Match Replay: Wales v Northern Ireland Match of the Day

Match Replay: Wales v Northern Ireland

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Welcome to the fill March rerun. We are in Paris which tonight is a


little piece of Britain in Europe. Guy Mowbray.


Good evening everyone from the Parc des Princes. Tonight, it is a little


bit of Britain in Europe. Now, there is a thing. The football is back,


thank goodness for that, and it is time to discover which will be the


first home nation to fly their flag He will be assisted by a familiar


Premier League sites. Michael O'Neill made one change


to his Northern Ireland side with Kyle Lafferty back to lead


the attack, retaking his place from Conor Washington,


who had started the last two games. Right back, despite rumours


to the contrary, Aaron Hughes Much before this Championship


he hadn't kicked off All the players have been upstaged


by Michael McGovern whose saves against Germany got


the side to this game today. Let's have the first words


from my colleagues in You just about wiped your eyes


after the anthem? Wales and Northern Ireland fans have


created a terrific atmosphere. All I am going to say is,


may the best team win. Gerry Armstrong you scored


the most famous goal I suspect you would like to be


upstaged finally today. Hopefully he will lead the line


and they will give a good account of themselves much I agree


with Robbie, may the best team win. Michael O'Neill, who was on great


form when he spoke to He did suggest that we would


have a cagey opening. He said you might find


neither crosses halfway Certainly Michael McGovern is giving


himself a nice feel of the ball and taking time to study what is set


out before him as he clears away. Chris Gunter will be able to look


for Wales' main target man up there, His first touch of


the match is a flick. I think Corey Evans has a big job


today for Northern Ireland. Ramsey and Bale play as two


number 10s when Wales It's important Corey Evans brings


in Norwood or Davis. Anchoring the midfield


as Jonny Evans sweeps Strange to think when you have Wales


playing the two Evans brothers Martin Atkinson was


right there to see it. There was a shove in the back,


one of the brothers, first brothers to play in a major


tournament for Northern Ireland. They have been few and far


between from him at this We will see a good battle,


the wing-backs, Taylor, down the left hand side for Wales


against Aaron Hughes and Gunter, who has gone so well this


tournament for Wales, down the right hand side


against Jonny Evans so it It will be more Stuart


Dallas at the moment. I think it's three centre-backs


at the moment. Gunter thought about


the quick throw for Vokes. Enjoyed the reaction in the camp


when Taylor scored against Russia Just when they thought


they had seen everything. It's important Northern Ireland


pass the ball. They are doing it


well at the moment. One of the things I said to you,


Robbie, before hand, Northern Ireland get enough


possession of the ball against Wales, who are pretty


good in that department. One of the chants of


the tournament is going on. Waiting for his first


opportunity to kick a ball Michael O'Neill said,


he must still be on fire Michael O'Neill won 31 caps,


never got to play against Wales. Chris Coleman, 32 for Wales,


never faced Northern Ireland. Gerry will be aware,


they are the reigning British Champions, the final


Championship 1984 was won I think Michael O'Neill was right


with his early assessment, It's important he gets


the second ball there. Ashley Williams has


clattered into Jamie Ward. It will be a free-kick


for Northern Ireland. Useful flick from Lafferty, nearly,


nearly sent Ward away. Looks like he comes with his forearm


and catches him with his arm, trying to protect himself there,


Ashley Williams, he catches He is playing as a more


advanced player. That's good to see, I thought


they isolated Kyle Lafferty too much Seven of Northern Ireland's last 10


goals in competitive internationals have come from just this


sort of situation. Martin Atkinson ruled


he was holding his opponent there. As you can see, a little nudge


in the back on Gunter. He started the first game, Gerry,


against Poland and never got going. Is this fixture better


suited for him? Players didn't really know


what the shape was and where I suspect, whoever represents him,


has had a busy phone over the last few days since that


performance against Germany. There are a few in the old shop


window this afternoon. Northern Ireland moving


the ball around nicely. I think they have settled quicker,


Northern Ireland, as Gerry said. Confident possession,


not panicking, no rush. I think they've started the game


slightly better than Wales. Dealt with by Taylor,


under pressure from Hughes. More time now for Ashley Williams


to find Gunter and then Chester. It looks because of his stature


and because Bale is good in the air they said to Jonny Evans


when he gets the ball you go and press him and Dallas comes


round in the cover. Bale breezed past, but couldn't get


the cross over. Ledley, not accurate enough


in trying to find Ramsey. There might be something on for


Northern Ireland. Ward is trying to shimmy


his way past Davis. It was saved well


by Wayne Hennessey. I tell you what, great


counter-attack football Results in a strike from Stuart


Dallas. Northern Ireland with the lowest


number of shots in the Group stage There's the first meaningful


one today. Lafferty is the player


being watched most closely. Wayne Hennessey is able to catch it


unchallenged and trying to set You expected a better


ball than that. Northern Ireland is normally


good on set plays. I think in that situation there,


you would want Gareth Bale where What Gareth Bale is good at,


probably better than Ramsey, defending


set-pieces. Nor is Chris Gunter able to keep


the ball in play. Michael O'Neill just slightly


the happier manager at this stage. As Robbie said, they have settled


down quicker and showed real promise on that


last counter-attack movement. There's only been one


Northern Ireland win in the last 13 meetings of these two


nations since 1975 of these Aaron Ramsey has started


to drift forward. Bale into Ramsay, couldn't


get enough of a touch. Whips it in and any slight touch


or pace on the ball would have Michael O'Neill did say they're


ready to deal with whatever Gareth Bale has got and it looks


like they are going to deal with it Northern Ireland's defence


is so strong, they have not conceded more than one in a game in the last


16 matches they have played. Jamie Ward unable to go over


that one, walking back from being offside, so plenty


of time for James Chester. He is not going to be


punished for it. Allen, fortunate to get it back


but uncharacteristically In the group stage, Wales' attacking


threat most of the time came So I can understand why the manager,


Michael O'Neill, has gone for wingbacks for Northern Ireland


today, because the diagonal ball was on every time


against Slovakia and Russia. Didn't do it against


England that much. But good tactics from Michael


O'Neill. That is one of the things I said


to you earlier, Michael is clever, He thought he would make a change


or two, but he seems to have picked the right side and they have


settled down well. Bale climbs high, again,


two on him as soon as the ball went Lafferty wanted it short but did


make a run for Stuart Dallas. Stopped by Ashley Williams,


perfectly fairly. If those players can get going,


Allen, Ramsay and Bale, The three Musketeers,


quite fitting in Paris. Very tentative start


by the boys in red, Robbie? It certainly is, one good shot


from Northern Ireland, good save by Hennessey,


Wales haven't really Both teams are comfortable


in defending. That was the ball in the games


against Slovakia and Russia, Ashley Williams from centre-half,


but covered Taylor really well and Dallas against Chris Gunter has


covered it really well. Michael O'Neill is encouraging


the diagonal balls and as it is travelling, the Northern Ireland


players are coming out. I think he was caught


by Stuart Dallas just He just blocks him, there is no


doubt that is a free kick. It is a first word in the ear


of the Leeds player Sam Vokes got a connection


but not enough direction. All he can do is flick it on,


the challenge coming in from Gareth McAuley,


and then you hope someone is gambling and gets


on the end of it. Just at the moment, the red wall,


as Wales supporters have been dubbed by the Wales players,


has been forced to be a little bit Most of the noise is coming


from the green and white end, because of the green


and white wall on the field. Lafferty penalised,


foul on Joe Ledley. But Michael O'Neill has obviously


watched the Russia game, where Wales were


absolutely devastating. They had numbers forward,


full-backs forward, midfielders forward,


the Russia, giving Gareth Bale the space he needed and as you can


see, he has had no space to work And look how quickly


they are being pressed, that is important, to put pressure


on a man on the ball, The square ball is on


but not forward pass. And offside as Aaron Ramsey turns


the ball in. The first bit of excitement


at the other end of the field amongst those Wales


supporters is cut short. First impression, I am not sure


Aaron Ramsey has to touch it. He is in an offside position,


I don't know if he has to go for it. But Ramsay was in an offside


position, correct from the linesman. I'm not sure it was going in,


I think he probably felt he needed But a good ball in from the left


side and a good jump by Sam Vokes. Hasn't scored for his country


since March 2014 in a 3-1 Haven't both countries come


a long way since then? That might just be


the trigger for Wales. Gunter has stolen a few yards


but the officials are letting it go. Jonny Evans, strong and wise


enough to hold off Ramsey. Evans and McAuley in defence at one


end and James Chester at the other and Chester, for most of last


season, kept out of the West Brom side by the two


on the other side today. I was talking about it


to Chris Brunt, he said you cannot fault James Chester,


he's strong and good on the ball, maybe not as tall as the other guys,


that is the difference. It is a West Brom way,


the Northern Ireland, If anyone wants to experience right


back or centre-back, Aaron Hughes left the A League


in Australia and is available Ramsey tried to trick his way past


Jonny Evans. Evans not happy with the way


he tumbled but perfectly happy with the way Martin


Atkinson read it. I think he read it right,


he knocked it too far, I think you try to make the most


of the situation. That was good defending


by Jonny Evans, intelligent defending,


used his body well. The second save from


Wayne Hennessey. He should be closed


down quicker than that. It's a good strike, a good height


for Wayne Hennessey, but he has still got to save it


and if I was a Welsh defender, you would want to get


closer to them. Gareth McAuley is forward,


as he is for every Northern Ireland I have watched him at Real Madrid


and he is such a good player back defending,


he is good in the air Stuart Dallas made his


debut against Wales. In the Nations Cup game


that was played More have read about it than watched


it, just over 500 there. It was missed, Lafferty couldn't


quite react in time. Good centre forward play


by Sam Vokes, bringing his I think that is something he is good


at, Cory Evans. He is a little bit too


much for the referee, Corry Evans and Norwood


in each other's way. Every time a midfield player


or defender gets their head up one and looks for a long pass,


both sides drop off, so it's up to someone to drop deep,


get on the half turn Evans looking for Lafferty,


he won the ball comfortably enough ahead of Ben Davis but always


difficult to hit the target. He is six foot four, got up well


enough but couldn't direct it. But if you are a Wales player,


you will be looking to close down and stop the cross coming


in in the first place. Norwood made sure there


was no shot available. I think it is a shot,


it is whipped across goal but I think he is trying


to find the target. A bit of frustration from Wales


but it is tactically a very intriguing game and I don't think


Wales have had the situation where the wingbacks are marked


when they go forward. Games like this, it is one moment


of magic from a special player. Who is that special


player going to be? We didn't expect Northern Ireland


to have this much possesion, that is The two best chances have gone


to Northern Ireland. A Lafferty left his leg hanging,


Ashley Williams tumbled over it. Kyle Lafferty did gesture


to Martin Atkinson to say, well, 20 years ago, that


was a good challenge. The only time he played for Wales


against Northern Ireland, Not a good few seconds


there for James Chester. First red card of your career,


wasn't it, one of only two? The way it started back then,


there were tackles flying in. You know, it was a great


game to be involved. There is more nervousness


about this. Certainly, for me, the host nation,


France, seemed to be nervous It was always going to


be a tactical battle. I don't think there will be too


many clear-cut chances. That's why it could


go to extra-time. A chance for the men


in Green And white get This is a good side


in terms of free-kicks. We said this before,


opportunity, Gareth McAuley is up there, Craig Cathcart,


pushing forward, Jonny A good delivery from Norwood


with his right foot Jonny Evans is a late


arrival into the crowd. Ledley's third start in a row,


having come on as a sub against Poland he broke a leg on 7th


May, causing him to miss Crystal I'm glad you said it was intriguing,


Robbie, certainly not exciting yet. Bided his time and won


the ball back for his team. Cynical foul really, he was clever,


stayed on his feet and won It may be a chance


for Northern Ireland. Kyle Lafferty presented that one


to James Chester. Do you not think Wales look better


on the counter attack? That is when they look


at their most dangerous. Decent ball into the box


and Northern Ireland will be Until that little break down


between Allen and Taylor it looked as though we were getting a bit more


pace in the game from both teams. That came from the flick on from


Vokes and Ramsey running in behind. First time you saw a midfield


player for Wales running Misses out, Allen, intentionally


or otherwise. It looked as though


he might for that Gareth Bale has gone


for a really tough delivery. I think that's too hard a skill,


even for him. The support has been,


for both these teams, right through the tournament,


talking to a Northern Ireland fan just last evening


who was on his way back, He texted his wife


to say - can I stay? There will be a few more tales


like that. Really good defending


from Jonny Evans. It's good play from Wales


on the counter-attack. Sam Vokes coming more


into the game as target play. That is what they need him to do,


hold the ball up. Wasn't going to be about


subtlety there. One or two little decisions


going Northern Ireland's way. You know, Joe Allen,


Norwood runs into him. Saying all that, I'm pleased


Martin Atkinson is the referee. Had a good season in


the Premier League. Lafferty again with a knock


down for Steven Davis. Dallas won't get to that before


Bale does. Up towards Ward, who does


really well. I think the referee is trying


to keep the play going. McAuley just reacted to that


in time. It's turned away


from Dallas by Gunter. The far-post, Gunter does


really well. Across the near side


of the corner flag. Not even Kyle Lafferty's


going to get anywhere near that one. It's funny, that last attack came


from Evans showing more determination than Ledley before


the edge of the box, before the ball went out


wide right to Hughes Little things like that, it will be


small margins today, I think. Any mistake anyway or one good ball


could be the difference, Martin Atkinson is saying,


get a move on with it. It should be the other way


round, it was Ward trying Going to have to go back


to Hennessey. Michael O'Neill, has


his tactics spot on. Get on the ball, get


on the half turn. Look for Ramsey and Bale


in number 10 positions. Lafferty having to


strongly hold off Gunter. Good position in the wide area,


playing for the free-kick. You can shield the ball,


but you can't grab at somebody Fantastic defensive header


from Ben Davies on that back post. He rose, he's got Cathcart coming


in behind him. It was important to


get a good delivery, A good ball from the left side


with the right foot. The referee is looking at how


close colleagues Chester I don't think Jamie Ward knew how


much time he had. I think the plan was he was going


to be with someone marking him and He could have turned it


himself, couldn't he? He was trying to win a corner,


hoping for a touch behind. If you want to start


a counter-attack you It's showing Northern Ireland can


get back into their shape and it's Managed to get past Corey Evans


that time, and Dallas - First thing I have to say is,


he's out of the game They are still trying


these diagonal balls. It's as if they don't have


any other options. Robbie talked about it earlier


they have to think about how else They are able to do it now


thanks to a free-kick. Joe Allen not best placed


with Oliver Norwood's Definite foul, Joe Allen did well.


He has had a fantastic tournament. There have been reports of Swansea


putting in a bid, rejected by Liverpool, trying to take him back


to south Wales. Reportedly, Leicester and Southampton interested


as well. Corry Evans looking both ways before


finding Craig Cathcart. Williams just gets the ball away


before Jamie Ward came to take it. Stuart Dallas with the foul right


under Chris Coleman's nose and he is going to get the first


booking of the match. That will rule him out


of the quarterfinal, Bale over on this right-hand side,


trying to find space. He is coming deep, dropping off,


switching sides, just to try Stuart Dallas comes in,


catches him with his arm. If you go in like that,


with your feet sliding in, you can say it is reckless,


that is what it is and that is why His studs caught him


on the foot, good decision. I think Northern Ireland are winning


the 50-50s in the middle of the park and that is something the Welsh have


got to change. It is a decent ball in but no


one on the end of it. Hit and miss at the


moment, Wales, for me. Certainly I think Michael O'Neill


will be the happier at half-time. We are not far away


from that moment. The standout performers so far have


been both sets of fans. We can never keep you out


of it for long, can we? It is going to be


a Northern Ireland throw. Stuart Dallas has to get that


booking out of his system, That will do it for the first half


at the Parc des Princes. Michael O'Neill was asked yesterday


about his experience of derbies and he recalled


the electric atmosphere to be decided. No changes made to


either side, in terms of personnel, for the restart. Wimbledon starts


next week. This has been more French Open, opponents on the baseline.


Somebody needs to come to the net. Northern Ireland set off in


attacking mode. A throw-in is won, courtesy of Chris Gunter's block.


Stuart Dallas won, it the only player on the field who has to tread


a little more carefully in the Corey Evans. Allen wins the ball


from Dallas. Corey Evans promptly wins it back. It stayed in. Ward was


badgered off it by Chester. Here's Couldn't afford to


slip up with Taylor. Definitely started quicker for me,


both sets of players I have a feeling Northern Ireland


are winning more battles The referee will have a quiet word


with Kyle Lafferty. Pointing out minor


offences, very minor. More to do with his size that have


accumulated over the game. He makes a back he stands


there and make as back. Pointing out minor


offences, very minor. More to do with his size that have


accumulated over the game. He makes a back he stands


there and make as back. Tactically, looking at the start


of the second-half, the dieingal ball is not on for Wales,


the wing-backs are marked. When the ball goes up to Vokes,


it's breaking down. In in the next 20 minutes he might


bring on Robson-Kanu for the ball over the top,


to stretch the play to get Wales up the pitch and get


the second balls. Solid piece of defending from


Chester. Not such a good out


ball to Aaron Ramsey. Ben Davies got in


the way of the shot. Seems to be a little bit more desire


to do something positive Michael, I said at half-time,


he might have to consider bringing a substitute on if there


is going to be a challenge like that A couple of options come


to mind in that position. That was a good tackle


by Dallas, though. They will want to keep him


on if he keeps playing like this. When he goes down,


you know about it. Real positive start


from Northern Ireland in They have come out of


the break the sharper. He has seen Ashley


Williams coming? He has the free-kick


from the referee. You are right, I think they have


come out the brighter of the two. They are closing down and winning


the ball back and recycling it Lafferty is up and will be standing


tall again for this. This one is going to


be left to Dallas. It looks like they have


something organised. Get the ball in just right


for anything to work. It's blocked and the whistle goes


anyway to give Wales a free-kick. Was that maybe a bit overdone


It was maybe a bit overdone. It worked out for them,


I don't know how. The shot comes in and hits


the knee of Joe Ledley. The free-kick had been


given before that. Maybe for pushing or shoving


in the box. Nice kick


by Dallas. Once again, three,


four men around him. Doing exceptionally well


against Gareth Bale today, All it needs is one moment,


one chance, one runned That was, oh, not very composed


by the Wales captain. Not a good start from


a Welsh point of view. Northern Ireland well


on top. Curled in - I was going


to say for Lafferty. He's never going to get


anywhere near that. The hand is raised by way


of apology guy Norwood. It's five minutes in the second-half


I would make a change much Get in between the


three centre-halfs. If he stretches the play,


that means, Ramsey, Allen, Having a look down, it's


Hal Robson-Kanu who will take his Hardly had time to get up-and-down


the touchline and warm-up. Lafferty prevents any thoughts


of a quick free-kick. It's the chance of the match


for the Wales centre forward. Cathcart switches off, but Vokes,


he just seems to not As you can see, it comes off


the top of his head really, he doesn't direct it


on to the target. Might end up being his last touch


of the game. Northern Ireland on top overall,


but they haven't scored Ramsey on the field,


Bale, Wales have players That was the first moment of real


quality on the pitch. Whipped it in behind the back three


of Northern Ireland. He has got to hit the target there,


big Sam Vokes. He hasn't had to get


to the by-line either. It was a quality delivery,


I have to say from Aaron Ramsey. You were both straining next to me,


both putting your nuts Hardly mentioned the name


McGovern all match. He hasn't had to make


a save, has he? There is the substitution


you were talking about, Robbie. As called, Sam Vokes replaced by Hal


Robson-Kanu. The man who scored the winner,


the historic first winning goal for Wales in a European


Championship finals match. Craig Cathcart, with


the Northern Ireland throw-in. Only one option here,


it's up to Lafferty. Hennessey made it look pretty


routine. Stop giving the ball away


in Wales' final third. Square passes across


your own back five. It is a back five, with Gunter


and Taylor playing so deeped, Robson-Kanu, put the ball


into the channel. One mistake can be the difference


and it's who is going to make it. Ledley made life awkward


for him and then for Wide left, coming in from


the other side is Gunter. It's Oliver Norwood much


you could see that happening before Minimal contact, but I think


it is a free-kick. I agree with you Gerry,


it's a free-kick. Gareth Bale, give him


the ball early. What an opportunity for that man,


Gareth Bale. Can it be his third


goal from a free-kick? The first diagonal ball that has


come off he has an opportunity. What has he learnt from watching


Gareth Bale at the Gareth Bale appeals for handball


as Jonny Evans strides away On the counter-attack,


Jamie Ward gets crunched by a Wales defender, Taylor, the game has


actually come to life in the 57th Dips over the wall and he gets his


body in the way here. Another dipper rather


than a swerver. That's over towards Dallas,


who has knocked it back. You are right, Robbie,


it is game on better pace of it. The handball wasn't the correct


position, Martin Atkinson, he is having a good


job, we must say. Stuart Dallas misjudging


his run there. If he had judged the flight


of the ball, he might have got Coming up to the hour mark,


the two thirds point. You can just sense in the stadium,


both sets of fans have They have both probably come to this


game thinking, you know, we have a real chance of getting


to the quarterfinals. I am looking down below and I can


see Niall McGinn warming up and he would be a good player


to come on at this Northern Ireland force another


corner. There is a palpable


tension in the air. Nobody wants this trip of a lifetime


to end too early. Northern Ireland, we know


they are dangerous from set pieces That is wasted and Michael is asking


the question. We certainly expected a better


delivery and so did I. Wales are going to make a second


quick-change in a moment. Jonny Williams is going


to leave the bench. I think it will be Ledley who comes


up, Jonny Williams will go and play alongside Gareth Bale with Ramsey


dropping next to Joe Allen. Let's see if Robbie has got another


one right in a moment. Ramsey chased by Jonny Evans,


who timed it right but couldn't It will sail straight behind


and I think the nod has gone to the officials on the touchline,


which means the second Wales change You know a bit about


this game, don't you? I think Joe Ledley, to even be


in this competition, it is his fourth game,


he has done exceptionally well. Jonny Williams in the first game


against Slovakia was very good, good on the ball, good movement


and I think Ramsey dropping in with Joe Allen, if he can


get his head back and look for the pace of Robson-Kanu


or to the feet of Bale, Fresh legs, and I think


Northern Ireland will be Shane Ferguson is also warming up,


another wide player. Jonny Evans spots the


chance to find Ward. Good bit of awareness and quick


thinking from Steven Davis. Certainly affecting the ball


and stopping Northern Ireland They might just try


and repeat the trick. The message has gone


to the Northern Ireland bench that Absolutely flying,


those fans in green. Having won the throw in,


makes his way into the penalty area. There was a little 1-2


on with Steven Davis, It is a good ball in from


Stuart Dallas but no A moment ago, Jonny Evans


had his hands on his knees and I think he has just indicated


again, he held his right leg. It could be a straightforward


can see how he gets Something Michael


will keep an eye on. Have we still got the


most thrilling moment Ramsey wants to move


the other way. Jonny Williams had to


work to keep the ball. Then run through everybody with it


before stumbling It is a poor challenge


from Steven Davis but prior to that, Jonny Williams driving at the heart


of the Northern Ireland team. Steven Davis has caught


Gareth Bale on the left shin. Free kick, opportunity for Ramsey


to put the ball into a good area. He has got to clear


the man on the near post. Williams adding a little extra


energy to Wales' play. Dallas try to keep his feet


but finally wilted. He has been really lively since


he has come on, Jonny Williams. He wants the ball on the half


turn in dangerous areas, wants to go with 1-2s


around the box. Substitution coming


from Michael O'Neill. Is it going to be Jamie


or Kyle Lafferty? He is going to keep two up


and both of them are hard, if Conor Washington gets on some


of the flick ons from Kyle Lafferty, He made his international


debut when the sides met There is a connection with Wales,


he made his name in league football with Newport County,


then onto Peterborough and now a He was just a little bit too far


away, I thought it should have been closer when the flick on came in,


but he is very quick over Ramsey trying to do it


all by himself at times. I think that is where you want Conor


Washington. But the tempo has


definitely increased. So have the amount of open


spaces on the field. Jonny Evans with an accusation


to Michael McGovern and that has got Chris Gunter will cover 90 minutes,


120 minutes, such great Good shutting down


by the right wingback. Chased by Davis, he can't dive in,


on a card. Jonny Evans doesn't have to dive


in when he reads the ball like that. That is really good


stuff from Chester. He wisely gave up the chase


when he realised it was beyond him. Left foot across, used his body and


turned away from danger. You wonder why he started


at the tail end of the season for West Brom,


he has been superb? Look at how Northern Ireland


defended with McAuley and Jonny Chester with this tournament,


Tony Pulis probably Because he is less than six


foot he's not too keen. Hasn't had a chance to really


run and test his pace Second-half Northern Ireland shading


the possession stats. They did that so well


today Northern Ireland. When Wales have possession


they pressed them high up the park. Have to say Michael O'Neill


tactically has gone well. It was like shadow boxing


in the first half. If you booked anywhere for dinner


in celebration you might have to put There's the acceleration that we've


seldom seen in the game yet. More time on the ball, Gareth Bale,


and space to run. Turned into his own net by the


unfortunate Gareth McAuley. After all this time,


after being kept quiet for so long, it is Gareth Bale who has


made the big difference. He had time, he had space on this


left hand side. Behind the Northern


Ireland defensive line. If he didn't go for it, Hal


Robson-Kanu was in for the tap-in. Just watch the way he whips this


ball around the back four. It's all about the delivery,


as Robbie said. I feel so sorry for


Gareth McAuley, who has Nothing McGovern could


do about it in goal. It's the Wales fans


who are singing in the sunshine. He's been magnificent since he's


come on, Johnny Williams. Not scared to try


something different. Great substitution from


Chris Coleman. He played his part in the build-up


to the goal as well, Yeah, I think key


players like Ramsey. Two attempts, the second one


was a great delivery. Gunter, puts it away


from Lafferty in time. Wanted Robson-Kanu to be running


to where he put the ball. This should suit Wales


even more now. Northern Ireland have got to go


and try and get the equaliser. Gareth Bale in number 10


position, free to run You have to say, Northern Ireland


have been brilliant so far. Michael will throw caution


to the wind and have a go in these Here comes the second


Northern Ireland substitution. The throw-in was taken


quickly by Cathcart. When it goes out again it's Wales'


ball to put back into play. Now it will be the


Northern Ireland change. Taking time to sort himself out


with the buttons on the board. He does make his way


to indicate that Oliver Norwood It's time for Northern Ireland


to begin the McGinn. Naill McGinn, scorer against Ukraine


in that famous 2-0 win. You will be able to hear


it in the background. That's the Wales fan singing -


Don't Take Me Home. They aren't going


anywhere as it stands. Or they will, they will be


going north to Lille. The only way he could have got


above Kyle Lafferty. With Oliver Norwood


seeing who will take it. Forward go Cathcart,


McAuley and Evans J. The whistle has gone, even before


it was popped over the crossbar. Is there shoving


and pushing going on? The referee has already


blown the whistle. Gets better every time


you see it, doesn't it? I said before the game,


in an attacking game it would be that man who provides a bit of


magic, but he didn't score the goal, For him to whip the ball into that


area, a lot of people would have hit the first man,


hit the goalkeeper. He put it exactly


in the right place. That's why he's one of the best


players in the world. Washington telegraphed his


intentions to Williams. Martin Atkinson is going


to have to stop it. Thought he should have brought it


earlier, maybe the referee. Two players colliding


with each other. There was a hesitation


because Northern Ireland When they hit each other as hard


as that it had to stop. Johnny Williams looks


the worse to me. It was Ashley Williams'


desire to win the ball. Won the ball and his body weight has


carried him into Johnny Williams. He is the meat in the


sandwich, isn't he? Good to see him


sitting back up again. Look how quickly Shaun Connolly


is sprinting on to the field. Ashley Williams is taking a bit more


time to come around. The Wales fans are coming


to the idea that this isn't over. Unless there can be a response


from the Green and White Army. They never give up and there's eight


minutes to go. A lot of goals scored


in this Championship late on as Josh Magennis strips off ready


to come on. We don't like to see


the stretcher bearers coming on. Giving Ashley Williams


plenty of time. Bale will need Ashley Williams


to captain the leader to stay The physio doesn't


look happy at all. He's going back into that


centre-half position. He will play through anything


he is carrying on with that. Here comes the Northern


Ireland change. At the moment, his touch


into his own net that he could do Josh Magennis, who once,


once upon a time, played for Cardiff City he joined them


as a, yeah, that's right goalkeeper. They have gambled their


three at the back now. I think Michael's done


the right thing. Ball given back to Northern Ireland,


which is good sportsmanship. Launch it as far away


as he can and as close We have seen late goals


throughout the tournament. Late goal when the sides met


in Cardiff in March. Will there be a reversal


when it really matters Johnny Williams, none


the worse for wear. Here he is, eating up


the ground on Jonny Evans. He very nearly managed to win


a corner for his team. Certainly nothing wrong


with his pace there. He was flying down that right


hand side channel. That's the thing that


Northern Ireland's enemy. They have to get the ball forward


quickly. A bit of a chunk to add on,


not least for the stoppage Three up front now


for Northern Ireland. Everything will be thrown at Wales


in this last five minutes plus whatever injury-time


is added by Martin Atkinson. Out comes Michael McGovern to meet


Robson-Kanu and it is enough to force the Wales number


nine to lose the ball. Going away from goal, it is


a difficult one for Robson-Kanu. Ashley Williams can't continue. He


has been hanging his left arm by his side since the collision and it is


wise that he goes off before that He would think that is likely


to mean a first run out in the competition


for James Collins, that But he just sat down and it was


clear that was in discomfort. He is staying on now


but he has clamped his left arm into his side and he can't be


properly balanced as he gets his From a Northern Ireland perspective,


what you do now is get the ball and smash it over Ashley Williams's


head and get Kyle Lafferty That is the tactics,


they have do put him under pressure. Doesn't Chris have to take charge


here and say we are getting James I think he knows Ashley Williams


better than anybody. James Collins is an adequate


replacement, no doubt about that. A little bit of frustration creeping


into the Northern Ireland play, Michael McGovern in a hurry


to get the ball forward. Michael O'Neill has that look


on his face, but Williams was OK enough to hold off


Lafferty and win it there. Ashley Williams, playing


lopsided, gets it clear. It is going to be an exciting couple


of minutes plus whatever There is still time


and they are pushing forward 90th minute, you would think


at least four added onto the end. Out comes Hennessy and what


a good catch that is. He hasn't had anything to do this


half, he has come through bodies You haven't got the armband


on but lead by example and that is what the


goalkeeper has done. We are into four minutes


of additional time. Washington sees his chance


to close down Hennessy. Wayne Hennessey has to put it


out of play. Great centre forward play,


go across your mouth, go down and get a free kick


for your side. You have to say, Chris Coleman's


substitutions, the introduction of Robson-Kanu, he saw the play had


to be stretched. He has got the captain with one arm


and he has the goalkeeper catching things and he has


Gareth Bale on the park. Wales with one foot


in the quarterfinals. Not even Jonny Williams' energy


will get him to that one. Just about enough time for one more


attack if they can But the clock is ticking


and it is certainly Ben Davies comes out


to a great Welsh cheer. They haven't had great success


in this ground in sporting terms. The Welsh rugby side lost 11


in a row here from 1970, when the French side


moved to Stade de France. They didn't have a great morning


in Dunedin on the other side of the world today,


but that doesn't matter Wayne Hennessey will take


as much of the two minutes It was diagonal but it has caught


on the wind or something. Put the ball in the corner,


don't smash it to the goalkeeper. It is Josh Magennis


winding up the big one. Close to Wayne Hennessey,


who has got a good hand on it. Ramsey had a hand on Steven Davis


to give Northern Ireland the free kick and for kicking the ball away,


he gets a yellow card. Don't worry, Robbie,


he is not on one already. One good free kick


is all they have left, They have to send the


goalkeeper up, surely? He is on his way, Michael O'Neill


has somewhat reluctantly A long look at the left wrist


from Michael Atkinson. They were together and just that bit


stronger than Northern Ireland, who now must dare


to dream of another day. We didn't get a thrill a minute


excitement but we were always Gerry Armstrong, words


per your team first. Magnificent tournament for more


than back of its Northern Ireland, gave 100% and one quality


delivery from a world-class player It could quite easily have been


a result the other way. No shame in that and I wish Wales


all the best in the quarterfinals. Robbie, you will be


singing Don't Take Me Home First of all, I echo Gerry's words,


Northern Ireland have had It wasn't a great game today


but Gareth Bale with a fantastic Unfortunate for McAuley


but I am going to say this, Wales are in the quarterfinals


of the European Championships. And next it is either Hungary


all Belgium in Lille. Don't make any other plans


for Friday night.


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