Highlights: Northern Ireland v Germany, Poland v Ukraine, Spain v Croatia, Czech Republic v Turkey Match of the Day

Highlights: Northern Ireland v Germany, Poland v Ukraine, Spain v Croatia, Czech Republic v Turkey

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Good evening - four more games at Euro 2016 today as we get closer


to determining the last 16 at the tournament.


And that is proving to be easier said than done.


As it needs sharp mathematical brains to work it out,


we have booked Robbie Savage and Neil Lennon.


First up, Northern Ireland against Germany with Michael O'Neill's men


taking on the World Champions, knowing that even defeat


would still leave them with a chance of being in the knockout stages.


At the Parc des Princes - Gerry Armstrong and Jonathan Pearce.


From Belfast to Bushmills, they will be hoping, is there anyone left-back


in Northern Ireland? The whole country seems to be here in Paris


singing and above all, believing. As long as they'd avoid defeat by four


goals, they should go through. They will have a crack at the hosts


France if that happens. Michael O'Neill's line-up.


It is all about tenacity and work ethic. Washington was scoring in the


United counties league not so long ago.


Second international for Joshua Kimmich.


Gotze dropping deeper with Draxler added to the bench. Muller, top


scorer in the last two World Cups. Just had one shot on target. Can you


feel 82, can you feel 86? I can't, I felt that at the qualifiers when


they were winning away in Hungary and Greece and I thought this might


be a team that has started to develop. Northern Ireland 22 now in


the world. A lovely ball through to Muller. Good save. Muller still


without a goal in the Championship finals. Steven Davis arriving on the


edge of the box and it is just stolen away from the foot of Conor


Washington. This is the breakthrough, clever first time


pass. You would expect Thomas Muller to do better than that. That has


come through to Ozil and the goalkeeper got it away. Another


chance for Germany. Michael McGovern does William Gay again. -- does


brilliantly again. As a player, the German manager wasn't as successful


as Michael O'Neill. Gotze. It comes out to Kimmich and


he has chipped it. Michael McGovern having the game of his life. Great


opportunity for Gotze and Michael spreads himself and says it with his


legs. If Northern Ireland witness, they will top the group. Take


yourself back to 1982, that is exactly what happened with our side


then. Here is Muller. It goes wide. Good commendation play between the


front two. Chest control from Gotze. You can see his body shape, he would


always drag that one wide. That was well taken, a good


challenge by Ward. He has got Washington on his left but he didn't


need it. Straight into the hands of the goalkeeper. A fabulous run from


Ward but he had the opportunity to feed the ball to Washington. Amazing


sound from the Northern Ireland supporters. They are definitely


winning that one against the German fans.


What a diving header by Muller and it either hit the post or was


brilliantly parried away. Another excellent all into the box from


Kimmich. Off the post. Unlucky, Muller. Look at this from Gareth


McAuley. The Northern Ireland fans. They are certainly not overawed. I


know they were disappointed with the way they played in the opening game.


They did not feel they gave everything they had against Poland,


they started tentatively in a major Championship after so long. Couldn't


agree more. Certainly they have more than made up for that now. Mesut


Ozil for Germany. Gomez. Back to Gomez. Germany are in. 25 minutes


gone and they needed that breakthrough. The build-up is good


and again, Mesut Ozil let that pass through, lovely one touch. The


goalkeeper clears the first time ball and they stick it in the back.


Craig Cathcart comes across. The ball takes a deflection.


Northern Ireland have not conceded more than one goal in the last 15


internationals. If they lose by this margin or another, they could well


still be there and I think they will be there as one of the best third


placed teams. Gotze pulls it back. Muller, off the


bar. Twice he has been denied by the wood work. The ball is cut back and


it is a super strike. Thomas Muller is a little unlucky. Michael must be


thinking about changing and I know he has players warming up. Five


minutes left in the half. Ozil breaking into the line and that


should have been two Gomez. Mesut Ozil again does really well, commits


defenders, slot it into his path and he scuffs it.


A lovely ball by Kimmich, saw the run of Gotze, terrific all keeping


again by Michael McGovern. Saving Northern Ireland. But here is


Muller. What the a game of the goalkeeper has had. Absolutely top


drawer. Sami Khedira, it is Ozil and it is Gotze and it is wide. Gotze


was at the near post, another good opportunity and they should have


scored. This is a fabulous ball. Michael McGovern stretches himself


to prevent Mario Gotze. Kroos, stick with Schurrle. Davis, Washington


ahead of him, Evans trying to come in. It was stolen off him by Mesut


Ozil who has been outstanding for Germany. Unlucky, what a fantastic


brand that was. Whatever happens, they will have a party. They are


having a party! Khedira. And it is still Khedira. He shoots, good saved


by the goalkeeper, just wide on the rebound. Gomez has missed some


chances. Mario Bilate should have scored. Another good save from


Michael McGovern and the opportunity goes begging.


A clever ball. That is what you want, a one-on-one situation. It is


a corner kick, an opportunity for a good ball situation where Northern


Ireland can bring some of their taller players forward. In comes the


corner and another dangerous set piece. Jonny Evans rising. This is


what I said they are good at, good set pieces and good delivery. Jonny


Evans gets up really well here, jumps very well against Mario Gomez.


Mesut Ozil finding space. Schweinsteiger through a wall of


green. Kimmich did well. Get across into the back post, looking for


Gomez and again, pushed away by McGovern. What a fabulous save from


Michael McGovern. Great ball into the box as well. Mario Gavranovic


towers above him at the far post and get up really well. His head was


down and the left hand, brilliant save from Michael McGovern. I have


not seen any goalkeeper make as many saves as Michael McGovern has today.


Hector is in a central position. Ozil comes inside. Worth the effort.


Just keep it low. Really pushing further power. Kyle Lafferty on the


Borno. I'm not sure how impressed the German media will be with this.


The last 15 seconds of stoppage time. Listen to the Northern Ireland


fans. The order of the day is Michael McGovern, sticking this one


forward. Everyone has gone forward now. Craig Cathcart, Jonny Evans,


all up there. Trying to make legends of yourself. WHISTLE


Not today. Northern Ireland beaten by the world champions. Gomez with


the only goal of the game to beat Michael O'Neill's side. Have they


done enough to go through as one of the best third placed teams? We will


have to wait and see. The Northern Ireland fans truly memorable but


Germany the winners, Gomez goal. How proud are you that Northern Ireland


performance that you were able to the score to 2- -- 1-0? Time will


tell. We will know within 48 hours if we are good enough to go through


and we will be disappointed if not. We knew the game was going to be the


way it was, we are playing against the best team in the world. We knew


it would be tough. The chances they had, looking at the defending and


Michael McGovern's performance, it was immense. We stayed in the game


and that was our true spirit. It was mentally very hard and we were under


a lot of pressure and even when they scored, we knew every goal was


crucial with goal difference and so we wanted to keep it to one and


maybe get an equaliser. It was important to keep the score down.


They will champions. Every player gave everything they had. Everyone


is shattered and really tired. Michael McGovern was unbelievable


tonight. We gave him a round of applause when he came in,


unbelievable. It is a situation, not signed Tony Clubb, every


performance, will have a massive say where I will end up in the future. I


think there will be a few decent offers for him and a few knocks on


the door and no better guys deserves it than Mickey. A word for the


Northern Ireland support today? It was truly amazing from start to


finish! Even when we were warming up, you could see the lads with big


smiles on their faces, listening to them all. I hope they enjoyed the


game. Regardless of the result. We said, we lose the game, we used it


1-0 and that is the best result we could have had and we have done


that. It was tough to cause the players are playing against the best


there is and to come away with a 1-0 defeat, there is no shame in that.


How impressed were you by Northern Ireland today and their goalkeeper


in particular? You can hear their fans, their supporters right now,


they are really happy about their performance. I have great respect of


the team, they plate like a team, very compact. It is not easy to play


against them. We gave everything. We just kept going and digging in and


to be fair, the fans were unbelievable today. They sang for 90


plus minutes and inspired us to keep going, in the latter stages we knew


and we know that goal difference can play a part.


They deserved the opportunity to go to the round of 16. That is what


this experience is all about. Lads playing in the Football League play


against some of the best players in the world. We want the experience to


continue. Some people might have avoided the results to save


themselves for this show. Unlikely, but we will not give it away.


Whether they're through or not, how much have they surprised you at this


tournament? They have not. I expected the performance I have


seen. Top of the group in qualification and winning


comfortably in the end. The mentality all the way through was


fantastic. What was disappointing was the performance against Poland


because they are capable of better. They rectified that with that


performance against the Ukraine. We expected the goal, and a defeat to


Germany like that probably the best they could have four. A standing


ovation for Michael McGovern in the dressing room after the game. He was


sensational and the kind of performance that could change his


career as Kyle Lafferty said. He plays for Hamilton Academicals, I


remember in the qualifying campaign when he dropped the ball against


Hungary, Kyle Lafferty got him out of jail in that game and today he


produced a performance that was magnificent. Unbelievable


performance. He put himself in the shop window. He comes out and makes


himself big and blocks it brilliantly. A bit of a sore one,


but he got up! He knew what was coming! I have known Michael for


years, he was a young kid at Celtic, did not make the grade there and


went on to have a successful career in the lower leagues in Scotland.


Now he is in the shop window and has made the most of that today. You


know how the transfer market works, he will already be on the radar of


some clubs. It was a magnificent save. Jansson Lehman was here today


and could not believe it, he was overawed by his performance. He


asked if he could speak German! And said you should learn because a few


clubs today will be looking at him. It is not just from the Scottish or


English market, you're looking at the European market who will now be


looking at him. To pull off a save against Germany as well, so many


fantastic players. Brave, made himself big and all kinds of saves


as well. Is he good enough for the Premier League but among time will


tell. It is all about the Premier League! Lets go onto that goal from


Thomas Muller. They had been knocking on the door for a while and


he and Mesut Ozil get together. Beautiful from Gomez. Muller keeps


his composure. And slams the din with the aid of a deflection. We


could have been three or four down at that stage. So no more than


Germany deserved. The Gomez goal of course, Moller with the assist, they


worked as a dual in this game quite a bit. And Germany had great centre


forward in the past but they have experimented. And with Gomez back


they had a target man. Speaking to people in the German game, the


concept of how Germany play, for years they have had ruthless


strikers. It is midfield runners, white men coming in off the line and


most of the chances for to the likes of Muller, Mesut Ozil, Gotze. They


have one striker and nothing coming up next. There are no spring


chicken. They do not have this conveyor belt as you would expect.


Add this tournament I'm seeing the out and out striker on his way out.


What do you think? It is the formation, it seems to have gone out


the window and they're playing different style. If you look at


England at the minute, how many strikers they have got, Daniel


Sturridge, Marcus Rashford, they tend to play out wide as well. I


have watched the games, and even with friends, the central striker


and three, he is isolated, he does not get involved. All the good play


is coming from wider areas, as we saw with France. Coaches always told


me you live and die from your centre forwards. So the game is changing.


Is the out and out striker on his way out? With Wales the goals coming


from Ramsey, Sam Vokes occupying the centre have well but you might have


a point. England there is no support, the Lone striker on his


own. So with Germany winning,


Poland would have to rack up the goals against Ukraine


to overtake them at Watching this one Mark Lawrenson


and Simon Brotherton. These two nations with the co-hosts


four years ago. Both went out in the group stage. It is more of the same


for the Ukraine but Poland unbeaten and on the verge of reaching the


knockout stages for the first time ever. Not surprisingly given the


disappointing performance so far, the Ukraine line-up shows five


changes. Ruslan Rotan features. Zozulya leads the attack. Poland


have made four changes to the team that drew with Germany the other


night in Paris. Fabianski keeping his place in goal


today for Poland. Here comes Milik now with Lewandowski alongside him.


Trying to go through the goalkeeper there. Milik. Into Robert


Lewandowski. Great chance, wonderful opportunity spurned. I think you


made that opportunity more difficult for himself, letting it, crosses


body. -- letting it come across his body. Zozulya beaten to it. A nice


touch and a chance for Ukraine. Tumbling wide of the goal. Much to


the frustration of Yarmolenko. He knows he is capable of better than


that. The goalkeeper waiting, assessing the situation, Fabianski,


then rushing out really quickly. Robert Lewandowski, beautifully


taken, create the chance. Of all his chances, he did brilliantly there.


Down from Zinchenko. Yellow shirts flooding forward. All hands on deck


for Poland. Fabianski had that covered. Only just.


It has been a long road back from injury for Blaszczykowski. He has


never been the same since that cruciate injury. Other good chance


for Zinchenko. Just get a bit too much on it.


Now Blaszczykowski. Just nudged over by Ruslan rotten. Poland the top


scores in qualifying. 30 goals in the qualifiers but struggling to


find the back of the net here. Just that one goal against Northern


Ireland. Flick in towards Lewandowski and it will be a corner.


Kamil Glik has, from the back. -- has come up from the back. He finds


an opening superbly! Blaszczykowski for Poland in the ninth minute of


the second half. Lovely play a beautiful finish. What an impact


from the man who came off the bench at the break. A supremely well


worked goal. He keeps his head, Blaszczykowski. He is right footed.


It has gone right in the far corner. The goal of the highest quality from


Blaszczykowski for Poland. We saw enough from Ukraine in the first


half at times to know they have the players capable of posing a threat


to the Polish defence. Milik in towards Lewandowski. Into the side


netting! Kapustka was going to go around.


What a great pass. It might have been Lewandowski.


Milik, just got his forehead to that. He touched it and think. , I


think. Close down by Kamil Glik. Looking for an opening, brings a


save from Fabianski who reacts superbly to grab it at second


attempt and has probably hurt himself. This is brave. He had to go


for the ball. A brave second save. Ukraine nil, Poland one, the final


score. Group C finishes like this. Poland


narrowly failing to catch Germany. Germany now play a third placed team


Poland now play Switzerland in Saint Etienne on Saturday.


And Poland the winners with a very good goal from Blaszczykowski.


Fantastic strike with his left foot. Defensively, as a manager, setting


up from seven keys, it is all wrong. They're both ball watching. But a


fantastic finish. Great goal. Straightaway, once it goes where to


Milik, one of them comes out and the other picks up Blaszczykowski. The


path from Milik is superb. It is easy to see on the screen but had


ground level with people coming at you, he has his eyes on it


beautifully. While talks are more about Milik, if you want a strike


duo or an understanding at least, Milik and Lewandowski have got that.


Milik has been a real find in this tournament, for me. An elegant layer


and predominately left footed. A good athlete. He had a good shot at


goal. He plays in the Number Ten area. I think that he should score.


He is a good size and well balanced for a Number Ten. He should have


scored against Germany as well full stop he did score against Northern


Ireland. Just watch this. He should have scored back but he


has got a great record for Ajax. Can they play together? Against


Northern Ireland coming he got on the end of a cutback, against


Germany again, he has got that appeal of being in the right place


in the right time. Onto Group D and defending champions


Spain and Croatia were already through but top spot


was up for grabs. Your commentator in


Bordeaux is Steve Wilson. It is early days but European


champions Spain already looking a decent prospect to lift the trophy


for the third time in succession. A draw today would win them the group


and Croatia need to be wary of losing, that could result in them


finishing third. Croatia make five changes, Modric is not playing, he


has a groin injury. Spain make no changes, the same XI were starters


in the first two games against the Czech Republic and Turkey.


Busquets. Fabregas. There could be trouble here. Avid silver, Morata is


in the middle. Red Bull by Fabregas and brilliantly found. -- great ball


by Fabregas. Spain have scored within seven minutes. I wonder if


Morata might not have got the final touch on that. Fabregas had done


enough to feed the goalkeeper. Del Bosque absolutely unmoved. A


beautifully crafted goal. David Silva whack into Cesc Fabregas. That


is going on but it is more after whom made sure. -- more wrapped up


who made sure. He joins Gareth Bale on three in this tournament.


David Silva's ball in, that wasn't far away from no litre. -- Nolita.


Great ball in by David Silva but he doesn't quite get enough on it.


And a mistake pounced upon by Rakitic. A good save by the Hayat.


-- by de Gea. It was travelling. This is a good spell for Croatia.


They have had a few difficulties and Spain are causing themselves a few


more. David de Gea is caught by Kalinic. Rakitic. It stayed out.


They are attacking with invention but defending really carelessly.


David de Gea caught by Kalinic and look about by Rakitic, so unlucky.


Could very easily have hit Gerard Pique on the back and gone in.


Lovely play, brilliant goal. Fantastic goal by Kalinic. Wonderful


goal. Absolute quality. Perisic made it with some lovely football here.


What about Kalinic's finish? Great feet from Perisic. Cheeky as


you like from Kalinic. Croatia 1-1 Spain.


Perisic, lovely swivel of the hips and then he trod on the ball. Did


enough to win it back. The cross, David de Gea is coming. Dangerous.


The shot is blocked and the overhead is off target. Not hugely so but


they could not quite get it on the Spanish goal. Jedvaj hit it and de


Gea made himself big. Brilliant little run, what is the


referee going to give? Nothing at all. Ramos with the reaction


suggesting he was looking for it and I think he probably was right.


Busquets let it go. Albert had a go on his right foot.


It is a corner. -- Alba. David Silva to take over Spain. A free header.


Much closer than that from Sergio Ramos, totally free. A big, gaping


space of goal to aim at. If possession is king, let's crown the


Spain now but the truth is, the score line is 1-1. Look how much


room they are giving Iniesta. David Silva is knocked over and Spain have


a penalty. Croatia protest because they feel they might have had one at


the other end. The Croatian player knocked David Silva over. Sergio


Ramos is to take this. Saved by Subasic. Croatia might feel justice


has been done. He is a mile off his line, the goalkeeper. Sergio Ramos


went close centre and Subasic saves it.


The first touch was good, really good block.


Pjaca has made a good run to his right. This is Perisic and he has


scored! How about that from Ivan Perisic for Croatia? Brilliant block


by Srna and suddenly they were in, Perisic charging away. He has beaten


avid de Gea at his near post. -- David de Gea. De Gea's error but


taking nothing away from Perisic. There is just there off the toe and


that might have done David de Gea. It is 2-1 to Croatia and if it stays


like that, it is Spain against Italy in the round of 16.


Long from de Gea, flicked on, dangerous, David Silva. Can he


wriggle through? Great block. And the whistle goes. And Croatia have


won Group D and Spain will face Italy in the round of 16 in a repeat


of the final of four years ago. They have come from behind, Croatia, and


done so brilliantly. It finishes Croatia 2-1 Spain.


You would not have thought Spain would lose the way they began the


game. They go a goal up so early in the game and you think, they made a


few changes, Croatia, this will be comfortable. It is a typical Spain


goal. This is two world-class players in tune with each other.


Look at that run and pass. David Silva, the weight of it and timing,


Fabregas lift it over the goalkeeper. He gets his third goal


of the tournament. This is one of my favourite players, Perisic, of the


tournament so far. Look at Kalinic, gambles across Ramos and it is a


beautiful finish. Croatia bounce back really well in this game.


Probably one of the games of the tournament. Two excellent saves


going at it. This is the winning goal, Neil has already mentioned


Perisic. Look at the desire. He leaves Juanfran, a great run. The


strike at the near post. The goal has come from Perisic, it is a good


strike but for me, the goalkeeper should be saving that at his near


post. I can see that player has been modelling himself on Neil Lennon!


LAUGHTER We will talk a little bit more about


Croatia in a minute. Just a couple of penalty instances in the second


half. The referee gave one but not the other. Is this a penalty on


Pjaca? There were two occasions. I Dodig that was the penalty but then


ram sticks his leg out. Just look at Gramoz Kurtaj Mike Leigh, I don't


think that is a penalty. -- just look at ram's leg.


The assistant referee is there and looking right at him. For me, that


is not a penalty. Look at this. Look at where it Subasic is. Three yards


out. Four Croatian players in the box. What was he doing? I have no


idea! Maybe he thought it wasn't actually a penalty. It is a great


save to. Pjaca was excellent, you mentioned that, also Perisic. The


other night on the Highland show, we talked about him. He has been


sensational in this tournament and he was again tonight. He is


beautifully balanced with both feet, really strong. He is an absolute


machine. This is a lovely little cross. He does what good strikers


do. He is direct, he opens his legs up and he can score. He is an


exciting player. That cross is maybe too long but that is what I would


see from the winners. He goes all night. The only disappointment for


me is he doesn't get a shot off here. He loses it but look, he wants


to win it back. Absolutely fantastic. This is roundabout the


85th minute. Look at the desire. 70 yards.


Just like against the Czech Republic, he hits the target. He


gets the winning goal because of sheer desire. A wonderful player.


Do you both think they have been the most impressive side in the


tournament? Not just by beating Spain but if you take the 20 minutes


away when they were obviously affected by their fans were doing,


they have played some really good stuff. Tonight as well, they have


beat Spain without Mandzukic, Modric in the line-up. They have got


Rakitic, so many good players. They could go far in this tournament.


They are very exciting, technically, some superb footballers. Defensively


good as well. My worry is the goalkeeper, I know he saved a


penalty tonight but I am not convinced. The movement, there are


attacking a tent, very exciting. They will be a danger in the


knockouts. The other two in this group


were Czech Republic and Turkey who met in Lens tonight watched


by Guy Mowbray. Both teams needed to win to secure a


place in the next round. Both teams have to win to make the


last 16 and in the case of Turkey it would have to be a big winner. The


cheque coach made four changes to the team.


Daniel Pudil coming in. And a buzz about Emre Mor who signed for


research Dortmund next season and could be the next really big Turkish


talent. Last to Emre Mor. There goes the teenager. Great ball Turkey have


given themselves a real hope that somehow they can get themselves out


of this group. And the creator the teenager Emre Mor. He showed wisdom


beyond his years to steady himself before having a look to see


where Barak was going to run into. Was that the flag did? The cheque


Republic game it was. A significant touch, they get on with it quickly.


Off the post. Went in strongly, Doc al. No chance of saving that. Tomas


Sivok who met him. Borek Dockal. Cannot finish. Kaderabek. Kaderabek


could not arrive in time. Hard watching for the hardy souls of


Prague. Here is Plasil. Nearly brought a spectacular equaliser for


the Czech Republic. Sweetly struck by Plasil. Turkey have the pace on


the break. Emre Mor. He goes on a loan. Should have had a look at the


number seven, the Right back, who hurtled forward. And nobody went


with him. Emre Mor are confident young man who thought he could do it


by himself. You could see him scoring next season in the


Bundesliga. A chance now to save. Full credit to


the work of Boruc Dockal there. This is so refreshing. Compared to some


of the other final group games we have seen. Turkey leading but no


thought of protecting it, they need more. That was good running. The


whistle has gone. Brought back for a turkey free kick. The assistant


referee flagged for offside. The referee, offside would mean no


advantage. The late tackle means a free kick. There is a chance. Tufan!


And Turkey might just have a shout at 2- nil. Twice given the benefit


of the doubt. He kept his cool to tap it back. Petr Cech could not


move. Those weeks looked daft when your


team is exciting the tournament. -- wigs. Good ball in. Another chance


wasted. Could not quite sought his feet out. And Turkey could not find


a clear route through to the goal. The Czech Republic could not get the


ball away. Skoda. Does get it down to his feet. Forced wide in the


first place, bloody murder reader. The goalkeeper will be talked about


tonight. An almighty noise around the stadium. Turkey have given


themselves just the slightest of chances of making it through to the


last 16. The Czech Republic have disappointed and will be on their


way home. Czech Republic nil, Turkey two.


Spain now play Italy at the Stade De France on Monday.


Turkey must wait to see if they will reach the last 16. And we can


confirm Northern Ireland have qualified for the last 16. A better


record than both Turkey and Albania is a guaranteed to finish and will


get either Wales or France. Wales now know they will play Northern


Ireland, Turkey or Albania. We will react to Northern Ireland qualifying


in a minute. But the refreshing thing about the Turkey game, both


sides had something to play for and they went for it which has been


lacking in this tournament. It has been lacking in the third round.


Turkey had great taste in their team. I love that finish, Yilmaz


getting across to defend. That is I think his sixth goal in


international. Turkey played with pizzazz and deserved to win. You're


right about the competition so far, the third round, teams playing for a


draw and that is quite dull. I'm not a big fan of the format. I think it


has deluded the quality of it. You may as well have put 32 teams in.


There will be discussions over the format I'm sure for the next few


years. It is quite convoluted. Just to lighten the mood, to show you


that incident with the Turkish goalkeeper. He was all calm and


composed until that moment! He looked as if he was going to catch


it. Here he comes! Oh, no. He is not happy. Wales will not want to get


Turkey. You said Northern Ireland, Turkey or Albania. Personally I


would like to play Northern Ireland. Steady! Let's hear from the Northern


Ireland manager, after they found out a qualified for the last 16, we


spoke to Michael O'Neil. How does that feel to be in the last 16? I'm


not sure it has really sunk in but a fantastic achievement. We knew the


group was going to be difficult. We knew it was going to be difficult


but we did everything possible to stay in the game. And the players


got their just rewards. They deserve the opportunity to be in the last


16. We will enjoy the experience. And they will be ready to play


whoever they get. It could be wales or France, France, they could be in


the same house with Spain, Italy. We will just take it one game at a time


but what an achievement. He saw the scenes with the Welsh last night in


Toulouse. Albeit we lost the game today at fans from both nations are


incredible. It has been marvellous. The fact that we are here, after 30


odd years, in a major tournament. Michael O'Neil has done a wonderful


job. What an achievement for Northern Ireland.


Tomorrow night sees the Republic of Ireland face Italy


Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane have been giving their thoughts ahead


of the match, and it is the usual good cop/bad cop routine.


You have got to be streetwise in this game. We're not here to make


friends and if you smell danger and think we are in trouble, then yes.


You do whatever you can to get the right result. If that is filing,


then you do it. It is not a crime. You might get a yellow card, even a


red card, but your team might win. You have got to make the sacrifice


of your team. Does that answer your question?


Lukaku second in the game. If you're not at your best to get punished and


we did the other day. Sloppy in possession against Italy, there a


good chance it will be the same result.


We were inspired by cells, much as we have enjoyed the days that we


have been here, we would like to stay a bit longer. To me the Italian


teams were favourites to top the group. The players that they have,


huge experience, a lot of trophies under their belt and a huge chance


for the players, but one we should look forward to. If we win is a


decent chance of getting through last 16. The players know what


they've got to do and are ready for it. We have beaten Italy before, we


will have to be at our very best. It can be done. You do want to argue


with them. So Italy against the Republic of Ireland, we will bring


you that tomorrow on 5 live from eight o'clock. And also across the


other games, Sweden against Belgium. Group F before that, Hungary against


Portugal at half past four. Iceland and Austria you can watch on sports


website or the red button. And you will be able to see highlights of


all those games at ten to 11 on BBC One. Thank you very much to Robbie


and Neal. So the group stages reach


their conclusion tomorrow but whatever happens we know that


Northern Ireland are through to


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