Highlights: Republic of Ireland v Italy, Sweden v Belgium, Portugal v Hungary, Iceland v Austria Match of the Day

Highlights: Republic of Ireland v Italy, Sweden v Belgium, Portugal v Hungary, Iceland v Austria

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Tonight, we'll see the best of the final group games at Euro


2016 and assess the line up for the knock out stages


in the presence of Mark Lawrenson and Dean Saunders.


Mark once resigned when Oxford sold Dean for ?1 million to Derby.


an incredible match involving Portugal and Hungary is on the way.


We start in Group E and the Republic of Ireland.


The equation was simple for Martin O'Neill's side -


It was the same for Sweden, with the Italians already qualified.


Your commentator in Lille for the Republic against


The Republic of Ireland must win to stay in. Italy already guaranteed as


group winners, a round of 16 game against Spain and can afford to rest


eight players, including goalkeeper Buffon, who is on well. Aside that


boasts just eight international goals in that line-up.


The referee is Hategan of Rumania. Four changes for Ireland. The new


centre-back pair. Murphy gets his first taste of Euro 2016. O'Shea,


Clark, Whelan and Hoolahan are benched. The roof has been closed


for the last couple of days to protect this much criticised pitch,


which will be relayed after this game.


Chiellini is normally in there with his team-mate Barzagli and Bonucci.


Here is Hendrick. What a great effort that was. Jeff Hendrick, we


have already seen him ping these in in the finals. Doing no harm at all


for himself, Jeff Hendrick. That was so close.


The Republic think that should have been their ball, and it is, came up


Bernardeschi. Richard Keogh is at the near post.


Just one goal for his country. Deeper than that. Brilliant save!


Brilliant save to deny Daryl Murphy. Came in so strongly, powered the


header in and Sirigu denies Martin O'Neill and the Republic of Ireland


a famous opener. Thiago Silva Motta around the corner, he is getting on


there. 33, he lacks legs in there. Martin O'Neill is furious that the


foul has been given for the foul on a mobile. It was clearly one. -- on


a Immobile. It is a physical encounter. The referee is getting


one or two wrong. The shot by Immobile! That is the closest we


have seen from Italy, virtually the only thing we have seen from Italy.


The first time they have threatened the Irish goal. That would have been


curtains for the Republic of Ireland. Immobile looking for his


second Italian goal. Can he break the hoodoo? Republic of


Ireland have never won in a major tournament in the white shirts. They


went out for the warm up against Italy in 1994, they were told they


had the wrong shirts on. They went out and won the game. McLean


Boltdown in the penalty area. The referee is having of it. He got the


wrong side of the right back Bernardeschi, who nudged him on the


back. Should have been a spot kick. Some would say it was soft, but we


saw one given for Spain. Ireland will forever think that should have


been a penalty. Sturaro. On by Thiagi Motta.


Florenzi. Immobile in the middle. That is the best we have seen from


Simone Zaza. Coming away from goal, lovely technique, just couldn't keep


it low enough. High up to Murphy. Bonucci is behind


him. Pushed out by Sirigu and unluckily for the Republic of


Ireland, Thiagi Motta was there but it came to Coleman. Blocked by


Ogbonna. A man of his experience, Thiagi


Motta, what was he doing? Sirigu was flamboyant. Coleman denied.


In Signe -- Insigne into the gap and off the post. It would have broken


Irish Hearts. That is a great effort from Insigne, hitting the post.


Risky at this late stage. It is play on. Hoolahan for Ireland! Can he get


the rebound? Has the chance gone? The chance of his life. A man who


scored in the opening game, who gave Ireland such hope, could have put


them through. And we'll Italy now hit back at the other end


immediately? Sturaro. El Shaarawy takes it back. He can score from


there. Straight at Randolph. Wes Hoolahan will see that in his


nightmares forevermore. Aiden McGeady. Hoolahan. Long on the edge


of the box. In it comes now, Brady is in there! The Republic of Ireland


have scored and the place is going mad! Robbie Brady! 85 minutes:! The


Republic of Ireland have saved themselves and it is another famous


night. Stuttgart, New York,... It is all coming back again. Moments after


they missed the big chance, Hoolahan created. He found his club mate,


what a ball, what a run, what a goal. Italy zero, the Republic of


Ireland one. They will be telling tales about that goal for years to


come. Robbie Brady with the header. Sensational. Now the big job. The


job to hold on. Whatever the age, Irish joy.


Ten seconds to go. Simone Zaza has fouled his man and Ireland are


delighted. It is not over yet. Martin O'Neill is on the pitch. It


is not over yet, it is a free kick. Martin O'Neill thought it was the


final whistle. It is pandemonium. Kick it into the


corner, win the game. It is all over! It is another epic night for


the Republic of Ireland and for all of you out there from Donegal to


Cork, who have sung the songs of New York, who have sung the songs of


Stuttgart, make up your songs and new. Joy for Roy Keane and Martin


O'Neill, a wonderful and emotional night. And Brady's winner will be


seen again and again and again. And Ireland are through to the second


phase of Euro 2016. Yes, Italy have won the group, but the Republic of


Ireland have won the Hearts and three big points. Brady the hero.


Ireland are through. We were immense tonight. Really immense and we


deserved to win it, but the way we played, the control we had of the


game, against a very talented Italian side, but not just that, it


was the manner of everything. It was the effort we put into the game. It


meant had we not have one, it would have been the usual thing, great old


effort but just falling short. We didn't fall short tonight, we


deserved to win it and a great goal by Brady. And have a favourite of


all. We said we would go a job when we came out today and we made


history, into the next 16 and we go again. It is the best night of my


football career. The scenes when the final whistle went, with the fans in


full voice, grown men crying, showing such person for a country.


Hopefully now we can go on even more and really make ourselves heroes


back home. Have a look around and listen to what it means to live on a


bold and me included. I grew up wanting to play on this stage,


dreaming about it, since I was a little kid. To go and do it in front


of my family is the best feeling in the world.


Incredibly emotional scenes at the end. What a finish to that game. It


was tight and tense throughout and when that goal eventually went in,


our studio was shaking from the fans in the fans own. We were jumping in


the studio. If you look now, because we have time to look at it, before


the game, everyone is saying Italy are making loads of changes. They


made eight. Ireland made four and the substitutions were massive in


the game. This goal is unbelievable, Robbie Brady has drifted from in his


own half, starting the move off and that header is as brave a header as


you will ever see. He has come from deep. They took Daryl Murphy off.


Great ball from Hoolahan. Hoolahan has redeemed himself with the cross.


Goalkeeper not the bravest. Also, if Murphy is on, they don't score that


goal, Brady doesn't make the run because Murphy is already in there.


You were talking the other night about keeping your head still and


are looking at the ball the whole way through. He was watching! I have


run in there a few times and you know the goalkeeper is running out


and you know you will take one and it is whether you put your head in.


He didn't take his eye of the ball and guided it into the net. He


mentioned Italy made eight changes and they weren't the blowing Italy


we saw in the first few games but they had a great chance when it was


0- 04 Insigne. It goes inside, drops a shoulder, it is a near-perfect


finish. It's the post. That could have gone in off the post, it has


come out. As a player, you look at that and think, maybe it is our


time. Obviously he makes a massive mistake. You look at Hoolahan and I


think he has too many touches. You never really felt he was going to


score. So the fact that then he can get his head up and make the goal


speaks volumes. And don't forget he scored against Sweden as well so he


has been instrumental. That was the chance, the whole of Ireland was


waiting. Look at Martin's face. He is thinking, we are gone, we are


history. We have seen how much of a


difference substitutes can make, Hoolahan had only been on the field


a few minutes when he scored that goal. If he hadn't put it in for


Brady, it would have been awful? You can argue he is the only player


island have got that plays with his head up, he's that kind of creative


player. It was such clever substitutions. If they haven't won,


there is a contentious penalty decision. You are talking about it


until they got the goal. This is on James Maclean, is it a penalty? For


me, it is a penalty. In the referee's defence, he gets the


outside of his foot on the ball. But he has gone through, McGeady's back,


sorry, not McGeady. It's a penalty, but are we bothered? Before the


game, Roy Keane said we are not here to make friends, you've got to take


them out, he wanted some aggression and he certainly got it from the


first whistle? He will have asked for passion, determination and


desire, don't stand off, don't show them too much respect. Get the foot


in, don't give them any time on the ball, don't let them play. I think


the players have listened. I would listen to Roy Keane! I would be


frightened not to pay attention. That is the way that Ireland have


been in qualification. They beat Germany in a fantastic night. Always


very, very competitive. They are a team that is all about the sum of


their parts. That is the way they were tonight. Now they play France,


we mentioned Mr Henry? It would be interesting for him to be there!


What can they take into the last 16? They are still here to compete. They


will be taking a headache in, first. They will be celebrating, but Italy


were not a threat, they stopped Italy playing. If you can stop Italy


playing, you can stop others. They got battered by Belgium, but it


didn't affect them at all. We can park that somewhere else, it is


Italy and it's different. That is what is really good for that team.


The other game in Group E saw Sweden take on Belgium


with Zlatan Imbrahimovic and co needing a win to qualify


against the highest ranked team in the competition.


These two played each other in the opening game of Euro 2000. It could


be the last game of Euro 20s at 14 for either of them. It certainly


will be for Sweden if they don't win. They are yet to register a shot


on target, they surely have too produced tonight. That means


Ibrahimovic, who will retire from international football after this


tournament, it could be his last game for his country. Marc Wilmots


is without Moussa Dembele, so Radja Nainggolan comes back into midfield.


That is a foul. Knocked over by Nainggolan, it has been a positive


start from Sweden, but it needs to be.


Great chance! Billion saved by Courtois. Fantastic save, to deny


Berg. -- a brilliant save by Courtois. They know they will


definitely be runner-up in this group if they draw all win.


Standing right in front of Courtois, in an offside position, made no


attempt to play the ball. A Belgian corner. Vertonghen thought


it was a handball and should have been a free kick, but it is a


corner. That's a really good ball in,


fantastic ball by De Bruyne. A flick from Meunier, probably just got his


finger tip to that. Lukaku was in behind, a very good


save. A foul by Thomas Vermaelen.


Ibrahimovic's magic to change the complexion. Pushed away. Treated


that with respect. Good shot. Only just dealt with


that. Not a clean saved by the Swedish keeper.


Of the line by Kevin De Bruyne! Granqvist, once more.


Good hurt! Great goal! -- hit. Beautifully struck, super strike.


Whistled past the outstretched glove of Andreas Isaksson.


Ibrahimovic, close, but not this time. Belgium go on to Toulouse in


the round of 16. Sweden are out. For Ibrahimovic, zlats all folks.


The Republic qualify as one of the best third placed teams.


Another late goal, I know it was a deflection, it was a good goal to


win the game, not the greatest game we have seen? Probably one of the


poorest we have seen in the tournament. But we are watching both


games, aren't we? It is a strict EU sweet strike. It's not until you see


the angle from behind, that is the only way it is going to beat the


keeper. We've not seen the best of them yet, have we? No, but what a


squad they have got, Fellaini, Dembele, not getting in, they have


so many good players, but they can't seem to get that winning formula.


Like Leicester have got, for example, where it is all about the


team. I don't think he knows his best team, Marc Wilmots. That was a


lot of the criticism about him after the defeat by Italy. They are very


much a team of individuals. Dembele wasn't available, he was injured, he


doesn't know what the right team is. He might just stumble on it, which


might happen. We waved goodbye to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, how will we look


back on this tournament and his career? His career, first, it took a


lot of people in England a long time to warm to him because he could not


score against any English team in Europe. In the last two or three


years, he has been absolutely brilliant. He's very shy, retiring


and modest, as everybody knows(!) But what a player. If I were


Manchester United, I would take him in a heartbeat. Summer recess, what


did you buy your wife for your birthday? He said, nothing, she's


got Zlatan! If he takes him, he will not just


look after him, Mourinho, he will manage him as well.


Do not go anywhere, we have the best goal commentary you will ever hear


coming soon, a guarantee. Hungary had already qualified for the last


16, but Iceland, Portugal and Austria or had work to do.


To Lyon and one of the matches of the tournament so far -


Hungary against Portugal with your commentary team,


These teams will face each other again this year, having been drawn


in the same group for the World Cup qualifiers ahead of Russia. A


rotation in the squad, Adam Szalai returns upfront.


Key playmaker Dzsudzsak lines up, as does Zoltan Gera. All key players on


yellow cards are left out. Portugal's line-up shows some


changes. Eliseu comes in, Joao Mario comes in for his second start in


place of Quaresma. 58,000 packed in for this one.


Hungary, in the red shirts. Loveren six, into Adam Szalai, who


had Patricio at full stretch. -- Loveren six.


Zoltan Gera, with a shot and goal! How about that? Thunderous drive,


low into the net, past Rui Patricio. Portugal are stunned. Just takes it


down, into his path, what a strike. As sweet as you like, left foot.


Like an arrow. Just on the half volley. Beautiful strike.


The shot brings a save from Rui Patricio. It was Akos Elek. The way


that Pepe falls over, it's far too easy. Good save, in the end. All


over the place, Portugal. Martin Atkinson is not happy and


wants the game to be brought back for the free kick, which Portugal


tried to take quickly, to give him time to give a booking.


Ronaldo blasts, and saved by hungry's 40-year-old keeper and


behind for a corner. Plenty of power on it, comfortable for the keeper.


Lovrencsics, just a little bit too robust. He gets back, Heather so


well. -- ever so well. Into Nani, from Ronaldo! 1-1. Nani's


second goal of this European Championship! Portugal back in the


game, potentially back in the competition. This is the reaction we


were asking for, it comes from Nani. Great finish off the left foot. The


keeper really should do better with that, beaten by the pace of it.


Half-time team talk will be very important. It is all about


confidence now for Portugal. First touch of the second half for Pepe


not a very good one. Free kick, Hungary. Starting the second half on


the front foot here. Fouled by Ricardo Carvalho.


Dzsudzsak with a strike and the deflection carries it in!


Dzsudzsak's free kick deflected past Rui Patricio and Hungary lead! Takes


a big deflection off the wall and the keeper can do nothing about it.


It is off Andrei Gomes, I think. Unbelievable start to the second


half. -- Andre Gomes. Portugal certainly doing this the hard way in


the group stages. Bags of room for Joao Mario.


Suddenly redshirts flooding back. Chance for Cristiano Ronaldo! 2-2!


And Ronaldo becomes the first player to score at four different European


Championships finals. Ronaldo gets the wrong side of his man and what


about this for a click? Confidence in that, technique. It is a really


good ball, not an easy thing to do at all. The bottom line is, it is


absolutely brilliant. Add is allied gets the free kick any


end -- Adam Szalai. Scruffy kind of player but he gets results. Quotable


to the free kick where Dzsudzsak score just after half-time. The wall


standing firm. Dzsudzsak with another opportunity and another


deflection carries it in again! It is unbelievable. By last Dzsudzsak


for the second time in this second-half scores with a


deflection. The initial free kick bounces back, no one is closing him


down. The space he has got no one gets to him and again he gets lucky


but he deserves that goal. We have had three goals in the first ten


minutes of the second half. It is so sloppy, you have got to be able to


defend as well, you have got to go and press that ball.


Here come Portugal again with Nani and a vital interception by the


substitute at the expense of a corner. It is a great ball from


Pepe. Nani's touch just letting him down.


Quaresma, first touch of the ball and what a touch it was! What a


superb headed finish from Cristiano Ronaldo and for the third time,


Portugal draw level. It is 3-3 and Ronaldo has his second goal of the


game. Well, we talked about Roy of the Rovers, call it what you want,


this fellow will not be denied. Ball into the box, look at the space he


has. Ghosts in there, good direction on the header and they are back in


it. Sat at the moment, as it stands, England would play Portugal in the


last 16 in nice. We may not be done yet! Great chance and it smacked the


post. Incredible from Hungary as they so nearly regained the lead.


This is a ball, comes into the box and he does everything right there.


Carr Valley ov beaten to it. There is a lot of pace on that ball --


Ricardo Carvalho beaten to it. Still time for another goal or two as


Portugal venture forward again. Ronaldo. The bands beats Kiraly but


doesn't land underneath across poor -- the bounce. The ball is like a


magnet for Ronaldo now. All of the players looking at Martin Atkinson


now for the final whistle. The Hungarian bench are screaming for


the final whistle and there it is! What a match. What a performance


from Hungary. Three times they went ahead. They also hit the post,


having been pegged back to 3-3, but Portugal would not lie down. They


fought back three times, led by Ronaldo with two second-half goals.


The final score is 3-3. but that draw confirmed both


teams in the last 16. Group positions were still to be


decided, so it's off to Paris to see if Iceland or Austria


could join them. Commentary from Robbie


Savage and Guy Mowbray. In 18 days' time, two teams will


make this same walk at the Stade de France for the endgame of Euro 2016.


One of these two now takes the field for the tournament in the five --


for the final time. Austria must win to stay in, a draw would be enough


for Iceland. Iceland are enjoying plenty of the


ball. Gudmundsson again and he tries his


luck! What a terrific strike. Look at the way the ball is moving. It


has come off the corner of the bar and the post. I think most of the


neutrals in the ground seemed to have sided with Iceland. It is a


huge Austrian support. Arnautovic is in! It is an awful mistake.


Arnautovic cannot make Iceland pay but Halldorsson, the goalkeeper, has


got away with one, a huge one. Robert Almer started to comfort and


went back. There is a chance and a goal for Iceland! Turned in by


Bodvarsson. It is a great throw in by Gunnarson. But fasten stretches


out with that right leg and puts it past Almer, who was rooted to the


spot. What a start for Iceland, and they deserve it. Gunnarson is


actually on the pitch. Dictating play now. Up towards David


Alaba. He managed to get around the back. Couldn't get up in the air but


the referee has given a penalty, would you believe? Holding is the


call against Skulason on Alaba. It is drag a vitch! He has missed it!


The Icelandic Cheers, the same volume as when they scored the goal


-- Dragovic. Arnautovic get it over. Here is


Alaba! It is a goal saving stop from Kari Arnason.


There is a slip. Is it another penalty? It was Skulason involved


again. He felt he was unfairly impeded. Austria could have had


another big decision in their favour here. Unintentional but you have got


to say, the referee should give that.


Alessandro Schopf. He wanders through. Brilliant goal to draw


Austria level! Alessandro Schopf with a Viennese waltz through the


Iceland defence. Alessandro Schopf with a great, great finish. Good


start from both sides this second-half. Austria, positive


substitutions at half-time. Back to Bodvarsson and Sigurdsson!


Straight at Almer, who beat it clear. It is a great little lay-off,


stretching, straight at the goalkeeper.


Just wide. And Austria are getting chance after chance. Alaba. Janko


has got it through. Great stop by Halldorsson. He didn't open his body


up enough. He has got to put it past him. The keeper is committed. He has


to score there. Baumgartlinger tripped. So what has Alaba got in


him? Needed to be tipped over the top. Halldorsson obliges. And he


does everything so casually. You can sense the nerves now jangling. One


more minute. Now, Iceland can see lip. -- seal


it. They have got three against two. It is squared across to Traustason!


Iceland on their way. The deal is sealed by the smallest nation of the


tournament. Austria crash out. Remarkable scenes at the Stade de


France. So that dramatic late winner


for Iceland was significant as they will now be England's


opponents on Monday Iceland have qualified


for the knockout stages in their 1st That goal pushed Portugal into 3rd -


they face Croatia. We will talk about Iceland against


Austria in a moment, but to Leon first up and we have waited a while


for a wonderful game of football and Portugal and Hungary produced it --


Lyon. We have waited 36 days. It was brilliant. We were all sat in the


room and the way that the game went on, it could have been anything. In


terms of Chris John Ronaldo, he has been criticised for his performances


in the first two games, but whether he does great stuff on the pitch or


it is average, free kicks he has not scored, you can't take his eyes off


-- you can't take your eyes off him. He is a star player and will go down


as one of the greats. He does things that people don't like, but most of


the things he does are unbelievable. This pass for the first goal that


pass, there are only so rear players who can make that pass. And he moved


positions, moving across the pitch. He can swoop in and from the wide


areas. This goal, he gets out of the defender's eye line. The defender


tries to step up. That finished... Sometimes you get this problem


running into the box, the ball is behind you a little bit and that is


the only way to score but to do it is really difficult and he seems to


come up trumps. His movement again. That is the great thing about him,


his movement is or was fantastic and he scores so many headed goals. He


is so strong, he is able to leap and keep up. The second goal they scored


with the flick, it started with the goalkeeper. Not one player from the


opposition touched the ball and they moved it at pace. As well as


celebrating how good he was, you will also moaning because you think


there is a line between frustration and disrespect to his team-mates. We


have both played with great players and you respect them until this


happens. He has run the length of the pitch and is thinking to


himself, just put it in there. Nani doesn't get the ball to him. Look at


this. In front of the world and a big crowd, you don't do that to your


team-mates. That is disrespecting your team-mate. There is frustration


and that is stepping up the line. That is why he is the second best


player in the world. Line or messy is such an unselfish player, he


would never do that, -- Lionel Messi. His reaction here. The point


being made, it has been made before, when Portugal score and his cause,


they all celebrate. That is the bill for the microphone he chucked in the


river. I think they were told to go for a draw, and his reaction is he


wants to go for the win. At that time, Austria and Iceland was 1-1


and Iceland produced this amazing winner. There was a brilliant save


by Halldorsson at 1-1. It is just as important as the winner, it really


is. He comes off his line so, so quick and it is just an outstanding


save. This is even better. It is a proper breakaway goal, three against


one. It shows how fit they are, last minute of the game, two of them


sprinting into the box and please score... Manages to squeeze it into


the corner. What a story, 330,000 people, the population, and they


have got into the last 16. It is brilliant for the tournament. It is


for the fans, it is amazing. That is the best achievements so far and, by


the way, Wales, Northern Ireland, absolutely outstanding but that is


the best achievement, from where they started from. We said at the


top of the programme we will show you the best commentary you have


heard. Let me show you how the late winner was described in Iceland.


Have a look at this. That is not John good Gudmotson. I


say that was words, it was more noises. What will he be like if they


score against England? I have no idea what he was saying but you feel


the emotion and the significance of what they have achieved, it is


incredible. Yes, and all credit to the manager Lars Lagerbeck. They can


give anyone a game there. As manager of Sweden, he was never beaten by


England. Stop dropping that end. Austria, eight points clear in their


qualifying group and they are bottom of the group here. We thought they


would be dull courses, under the radar, but they just couldn't play.


That confirm how it looks in the last 16, all of the home nations are


in there and the Republic of Ireland join them. Michael O'Neill has been


speaking and he has called Northern Ireland being on the favourable side


of the draw, the left-hand side, where Wales take on Northern


Ireland. The reason is that on the other side of the draw, which


England Rian, for rock the five favourites for the tournament,


France, Germany, Spain and England, all in that side of the draw. You


look at that and it looks particularly juicy but if you had a


choice, which is why England fans are a bit upset with the team Roy


Hodgson picked, because they had the opportunity to top the group... But


there are all sorts of other results. You have to be the top


teams to win it anyway. Hodgson will be delighted with the fact they take


on Iceland but as other nations have made the mistake you don't want to


say it is plucky old Iceland, because they can hurt you.


England should be tightened, if you said before the tournament, this is


what we end up with, you would have taken it. What about Wales taking on


Northern Ireland? A home nations class -- clash? It will be a great


game, the whole of Paris will be full of red and green. Everybody has


heard the name of Will Grigg because of the song. This is his heat map!


He hasn't even kicked a ball, managers are asking about him. What,


his warm up? Imagine if he comes on! And he can conduct the crowd. It


really is one of the highlights. For the Republic, we talked about the


fact they take on France. Wherever you look in the last 16, there are


so much home interest. The competition starts on Saturday. It's


like the Champions League, where you have the legal basis, and in


February, knockout. This is what it is about. We are concentrating on


the home nation, the Republic of Ireland, but Italy top the group and


their reward is playing Spain? That is the tasty one. Have you changed


your mind about who will be there at the end? No. Who? France! Thank you


very much. That is it for tonight. Two days off live football. You can


have a break. I'm not sure what you will get up to. You can come back on


Saturday. Big thank you to Dean and Mark. 36


matches over 13 days has brought us to this. It has taken a while, but


we are up and running. Eight teams leave, 16 remain.


Good to have you back, sir. I never thought I'd live to see the day.


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