Match Replay: England v Slovakia Match of the Day

Match Replay: England v Slovakia

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Welcome to the full match rerun of England's final group game at Euro


2016. It is against Slovakia and it is in Saint Etienne, where England


exited the 2006 World Cup against Argentina. Watching with me is


Martin Keown. Roy Hodgson has rung the changes. Six of them. Kyle


Walker and Danny Rose are arrested and replaced by Nathaniel Clyne and


Ryan Bertrand. Jordan Henderson and Jack Wilshere get valuable gametime.


Daniel Sturridge and Jamie Vardy come infra Raheem Sterling and Harry


Kane. -- come in for. Gary Cahill has the honour of leading England


for the fourth time in his career. There are a number of voices in that


Hoddle. It is an England squad that looks to have quite a few potential


leaders in it. England get the action started.


Playing in this red and blue kit for the fourth time. They won in these


colours in Germany in the spring. Martin Keown is alongside me. Lots


of changes but I know that you have applauded Roy Hodgson's Bold Lass? I


have. He believes in his squad. Summary permutations in this group.


It is a bold move from Roy. Let's hope they do not let him down. The


first free kick goes against Adam Lallana. It has caused some pain for


the Hertha Berlin full-back, reportedly a target for Leicester


City. He might be lining up with Jamie Vardy next season, you never


know. There has been some talk about Roy Hodgson's contract in the last


few days. His deal expires at the end of the tournament. Greg Dyke has


suggested that renewal is dependent on reaching the semifinals or maybe


a quarterfinal defeat against one of the better teams. Lallana lines up


on the left-hand side, Vardy down the middle. Sturridge playing high


and the right. -- on the right. Wilshire and Henderson at the


players who possibly need minutes on the field more than any others. Jack


Wilshere has hardly played this season. Just one start for Arsenal.


Skrtel belted the ball against his Anfield colleague. It is out for a


to Slovakia. -- throw-in to Slovakia.


The full-back Pushing up really high. Clyne and Bertrand. Let's up


their energy levels are right. If they follow the examples set by Rose


and Walker, they would be doing a lot of running tonight. Big shoes to


fill. Lallana has covered quite a bit of


ground in the first couple of games. Any opportunity, he will go central,


just behind the front. Martin Skrtel, 8-ender and a half


years at Liverpool. Perhaps his and feel staying is coming to an end.


There is speculation he has agreed a deal with Roma. -- his and feel


staying is coming to an end. Vladimir Weiss scored the first goal


in the 2-1 win over Russia. Hamsik scored the second. Good work by


Henderson. Hamsik has to get around him quickly.


That was Vardy! Pure instinct. Over the bar. I think it came off his


knee. It was Clyne down the right-hand side. You would think it


was Walker. Nothing has changed. Vardy tried to improvise. A lot of


pace on the ball. Difficult for him to deal with. He has scored in four


of his last five England appearances. Scoring just ten


minutes after leaving the bench in his first tournament appearance


against Wales. No sign of his golden form coming to an end any time soon.


There is a momentum with this player, Vardy. You need to build on


that. Hamsik is undoubtedly the player


that England will be looking to most as the danger player. I expect Dier


to be in and around him as much as possible. He scored a fantastic goal


against Russia. Petroski is in the team primarily to


stop goals rather than score them. High and wide. Not testing Jo Hart


at all. Slovakia are forcing Smalling to


come out with the ball. Mack was caught in between Bertrand


and Smalling. That was a good run. We have to be aware of that. The


central defenders sorted it out between them. As soon as he gets the


ball with any space, he is belting forward. Hamsik has great experience


and good technique to go with it. I'm sure England will have watched


clips of his performances in this tournament so far.


Henderson kept it nicely. Helped onto Vardy. Sturridge! A superblock


tackle. It was Pekarik in the end. A scrappy attempt from England.


Sturridge was in there with that instinct. An outstanding challenge


from Pekarik. Just got their ahead of him. He had to. Sturridge was


ready to score his second goal of the tournament. Nothing too much


wrong with Vardy's challenge. It was the landing that caused Kozacik the


pain. There is a real confidence about England, not just on the field


but those watching from the stands, too. Thinking that they will go on


to win this game. It will not be entirely straightforward. Slovakia


have only lost three of 22 matches since 2014. That opportunity came


from a Jack Wilshere through ball from -- to Vardy. That is what we


need to do. Early balls. Jack Wilshere's injury woes


well-documented. He last completed 90 minutes a year ago against


Slovenia. I was at that match. He was outstanding. That is when he


came of age. He travels with the ball in midfield like no other


England player. We need to see more of him on the ball.


Jan Durica went that was more difficult. Marek Hamsik hasn't


played very well in this tournament so far, but he can really play. Here


is Weiss. Interesting to see what happens when


England finally to go and press. They are giving Slovakia too much


possession and freedom. Go and test them. When they do, they get it


back. Not close enough to Vardy. Just


apologise, Adam Lallana. Encourage the big man, Eric Dyer. Playing very


well defensively now he has to open up his range of passing. Chris


Smalling. Shot was dragged wide. It was a


nice, crisp move from England. His Royal Highness, the Duke of


Cambridge enjoyed that. Adam Lallana coming in after life. Snatches up


at. He takes it too early. Little bit more quality, get it out of your


feet. Lovely touch from Marek Hamsik. He


does well. Joe Hart, wasn't too concerned. Good work from Marek


Hamsik. Luckily for England, nothing doing on the cross. Just an early


warning sign there, Nathaniel Clyne missing the challenge. Nathaniel


Clyne, now tries to get forward. It is Vladimir Weiss, who is having to


deal with him. He has done that. Henderson... Henderson had a go. It


might have been on target, but it strikes Thomas Huber can and goes


behind the corner. Adam Lallana, quick feed here, Henderson does well


to bring it down. We have Ryan Bertrand on corners


tonight, it seems. Something different. Daniel Sturridge made


himself available. The whistle has gone and Slovakia


get a free kick. Early days, but as things stand, England's aren't going


to have to win to be first in the group because Wales are leading


against Russia. Early days, as I said. I am sure that message will


get to the players. At half-time, the players will know what is going


on. Being a reasonable start for England. Jamie Vardy... He beat


Martin Skrtel in the race. Good save by Kozacik. Stayed up as long as he


could. Martin Skrtel won't want that Sprint is too often. Jamie Vardy


knows he should have put that away when he got there.


Joe Hart has planted that somewhere near Jamie Vardy. Martin Skrtel is


just getting long falls of air. He was embarrassed.


Ryan Bertrand managed to get in front of Peter Pekarik, who was then


hurt. I think he is making some sort of accusation to the assistant


referee. You can see why he wanted the game stopped. You can see


exactly why he was making the claim. The arm is really high. Ryan


Bertrand, he does have his eyes fixed on the ball. This is the past,


look at Jamie Vardy's pass. Great save from the keeper, who was


retreating. Stands up and makes a barrier. How many times have you


seen Vardy put them away in the Premier League? Just denied by the


goalkeeper. Could see his head drop in frustration immediately. Never


mind the level, it is another game. It is business as usual for Jamie


Vardy through all the levels he has progressed through so far. We are


looking at the blood from Peter Pekarik, but look at this for Gary


Cahill. England won't want to take Cahill. He has a lot of players


arrested for tonight and has been forced into an early substitution.


If he has got to go off, it is a disaster. Of all the positions if it


is to happen... Indeed, it is happening. Only other recognised


centre-back in the squad. John Stones and Ross Barkley are the only


ones to have any game time here in France. If it is his lower back,


they are going to work on it. They know the importance of keeping their


captain on the pitch. Peter Pekarik, is an almighty mess. You said Ryan


Bertrand was looking at the ball, focused on the ball, but was he if


he was swinging his arms like that? If you are a player, and you're on


the end of that, it is not nice, but you need to be getting your own arms


up to protect yourself. Gary Cahill is back on the field again for


England. Slovakia, and man down at the


moment. Robert Mak is the player who has dropped in at right back. Very


sloppy from England. Peter Pekarik is off the pitch, take advantage if


you can. England cannot afford to be sloppy because it is now 2-0 for


Wales against Russia. It is looking likely that England will have to win


this game to finish first in the group. We know about Weiss, the


talent he is. Joe Hart up towards Vardy. That was


easy for Martin Skrtel. That's how he wants them against Jamie Vardy.


Daniel Sturridge... Sufficiently impeded by Thomas Hubocan. Duda is


playing very deep. We expected him to be high up the pitch. Robert Mak


has ventured forward from full-back, but that is where he is still


filling in. Slovakia still only have ten on the field. This is where you


wonder if Wayne Rooney, with his experience will make it count. That


was a bit loose. Peter Pekarik got the thumbs up and has been patched


up to be able to return to the field. Wilshere, gives the ball


away. Robert Mak... Chris Smalling cannot stop the cross. Imperative


that Gary Cahill stopped it from reaching Marek Hamsik. Peter


Pekarik. Viktor Pecovsky, cannot tackle from


that angle and is going to get a yellow card. He knew early on he was


not going to catch him. That is the Vardy pace. Viktor Pecovsky, just


lunging in. He did need to do it because Vardy had three players in


front of him. -- didn't need to do it.


Jordan Henderson were lifted this ball into the penalty area. Just


feeling the need to wake up. Wilshere, giving the ball away in


the midfield too often. It is Ryan Bertrand with the delivery. The


keeper saw it early, very decisive. Quick with the distribution. Free


kick, Slovakia this time. I think Wayne Rooney is sitting


there thinking, when am I coming on? Given away by Duda. Retrieved by the


same player. Bertrand has made a block tackle. Punished with a free


kick, nothing more. Two challenges from Bertrand. Gets his body across


his opponent. Gary Cahill the only England player coming into this game


on a yellow card. Hamsik was stripped. -- tripped. The word from


the referee to Jordan Henderson was, stop, and the referee. The next


tackle may bring a yellow card. He looks to have his patience wearing


thin. This is better from England. They are trying to isolate Skrtel,


pushing backwards. -- push him backwards.


Henderson was a little hasty. Sturridge not able to get into the


game yet. I have not seen anything of him at all. We are not getting


our full-backs forward either. Articulately Bertrand on this


left-hand side. He has been forced back an awful lot. -- particularly.


Clyne played it against Hamsik. It is an England corner. It was going


to be difficult for him to find anybody in the box. They are making


Hamsik go all the way back. You want to run his legs off if you can.


Jordan Henderson with the corner kick. Cleared by Hamsik. Two of


England's three goals in their winning Berlin this year came from


Jordan Henderson corners. -- in their win in Berlin. Sturridge


invites the challenge. So full of confidence.


Sloppy pass again. Talk about confidence... England need to show a


bit more of it. Just taking too many touches in possession. What a ball


from Henderson. Wilshire did not quite get there.


Khazar chick took it away from Skrtel. -- Kozacik. Outstanding play


from Clyne. It is the Liverpool connection, Clyne, Henderson,


Lallana. Yes, it certainly helps. Henderson with the quickfire cross.


He has hit that one early. Just a bit too much on it. Just lifted into


the box. Talk about quality, he just needs to keep that lower. No chance


for Vardy. Jack Wilshere is holding his


hamstring. Straightaway his hand went down to the back of the left


thigh area. He doesn't look too concerned by it at the moment.


It is a feature of their play. They are looking to switch it whenever


they can. Weiss coming inside, playing a diagonal pass.


We have passed the half hour mark. Still scoreless. England have been


the brighter team from an attacking point of view. But far from at their


best. No. It really does look like a team sort of slap together. No


cohesion, not moving the ball quickly enough, people taking too


many touches. Already Cahill has had treatment. Jack Wilshere looks to


have a problem with his hamstring. I sincerely hope he is fit and well.


Sturridge was only ever going to shoot. He did not catch it at all.


Clyne and Henderson combining nicely. Lallana straight at Kozacik.


That has raised the volume in the England and behind the goal. -- end.


This is better from England. Down that right-hand side again. Clyne


looking like Walker's twin. He should be looking to put that in the


corner. He has gone for safety. Good save from the keeper. He should be


putting that away from me. -- for me. Henderson got too much under


that. It sailed away. If England do not win this game and, as a result


of that, do not win the group, they potentially get a much harder tie in


the last 16, questions will be asked about this decision made by Roy


Hodgson to switch things around as much as he has. Of course. You have


to give credit to Wales. 2-0 ahead already in their game. The message


was clear to them. They had to go and win it. England have to do the


same. Racking up the chances again but not scoring them again.


Keeping a very Keen Eye macron Jack Wilshere's movement. Yes, I think he


looks fine. -- a very keen eye macro on Jack Wilshere's movement.


Lovely step over from Sturridge. Sturridge offside. That is what he


is capable of. A bit of movement. Sturridge just


cannot get out quickly enough. The linesman spotted that well. Good


play though. Lallana involved again. I think Lallana, when he goes in


that central position, is very difficult for Slovakia to pick up.


He is threading those passes through to Vardy. A little awkward for


Clyne. Well watched. The ball had just crossed the line.


The England substitutes have already gone out to trot up and down the


touchline. A cry of Rooney from the England supporters. Vardy crashed


out of play. The referee wanted it to go on but couldn't. It is back


for an England free kick. The referee did well there. He tried to


give the advantage. He has pulled it back. Saying that he hit Vardy with


his shoulder. Well one by Kucka. Duda made in the


love keeping it and then was caught in the face, inadvertently, by


Wilshire. Not making anything of it. -- Jack Wilshere. Notice the colour


co-ordinated strapping on the wrist for Vardy tonight. There was the


bump from Jack Wilshere. Yes, he left a little bit on his opponent.


He lost the ball initially. That is where you have to take better care.


It was not quite as inadvertent as we thought when we saw it again.


Sturridge wins the corner. It is just the sort of ball I have been


calling for from Dier. A fantastic ball. Look at this. All of 40 yards.


He takes it down nicely on his left. It is almost too good a touch. Good


defending in the end. Cahill is ready. Let's see who Jordan


Henderson can find. Dier went for it. A little burst of pace from


Sturridge. Solid defending from the Slovakian team. Not quite as strong


that, from Ryan Bertrand. Pekarik... Mak is the player wide right. There


are options drifting forward. That one will not reach Pekarik. It


has come back to the trustee. -- Petroski. -- Pecovsky.


Cahill, back to Joe Hart, easily enough. Five, first half minutes to


go. Strange position for England. Yes, they want to win the game and


they will try to win the game, knowing they are almost certainly


through. They need to force a bit of urgency into themselves. I think Roy


Hodgson will be considering substitutions, like he did against


Wales. Wilshere... It is a balancing act. They have got


to push on, but there is patience, a long way to go in the game. England


are the better team. They are, Daniel Sturridge is finding nice


pockets of space, showing good ability on the ball. As was seen in


the first game against Russia, they have got to make being the better


team account. They have got to keep their shape.


Jamie Vardy is brought down. Free kick. He was lucky, because it Kucka


had got another yellow card. He is lucky, he is all over Vardy. If


Kucka is booked, he will not play in the last 16 should Slovakia get


there. A bit rusty with his delivery,


Henderson. Most of the ball, England, all the attempts on all of


the corners. No reward. Slovakia, in the last five minutes


have retreated, every man behind the ball. Very happy to let England have


it. They are very deep, cannot get Vardy in behind. The calls for


Rooney from the crowd are getting louder.


It was crashed by Henderson, straight against the head jammed


Arica. That was a good tackle from Thomas


Hubocan, but a poor clearance. Peter Pekarik managed to get the


ball in the box but it wasn't dealt with convincingly by Jack Walsh.


Jamie Vardy goes into the tackle which he executes perfectly. Great


play from Jamie Vardy. Really lifted the English crowd here as well. Only


one minute of additional time in this first half. Looks like being


deadlock a break. Martin Skrtel. Hamsik...


What is the verdict, Martin, quickly? There needs to be some


changes at half-time from the manager. Needs to get it right.


Little more know-how needed, from an England point of view perhaps, in


the second 45 minutes. They have had most of the attacking play, they


have had the best chances, but they haven't been able to find a way


through. No changes at the restart, but it


was noticeable that every of England's potential substitutes were


out kicking a ball around and loosening up the muscles at the


half-time interval. Except for one, Wayne Rooney. Listening to what Roy


Hodgson had to say, maybe because he will be entering the action soon.


Little bit there between Martin Skrtel and Jamie Vardy. It is a free


kick for Slovakia. Jamie Vardy caught him laid. Referee has a


gentle word with both of them. -- caught him later.


Matus Kozacik, was criticised for conceding a Gareth Dale free kick.


Much like Joe Hart, he is a pretty good goalkeeper. Did well in


qualifying for Slovakia. Jordan Henderson.


Patched up Peter Pekarik will take it. His nose is plugged. Robert Mak.


Teasing Ryan Bertrand. Ryan Bertrand blocked in, perfectly fairly. Yes,


he has started the second half much better. There was a question about


him in the first half. Want to see England control the midfield a bit


more, get Wilshere on the ball a bit more. Controlling the overall feel


of the game well enough. As you say, just that little bit more is needed.


Maybe Eric Dyer can provide something here. He played a very


good forward pass in the first half but Daniel Sturridge wasn't quite


able to bring under control. Like that one. It is Pecovsky who has


followed. Hamsik, one of the most technically


gifted players out there. Cut out comfortably by Jordan


Henderson. Cahill has to go back to Joe Hart.


Good pressing from Robert Mak. Nathaniel Clyne, goes on. He is just


unlucky there, Nathaniel Clyne. He is such a willing runner, driving


forward. Seamlessly coming in to replace Walker at right back.


Slovakia are not in any hurry here. The England fans getting edgy. Out


of their three previous meetings, England have scored eight and seven


of those goals have been scored after an hour the match has been


played. Interesting Adam Lallana is on the right-hand side. Daniel


Sturridge playing quite a wide the left.


Tidying up nicely from Chris Smalling. Turning into a good


partnership with Gary Cahill. Nice and solid.


That is the area we are looking for, trying to get Jamie Vardy on the


shoulder of the last defender. Just a bit more concentration from


Wilshere. Rory and Ray don't look like they are minded to make a


change imminently. Peter Pekarik is dragged down by Ryan Bertrand. I


think that might be one foul too many from the Southampton left-back.


Ryan Bertrand, just gets a little bit too close to him. He can't


retrieve it, it is a definite foul. The position of opportunity for


Slovakia. Their fans sensed it. Haven't had them too much since the


early stages of the evening. You know how dangerous and Martin Skrtel


can be. Joe Hart, plenty on that. I wondered if he had mistimed it, but


a great reach in the end. Joe Hart stays back, calling the


Chris Smalling to get it away. Therein lies the danger of not


taking chances at the other end. One bit of miscommunication, one mistake


and England could be behind. Huge letter of four England. There seems


to be one of those every game. Robert Mak should have punished


England there. Maybe it is what we need. It was a wake-up call.


Nathaniel Clyne... Couldn't keep it down. It was blocked. That is why it


went so high over. Going to be a corner. You could see the passion


from Nathaniel Clyne. What a great run. Does everything right but


score. I wonder if he was fouled as he hit back. Definitely caught him.


It is at foul. And this was the error at the other end. Robert Mak


tried to get in between. Hasn't got enough pace on the backpass. Just


can't get to it. Cahill met the corner but it was


only a glancing blow. Strong running from Henderson.


Weiss... He very nearly managed to squeeze it past Jo Hart. A good save


from Jo Hart. He had to be alive to that one. This is end to end.


England are in a game. Very important interception. Here comes


the captain. The fans were calling for Wayne Rooney's introduction near


the end of the first half. He is going to come on in midfield again.


Jack Wilshere's number is. Immediately the captain's armband is


being passed on to him by Gary Cahill. The whole of the stadium has


been calling for Wayne Rooney to come on just after 20 minutes or so.


They have got their wish. The captain is on.


Bertrand is trying to get forward. That is a good sign for England.


Both full-backs trying to push on in this second half. Wayne Rooney's


114th appearance for England. It equals the number of Steven Gerrard.


That means that only David Beckham and Peter Shilton have played more.


A Slovakia change. Duda makes way for as Vento. -- Svento. Left


wingback. That is where he normally plays. It looks like Weiss has gone


into a more central role for Slovakia.


Clyne is running them ragged on this right-hand side.


Rooney looks in organising mood. Roy would have put him on with the clear


message to spray those passes around, switching from left to


right, as he does. The last time Slovakia played in and they lost 4-0


at Wembley. Rooney. Two. -- Rooney. Two. Playing in a different role, of


course. Rooney taking time to feel his way


into this game. The goalkeeper would take his time


with everything. He certainly will. He is in no rush at all.


Henderson has not quite got those balls into the box as good as they


could be. No, but he has not played much this season. Dele Alli has. He


is going to come on in place of Adam Lallana. That is a surprise. His


movement has been excellent. Roy once that player to arrive in the


box late. Dele Alli is the man for the job.


Lallana has put in his customary hard-working shift.


Roy Hodgson has not hung about. He wants to be decisive. He did that in


the second half against Wales. That has given him confidence to make


these early switches at the start of second half. Dele Alli! A goal


saving clearance. Martin Skrtel. It is a great move. What a ball with


the outside of the left boot. Good defending to deny Dele Alli.


Slovakia try to burst out at pace. Rooney was running back. Look at


what toonie -- Rooney does out of possession.


Was that a shot at goal? It was one of yours if it was! There will be a


few watching a clearance like that thinking it is not going to go in


today. Sturridge was being pestered by


Hubbard can. -- Hueber can. Pekarik in room on the right-hand


side. Bertrand is watching him. They are quite comfortable in possession.


Their best spell of the second half by a mile. Yes. Here come England


again. Dele Alli just loves making runs from the pin that midfield. --


from deep in that midfield. England are quite happy with that.


Just to get the ball back. The England fans try to raise it a


bit. It has been pretty quiet since half-time. It is a wonderfully


atmospheric old ground. Some any options for England. It looks more


fluid. -- so many. Hamsik did well to get out of trouble.


Slovakia are going to make their next change. Pecovsky coming off.


The midfield holding man is going to make way for Gyomber. He has been


struggling with an ankle injury. This will be his first appearance at


Euro 2016. Likely to play in the same role that Pecovsky has been


playing. He has got the appreciation from his manager for the job that he


has done. Gyomber another from Roma in Italy. Where Skrtel may be headed


next season. Nearly three quarters of the game


gone now. England have got to keep probing, keep moving the ball


quickly, looking for that spare man in the midfield.


Dier went for power. Rooney could not get on the end of it. Dier


feeling it is worth a chance to hit one from there. Scored with a free


kick in the first match. In the end it is neither a shot or a cross.


The England supporters will have got the news that Wales are a leading


Russia by 3-0. That seals it there. England have to win to finish top.


They have got to find a goal. The message will be relayed. Second is


assured. They have to keep believing in themselves. England. That second


place is as short on less Slovakia score. -- as short on less Slovakia


score. Alli not quite able to get on the


end of that. It is nearly but not quite for England. It is but they


are probing. They are asking questions.


England cannot take the throw from Burke, the referee once it pulled


back a few yards. Better and more inventive sense Dele Alli and


Rooney's introduction? Yes, they are bossing the game now, they need to


be patient. Ryan Bertrand got a left foot to


that. Henderson. It is there to be hit. Out came Jan


Durica to block. There is always the danger of a Slovakian break.


Especially somebody you has the passing range of Hamsik. Slovakia,


rather than breaking have been happy just to have a breather, keeping it


for a moment. Can England break down the Slovakian wall and get defenders


out of position. Those twin strikers need to go central, down the middle.


Eric Dier have gone down on his haunches, so the Spurs man is


injured. One change left. I think he has been winded. Just wants to get


his breath back. Harry Kane is coming on. Can he be


the saviour, this time? Jamie Vardy, Daniel Sturridge, it is his turn.


Maybe he wants to take one of the midfield players off, maybe


Henderson, who hasn't played a lot lately. The great escape rings


around the stadium in Saint Etty on. Not quite that for England, as it


stands, going through in second anyway. Weiss... No free kick.


Dele Alli. Is Rooney going to be the saviour? I prefer him deeper,


pulling the strings. Daniel Sturridge. Nathaniel Clyne was


behind him. Henderson... Eric Meyer. England need the variation in their


play. Daniel Sturridge! Just needed a better connection. Fantastic ball.


Prods it into that area. We have Daniel Sturridge in a central


position. Very difficult to catch that fall. He just misses it.


Was just going to say about the variation, getting the ball out wide


at times, crosses coming into the box and then going through the


middle. Hamsik, has been kept quiet. There


he is, trying to find... It bounced awkwardly of Cahill. Like was up


anyway. Good to see Joe Hart reacting like that. Just got away


with that one. The English crowd have been fantastic, you have to


say. Jamie Vardy was down, but the referee played the advantage with


Rooney. Corner. Rooney sensing something going to happen for him.


Only a good block that denies him. Credit the Slovakian defending. The


goalkeeper and all those in front of them, putting everything on the


line, getting in the way of everything. Rooney lifts it in.


Peter Pekarik was happy to let it run. I don't know why, it is another


England corner. That could the costly. What a bonus for England.


Good quality needed. I usually say, don't make changes before corners.


Daniel Sturridge is not happy. He did have a word with the touchline


staff when he was told of the change a couple of minutes ago. I think he


was looking for an energy drink, with a bit of cramp. Is it Harry


Kane's date? He is not going to take the corner. He is in the middle for


it. Cahill attacked it. Harry Kane was


in front of the keeper but couldn't get the touch. It was a good


delivery this time. Cahill not able to win it strongly enough. Weiss. 14


minutes of the 90 to go. Rooney is playing hide and central.


They are playing a front three here and Eric Dier and Dele Alli in the


midfield. Slovakia are going to but another defender on. Milan Skriniar


are, is going to get on to play for his country for only the third time.


If you can be bold, I can be even more so, Jan Kozak to Roy Hodgson.


He will probably come in and be the defender in that midfield. Neatly


collected, although Roger Rajeev Cukor caught Chris Smalling.


It is Vladimir Weiss who is coming off, former Manchester City, Bolton


Wanderers and Rangers player. On Wellcome Milan Skriniar.


We saw hardly anything of Weiss throughout this match. Was forced


back defending through most of it. Gone behind for the corner. England


have got to make these corners count. They have got to make the


pressure count, it is almost relentless. They have a huge line to


try to work the ball through. Rooney, in. Alli... Alli, hasn't got


that one right. Just trying to thread it into the area of


uncertainty. You can see the intensity ramping up. You can see it


on the faces of the Slovakian players. They are desperate to hold


on to this. They are holding on for dear life, here. For games at the


World Cup in 2010, two games at this tournament. They have never before


kept a clean sheet. This that's tell the story of how


the game has been played. It is just making use of the possession we have


had. Peter Pekarik. Henderson... Rooney.


Jamie Vardy, started to go. Not had any joy at all against this


Slovakian defence, sitting back at the edge of their own area, giving


them in behind. Rooney is so high, he is the


furthest man up the pitch now. Rooney tries to get it out. Alli,


Cahill... Eric Dyer... Corner. It is a great block. They are smothering


them with pressure, England. Throw, this time. It is a desperate stuff


from Slovakia. England determined, but not decisive. They need to be


careful, on the break. Bertrand was caught later by Robert Mak. Robert


Mak is holding his hamstring,. They have played all their substitutes.


Harry Kane was determined to have a go. Slovakia, effectively down to


ten players. Henderson... Eric diet... Harry Kane. There is no


opening for him. Rooney, waited too long. Rooney... Now it is on. Now it


has gone. Great turn from Rooney. He looks up to the sky because he knows


he creates the space. Just screws the shot wide from his left foot.


Relentless from England. There is the shot from Alli. I wonder if that


was a handball in there. England are trying everything to get the goal to


win the game. Can't be too harsh on the performance, but it is the old


failing. Only scored more than one in two of the last 15 tournaments


they have played. One of them was thanks to the Daniel Sturridge win


against Wales last week. He will cause himself some damage if he


keeps stretching that. I think he knows he has pulled his hamstring,


but they are acting as if he has got cramp. It was a good five minutes


ago he did that, and he held it straightaway. They have been asked a


lot of questions and they are dropping like flies.


That is not cramp. No, I think he is just time wasting. A chance for


England to regroup. Should Rooney played deeper so he can spray those


passes. No messages going out at the moment. Jan Kozak can be proud of


his team this evening. Very definitely. He is going to have two


stand out on the wing somewhere. I am not sure how sporting that was.


Five big minutes to go. We have said this is the tournament of late


goals. Something special needed here. England have been punished by


one and really, really enjoyed one. Henderson is still full of running.


Another corner. Slovakia have got a the zonal system. There is space


there. Can we find an England player? Skrtel heads away. Robert


Mak is back on the field. You wonder why. Kane nearly got to it. They


just managed to scramble this one. Look at the height Cahill gets. Kane


cannot get there quickly enough. Rooney shifted it back to Henderson.


Kane could not hang in the air long enough. Good play again. Rooney


involved. A little backheel for Henderson. Just to high for a Kane


to get anything on it. Agonising for him. Three previous meetings of this


countries, three England wins. This is the one they really want. By


Royal command. At least William Wales has had half a good night.


Slovakia free kick. That will suit them just fine. England know what is


coming after the Euros. These countries will face each other again


in World Cup qualifying. The first game after these championships.


England will want to play many more games before then. It does not


always work out that winning the group is favourable. Four years ago


England did that and met Italy. More penalty pain. But it is usually the


way. I would certainly like to see


Nathaniel Clyne rewarded in some way for the work that he has put in.


Definitely. Another Slovakia injury. Martin Skrtel has been hurt. Is it


cramp again? Looks that way. He has been so resolute. Jordan Henderson


bending over his Liverpool team-mate. A few words, I'm sure. I


think he is telling him to get off the pitch! Dele Alli does really


well. No right to get that kind of space. Skrtel stretches his leg.


Just the grind tightening up. Skrtel took some criticism for his


Liverpool performances, even though there weren't many after last


December. He has positioned himself very well at times, certainly in the


air. Take your time, in Slovakian. We are into stoppage time. There


will be five more minutes minimum. Away goes Pekarik. And there is a


foul. Dele Alli doing brilliantly to get back. The England fans sense we


are entering less chance time. -- last chance. You just need an


England player to find that space in the box, the one opportunity we are


waiting for. Dier's effort blocked. Another


block. Alli lets fly. But the ball does


fly. That has exasperated a few of his colleagues. There are a few


players in a better position. He got sucked into hitting this. A little


bit of an experience from Alli. -- inexperience. It is all over in the


other one. 3-0 to Wales. If England are going to go through in first


place, they need this goal now. That is Russia gone, we know that. As it


stands, Wales have six points, England five, Slovakia four.


Slovakia almost certain to go through in third place. England with


the runners-up spot, unless... A positive run from Rooney. Into the


hands of Kozacik. Rooney running with the ball too much. Coming to


nothing. Into the fifth minute of injury


time. Clyne is still going down the right wing. What a good catch. The


rolling was pretty impressive, too. Well, it looks like it is over now.


England missed the chance to go top of the group. There is still time.


Slovakia celebrate. As though they have just achieved great things at


the European Championship. I suppose getting out of the group into the


last 16 for a nation that has not played at these big championships


too often is a big thing for them. England A left a little bit


disappointed tonight because they have done pretty much everything


that they could but they could not manage to score and find a way


through and win the game, as they did late on against Wales. No repeat


of the late glory tonight. But England are through all right. If


not in exuberant, celebratory mood. Slovakia and England finishes


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