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Good evening, the knockout stages began at Euro 2016 today and we have


three games from the last 16 to bring you tonight in the company


of Northern Ireland and West Brom's Chris Brunt


and the former Wales international Dean Saunders.


And it is with their countries that we begin,


Wales against Northern Ireland in the Parc des Princes,


with a commentary team of Robbie Savage, Gerry Armstrong


and Guy Mowbray. In some ways, it doesn't quite feel


real. It's a major tournament, Wales against Northern Ireland, in Paris.


It is together, stronger, against their to dream. The atmosphere in


the last 48 hours in the capital of France, with Welsh supporters and


Northern Irish supporters, has been quite something to be amongst. For


Wales, the same team that started the round thing of Russia last


Monday with Sam Vokes keeping his place up front, supported by the key


duo of Aaron Ramsey, and of course Gareth Bale, playing three, scoring


in free. Neither player featured in the 1-1 draw between these nations


in the Cardiff friendly at the end of March. Ben Davies and Sam Vokes


coming to the game on a yellow card but this isn't a Daegu tread with


any caution. -- a day to tread. Michael O'Neill has made one change,


with Kyle Lafferty back to the bee attack. Retaking his place from


Washington, who started the last two games. The right back, despite


rumours, are in Hughes -- Aaron Hughes keeps his place. Before the


championship he hadn't kicked off a game since January. All of the


outfield players have been shown up by Michael McGovern, who is saves


have got Northern Ireland to this stage today. Telly was


it looks like because of his stature and because Gareth Bale is good in


the air, they have said to Jonny Evans, when he gets the ball, go and


press him. Bale breezing past but he couldn't


get the crossover. Ledley, not accurate enough in


trying to find Ramsey. There may be something on for Northern Ireland.


Davies, to Ward. Opportunity for Dallas. He met it well and it was


saved well by Wayne Hennessey. Great counterattack football for Northern


Ireland. Resulting in the strike from Dallas, a good fight for


Hennessey, excellent save. Well done. -- a good height. Michael


O'Neill never got the chance to play against Wales and Chris Coleman,


never facing Northern Ireland. As Jerry will be aware, the reigning


British champions, 1984, the final championship was won by Northern


Ireland. -- Gerry Cathcart needing to meet that. Sam Vokes jumps!


Offside, Aaron Ramsey. First impressions, I'm not sure that


Ramsey has to touch it. Great leap from Sam Vokes, look at the power he


gets on it. Ramsey, offside position. Could have beaten the


goalkeeper, not sure. 1975, at Ninian Park these two teams met.


Ramsey getting hold of Jonny Evans. Shot fired. Ooh really flying nicely


too by Jamie Ward. He should be closed down more quickly than that.


It's a good strike and I would think that if I was a Welsh defender I'd


want to get closer. He thought it was going in. There is Mrs Lafferty.


Ramsey a great ball and it is wide from Vokes. Cross of the match and


the chance of the match for the Wales centre forward. What a ball


from Ramsey. He doesn't directly onto the target. Great opportunity.


Sam Vokes, what a chance for Wales. Just shows you how tight this is and


how quickly things can change. Northern Ireland, on top overall,


but they haven't scored and they were nearly behind. Gareth Bale


draws the foul. It is nor would come and you could see that happening


before it actually happened. -- Norwood. You can see it coming, he


is looking for it. Minimal contact. I think it is a free kick. Michael


McGovern was quite superb against Germany. What has he learned from


watching Gareth Bale in the tournament so far? Bale is ready to


hit it. And Bale brings the save from McGovern. He has learned


enough. Gareth Bale ben appeals for handball as Jonny Evans strides away


and finds Jamie Ward. Ward is brought down, Northern Ireland free


kick. We've got a game on now, this is more like it! A good save from


McGovern. On the counterattack, Jamie Ward getting crushed by a


Wales defender. The game has come to life in the 57th minute. It is a


real battle, end to end stuff. This is the safe, good strike and good


goalkeeping by McGovern. It dipped over the wall and he got his body in


the way. Excellent strike from Gareth Bale. We just saw the replay


of the handball, it wasn't. There is a palpable tension in the air.


Nobody wants the trip of a lifetime to end too early. Lafferty on his


way again. Great ball. Kyle Lafferty takes it nicely. That is really good


stuff from Chester. Magnificent defending. Chester using his body.


So careful not to make a bad challenge. Robson-Kanu, he has to be


strong. Bale is behind Ramsey. Bale with another wicked delivery and


it's turned into his own net by Gareth McAuley. Wales in the lead.


And after all this time, after being kept quiet for so long it is Gareth


Bale who has made a big difference. He had time, he had space on the


left-hand side. He whipped it in to a magnificent area. In front of the


goalkeeper, behind the defensive line. Watch this for a ball, whipped


in, McCauley had to go for it and if he didn't, Robson-Kanu was there for


the tap in. It is that man, Gareth Bale. Around the back four. An


lucky. It's all about the delivery, as Robbie said. -- unlucky. I feel


sorry for Gareth McAuley who has had a magnificent game. Everything to do


for Northern Ireland. Can they come back? It is the Wales fans who are


singing in the Paris sunshine. Washington rather telegraphed his


intentions to Williams. Martin Atkinson, he's going to have to stop


it. Northern Ireland will be furious but he had no choice. Yeah that was


a bad collision. But he should have blown it earlier, the referee. Two


players colliding with each other. You have to make sure they are OK.


Bale and Ashley Williams, the captain, the leader. Looks like it's


his shoulder. He is carrying on with that. He'll play through anything.


Three up front now for Northern Ireland. Everything is going to be


thrown at Wales. Corrie Evans has moved forwards, Jonny Evans has


looked further into the middle. Playing lopsided, getting it clear,


Williams. There is no way past Gunter. This is


it. It's going to be an exciting couple of minutes, whatever is on


the clock. Still time and northern island pushing forward in --


Northern Ireland. The Welsh national anthem is being sung around the Parc


des Princes. Out comes Hennessey and what a good catch that is. Great


goalkeeping from Hennessey. He hasn't had much to do in the second


half at all, if anything. Coming through the bodies, taking the


pressure off his team. His captain can't move his left arm. That's what


you need to do. We are into four minutes of additional time. McGinn


is going wide. Plenty in the middle for him. Outnumbered by those in


red. McGinn, stopped by Neil Taylor. Brilliant, Neil Taylor, brilliant!


Stopping the ball coming in the box but now, what a chance. It is


Magennis, winding up the big one. It is close to Hennessey, who got a


good handle on it. Ramsey, he had a hand on Steven Davies to get


Northern Ireland a free kick. And kicking the ball away, getting a


yellow card -- Davis. Last chance for Northern Ireland. One good free


kick, one good delivery is all they've got left. Enough bodies, but


it has to be special. Going to send up the goalkeeper, surely. Not


happening yet. Davis in and Joe Allen got his head to it. McGinn


forcing the corner. Now, Michael McGovern will go. He's on his way.


Michael O'Neill has somewhat reluctantly given him the thumbs up.


Just get the ball away! On to Gareth Bale's forehead. A long look at the


left wrist from Martin Atkinson. It is another Wales Wynne. On they go


to the quarterfinals. -- win. They were together and a bit stronger for


Northern Ireland, who now must dare to dream of another day. This one


was sweet while it lasted. I'm just going to say this, Wales are in the


quarterfinals of the European Championships! Next, it is against


Hungary or Belgium. Don't make any other plans for Friday night.


Quarterfinalists, can you believe it? It's amazing. First and foremost


I have to say commiserations to Michael and his team. They were


better than us today, really, they made it difficult for us. But we


showed a lot of heart and courage. We showed another side to our game.


I don't think there was a lot to the game, disappointed in the manner,


obviously. The way they scored, didn't deserve that, McCauley has


been excellent. We obviously devastated but it has been a great


journey and we can take a lot from the experience. We knew the game is


going to be like that, that's how Northern Ireland might to play, shut


up shop and -- shop and hit on the counterattack. Keep them moving and


tired. We knew we had enough quality where we could get the moment where


we make a goal and actually we did. Mixture of emotions, really. I


thought we deserved to win the game. We had the better chances and the


better played. Football is like that, it can kick you in the teeth.


Proud of our fans, amazing again today and you can see what it means


to us. All credit to Northern Ireland, they've been a credit to


themselves, a tough team to break down and they've done extremely


well. What will you say to Gareth McAuley? Gareth knows is one of


those balls where he had to meet it, he opted to touch it. Gareth has


Bain Everson, not just in this tournament but since I've been the


manager -- has been magnificent. At this stage, you need people who are


warriors and you can't get off Ashley Williams. He's a warrior and


carrying on after the gnocchi had, I doubt many people would have but


that's what he's all about. -- after the knock he had. I'm sure you watch


Belgium and Hungary with great interest. Any preference? No, we are


going to enjoy the moment, enjoy tonight and we will watch the game


with interest of course. No matter who gets through between Belgium and


Hungary, it will be a difficult game but we are happy we are there and


we'll keep fighting. STUDIO: Chris Coleman said when


Wales don't play well the boys have spirit, was its spirit that got them


through? Yes, I just can't believe what's happened after where we've


come from, I didn't think we'd get through the qualifying stages. It


made it easier with three teams qualifying but I thought when we got


here we won't make it through that group and we will have to play well


to get through it, and we've won the group and we are in the last 16 all


of a sudden. Nobody in Wales can believe it. As far as Wales and


Northern Ireland are concerned, you saw the players afterwards, can you


describe the mood? They were gutted, we've worked our socks off all


tournament, coming off the back of a 12 match unbeaten run, losing three


out of four games but you need to see what Aaron Ramsey said about the


credit we have done ourselves and the fans. It's been a fantastic


experience. Today we didn't deserve to lose the game. Did they feel it


was there for the taking? I think so. But obviously on chances created


there wasn't an awful lot in the game, it wasn't the best game we've


probably seen all tournament but it is unfortunate Gareth was on the end


of the cross. It is a difficult situation, you were both saying, it


is a split-second for a defender to decide whether to try to clear it


whether to let it go and take the risk that the striker misses it.


Well, for me, he did nothing wrong. It is just a brilliant cross, the


first one goes in. Wales pick up the second ball, Williams who has come


on and done really well found space, rolled in a great ball to


Robson-Kanu, who held it up well, laid it off, Gareth Bale found some


room for once and this cross is a brilliant cross. You cannot let that


ball run, he knows Robson-Kanu is behind him, if you look at him now,


Robson-Kanu will get on the end of it but Gareth McAuley can't see him


and he has to put his leg out. That could have gone over the bar,


unfortunately for him it was such a good ball it has gone into the net


off his foot but he had to stick out his leg, for me. I'm with Dean on


that one, you can take chance and letting it go but he knows


Robson-Kanu is behind him and I was gutted for him. He's had such a


fantastic performance and fantastic qualifying campaign for us as well.


If there is one person that didn't deserve that it is proper Pigem. Do


you both think when he drifted to the left that was when he cause


problems. They cause problems to Jonny Evans in particular. When he


was on that side of the pitch Jonny Evans stepped in aggressively and


didn't give tail much room. We can see on the clips where the goals


came from, he drifted out there for a couple of minutes and that is


where the goal has come from. It is a fantastic cross, there is not a


lot you can do about it. He had to go deep in the first half to get


space. He's struggling to make any impact. He's coming deep to the


left, deep to the right, left-wing, right-wing, trying to get on the


ball and Aaron Ramsey doing the same. Because Northern Ireland are


so organised and tight as a group of players, he can't get through them.


Every time the ball came near him three players surrounded him. Jonny


Evans was told before the game obviously if he gets it, be on him,


tight, don't worry what is behind you and they were robbing the ball


from him. You always felt during the game, because in every game we watch


he does something like this. That was the plan. Jonny Evans on him.


Yes, try and deny him space on the ball and stop him running at you.


For 99% of the game and we did that. That's the quality of player you are


dealing with, Gareth is a fantastic player and the opportunity he had to


put the ball in behind, he did it with such quality and pace, that was


the difference between the teams. Northern Ireland had the better


chances, you could argue, with the ones we are going to see with Alice


and Ward and Lafferty, and Chris Coleman said they were the better


team. -- hours. Where do Northern Ireland go from here? Do you think


there is now greater expectation for the 2018 World Cup and


qualification? I would say so. There is more expectation definitely from


the fans. They've had a lot of success over the last couple of


years. I can't remember the last time we lost a game at Windsor Park.


The next World Cup qualifying campaign, there will be the onus on


us to continue what we did in the European games. That is a good


thing, you want Windsor Park to be that fortress but also to have a


buzz about it when you play qualifying games. Yes, if you've


been there it is a fantastic place when the crowd are behind us and we


are giving them something to shout about and hopefully we can learn


from the experience. It's been a fantastic experience for everybody


involved and we will take that into the World Cup games. It is


Belgium or hungry out of those two but the qualifying record against


Belgium is good with four points out of six. Yes, we have beaten them.


Obviously they have the best players in the tournament and if they get it


together they can beat anyone but they cannot seem to get it together


on a regular basis. Looking ahead, we have a route through to the


semifinal. If we... We didn't play well today, Northern Ireland were


the better team. And I thought they could have got something out of it.


But we had those moments of magic, Ramsey hit one cross in and Gareth


Bale the other cross, that was the difference between the teams. If you


get to this semifinal do you think Robbie Savage will be unbearable? He


is already! Good point! Next to a game between


two group runners up. Poland finished behind Germany,


Switzerland were second The two met in Saint-Etienne


and were watched by Jonathan Pearce COMMENTATOR: Saint Etienne is the


staging post for the second phase, time for the tournament to get on


its bike, a recall on the Swiss side for severity should in place of


Embolo upfront. He lacked mobility in the opening games. Schar will


have to be more guarded at centre-back. The full-backs haven't


gone forward as much as we thought. Xhaka has passed well but often from


two deep. Stoke's Shaqiri much improved against France as Danny


Murphy said but substituted for a third time. Dzemaili has looked


better and they are confident of winning a first game ever in a


knockout stage of any major finals. Poland revert to their strongest


line-up, the return of Piszczek, the best Bundesliga right-back of the


season. Blaszczykowski back to his pretournament best. Grosicki plays


in Rennes. Milik has looked very good. All eyes on loan. Skeete. At


the other end Fabianski of the Swansea hasn't conceded in 434


minutes. Lovely day the pitch looks great, and off we go in the knockout


stages of Euro 2016. On paper it looks like a gruelling clash. We


will wait and see. Outcomes Yahn Sommer, their Man of the Match


against France, some flying saves, and once or twice his judgment calls


have been sluggish. That was a risky throw and low in Boesky almost got


in but it is over by Milik and Switzerland getting themselves into


a right old state at the start. Milik should score, quite simply he


has to score. Here is Rodriguez cutting inside.


Look at the space down there. Can he fly down the left-hand side? He


has left Behrami behind him and nipped inside Schar. Behrami got


back in the end, he dug in deep. Very direct, leaning in to make sure


Behrami clear as it. Lewandowski on the edge of the six yard area, about


the back, Krychowiak. At the very least, you've got to hit the target.


No free kick given. The Swiss fans howl, they thought he had fouled his


man. Great ball as well. Low-end of ski. Piszczek again. Are


sick of ski is wide. -- loan. Skeete. Lewandowski was in the


middle. Milik! Schar. Rodriguez aid a run. Glik was in the middle. --


made a run. Good pressure. This one will curl away, Djourou is


up at the back. The scorer from the opening game is in there as well.


Curled into the big centre-half, and he almost got another. He only


succeeded in heading it down into the ground. Either side of


Fabianski, it is 1-0 to Switzerland. Lots of space here for Behrami.


Shaqiri enjoys himself when he gets more involved. Just picking up the


spaces. Dzemaili, thought about the shot, he gets the shot away and it


is tipped over by Fabianski. He was always going to save it, just had to


make the decision of when to jump and tip it over. Swizzle and playing


with intent. Decent cross, Djourou up at the back, headed away by the


right-back, not away yet, Djourou again!


And now Poland can break. Grosicki, to take on Behrami. Lovely bowl,


Blaszczykowski. 1-0, Poland. -- lovely ball. Blaszczykowski. Six


minutes before the half-time, classic counter, Switzerland didn't


get bodies back in time. His second goal in two games, he came on


against Ukraine as a substitute and scored. It's amazing how many teams


can be dangerous against themselves after set pieces. Switzerland never


really recovered. Rate play. -- great play.


Here is Shaqiri to the dead-ball line. His touch let him down. Always


stretching to get the cross to pull back. Schar is up there. It is aimed


towards him, towards the far post. He gets a little bit lucky, Pazdan.


Dzemaili. Shaqiri! Good shot, parried away almost with nonchalance


by Fabianski. But a brilliant move. Cutting inside on his left foot you


know it is coming. Poland have two whether this footballing storm.


Logic of ski. Onto his left foot. Good save by summer. That is how he


scored his second goal against Ukraine, terms of coming in on his


left foot. -- Blaszczykowski. Lichtsteiner. Bundled over. Tired


challenge gives Switzerland a free kick from missing ski. Lewandowski


is the only player outside the box. -- missing ski clinics blended piece


of goalkeeping. Everybody has got to come up for


this. Shaqiri with it, 12 minutes to go. It has gone beyond, handball? It


is put back in, Djourou with the shot, and it came off the bar!


Seferovic has had an absolute stinker. Shaqiri. Thinking about


playing it into feet. He's been much better second half. Rodriguez with a


good block. Blaszczykowski, the goal-scorer. Lichtsteiner has come


to the left wing, the right-back, in this formation. Separate pitch with


the touch. Shaqiri! What about that?! Stunning! Absolutely


stunning! The little man has opened up the magic box and produced a


piece of wizardry. It is the proverbial goal out of nothing.


Absolutely fantastic finish. That is a candidate for goal of the


tournament. No great movement on the edge of the


box. Shaqiri can see movement from Derdiyok. Rulli and goalkeeping.


What a chance that is -- brilliant goalkeeping. Seferovic, he's got


stronger as the game goes on. Looking for Derdiyok. The ball


breaks and he just can't sort his feet out because he's still


in-flight. Aimee Mann and it is built away from


the goalkeeper and Schar clears it -- aiming it. It just wouldn't drop.


First penalty of Euro 2016, Lichtsteiner was Whitland -- for


Switzerland. As simple as that. Haunted finals for Lewandowski? Oh,


brilliant. Great penalty. For a man allegedly with no confidence, that


is a fantastic penalty. Left footed. Xhaka, way, way wide.


He just smashed it into the crowd. He's absolutely nowhere near. One of


the worst penalties you'll see in an international spot kick shoot out.


That's a shocker. Poland could have the advantage. Milik. Keeper got a


hand to it but he couldn't keep it out. Advantage Poland. Xherdan


Shaqiri of Stoke City and Switzerland. Very well done. Never


in doubt, really. He screamed it in but the goalkeeper


gave it a valiant effort. Schar, who scored Switzerland's first goal of


these finals. Pressure on. The centre-half. Oh neatly done, sir.


Bedzikowski, who scored the Polish goal. And he doesn't miss --


Blaszczykowski. That means that Rodriguez will have to score. Scored


three for his club this season from the spot, what Uighurs. To keep


Switzerland in it, a stuttering run. Well put away. No pressure now,


then! Krychowiak. They say that he is the glue that keeps Poland


together. Can he send them through. Krychowiak, to win it for Poland.


And he does! Poland into the quarterfinals for the first time


ever. Swiss hearts, broken. STUDIO: Nine very good penalties and one


dreadful one. Yes, don't want to bang on too much, we've all been


there at one stage of our career. Unfortunate that somebody has to


miss one. Unfortunate for Switzerland but they go out having


stored possibly the goal of the tournament so far. Maybe Mark Hughes


at Stoke is giving Shaqiri some coaching. He is the only other


player I've seen anything -- doing anything like this. Ari and overhead


kick, how he gets the powerful where he is. Mark use, his manager, could


do things like that -- Mark Hughes. To get in that position and the


power, incredible. Is it the power that is the most impressive thing?


Yeah, definitely, I think so, and going away from the goal as well. He


has timed it perfectly. He was a left-back! Asking him from the left


point of view. Even to think about attempting it, fantastic goal and as


you said, it is disappointing for him to be going home after scoring


such a good goal. It gets to the point where you start losing some of


the best players in the tournament and he is one player you don't want


to see going home because he is bang on form. He was brilliant. The


Poland goal was a good goal for different reasons, a very good


counterattacking goal from Blaszczykowski. Yes, Fabianski just


starting it off. Rosicky coming down the wing. I think the Swiss player


Scott Quigg -- got caught a bit goal watching. Rodriguez, he never really


opened up his body to see the player coming behind. Would you give Milik


credit for the run he makes? Yeah, he occupies Rodrigues to give


Blaszczykowski the chance to pick his spot. It's a great finish as


well. Robert Lewandowski, when you look at his stats, he appears to


have struggled in this tournament. They discussed in the commentary


whether it is his confidence or not. What do you think? I've been there


myself, in his position. He's a great player, great finisher, it's


just not happening for him. Sometimes the harder you try, the


worse it gets. Some instances we are going to look at now where you start


snatching, you start losing your belief when the ball comes to you


that it's going to work. Look at that, it is just a snatch. He's


trying too hard. It's not happening for him. He looks weak at times.


That's a bit of a worry. But we know he's a good player. Again, he's


trying things, trying to force things. Do you think, quite a few of


these clips, obviously not there, but he is isolated a little bit? And


that is the life of a modern-day striker. You would have often played


in a pair but modern-day strikers don't often do that. Yeah he is


missing his partner in Germany. He's still better what we've seen. They


are still in the tournament and I think they will come good, if he


scores one goal, his belief will come back and he starts relaxing and


is that of snatching you are going to strike through the ball. It is a


more solitary role? Yes, he plays it well, it is just the tournament,


things haven't fallen for him yet but one goal, things can change


quickly for him. You said to me, you are a bit frightened of criticising


him because he is that good. One goal could turn it around. I think


his all-round play as well, generally, watching him in the group


game, when we played against them in Nice, we did a good job on him but


he was unselfish, he created space for other people and he held up the


ball well, getting other players into the game. You probably don't


see much of that from those clips, but his all-round game, fantastic


striker. And finally to a side who have


been one of the most impressive here in France.


Croatia beat Spain to top their group and their reward


was a game against Portugal, who had finished third in theirs.


Simon Brotherton was in Lens. COMMENTATOR: Croatia's confidence


could hardly be higher after ending Spain's 14 game unbeaten run in


their last match, but Portugal getting here the hard way, behind


three times against Hungary before gaining the point needed to get out


of the group. If Croatia were the underdogs against Spain, they will


be the slight favourites here, despite facing the match-winning


presence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Croatia welcoming back Luka Modric,


who missed the Spain game with a groin injury. Strinic and Vida


restored to the defence. Mandzukic is preferred to Kalanic, who started


and scored against Spain. Portugal's line-up shows four changes included


three in the backline with a first appearance of the tournament for


Fonte and Cedric. Guerreiro returns from injury and Silva getting the


nod in midfield over Coutinho. It is his first appearance of the Euros.


Almost giving it away. Ronaldo acknowledges that the court Srna. --


he caught him. Early threat here from Portugal. The first threat from


Portugal. Away come Croatia on the break with Modric. Not for long.


Suddenly the mass looks like it might be opening up. Joao Mario,


finding Ronaldo. Free kick conceded by Perisic.


Subasic has had nothing to do, just passing the halfway point of the


first half. There was a free header for Pepe. First chance of the


evening. Free kick whipped in, he was offside as ball came in. Nani is


in possession but only momentarily and the chase is on now. Here goes


Perisic. Creating the shooting chance. But only finding the side


netting on this occasion. Having started on the left, he is now


enjoying cutting in from the right hand side, really testing the rarer


-- Guerreiro. Srna. His leg was trodden on by


Fonte after the ball had gone. Just watch this. Challenging for it,


coming up now. Oh, that was a nasty one from Fonte. The ball was nowhere


near him. Fonte is lucky to get away with that. Barely a chance at either


end worthy of the name. Rakitic moving forwards down the left-hand


side. Brozovic making the run, Strinic with the ball in but it is


away by Fonte. For a moment it looked as if it might open up for


Croatia inside the Portuguese penalty area.


Well played by Perisic. Strinic going for the return from Mandzukic.


It is a decent ball as well and Brozovic was nearly on the end of


it. That was much better from Croatia. Brozovic racing into the


centre, Strinic playing the ball in and Brozovic blasting the shot over


the crossbar from the corner. Croatia, quick with the corner


towards Brozovic but over the top of the bar.


Sanchez, through to Joao Mario. He did the hard bit, in a way, Sanches,


but not the final shot. No one with a shot on target and we played for


nearly an hour. Modric continuing to probe. The Croatian players realise


and feel that for the current generation this is their


opportunity. This tournament here, for this generation. Srna's ball in.


Just wide. Vida was racing in. Still digesting that as he goes to the


halfway line again. Getting up well. Might have been better if it landed


on the head of Mandzukic, who was just behind him. The team is


continuing to cancel each other out here. -- teams. Was a pitch can't


find Mandzukic. Nani, the Portugal. -- Brozovic. Adrian Silva with the


flick towards Nani. Portugal claiming they should get a penalty


kick. Nani staying on the ground. He was back on the ship by Strinic.


Rakitic with the delivery -- on the hip. Coming off Ronaldo. A


thoroughly underwhelming 90 minutes is brought to a conclusion by the


Spanish referee and these two teams will have to fight it out for at


least another 30 minutes. Towards Rakitic, holding off Carr


Valley O. Bit of a stretch for Fonte and now it's with Kalanic, who


snatched at that one. Skewing it horribly wide. Fonte found himself


in a difficult position. Just beaten by the run of the ball.


Marcelo Brozovic. It was a poorer ball to Ivan Perisic who did rather


well to get something out of it. Even he is feeling the strain. A


rare opportunity from this corner kick the fifth corner of the night.


Vida tries to lift the crowd. Brozovic with the delivery. Rui


Patricio falls over and it's over the top from Domagala Vida. Rui


Patricio will be a relieved man. Up towards Brozovic. Pepe overcommitted


and now he has to strain every sinew to get back. Great chance, it


couldn't quite be turned on by Nikola Kalinic. Marko Pjaca is


therefore Croatia, they've got the throw. It was just out of reach for


Kalinic in the centre. The moments of activity inside the penalty area


and it has hit the post! And Perisic can't quite reach it. Ross of its is


there. Strinic now. -- Brozovic. Croatia are realising penalties are


very much on the horizon, but have they overcommitted themselves? It is


Renato Sanches for Portugal, Nani to his left and Ronaldo to his right,


Nani collects the ball, Ronaldo with a chance to win it but it is the


head of Ricardo Quaresma who has surely won the match for Portugal,


deep in extra time. We only have four minutes to play. Finally,


someone has an effort on target and finally we have a breakthrough in


the game, a game in which frankly neither side deserved to win. And


there is every chance he could be the matchwinner now because Renato


Sanches, Nani one side and Ronaldo the other, and Nani played the ball


through and Ronaldo was onside but for once he couldn't score and he


was denied by Danijel Subasic who made the save. But Quaresma was on


the spot at the right place and right time, the easiest header of


his career. Croatia trying to carve out just one last chance to save


their tournament, Srna with the cross.


Andrej Kramaric is down. Free kick. And Quaresma, the goal-scorer, the


player who concedes the free kick, puts his team on the back foot now.


Danijel Subasic, the goalkeeper, is coming up for this one in the last


minute of added time. Srna is underneath it and Raphael Guerreiro


does really well. Modric now. Srna at one last cross, one last chance,


Perisic goes up, there is a scramble and it is wide from McCoy Vida. And


I think that will be that for Croatia. -- Domagoj Vida. Vida


couldn't quite steer the ball inside the far post. Agonisingly wide. And


Croatia's hopes are over at this European Championships. They


promised so much, they looked so good, but when it got to be first


knockout stage, they failed to deliver. Joy for Portugal, they go


through, they will play in the quarterfinal in Marseille next


Thursday. But it was a long, long night. The Final Score Croatia 0-1


Portugal. I'm surprised they got ten minutes


of highlights out of the game because it was awful, the first shot


on target was in the 116th minute and all of the excitement came in


one minute in extra time. Considering the players that were on


show that was the worst Game Of The Day. It was awful. As the


commentator said it was an hour before there was a shot on target.


This was unbelievable luck. They have hit the post, 20 seconds later


the ball ends up in the net. And if you look at it closely, it's Ronaldo


and Quaresma, the two Centre forwards of Portugal, watch their


runs, they make a 90 yard sprint and if any but he wonders why you have


to be fit to be a footballer, look at Ronaldo, he's got on the end of


that ball after defending in his own half and Quaresma gets the tap in.


He was closing across down at the other end of the pitch. I don't


think Nani meant to cross the ball. I don't think so, it is a topo,


Ronaldo in the right place at the right time, fantastic save by the


goalkeeper, looking up from the ground when he saw Quaresma tapping


it in he must have been devastated. This must show it is a topo.


Otherwise it's the best disguised pass you will see in the tournament,


surely -- toe poke. Ronaldo is arguably the best player in the


world and his fitness levels in injury time. 117th minute. And


closing the ball down. It feels like a missed opportunity for Croatia,


who arguably were the best, as I said earlier, team in the group


stages. Yes, and to be fair the goal they have conceded came from them


trying to have a go at winning the game. Obviously it's nice to see the


positive, but they left themselves open to the counterattack. We've


seen lots of counterattacking goals in the tournament, it is a big part


of football and they've been done by it. It is the England Portugal


quarterfinal and you said whether Wales get Belgium or hungry, they


must be thinking tonight we have a chance. Who? Poland? Wales!


LAUGHTER Yes, we are. I said the new target,


the target was to get out of the group and the new target has got to


be semi-finals, Noghes respect to Northern Ireland, they were better


than us today but we had a great chance to beat them and we've beaten


and drawn with Belgium the last two meetings and there's no reason why


we can't get through that. What happened with Croatia shows when you


get to the knockout stages it is useless predicting what might


happen. Of course and you've seen how the two halves of the draw have


panned out so Wales have a great chance to make the semifinal, and as


been said before the tournament you wouldn't have expected that. Is the


great thing about knockout football. Three games tomorrow again


but all eyes in this country will be in Lyon where France take


on the Republic of Ireland. COMMENTATOR: It is another epic


night for the Republic of Ireland. I'm really pleased for the players,


the manager, the staff, the supporters. We had a strong feeling


in the dressing room and we wanted to stay longer, we were not ready to


go home yet. COMMENTATOR: In it comes and Brady is in and the


Republic of Ireland have scored. I really felt players wanted to give


the supporters a night to remember. And they did. I think everyone


really enjoyed it. I think we are the oldest squad at the Euros, and


we've also got some good young players. Brady, Hendrick, people


like that. You talk about underdogs, who do you mean by underdogs? To me


there have been no real surprises, the teams that have done well have


had a chance of getting out of their groups. The big challenge is with


the format and seedings, there is a big challenge for the so-called


underdogs, the lesser teams. Griezmann saves the day for France.


It will be the hardest game, no doubt, the host nation, less days to


recover, a lot of really good players who looked like they are


enjoying the tournament and the pressure of being the home nation,


it doesn't seem to be getting them but hopefully it might get them on


Sunday, let's hope so. France against the Republic of


Ireland is the first game tomorrow and you can hear it on 5 live, as is


the case with Germany against Slovakia and you can watch Hungary


against Belgium at 7:30pm on BBC One and the games are on the website and


on the app. Thank you to Dean and Chris. Not the greatest day of


football but then if you are Welsh you don't care about that, the


quarterfinals await. Night. Good evening everyone, from the Parc


des Princes. It's time to discover which will be


the first home nation to fly the flag into the last eight.


Opportunity for Dallas. Sam Vokes jumps, and offside, Aaron Ramsey, as


he turns the ball in. In games like this, it's one moment


of magic from a special player. Ramsey Gradel! And its wide from


Vokes. Wale is ready to hit it. Wale brings a save from McGovern. We've


got a game on now! Us Bale. Great delivery, turned into his own net by


Gareth McAuley! It is another Wales win and on


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