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Match Replay: Northern Ireland v Germany

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Good evening everyone. This is Johnathan Pearce, Northern Ireland


standing on the verge of history. A point will surely be enough to make


the knockout stages in the European Championship for the first time


ever. Even a narrow defeat should do it. Legendary status awaits, in the


way, world champions Germany. Wonderful to see Aaron Hughes in the


line-up. 20 years after his career started at Newcastle. In his long


career, 600 games, booked just 11 times. One of the gentlemen in


football. Decision to name an unchanged side.


Stuart Dallas was playing for 70 quid a week. It is one of the


football stories. French referee. Is two years younger... Sent off one


of the Austrian players. The French referee, we will see


in a few moments' time, He will meet the Northern Ireland


captain, Steven Davis, two years' younger than Hughes


in the Northern Ireland team. He with saw him here previously


refereeing the Hungary game. Snr following in the foots


of Blancheflower, Sammy McIlroy, Gomez, as expected,


getting that first start. Only his sixth appearance


in three years. Draxler has been


dropped to the bench. Confirmation of that bench


for Northern Ireland. Will he be on fire,


as the song goes? In the green, kicking from left


to right on a pitch prepared Messi and Neymar have said


this is the best pitch He is disappointed with it,


he says it is the worst rain in Paris since 1932


which has not helped. Straightaway on the attack,


the diagonal ball aimed He will have to work harder


to support the full-backs and prevent Germany


getting behind them. I felt that in the qualifiers,


when they were winning away in Hungary and Greece,


this is a team that Michael has You may be able to feel 82 and 86


in those memory banks, the World Cup finals,


some of us simply feel 82! It is going to be a German throw


which drops in short He has been so steady over


the years, as has this This is good, a positive start,


exactly the same as against Ukraine. Not sitting back, taking


the game to the Germans. Trying to impose themselves


on the opposition. Two wins against Germany, they came


in qualifying for the 84 Euros, the only time someone has beaten


West Germany home and away, Are you surprised he hasn't gone


with the five? He's a very clever


manager, Michael O'Neill. He has thought it inside and out,


worked out the permutations, You have to trust him,


after the last game, not the five changes,


but his substitutes, coming on to score the second


goal, a master class. Could work out to be a back six,


if Germany push the full-backs high, Hector on the left-hand side,


looking for the right The groundsman, I was chatting


to him earlier, I think it is in He was recommended to


Paris St Germain by Gerard Houllier. He thought he was the best


groundsman in the world of football. He worked at Yeovil,


Wembley, studying in London. He did his apprenticeship


in several places and now A new stage for some


of the Irish players,. Looking for Toni Kroos,


he has attempted 224 passes I watch him most weeks,


playing for Real Madrid. Most of the passes from Kroos go


to Hector, the left-back. Centre-backs play into him


and he looks at the full-backs. Northern Ireland will have


to watch for that. Aaron Hughes, recalled by Michael


O'Neill. His brother, Johnny, was in tears


after victory over the Ukraine. But he says he is a bit


stronger emotionally. The first brothers to play


for Northern Ireland. They really have solved


their full-back position over the last few years,


it was problematic for them. Hector is one of the players linked


with Liverpool this summer. Good work by Northern Ireland,


closing quickly, getting Four points is likely to be enough


to take them through to the last 16 The Ukraine and Poland


game kicked off earlier than this one, we will keep


you up-to-date with that. A German win will see


them top the group. A bit of sparring going on,


the final ball, not They are still finding out


about each other, The two full-backs have


definitely pushed on. The two wide players in midfield,


if they do their job, Some of the clubs that the Northern


Ireland players started, Dungannon Swifts and so on,


what will this mean It gives everybody in Northern


Ireland a smile on their face. What they did against Ukraine has


given them so much more belief. Mueller is still without a goal


in European Championship finals He was leaden footed,


as he has been at times. A clever, first-time pass that


broke them down. You would expect Thomas Muller


to do better than that. Michael McGovern, spreads himself


really well and makes That puts more pressure


on the Germans. Spread himself while,


Michael McGovern, the six His sister plays for the National


women's team, his Could have held his


ground a little bit. I don't think he is going anywhere,


is he, Toni Kroos? He used to wait outside the ground,


and when the ball went out of the ground he would pick it up


and play with it at home. Steely character, McAuley, very


popular at West Bromwich Albion. Northern Ireland need to watch for


the run of Sami Khedira. They aimed at Hummels,


and the goalkeeper again got The penalty area, packed with green


shirts, holds firm. A very positive piece


of goalkeeping. I think he got a knock,


as well, Michael McGovern. Hopefully he will be OK,


he is limping. That came through to Ozil,


the goalkeeper blocked Michael McGovern does


brilliant again. He snaps at it, half


cleared by the goalkeeper. Headed out by the tall


figure of Cathcart. The wide Northern Ireland midfield


players have to drop deep to watch He chipped it instead


of drilling it! Michael McGovern is having a game


of his life, he has made four saves. As he comes in, you can see it,


a great opportunity for Gomez. Michael spreads himself and saves it


with his legs. Could have drilled it across,


but decided to chip. Mesut Ozil, swings his right foot,


does not catch it, but it is still He has a decent scoring


record for Germany. 426 chances created


by the Arsenal man. Hector drifts away and Jamie


Ward will watch him. Cushion header, back


to the goalkeeper. The most capped outfield player


for Northern Ireland. Germany have had 68% possession


in the opening 30 minutes. The Northern Ireland fans


love that, from Dallas. A strong figure, Boateng,


heading it back to the goalkeeper. Goetz has had a disappointing


European Championships so far. Northern Ireland have ten


men behind the ball. The intended target was Washington,


looking to make a move. Just a bit more composure,


keep possession, Northern Ireland. The two teams meet again in October


in the World Cup qualifiers, Czech Republic, San Marino,


Azerbaijan and Norway The referee got it right, the two of


them jumped for the ball. Definitely a throw


for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland didn't really make


anything of the throw. Here is Nottingham


Forest's Jamie Ward. Ward, like so many players,


played a major role in qualifying. He scored a vital


goal away at Greece. They started off the campaign


away so well. Jonny Evans is coming through to win


the ball. I saw Clement Turpin referee


the Hungary, Austria game. There was a second yellow card


for a player and he had no option. He was sensible, I thought,


through the game. A quarter of an hour now


played and no goals. The ball actually into Gomez


was played at a really awkward All he could do was try


to play the ball on. I don't think - as I said,


he hasn't done an awful lot for me, He must have come back


from an offside position, Interesting to hear Alan Shearer's


thoughts about Washington. He scored a couple of goals


for Northern Ireland already and has His performance against


Ukraine I think has been excellent. He had only ever been


to Northern Ireland once before when He qualified through


his grandmother. Through and out for


a Northern Ireland throw-in. He is almost up alongside


Gomez at times, Muller. Well, whatever happens Gerry,


Northern Ireland supporters They have been brilliant to be


with in the last 24 hours or so. They are a pleasure to have


on a tour with you. Whenever I have watched them abroad


they have been so good, I don't think he thought


it was coming to him. You can see there, Mesut Ozil


and it goes up over German fans here, a nice touch,


remember the World Cup '98 where a policeman lost his life


on his duties up at Lens, the German fans started a collection


for the family and giving money up there and they are showing the good


side of football fans. They know behind they have


Boateng, and Hummels, Well, we have been impressed


with Cathcart's reading of the game. He had his education at Manchester


United. Into the middle looking


for Corry Evans. Dallas, beaten in


the air by Kimmich. Jamie Ward could do nothing else


there, except head the ball on. He came on as a substitute


against Poland, Jamie Ward Well, he had his pocket picked,


didn't he, Oliver Norwood. The first touch there


a little bit heavy and then Northern Ireland, if they win this,


they could top the group if Poland But it is all Germany


in terms of position, 66%. In 1928 that's what happened


with our side then. Here is Muller.


Set up by Gomez and wide. Well, good combination play


between the front two. Chest control from Gotze


is excellent. Watch this, there is


the lovely control. He drags it, you can


see his body shape. Not too far wide of


Michael McGovern's goal. Another opportunity has gone


abegging for Germany. His best-scoring season ever at club


level, with Bayern Munich. Northern Ireland seem quite happy


for Germany to have it They are happy if


they put crosses in. They are comfortable


dealing with it. Three central defenders


who are well over 6', 6'2". They can cause so much damage


at the other end. Seven of Northern Ireland's last 10


goals have come from set pieces. Aaron Hughes also played


as a centre half for Newcastle At the moment they are playing


in front of Northern Ireland, Now what can Hector do


here with the cross in? When he comes in there,


he makes himself a third centre half anyway and Dallas drops back and it


becomes a back five. He has done well.


Covered the ground, Jamie Ward. He has to run and jump.


He is not the tallest. The Germans put it


out for the throw. It gives him a little bit of respite


to gather themselves. I would just like to see them keep


possession a little bit better Germany started up again


with Boateng. He has Washington to his left,


but he didn't need him. He stung the hands


of the goalkeeper. A fabulous run for Jamie Ward


but he had opportunity It might have been better


putting it through. It is the sort of thing they have


to do, winning the ball off them Amazing sound coming from


the Northern Ireland supporters. They are definitely winning that one


against the German fans. Either it hit the post


or was brilliantly parried away. Well, he didn't know that.


I think it hit the post. Let's look at it again.


Oh, off the post. A header from Muller and another


excellent ball in from Kimmich. I like what I see from


this young man there. I have no idea when the flag


was raised, Muller was certainly on. Maybe Gomez came from an offside


position, but the assistant flagged. Muller was not offside


for me, Jonathan. Northern Ireland 0, Germany 0,


Ukraine 0, Poland 0. The way it is all shaping out,


they would get through for a game You cannot set your


stall out for a France. They have done that on a few


occasions on the counterattack but certainly Germany has created


a three or four good chances and Michael McGovern has


made excellent saves. Jamie Ward wins it back again,


with typical tenacity. Washington is on the edge


of the penalty area. He needs Aaron Hughes maybe to get


forward on the right. Goes left and Jonny


Evans is across there. Davis again.


So much movement, so much hard work. Not just taking any pass,


looking for a better pass. I know they were disappointed


with the way they played They didn't feel they gave


everything they had against Poland, that they started tentively


in a major championship, I couldn't agree more but they have


certainly more than Gomez,


lovely footwork. Muller!


Back to Gomez. Twenty nine minutes gone


and they have their breakthrough. His first goal in competitive


international football since 2012. Again, Mesut Ozil plays that pass,


a lovely one touch. Gomez, sticks it in the back


of the net. I thought Muller was going


to pull the trigger. Cathcart maybe goes to ground


a little too easy. The 28th goal of his


international career. His goals against Slovakia


from the spot, and against England, earlier this year, his first


international goals for four years. Just as Northern Ireland


were beginning to come out As I said earlier, created two


or three good chances. Khedira doesn't often waste


a pass, does he? The pace on the ball was too strong,


as Jonny Evans takes this throw. Northern Ireland passes 78,


Germany passes 276 so far. Aaron Hughes has done really well


at the far post. At the moment, Germany


are topping the group. As it stands, the situation should


still be good enough for Northern Ireland to go


through as one of the best Cathcart went to the same high


school as Carl Frampton, A lovely diagonal,


but couldn't quite keep it in. I've not seen much of him,


and I've been impressed Muller, back to Gomez, and he put it


in the back of the net. Frustration for the


Northern Ireland manager. Northern Ireland have made it


difficult for them and are Hector, Gotze was also there,


as Ozil gets the crossing. Northern Ireland have not conceded


more than one goal in their last Muller!


Off the bar! Twice, he's been denied


by the woodwork. Jamie Ward should be the wide player


putting them under pressure. He's a little bit


unlucky, Thomas Muller. The crossbar hit the post,


hasn't had the back of the net. A shot that should have


gone in, from Khedira. Still too many chances being created


by Germany in this opening half. How can he get a strike on goal


at the edge of the six yard box He is offside, Gotze,


you can see that clearly. The annoying thing for me is getting


behind them, pulling it back. They have to stop


the crosses coming in. Major disappointment


at these finals for Ukraine. A misplaced pass, but too many


players in white shirts Absolutely, they have


dominated possession. They have found


the important passes. The two wide players,


Kimmich and, on the left-hand side, Hector, the left-back, pushing on,


playing like wingbacks, getting around the back


of the Northern Ireland defence, The interesting thing for me,


on the edge of the box, it is the first time


pass, one touch. That has opened up Northern Ireland


twice. Look how high Hector


has been playing. Gareth McAuley's defence,


hard-pressed. The Northern Ireland fans have not


stopped singing, not for a second. Jonny Evans didn't know Gomez


was coming, that is poor. A dip of the shoulder


to throw Evans of balance. -- A dip of the shoulder


to throw Evans off balance. I think Michael must be


thinking about changing it. I would expect Paddy McNair to come


on at some stage, maybe I think he's finding it hard now


to get back and support Might even go with three


centre-backs and play wingbacks, Shane Ferguson is one


of the other players warming up. That has to be going


through his mind. The German manager, as a player,


he was not as successful A minor midfield success


at Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Michael played for a lot


of clubs over a long career. a very good one at


Newcastle and Hibs. four times in ten


games for his country. I remember him having a big fallout


with Jim McClain at Dundee United. He slotted into his


path and he scuffs it. It should have been a second goal


for Mario Gomez. When you look down at the pitch


prepared by the man from County Antrim,


Jonathan Calderwood, you can't blame him,


it's a perfect pitch. This could be a chance


for Northern Ireland. I think Northern Ireland's set plays


have been excellent There's a chance for Craig Cathcart,


Evans, Gareth McAuley. He's had more attempts


on goal in the first Not the first time we have seen


this at these finals. Khedira has been


excellent, but not there. A little bit casual,


the world champions, at the back. Jamie Ward has gone on the left-hand


side, Dallas has come across. Dallas is a much better


athlete, I think. Gomez, trying to bully


his way through. there is more than a reasonable


chance they will go through as one of the best third placed


teams, as long as they don't lose


by a four-goal margin. He didn't know when the ball fell,


he was looking to get the target. Leaning back, doesn't


hit the target. Well offside, a yard-and-a-half,


at least. Northern Ireland also need one


of the other groups to have a third placed team with a worse


record than them. The new format certainly has


questions to answer. I don't think it was ever


going to lead to the flowing What do you think, the idea


of the third placed It is great for the lesser nations,


so-called, but it has led to defensive football in matches


we have seen. We have had some shocks as well,


look at the Albanian performances and what they have done,


I think it's good for football that you can get a shock,


and you can get one Hungary, pulling off a massive


victory over Austria, who won nine They came here highly rated,


but Hungary were well I think people don't like to see


the top dogs running all the time. -- I think people don't like to see


the top dogs winning all the time. 44,000 at the Parc des


Princes, just over. The Northern Irish members


here showing us their Apologies to the assistant referee


who caught one there. It rebounded and caught the official


in the stomach or chest. Schweinsteiger is having


a bit of fun with him. They go off at half time


with a smile on their They have hit the wood work twice


as well, with Muller. As it stands, though,


Northern Ireland But at half-time they trail


by a goal to nil. Gerry Armstrong, hero of 82,


played in 86 as well, should Michael O'Neill have


made a change? I thought they were looking a bit


tired, particularly the wide On occasion he has been picking


a pocket and taking the ball. Germany have had too many chances


in the first half for me. Northern Ireland are lucky they are


only 1-0 down. If they lose by this margin,


or another, they could well I think they will be as one


of the best third placed teams. Anything above three,


they are in real trouble. Defending over the last couple


of years would suggest they might not get a hammering,


but they have to improve Yes, I'm looking at the performance


of Mesut Ozil, whose passing has been particularly


good in the final third. I like him, he is quick, he


gets forward. Pep Guardiola thinks that Kimmich


might go on to become one of the best centre-backs


in the world. There has been muted criticism


of their performances so far. Seeing if there is more rain coming


down, sprinkling again. Adverse conditions, in Lyon,


the hailstorms! I've never seen anything like that


before It has been the wettest Paris


early summer since 1932. The free kick decision


is going the way of Corry Evans There will be tough to beat next


season together, McGovern, looking for a new club


this summer, having been released I don't think it will be short


of invitations, for sure. He missed the start


of the competition with an injury Whatever happens, they are


going to have a party. They are having a party,


believe you me. Great fun, just enjoy


following the country One of the Northern Ireland


supporters, I was reading about it, he got here, went into his room,


tried to charge his phone, got an electric shock,


went downstairs, started dancing, slipped on some wine,


broke his leg, got there too late for the next game,


could not get in, he is still there, It wasn't Jimmy Nesbitt,


the lucky man, was it? Been to all of the games,


as has Carl Frampton, A lovely run by Kimmich,


and terrific goalkeeping again What a game he has had,


the goalkeeper. He's been superb,


absolutely top drawer. Like I said earlier,


you will not have shortage of invitations to play for another


club, a brilliant goalkeeper. Muller pulled it back,


looking for Khedira. They should have scored,


shouldn't they? Look at Michael McGovern,


coming out and spreading himself, preventing Mario Gotze,


not once, but twice. They have totally dominated,


60% ball possession. 12 or 13 really good


efforts on goal. Very nearly touched off


by Jamie Ward to Washington. He looks for it, he's got him


under pressure, here. The glancing header,


trying to put in, Washington. Fair play to Mario Gotze,


he didn't pull out of that one. I know you played for


Northern Ireland so many times, you will tell me


whether it was different in 82 or 86, I've been doing international


football since 1987, I cannot remember a performance


by a set of supporters Unbelievable is right,


they are amazing. A little bit unlucky,


Mario Gotze. His third substitute


role so far in finals. Nearly had a break on the left-hand


side, Northern Ireland. Wouldn't give up, very tenacious


on the second attempt. One of the Northern Ireland players


that started off at Northern Ireland, the rhythmic


chanting going on. The pressure was enough for Muller


to put it all the way I'm just wondering how long before


they unleash Kyle Lafferty. He has been warming up quite a lot


on the right-hand side. Davis saw the gap and went


into it, beyond Boateng. Stolen off him by Mesut Ozil,


who has been outstanding. What a fantastic run,


you are right, for me, easily the best game from Mesut


Ozil. Another great challenge,


Stuart Dallas on the ball. A nervous look towards the bench


by Washington, perhaps he feels his time is coming up


because Lafferty is waiting Still 0-0, the Ukraine


and Poland situation. Northern Ireland trailing Germany


here by one goal. Poland would finish second,


Northern Ireland third. Not a great ball for


Conor Washington to try I think Mario Gomez


should have scored again. Another wonderful save from Michael


McGovern. Right-hand, Sami Khedira


has run too far. He has made at least 20 or 30 yards


to get that shot off. A straight swap, Conor Washington


for Kyle Lafferty. Fresh legs, let's see


what Northern Ireland's top goal-scorer in the qualifiers


can do now. A battering ram player who had


such a great qualifying That's what you want,


a one-on-one situation, Jamie Ward. An opportunity for a good situation


where Northern Ireland could break He adds a little bit extra


height, Jonny Evans. I'm sure some anxiety will come


into the German game because Poland Nearly pays off Northern Ireland


with Jonny Evans rising. And we have Oliver


Norwood coming across. He is going to whip this


in with his right foot. He says he has improved


his pitch orientation. Three in the middle


to hit here for Hector. And the referee says it is a foul


there by Ward and it He dived in very quickly


the first time. It bounced back and went straight


in for another challenge. He doesn't get the ball


and he catches him. Hector wins the free kick,


as you say, Jonathan, That area of the stadium,


the Parc des Princes is where most of the German fans are and they have


found their voice now. Muller might try to whip it in low


and have a go at goal. Corry Evans and Steve Davis


between the two of them, both burst He hit it bravely,


the Blackburn player. Playing for the Greenisland Boys'


Club before moving away to Well, more pressure for this


Northern Ireland defence. Germany and with Poland winning,


Germany would still top the group. Northern Ireland will have


done enough, we think. In comes a cross -


the referee has blown. It may have been against


Gomez or Schurrle. Hummels was holding


on to Jonny Evans. I think it is one of those two


decisions, the referee He blew the whistle before


the header was made. A big roar went up, by the way,


a couple of minutes ago. A tribute to Robert Archie Rainey,


the man known as Archie, a Northern Ireland man who died


during Thursday's win in Ukraine, The Northern Ireland


fans gave a roar. He was 64, I believe


when he passed away. The vast majority, I know


you will have seen other headlines back at home and pictures


but the vast majority of fans here at these finals have come


to enjoy themselves. There is Schweinsteiger preparing it


make another entrance into this competition from the


substitutes' bench. against Ukraine when he came off


the bench in the first game. He had only been on the field


of play some seconds A good finish, wasn't


t on the half-volley? A great run for someone who had been


out of football since 20th March. Lafferty away and Dallas,


the inside left. I'm impressed from the cover


from Mats Hummels. And we have to find out


who Schweinsteiger is coming on for He has been in five


semifinals in a row. Schurrle tried to get the cross


in followed up by Hector. There is an interesting one


coming up now, Jonathan. It could be a complete change


of tactics from Michael O'Neil. There he is, Josh Magennis,


the Kilmarnock player. Rory McIlroy applauds as Jamie Ward


comes off and Josh Magennis goes on. He scored one goal in qualifying


against Greece at home. He was a goalkeeper,


he played twice for Northern Ireland He has reverted to a striker just


ahead of the Youth Cup Final An opportunity for


another dead ball. Can Oliver Norwood provide


the right service? Germany so dominant


in the first half. A different story in


this second period. Germany will sweep


away on the counter. Sometimes it is not good enough


to get the ball away, Jonathan. A lovely ball away but Hector


couldn't keep it in play. The first touch let him down


but it was a wonderful diagonal That's been a feature


of the way they have played. Back in the day it would have


been unheard of, really, with goalkeepers having to deal


with those passes. Terrific athlete, the German


rightback, Schweinsteiger. Again that ball from the left-hand


side was great delivery. He did a good job


putting it in Hector. You can see, what, he is a foot away


from it, just an outstretched leg The goalkeeper is just as important.


Keeps possession there. They have been in their comfort zone


throughout the game, They haven't played well


in the second half. Scintillating football from Germany


in the first. I'd like to see him keep possession


a little bit better, Jonathan. Excellent block from Jonny Evans,


when that pass came across four Germany lead Northern Ireland,


Poland lead Ukraine. Germany have seven points,


above Poland on goal difference. Will it be enough?


We will have to wait and see. Boateng replaced,


with the scoreline 1-0, remembering that he is on a yellow


card, I think it is probably Not a yellow card in this game,


but in the tournament. Just drifted, half a yard,


the wrong side of the defender. They have to keep possession better


and try to find a good He couldn't get his


hand out the way. A Northern Ireland goal would be


greeted with absolute pandemonium. It would be talked


about forever and a day. More immediately, it would totally


confound Germany This team are not out of this yet.


He felt that was an elbow. Well, he didn't try


to play the ball, The referee agreed and


gives the free kick. They have looked a better team,


Northern Ireland, with Lafferty on McAuley was up.


That is a foul. Josh Magennis, into the back


of Schweinsteiger. Just a little bit late,


catches him late. Gomez strayed offside,


he had to hesitate. First meeting at a major tournament


between the countries By and large, Northern Ireland


giving a good account of themselves. Germany have dominated,


they have had the better opportunities and have hit


the woodwork twice. Once again, we have seen more


of the so-called big nations at the Euro 2016 not go


on and dominate the scoreline. That is probably the poorest


attempted cross of the evening You can see why he has


made the decision. Lafferty, try to make


it stick on his chest. Cathcart, a tired sweep


of the leg there. Neuer is comfortable


in those situations, Germany have played


themselves out very neatly. He was looking for Gomez, again,


pushed away by McGovern. You can see Mario Gomez towers


above him at the far post. Left-hand, brilliant


save from Michael McGovern. I'm not sure I've seen a goalkeeper


make as many saves us He's had a terrific


game, Michael McGovern. Corry Evans has gone off, to be


replaced by Niall McGinn. Interesting one, he came off


the bench as a substitute and scored Still, the Northern


Ireland fans sing. Poland are pressing


Germany hard for top spot. Frustration, they have had good


possession and good chances, but they haven't improved


on that 1-0 lead. They have had 70% of


the ball in the game. They have made four times as many


passes as Northern Ireland. That is great defending


from Stuart Dallas. At the expense of a corner,


but he has done really well. A Crusaders player,


did well with them. They have put in a lot of effort,


they are happy enough with the one goal lead,


and they look a bit They have done enough over


the three games to convince They will have to take


the chances they have created. On another day, they should have


scored two or three goals at least. They will do well to get


anywhere near that. Once again, Mats Hummels


is in a good position to make sure he's not going to get


on the end of it. Northern Ireland had two shots


against Poland, 17 against Ukraine. The front two now for


Northern Ireland are going to have to put in some work to pressurise


defenders and stop Germany coming They have the two fresh legs,


that is what they have to do, Two minutes to go.


Straight at McGovern. Should not be getting


a shot that easy, for me. Looks as if it has been cleared,


the ricochet comes back. Gomez pivots and gets a shot


off with his left foot. He has scored, but he has had


half a dozen efforts. But some big have improved,


the header was an excellent save. It didn't come.


A corner off Steven Davis. He tracked him really


well there, Toni Kroos. He gets close enough to him


there to get a touch on it. Coming close to the 90-minute


mark now, Jonathan. And Northern Ireland haven't got


out of the first ground group since Gerry's '82


World Cup exploits. We might have to wait


until the final matches are all sewn up to see


which are the best-placed Three minutes of stoppage time in


Parc des Princes. Ozil hits it.


It wasn't tis right foot, was it? Well it was his right


foot, but the wrong Jonny Evans got a crack


in the back of the head. Let's look at this.


There is the attempted shot. A lot of international


success for him in Germany. Another elusive run by Ozil,


in between the lines. That's all he can do


for a ball in the air. Even if he had won it cleanly,


there was no-one there. He might have dropped it off and got


the throw-in himself but he did Kroos coming in,


from Schweinsteiger. They'll draw Northern


Ireland out of position. He has given his all,


Craig Cathcart. They have had all had


to work tremendously hard. Certainly stretched them


on numerous occasions. They only have the one


goal to score for it. Not too sure how impressed


the German media will be. We are into the last 15 seconds


of stoppage time. Well, the order of the day is


McGovern to stick this one forward. Craig Cathcart, Jonny Evans,


Gareth McAuley, all up there. Northern Ireland beaten


by the World Champions. Gomez with the only goal


of the game, to defeat Have they done enough to go


through as one of the best The Northern Ireland


fans, truly memorable. Germany the winner, though with the


Gomez goal.


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