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Wales v Northern Ireland

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It is Wales against Northern Ireland for a place in the quarterfinals of


Euro 2016. What an occasion for the players, management and fans of both


countries. Kick-off is around 15 minutes away at the Parcs des


Princes. Tensions are building and that is just in the studio, where


Dean Saunders and Neil Lennon will be refereed by Alan Shearer. Been,


the Welsh, joint top scorers in this competition, unusual position for


them to -- position for them to get through to this stage of the finals.


Unbelievable. I didn't think we would get through the group, but we


have played so well and got through the group so easy and the game today


is the biggest in the history of Welsh football, for me. Probably the


biggest in Northern Ireland history as well. They came through a tough


group, conceded two goals, lots of back to the wall stuff. That is the


way they play, Michael has built the team on a defensive foundation. We


know we haven't got the class of other countries but again, we are


talking about the team spirit, the team itself, very important and


fundamentally, it will be more or less the same again today. These


teams met at the Aviva Stadium five years ago in front of 529 fans. Bit


different today. How do you see? I think it will be tied, Northern


Ireland will do what they have done in previous games, which is sit


tight and they are playing against the player of the tournament so far,


Gareth Bale, at the peak of his career and it will be fascinating to


see how they attempt to stop him. One of the big features for both


sides so far has been the support of their fans, not just out here in


France, but also at home. Here is a taste of what it means to Northern


Ireland. Best of luck for denied, boys.


Everybody at home is already so proud. Nice was nice, Leon was


legendary, but Paris was practice for tonight. With King Michael


O'Neill, our hero and his brave warriors will slay those Welsh


dragons. This is a little piece of Northern Ireland football history.


Knowing that you will have support like never before. You are our


heroes and the supporters have played so well. You will beat Wales


tonight. -- behaved so well. I will be there in my Northern Ireland


shirt, bring Will Grigg on for the last ten minutes. I can't find Will


anywhere, he is still on fire somewhere.


# Will Grigg is on fire... I had a dream that one day Robbie


Savage, way Wilkins and all the rest of them yap yap yap is eat their


words -- Ray Wilkins. Green and white army, green and white army...


Come on, Northern Ireland! Come on, Northern Ireland! Green and white


army! Yes, some great stuff there. Tell me


about the reaction in Northern Ireland, Neal. It has captured the


imagination of everyone. This is what we have been craving for a long


time. You guys being English, you know what it is like to be in major


tournaments time and again but for us, the first time in 34 years. We


love our bubble and they have given so much pride to the people back


home and the people here in Paris today, it means so much. -- we love


our football. This is the biggest game in our history. There is no one


left in Ireland. They are drinking Paris dry, they know the beer is


cheaper now. In the tournament so far, least passes, least shots and


the lowest possession, but they are through. Absolutely and they have


found a way that suits them and I don't suspect it will change today,


it will consist of getting nine, ten men behind ball, defending deep and


trying to frustrate Wales and particularly Gareth Bale. Look, you


are practically playing with a back six. Four in front of them


protecting them and it is about frustrating the opposition and then


trying to hit them on the break. I think it actually... They haven't


conceded more than one goal in their last 14 games, so they do it and


they do it well. There is a great camaraderie, great togetherness,


they all seem as if they know what they are doing and it is designed to


frustrate. This is not the same clip, it is a different one. Again,


you have the back six in there, three in front of them, and I think


it will happen again today. Neil, I know you want to come in on that and


say they have to be a bit more adventurous. I'm not being


disrespectful, they were playing Germany the other night, who force


you to play that way at times, that is common sense. I think today they


will have to play more with the ball, especially the midfield three.


They have made a change up front, Lafferty in for Washington, the only


change in the two teams. Conor Washington has run himself into the


ground, Kyle Lafferty is fresh and the opposition will suit him, he


knows what he will come up against, so it is a good choice.


It is just as big a story in Wales, of course. After 58 year wait for


tournament football, Welsh fans are revelling in the moment. Saturday


the 25th of June is a day that people will remember for the rest of


their lives and not only because of the Beach Festival, but because


Wales are going to rise to one of their greatest triumphs of. Come on,


Wales! Bale for Wales, he has done it again! The players, you have been


absolutely fantastic so far. You have made us all proud, Wales are


behind you all the way. It has come to tailor! They are in Dreamland! We


love how you are playing, we are so proud of you. Give it everything,


get the win. Surely this time! Play with passion and just give it to


them, smash it. We know you can do it. We will see you in the


quarterfinals. When it comes between the Battle of


the two fans, it will go to a penalty shoot out, it is tough to


call. The difference between the two sides could be that Wales have a


superstar. Probably, yes. Michael O'Neill's biggest decision today is


whether to press Wales. If he presses Wales, then Gareth Bale is


going to get a bit of space and if you give him space, like Russia did,


he taught them to shreds and I would imagine they won't press today, they


will sit back -- tore them. These are international footballers, look


at them. He makes everybody looked pedestrian on the pitch, he is that


quick and strong. And if you let him get this sort of room, which Russia


did... He won't get that room today against Ireland, because the manager


is a clever man, he has done a brilliant job with the team and he


will stop this happening. Again, he picks the ball up, he gives the


defender five yards, so he is virtually unstoppable, given space.


That is a great ball from Aaron Ramsey and that is a brilliant


finish, a clever finish. So his cause those types of goals, he has


scored nine headers this season, he can run the length of the pitch --


he scores. How do Northern Ireland stop him? That is great footage, you


see him in space but you have to deny him in space and don't take


this the wrong way, hit him early and hit him hard but fair, in the


confines of the game. Injure him on purpose? He is our best player. We


have to stop him hook or by crook, but they have some great players,


Aaron Ramsey and Joe Allen. What might help is that if Neil is right,


they will get close and let him know they are there early and the English


referee is there, Martin Atkinson. Do you think that is a good move


from Uefa? I do, there is a familiarity, he'll know the temper


of the game -- the tempo of the game. Also, Gareth has 21 players on


the pitch with him and it is the biggest game of their careers. He is


used to this, massive games, and he is used to defend sitting they all


do it against Real Madrid. Could be another busy day for Michael


McGovern, who was unbelievably good against Germany. Outstanding, the


amount of says he made, point Blank, all different types and his agility


across the box was fantastic. It is a great shop window for these guys


and he made the most of it against Germany, save after save. What would


worry you for Wales? Set plays. The good thing is we have players who at


their clubs are used to having possession of the ball, so if


Ireland letters have the ball, Bale is used to taking the game, Ramsey


at Arsenal, Neil Taylor, Ashley Williams, they are used to having


the ball. So not only can we counterattack, we can take the game


forward and if you let Gareth Bale have the service around the box...


The worry for us is getting mugged on the counterattack and set plays.


The million dollar question, who will win? I think it will be a draw


and we will win in extra time on penalties. I think Wales will pip it


because of Gareth Bale. Do I need to ask you? I think it will be close,


but we will win. It is time, Northern Ireland against Wales with


Robbie Savage, Gerry Armstrong and Guy Mowbray.


Good evening everyone from the Parc des Princes. Tonight, it is a little


bit of Britain in Europe. Now, there is a thing. The football is back,


thank goodness for that, and it is time to discover which will be the


first home nation to fly their flag into the last eight. Wales versus


Northern Ireland, it is together stronger versus "Dare to dream".


The atmosphere in the last 48 hours in the capital of France, with Welsh


supporters and Northern Irish supporters, has been quite something


to be amongst. On every corner, our party. In every bar, new friendships


being made. Just on hold for a little while, just the next couple


of hours. And familiar faces all around, from


the refereeing team to just about every player involved.


What a moment for everybody involved. In some ways, it doesn't


quite feel real. It is a major tournament, it is Wales, it is


Northern Ireland, it is in Paris. And for whoever wins the game, there


is more of this yet to come. Before the game, there will of


course be the spine tingling moment that will come with the national


anthems. CHEERING


APPLAUSE # Mae hen wlad fy nhadau


yn annwyl i mi # Gwlad beirdd a chantorion,


enwogion o fri # Ei gwrol ryfelwyr,


gwladgarwyr tra mad Thousands in the Welsh Er who for


this one. Some can manage a smile. There's a


lot of if mill art in the greetings. Davies and Vokes come into the game


on a yellow card. This isn't a day to tread with any caution. It's


Martin Atkinson refereeing fo are this one. He knows both sets of


players well. He will be assisted down the sides and down the end by


familiar Premier League colleagues. Michael O'Neill made one change to


his Northern Ireland side with Kyle Lafferty back to lead the attack,


retaking his place in Conor Washington who had started the last


two games. Right back, despite rumours to the contrary, Aaron


Hughes keeps his place much before this Championship he hadn't kicked


off a game since January. All the players have been upstaged by


Michael McGovern whose saves against Jeremy got the side to this game


today. It's tense. But it's really


exciting. Let's have the first words from my colleagues in the commentary


box today, Robbie. You just about wiped your eyes after the anthem?


Great atmosphere. Wales and Northern Ireland fans have created a terrific


atmosphere. All I am going to say is, may the best team win. Gerry


Armstrong you scored the most famous goal in Northern Ireland's history.


I suspect you would like to be upstaged finally today Desperate to


be upstaged today. Kyle Lafferty back into the side. Hopefully he


will lead the line and they will give a good account of themselves


much I agree with Robbie, may the best team win. Michael O'Neill, who


was on great form when he spoke to the media yesterday. He did suggest


that we would have a cagey opening. He said you might find neither


crosses halfway for the first 10 minutes. Let's see. Certainly


Michael McGovern is giving himself a nice feel of the ball and taking


time to study what is set out before him as he clears away. Looking for


Lafferty. Ledley. He finds James Chester.


Chris Gunter will be able to look for Wales main target man up there,


who is Sam Vokes, of Burnley. Met strongly by Gareth McAuley. There's


Bale. His first touch of the match is a flick. It wins Wales a throw.


I think Corey Evans has a big job today for Northern Ireland. Plays


out deep. Ramsey and Bale play as two Number Tens when Wales have


comfortable position. It's important Corey Evans brings Norwood or Davis


next Corey Evans is him. Anchoring the midfield as Jonny Evans sweeps


up at the back here. He needed to. With Bale putting the pressure on.


Strange to think when you have Wales playing the two Evans brothers are


on the other side. Ramsey. That was a push. Martin Atkinson was right


there to see it. Wales get the free-kick. There was a shove in the


back, one of the brothers, first brothers to play in a major


tournament for Northern Ireland. Ashley Williams. Now Aaron Ramsey.


With a mistake. They have been few and far between from him at this


Championship so far. We will see a good battle, the wing-backs, Taylor,


down the left hand side for Wales against Aaron Hughes and Gunter, who


has gone so well this tournament for Wales, down the right hand side


against Jonny Evans so it will be interesting. It will be more Stuart


Dallas at the moment. I think it's three centre-backs at the moment.


Gunter thought about the quick throw for Vokes. It's a more measured


approach. Chester and Williams. James Chester. Game management


important. It's a warm afternoon. Pretty sticky in Paris. Bale.


Looking for Neil Taylor. Taylor used his body. Made sure that Wales won


the throw. Enjoyed the reaction in the camp


when Taylor scored against Russia in the last game. Just when they


thought they had seen everything. Never scored at club level.


It's important Northern Ireland pass the ball. They are doing it well at


the moment. They look quite composed. One of the things I said


to you, Robbie, before hand, Northern Ireland get enough


possession of the ball against Wales who are pretty good in that


department. One of the chants of the tournament is going on. Will Grigg


Is On Fire, again. Waiting for his first opportunity to kick a ball in


the match in France. Michael O'Neill said, he must still be on fire


because we haven't put him out yet. Just overcooked that. Michael


O'Neill won 31 caps, never got to play against Wales. Chris Coleman,


32 for Wales, never faced Northern Ireland. Gerry will be aware, they


are the reigning British Champions, the final Championship 1984 was won


by Northern Ireland. I think Michael O'Neill was right


with his early assessment, it is a cagey start. Both teams sussing each


other out. Ward playing up alongside Lafferty. It's important he gets the


second ball there. Ashley Williams has clattered into Jamie Ward. It


will be a free-kick for Northern Ireland. Useful flick from Lafferty,


nearly, nearly sent ward away. A good flick. Looks like he comes with


his forearm and catches him with his arm, trying to protect himself


there, Ashley Williams, he catches Jamie Ward in the head much he is


playing as a more advanced player. That's good to see I thought they


isolated Kyle Lafferty too much in the game against Poland. Set-pieces


could be key. Seven of Northern Ireland's last 10 goals in


competitive internationals have come from just this sort of situation.


Lafferty leaves it. He then goes for the return. Lafferty knocks it


across. Martin Atkinson ruled he was holding his opt there. -- opponent


there. You know, well-worked set-piece. As you can see, a little


nudge in the back on Gunter. He started the first game, Gerry,


against Poland and never got going. Is this fixture better suited for


him It's a better shape. Players didn't really know what the shape


was and where they were positioned. It's #12r5ig9 forward now. They look


comfortable playing this. It's like a 3-5-2.


-- looking. Comfortable for Michael McGovern. I suspect, whoever


represents him, has had a busy phone over the last few days since that


performance against Germany. There are a few in the old shop window


this afternoon. Northern Ireland moving the ball


around nicely. I think they have settled quicker, Northern Ireland,


as Gerry said. Confident possession, not panicking, no rush. I think


they've started the game slightly better than Wales. McAuley's ball.


Dealt with by Taylor, under pressure from Hughes. Not so much pressure on


Ben Davis. Steven Davis tried to find Lafferty. More time now for


Ashley Williams to find Gunter and then Chester. Joe Allen. Bale.


I tell you what is quite interesting. Every time bale bell


gets the ball Johnny - He's right. Excellent. It looks because of his


stature and because Bale is good in the air they said to Jonny Evans


when he gets the ball you go and press himmed and Dallas comes round


in the cover. Bale breezed past, but couldn't get


the cross over. Allen. Ledley, not accurate enough in


trying to find Ramsey. There might be something on for Northern


Ireland. Davis to Ward. Ward is trying to


shimmy his way past Davis. Opportunity here for Dallas. Well,


he met it well. It was saved well by Wayne Hennessey. I tell you what.


Great counter-attack football from Northern Ireland. Results in a


strike from Stuart Dallas. Good height for Wayne Hennessey.


Excellent save. Well done. Northern Ireland with the lowest


number of shots in the Group stage of the tournament. There's the fist


meaningful one today. Lafferty is the player being watched


most closely. Where is Gareth McAuley going? Wayne Hennessey is


able to catch it unchallenged and trying to set Ramsey away.


Disappointing from the corner kick. You expected a a abouter ball than


that. Northern Ireland is normally good on set plays. I think in that


situation there you would want Gareth Bale where Aaron Ramsey was.


Use his pace. What Gareth Bale is good at, probably better than


Ramsey, defending set-pieces. So good in the air. Chester.


Able to go a long way with it. Not able to find Vokes. Nor is Chris


Gunter able to keep the ball in play. The first 10 minutes have


gone. Wales 0, Northern Ireland 0. Michael O'Neill just slightly the


happier manager at this stage. I would have to agree with that. As


Robbie said, they have settled down quicker and showed real promise on


that last counter-attack movement. There's only been one Northern


Ireland win in the last 13 meetings of these two nations since 1975


of these two nationssince 1975 since 1975. We won it for the


secretary time, 1980. Gerry was on the field. I was. Dallas. Lafferty's


return. Ashley Williams away. Aaron Ramsey has started to drift


forward. Stephen Davis has seen him now.


They'll into Ramsay, couldn't get enough of attach, if any touch --


Gareth Bale into Ramsay, couldn't get enough of attach. Whips it in


and any slight touch or pace on the ball would have troubled the


goalkeeper McGovern. Michael O'Neill did say they are ready to deal with


whatever Gareth Bale has got and it looks like they are going to deal


with it by ganging up on him. Northern Ireland's defence is so


strong, they have not conceded more than one in a game in the last 16


matches they have played. Jamie Ward unable to go over that


one, walking back from being offside, so plenty of time for James


Chester. Chester dispossessed. He didn't have that much time. He is


not going to be punished for it. Allen fortunate to get it back but


uncharacteristically concede possession again. In the group


stage, Wales' attacking threat most of the time came from their


wingbacks. So I can understand why the manager Michael O'Neill has gone


for wingbacks for Northern Ireland today, because the diagonal ball was


on every time against Slovakia and Russia. Didn't do it against England


that much. But good tactics from Michael O'Neill. That is one of the


things I said to you earlier, Michael is clever, you can't really


second-guess him. He thought he would make a change or two, but he


seems to have picked the right side and they have settled down well. Not


a lot between the two sides. Baille climbs high, a gain, two on


him as soon as the ball went near him -- Gareth Bale.


Lafferty wanted it short but did make a run for Stuart Dallas.


Stopped by Ashley Williams, perfectly fairly.


If those players can get going, Allen, Ramsay and mail, it might be


the key for Wales. The three Musketeers, quite fitting in Paris


-- and Gareth Bale. Very tentative start by the boys in


red, Robbie. It certainly is, one good shot from Northern Ireland,


good save by Hennessey, Wales haven't really got into the game


yet. Both teams are comfortable in defending. Taylor tries to get


around. That was the ad ball in the games against Slovakia and Russia,


Ashley Williams from centre-half, but covered Taylor ready well and


Dallas against Chris Gunter has covered it really well. Michael


O'Neill is encouraging the diagonal balls and as it is travelling, the


Northern Ireland players are coming out.


Farallon Chris Gunter. I think he was caught by Stuart Dallas just a


little bit late -- foul on. He just blocks him, there is no doubt that


is a free kick. It is a first word in the ear of the Leeds player from


the Leeds referee. The delivery. Sam Vokes got


connection but not enough direction. All he can do is click it on, the


challenge coming in from Gareth McAuley, and then you hope someone


is gambling and gets on the end of it. It is a wee bit too strong,


though. Just at the moment, the red wall, as


Wales supporters have been dubbed by the Wales players, has been forced


to be a little bit quieter than in some games. Most of the noise is


coming from the green and white end, because of the green and white wall


on the field. There is no way through it.


Lafferty penalised, foul on Joe Ledley.


It is a foul by Lafferty. But Michael O'Neill has obviously


watched the Russia game, where Wales were absolutely devastating. They


had numbers forward, full-backs forward, midfielders forward, the


Russia, giving Gareth Bale the space he needed and as you can see, he has


had no space to work in in the opening 70 minutes. And look how


quickly they are being pressed, that is important, to put pressure on a


man on the ball, not allowed to get their head up. The square ball is on


but not forward pass. Speak one of forward one for Bale.


Cathcart had to meet it. Sam Vokes jumps! And offside as Aaron Ramsey


turns the ball in. The first bit of excitement at the other end of the


field amongst those Wales supporters is cut short. First impression, I am


not sure Aaron Ramsey has to touch it. It is a great leap by Sam Vokes.


He is in an offside position, I don't know if he has to go for it.


Would it be the goalkeeper? I am not sure. But Ramsay was in an offside


position, correct from the linesman. I am Nacho it was going in, I think


he probably felt he needed to touch it -- I am not sure. But a good ball


in from the left side and a good jump by Sam Vokes. Hasn't scored for


his country since March 2014 in a 3-1 win against Iceland. Haven't


both countries, long way since then? -- come a long way since then?


That might just be the trigger for Wales.


Gunter has stolen a few yards but the officials are letting it go.


Jonny Evans strong and wise enough to hold off Ramsey.


Evans and McCauley in defence at one end and James Chester at the other


and Chester, for most of last season, kept out of the west Brom


side by the two on the other side today. I was talking about it to


Chris Brunt, he said you cannot fault James Chester, he's strong and


good on the ball, maybe not as tall as the other guys, that is the


difference. It is a west Brom way, the Northern Ireland, four


centre-backs filling the roles. If anyone wants to experience right


back or centre-back, Aaron Hughes left be a league in Australia and is


available for hire -- left the A League.


Ramsey tried to trick his way past Jonny Evans. Evans not happy with


the way he tumbled but perfectly happy with the way Martin Atkinson


read it. I think he read it right, he knocked it too far, in front of


his legs. I think you try to make the most of the situation. Robbie?


That is good defending my Jonny Evans, intelligent defending, used


his body well. Shot fired! Really fired nicely by


Jamie Ward. The second save from Wayne Hennessey. He should be closed


down quicker than that. It is a good strike, a good height for Wayne


Hennessey, but he has still got to save it and if I was a Welsh


defender, you would want to get closer to them. She thought that was


going in. I think that is Mrs Lafferty.


Gareth McAuley is forward, as he is for every Northern Ireland corner.


Gareth Bale heads away. Not just a superstar. I have watched him at


Real Madrid and he is such a good player back defending, he is good in


the air and you need him there. Stuart Dallas made his debut against


Wales. In the Nations Cup game that was played at the Aviva Stadium.


More have read about it then watched it, just over 500 there.


It was missed, Lafferty couldn't quite react in time. Good centre


forward play by Sam Vokes, bringing his team-mates into play. Good


pressure from Northern Ireland. Too much with the hold on Joe Allen. I


think that is something he is good at, Cory Evans. He is a little bit


too overcame for the referee, there is a bit a shirt pulling. Right


decision. Corry Evans and Norwood in each of


the's way. -- each other's way. Every time a midfield player or


defend against their head up one looks for a long pass, both sides


drop off, so it is up to someone to drop deep, get on the half term and


play somebody in. Evans looking for a Lafferty, he won the macro it


comfortably enough ahead of Ben Davis but always difficult to hit


the target -- Raaqy won it comfortable enough. He is six foot


four, got up well enough but couldn't directive. But if you are a


Wales player, you will be looking to close down and not that the cross


come in in the first place. Can Bale fine Allen? Joe Allen


immediately rushed at. Norwood made sure there was no shot available.


Goal kick Northern Ireland. Joe Allen trying to dictate play. Bale


on his favoured left foot. I think it is a short, it is whipped across


goal but I think he is trying to find the target. A bit of


frustration from Wales but it is tactically very intriguing game and


I don't think Wales have had the situation where the wingbacks are


marked when they go forward. Any games like this, it is one moment of


magic from a special player. Who is that special player going to be? We


didn't expect Northern Ireland to have this much position, that is why


it is an interesting game. The two best chances have gone to Northern


Ireland. A Lafferty left his leg hanging, Ashley Williams tumbled


over it. Free kick is the obvious decision. Kyle Lafferty did gesture


to Martin Atkinson to say, well, it is kind of my first one. I don't


think it is that bad. 20 years ago, that was a good challenge. Said by


the man who made them. We must congratulate Robbie. The


only time he played for Wales against Northern Ireland, he only


lasted eight. It was a good eight minutes, though. Not a good few


seconds therefore James Chester. First red card of your career,


wasn't it, one of only two? Yeah, that game. The way is it started


back then, there were tackles flying in. Three players were sent off. You


know, it was a great game to be involved. This game could be the


opposite. Not been a tackle yet. There is more nervousness about


this. What's at stake. There is bound to be nerves. Certainly, for


me, the host nation, France, seemed to be nervous on a lot of occasions.


It was always going to be a tactical battle. I don't think there will be


too many clear-cut chances. That's why it could go to extra-time.


Northern Ireland with a throw-in. Allen. Wasn't a clean challenge.


Dallas, down. A chance for the men in Green And white get the ball into


the box. This is a good side in terms of free-kicks. We said this


before, opportunity, Gareth McAuley is up there, Craig Cathcart, pushing


forward, Jonny Evans pushing forward. Kyle Lafferty. A good


delivery from Norwood with his right foot from the left hand side. Jonny


Evans is a late arrival into the crowd. Until from Norwood, headed


out by Ledley. Ledley's first start in a row,


having come on as a sub against Poland he broke a leg on 7th May,


causing him to mist Crystal Palace's FA Cup appearance. Bale. -- miss.


Dallas. Managed to find Lafferty. I'm glad you said it was intriguing,


Robbie, certainly not exciting yet. Good feet from Norwood. Well won by


Ramsey. Quickly won back by Steven Davis. Brilliant play from Steven


Davis. Could have dived in. Bided his time and won the ball back for


his team. Really good player. Fantastic player for Southampton.


Cynical foul really, he was clever, stayed on his feet and won the ball


back for his side. McAuley. Williams up towards Vokes. McAuley's come in.


It has got to be a foul. Was never going to win the ball. It may be a


chance for Northern Ireland. Kyle Lafferty presented that one to James


Chester. Kept his cool nicely. Williams. Vokes kicks it on. Ramsey,


Bale. He's got Gunter to the right. Chris Gunter with the chip back in.


Here's Taylor. Ledley. Took too long. Corey Evans there to


stop the cross. Do you not think Wales look better on the counter


attack. That is when they look at their most dangerous. There players


into the box. Decent ball into the box and Northern Ireland will be


under a bit of pressure. Until that little break down between Allen and


Taylor it looked as though we were getting a bit more pace in the game


from both teams. It will all slow down again now. Gunter and Tay, he


has a shot. A cross come shot. First time they were free. Dallas didn't


get back. That came from the flick on from Vokes and Ramsey running in


behind. First time you saw a midfield player for Wales running


behind the centre forward. Ledley. Misses out, Allen, intentionally or


otherwise. Chester. Taylor couldn't get there. It looked


as though he might for a That diagonal ball second. Again. It's a


difficult one. Gareth Bale has gone for a really tough delivery. I think


that's too hard a skill, even for him. He's world-class.


The support has been, for both these teams, right through the tournament,


talking to a Northern Ireland fan just last evening who was on his way


back, at the airport. He texted his wife to say - can I stay? He's here.


There will be a few more tales like that.


Davies was being held. Good advantage played. Lieu to Ledley,


through to Vokes. -- through. Good pressing. Really good defending from


Jonny Evans. It's good play from Wales on the counter-attack. Sam


Vokes coming more into the game as target play. That is what they need


him to do, hold the ball up. Excellent from Jonny Evans.


Taylor. Allen. Ashley Williams is forward. Trying to bundle his way


through. Wasn't going to be about subtlety there.


Can't keep it. Nor can Northern Ireland. They have a free-kick.


One or two little decisions going Northern Ireland's way. I'm not sure


that's a foul. You know, Joe Allen, Norwood runs into him. Allen hold


him off. Goes down too easily. That's not a foul. A soft one, I


think, as well. Saying all that, I'm pleased Martin Atkinson is the


referee. I think it's a decision. Had a good season in the Premier


League. Knows these players. Lafferty. Lafferty again with a


knock down for Steven Davis. Dallas won't get to that before Bale


does. Up towards Ward, who does really


well. Davis. Jamie Ward wanted a free-kick. I think the referee is


trying to keep the play going. I understand where he's coming from.


McAuley just reacted to that in time. Evans. Lafferty always the


target. He's winning just about everything. Not always finding


team-mates. Davis, Ward. Hughes. Hennessey stays


back. . It's turned away from Dallas by Gunter. Stuart Dallas was


steaming in. Brilliant delivery from Jamie Ward. Aaron Hughes it is.


Great delivery. The far-post, Gunter does really well. It is a throw.


Across the near side of the corner flag.


Dallas. Not even Kyle Lafferty's going to get anywhere near that one.


It's funny, that is last attack came from Evans showing more


determination than Ledley before the edge of the box, before the ball


went out wide right to Hughes and he crossed the ball in. Little things


like that, it will be small margins today, I think. Any mistake anyway


or one good ball to be the difference, it could be a goal.


-- could be the difference. Martin Atkinson is saying, get a move on


with it. I think we all agree with that. Clear my McAuley. It should be


the other way round, it was Ward trying to flick it onto Lafferty.


Ben Davies. Going to have to go back to Hennessey.


Chester. Dear, dear. Frustration from Wales. Michael O'Neill, so are


fa, has his tactics spot on. Giving them no time. Dallas against Gunter.


Hughes against Taylor. Wales have no out balls. Get on the ball, get on


the half turn. Look for Ramsey and Bale in number 10 positions.


Lafferty, Chester got a hold. Wrapped arms around the waist. On go


Northern Ireland with Dallas. Lafferty having to strongly hold off


Gunter. He couldn't do it any longer. Free-kick. Silly free-kick.


Lafferty is holding it up. Good position in the wide area, playing


for the free-kick. He's not going anywhere. He doesn't need to


challenge him. He has given a silly free-kick away. Good delivery coming


in now. You can shield the ball, but you can't grab at somebody to pull


them away from it. McAuley's poised again. Norwood


settles himself. Norwood. Deeper this one. A corner.


Fantastic defensive header from Ben Davies on that back post. He rose,


he's got Cathcart coming in behind him. Fantastic defensive header. It


was important to get a good delivery, Northern Ireland, from


this side. The sun is in Hennessey's eyes. A good ball from the left side


with the right foot. That is what Norwood does well. The referee is


looking at how close colleagues Chester and Evans are getting.


Something different. Ward let it run. Nobody else expecting that.


Bale. Norwood. Ward's cross blocked by Taylor. I


don't think Jamie Ward knew how much time he had. He was unmarked. I


think the plan was he was going to be with someone marking him much he


changed his direction. He flicks it. He could have turned it himself,


couldn't he? Ward made himself available. Steven


Davis there, too. He was trying to win a corner, hoping for a touch


behind. Could only find Hennessey. Hennessey catches the ball there. If


you want to start a counter-attack you have to do it quick. If it's


show Northern Ireland can get back into their shape and it's very


difficult to break down. Bale to Ramsey. Gunter, Bale. Mansion to get


past Corey Evans that time, and Dallas - that's cooly done by Aaron


Hughes. First thing I have to say is, he's out of the game too much,


Gareth Bale. He needs to be more involved. They are still trying


these diagonal balls. It's as if they don't have any other options.


Robbie talked about it earlier thechl have to think about how else


we can get the ball forward. They are able to do it now thanks to a


free-kick. Joe Allen not best placed with Oliver Norwood's late challenge


there. Definite foul, Joe Allen did well.


He has had a fantastic tournament. There have been reports of Swansea


putting in a bid, rejected by Liverpool, trying to take him back


to south Wales. Reportedly, Leicester and Southampton interested


as well. Corry Evans looking both ways before


finding Craig Cathcart. Williams just gets the ball away


before Jamie Ward came to take it. Bale is caught. Stuart Dallas with


the foul right under Chris Coleman's nose and he is going to get the


first booking of the match. That will rule him out the quarterfinal,


if Northern Ireland get into one. Bale over on this right-hand side,


trying to find space. He is coming deep, dropping off, switching sides,


just to try and find a bit of space. Stuart Dallas comes in, catches him


with his arm, actually. If you go in like that, with your feet sliding


in, you can say it is reckless, that is what it is and that is why the


referee booked him. His studs caught him on the foot, good decision.


Metatarsal territory, that one. Ramsey's Borlee and is too strong


and high for Bale. I think Northern Ireland are winning the 50-50s in


the middle of the park and that is something the Welsh have got to


change. It is a decent ball in but no one on the end of it. Hit and


miss at the moment, Wales, for me. Certainly I think Michael O'Neill


will be the happier at half-time. We are not far away from that moment.


The standout performers so far have been both sets of fans.


No, not you, Robbie. You are doing very well, keep it up. We can never


keep you out of it along, can we? It is going to be a Northern Ireland


throw. Stuart Dallas has to get that


booking out of his system, any disappointment that he feels. That


will do it for the first half at the Parc des Princes. The atmosphere has


been brilliant. Michael O'Neill was asked yesterday about his experience


of derbies and he recalled the electric atmosphere from 500 when he


was Brechin City boss. Their say, they were better games. Half-time,


nil- nil. There is the Eiffel Tower, there is


the fan park, I wish with red and green, as you might expect -- awash


with. Not too much to shout about so far. No, both teams cancelling each


other out, a nervous affair, not equality -- a lot of quality on the


pitch, hardly anything to stand and clap and it is like to teams


shadow-boxing. Wales had nine shots on target in the first up against


Russia, not a single one. The game is going how I thought it was going


to go, Northern Ireland are going to sit and defend and Wales will find


it difficult to break them down. We need Ireland to go forward and come


at us and if they go forward, they have to get in end product,


otherwise Wales are going to counterattack. Neil, from the


Northern Ireland perspective? I think we're pretty happy. We have


negated anything Wales have offered in an attacking sense and offered a


couple of shots on target. The game is as we called it, tight and cagey


but I think Northern Ireland has had the better so far. So pretty please.


Especially when you consider the talent Wales have got. Absolutely,


the three in midfield, the pressing has been good, we have stopped


Allen, Ramsey and Ledley from dominating the ball. From a neutral


point of view, it is disappointing but from our point of view, we are


pretty pleased. The standard of football has been so poor. Ms


control, long-range passes, the ball has been run out of play. He think


the occasion is too much? I think so. I slightly disagree with Dean, I


think Northern Ireland have committed men forward, they have had


men ahead of the ball and I think it will play into Wales' hands, because


there is a belief in the Northern Ireland team that they can go and


get a result here and it might encourage Wales to hit them on the


counterattack with Gareth Bale's pace, because it's they commit


Manford, they leave space at the back. There has only really been one


chance in the game, Stuart Dallas produced a save. We win the ball in


midfield, Jamie Ward gets his head up, squares it to Evans who sets up


Dallas. It is a half decent strike, comfortable save. He has come across


it. It sums up the first half, really, not really convincing, he


has not three put his foot through it. But like I said, from a Northern


Ireland perspective, we will be pretty happy. Wales had a disallowed


goal, clearly offside but the question is would it have gone in if


Ramsey had left it? My first thought was it is going in. It is a great


header and he is good at that, Sam Vokes. I think that is dipping


inside the far post, whether the keeper would have got a touch, I


don't know. That is going to drop in the far corner for me. Aaron Ramsey


is not to know he is offside. But that is a bit of quality that we


haven't seen much of. Do you think that is going in? What I do know is


it is a fantastic header, the way he climbs, but other than that, Jamie


Ward with the other effort on target. Let's have a look at it and


that is about it. Two efforts on target from Northern Ireland. It was


the lack of backlift, head down, two touches. I don't think it was ever


going in, straight at the goalkeeper. It was the backlift that


took everyone by surprise. The difference between the two teams,


Jamie Ward had time to get the shot away, but look at the energy and


belief from Northern Ireland to get out and stop Joe Allen. He has time


and then the next thing, they are on top of him. The midfield three have


worked really well as a unit and really well in terms of keeping


Allen and Ramsey contain. Speaking of the Northern Ireland game plan,


you have had a look at it and it is kind of working. Yes, they have


committed men forward, they are trying to press them and as I said,


I would be wary of that second part, because when you are pressing about


high and they have done it very well, obviously they have the belief


they can get something out of the game by doing that, they are in the


Wales half and have five or six players forward. Forcing them into


doing that. Again, no time on the ball. Panic them into mistakes.


Committing men forward. That is the risk and on the one occasion that


they do... Look, six players attacking there. We mentioned before


the game that they were quite content to sit but they have been a


lot more ambitious in the first half than in previous games. I have seen


a lot of Gareth Bale, a few snapshots, -- haven't seen a lot.


How do Wales get him into the game? It is down to Michael O'Neill and


how ambitious he is going to be. If they are going to go forward and try


and score a goal, we are obviously better on the counterattack than


taking the game to teams, it is evidence out there. I suppose if you


have two teams playing on the counter, it can nullify everything.


Are you going to keep Gareth Bale quiet for another 45 minutes? I


don't think so. He is drifting out wide right, left, diagonal. He is


trying to find space and there isn't any. From our point of view, I am


delighted to see Gareth Bale pic of the ball three or four yards in his


own heart, facing his own goal and playing square balls across the


pitch -- in his own half. We also said beforehand, denied the space.


We have won Sammy games like this, I Gareth Bale free kick, a shot from


distance -- so many. We have played like this every time said he is the


difference, the gamebreaker. He doesn't want to get too frustrated


and drift back into those areas. They have played him well in the


first half. We said you have to deny him space, deny him the ball and


they did that brilliantly. England play their second round


match on Monday, Iceland the opposition and a quarterfinal


against France or the Republic of Ireland awaits the winner. Let's


hear from striker Daniel Sturridge. Without you are we might not be sat


here now. Have you thought about that, you're winning goal against


Wales? Not at all. Sturridge scores! From 1-0 down to winning the game.


That is quite telling smile. What do you mean? You thought, maybe. I am


smiling because you're not the first person who has said it but I have


not thought, we got through because of me. When you come off the bench


and score the winning goal in a match like that, it felt like it


should go on again to Slovakia. Did it feel to you like it stuttered a


little bit in that game? I say that if you defend well in 90 minutes,


fair play to you and Slovakia did very well, see to give them credit.


Were you surprised there were six changes to the starting line-up? No,


because in tournament football, like the manager has said, you have to


use the players and that is why you bring a squad of 23. I also think


playing the game like that, you have to be on song and we weren't. As


much as we say we had possession and stuff, we weren't as good as we can


be. We will be better, we will be created, we will score goals, we


will excite people, we will have the spans with smiles on their faces.


Slovakia was a lesson -- the fans. It seems either the smaller


countries are catching up or the bigger teams are not playing as


well. I think the coaching has improved and if you are tactically


good, it brings you a long way. I think the countries come easy the


way they set up as a team, they know their strengths and they know their


weaknesses. They play on their strengths. If that is good


defending, that is a strength. What you know about Iceland the country?


How many people? I think it is denied 320 9,000. Pretty much spot


on. -- 329 thousand. They have done amazing to get it, that is why we


can't disrespect them. But of course, we understand going into


this game that if we play as well as we possibly can, we will beat them.


We will have highlights of England versus Iceland on Monday night.


Before that, there is live coverage of Belgium against Hungary, tomorrow


at 7:30pm. That is followed by Italy and Spain on Monday. And something


else to look out for also starts on Monday.


Every point, every angle. Wimbledon starts Monday at 11:30am on BBC Two.


One game has already been played today and it is Poland who are the


first team into the quarterfinals. Kamil Grosicki. And a lovely ball.


Blaszczykowski! Six minutes before the half-time whistle!


Seferovic with the touch. Shaqiri! What a goal! Studying. Absolutely


stunning. That is a candidate for goal of the tournament.


Left footed... Way, way, way wide. Can he send them through? To win it


for Poland... And he does! Poland into the quarterfinals for the first


time ever. Swiss Hearts broken. Imagine losing after scoring a goal


like Shaqiri's. So Poland are through, they will face Croatia or


Portugal in the last eight. A reminder that Wales or Northern


Ireland play the winners of Hungary or Belgium. England would come up


against France or the Republic of Ireland should they progress. Now we


can cross over to the Parc des Princes to hear from Chris Brunt and


John Hartson. Thank you very much, two Welsh man


and a Northern Ireland man. I think Chris Brunt is happier, are you? We


had a couple of half-chances and shots. Hennessey had to make a


couple of saves. Michael will be happy with that. Wells can play


better they have to play better to stay in this tournament Absolutely.


65% of possession to Northern Ireland's 35%. It's what you do with


that possession. Northern Ireland have stifled the threat of Gareth


Bale and Aaron Ramsey. We looked nor dangerous when we went long up to


Vokes and got the knock downs and the secretary balls. That is where


we look dangerous. From the Russia performance to today, nowhere near


it. Chris Coleman will know they can do better. Northern Ireland was


better in that tie against Russia When Joe got on the ball they are


around him. Not allowing space in behind for Bale to run into.


Tactically, Northern Ireland have won that first half battle. Can


these Northern Ireland midfielders, bearing in mind that Northern


Ireland have had two massive games against owe Poland and Germany, can


they keep up the intensity? That is the question. We are doing well to


close the ball down. When Bale and Ramsey get on it we are limiting the


space for them and making them play backwards all the time. As the game


wears on it might open up a bit. From our point of view, hopefully it


won't. When fans are under scrutiny I can report two sets of crazy


passionate fans here in the stadium. That's definitely the case there.


They have been brilliant right throughout the tournament in getting


on. Red and green shirts together going to the game and enjoying it,


exactly the way it should be, of course. What we'd like to see is


better football in the second-half I think so. Both teams can play


better. Chris, you know, hit the nail on the head. Michael will be in


there pleased. Tactically with how the game is going he might want more


as the game goes on. He doesn't want to give too much away you know what


is at the other end of the field we had the better of the first half, no


question. The high pressure can be draining especially in the heat.


It's warm today Absolutely. They were pinned up against Germany


defending and difending. Whether that has taken it out of them in the


second-half. Good point. It's hard work to do that. If they are going


to continue to do, that they have to leave space in behind. The longer


the game goes on, Bale might come into it more with his pace. For


Wales, what can they do to get themselves out of this situation


where they seem to be struggling, not playing well. What do you think


Chris Coleman will be saying at half-time, a telling off? Maybe pass


the ball to each othered a and move. It's a big occasion, enjoy it. Neil


and Taylor and Gunter look nervous on the ball, giving the ball away.


But, we won so many games like this, the games are dead rubber. All of a


sudden one of our top players scores. Results are the only thing


that matters today. Yeah. Get through. We want to be out there


smiling after, not crying. It's a massive prize at stake. It looks


like that is what they are feeling out there, doesn't it? It look as


nervy occasion. Understandably so. I said before the game 21 guys out


there, it's the biggest game of their lives. Bale is used to this


situation. Isn't it 22 There is number 22 - he doesn't play that


number on the pitch, of course. Northern Ireland, English referee,


Martin Atkinson leading the players back out. Chris Coleman, a few words


on the side of the pitch. This is up for grabs. Taking it by the chuff of


the neck, you suspect. Let's see. Back to our commenting team.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you. All eyes on Gareth Bale and whether he can


deliver in the next 45 minutes or maybe 75 minutes, or maybe with a


penalty at the end of it. Lots still to be decided. No changes made to


either side, in terms of personnel, for the restart. Wimbledon starts


next week. This has been more French Open, opponents on the baseline.


Somebody needs to come to the net. Northern Ireland set off in


attacking mode. A throw-in is won, courtesy of Chris Gunter's block.


Stuart Dallas won, it the only player on the field who has to tread


a little more carefully in the second-half, having been booked.


Corey Evans. Allen wins the ball from Dallas. Corey Evans promptly


wins it back. It stayed in. Ward was badgered off it by Chester. Here's


Vokes. Three on him. Steven Davis. Ramsey with the flick to Vokes.


Aaron Hughes. Couldn't afford to slip up with Taylor. Definitely


started quicker for me, both sets of players closing down quickly. I have


a feeling Northern Ireland are winning more battles in the middle


of the park. You won't get too much time on the ball. The referee will


have a quiet word with Kyle Lafferty. Pointing out minor


offences, very minor. More to do with his size that have accumulated


over the game. He doesn't jump. He makes a back he stands there and


make as back. The referee issic making a point. Ben Davies jumps for


it. Up goes Hughes. Off Taylor. Tactically, looking at


the start of the second-half, the dieingal ball is not on for Wales,


the wing-backs are marked. When the ball goes up to Vokes, it's breaking


down. In in the next 20 minutes he might bring on Robson-Kanu for the


ball over the top, to stretch the play to get Wales up the pitch and


get the second balls. At the minute it's not working. This is good. This


is Lafferty. Determined run. Solid piece of defending from Chester. Not


such a good out ball to Aaron Ramsey. Steven Davis. Chased by


Ramsey. Mansion to get free of him though. On balance to clear. Not


away yet. Shot from Ward. Davis. Ben Davies got in the way of the shot.


Seems to be a little bit more desire to do something positive from both


teams. Corey Evans, Lafferty. Good bit of work from Allen. That will be


a free-kick for Wales. It was Stuart Dallas. He has to be careful. We


made that point. It was a very close decision. He is pleading with the


referee. Michael, I said at half-time, he might have to consider


bringing a substitute on if there is going to be a challenge like that


and he gets sent off. A couple of options come to mind in that


position. Shane Ferguson. That was a good tackle by Dallas, though. They


will want to keep him on if he keeps playing like this. Lafferty, he's


caught. When he goes down, you know about it. Real positive start from


Northern Ireland in the second-half on the front foot. They have come


out of the break the sharper. Not so sure it's a foul. He has seen Ashley


Williams coming? . He was on his way down. He has the free-kick from the


referee. You are right, I think they have come out the brighter of the


two. They are closing down and winning the ball back and recycling


it and putting more pressure on Wales. Lafferty is up and will be


standing tall again for this. It's usually Norwood who delivers. This


one is going to be left to Dallas. McAuley had a word with Lafferty. It


looks like they have something organised. Get the ball in just


right for anything to work. Dallas has that responsibility. It's


Norwood. Now it's Corey Evans. Here's Ward. It's blocked and the


whistle goes anyway to give Wales a free-kick. Was that maybe a bit


overdone It was maybe a bit overdone. It worked out for them, I


don't know how. Too many touches, I thought. The shot comes in and hits


the knee of Joe Ledley. The free-kick had been given before


that. Maybe for pushing or shoving in the box. Is it off side? A late


challenge comes in. That's what it's for. Nice kick by Dallas. Allen.


Bale. Once again, three, four men around him. Crowding him out. Doing


exceptionally well against Gareth Bale today, this Northern Ireland


side. All it needs is one moment, one chance, one runned and he could


be the difference. That's Williams. That was, oh, not very composed by


the Wales captain. Given it away. Not a good start from a Welsh point


of view. Northern Ireland well on top. Dallas. Curled in - I was going


to say for Lafferty. He's never going to get anywhere near that. The


hand is raised by a way of apology guy Norwood. It's five minutes in


the second-half I would make a change much I would put Robson-Kanu


on. Get in between the three centre-halfs. They have no out ball,


Wales. It keeps breaking down. If he stretches the play, that means,


Ramsey, Allen, Ledley can have more space. Having a look down, it's Hal


Robson-Kanu who will take his vest off in a moment or two. Hardly had


time to get up-and-down the touchline and warm-up.


Ward. Joe Allen gets in front of him. Lafferty prevents any thoughts


of a quick free-kick. Davies, Chester. Ramsey. S Great


ball. It's wide from Vokes. It's the cross of the match. It's the chance


of the match for the Wales centre forward. What a ball from Aaron


Ramsey. He's got in at the back of Cathcart. Cathcart switches off, but


Vokes, he just seems to not twisted his head far enough round. As you


can see, it comes off the top of his head really, he doesn't direct it on


to the target. A great opportunity that. Sam Vokes, what a chance for


Wales. Might end up being his last touch of the game. Gunter. Just


shows you, you r how tight it is. How quickly things can change.


Northern Ireland on top overall, but they haven't scored and they were


very nearly behind. That may be the difference. Ramsey on the field,


Bale, Wales have players who can do that? That was the first moment of


real quality on the pitch. That ball from Ramsey. Whipped it in behind


the back three of Northern Ireland. He has seen the run of Sam Vokes. He


has got to hit the target there, big Sam Vokes. He hasn't had to get to


the by-line either. It was a quality delivery, I have to say from Aaron


Ramsey. You were both straining next to me, both putting your nuts on


that. -- necks. Good play. Davis. McGovern. Hardly mentioned the name


McGovern all match. Le he hasn't had to make a save, has he? There is the


substitution you were talking about, Robbie. As called, Sam Vokes


replaced by Hal Robson-Kanu. The man who scored the winner, the historic


first winning goal for in a European Championship finals match.


Craig Cathcart, with the Northern Ireland throw-in. Only one option


here, it's up to Lafferty. Taylor's header. Jonny Evans. Lafferty's


onside. Unable to bring it down. Neil Taylor stayed #1wi67d on.


Terrible pass. Didn't find Gunter. Norwood had a go. Hennessey made it


look pretty routine. I suppose it was. Stop giving the ball away in


Wales' final third. Square passes across your own back five. It is a


back five, with Gunter and Taylor playing so deeped, pushed back by


Northern Ireland. Robson-Kanu, put the ball into the channel. We said


this about the mistakes. One mistake can be the difference and it's who


is going to make it. That's it. Bale.


Corey Evans to brother Jonny. Steven Davis.


Ledley made life awkward for him and then for Evans, Corey Evans. Here's


Ramsey. Taylor. Wide left, coming in from the other side is Gunter. Bale


is up there. Gareth Bale, draws the foul. It's


Oliver Norwood much you could see that happening before it actually


happened. You can see he was playing for it. He knows it's coming.


Minimal contact, but I think it is a free-kick. I agree with you Gerry,


it's a free-kick. Gareth Bale, give him the ball early. A great


diagonal. Norwood's diving free-kick. What an opportunity for


that man, Gareth Bale. Can it be his third goal from a free-kick? The


first diagonal ball that has come off he has an opportunity. Get the


wall lined up. He is mean in these positions. McGovern was superb


against Germany. What has he learnt from watching Gareth Bale at the


tournament so far? Bale's ready to hit him. Bale brings the save from


McGovern. He has learnt enough. Gareth Bale appeals for handball as


Jonny Evans strides away and finds Jamie Ward. Ward fouled. Northern


Ireland free-kick. We've got a game on now. This is more like. It was it


a handball? On the counter-attack, Jamie Ward gets crunched by a Wales


defender, Taylor, the game has actually come to life in the 57th


It's a Battle minute. Of Britain definitely, end-to-end stuff. Each


side evenly matched. A challenge on Ward. This is a the save. Good


goalkeeping Michael McGovern. Dips over the wall and he gets his body


in the way here. Excellent strike from Gareth Bale. Excellent save.


Another dipper rather than a swerver. That's over towards Dallas,


who has knocked it back. It's gone behind for a corner. You are right,


Robbie, it is game on better pace of it. The handball wasn't the correct


position, Martin Atkinson, he is having a good job, we must say.


The intensity level has gone up. I think that will suit Wales. Stuart


Dallas misjudging his run there. If he had judged the plight of the


ball, he might have got a free header at goal. The throw goes to


Northern Ireland. Coming up to the hour mark, the two thirds point.


You can just centred in the stadium, both sets of fans have been quieter


than usual. They have both probably come to this game thinking, you


know, we have a real chance of getting to the quarterfinals. I am


looking down below and I can see Niall McGinn warming up and he would


be a good player to come on at this stage in an open match. Northern


Ireland force another corner. There is a palpable tension in the air.


Nobody wants this trip of a lifetime to end too early.


Everybody back for Wales. Delivered too deep for everybody. Northern


Ireland, we know they are dangerous from set pieces but they haven't


been quite right. That is wasted and Michael is asking the question. What


is that? We have people making runs. We certainly expected a better


delivery and so did I. Wales are going to make a second quick-change


in a moment. Jonny Williams is going to leave the bench. I think it will


be Ledley who comes up, Jonny Williams will go and play alongside


Gareth Bale with Ramsey dropping next to Joe Allen. Let's see if


mystical Robbie has got another one right in a moment.


Ramsey chased by Jonny Evans, who timed it right but couldn't quite


complete the task. It will sail straight behind and I


think the Nord has gone to the officials on the touchline, which


means the second Wales change is now going to happen.


And it is Joe Ledley to go off. You know a bit about this game, don't


you? I think Joe Ledley, to even be in this competition, it is his


fourth game, he has done exceptionally well. Jonny Williams


in the first game against Slovakia was very good, good on the ball,


good movement and I think Ramsey dropping in with Joe Allen, if he


can get his head band and look for the pace of Robson-Kanu or to the


feet of Bale, it is a good move. Fresh legs, and I think Northern


Ireland will be looking at that shortly. Shane Ferguson is also


warming up, another white -- wide player.


Jonny Evans spots the chance to find water.


-- Jamie Ward. Good bit of awareness and quick thinking from Steven


Davis. Better pressing from Wales.


Certainly affecting the ball and stopping Northern Ireland playing so


freely. They might just try and repeat the


trick. The message has gone to the Northern Ireland bench that Jonny


Evans is struggling here. They aren't. Absolutely flying, those


fans in green. Having won the throw in, makes his


way into the penalty area. There was a little 1-2 on with


Steven Davis, I thought it was going to happen. It is a good ball in from


Stuart Dallas but no one on the end of it. A moment ago, Jonny Evans had


his hands on his knees and I think he has just indicated again, he held


his right leg. It could be a straightforward can see how he gets


on in the next couple of minutes. Something Michael will keep an eye


on. Don't forget, you can watch


highlights of all three of today's last 16 ties tonight on BBC One. The


best of this game, Poland and Switzerland, an absolute thriller,


and Croatia against Portugal. Have we still got the most thrilling


moment of this game to come? Let's hope so. It is getting better,


though. Ramsey times that has nicely. Cross


towards Robson-Kanu. Bale once it left. Ramsey wants to


move the other way. Allen. Jonny Williams had to work to keep the


ball. Then run through everybody with it before stumbling into the


penalty area. Veil -- Bale to quickly Steven


Davis. Yellow card. It is a poor challenge from Steven Davis


proprietor that, Jonny Williams driving at the heart of the Northern


Ireland team. -- but prior to that. Steven Davis has caught Gareth Bale


on the left shin. Free kick, opportunity for Ramsey to put the


ball into a good area. He hasn't managed to do that. It is


a poor delivery. He has got to clear the man on the near post.


Williams adding a little extra energy to Wales' play.


Dallas try to keep his feet but finally wilted. He has been really


lively since he has come on, Jonny Williams. He wants the ball on the


half term in dangerous areas, wants to go with one tos around the box.


Good substitution. Substitution coming from Michael O'Neill. Conor


Washington, Centre forward. Is it going to be Jamie or Kyle Lafferty?


Will he keep them macro up? This is interesting. Jamie Ward. He is going


to keep two up and both of them are hard, if Conor Washington gets on


some of the flick on is from Kyle Lafferty, he can cause damage. He


made his international debut when the sides met in March in Cardiff.


There is a connection with Wales, he made his name in league football


with Newport County, then onto Peter Borren and now a Queens Park Rangers


man. -- Peter Boro. He was just a little bit too far


away, I thought it should have been closer when the flick on came in,


but he is very quick over the first or five -- five or six yards.


Gunter has got loads of room on the ride. Ramsey trying to do it all by


himself at times. I think that is where you want Conor


Washington. Yes, his pace and fresh legs. But the tempo has definitely


increased. So have the amount of open spaces on the field.


A bit of a mix-up. Jonny Evans with an accusation to Michael McGovern


and that has got the Wales' fans to their feet. Chris Gunter will cover


90 minutes, 120 minutes, such great energy, great athlete. Good shutting


down by the right wingback. Chased by Davis, he can't dive in,


on a card. Williams. Jonny Evans doesn't have to dive in when he


reads the ball like that. Norwood. Lafferty's on his way. Great ball.


Kyle Lafferty. Takes it nicely. That is really good stuff from Chester.


Magnificent defending. Wrong side for a minute. Bale. If anybody can


keep it in, he can. He wisely gave up the chase when he realised it was


beyond him. Chester used his body. Careful not to make a bad challenge.


Got the right side of Lafferty. Left foot across, used his body and


turned away from danger. Great defending. He had a tournament and


you wonder why he started at the tail end of the season for West


Brom, he has been superb? Look at how Northern Ireland defended with


McAuley and Jonny Evans they have good centre-halfs. Chester with this


tournament, Tony Pulis probably thinking - He had his 177. Because


he is less than six foot he's not too keen. Put him in as a full-back.


But he has been excellent today. Ramsey. Robson-Kanu. Hasn't had a


chance to really run and test his pace against McAuley yet.


Second-half Northern Ireland shading the possession stats. Ashley


Williams. Johnny Williams. Cruncher that one. They did that so well


today Northern Ireland. When Wales have possession they pressed them


high up the park. Have you to say Michael O'Neill tactically has gone


well. It was like shadow boxing in the first half. Who will win the


game? Will it go to penalties, you can't see anyone scoring. 17 minutes


of the 90 to go. If you booked anywhere for dinner in


celebration you might have to put it back a bit much we might be going


the distance. Ramsey. Bale. There's the acceleration that


we've seldom seen in the game yet. Taylor gets out of his way. Oh, well


done. Craig Cathcart wouldn't. Good lock from Cathcart. He wins the


throw-in. That is what he needs. More time on the ball, Gareth Bale,


and space to run. Ramsey. It was on to Gunter for a second. Bale. Bale's


cross behind Robson-Kanu. Williams. Ramsey.


Robson-Kanu. He has to be strong. Ramsey. Bale, behind him. Bale with


another wicked delivery. Turned into his own net by the unfortunate


Gareth McAuley. Wales lead! After all this time, after being kept


quiet for so long, it is Gareth Bale who has made the big difference.


He had time, he had space on this left hand side. He whips it into a


magnificent area. Incredible goalkeeping. Behind the Northern


Ireland defensive line. Watch this for a ball. Whipped in. McAuley had


to go for it. If he didn't go for it, Hal Robson-Kanu was in for the


tap-in. But it's that man, Gareth Bale. Just watch the way he whips


this ball around the back four. Unlucky, McAuley. What a ball. What


a goal. 1-0 Wales. It's all about the delivery, as Robbie said.


Fantastic delivery. I feel so southerly sorry for Gareth McAuley,


who has had a magnificent game. All to do for Northern Ireland. Can they


come back? A massive quarter of an hour ahead. Wales 1, Northern


Ireland 0. Nothing McAuley could do about it.


Nothing McGovern could do about it in goal. It's the Wales fanes who


are singing in t sunshine. Johnny Williams, returned by Bale.


He's been magnificent since he's come on, Johnny Williams. Wants the


ball. Not scared to try something different. Great substitution from


Chris Coleman. Chris Gunter. Allen. Robson-Kanu. He played his


part in the build-up to the goal as well, the other substitute? Yeah, I


think key players like Ramsey. Two attempts, the second one was a great


delivery. Gareth McAuley couldn't let it go. Robson-Kanu was behind


him. He was going to slot it in. Unfortunate. Other end now though.


Gunter, puts it away from Lafferty in time. Won by Allen. Wanted


Robson-Kanu to be running to where he put the ball. This should suit


Wales even more now. Northern Ireland have got to go and try and


get the equaliser. They will leave space in behind. Gareth Bale in


number 10 position for free to run at the Northern Ireland defence. You


have to say, Northern Ireland have been brilliant so far. Unlucky with


that. Great ball from Bale. McAuley had to get a foot on. Small margins.


Wide player ready to come on. Michael will throw caution to the


wind and have a go these final 15 minutes. Aaron Hughes with the


throw. Robson-Kanu. Bale, can't find him again. Here comes the second


Northern Ireland substitution. They weren't quite ready. The throw-in


was taken quickly by Cathcart. When it goes out again it's Wales' ball


to put back into play. A little too hasty all round. Now it will be the


Northern Ireland change. Taking time to sort himself out with


the buttons on the board. He does make his way to indicate that Oliver


Norwood is the player to be hooked. It's time for Northern Ireland to


begin the McGinn. Naill McGinn, scorer against Ukraine in that


famous 2-0 win. He's got pace. Good on a one-on-one situation. If he can


get it up for the ball. You will be able to hear it in the background.


That's the Wales fan singing - Don't Take Me Home. They aren't going


anywhere as it stands. Or they will, they will be going north to Lille.


Lafferty. Taylor was climbing. The only way he could have got above


Kyle Lafferty. Northern Ireland free-kick. With Oliver Norwood


seeing who will take it. Looks like it's Steven Davis. Forward go


Cathcart, McAuley and Evans J. All the way across to McGinn. The


whistle has gone, even before it was popped over the crossbar. The


referee has seen something. Is there shoving and pushing going on? Well,


there is. Somebody gets bundled over. The referee has already blown


the whistle. This is that cross again. Better every time you see it,


doesn't it? I said before the game, in an attacking game it would be


that man who provides a bit of magic much he didn't score the goal, Bale.


For hip to whip the ball into that area, a lot of people would have hit


the first man, hit the goalkeeper. He put it exactly the right place.


That's why he's one of the best players in the world. McGinn.


Washington Telegraphed his intentions to Williams. Martin


Atkinson is going to have to stop it. Northern Ireland will be


furious. He had no choice. Yeah, a bad collision. Thought he should


have brought it earlier, maybe the referee. Two players colliding with


each other. You have to make sure they are OK. There was a hesitation


because Northern Ireland were pushing forward. When they hit each


other as hard as that it had to stop. Johnny Williams it looks the


worses to me. It was Ashley Williams desire to win the ball. He's gone


through everything there. Won the ball and his body weight has carried


him into Johnny Williams. Watch this. Wins the ball. Smashes into


Johnny Williams. Corey Evans in behind. Ashley Williams at the


front. Whack. He is the meat in the sandwich, isn't he? There is nothing


on him. There is plenty on Ashley Williams. Good to see him sitting


back up again. Look how quickly Shaun Connolly is sprinting on to


the field. Doing their jobs the medical staff. Good to see they are


OK. Ashley Williams is taking a bit more time to come around. The Wales


fans are coming to the idea that this isn't over. Quarter-final, here


they come. Unless there can be a response from the Green and White


Army. They never give up and there's eight minutes to go. A lot of goals


scored in this Championship late on as Josh Magennis strips off ready to


come on. We don't like to see the straecher bearers coming on. I hope


that's a precaution. I think he's getting up. He looks OK, Ashley.


Giving Ashley Williams plenty of time. Exactly the right thing to do.


Bale will need Ashley Williams to captain the leader to stay on this


football field it looks like it's his shoulder. The physio doesn't


look happy at all. Hope he hasn't put his shoulder out. He's going


back into that centre-half position. He will play through anything much


he is carrying on with that. Here comes the Northern Ireland


change. It is going for broke. You feel for Gareth McAuley. At the


moment, his touch into his own net that he could do precious little


about. It's settling this last 16 tie. It's needs must. Centre-back


off, centre forward on. Josh Magennis, who once, once upon a


time, played for Cardiff City he joined them as a Yeah, that's right


goalkeeper. . He's fresh legs. They have gambled their three at the back


now. I think Michael's done the right thing. Hasn't got a lot of


options. Ball given back to Northern Ireland, which is good


sportsmanship. Launch it as far away as he can and


as close to Kyle Lafferty as he can. Chester was there again.


Robson-Kanu. Cathcart all over him. Good play from Robson-Kanu there.


Holding the ball up for his side. Throw-in for his team. We have seen


late goals throughout the tournament. Seven scored in


injury-time so far. Late goal when the sides met in Cardiff in March.


Penalty from Simon Church. Will there be a reversal when it really


matters here for Northern Ireland? Johnny Williams, none the worse for


wear. Back to his buzzing best. Here he is, eating up the ground on Jonny


Evans. He very nearly managed to win a corner for his team. Certainly


nothing wrong with his pace there. He was flying down that right hand


side channel. It wastes more time on the clock. That's the thing that


Northern Ireland's enemy. They have to get the ball forward quickly.


Five minutes of the 90 to go. A bit of a chunk to add on, not least for


the stoppage we had a minute ago. Three up front now for Northern


Ireland. Everything will be thrown at Wales in this last five minutes


plus whatever injury-time is added by Martin Atkinson. Ramsey.


Outcomes are governed to meet Robson-Kanu and it is enough to


force the Wales number nine to lose the ball -- out comes Michael


McGovern. Going away from goal, it is a difficult one for Robson-Kanu.


Ashley Williams can't continue. He has been hanging his left arm by his


side since the collision and it is wise that he goes off before that


gets worse. He would think that is likely to


mean a first run out in the competition for James Collins, that


would be the obvious change. Ashley Williams is saying it's fine. But he


just sat down and it was clear that was in discomfort. He is staying on


the now but he has clamped his left arm into his side and he can't be


properly balanced as he gets his first challenge here.


From a Northern Ireland perspective, what you do now is get the ball and


smash it over Ashley Williams's head and get Kyle Lafferty to challenge


him. That has the attackers, they have do put him under pressure.


Doesn't Chris, have to take charge here and say we are getting James


Collins on. I think he knows Ashley Williams better than anybody. He is


carrying his left arm. James Collins is an adequate replacement, no doubt


about that. Bale blocked off. Cathcart was in


his way. Wales free kick. A little bit of frustration creeping into the


Northern Ireland play, a little desperation. It will suit Wales.


Free kick, run down the clock. It will suit Wales, stop start. It is


clever play. Two minutes and then a bit more.


The ball had gone out. Or is it a free kick? Offside is the call.


Michael McGovern in a hurry to get the ball forward. Michael O'Neill


has that look of this fair on his face, but there is still time.


Williams was OK enough to hold off Lafferty and win it there.


Ashley Williams, playing lopsided, gets it clear.


It is going to be an exciting couple of minutes plus whatever is on the


clock. There is still time and they are pushing forward in numbers,


Northern Ireland. 90th minute, you would think at least four added onto


the end. The Welsh national anthem booms


around the Parc des Princes. Outcomes Hennessy and what a good


catch that is. Great goal keeping from Hennessy. He hasn't had


anything to do this half, he has come through bodies and caught the


ball. That is what you need to do. You haven't got the armband on but


lead by example and that is what the goalkeeper has done. We are into


four minutes of additional time. Josh Magennis managed to win it.


Washington sees his chance to close down Hennessy. Wayne Hennessey has


to put it out of play. They still dare to dream. Well worn by Joe


Allen. Robson-Kanu. That'll be a free kick. Corry Evans was the


culprit. Great centre forward play, go across your mouth, go down and


get a free kick for your site. You have to say, Chris Coleman's


substitutions, the introduction of Robson-Kanu, he saw the play had to


be stretch. Jonny Williams has been brilliant. He has got the captain


with one arm and he has the goalkeeper catching things and he


has Gareth Bale on the park. And he has you out of breath! Ramsey and


Bale on the ball. Wales with one foot in the quarterfinals.


Not even Jonny Williams' energy will get him to that one. Just about


enough time for one more attack if they can get the ball forward. But


the clock is ticking and it is certainly against Northern Ireland


here. Washington beaten by Chester. Ben Davies comes out to a great


Welsh cheer. They haven't had great success in this ground in sporting


terms. The Welsh rugby side lost 11 in a row here from 1970 52 when the


French side moved to Stade de France. They didn't have a great


morning in Dunedin on the other side of the world today, but that doesn't


matter to the football fans. Wayne Hennessey will take as much of


the two minutes as he possibly dare. It was diagonal but it has caught on


the wind or something. Put the ball in the corner, don't smash it to the


goalkeeper. Plenty in the middle. Niall McGinn


stopped by Neil Taylor. Brilliant, Neil Taylor. Brilliant! Stop the


ball coming in the box. Now a chance from the throw. It is Josh Magennis


winding up the big one. Close to Wayne Hennessey, who has


got a good hand on it. Ramsey had a hand on Steven Davis to


give Northern Ireland free kick and for kicking the ball away, he gets a


yellow card. Don't worry, Robbie, he is not on one already. I was


panicking. One last chance the Northern Ireland. One could free


kick is all they have left, it has to be special. They have to send the


goalkeeper up, surely? It is not happening yet. It is Steven Davis


in. Joe Allen got his head to it. Niall McGinn. He forces a corner.


Now Michael McGovern will go. Everybody will bay for him to go. He


is on his way, Michael O'Neill has somewhat reluctantly given him the


thumbs up. Just head the ball away! Onto Gareth Bale's forehead. A long


look at the left wrist from Michael Atkinson. It is another Wales when.


On they go to the quarterfinals. -- win. They were together and just


that bit stronger than Northern Ireland, who now must dare to dream


of another day. This one was sweet while it lasted. We didn't get a


thrill a minute excitement but we were always going to get drama.


Gerry Armstrong, words per your team first. Magnificent tournament for


more than back of its Northern Ireland, gave 100% and one quality


delivery from a world-class player was the difference. It could quite


easily have been a result the other way. No shame in that and I wish


Wales all the best in the quarterfinals. Robbie, you will be


singing Don't Take Me Home long into the night. First of all, I echo


Gerry's words, Northern Ireland have had a fantastic tournament. It


wasn't a great game today but Gareth Bale with a fantastic delivery into


the dangerous area. Unfortunate for McAuley but I am going to say this,


Wales are in the quarterfinals of the European Championships. And next


it is either Hungary all Belgium in Lille. Don't make any other plans


for Friday night. Contrasting emotions between the two


sets of players and the fans. The Welsh bands joyful after their team


triumph and go through to the quarterfinals -- the Welsh fans.


Magnificent effort. Not the best game of football we have seen at


this tournament by any stretch of the imagination, but for those Wales


players, there is any one thing that matters and that is going through


into the last eight and once again, it was Gareth Bale who made the


difference. Dean Saunders, give me your reaction to that success. How


has that just happened? You have called it at half-time, you have


seen so many games where Wales don't play well and a bit of Gareth Bale


and it happens. Let's be honest, we were awful today, but we have Gareth


Bale and Ramsey. That cross he has put in is why he is worth so much


money and why we have got results. We have played worse than that and


won. But all credit to Northern Ireland, what a tournament they have


had. It is sad that one of us have got to get beat. They will be


singing all night and of the Northern Ireland van shouldn't be


disappointed, great tournament, but we are in the last eight and I can't


believe it. Putting things into perspective Northern Ireland, given


the players available to Michael O'Neill, getting to the knockout


stages was a massive achievement. It is a miracle and he has worked


miracles with that group of players. They have given the so much pride.


To be in the last 16 of a major tournament was way beyond anybody's


expectations. The manager tactically has been brilliant. We just lacked a


little bit of quality in the final third. Quality cancer at the end of


the day and the quality came from Gareth Bale. -- quality counts.


Michael O'Neill can be very proud of his players. We couldn't have asked


for more and they gave him every ounce of energy they have right from


the very first game to then, so they can go home and be very proud of


themselves. From Wales' point of view, I think again Chris Coleman


has got a decision right, he took Ledley off and brought Jonny


Williams on, who gave them energy, he was prepared to run at the


Northern Ireland back five and I think that changed the game. But


there was a ball from Aaron Ramsey in the second half which was a bit


of quality, a free kick from Gareth Bale and also that unbelievable


cross into the box where they got the goal from. Those were the three


bits of quality in that second half. He is a massive difference for them.


You can see the togetherness of the team, the Welsh side, that


determination and led by Ashley Williams, who was pretty much


playing with one arm by his side and he wouldn't go off the pitch. We can


hear from the Wales manager Chris Coleman.


Chris Coleman, quarterfinalists, can you quite believe it? It is amazing.


First and foremost, commiserations to Michael and his team. They were


better than us today, really, they played very well, made it difficult


for us, but we showed a lot of heart, a lot of courage. We showed


another side to our game. These boys, the good thing about them is


they have got that bit of spirit and when they are not playing so well,


they can hang on and that is what we did at times. It wasn't pretty but


we came through it. Fantastic achievement and unbelievable support


again. Brilliant. Not the Welsh performance we are used to in this


competition. Does that put a damper on it at all? No, no. I would rather


be standing here in the quarterfinal having not played at our best. We


have got to give credit to Northern Ireland. What they do is really


difficult to play against. They are really organised, Michael has got


them working really hard for each other, they are dangerous and we had


to be patient. I have got to say they were probably the better team


today but we hung on in there and we showed a lot of courage and like I


say, we showed a different side to our game and we got the result. And


the draw is so favourable, how far can you go is the big question? It


was the classic example today, Northern Ireland were the underdogs


today and you wouldn't have thought that looking at the game. That is


football. We have just got a plan for the next game, whoever it is.


Like I said, we don't look further than the next 45 minutes. We can't


afford to. We can enjoy this, though and we will enjoy tonight. I bet you


will, congratulations. So Wales' historic run goes on, they


have said that the quarterfinal either against Hungary or Belgium


next Friday night in Lille. Poland are also into the last eight of the


European Championships for the first time and will face the winners


tonight's late game between Croatia and Portugal on Thursday. The other


side of the draw begins tomorrow when France play the Republic of


Ireland. Let's hear from the Northern captain Steven Davis.


Difficult I know. Can you sum up your disappointment at losing the


game today? We put everything into it. It wasn't meant to be our day, I


don't think. We gave it everything. We can't have any regrets. Did you


feel at times today you were the much better time The first half we


had the better chances in the game much you have to take one of these.


I don't think there was a lot in the game. Disappointed in the manner


obviously that they scored. Big G doesn't deserve that. He has been


excellent. No blame anywhere. We gave everything we can. We are


obviously devastated by it. It's been a great journey we can take a


lot from the experience. A word for your travelling support here today?


Magnificent, again. They have fairly enjoyed the journey as much as us.


Everybody sad to see it end today. Thank you. There is the hero of the


hour, once again, Gareth Bale with his eldest daughter in his arms.


Magical family moments. Look at that. Yeah, your daddy's a hero. He


really is. To all the Wales fans in the background there. Three goals


and another assist there. He is a star. The whole thing is so


important for Welsh football. That result there just - for the country.


Gareth Bale is the person they look up to. I know Gareth Bale made the


game. It's a shame in many way it is had to be an own-goal from Gareth


McAuley. That will be tough for him. He had no alternative though, did


he? The quality of the ball. He had to a touch on it or the centre


forward just knocks it in. The ball was just a brilliant ball. Almost


impossible to defend. Notable there there wasn't the pressure on the


ball and pressing on the ball as there was in the first half. That is


understandable. It's difficult to do that with the energy. That is just a


world-class ball into the box. He had to get something on it he had a


tap-in. It's the quality of the ball. He had to put something on it.


The accuracy of it. The pace on it. Even the bounce that comes up here.


If he doesn't get it there be Robson-Kanu tap it is it? . I'm


disappointed for him he has been brilliant. Scored eight goals. If he


didn't put his foot on the ball, Robson-Kanu would have scored.


Outstanding ball. Almost impossible to defend that. In that wee area you


all love. Three or four yards from the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper can't


come from it. Brilliant. Let's see with a Gareth Bale has to say.


Gareth, this amazing Welsh journey continues? Yeah. What can I say. We


knew it was going to be an ugly match. No disrespect to Ireland,


they make it difficult to play much we knew that from the start. We knew


up top we wouldn't get a lot of ball. There's not much space. The


team is the most important thing much we worked hard. We did


everything we could. We knew a goal would nick the game. Thankfully, it


came to us. Is this just beyond your wildest dreams? Look, you can't ask


for any more. It's incredible. I saw your daughter, I think, give you a


little note before the game much you put it in your shorts. Are you going


to tell me what it said? No, that's between me and her. My friend is


having a wedding today. Well done, boys, enjoy the night. You enjoy


your night. Thanks. I wonder if they stalled the wedding to watch the


game for a little while. I hope so after that mention he got there. Let


us look at his free-kick. That was the only other really effort of


purpose in the game? We have seen it in the tournament before, haven't


we? A brilliant strike from him. The goalkeeper gets across very well.


He's done his homework there. Good save. Seen two of those go in.


Absolutely. The keeper does very well there. He hits the target all


the time, Gary. It's a difficult skill. You see other players trying


to do it. Even Ronaldo. He mastered. He makes the keeper work almost


every free-kick. He's brilliant. Yawny Williams, you made a


difference to them when he game on. He gave them an aring in and got


between the lines? Sharp, carries the ball and takes people on. He


attracts players, gets in between. Attracts two or three players the


way he carries. It he looks dangerous. In the first game he


played well. I thought it was unlucky he wasn't playing. He made a


difference to us. Asking a different question, wasn't he, when he came


on. He's done really well. Robson-Kanu didn't do a lot when he


came on. He was in the right place where he should have been when the


ball came in. He will eliminate people. The space is opened up then.


I thought he was excellent. Made a difference. Another clean sheet for


Wales. Let us hear from one of their defenders, Ben Davies. It took a


huge effort out there today. How does it feel to be a


quarter-finalist at the European Championships? Yes. We always had


targets, but to finally get there and to grind it out the way we did


today was superb. It wasn't perhaps your prettiest performance of the


tournament some far shall you came up against a strong Northern Irish


team, what do you take it from it? A good side hard to break down. We are


not the only team who has problems. Shows resilience that different


dimension to our game we have got. To win it like that was nice. . Huge


celebrations with an amazing support. They have been fantastic


throughout the tournament. Given thefl them something else to be


happy about? Yes, to give something back to the fans who came out here.


We know it's a lot of money and a lot of travelling following us.


Moments like this make it worth it. You won't have looked too far ahead


before today. Belgium or Hungary next. I'm sure you will watch the


game. Do you have any preferences or what do you need to take into that


game? Hard to say. We are focused on ourselves, like you said. The way we


have been playing we will have a go against any side. They certainly


will. Bags of spirit on that game and in the studio. The last-minute


of the game Neil was shouting at the monitors, shouting to get the ball


in the box. Dean was sat there watching it through his fingers


like, that weren't you? It was extraordinary tension. The kind of


spirit was epitomised by Ashley Williams, the captain, with his


injury that he sustained. His spirit. He wasn't going off, was he?


No, a nasty coalition. -- collision. It's painful. They wanted Collins


on. He wasn't coming off. I'm fine, he says. He is in the middle of the


huddle talking to all the players. They are all mates. Fine. I'm fine.


Leave me on. Superb. A group of them have grown up together. That gets


you through the bad patches we had today. Brilliant. It was a long bad


patch, actually we had today 89 minute one! ! Reflections on


Northern Ireland generally? It's been a brilliant ride. From


qualification to Hungary away we won 2-1. A goal down, won 2-1. We have


never done that. The qualification was brilliant. Topped the Group,


made it to the Euros, had a ball and we need to build on that. Whether we


will lose players. We need a conveyer belt coming through.


Fantastic for the country and the IFFA as well. Michael O'Neill has


done a fantastic job. Here he is. How disappointed to lose the game


and exit the tournament? Devastating. To go out in the nature


we did, I thought we were the better team on the day. To lose how we did,


the nature of the goal. Very disappointing. We gave everything.


Couldn't ask any more from the players over the whole tournament.


Disappointing. What would you say to Gareth McAuley? It was one of those


balls he has to make a decision across the box whether to touch it


or not much he opted to touch it. There is always a risk. Very


difficult to him assess the situation whether there is anyone


behind him or not much I haven't seen a replay of the goal yet.


Gareth has been magnificent, not just in this tournament, since I've


been a manager. Shame for him as it's been a great tournament.


Michael O'Neill? Brilliant. So well-organised. Not conceded more


than one goal in 14 games. It's a shame it's the end of the journey


for them they should be very, very proud of where they have gone to.


Second time they have reached the quarter-final in a major tournament,


same in 1958 the last time they were in someone. Quite something? It's


been a long time. We needed this. John takes credit. It goes beyond


Gary Speed. He takes credit. John said we were stumbling from group to


r group. They have come tluth through together it happened.


Hungary or Belgium. Belgium will be favourites. Had them in the Group,


won one, lost one? We can beat them. If they get it together Belgium,


they can beat anyone. They can't get it together. With that superstar on


the team they have a chance. Neil? I don't care! It's his birthday as


well. If you are going to lose to any country I'm glad it was Wales. I


hope they have a successful tournament. Great bunch of lads,


great manager, great nation. Many happy returns. Thank you very much.


Sorry it didn't turn out for you. Glad it did for you. Thank you to


all three of us. That is it from us. Northern Ireland leave, Wales


remain. Goodbye. COMMENTATOR: Good evening everyone


from Parc des Princes. It's time to discover which will be the first


Home Nation to fly their flag into the last eight. Opportunity here for


Dallas. Sam Vokes who jumps. Offside, Ramsey, as he turns the


ball in. In games like this, it's one ball


and magic from a special player. Ramsey. Great ball. It's wide from


Vokes. Bale is ready to hit. Bale brings the safe save from McGovern.


We've got a game on now! Bale with another. It's turned into his own


net. How unfortunate Gareth McAuley. It's another Wales win. On they go


to the quarter-final.


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