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Switzerland v Poland

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COMMENTATOR: What a wonderful goal! The opening game of Euro 16. 58


years of waiting... Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! He's in and


he scores! Off the post. Would you believe that?! 2-0.


Hopefully that's got you in the mood. Good afternoon, welcome pack


to Paris. We've had no football for two days, but it's been a bit


hectic. England, Northern Ireland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland of


still in Europe, and today marks the start of the New Yorkout stages. In


the studio we have a tactical triumph vir ate of Jermaine Jean as,


Danny Murphy and Martin Keown. We started with 24 teams. We are down


to 16. We have eight matches to look forward to over the next three days.


Wales against Northern Ireland follows us on BBC One. You can see


the lopsided nature of the draw. On the right-hand side we have got four


of the five favourite for the title. Italy against Spain a standout one.


That's BBC One on Monday. And England against Iceland. The first


match takes place in Saint-Etienne at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard.


Switzerland take on Poland. It's the first time the Swiss have qualified


for the knockout round of the Euros and the first time in 30 years that


Poland have made it out of the group stages at a major tournament. Major


tournament. All three games - I don't know why major tournament. All


three games - I don't know why I'm telling you this - have been draws,


so you know what that means. We've seen decent football in the group


stages but this is knockout tournament football. That's it. You


either get to stay or it's home time, pack your bags. I expect what


it was like in the early stages of the group games. Tight games, a


conservative style of play, feeling each other out. This is where the


quality really shows. I'm expecting some good football. What do you make


of the format mater ib? We've played 36 games to get rid of eight teams.


It seems to have taken a while. I'm a fan of the footballing family


getting to share in this competition. Northern Ireland has


benefited, but it starts proper now. We are down to 16 and I expect it


now to be a proper tournament and we'll get that focus. Maybe we'll


see more goals, there'll be a bit more pressure and that edge will


come in today. You've loved seeing fans you wouldn't normally see in a


major tournament haven't you? I have. These supporters will have


memories that will live with them for a live time, and you can't buy


that. The feel-good factor back home for these countries. The Icelandic


people, in Hungary the economy will be booming. Everyone will be walking


with a spring in their step. Amazing. I'm all for it. If you like


your statistics, 69 goals have been scored so far, at the rate of 1.92


per game. 65% of the goals have been in the second half. 27% of those in


the final ten minutes, so do not go for your Custard Creams when the


clock hits 80 minutes. Is it good defending, good goal keeping? A lot


of the games we are talking about the late goals, where lesser


opposition are hanging on for dear life against better quality. It's


been bizarre how many late goals there've been. Paris is packed


today. A beautiful day. Green and Red Shirts wherever you look. Wales


and Northern Ireland face eve other in the park defor instance later on.


Eve other in the park defor instance later on. -- Parc de Princes later


on. We've left the bars and the pubs full of Welsh and Northern Irish


fans. You couldn't stop us getting to the ground that early, we are so


excited. This is a day of history for Northern Ireland. It is, 34


years since the goal in Spain, 1982. 1982. I'm hoping it is a good omen


for us. What a fantastic stadium and what a great occasion for the two


teams. And to think we've waiting a long time and here we are in the


knockout stages. Absolutely, and we deserve to be here. We topped our


group, and Russia were magnificent. We've got a magnificent game to look


forward to today, Northern Ireland. I watched them in a friendly at


Cardiff, and they were risk. What a job Martin O'Neill has done. I saw


them in their despair two years ago but there's belief, everything in


this side. They are hard to break down. You've got to give the manager


and the staff credit for that. John, you've played in the role that Sam


Vokes played on Monday night in Toulouse. We are expect Chris


Coleman to do the same. Do you think Sam Vokes should start today? I do.


He had a fantastic game against Russia in that brilliant 3-0 win. He


is robust. He is up there, wins fouls for the team, is good in the


air. The word momentum going into today's game is massive. Fantastic,


Gerry and John, more from you later. Join us at after time. We'll be


talking to Gerry talking art and Robbie Savage. Talking there about


so many Premier League and championship players involved. It


will feel like that sort of game won't it? I imagine so. There's a


lot of them out there, along with the referees. Wales are going to be


going into this game not the underdogs for once, and how will


that affect them? Northern Ireland have nothing to lose. There's a lot


of pressure on the Welsh today. A huge change psychologically but they


have Gareth Bale. I don't think he feels any pressure. No pressure at


all. I don't believe it. He comes here in really good form. They beat


Russia in that last game emphatically. They are going into


this game as red hot favourites. He'll be able to handle it more than


anyone else. The Northern Ireland team have done magnificently. Martin


O'Neill was manager of Shamrock Rovers... Michael O'Neill. Sorry. My


father was a big Irishman, so I have my heart for them today. My heart is


telling me that Wales will win this match. It is a huge opportunity for


Wales to grab, but it is for Northern Ireland as well. I know


people are saying it's been great for them to get here but they'll


feel they've got a chance, and rightly so. They will, and I saw the


game against Germany and they struggled. If they play like that


again, they could be in big trouble. I want to mention Aaron Ramsay. In


the Russian game he was superb. I in know Gareth Bale is the star, but


Ramsay has produced some brilliant moments. He could dominate the


midfield area today. And Daves in the midfield as well for Northern


Ireland and O'Shea. All three of you are going with Wales, just to


clarify? Wales, yes. Wales. We'll see what happens. England have two


days before they take on ice land. Gabby Logan has been assessing the


pre-match mood amongst Roy's Boys. So here we are on the precipice of


the last 16. 16 nations desperate to stay in Europe. For England goals


have been a fluctuating currency. If they are going to progress, they


have to find a way to break down the walls. We are a good team, capable


of taking on teams that come and have a go at us. We feel we can


change our game plan with any team we placement it is the business end


of the tournament and we have to be more ruthless. If we get that goal


early on against Iceland they will have to come at us. A lot of teams,


and looking at Iceland and what we've seen so far, they like to


catch things on the counterattack, but if you want to progress in this


tournament and go far, we have to find a solution to deal with a that


and perform on the pitch. I've played knockout games for England


before and not many of them have been too good, so I'm not the best


person to give advice on that for England. But this is where it


matters. The group games have been edgy. Difficult games. We know we


have to play better and take our chances. Iceland's population is


around 330,000. Would it be a catastrophe do be beaten by them? We


hope that don't happen. We are doing all we can to ensure that don't


happen, but strange things happen in football sometimes. All we can do is


fess on ourselves and what we need to do. We are one of the best teams


in the tournament. We are confident. We don't fear anyone. Iceland on


Monday, hopefully we can win that game and whoever we get we get. The


mindset and the belief are strong. England's players are convinced they


can make it to Europe's top table. Now they have to prove it against


the euro's smallest nation. Iceland await England. You know royal well.


What do you think he will do up front? I think the formation will


stay the same. I would be amazed if he changes that. He's been pleased


with the level of performance. They look well balanced. I have a feeling


they will put Kane back in. That's not because l put Kane back in.


That's not because Vardy has done badly - I think the hely - I think


the he has done well - but the Iceland team will sit back. There


won't be much space for Vardy. He will probably feel Kane is better


with his back to the goal. For me either or. They've both got super


qualities. They both have the ability to score goals when not


playing well. We've seen that many times with both of them. Whoever he


chooses shouldn't matter in this game. I really hope we are looking


at shots there from the training ground, that Roy's been working on


creating that space. The last game we played, all three games, we


hogged position and weren't able to create chances and put them away.


That's where the time needs to be spent on the training ground,


working out which that player is. Dele Alli needs space. Keep


believing in the players that are in there. Trust in them to do it. And


then hope they pull it off. They'll never get a better chance than


playing against Iceland. They are close together, their lines. We've


got shift that space. The one strike they are has to play for me is


Daniel Sturridge. He's the difference between all of them.


Granted Vardy scored a goal, but not much from that. Structure imhas been


our creative and top drawer player. Wouldn't surprise me to see Marcus


Rashford pop up on that rel beck role. He came on against Wales and


was phenomenal. I'm sure some of those players, five or six match


winners. Can I ask you about Roy and his current boss at the FA has been


talking about Roy's future when trying to sort out England. Is that


something that would annoy Mr Hodgson? Yeah, I think it would.


You've got to be bright enough to bat some questions away while the


tournament is going on. Roy knows his position is under pressure. If


they don't beat Iceland it is impossible for him to stay, let's be


honest. If we get to the final or the semifinal, Roy knows that.


What's obvious. You can't look at that. Just go and win. He's 67 years


of age. Go and produce, Roy. This lot are passionate. If you want to


take them on in our predictor game, head to the BBC Sport website. You


have 15 minutes to get those in. Apparently there's a technical


failure which is why Jermaine is not on the board there. Let's go to


tonight today's first match, Switzerland against Poland.


COMMENTATOR: He has been denied a commission mark and Switzerland when


at the European Championships in the opening game for the first time. The


supporters are out in force, they fancy their chances. They finally


win a game at the European Championships. He scores a game in


Paris! The equaliser! 1-1, it finishes, but they will have to be


much better than this. History favours Germany in this fixture. A


decent ball in the. Poland have an excellent draw against the world


champions. Brilliant ball! It would have been stunning. The Swiss will


feel there was a hand on there. It means they are through for the first


time ever. They will play Switzerland in the second round.


Let's run you through the teams, starting with Switzerland. One


change. The centre-backs, they both played in Germany. And the attacking


full-backs. Behrami wins his 70th cap. Alongside him, Arsenal bound,


Xhaka. Mehmedi scored against Romania. Up front, Seferovic. For


Poland, Fabianski is yet to concede. He missed the opening game. Piszczek


returns today. Four team syllables in the Polish midfield, would you


believe? -- 14. It is the same two upfront. Milik slightly deeper than


Lewandowski, and he was the top scorer in qualifying. Is not found


the net in six matches. He is a top player, and has not really announced


himself into the tournament. Perhaps today will be the day he does that.


People are putting numbers around him, making it difficult for him and


he has not had the opportunity to put away and when he has, he has


snatched at things, not looking the player we expect to see. The love


they battle and a challenge. He's quite old-fashioned. He will chase


the ball well for his team and has very good feet. But is not having a


good tournament, simple as that. He needs today to make it happens.


These are the numbers you're talking about. When top players in the team


get those types of opportunities, you are going to have bodies in and


around him because he will create. He staters there. For Bayern Munich,


he sticks away. Rossi Dortmund, going to the back of the net. I


feel, with every game going on, he is starting to snatch up things a


little bit. He is so proven, I think he will keep going. He will keep


trying to get in there. He is a clever player. He has been around


for years now. He is a very, very good football and, although he is


snatching a chance of fear, it wouldn't surprise me today if he was


the man to make things he's got thunder bolt in his feet when it's


in with both feet. It's not just Harry Caine is struggling to hit the


target in this tournament. Cionek does a lot of the dirty work going


forward. Not only that, if a genuine quality. I have been watching a lot.


He has got two unbelievable feat. He's had a brilliant season for


Seville, won the Europa League. I know there's a of Manchester clubs


having a good look at him. Balls like that, with your left foot, you


might think he was left footed, a simple pass, but little balls around


the corner, these are things midfielders should be doing. He


drives into midfield, sees the space, he is strong when people get


the ball off him. This is his right foot. This is why I was getting


confused. He sweeps up very well in front of the back four. He helps


make the back four stronger by being very clever, karma in possession.


Muller is all over him here. This is what I love most about him. A lot of


midfielders might take the easy option here. Good midfielders look


forward. He finds his top man, Milik, and then they are on the


attack. Switzerland have got to stop him today. Here is that good, a


super player. I have seen him a lot for Seville. I will be amazed if he


does not have a good move this summer. The Man of the Match in


quite a few of the Swiss game so far, Martin, is on the way to


Arsenal, Xhaka. As an Arsenal fan, you're thinking, is this the next


Emanuel Pettitte? Maybe had he got the pace? Look at the challenges got


in there. This is a little straight past. Good weight on it. A forward


runner. This one, as well, he won't turn his back on a pass. He puts it


into the space. He wants to make things happen at the back. He's an


Arsenal player in the future who wants to come out and make it


happen. Look at this, nice, sensible path and he will drift into the


final third and then he will have the mind to adjust, play with the


outside of his foot and put his team-mates through. That, for me,


looks like a decent signing for Arsenal. But can he spot danger? Is


he mobile enough to break things up? I want you to watch his body


reaction here, he switched off. No reaction. This happened a lot when


you are a young playmaker. You forget your defensive


responsibilities. Here, he goes to ground too early. I'm not sure he


has ability to play that role. He would be brilliant alongside


somebody who can do that but in this role, he struggles, you can't quite


get there. That would be my only worry but he's a superb footballer.


I want to ask you about the head coach Vladimir Petkovic saying


Shaqiri is playing for the team but is got to play him in the right


place, hasn't he? At Stoke, he scored three goals and that's not


enough for me. That a lot in qualifying but in this tournament,


it is frustrating on the right-hand side. A lot of his attacks are


nullifying. It's predictable, you know he's going to come onto the


left but and it's not working for him. In France, he swapped positions


to Central, and his body language changed. He started to get on the


ball in all sorts of good areas, making passes, demanding the ball


off his players, a clever move from the manager. Just there, you see him


in those little pockets, demanding the ball. He really did have an


influential 20 minutes. You can see. He seems happy in the midfield area.


On the right, gets trapped a little bit for the granted, he has done a


lot there in the past but in midfield he can be more creative.


I'm not convinced by him as a player. Today he will have to prove


to me. We consider teams in the tunnel. Who do you fancy? I know you


know nothing about predictions. I think Poland will do it. I think


Poland by the odd goal, yeah. Yeah, Poland, 1-0. Switzerland very rarely


give the goals away. Gentlemen, thank you very much. Game 37 of Euro


2016. Let's go to the commentary team.


COMMENTATOR: Good afternoon, everyone. Saint Etienne is the set


thing for this, the centre of a city made famous in the French Revolution


for its arms industry. How fitting because these two have been firing


blanks so far. Poland have never scored more than one goal in the


finals. Switzerland have only done so once in 12 attempts and is over


100 minutes since I had a shot on target. I hope I'm doing a good job


of building this one up for you. It does look a very tight, tense one at


the referee leave them out. They need to stand up and be counted.


Lewandowski is one of the most prolific scorers in club football.


42 in 51 Bayern Munich games this season. He's not even had a shot in


on target so far yet. His most barren run in three years. Only a


couple of hours drive from the Swiss border. An orange Ferrari went by me


from Lyon. Blonde hair flying at the back of a Ferrari. Was it Robbie


Savage in disguise, I wonder? He is on duty later on. A great Swiss


following, as always. This, of course, would end for


here come the national anthems for you.


APPLAUSE The fans in a non-clave downed the


left-hand side. -- enclave.


The full-backs have not got as forward as we would've thought. The


nearby Xhaka has done well. Shaqiri much improved in France. There are


confident of winning a first game ever. In any major finals. Mark


Battenberg out there, his assistants, Simon back.


He has been here, his third game in Euro 2016. Italy against Belgium.


And the Czech Republic against Croatia, he had to take the players


the pitch after flares were thrown onto the surface. The outspoken


captain of Switzerland, their strongest line-up.


Krychowiak is a big favourite in France. All eyes are on Lewandowski.


Which way is going to go? I would say, looking at the two teams, the


other thing about them, the way the referee has been, in the tournament,


they liked a tackle at the back, Poland. Two monsters at the back.


Glik and Pazdan. He has just been gobbling up strikers, to be honest.


Absolutely. And it will be Poland, all in white, who will kick-off,


picking from right to left, kicking towards the end where a young


Liverpool player called Michael scored a fantastic goal, 1998,


Michael Owen. Which of these two teams will be going through? It was


only 18 years ago, that. Seems like yesterday we were here. Lovely day.


The pitch looks great. And off we go in the knockout stages of Euro 16.


On our it looks like a gruelling clash but we'll wait and see. Sommer


was Man of the Match. Some flying saves. Once or twice his judgment


calls have been sluggish. And that's a risky throwout and that's over by


Linetty. Switzerland getting they will into a right old state from the


start. This was like the start against Ukraine. Had two


opportunities in the first few minutes. What a good as a result by


Poland. I don't know if you in theed by the kick-off, they passed it


forward. A lot of the teams have been going backwards. A new rule, of


course. What can they do on the counter? Seferovic plays in. Neither


Seferovic nor Embolo who replaced him in the last game have had an


effort finding the back of the net in 11 tries. Here's Shaqiri. Looks


lively at the start. Bounced off Lichtsteiner. The man who has been


so outspoken about the selection policy. He criticised a number of


foreign-born players in the Swiss squad. Eight players were born


abroad. Six players from a foreign country. Here's Rodriguez. The


Spanishman from Chile. Djourou was born in Abidjan. Rodriguez, I


thought he would see more of him down that left-hand side, but he has


been subdued. Fabian Schar, a qualified banker by trade. Feisty


early on. Switzerland are whipping in with


high pressure. Lewandowski. Offside. Started with a real intensity, but


the Swiss haven't got it out of the box. A bit like the country, they're


neutral. What a mess this was very nearly, Mark. Sommer interests clubs


like Manchester City, why throw it out there to a man so early on when


he is likely to be under pressure. They were not interested in him any


longer. You often see recovery, but that's very deep. A Sevilla player,


a Europa League winner. Winner. Played in a final last season.


Here's Glik looking for Milik. Lewandowski. Djourou goes out to


meet him. The boys in the studio were talking about Lewandowski.


Seemed alright in the first few minutes. Came back and helped them


get out with the ball down the right. He's far more than just a


goal scorer. As a goal scorer, If you are playing for Bayern


Leverkusen you should be scoring 30 goals a season. Lewandowski, 47 so


far. He hasn't even had a glimpse of goal here really. Comes looking for


that. Blockds by Schar. -- blocked by


Schar. I think Lewandowski's movement will be too much for Fabian


Schar today. They looked for Lewandowski in the box. Good block


there. Good pressure on the ball. Switzerland with their backs to the


walls early on. Dzemaili the attacking midfield player.


A decent seen with Rennes. The best scoring season he's had with them.


Looking for Milik. I think that was a header down from Milik rather than


a header from goal. Well picked out. Looking for his op o. Milik scored


in the opening win against Germany of this Euro 16 campaign.


Behrami out to Lichtsteiner. A double winner with justify athis


season. Le -- a double winner with Juve this season.


Wasted a pass here. It was like a sideways pass.


The most successful passer in qualifying, Xhaka. Against Romania


he struggled in the game. Lots of possession here at the moment,


Switzerland, but they aren't particularly going anywhere. Wasted


that one. He's just cost Arsenal ?30 million-plus. That was before Brexit


wasn't it? 60% of possession so far in games, Switzerland. That's the


fifth best in the tournament. They were the 19th best side in the


tournament in terms of possession. Piszczek of Borussia Dortmund.


Having hip problems this season but still had a very good season.


Juergen Klopp knows him very well. Rodriguez, it is important for


Poland that Blaszczykowski does his work on that side. They can't really


get out of their own half at the moment. The Polish coach there, he


played in the World Cup finals for Poland in '78. Went to the USA


cutting grass. Came back and sold Trabank cars. He was a salesman. K


cars. He was a salesman. -- Trabant cars.


Offside is it? No. The flag stayed down. That was definitely onside. A


great ball that is. Just bounced up slightly on him.


Dzemaili was a prodigious teenager. Ran out of steam. Five starts in six


years. This is his eighth of this campaign. He has looked stronger as


the tournament has gone on. Watch out for him, here's Lewandowski.


Piszczek getting forward. His third European finals.


Looks like he is going to get in every time, because the right-back


doesn't have tuck in. This is what he loves to do more than anything


else. Lichtsteiner trying to get forward. Zipped on through. Wasn't


sure, Fabianski. Poland in 2006, kept clean sheet for


them. Great position by Krychowiak. Just


read it. Behrami... Switzerland with 60% of the early possession. They


look for Lichtsteiner. He let Lichtsteiner run in behind him. And


the decision was it flicked off Lichtsteiner's boot before it went


away. A goal kick has been given. Anthony Taylor was the man who


called it. Fabianski has a season with Swansea again. Again. He is


12th in the table. He did concede 14 in the last five games.


Blaszczykowski, Lewandowski. He looks like he's got marigolds on!


You wouldn't want to see those gloves on a Sunday morning after a


night out would you? They would give you a migraine.


Shaqiri has so many ability. Clattenburg just shook his head.


Xhaka under pressure, and couldn't withstand the pressure. Into


Lewandowski. Surrounded by three. Turning around by Behrami... And the


referee gives it the other way. I think it was a foul initially, to be


honest with you. I don't mean on Lewandowski. There is not a lot in


that. The Swiss have only won one of their ten games against Poland, 40


years ago, in May 1976. Does a good job out there for


Poland. Had a cruciate ligament injury that ruled him out for about


a year. I think he sees things as well. That was the full-back.


Very popular in France, he finished his studies here. His wife is here.


A very good team, playing for Bordeaux. And Nantes.


He was trying to play the right backing, Lewandowski.


Switches to his right. Shaqiri was well placed.


Stop it going out for a goal kick. The first meeting between the two


countries between 2014. 2-2, that was. The left-back was on the


scoresheet against Switzerland. There is the coach. Vladimir


Petkovic. Decent midfielder in his time, he was.


They do look a far superior team, Poland but, of course, until you


score,... So important for them. He's already


been involved in Poland's five goals. He scored two of them. The


first corner of the game. Complaining the players are not back


far enough. Pointing the finger at Mehmedi and Rodriguez.


Patrols, rising and always going over. Well worked. He had the


patience to get the players moving back.


That has asked honest us. And the Swiss. The referee out there. A pat


on the cheek. I'm not sure he would appreciate the jester. -- jester. --


jester. The corner being taken in front of


the bulk of the Swiss France towards the near post. -- fans.


Maczynski. He had to catch that's so sweet. That is a one in 100


opportunity. Too long a runner-up. Trying to absolutely smash it.


Scored against Scotland in the qualifiers on the last I the Polish


Went out to China for a little while.


Good to hear it is sunny and Paris today. It is cloudy down here.


Wretched weather in the French capital. That is a free kick for the


Macedonian born, moved to zero when he was seven, Dzemaili. -- moved to


zero. -- zero. I think Dzemaili was a good bet to


get the first goal of the game. Rodriguez could power this or


Shaqiri could bend it. He's not scored for his country. He's got to


be joking, surely? Just no finesse about it. Nothing.


Decent cross in by Mehmedi was blocked. Good ball out to Mehmedi.


Glik, he's an uncompromising defender. And his partner, as well.


It's a decent header. Dzemaili was in there. He fought for it, as well.


Tough to score from there, though. He scored one in qualifying against


San Marino. In matches here, he's worked his way further and further


forward. Here is Djourou, former Arsenal defender.


A good spell here for Switzerland. Lichtsteiner. He's in the box. He


has overhead that. Waiting for Mehmedi to get up.


I don't think the referee told anybody to kick the ball out. He was


off the field of play. Lichtsteiner just got the run on him. I suppose


you're always worried with a man who's been out with an ACA for so


long. Second stage of his life story. It came out on Monday. He


found out his mother had been stabbed. His dad was arrested. Found


his mother dying. He has never talked about it until now.


You can hear the Polish fans, what they think of this.


CROWD BOOS And the Swiss fans, what they think


of him being OK. He's all right. And here is Rodriguez coming inside.


Shall we say he is getting nearer? A little bit of space down there on


the left for Switzerland, isn't there? Poland's right, obviously.


Lots of banners all around the ground, including one from Fulham


FC. is this international, who moved


from Kosovo when he was five. Glik towards Milik. He scored 12


with Ajax in the last 12 games. I'm not sure he has touched the


ball. Seferovic. He has had a very poor tournament. Scored the goal


that kept Frankfurt up this season in the relegation play-off, but done


very little here. Mehmedi onto a more right-hand


position. From now on in, it extra time and then penalties. It's a bit


of an early shout. Remember the dreadful penalty shoot out between


Switzerland and the Ukraine in 2006? 0-0, shocking game. They missed all


penalties. They lost 3-0. Spot kicks.


Outcomes Lichtsteiner game. He has not missed much. Flying down the


left-hand side. Behrami behind him. Nipped in behind Schar. Ducking


deep. A great run, though. Very, very direct. Little steps.


Nice little lean here to make sure he clears it.


A free header. Should have scored there. Up from the back, Krychowiak.


At the very, very least hit the target. All right, you are in there


for a reason even though you see it late. He's got it all wrong, hasn't


he? He closed his eyes and everything. Here we go again. They


do take chances. Switzerland have only conceded one


goal so far, from the penalty spot. Against Romania. Poland yet to


concede. The times that Switzerland has


scored it's come from set pieces, corners. It's a difficult game for


both sides. That was a shocking ball. This game


started off brightly and has deteriorated even quicker.


Switzerland have the fourth best pass rate in the group stages. Half


an hour played and it is 0-0. If they are passing it across the back


and it counts. Djourou at Hamburg has done very well. There is no


movement up front through the middle. Seferovic is like a lamppost


up there. Swiss fans howl. They thought... A great ball as well.


Lewandowski. Great idea but not a great execution.


Shaqiri putting pressure on. Flag raised. Handball.


It brushed his hand. Shaqiri rips this with pace it could go all the


way in. Piszczek loves to break out quickly


with his club, Borussia Dortmund. It's wide. Lewandowski is in the


middle... Mark Clattenburg is signalling, to play the advantage.


Good move by the Swiss. Very good break. Didn't defend the cross with


the free kick very well but they broke extremely well. By far and


away the team most likely to break the deadlock. Has Sommer made a


save? I don't think he has. It is now 106 minutes in these


finals since Switzerland had a shot on target. He's gone down. Mark


Clattenburg just talking to him. After this match Wales take on


Northern Ireland in the Parc de Princes. We are live on BBC One from


4.10pm. And it is available on 5Live and the BBC Sport website.


Quite happy to let him inside. Here's Shaqiri. Schar. Rodriguez


made a run. Glik was there. The pressure. He's laughing. This


one won't curl awayment Djourou is at the back. He very nearly got


another! All he succeeded in doing was heading it down into the ground.


Either side of Fabianski. It is 1-0 to Switzerland. A big chance like


that. A massive chance. Lichtsteiner bends a good cross in.


Comes off Pazdan. Goal kick given. Either side of Fabianski he's got


problems. Fabian Schar's gather is a merchant


banker. R Fabian Schar's gather is a merchant banker. -- father.


Lewandowski has taken a bit of a knock there I think. Mark


Clattenburg just asking him if he's OK.


Rodriguez is away on the left-hand side.


Cagey so far. Poland have had opportunities. Lots of space here


for Behrami. Shaqiri enjoys himself when he goes


in there and gets more involved. He is trying to pick up the spaces.


That was a heavy touch. This is Switzerland with intent isn't it.


140 minutes they went in this competition without a shot.


Third corner of the game for Switzerland. Mehmedi, across


Djourou. Up from the back... Piszczek not yet out. Djourou again.


And now Poland can break. A lovely ball. Blaszczykowski! Six minutes


before the half-time whistle. Switzerland didn't get bodies back


in time. That's his second goal in two games. Came on as a subagainst


Ukraine and scored. It is amazing how many teams can be dangerous


against themselves from their own set pieces. Never really recovered


did they, Switzerland. A lovely dumbier here in the build-up. That


was the dummy. Great play. Milik should have scored in the first


minute, so he has made up for it. And in finishing school as in


football they say a lot of the time play through the goalkeeper's legs.


A former captain of the side. He had a horrible injury in 204. A great


time to score as well. Probably shaded it, although Switzerland had


just started to be a little bit of a threat. According to the official


stats in the stadium they have had more of the ball. A lot of that has


been in their own half. As of now. I think they have to get Embolo on.


Seferovic has done nothing. Five minute to go in the first half.


Rodriguez with a long throw. There is Seferovic. Xhaka. Djourou.


Maczynski. That's a foul on the back of Milik. Probably just described as


someone who is very good without the ball. He's at his 0th club in seven


years, something like that. He's moved around a bit. Had a problem at


West Ham. They didn't see the best of him. And then went to Watford.


Not as good as his goal the other day. He is still involved in most of


Poland's goals in European championship football. Is that one


out? No. Maczynski. Lewandowski, and then to Schar. Valon Behrami did


well, but Shaqiri stumbled as he came out to meet him. Mehmedi back


in the middle. Seferovic. Behrami. Mehmedi, good block. A great block.


Blaszczykowski. Admir Mehmedi. They've looked their strongest out


there. Rodriguez with the cross. Lewandowski waited for Behrami to do


just that. Create create is going to have a little word with him. Have a


little word with him. -- Mark Clattenburg is going to have a


little word with him. Very understated. They didn't think


a lot of the appointment, the Polish fans, when he took over in October


2013. He is theirth coach this century. They thought he was a cheap


option, but he's done well. He was one of the assistants when they


co-hosted the championships. He's done it again. Schar. Maczynski. As


the game goes on, a factor will be the heat. It is about 77 degrees. Mr


Clattenburg thinks it's a collision and nothing meant, but this is


Lichtsteiner isn't it? It is. A great throw. He does get lucky,


Grosicki. He is trying to hit the ball too


hard. He's doing exactly the same again. I take it he is not a regular


goal scorer, Maczynski. Just the one for his country, against Scotland. A


couple earlier this season. Seferovic has gone down in stages.


One minute of stoppage time. Maczynski. Slowed it down. He's


realised it close to half-time. He keeps possession to see out the


half. They've thought about getting out there. Acknowledging the could


of got the past to the right back. Lewandowski has bowled over


Lichtsteiner in the penalty area. The official is right behind the


goal. Now you wonder whether he has done it because he knows now


Lichtsteiner is furious. Lichtsteiner needs to keep his cool


here defending. I think he gave away the penalty against Romania.


A good important header away. He does it well for Switzerland. Back


in by. Grosicki. Your overall thoughts? I think


Poland are the best team. It's ironic, just Switzerland decided to


show some presence, and a couple of opportunities, Poland got the goal,


but they deserve it and there it is, the first half ends. Six minute


before half-time. On the classic counter, Switzerland have not done


enough to show as they can get back into this yet. Half-time, 0- one.


Plenty more from Mark Lawrenson and Jonathan Pearce in the second half.


After 20 seconds, we were quite excited. We thought we were in for a


great game of football but it was a slow burner. It started well. Poland


were the dominant side throughout the majority of the game. It


settled. The Switzerland side, they kind of got a gauge of what Poland


were good at. It's why they have been so conservative in their style


of play because they have looked very dangerous on the counterattack


at times, Poland, but in the end, they got what they deserved in the


first half. They took my chances, took more risks and even the goal


was slightly lucky, it exactly what they deserved. That's where the goal


came from, the counterattack. A really good move. They've done that


a few times. Switzerland have been so poor. Played with a lack of


intensity. A lack of desire and this is knockout football. It's bizarre,


nobody is getting after people. Nobody is demanding anything. Are


they feeling it's too important to go for it? I think Switzerland, the


way they start the game says everything. They don't want to play


a forward pass. It is 140 minutes without a shot in this tournament.


What are you here for? In the end, Poland got in front but early on it


could've been a goal down through sloppiness. Let's take a look at


that goal. It was a classic counterattack.


We talked about the style of play. Fabianski has got it out as much as


we possibly could. He's earned a bit of luck in there because he is so


positive in his play. A lovely dummy from Milik. He slotted to the near


post. Like I said, it's exactly what they deserve, by being a team more


positive in that first 45 minutes. Was he lucky there? I think he tried


to slotted down there and it goes through his legs. It doesn't matter,


they deserved it. I think he was the one player in that team today who


was really taking the game. He didn't play in the last match, the


only came in because there was a player suspended. Really, he's taken


his opportunity down the left-hand side. I thought he was outstanding


in the first half. 50% of the attack came down from that side, from a guy


who's only there because of a suspension. I always like to see a


player given an opportunity to play with hunger. He wants to keep his


shirt. He was energetic, direct, and very industrious in the way he


played. He's very busy. He's tidy, as well. His end product is decent.


He gets lucky at times because he keeps going its people but is not


scared to go on the outside, which is obviously good for a winger and


everything positive. A nice touch. He gets it again and, overall, I


think he's been the star of the show. We keep mentioning the word


positive and when you look at Switzerland, they haven't got


anybody in their team who's doing what he is doing. That share


positivity is making things happen, running by players, taking players


to the byline. He gets a corner out of this player trying to close him


down. He is driving the team forward. On the left, surely at


half-time, there will be a special message for him to get tighter, to


stop them dominating. I thought it was a standout player. In terms of


what we expected, we talked about Lewandowski and the partnership with


Milik, it has not quite clicked. They could have scored within 20


seconds. They are a partnership, they are together a lot. I think in


qualifying, Milik provided him with a lot of goals. He presses in, 20


seconds after the kick-off. He has got to finish that. I've heard so


much about how much quality is in his left foot. An easy chance. It's


all about care there. It's the linkup, they are very close to each


other. Knocking it down into space so the other player can run onto it.


They are not really, kind of fine tuning it. The minute they are, they


will cause a lot of problems. This shows it most clearly to me. He's


got to find him. You could see he was fuming, Lewandowski, and that's


not an easy chance. You've got to react quickly. Yes, I'm expecting


more from them both in the second half. You look in there and he has


not been set up correctly to hit that. He's falling back. Shirty


shoot at all? Should he come inside? I was expecting more quality from


these two. It may not be the quality we expect from those two, but they


are still more dangerous. That, in itself is saying a lot. It's coming


from somewhere. They are on the front foot trying to make things


happen and that wins you games. You picked out Krychowiak before the


game. It's not a straight shout but he has shone in this game. I wasn't


the best header of the ball but I would fancy myself from there. He


has got to header that will will force and meaning: Krychowiak, and


it did not look like the fancied it. Have you ever not headed a ball with


force and meaning, Marston? -- Martin. Both Switzerland and's goes


so far have come from set pieces and corners and Schar, that was their


best chance. You can see it clearly, it's wide. It's right in front of


him. He's not expecting it. It comes so at him. You can see, set pieces


is their best route to goal. It's pretty clear in terms of the fact


they are way of playing. Danny Murphy was quick off the mark after


that. I bet he wished Schar could turn back time. I can't believe you


did not get that in. LAUGHTER


I did not want to let escape. In terms of Switzerland Taiwan to the


need to do the second half? Use that they have not taken the game to


Poland. I think a young striker took off the bench. Maybe it's time to


make a change at half-time? I agree completely. He caused the French


some problems. He gets his body in fights. Plays a few more direct


balls. They are overplaying the full day going nowhere. Use his pace. Get


up the pitch. The last five minutes, they played a bit but they'd need to


do a lot more in the second half. He's only agreeing with you because


of the comment about the head but, by the way. I'm agreeing because


he's right. In just over two hours, Wales and Northern Ireland meet in


Paris for a place in the quarterfinals. In south-west Paris,


a venue, later on, 45,000 fans crammed inside. Let's hear from both


teams. COMMENTATOR: Aaron Ramsey and Wales


are in the lead! After Germany, we put on a good


shift but we're not sure how to get a goal and then to get the news we


are going through, it gave everyone a massive lift. We were watching the


games together and try to figure out who was going to play him. We're


looking forward to whoever we draw. It's a game we should all be similar


with. We've played against most of the players before. It should be a


fitting game. If you took the atmosphere our fans have created so


far, and the Welsh fans are renowned for great atmospheres as well and


put those two sets of fans together, I think it will be a fantastic


occasion. COMMENTATOR: Unbelievable excavation


work we worked hard in these situations. We've got to enjoy it


now. This is where we put all the effort into getting. Situations like


this. As a player, there's nothing bigger. Something I never thought I


would get the experience, for all of the played to become a reality, so


to speak. A fantastic experience. COMMENTATOR: Surely this time? To


try and get to grips with that talent, you've got to be on the top


of your game. That's a brilliant thing in this tournament. You come


up against players of that calibre in more less every game like that.


I'm looking forward to it. Surely going as far as we can, really. Each


game as it comes. Looking to put our best foot forward in everyone. If we


can do that and pick-up winds along the way, we can do well. Our


confidence is high and the excitement is there. Everything you


need to do to get a good result will be there. We will put everything


into it. I think when you do that you give yourself as good a chance


is anything to go through. It is a huge game for two of home nations. A


beautiful part of France three miles from where we are. The Eiffel Tower,


both fans singing very early this morning. I imagine they would keep


it going. Down the pitch side, Jason Hammond. Welcome back. Jerry and


Robbie with me. You were in Cardiff on the rainy night in March. Little


did we know then we would be playing in the baking heat of Paris for a


place in the quarterfinals. Yes, it's truly amazing what happened to


both countries. It was a different sort of evening. Wales are without


Aaron Ramsey Gareth Bale bloggers is started a soap that will make this


game a bit different. All the same, what an occasion. The pressure is


very much on Wales now, Robbie. I was on a plane from Cardiff


yesterday to Paris where they were talking about getting into the


semifinals. Where has this come from? From the performance against


Russia. They toured Russia apart. Very similar before the England game


when there was how many Wales players would get into the England


side and we could possibly Ramsey, Williams bail? Similarly, today, how


many Northern Ireland players would get into the Wales side? That's why


I think Wales start as favourites. Both nations have done superb to get


here. Northern Ireland are two of that plays. If something Michael


O'Neill will of targeted in the last couple of days? I think so. Going


through to the qualifying comping, scoring nine goals from set pieces,


that's a massive part of our game. We had to take advantage of that


today. Wales have conceded three goals in the group stages of this


final. So if something Michael will lead to pinpoint, to be better from


the set play. Because we don't have possession in games, when these


opportunities arise, we need to make the most of them. It's really hot


here today. Will that have an effect? Possibly. I will be


interested as the Northern Ireland make changes. Hughes had a great


tournament. 36, Jerry? Can it compete with Gareth Bale? I think


Northern Ireland will make changes. I expect Wales to have the same team


because when you beat Russia 3-0, that team can beat Northern Ireland.


Back to you. We are very, very excited.


I know many of you have cleared your afternoon schedule.


Highlights of all of today's games on BBC later this evening.


That all starts next week. In a few minutes, the second half of


Switzerland against Poland. What And Poland will go through to the


quarterfinals. They defend a going away to our left and they are in


white. Have we seen enough of Swiss creativity to suggest that coming


back into it? What do think they did at the kick-off? Exactly. Is it


because they don't know the new rule? It came in at the start of


June. Many people don't know it. Kick the ball forward now. Here is


Shaqiri. His touch let him down. For a player of his quality, it was


poor in the end. He did so well to get in behind at the start of the


second half, right in front of the Swiss fans in the sunshine. Schar is


there. He had players back there. Maczynski was back in there in front


of his goalkeeper, as well. It's a free kick. Conceded by


Blaszczykowski. A bit of a mess from the corner.


A bright start. From Switzerland. If this continues, we will have a very


good second half. The one from the corner. He gets a little bit lucky.


Seferovic had a glance at the referee, not impressed. Plenty was


fouled. A throw. Good tackle. A great tackle, pinching the ball. I


think if they bring on Embolo, they can give him the free role he


craves. He's gone out to the right-hand side.


We know Shaqiri can trouble with the ball.


It's not a case of pass the cheese, is it? Lichtsteiner will take the


throw. I think he is keen now, Shaqiri.


Offside. It's better. You might argue that the only run he has made,


Seferovic, but it is a decent one. Much butter from Switzerland. Never


made it into a knockout match in a tournament since they beat Germany


in a replay of a first-round game of the 1938 World Cup. That was staged


in France. Up early this morning, were you? Sad lives we lead. At


least I was up this morning. A good bustling run from the lively


player. Lewandowski. Unlucky. It wasn't too deceptive, the way he


made the first goal for Poland. He just gets away with it. Really,


really clever. Much butter from Switzerland. We


have got a game now. -- better. So often hears the go to player for his


manager, only her second start is played in every one of their


internationals this year, Grosicki. You do wonder about players, don't


you? Suddenly deciding to push on. They are more than capable of doing


so because they are better players. Sommer moving to the Premier League.


A very good Swiss and 21 side reach the European finals a few years


back. -- U21 side. Shaqiri. Good shot carried away. Almost with


nonchalance by Fabianski but a brilliant move. Important for Poland


now to whether this footballing storm.


They used to call in the woodcutter in French football because it works


so hard, always putting in a decent shot. Also, the plumber.


It very nearly came all the way through them. An important shot.


He's had a much better game, hasn't he, Rodriguez. He's done his best


going forward. In the World Cup he was outstanding. He could be


available at Wolfsburg. Another good Clarence thereby Djourou. Grosicki


coming in. Milik on the far post. I think the problem was, first of all,


he overran the ball little bit. His touch was not brilliant. He's had to


have an extra touch. It wasn't a great cross. Another mistake. Onto


his left foot, Blaszczykowski. That's exactly how we scored his


goal of the other day against the Ukraine. Exactly in terms of coming


in, left foot, and a decent save by Sommer. They are making too many


mistakes for a team to go through. Djourou, once he came inside,


starting to struggle a little bit, the former Arsenal defender. 64th


International. Boruc is putting down a good stint


on the touchline. Coming towards the dugout. He will be coming on in a


minute. Bounces to Dzemaili. Schar.


Grosicki. I hope he meant that. Brilliant skill. Stay down with the


pressure. Nothing wrong with you, get on with it. Mehmedi. In control.


He's a good tournament. Terrible challenge. Schar. He's absolutely


clouted Lewandowski. Yellow card. Fortunate. You could see it coming.


That is second in the tournament so he will miss the quarterfinal. It is


a shocker. Caught both feet. Lewandowski knows


that is coming. What has astonished me, the amount of protest from the


Swiss. Lichtsteiner is leading it, not a surprise. The amount of


protest at the yellow card. Yes, what do the new rules say? That will


of been a red card. They're going to make a change, by the way. Embolo is


going to come on. This is Shaqiri's shot. Stating the obvious.


A good chance, wasn't it, either side of him? The Swiss fans think


Lewandowski is making a meal of this.


CROWD BOOS Lichtsteiner has been caught. I'm


not sure if he has really caught him. He's absolutely made the most


of this. No, the left-back court. I would like to see this again -- the


left-back court him. I think it's so close to the Lewandowski Fowler. The


referee has decided it's a yellow card. Behave yourself.


Glik, a hard man, but last summer he came up with a lot of money, stocked


up a lot of money to pay for a pitch back in his own state. A substitute


here. I'm surprised that bad, he's been quite good. They're not


surprised about Embolo, we are surprised about Dzemaili.


Seferovic loses out. I pity those poor people who put money on him


scoring first in the game. Could be quite far away, as well. You are


buying tonight! Here is Behrami. The raw pace and energy and hunger.


Seferovic, headed away. Straight across your area.


Shaqiri is merely on the end of that. Seferovic, one touch too many.


Kurt have released two Mehmedi and now Poland can release Grosicki on


the left-hand side. Lewandowski. It's a bit world-weary there, as he


picked themselves up, Lewandowski. Quite a few Polish players aren't


here through injury. Pazdan has had a good tournament.


Rodriguez. Guess who is in there again, just sneaking the ball away.


Definitely got promise, Embolo, the 9-year-old Basle player, the


19-year-old Basle player. Just past the hour and it's got very


scrappy. And it's getting a little bit tetchy. That's not a bad thing.


Coming up after this match Wales take on Northern Ireland in the Parc


de Prince from a place in the Euro 2016 of.


Seferevic with the header. Embolo. This is priceless.


Gone back with Easby Poland. -- won back with ease by Poland.


He's wandered from flank to flank, Admir Mehmedi, the Swiss number 18,


but he's had little change. There's space for Behrami but his


first touch was poor. Three to attack the box on the edge of the


penalty area. If he looks up... The winners of this will play the


winners of Croatia viewer Portugal. L play the winners of Croatia viewer


Portugal. -- Croatia versus Portugal. Rodriguez, dangerous cross


in and a strong challenge by Embolo. He's allowed to go for it. And the


referee allowed it. He's allowed to go for it. Absolutely fine. And the


Polish players haven't made a great deal of it, have they. They are more


interested in getting behind the goal. That's a real dig around the


ribs. I don't know why the Swiss fans are


jeering him. It is a ball that Gerry Armstrong in the commentary box


would have gone for in the older days. I have to disagree. He would


never have got that! LAUGHTER.


Djourou to Rodriguez. Full-back, one of the great full-backs of all times


is sitting alongside news the French commentary box.


Milik's gone down. He just stood on his foot. Rodriguez looks for


Embolo. Another important header away but the danger signs are


flashing for Poland. I think this is just an accident.


He's gone over on his ankle. On the outside of his ankle. The Swiss fans


howl. There you go. That was a genuine injury. He turned his ankle.


Howling from the Swiss fans, who make up around about I would say


certainly a third of the crowd. 38,842 are here in the sunshine.


Here comes the corner. Lichtsteiner, away by Glik. Mehmedi. Throw to


Switzerland. A change might freshen things up.


Shaqiri. Straight at the goalkeeper. The other thing as well, it's very


hot here isn't it? Very, very hot. Eren Derdiyok is coming on for


Switzerland. He is now in Turkey playing for Kasimpasa. An


experienced striker. It's 79 degrees in old money in this part of France


at the moment. What is that in Celsius, Mark, do we


know? We don't. You're right. Derdiyok is going to come on, and


Mehmedi is going to go off. Whether he's got a problem, I don't know.


It's 26. You are the perfect modern man. Somebody just told me.


The player they just brought on, Derdiyok. Scored with his very first


touch in international football against England, I seem to remember.


He's a player who is capable of scoring a hat-trick against Germany.


We'll see what effect he has on this game.


Embolo rushed on to it a little bit. He's come out to the Mehmedi


position, with Seferovic and Derdiyok in the middle. Good work


again by Poland. Lewandowski. Lewandowski was clipped. Maczynski.


Can he hit it from there? That was a bit like, like coming in from that


right-hand side, left foot. I'm not sure. Shaqiri. You can tell people


are getting tired. It is starting to open out here. Lichtsteiner. Bundled


over. A tired challenge from Maczynski gives Switzerland a free


kick. We must remember that Rodriguez took the one in the first


half. Would this not be Shaqiri territory? Since the World Cup


finals of 2014... That's not a foul. That's just a fella falling over. Of


26 Switzerland goals, 12 have come from set pieces. Pieces. What has


Vladimir Petkovic told his players to do? Shaqiri is there. Looks like


Rodriguez again, is it? He's lining up. Xhaka can hit a ball, you know.


It's going be Rodriguez, isn't it? Unless it is a dummy for a


short-step Shaqiri, so the goalkeeper can't move quickly


enough. Poland with all 11 around their own


penalty area. Lewandowski is the only player outside the box. Can


Switzerland level here? Rodriguez... Lovely save. A great save that is. I


think he might have gone with his right hand, has he not? Seemed to be


easier to go with his left. A really good free kick and a splendid piece


of goalkeeping. They're getting closer. Headed wide by Schar.


Good goalkeeping from the Swansea man.


Last October when he last conceded an international goal, Fabianski.


Piszczek. Off balance, couldn't get there. Fernandes knew exactly.


Shaqiri. Xhaka. Slowed it down. The referee playing the advantage.


Shaqiri. The crowd didn't realise. The spinning top in there. Derdiyok


walks along the edge of the box. Lichtsteiner, Embolo, trying to get


it back to him. Grosicki. Into Milik. Tidy by Poland. Yeah, good


play. Slow it right down. Just over a quarter of an hour to go.


A frustrated challenge. How much did Arsenal pay for him? ?30 odd


million. Sterling? One doesn't know these days.


Grosicki. Lewandowski. Lewandowski from Milik. Lewandowski shoots...


And that's his tournament in a nutshell. It certainly is. Might


have another game to score though. Here comes Gelson Fernandes for


Behrami. He is holding the back of his


hamstring. Gelson Fernandes was was a Saint-Etienne player for a little


while. Rodriguez looks for Derdiyok. Gelson Fernandes has played for


Manchester City. Poland have had to live down the


legends of the '70s side. Third in the World Cup final in Germany and


then in Spain eight years later. Wonderful players they had.


Manchester City fans will remember. And the big goalkeeper. . Do you


remember the centre forward, Lubanski. He embarrassed Bobby Moore


in a game didn't he? He did. Shaqiri with 12 minutes to go. Aimed


at Derdiyok. Handball, was it? Djourou with the shot... Seferevic


has had a stinker. Come so close. It's a great strike. He is very


fortunate. Switzerland so close. Suddenly he's


come alive, Seferovic. Injury Djourou had a good chance in there.


Rodriguez's right foot. No chance. Wonderful noise from the Swiss fans.


Derdiyok, in the din that is Saint-Etienne. Can they fight their


way back in this and deny Poland the first of the quarterfinal slots?


Gelson Fernandes. Seferovic. Where has he been all day?! Shaqiri.


Spirited stuff here from the Swiss. Rodriguez. Corner ball.


The delivery has been good from their corners for Switzerland. This


is their seventh of the day. Embolo on the edge of the six-yard area.


Came off a defender. Might have hit Milik in there.


Shaqiri takes it. The referee's not happy.


Seferovic. They had a couple more days, Switzerland, to get ready for


this. I wonder if that's left them the stronger side fizzically. That


from Shaqiri. Rodriguez back into the mix. Kamil Glik.


No way forward for Lichtsteiner. Shaqiri.


It's been a much better second half. Rodriguez, good block by the goal


scorer. Lichtsteiner has come away to the left-wing. Seferovic with the


touch. Shaqiri! CHEERING. Stunning! Absolutely


stunning! The little man has opened up the magic box and produced a


piece of wizardry. It is the proverbial goal out of nothing. An


absolutely fantastic finish. Small centre of gravity as well. Just look


at that. The edge of the 18-yard box. How has he managed to do that?


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Fabianski had no chance. Technique,


fantastic. Ronaldo's goal was special the other night, but that is


candidate for goal of the tournament. It is a wow moment. You


come to football and you hope to see a breathtaking moment, and that was


one. Very, very special. And they deserve it. Yes, they do, in the


second half. Big Dan said at half-time that


Poland have never lost at this stage of a championship? They are wobbling


now, Mark. Possibly with extra time there is only one team that looks


stronger at the moment. Schar. Shaqiri's bossing the show now,


running it. It could well be that the Polish manager has to take off


one of the big egos of his team. Is he big enough as a coach to do that?


Lewandowski and Milik carry knocks anyway. Piszczek has had a good


game. They can't lose this one. He's the


glue that sticks it all together. Switzerland have lost possession in


the last quarter of an hour. Maczynski, too far for


Blaszczykowski at this stage I would think. It's a waste isn't it. Just


look at Poland. You feel they need an injection of something.


5-and-a-half minutes to go plus stoppage time and then an extra


half-hour perhaps. There's one off the cross war. Tra half-hour


perhaps. There's one off the cross war. -- crossbar.


The first half Poland had by far the better opportunities. The second


half, it's been the other way round. Here's Rodriguez. Lichtsteiner in


the sunshine. There still could be one big moment in this tournament


for him. But Shaqiri has been brilliant. Fabianski has bounced off


Blake. M. But Shaqiri has been brilliant. Fabianski has bounced off


Blake. -- off Glik. That's woketon Swiss supporters up.


The first goal Poland have conceded in these finals. They were always


going to need something special, and goodness me it was. I didn't realise


at first how far out he was. A lot of those fans will have come here


for the day. Easy access for them on the motorway network, down from


Geneva. He could be suffering massive


burn-out from the Bayern Munich season. Piszczek keeps it in.


Drilled back into the middle. Out by Fernandes.


That's a corner to Poland. Both centre-back shoving their intent.


In comes the corner kick. Glik on the half term, blocked by Djourou.


Two centre-backs two attempts. Look at that. You can't coach that.


It's astonishing. He has got to go backwards. Just to reach the ball.


And then, to get the technique absolutely 100% right... And very


good second half. He is totally run the game. That's exactly what he can


do. Grosicki is off and running. Offside. Good job, as well, he was


away. But reluctant to make changes. Adam Nawalka. I wonder if it's


because he's gambling on their being 30 minutes of extra time? One minute


of the 90 left. Rodriguez. Embolo. Fernandes. Switzerland have


made their changes. Effectively. A gap opens up there. Drawn away to


the corner flag didn't make great contact there. He believed the


count. Another very good ball in. Works it out to the right. Four


minutes of stoppage time to be played. Just can't pass it, Poland.


They have not passed well throughout the competition, Poland.


A terrible ball out wide. Lewandowski.


He was in an attacking position there. And chasing. Comes through to


Piszczek. Fernandez, protecting. Djourou, stuttering steps. Both


sides now we'll settle for another half-hour.


He has won a free kick. It's a long way out in terms of his shot,


though. I wonder if Milik will have a go at this? I think he wants to.


He is the man, a Polish player with a terrific left foot. He's had a


wonderful season with Ajax. 24 goals in Dutch football. Dennis Bergkamp


says he has a wonderful left foot. Can you leave us with a spellbinding


moment at the end of this round of 16 games? No, you can't. No, hits it


a little bit flat, didn't he. Other games he's played in the tournament,


he was defective. He was not great against Ukraine either.


Foul, in possession. He's another game, hasn't he? -- had a good game.


FULL-TIME WHISTLE It goes to extra time. Six minutes


before half-time with a classic counterattack. Shaqiri levelled it


up. An extra half an hour of this. 1-1.


STUDIO: Thank you, gentlemen. The first game will be decided either by


extra Time Which penalty. If you're just tuning in, getting ready for


games with Wales against Northern Ireland, kick off at 5pm in Paris.


We'll have the build-up for you, slightly curtailed because this game


has gone on longer than expected. You said at half-time what you would


like to see from Switzerland. Most of that, they produced a completely


different game in the second half. A really positive result on the front


foot, move the ball more quickly, got more men forward, played with an


energy we had not seen. From Poland's point of view, they dropped


off, they tried to do deal with what I had but what a wonderful goal for


it to turn round. I concur exactly. It was just a different mindset and


the second half. Clearly the manager got to that players and Poland just


dipped so. Not many players could have scored that goal. Such is his


power. An outstanding goal to beat a goalkeeper like Fabianski. I think


we have 38 different angles lined up for you. A wonderful strike from


Shaqiri. It was that good, I almost feel bad for talking over it, to be


honest with you. He is a player who has got that type of technique and


capability of doing it. As the ball is going away from him, he's had to


take a couple of steps back from the 18-yard box. When he lands it, he


knows he has connected well with the ball. In off the post. Nothing


Fabianski can do about that. You could watch that over and over


again. Absolutely brilliant. To do that, the power to launch himself


into the air. Before the game, you talked about him playing in areas


where he could make a difference. That happened in the second half.


Whether he was told by his manager or not, he took it upon himself to


get in areas where he could control the game and make things happen. He


is always better essentially when he has more options left and right. I


do think he gets trapped on the right. He has had some criticism


recently. It is 1-1, extra time. Switzerland against Poland. This is


the opportunity which came back off the bar. Look at the amount of


bodies in the box. It comes off a set piece. Seferovic was quiet in


the first half came to life in the second half. It's a fantastic


effort. That's when the momentum started to go their way. You were


talking about the quality of Fabianski as a goalkeeper and he


made an excellent save from Rodriguez. He showed his quality


with a dead ball in the second half. The first one was 39 yards out and


this one was a bit closer. You saw the quality he had. Fabianski, the


speed across goal, he does not panic, Newby did well, and it's an


outstanding save. The keeper was in good form full it was going to take


something special to beat Fabianski today. I was particularly pleased.


Very brave. Do you think that Shaqiri goal, towards the end of the


second half, was it better than Ronaldo? You've got to put them in


category of importance. I think the technical elements to that goal were


phenomenal. The acrobatics. To actually get the strike on the ball,


get his team back into it with ten minutes to go, for me it's the best


goal of the tournament. Who has got the advantage here? Switzerland look


stronger which surprises me. I would expect of a Polish to have been good


athletically but, at the moment, Switzerland. I wouldn't back against


Lewandowski scoring the winner. He surely got to do something for his


nation now. Your country is calling. OK, it's going to be decided by


extra time or penalty. We will bring you all of that and don't forget,


Wales against Northern Ireland live on BBC One kicking off at 5pm. As


soon as that finishes, we'll go to that. Right now, it's all about


Switzerland and Poland making it through into the quarterfinals.


Let's go back to our commentators. Acra commentator thank you,


COMMENTATOR: Thank you, Dan. The shade is creeping out from the main


stand. In the stadium. Renovated for these finals. Poland gets us off in


extra time, in white. Switzerland, if you've just joined us, a special


goal in the first half and then this little man scored a wonderful goal.


Shaqiri. Derdiyok was caught. He's had a very good game. He has indeed.


Since kick-off, Poland have smashed the ball forward, straight back to


Switzerland. You wonder now whether those extra minutes to prepare will


count in Switzerland's favour. A very hot afternoon. Rodriguez with


the free kick. In it comes, disappointingly short. Milik gets it


away. Lichtsteiner. Not a good ball into Shaqiri. Another chance now.


Held onto it. Switzerland look physically


stronger. And mentally stronger now. Yes, they do. Neither team has won a


knockout game in the European finals. Embolo get it wide. The


goalkick has now been given. Has it? Surely should have been given. Yes,


has to be. I think the referee was looking at is two assistance in that


corner. 20 yards from each other? Anthony Taylor behind the goal. Jack


Collins on the far side. That's him over there.


Milik has not exactly been industrious. He's got to make sure


that ball went out of play. Kung fu Pazdan was his nickname when he


tackled Shane Long chest height in Ireland. I remember that. Here is


Shaqiri. One of its other nicknames in football is the piranha.


Really trying to push the fullbacks on again, Poland now. Trying to draw


Switzerland out, but they are just sat there saying, good on then, try


and play through us. Pazdan. An extra touch allowed there.


They've allowed him to play that. Derdiyok. Pazdan. That's a foul on


Milik. The referee is saying, play on. Piszczek. Just keeps coming


back. Embolo tries to cake Piszczek up.


Lots of rumours linking him with a move to the Premier League. Maybe he


needs another season. I would say so. Good touch on by Seferovic.


Rodriguez. Shaqiri. You could see, if he hits it from where he, is it


has a better chance of going in. Foul. Anticipated that the challenge


would come in. Took the bump. Surely the Poles need to make a change, as


they're absolutely flat. I wonder whether the player from


Liverpool would come on and inject something, as they need that,


Poland. That's not been given. Schar. Xhaka. Embolo needed to be


careful in there. England and Wales follows this.


Don't go anywhere. Wales against Northern Ireland I


mean. Blaszczykowski has just disappeared


out of the scene, Mark. Northern Ireland supporters in


Paris, a wonderful scene. Even afterwards they were singing the


songs an hour after full time in the stadium. It was great fun. The Welsh


as well. They lit up these finals, the Republic of Ireland, the other


night in Lille. Lewandowski, good movement by


Poland. Gets the return. Trying to play the extra pass. He stopped


though. Piszczek just stopped on him. A little bit better from


Poland. Retained the ball longer and better.


That was sporting from Derdiyok. Surely they are going to make a


substitution regardless. They are going to have to. They are just


letting the game drift. Tomasz is going to come on. A defensive


midfielder. They are getting him ready. Should be like-for-like.


Wonderful scenes. And now the Swiss at the other end


are responding. That's the noise you can hear.


They probably don't want to send on the replacement. Switzerland have it


with Schar. A decent game. Shaqiri. On to his left foot, looking for


Derdiyok. Derdiyok didn't read what he was


trying to do, Shaqiri. Here comes the first of the Polish


changes. Changes. Off goes Maczynski, who had problems with the


cramp, and on comes Tomasz Jodlowiec from Warsaw. That's like-for-like


isn't it? It is. Approaching 50 caps now for Poland, Jodlowiec. He nearly


got that challenge. The ball was cleared away. Might have -- might


not have made the starting line up, Jodlowiec, but he had an Achilles


injury. They might make another change. They are going to send on a


winger, Peszko. Peszko. He can play on either side as a second forward.


A bit of a controversial character in the past. He is a live wire.


Wolves fans will remember him, as he was at Wolves for a little while. I


At this stage, which team wants to go on and win this in the next 20


minutes? Looking at this, the extra time, neither team. I think it's


more of a case of trying to make a mistake. Both teams collectively. We


do have a plethora of extra times here. I hope they are entertaining.


Did well there, the left back. Rodriguez up towards Derdiyok. Well


played. Handled that really well, threw the foul out of Pazdan. Here


comes the substitution. You will hear the Wales Northern Ireland team


news at half-time in extra time. Dan will have that ready for you. Off


goes Grosicki and on comes Peszko. It's almost become walking football,


this. This is such a gamble isn't it.


Rodriguez. Shaqiri. Seferovic. Oh, dear. Kept


in well by Xhaka. Shaqiri wants it. To Lichtsteiner on a tight space.


He's gone beyond his man and he was fouled. That could be a yellow card.


He could get away with a talking to. Lichtsteiner wants a yellow. Just


come on. No, he's saying, I will allow you that one. One minute of


stoppage time at the end of the first half of extra time.


Shaqiri. High, through and away. You know your research, would you know


in what language the Swiss communicate in? No. Fair enough.


Swiss fans in our hotel last night German speaking. French speaking? A


lot of them are of Kosovan extract. Half-time, extra time in


Saint-Etienne. There may be penalties.


STUDIO: We're back for the second half of extra time at the moment. We


are looking at the Parc de Princes where Wales and Northern Ireland


face each other shortly. Hennessy in goal for Wales. Unchanged. Chester


Williams and Davis. Gunther and Taylor with Ledley and Allen


protecting Ramsay and Bale. They've score in evidence game so far. Ram


Vokes keeps his place up top. He was excellent for Northern Ireland


against Russia. One change to tell you about in a moment. Macaulay and


Cathcart have been excellent. Macaulay scored against Ukraine. It


is Kyle Laffertity who comes in for Conor Washington that. Game is


kicking off at 5.00pm. Gary, Alan Shearer, that will follow the


conclusion of this, the first game in a round of 16. Will it be extra


time? Will it be ten pis for Switzerland or Poland? Back to JP.


If it does go to penalties, let's hope that Switzerland are more


accurate than they were in the World Cup finals in 2006 against Ukraine.


They didn't hit their target in any of the first three. Well, the first


half of extra time was a waste of time. Poland have played one penalty


shoot-out before, they played against New Zealand. It was in


Thailand, a Four Nations championship. That's going back


about 16 or 17 years ago. They didn't miss one that day.


Contrasting fortunes. Let's hope it doesn't go to penalties. And off we


go. If you've just joined us, Switzerland are all in red, kicking


right to left. And nothing's happening! Took an extra touch,


Pazdan has been brilliant for Poland. The maestro this midfield


took it down. Peszko. Foul. It was a, he is a feisty character. He was


once banned from the squad. There was an incident. A taxi driver was


involved. Not sure what happened, but he got banned from the squad as


a result. A changed character now, they say.


Come on, we need one moment of brilliance, please. The game started


well. It's been illuminated by the two goals. But in the annals of


history it will not go down as a classic. Peszko. He's done well.


Lewandowski. Quick to smother him. He works extremely hard, goals or no


goals. Never stops working. Derdiyok takes the run from Shaqiri. Embolo


wants it on the right-hand side side. That was a tired pass. Should


have cut it out. Embolo. Good tackle. Played well.


Again, he has a little bit of space. He can move forward, draw a defender


and get the pass away. Or go for goal! Should have been one of those


three. That was a poor ball. Shaqiri still


looks bright and fresh. Squeezes the pass to Xhaka. That came in affair


pace. Great position to be in defensively. Great finishing. He's


only 27, Kamil Glik. He is at Torino, not one of the bigger


Italian clubs. He might be soon. He might interest a few. Rodriguez will


curl this away. Shaqiri. Corner kick given. I think we've said before,


their delivery at so many corn kicks has er much better. This is their


tenth corner. Might have been a foul there. He felt so. Here's Xhaka.


On-side, Shaqiri. Needs support. He was always going to do that. Chips


into the middle. Headed away. He's done that on two or three occasions


in the game. You know what he's going to do, from seeing him play so


many times. Absolutely sold them. Piszczek got it away. 11 minutes


left of extra time. Shaqiri. Will Derdiyok be the target in toward the


near post? Nearly came to Derdiyok at the far. Hit away by Tomasz


Jodlowiec. Xhaka. Neatly done. Rodriguez with


the cross. Lewandowski needs runners. Lewandowski still working.


Took a buffeting again. The free kick given against Gelson Fernandes.


He's had about three fouls in the space of 20 seconds, Gelson


Fernandes. Lewandowski, draws another foul. He's taken some hits.


He always gets up, you know. Generally we agree it's been a poor


game. It was worth seeing that moment of absolute brilliance from


Shaqiri. A yellow here for Pazdan. Rolled Derdiyok to the ground. Yeah,


he looks bothered. He's made a difference since coming


on, Derdiyok. Xhaka. Djourou. They can bring it


out. Zac o'clock have to open things up.


It is too tight towards Rodriguez, so he opens things up to Djourou.


Shaqiri awaits. Schar. No great movement on the edge of the box.


Shaqiri sees movement. Brilliant goalkeeping! What a chance that is.


Shaqiri is the only person on the field who saw this pass. Nice run,


late run, on-side. Good save. Suddenly Derdiyok made the move and


it was spotted. That's brilliant goal keeping from Fabianski. You


have to score from there though to win games. If you look at their


changes, they are trying to win the game, the Swiss. Shaqiri with the


corner. Fabianski comes, big punch. Xhaka gets it out wide to Shaqiri.


Brilliant ball. He was caught. I wonder whether he could have used


the advantage. The problem is it is coming out of the sky to Shaqiri and


he has got a man on him. This position would be much better,


surely. He's telling Xhaka, you take it.


They are having a committee meeting here, six of them! Derdiyok is it?


It's going to be Derdiyok. Eren Derdiyok. Can he win it for


Switzerland? No, will be the answer to that. I don't think it ever


actually started on the goal at any stage of its flight.


Polish fans at the other end of the ground have been in fine voice. They


want a few more days in France don't they. Schar. Legs a little bit


tired. That's offside is it? Free kick. Throw in. I think he blew for


a free kick. Here's Rodriguez. Handballed up to Embolo. He'll get


there first. He's quick. Kept his eyes glued on the ball. Just trying


to bundle his way in, Embolo. There's a lot of fuss here in the


newspapers s a lot of fuss here in the newspapers about Breel Embolo -


where is he going t when is he going to go? He's too early I think. He


has some rough edges. He's got the basics. Just shy of 100 games, over


30 goals. Five minutes before we go to penalties. The second half of


extra time has been much better. We had a second ball on the pitch. It


wasn't difficult in comparison with the first, because it? Rodriguez.


Seferovic. Xhaka. Lichtsteiner. Embolo. Back to the full-back. Three


in the middle to hit. They'll settle for that. Shaqiri on the corner, I


would have thought. Interesting to see Pazdan down there


urging more effort from the forward players. He'll probably tell them to


be strong when marking. A corner kick. Lewandowski was certainly


strong. He hasn't had a good tournament but he has certainly not


hid today. Rodriguez. Extra touch. Djourou. Just squeezed up. That's


one for the team if there ever was one.


Lewandowski, too far. That's been the first time for an hour you've


mentioned Milik. Seferovic. He's got stronger as the game's gone on.


Looks for Derdiyok! The ball breaks him. He just can't sort his feet


out, because he is still in flight. More cramp, Pazdan. Seferovic has


been so much better since he chucked him out on the left-wing. Just get


the bounce of the ball. Just can't reach, can he. They have had more of


the ball. Had more efforts on target. It is still 1-1. That's the


stat that matters. He was downhill as well, Fabianski.


78 years since Switzerland made it through a knockout match in a major


finals. If it comes to penalties, who will hold their nerve? He


should, Lewandowski. He's scored enough of them. Gelson Fernandes


busy again. Peszko went to go long and came in short. Took it up again.


They've been the harder working team, Switzerland, by some way. They


went a goal down before they started playing. Piszczek... It went by the


goalkeeper and they are shore clears it. Just want drop for the nearest


man in terms of the opposition. I bet he eyes lit up. AR I bet he


eyes lit up. -- I bet his eyes lit up. Seferovic was the man who went


back in there. Last minute of the 120. Glik. Mark Clattenburg has


signalled to his assistants. Extra time finishes. Switzerland 1,


Poland 1, so the first of the round of 16 games will be decided any


moment now on penalties. STUDIO: So it will be decided by 12


yards. We'll bring you the penalties live. Switzerland couldn't get past


Poland. Poland couldn't get past Switzerland. This is the first game


in the round of 16 at the euros and it's together all the way. Just a


reminder. Reminder. Some of you are getting ready for Wales against


Northern Ireland. Kick-off is at 5 o'clock in the Parc de Princes. This


is the first time in a major tournament the two home nations have


met. The Wales and Northern Ireland fans have been in Paris sing,


dancing, enjoying they'll all day. They are ready for this. We are


ready as well. We'll bring you that whole game live following this.


Wales are unchanged from their match against Russia. Northern Ireland


made one change, Kyle Laffertity has come in for Conor Washington. And


Gerry Armstrong said it is 34 years to the day that he scored that goal


against Spain. What will happen in that game? What will happen in this


game? Switzerland taking own Poland. Decided from spot kicks. Martin,


you've lost and won on penalties. Danny you won a League Cup penalty.


It is horrible but it is gripping. It certainly. Is maybe Switzerland


deserve to go through. Shaqiri, a fantastic goal he scored. They were


the better team. But now nights the lap of the gods.


Fabianski looks confident. I would be betting on him. I think he's been


terrific. It is a lottery, but it would be interesting to see if they


have a strategy or if they go off the cup. It will be interesting to


see how many of those take penalties within their club as well. Those are


the ones that will be very confident. Stepping up to take


penalties. It is one of those situations you can't repfully Kate


in training. On the day, it's who can handle the pressure best. It is


so much about mental strength. It is a big moment for managers and


coaches to get the players prepared. They will have practised. They will


know it is an opportunity for one to reach the quarterfinal. It is


interesting to see which team is more positive. Both teams are


focused. Determined. If you are going to miss, miss being positive


and then you can live with yourself. Yourself. Go up there and take a


proper penalty. They should have been practising where they are going


to go. The manager should know where each player is going to go. You know


what it is like, extra time, the legs are tired and the goal looks


smaller. Alan Shearer once said, don't change your mind. Martin, it's


toughn't isn't it? Martin, you said Lewandowski has to step up for his


country. Everybody has the opportunity to be a hero. When he


comes up to take his, who will be under more pressure than him? He's


done nothing today. Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, nearly Lennon and Dean


Saunders are standing by to bring you Wales against Northern Ireland.


After penalties we'll build up to that huge game, Saturday team time.


Back to Saint-Etienne, because it will be decided from spot kicks.


Switzerland or Poland will be in the quarterfinals. Quarterfinals. Which


country will get there this to guide you through it Mark Lawrenson and


Jonathan Pearce. Thank you. The only Polish penalty, against Gibraltar.


Rodriguez of Switzerland has scored three penalties for his club this


season in one of the qualifiers against San Marino. Djourou scored


from the spot. Embolo as well. Lewandowski has hammered them in.


The penalties, Mark, are at the sunnier end of the ground. The goal


away to our left-hand side rather than the shaded goal mouth to the


right. I'm not sure if it makes that much massive difference. I will ask


you a question. If you are a striker, surely you want to take a


personality? Well, I think the first penalty will be taken by


Lichtsteiner. He's ready early. He's ready for Fabianski. He has gone


very early. He is very experienced. Fourth major finals. 84


internationals. Captain. Title winner, double winner with Juventus.


Places the ball flat on the spot. First penalty of euro 16. Round of


16. Lichtsteiner for Switzerland... Fabianski dives. Places in, as


simple as that. The captain is leading by example. Lichtsteiner,


the Swiss skipper. 1-0. And up goes Lewandowski, the captain of Poland.


Hasn't scored in these finals. Will it be a haunted finals for


Lewandowski? A great penalty. For a man allegedly with no confidence,


that was a fantastic penalty. A super strike. This is the man


Arsenal have invested a lot of money in. Granit Xhaka. Left footed... Oh,


way, way, way wide! OMG! He just smashed that into the crowd. Wow!


That was absolutely nowhere near. That is one of the worst penalties


you will see in an international spot kick shoot-out. That's a


shocker. This is Milik. Will he give Poland the advantage? Couldn't keep


it out. Advantage Poland! He dived both ways, correctly for the first


two. But really unlucky there. Look at that again. I think he should


have saved it. He had got that much on it. This is the man whose goal


took us to extra time. It's a goal you will see again and again,


because it was brilliant. Can he do it from this spot? If he doesn't,


Switzerland are right up against it. Xherdan Shaqiri of Stoke City and


Switzerland... Very well done. Never in doubt really. 2-2 on spot kicks.


Had a terrific goal-scoring season in Italian football. Best ever for a


defender. He screamed it in, but the goalkeeper made a valiant effort. He


did. 3-2 Poland lead. Three excellent Polish penalties.


Here's Schar. He scored Switzerland's first goal in these


finals. The pressure is on. Centre half. Oh, neatly done, sir. It is


neatly done, but Fabianski seemed to go really early again. Still have


the advantage. He scored the Polish goal. This for a 4-3 lead.


He hasn't missed yet. And he doesn't miss! Which means that Rodriguez


will have to score. Unless it goes in here from Riccardo


Rodriguez, this guy takes most of the free kicks, so he's used to a


little bit of the pressure. Scored three for his club this season.


Season. Rodriguez, a stuttering run... Well put away. No pressure


now then. Milik is it? It's the old man of the side in terms of the way


he's played his football in these finals. He calms them all down. They


say he is the glue that keeps Poland together. Can he send them through?


To win it for Poland... And he does! Poland are into the quarterfinals


for the first time ever! Swiss hearts are broken. Never in doubt.


If you look at the Polish five penalties. Outstanding. They deserve


to win it on the penalty shoot-out alone. Switzerland with a marvellous


equaliser in the normal game. Brilliant goal by Shaqiri levelling


up the first. Polish goal. Switzerland hit the bar. Switzerland


came close but when it came to that, Poland had their nerve and Poland




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