with Aaron


Ramsey putting them ahead. The performance was great, helped by the


worst performance I have seen from an international team, but Aaron


Ramsey's brain from the start is two steps ahead of everybody's. Great


ball, great run, Joe Allen puts him in. If you watch her sharp ears, he


sets off before everybody else, the timing of his run -- house shop he


is. The ball has the right way to macro on it and the writeback gets


it wrong and what a finish, he played out of his skin today -- the


right back. They all did, but Aaron Ramsey was probably the best. That


was the start of the game but it was all the way through, very


comfortable victory. Total domination of the 90 minute and Dean


said, it could've been and should have been, but for the finishing and


the goalkeeper, it would have been nine or they were superb. Rarely


seen a team so dominant against another. This is Russia, it is not


one of the tiny nations in this tournament, really. It's not, but


what was even better if they have lost their last game, they were


under some pressure. It wasn't a dead rubber, which we see sometimes


in tournaments. It was a game where they had to get something out of it,


they played on the front foot and passed the ball better. Absolutely


brilliant. Keylor, the last time he scored was six years ago and I do


believe you might have been with him at the time -- Taylor. I was, it was


a similar venue to this, it was Grays athletic. He hadn't scored for


four years. But look at his desire compared to the Russian right back's


desire to get back. And again, it is a similar type goal, they get caught


square at the back and Neal is through, gets lucky rebound, but the


defenders all get attracted to Gareth Bale. They should be killing


this post the other way, but for some reason, they did it all night,


stepping towards the ball, all of the goals were quite similar. Great


finish from Neil. Gets a bit of luck, he didn't know what he was


doing there. I will remind him later. Gareth Bale, he has scored


two wonder free kicks in this tournament already. He has been


quiet in some aspects, especially against England, but tonight, he was


dominant, he was brilliant. He is looking like the best player in the


tournament by a mile. Three goals in three games. He ran riot all night.


He is just too quick and strong for everyone. Look at the space in


behind the Russian midfield in front of the defence. All night, they had


nobody there helping the back four and they step up again and Bale,


what a finish. That is acute, clever, intelligent finish. Timed


his run to perfection but once he is there, he is so cool, and the little


left over the goalkeeper, the touch and the bend with a left foot. He


knows exactly what he is doing, he knows the goalkeeper is coming out


and will go low and thinks it over. He is a hell of a player, Danny. I


think it was his best performance of the tournament. The first two games,


he was a bit in and out but tonight, he showed all of his qualities, his


dribbling, pace, crossing and shops. He just dominated the game, Dean. He


is too good for everybody, you can't leave him this type of space. This


time, he comes in on his left foot, they can't stop him and he is a


great striker of the ball. Sam is offside the gets a shot in. This


one, Tottenham against Milan a few years back. Look at the players


chasing him, it looks like they have divers' boots on. He is like a


Rolls-Royce, great skill. Again, you can't leave him this type of space


because he is capable of doing that if you stand off him. When you


consider the pressure that is on his shoulders... We know he is a big


game player, he has produced in big games for Real Madrid, but when you


consider the pressure, Wales is on his shoulders. We have all said if


he performs, Wales have a chance of getting through the group, so for


him to do that under that pressure speaks volumes about his character.


He was given a free role as well, wasn't he, popping up on the left


and right and sometimes central? They build the team around him and


when he has that freedom and the space... He was that quick and


strong, he was making players look pedestrian. But he was helped by


them, they were terrible tonight, Russia. But you can compare him to


the best players in the world. It hasn't happened so far for Ronaldo


this tournament, the two big stars from Real Madrid. Leonid Slutsky, we


understand, has quit as the Russian coach but I tell you someone who


won't get the sack, Chris Coleman. What an achievement to take his team


through to the last 16. Well, to get them here, superb. To get the


performances, to be difficult to beat, to have everyone in sync and


to get the best out of his star players tells you, I think, what a


brilliant job that Chris Coleman is doing. Bearing in mind he lost nine


of the first 13 games and he was under pressure, calling for his


head. Decided to do it his own way. The players love him. I didn't think


we'd qualify as easy as we did and I didn't think we qualify in the


tournament as easy as we have. You can tell the players love him


because of the performances they are putting in, the effort, the


commitment. Everything is jelling. I know a couple of the lads, I have


spoken to them and you get a clear picture of how much respect they


have got for him. It is not false. You see it in the performance. Now,


as you'd expect, in Wales, they were getting quite excited about the


game. This was Aaron Ramsey's goal, this was reaction in Cardiff. I


would say they were getting quite excited. Brilliant scenes.


Marvellous to see, it really is. What does it mean for Welsh


football? Well, if I wasn't here, I would have been with them. It is a


massive boost for football in Wales. I played for a long time and we


never have a day like this. It is just brilliant. I can't believe how


easily we have done it. Waiting all that time for it. And we were


unlucky against England. I will give you that on this occasion. With


Wales finishing on six points, England had to beat Slovakia to top


the group. Your commentators, Martin Keown and


Guy Mowbray. Where to next for England? It almost certainly won't


be home but winning this final group game could be crucial in shaping how


long their Euro 2016 ride will last. Three points will mean first place


and on to Paris for the last 16. Slovakia, though, have the same


incentive. It is the same Slovakia side that beat Russia last


Wednesday, with three still in the team that played in the last meeting


with England seven years ago, Pekarik, Skrtel and star man Marek


Hamsik all figured in a 4-0 defeat at Wembley. Only a win will


guarantee the potentially hugely important top spot for England but


with qualification almost assured, Roy Hodgson has rung the changes.


Six of them, with games for Nathaniel Clyne, Ryan Bertrand,


Jordan Henderson, Jack Wilshere and Thursday's super subs, Daniel


Sturridge and Jamie Vardy. Martin, lots of changes but you have


applauded Roy Hodgson's boulders. I had, he is believing in his squad,


you have to trust your players. It is bold from Roy, let's hope they


don't let him down. Bat was Vardy. Pure instinct. --


battles. It is Nathaniel Clyne, you would think it was Walker, gets down


the right and it comes off his thigh, Jamie Vardy.


Sturridge arrives in the penalty area, and Alana there as well.


-- Adam Lallana. Henderson kept it nicely. Help time I Adam Lallana to


Vardy. What a superblock tackle that is. It is a scrappy attempt from


England, they flick it on and Sturridge is in and Pekarik, it is


an outstanding challenge. Now Lallana. The shot was dragged


wide and it was a nice crisp move from England. It is Lallana again


coming in off the left, just creeping into that position. For me,


he snatches at that. It has been a reasonable start for England. I


think already... Vardy can surely beat scuttle in a race. Good save.


Great save from the keeper, he was retreating. Just stands up and makes


a barrier. How many times have you seen Vardy put them away in the


Premier League? Henderson, what a ball. Clyne will


get there. Wilshere didn't quite get there.


Clyne pokes it through. Henderson. And Kozacik took it away from


scuttle. England just livening themselves up now -- from Martin


Skrtel. Just needs to keep it that bit lower, no chance for Vardy


there. Here is Lallana! Straight at


Kozacik. And Slovakia get it away. Good save from the keeper. He should


be looking to put that in a corner. He has gone for safety.


Vardy let it run. It was crashed by Henderson, straight against the head


of Durica. A little more know-how needed from an England point of


view, perhaps, in the second 45 minutes.


Pekarik is dragged down by Bertrand. I think that might be one foul too


many from the Southampton left-back. Bertrand gets a little too close to


him and he can't retrieve it. It is a definite foul. And a position of


opportunity for Slovakia. Their fans censored. Joe Hart with just enough


on it. Actually, plenty on it. I wonder if he just mistimed it, but


great reach in the end. Joe Hart stays back, calling for


Chris Smalling to get it away. Therein lies the danger of not


taking chances at the other end. Huge let off for England there.


Maybe that is just what we need. That was a wake-up call. Clyne gets


in front of Weiss. Couldn't keep it down. It was blocked, that is why it


went so high over. What a fantastic run that is, great ball to him. Does


everything right but score. I just wonder if he has been fouled as he


hits back. Yes, he definitely caught him. This was the error at the other


end, Smalling trying to bounce it back to Joe Hart. Not enough pace on


the backpass, he just can't get to it. Pekarik a game, Smalling started


to go backwards. Here is Kozacik. He will always check back and he very


nearly managed to squeeze it past Joe Hart. The fans were calling for


Wayne Rooney's introduction near the end of the first half and he is


going to come on in midfield again and Jack Wilshere number -- Jack


Wilshere's number is up. The whole of the stadium has been calling for


Wayne Rooney to come on. He hasn't hung about, Roy Hodgson.


Henderson across. Daily -- Deli Alli. What a great ball, Henderson


just thinks it up and Deli Alli right on cue almost.


England need that variation in their play. Sturridge... Just needed a


better connection. Well, it's a fantastic ball. Just prods it into


that area. We have suddenly got Sturridge and a central position. He


is watching it, over his shoulder, very difficult to catch it on the


fall. The English road have been absolutely fantastic, you have to


say. The advantage with Rooney. It is blocked. It is not a free kick,


it is a corner, though. Rooney is sensing something is going to happen


for him. It is only a good block that denies him. You have to credit


the Slovakia defending, the goalkeeper and all those in front of


him putting everything on the line, getting in a way of everything.


Wayne Rooney lifts it. Peter Pekarik happy to let it run. I don't know


why, because it will be another corner. They usually say don't make


changes before a corner, but they are making one. Sturridge isn't


happy. I'm sure no player is happy about being replaced. He had a word


with the touchline staff when he was told of the change that was going to


happen a couple of minutes ago. Bertrand. Kay had attacks. In front


of the keeper, he cannot get any touch. -- Gary Cahill. Stronger this


time, but just not able to win it strongly enough.


Shifted it out. Nobody waiting for him.


Now it is on. It is a great turn from Wayne Rooney. He looks up to


the skies, because he screws the shot wide of his left foot.


Relentless from England. -- off. Henderson looking for Harry Kane. He


couldn't hang in the air long enough. Good play again. Wayne


Rooney involved. Just too high for Harry Kane to get anything on it.


Agonising for him. Dele Alli lets fly, but the ball


goes too high. It has exasperated a view of his colleagues. Well, there


are some players in a better position. Henderson... He just gets


sucked into hitting this one. -- few. Into the fifth minute of injury


time. Nathaniel Clyne is still going down that same wing. What a good


catch it is. The rolling was pretty impressive, too. It looks like it is


over now. England missed the chance to go top of the group.


Chris Smalling... WHISTLE Slovakia celebrate as if they have


just achieved great things at the European Championship. I suppose


getting out of the group and into the last 16, after not playing at


these championships too often is a big thing for them. England are left


a bit disappointed. They have done pretty much everything they could,


but they couldn't manage to score and find a way through and win the


game as they did late on against Wales. No repeat of the late glory


tonight, but England are through, all right, if not in quite exuberant


celebratory mood. Full-time. Congratulations were you happy that


the starting XI picked up from where they left things with Wales? We


dominated. It was good to have some players on the bench we could put


on, especially as Slovakia were tiring, to increase the pressure on


them. But we put pressure on them from the very first minute. The


passing was fine. Creating goal chances. But as anybody who was


watching the game could see, we didn't take them, unfortunately,


which leaves us with 0-0 which is frustrating. We wanted to top the


group. We are disappointed we didn't do it because we had the chance to


do it. The play, the positioning, everything, it sounds easy to say,


but we did everything but score. Every corner of the pitch, every


part of the pitch, the Slovakian players will be proud of what they


did tonight. It is in the end of the world for us, we are into the next


round, and nobody will look forward to playing us. You are going to


Nice, you don't know who your opponent will be, how difficult is


it not to know, and how will you prepare? We will prepare in the same


way. It is now all about recovering. We have a week to do that, like you


say. If anything positive came out of this, it is that. We will go from


there and wait to see who we get. We have to try and win. Hopefully we


won't be playing for a draw. Hopefully we will see different


football in the tournament in general. Hopefully it will make it


easier for us, but you never know. If the team keeps working like it is


at the moment, we will meet teams that will come to us, a bit more


than in the first three games, and perhaps the spaces will open up and


we will be even more dangerous. STUDIO: Wales top Group B. They were


five to one to win the group before a ball was kicked. England qualify


for the last 16. Slovakia likely to progress as a best third placed


team. Who Wales and England will play next is complicated until the


other groups have concluded. But we know that Wales will play a team who


finished third in either Group A, C, or D. It is slightly more clear for


England. They will play the runners-up of Group F in Nice.


Frustrating evening to England, lots of chances, couldn't put them away,


what did you of it? I didn't agree with them making that many changes.


I think it is vital to get momentum. I thought there was opportunity to


do that after the Wales game, particularly in the way they won, so


I think it was a wrong decision to do that after the game. Having said


that, we created chances. We should have scored goals. Particularly in


the first half. We controlled possession but didn't create


chances. It is ironic, before the tournament, I, along with everybody,


worry about defence. But it was the forwards' play which must improve.


It is never easy when a team sit back and watch. England have had to


face that in this competition. Also, if you get the first one, things go


one, but they couldn't manage that. Which is a concern. But you cannot


win the tournament yet... I think we have played better than a lot of


people expected us to do. We've made more chances. We haven't scored


them, with the quality of strikers we have, I accept that, but overall


I think we are moving forward. Finishing second shouldn't harm us


that much. So many positives to look at the England team with. They were


dominant from the first minute. Roy Hodgson has made the changes people


wanted in front of the pitch. They are the ones that let us down. I


know you were transfixed to the Welsh victory, but you just saw the


highlights there. A striker's life, you know it well, it isn't easy when


there are that many bodies in the box. It is difficult when they put


all of the bodies in there to create the space you need. But they were


creating chances. I am with Alan, the changes and settled things. I've


never been a fan of it. Euro 96, second game, we beat Scotland, very


similar to England beating Wales the other day, we go into the next game,


against Holland, and we put in a magnificent game because of the


confidence after beating Scotland. I thought it was an opportunity for


Roy Hodgson to do that tonight with this England team. Not absolute


sitters. Particularly in the first half. Henderson, over the top, that


was the one occasion that they played high on Jamie Vardy. They


used him and his pace. The passing from Henderson was superb. On his


left foot. He tries to go with pace rather than curling inside the


goalkeeper. We worked the flank well on this occasion. Goalkeeper's


height, isn't it, it goes lower. The one thing missing from his game.


That is the one thing missing from everybody's game. 64 shots and three


goals. That tells its own story. I think this should have been a


penalty. He has every right to go down. He has clipped his legs,


Nathaniel Clyne The Miz stays on his feet, if he is too honest... He


should have given the penalty, the official. -- Nathaniel Clyne, he


stays on his feet. Very unlucky. It is unlikely to get it into the box


and it hasn't gone in. If you use your bad luck now, the good luck


might come in the knockout stages, who knows. Eric Dyer, into storage,


and again, they should score. -- Dier. I was pleased with the first


half performance, but I didn't see any urgency in the second half. I


was pretty disappointed with the second half. Positive performances


for England, Danny, Dier? CHUCKLES


I couldn't resist. This is what you want from a holding midfielder.


Somebody who can open the team up, get you on the front foot. He spots


the players in those pockets. He does this brilliantly. We know that.


He can see danger. Look at this for a pass... Beautiful. You would


expect this from the likes of Michael Carrick. He has made that


position his own. He is strong, tenacious, calm, and that... That is


the type of play you expect from Wilshere or Rooney. Not a midfield


player. That is a positive for Roy Hodgson. He has become our main man


in the middle of the park. Other areas, talking about the midfield,


because that is predominantly weather changes were made -- where


the changes were made. Henderson, how do you think he did? I think he


did well. He lacks quality of the final pass at times. What he did was


defend. He has followed his man around the pitch. He was so good in


the previous game. When he wanted to drop deep, he wouldn't let him turn.


You can see him, he is just stopping him. He is always on the turn.


Always looking, where is he? Obviously people talking around him


and he didn't have an influence on the game. This is somebody who I


thought in the last game was superb. That is what Henderson gives it with


his athleticism, his discipline, he knows how to play the role. He


hasn't played much football in the last few months. And I thought he


lasted the game very well. This was late in the game, when he was tired,


not giving him the time and space to get onto the counterattacks. Here he


is again. Closing down with the help of Nathaniel Clyne. He was a part of


all of the good things defensively. Did he get forward? Yes. At times he


lacked a bit of quality, but he is capable, he just needs to be a bit


more confident at times because he can do it. And this is probably the


most unlucky one. Ten, 20 yards... So considering it is his first game


in a while I thought he did really well. I have watched England now for


the three games. I don't think Roy Hodgson knows his best 11 and I


don't think he knows his best system. From that point of view I


think that is where England are struggling. Sturridge doesn't want


to play on the right-hand side. He is playing a 4-3- three, if you


like. Rain sterling had a chance come he didn't take it. Sturridge


wants to play down the middle, centre forward, we haven't really


got any wing players, which is important. -- Raheem Sterling had a


chance. Who would you play? Jamie Vardy. Harry Kane down the middle.


Sturridge on the right. If you keep making the chances you are making,


and I'm looking from the outside, I am Welsh, you won't score. All of


the strikers, they are all kind of Central, and they? That is what I am


saying. You have to have one out of position. It needs to be balanced.


With Adam Lallana on the left, you can cover him Conor Henderson behind


him, you can cover him when he goes inside. -- you can cover him,


Henderson behind him. I think the system is OK. He actually played in


a diamond, with Wayne Rooney up front, and then bringing Harry Kane


on, they managed fine. It will scatter gun. Against Wales we have


Marcus Rashford, Sturridge on the right... But if he doesn't change


it, we are going to say that everything was predictable again.


You cannot win unless you win. Will you just praised Henderson, do you


think he will start in the next game? No. Neither do I. I would go


with two up, and the diamond shaped with Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane.


But you have got to play it properly. I think the system is


working OK, leave Jamie Vardy, Sturridge, Adam Lallana...


We haven't been brilliant when we have played this system. It's an


opinion, I think we have played quite well in the three games. Wales


have played Russia and Slovakia and scored five goals against them. But


they will have a go against Wales and it is counterattack, it is


different when teams sit back. If I was England I would say, try and


break us down. You think the French or the Portuguese would put men


behind the ball against us? Jude think we have played well? I think


we have played decent football and lacked finishing touch that will


come. I think we have played reasonably well, I am mildly


encouraged, if that counts. So England and Wales go through and


tomorrow, Northern Ireland were turned to join them. Standing in


their way the world champions Germany. This is the situation in


Group C. Three points might yet big enough to qualify. Let's hear from


captain Stephen Davis. We are in a great position, looking forward to


the game and for so long, it felt like I wasn't going to get the


chance to play at this stage, so we are just cherishing being here and


don't want the fairy tale to end. If beating Ukraine was the proudest


moment of your career, is this the biggest challenge? It is going to be


a huge test, and we are under no illusions but I think it is a game


for us to look forward to and if we go out and give our all and come off


with a result, there will be a lot of satisfaction and pride, but there


was a lot of hard work to do. What would it mean to you and your


team-mates to make it through to the knockout stages and for everybody in


Northern Ireland? It would mean everything. Obviously with social


media, we get to see the reaction back home and the atmosphere in the


stadium the other night was unbelievable. Everybody is enjoying


the moment, is proud of the country and it is great to see. Northern


Ireland versus Germany is live on BBC One and the website from 4:30pm.


You can catch the other game in the group on the red button. There will


be highlights of all four of tomorrow's games, including Croatia


and Spain. Switching sports for a moment, follow coverage of England's


one-day international against Sri Lanka on the BBC sport website


tomorrow, with video clips of key moments. We are out of time, the


debate will go on all night. Thank you very much. That from us. In the


North through to the knockout stage but Wales win the group and the


drinks are on Dean Saunders -- England are through. Good night.


This is it. Aaron Ramsey with a dink! Here is Vardy. Good save,


Kozacik. They are in Dreamland! Lallana! Goal saving clearance.


There is the man. Wales are through. And there is the man with the plan.


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