Match Replay: Italy v Republic of Ireland Match of the Day

Match Replay: Italy v Republic of Ireland

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This is Johnathan Pearce in Lille. The Republic of Ireland, who have


four changes, must win to stay in. Italy already guaranteed a last 16


place against Spain. The referee is from Romania. Four


changes for our island macro. A new centre-back pairing. Murphy gets his


first taste of the Euros as well. Italy will get us off and


underweight kicking from left to right in the blue and white. On


paper, the group closes with expected defeats for Ireland and


Sweden. But if they've both win, Belgium will be out. Stranger things


have happened. First free kick of the night. Humid in the stadium with


the roof closed. That was against the Irish captain, Seamus Coleman.


There was Angelo Ogbonna, the West Ham defender, his first


contribution. Martin O'Neill, agreed a new


contract with the Republic of Ireland just before the competition


kicked off. Antonio Conte, leaves the Italian job to take up the reins


at Chelsea. As always complained he hasn't had enough time with the


international squad. Ogbonna had a very good first season


at West Ham United. Lovely crossfield ball will stop --.


The cross was blocked by Ward. Now the Republic of Ireland can counter.


James McClean. A couple of substitute appearances so far.


Ward, the Burnley player. Cleared by Ogbonna. Won-macro in the air by


Shane Duffy, the Blackburn defender. -- won in the air. Jeff Hendrick of


Derby County playing that one forward. He has had a good


tournament so far. Murphy surrounded by three blue shirts. Murphy brought


into the team to give them more punch up front. Robbie Brady trying


to link with Shane Long. Brady operating behind Shane Long and


Murphy at the moment. Stephen Ward with the throw. Played


against Sweden. Martin O'Neill has rung the changes


for this one. Looking for a change in fortune. Five defeats in their


last six games at the European championship finals. They last won


in Stuttgart in 1988 against England. A famous victory. They need


one like that tonight. A free kick against Italy for offside. The


heavy, humid atmosphere inside the stadium is not helping. There is a


pall of smoke hanging in the air from the smoke bomb that has been


released. Away towards the left-hand goal. The bulk of the Italian fans


are there. That is a hefty challenge by


Hendrik. They will have to watch it. This is what Roy Keane was calling


for. More physicality from the Irish. He went flying in. He won the


ball against frenzy but with excessive force. -- Florenzi.


That should have been easily cleared away. The touch was too heavy.


Daryl Murphy back helping out his defenders.


Immobile is a tricky player. On loan at Torino. Before that, Seville,


this season. Bonucci is in there. Left foot, cooked in. Over his own


bar by Duffy. The Blackburn Rovers defender brought into the team.


6-foot four. He got up well. Italy's second corner. Glanced away


by Seamus Coleman. Did he leave it? Heeded. Good judgment. -- he did. He


just left it. He played just over two hours of football in the last


couple of months of the season, Seamus Coleman, because of hamstring


trouble. Six starts in Ireland's last eight games for Darren


Randolph. An Italian back three without


Chiellini. He is normally in there with Bonucci and Barzagli. The BBC,


as they are called. We have already seen Jeff Hendrick ping them in in


this finals. Doing himself no harm at all at Euro 2016. That was so


close. The Republic of Ireland will qualify with a win, or they are out.


If they win and Sweden win, Ireland can only finish second if their


winning margin is at least two goals greater than Sweden, but Belgium


will go. Too much pressure thereby Shane Long.


He wears his heart on his sleeve, Martin O'Neill. So very close. The


magnificent supporters. Italy have reached the knockout


stages for the sixth time since 1980. The only previous time they


won their first couple of games at the Euros was 2000, when they


reached the final. Antonio Conte really changed the fortunes of


Juventus when he took over as manager.


Looking for Shane Duffy. , Shane Duffy, when he chose to switch to


the Republic of Ireland in May 2010, was training and severed an artery


near his liver and last up to two thirds of his blood Axel lucky to be


anywhere, really. Robbie Brady, in a wider position.


Bit of rotation in the Republic of Ireland Diamond, with James McCarthy


sitting the deepest. Stephen Ward, 35th cap but the Dubliner.


That is interesting, Leonardo Bonucci didn't leave it for the


goalkeeper. He plays for Paris Saint-Germain,


but only in cup games. Stephen Ward's cross is cleared away by the


defender, Leonardo Bonucci. No goals in either game at the


moment. , Brady. He is James Maclean. Alessandro Florenzi tidied


up. Federico Bernardeschi, the 22-year-old defender. Rumoured with


a move to Barcelona this summer. Was a Brazilian international, born in


Brazil. Played three games for the country of his birth.


Clash of knees. Looked very painful. Stephen Ward has stayed down. He got


across to cover. Think he got one on the ankle, actually. He looks in


real trouble. He got caught on the sole of his boot. And then on the


knee and on the five for good measure. Triple whammy. -- thigh.


Federico Bernardeschi is OK. Stephen Ward will be OK as well.


13 meetings between the two, Italy have eight wins and the Republic of


Ireland two. Ray Houghton's goal in New York in 1994. Great


celebrations. Ciro Immobile, you don't want to let


him turn. Made his debut in March against


Spain. Has played three hours of international football now. How


about that? They might not remember his or her first experience of


European football. The wreck just calming things down


there between a Long and Angelo Ogbonna. Angelo Ogbonna was signed


by Antonio Conte. Stephen Ward with the long throw for


the Republic of Ireland. Strange the Republic of Ireland didn't throw a


centre-back up there for that. The Republic think it should have been


their ball, it is. Became our Federico Bernardeschi.


Brilliant save Axel brilliant save to deny Daryl Murphy. Came in so


strongly, powered the header in. The goalkeeper denies the Republic of


Ireland and opener. Top goalkeeping. Brady swings the corner out. There


was a push on Angelo Ogbonna. Big striker, six feet three, Daryl


Murphy. About 13 stone, I would guess, maybe a bit lighter than


that. But top goalkeeping by Salvatore Sirigu.


Great start by the Republic of Ireland.


That was a slip by Stefano Sturaro. He is holding his wrist. Irish fans


standing, anticipating. They sense the impossible. Could it perhaps be


possible? Just past the midway point in the


first half. The Republic of Ireland, for the moment, look the better


side. Seamus Coleman, weights. Might need to go back again. Italy's


defence. So well drilled. Italy have a clean sheet in their


last four games. It is the longest run without conceding since the 2006


World Cup, which they won. No goals in either game.


Good approach work by Italy. Eight goals this season for Juventus, but


he only started five league games. Striker, who grew up watching videos


of the great Marco van Duin Aston. Whose goal in the 88 final in Munich


was the best I have ever seen in a European Championship game. Simply


glorious. Suspicion of a handball by Richard Keogh. This is very much a


second string Italian team, but the Republic of Ireland look as though


they want this more. They are a far hungrier side. Lost all three of


their games are to Euro 2012. Much improved here. The performance


against Belgium was lacklustre and they should have beaten Sweden.


Stephen Ward thought he was fouled. The free kick has been given. It has


infuriated Antonio Conte. Good player in his day. Won the title


five times with Juventus. Went back and took them to the title as coach.


Sirigu's third International of this season.


Ogbonna with hands-on Shane Long. Good header away.


Pressure on Bernardeschi. With Bernardeschi playing so high, Brady


is being pushed further and further back. 35-year-old Juventus veteran,


retires after this tournament from international football, did well


there. That was a mistake. Duffy's pass was too racy for Randolph. A


bit casual. Derry born Blackburn defender. He was recalled in March.


A magnificent display against Switzerland got in the squad, I


think. Free kick against Zaza a boot. -- for lifting Abaaoud. -- a


boot. McCarthy with the header. Zaza has not really set the world on fire


at Juventus after his move. 20 Edwards Gardens son -- 28 minutes


gone. Nobody gave the Republic of Ireland


a chance against Italy in New York in 2004. They managed to pull that


off. -- 19 94. Four years ago, Italy won 2-0 at these finals in Poland.


Sturaro felt he was felled. -- fouled. Interesting that Barzagli


did not want to meet the Republic of Ireland winger. Time for the


Republic of Ireland to summon up the spirit of New York 1994. They do not


need to go back that far, says Martin O'Neill. Someone of the


spirit of the team that did so well against Germany in the qualifiers.


Zaza. Nearly came to Shane Long. He Clearly felt he was offside. A


corner kick has been given. A really heavy touch in there by Duffy.


He was onside anyway. He Clearly felt he wasn't. That is why he


hesitated. Ireland get the corner. Murphy will be a danger in there. So


will Grigg Shane Duffy. In comes the corner. The referee is having a


word. There is a bit of wrestling. Bonucci involved with Shane Long.


Bonucci was in a car salesroom in the last couple of years when armed


robbers came in. Bonucci was having none of it. He took on the armed


robbers and won the day. He did not run away. He is a hard man. Murphy


in there again. Whipped in by Brady. It very nearly came through to Shane


Duffy. Terrific effort by the Republic of Ireland so far but no


goals. Duffy did not feature in Nani the qualifiers. -- Anni the


qualifiers. Italy missing key midfield players.


Shane Long did well. He knew he was going to get the back from Ogbonna.


He sucked into that. Born in Italy to Nigerian parents. He had no


doubts where he wanted to play in terms of international football.


Italy unbeaten in 12 competitive games under Antonio Conte. They lost


to Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup. That was their last competitive


defeat. Sirigu played against England in the World Cup finals,


when Buffon was injured. Free kick against Immobile. Randolph took a


chance. Good feed though. -- feet. Sturaro, the 21-year-old, bundled


over. Randolph, sweeper keeper. When seven months without a game for


West Ham United last season. -- he went seven months without a game. He


is a demanding manager. A charming man to meet, actually. Antonio


Conte. Colourful costumes. Always passionate. Republic of Ireland fans


have illuminated international tournaments from Orlando and New


York, to Rome. A quarterfinal in 1990 when they were beaten. Foul.


James McClean was clobbered by Sturaro. You could forgive Sturaro


from being rusty. He only had seven starts for Juventus. Lots of


promise. He was sent off against Sweden at U21 level last year. The


Swedes went on to win the competition. Bit scrappy. Away by


Bernardeschi. The Irish supporters felt McCarthy might be rested but he


is in there. Ten minutes remaining in the. No


goals. No goals in the Sweden - Belgian game either. Italy will win


the group. Sweden and Republic of Ireland could be lamenting their


chances. That is Sirigus. -- Sirigu's. He


lost his place at Paris Saint-Germain this season.


Republic of Ireland have done well. Possession is 50-50. It is not good


enough. They need the win. Italy have not had an attempt on goal yet.


Good run by James Maclean. -- James McClean. Barzagli knew exactly what


he was doing. How many times in his career as Barzagli are any of the


famous Juve back three committed a foul like that? He missed the


opening couple of games at Euro 2012 with a calf injury. He leaves


international football after this. He has just turned 35. He looked a


little bit suspect of pace there. A free kick to the Republic of


Ireland. 37 minutes gone. Is this going to be a Ray Houghton moment?


Is this going to be a Kevin Sheedy moment? Is this going to be a moment


for the Republic of 2016? Sirigu tested. Big punch. He was fouled.


Good goalkeeping. He was caught as well. All eyes on Shane Duffy.


And the goalkeeper is having words with Shane Long. And the referee is


booking both of them. Sirigu were strong in the air. He was caught. It


was a foul. He looked for retribution and he has chosen the


wrong man. And Shane Long is simply laughing at him. And I really don't


think he has done anything wrong. He was the man who was pushed. I think


he has just said there is no reason for him to be booked. And I am in


agreement with the click any born Southampton striker. -- Koke Kenny


born. The first man to play hurling and football at Croke Park.


Good pressure from the Republic of Ireland.


Zaza Felling McCarthy. -- fouling. Arms all over Murphy. Five minutes


remaining in the first half. Ireland have worried Italy with their


strength in the box. And there are aerial threat at these set pieces.


-- their aerial threat. Duffy in the box. Clearly his shirt was held


there by Bonucci. That has been an element of these finals where we


have seen inconsistency from referees.


First start of these finals for Stefano Sturaro. Martin O'Neill is


furious here. The free kick has been given to Ciro Immobile. The ball was


clearly one by James McCarthy. It is a physical encounter, this.


Shot by Ciro Immobile. It is the closest we have seen from Italy.


Virtually the only thing we have seen from Italy. First time they


have threatened the Irish goal. That would have been curtains for the


Republic of Ireland. Ciro Immobile, looking for his second Italian goal.


He has had nine moves in eight years.


Republic of Ireland went out against Italy in New York in white shirts,


they were told they have the wrong colour shirts on, went back in and


changed to Green and came out and won the game. Penalty shouts but the


rectory is having none of it. He got the wrong side of the wingback.


Should have been a spot kick. We saw one given that look soft on the


Spain. Ireland will for ever think that should have been a penalty.


That might have made all the difference. A win will take the


Republic of Ireland through. He gets nothing of the ball. He


nudges James Maclean, who felt the contact and went down, but there was


contact and it should have been a penalty. He was shaping to shoot.


His team haven't had their just deserts here. Towards Duffy, Long in


behind. Thiago Motta was the man with him. Maybe Long needed to be


stronger. One minute of stoppage time to be


played from now. Thiago Motta. Italy looked so good with their full


strength team against Belgium. They could come here again. That was good


cover by Richard Keogh. And the side against Omar in a friendly.


He was anticipating a touch that didn't come because Stephen Ward


defended well. Glowering, the Italian manager. If any Chelsea


player out there thinks he is going to be an easy touch, they will be


wrong. He will blast into the Italian players at half-time. The


Republic of Ireland should have had a penalty. Jeff Hendrick, whistling


one wide. The penalty kick wasn't given an bad decision could cost the


Republic of Ireland a place in the next round. They have been good, but


not good enough. And no goals. No changes by either manager at


half-time. The Republic of Ireland, so close to Jeff Hendrick in the


first half, have had no changes. Martin O'Neill, not making a


substitution at this stage. And no Italy. Both sides, as they were at


the start. Cleaning the dugout area, he is a meticulous man, Martin


O'Neill. Both games have two kick off exactly at the same time, that


is why we have a little bit of a delay. The Rectory making sure they


kick off at exactly the same second as the kick-off with Belgium. No


changes to the starting line-ups. Ireland need a change in fortune


because they have played well and had most of the possession so far.


Leonardo Bonucci, has been rock solid in the middle. The right


wingback, Bernardeschi has look troubled at times. Going forward, we


know what he can do. It is only the fifth International for the


22-year-old. There is the free kick. Bernardeschi, had a bad injury a


couple of years ago which arrested his development. Dangerous, that


one. Italy have never scored more than two goals in their 35 games at


the European Championships. Bernardeschi, has been told to push


Robert Brady back into his own half by making those sort of runs. As the


first half went on, Brady became more influential. Italy will not


want Robbie Brady to have the ball inside their own half, certainly not


inside their own third. Leonardo Bonucci. Fouled by Long.


Challenging from the wrong side. If that is given as a free kick against


Shane Long, how on earth didn't they get a penalty in the first half?


Thiago Motta. Mattia De Sciglio, seen very little of him.


Crowd of over 44,000. I would conservatively guess, 30,000 were


Irish fans. Therefore to cross and no one was in


there. He was doing Alessandro Florenzi to make the run. You see


him on the edge of the box, but he made no effort to get in there at


all. Just a golf would do for the


Republic of Ireland. 1-0, they would settle for that.


Five minutes gone in this second half. No goals here or in Sweden


against Belgium. Sweden or the Republic of Ireland would be out


tonight. They have sung their team has sold


and harried, but they need a goal. They have pulled it back. Which is


good work from the assistant. Because he's so the intent from


Angelo Ogbonna. As soon as Long couldn't get to it, it was the


assistant who flags for the free kick. This could be the moment


because trade East swings in a vicious ball and all the big man are


up. Too long. Duffy, curses the delivery. I think you will find


Shane Duffy, as he made the run in, was impeded. Stefano Sturaro.


Quickly on by Feydeau Mart. -- vegan butter.


Coming away from goal, lovely technique. Just couldn't keep it low


enough. The Irish fans breathe a sigh of relief.


It would have capped the winning momentum. Could Ireland have come


back from a blow like that. Maclean, takes out. Never going to win it


again to win it against the Irish winger. If the referee Reid doesn't


think this was deliberate and therefore are bookable offence, then


he doesn't know the way the Italian team play football. He knew he was


beaten to the ball, he fouled his man deliberately and it should have


been a yellow card and it would have been his second of the tournament


and the referee has missed it. I have seen so much, and I think they


are a wonderful back three, one of the best there has ever been, but


maybe I have become too accustomed to their tricks.


The Republic of Ireland have got to get better quality ball in. A brave,


plucky performance will not be good enough. They deserve to be ahead.


That was a miscued clearance from Sirigu.


I think Sparks are going to fly from the Chelsea dugout this season in


the Premier League. The referee has got this wrong. It was an Irish


throw from the goalkeeper's clearance. Well done Immobile.


Applet -- absolutely hopeless refereeing.


Italy did well there. Well read and cleared by Richard Keogh. Brady


initially getting away from Sturaro. Italy are rattled. Brady went for


it. A better option would have been giving that to James McClean. Listen


to the raw. -- Raw. Pushed out by Sirigu. Coleman!


Blocked by Ogbonna. Italy in a real mess. Ireland have a free kick. What


was Diego Motta doing? -- Thiago Motta. Sirigu was flamboyant.


Coleman denied. What more do they have to do, he is thinking.


Brady has come out to the right-hand side. They have worked on this. That


was a poor cross. Ogbonna got away. The goalkeeper thought.


The keeper was in no man's land. Good defending by Bonucci. Good


defending. Nothing wrong with that. But the keeper looked very iffy.


Interesting that some of the comments made by Roy Keane before


this game were pilloried. If Italy have to take an opponent out, they


do it. Ireland have shown resolve and steel. They have won another


free kick. Coleman's persistence paying off. 58 minutes gone. No


goals between Sweden and Belgium. Ireland need the goal. Brady hoists


it in. Looking for Duffy. Bonucci read it well, as he has done


throughout the years. Italy want to make a change. They


want to send on Matteo Darmian. The Manchester United defender.


De Sciglio has had a poor night. The pitch did not help them. I gather


the pitch will be replaced after this.


Bernardeschi goes off. On comms Matteo Darmian. -- comms.


Darmian made his international debut against Ireland.


De Sciglio fouled. He has got himself back into the manager's


reckoning. He was left out of the March friendlies. He has won this


free kick though. Bonucci is up. Three goals for Italy. He is the top


scorer in this current 11 they have out there. Florenzi with it. A


really good header away. McCarthy has had a good night. He


has had some criticism. Ogbonna went right through Shane Long. Again, how


is that not a foul? How is that not a yellow card?


A frustrated yell. Mooted to his right hand side to open up that gap.


-- he moved it. The goal will not come.


Duffy... Good pressure by Immobile. He has got good feet, Darren


Randolph. A good pair of hands as well. Shane Long took that down


meekly. Daryl Murphy -- Daryl Murphy is on the far side of the box.


Coleman tried to make a gap to shoot. In the end he poked it


straight through to Barzagli. The Republic wanted a free kick for the


Zaza challenge. The referee is playing on. Barzagli with the


header. Murphy did well. Coleman's touch was too heavy. The pitch is


not helping. Martin O'Neill is appealing for everything at the


moment. That was a bit hit and hope. Heavy touch from the defender.


Duffy playing just his fourth game for the Republic of Ireland. He has


done well to night. -- tonight. Immobile can destroy a team from


this kind of position. That was a poor ball in. They have been a


shadow of the team that did so well against Belgium. It is a shadow of a


team, the Italian side. Not too many of them will be in his plans for the


next game against Spain. 25 minutes remaining. James


McClean's touch was tired. Immobile was fouled. He has been the brighter


of the Italian front pair. Immobile. He did well in his first year at


Borussia Dortmund. Scored ten goals. Then he was sent out this year to


Seville and to Reno on loan. -- to Reno.


It looked an awful touch but this pitch is absolutely dreadful. It is


not just heavy in places, it is badly rotted.


Ward was there. He has had a very strong night. Too long by Brady.


Everywhere you look around the stadium is green white and gold.


Compared to Italian teams we have seen at championships in the past,


this is a young squad. Barzagli is 35 and Buffon is 38 now. A lot of


younger players. Like Zaza. Many in their 20s. He is not the finished


product by a long chalk. James McClean, might be the man to


go off. He has looked a bit tired in the last few minutes.


The goalkeeper's kicking has been awful. Simone Zaza, looks furious.


Aiden McGeady, to command. Daryl Murphy, is coming off. We'll


remember those long eight years when he was out of the squad. Came back


in 2014. The first half, his physicality bothered Italy, that is


the shore. James McClean! It is an Italian throw, but it


should be an Irish free kick. Italy have done what they do supremely


well. Defended solidly. Irish chances, few and far between,


despite of their efforts. Got a lucky bounce. The goalkeeper


got nowhere near it. I'm not too sure what he was trying to do.


Auditioning for a role at the circus with the flying trapeze act.


Brady... James McClean, looking for it again. Brady is there.


Look at this from the goalkeeper. Long is nowhere near it, he had no


reason to come out like that. Looked great for the cameras.


Can the Republic of Ireland book what will probably be a game against


the hosts? For the best third placed team. Anything can happen in this


group. Decent run here by Brady. Aiden


McGeady... Would have been a national hero.


Let fly, but it went over. Here comes the Italian substitution.


Cairo Mobile coming off. It is greeted with derision by the Italian


fans. Lorenzo Insigne is on. Was in the World Cup in Brazil, played just


one appearance as a substitute. Antonio Conte brought him back in


March after 21 months in the wilderness.


Quarter of an hour left in the Republic of Ireland's European


Championship campaign, unless they can get the goal. Italy are staring.


They have awoken. Went out of play. Whatever happens, they will be


singing into the nights. It is an improved European Championships for


them they deserve more to night, they turn to Wes Hoolahan who scored


the goal against Sweden in their opening game. Off goes James


McCarthy. They're going for it now, Ireland. Of the post! He would have


broken Irish arts. -- hearts. Only been on the pitch, Lorenzo


Insigne. Immediately, Hoolahan tried to open up the Italian defence. Jeff


Hendrick has been told to play in the deeper role now.


Can they do it in the last 12 minutes, because Italy now look


confident and strong. Simone Zaza. I don't think the referee has the


faintest idea what is going on. He has pulled out a yellow card. It was


a great effort from Lorenzo Insigne, hitting the post. We have a


situation, the two players went to ground. The referee didn't seem to


know who to give the free kick too. Andrea Barzagli has been cautioned,


and he wants to know why because he wasn't even involved. Maybe he said


something. One back by Seamus Coleman, who was fouled.


Shirt pulling and James McClean, who will think of the penalty that went


away in the first half. Hoolahan, comes short. Really poor


throw to him. Long with Bonucci. Has been bright since he came on,


Lorenzo Insigne. Ten minutes to go. Out comes the


goalkeeper. Didn't get there. Darren Randolph, needed his defenders.


Simone Zaza took a thumper as the goalkeeper came.


Stefan Al Shorey is going to come on for Italy.


-- Stephan El Shaarawy. Was rated one of the best Young players in the


world. Time is draining away from Martin O'Neill's men. Elway by


Richard Keogh, he has played his heart out.


This would be a story if they can get Robbie Keane on. The highest


goal-scorer in the Republic of Ireland's history. Can he come on


and get another famous winner. Italy looks strong. We have only seen


Italy play well because the Republic of Ireland have tired.


Squandered their, Italy gave it away. Going to get Robbie Keane on


for the last six or seven minutes. Warlord pings in the cross. That is


the goalkeepers. -- Stephen Ward pings in the cross.


Wes Hoolahan! Has the chance gone? The chance of his life. The man who


scored in the opening game, who gave Island macro such hope. He could


have put Ireland through. -- Ireland. We'll Italy hit back


immediately? -- we'll Italy hit back? Wes Hoolahan will see that in


his nightmares forevermore. In it comms. Brady! Republic of


Ireland have scored! Robbie Brady! 85 minutes gone. The Republic of


Ireland have saved themselves. It is another famous night. It is stored


guard, it is New York. -- Stuttgart. All over again. The Brady Bunch have


taken down Italy. Moments after they missed the big chance. Wes Hoolahan


created. He found his club mate. What a ball. What a run. What a


goal. They will be telling tales about that goal for years to come.


Robbie Brady with the header. Sensational.


Now the big job. The job to hold on. Whatever the age. Whether it is from


the world of politics, the world of football, Irish joy. Wes Hoolahan


thought it should have been a republic ball. Can they hold on.


To the edge of the box. James McClean digs it out. Brady has


cramped. Three of the Irish players are down suffering. Stephen Ward has


got himself to his feet. Wes Hoolahan missed the big one. Look at


this, the goal at his mercy, horrible finish. Could not get there


for the second one. Moments later, the delivery was classic. Teasing,


tempting the goalkeeper to come. That is when Brady got there.


Because Brady wanted it more. Simple as that. Wonderful stuff. Who would


have thought? England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of


Ireland all through. What were the odds? They are not through yet, with


a manager like him. Stephen Ward can hardly walk. He is cramping up


badly. If Ireland keep the ball, the second is draining away. What a


match Duffy has had. No mistakes now. Confirmation that Zaza was


booked for Italy. I count myself fortunate that I have


commentated on the Republic of Ireland around the world. This has


been another special night. To be there in Stuttgart on that night


there first, and up to tonight, their last victory in Europe in


championships. What a privilege. The Italians pensive. This is not the


Italy that will meet Spain. James McClean has won it back.


Ireland thought about putting on Robbie Keane. They have changed


their mind. They will send on, for his first taste of action at these


finals, Stephen Quinn. Shane Long has battled all tournament long. He


will plod off. He will take his time. Battered and bruised. An Irish


hero on the night. Stephen Quinn of Reading. Midfielder. Started the


first couple of qualifiers. He has not featured here yet.


We will have three minutes of stoppage time. The result doesn't


matter for them. They have already won the group. They know where they


are going for their round of 16 match. They play Spain on Monday.


And the Republic of Ireland look to Lyon. And look to face the hosts.


The substitution by Martin O'Neill was bold and brave to send non-Wes


Hoolahan. -- to send on Wes Hoolahan. Always talking, always


animated, always passionate. Quinn battling with Ogbonna. News


coming into the stadium that Belgium are a leading Sweden.


Ibrahimovics -- Ibrahimovic's international career ending with a


whimper. Aiden McGeady chooses his goalkeeper, who launches it.


El Shaarawy to take on Coleman. Met by Duffy. A huge cheer as we enter


the last minute of stoppage time. It would be so very cruel if this were


taken away from Ireland now. What a triumph for Martin O'Neill.


He has had his critics here. But he has always kept faith with his team.


Joy and tears as well. They will be counting down the seconds on the


terraces. Ten seconds to go. Zaza has fouled his band. And Ireland are


delighted. It is not over yet. Martin O'Neill is on the pitch. It


is not over yet. It is a free kick. Martin O'Neill thought it was the


final whistle. It is pandemonium. Kick for touch.


Get it in the corner. Win the game. It is all over! It is another epic


night for the Republic of Ireland. And for all of you out there, who


have sung the songs of New York, love song the songs of Stuttgart,


make up the songs are new. A wonderful and emotional night. And


Brady's winner will be seen again and again. Ireland are through. Yes,


Italy have won the group but the Republic of Ireland have won the


hearts. Brady the hero. Catch all the action from


Euro 2016 across the BBC. Radio 5 Live or the BBC Sport


website. You can also follow all the news


and action from the Euros,


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