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Hungary v Belgium

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The clock is ticking, then again this could be Hungary's time to


emulate the magnificent Magyars from yesteryear.


We are ready for the match of the century, there is an exhibition of


ball control, look at that. They open them up with a little shimmy


and a shake of the hips, fantastic. The land of the mighty Magyars of


the 50s. Szalai! Would you believe it! What a


brilliant finish to finish off Austria! Hungary level at the end.


Zoltan Gera for Hungary. The strike and the deflection carries it in, it


is unbelievable. Dudek for the second time, Hungary through to the


last 16 safely. Summit expected of this Belgian side. Italy top Group E


and Belgian bottom of it. The side ranked number two in the world have


scored their first goal of the tournament. Witsel with the header,


2-0. Lukaku, it must be three, it is. Nainggolan, great goal! .


Belgian go on to phase Hungary in the round of 16. STUDIO: Belgian


firm favourites, ranked number two in the world, boasting the most it


spins of squat in the Euros with familiar throughout the team.


Hungary are not be underestimated. This may be their first appearance


at major tournament since 1986 but they finished top of Group F and


were joint top scorers in the first round. Here for this one are Alan


Shearer, Thierry Henry and Rio Ferdinand. This golden generation,


it is kind of now or never, you suspect. I totally agree. We all


know the vast majority of the players because of the Premier


League. They are very, very good players and you are right, it is not


too dissimilar to England's so-called generation a few years ago


with Beckham, Rio, Michael Owen, Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard. All


right! Ashley Cole. You get the feeling that if this team isn't


successful pretty soon they might miss their big opportunity. When you


look at their side of the draw they now have, if they were to win


tonight with Wales in the next game, the quarterfinals, Portugal or


Poland in the semifinals, this is an unbelievable opportunity for these


guys to be successful now. And just thinking what a let down you lot


were. I couldn't believe it! They had a slow start but won their last


two games. We were slightly critical of them early on, saying perhaps


they are a bit more individualistic. You can't stop thinking about the


individuals because they are some great guys that light up the Premier


League. So far they haven't played as well as a unit, as a team. They


played well in the second half against Ireland on the counters. I


wasn't convinced about them against Sweden. There is one thing that I


don't really understand and I was asking Rio about it before there is


a great partnership in the middle of your back four. What I mean is


having Vertonghen and Alderweireld who play together at Tottenham, but


he keeps on putting Vertonghen on the left, and I don't know if that


really suits him. Today are specially, I wanted to ask Rio,


would you not like to play with the guy that you play with at your club?


I would be fuming, if I was in the changing room I would say to the


manager, play me in my best position, I've been centre-half in


the last few years, one of the best in the Premier League, the most


entertaining league in the world, he is my partner and we have a great


relationship. You Olmo you need good partnerships across the pitch and


Vermaelen doesn't play at his club as good as he is, so to play him in


that position baffles me. It is a gamble. What about Hungary? They


have been surprisingly open, so many underdogs have played in a cagey man


and sat back whereas Hungary had a go, haven't they? That's what you


must admire about these guys because the constant theme in this


tournament as the so-called underdogs have sat back and had men


behind with the ball. This team have gone out and scored goals,


entertained, have a certain style they play too, they have a certain


style and you have to admire that. I like the fact they shoot from


outside the box, they are not scared, they had a goal against


Portugal, they topped their group, not only by staying at the back and


being pragmatic, they were going to have a go at it. We want to see


goals and they are doing that. We've seen a few already today. It


promises to be really open and spectacular tonight. Another 0-0!


More onto night bus my game but two matches have already been played


today, the hosts France played the Republic of Ireland in Line, watched


by Mark Lawrenson and Jonathan Pearce.


COMMENTATOR: Ward. Early cross in, Rami slipped, will it come to Shane


Long on the half term? Can he get the shot away? It is a penalty to


Ireland! Such a clumsy challenge, no protest from the French. Sensational


start! The referee has made Robbie Brady wait a long time. Brady to


stun the French, the hosts, and he does. A bit of luck, it came off the


posts, it didn't matter, France 0-1 Republic of Ireland. Stunning start!


It is absolutely fantastic. It came off the post and in. It doesn't


matter, you don't save it. One of the best players in the tournament,


he's had a cracking Euro 2016. Can you see what he said there? Put it


in there. Just put it in there, he knows they can cause problems. It


comes in from Murphy, it got away from his man so easily. Hendrik back


to the goalkeeper. Another chance to the Republic of Ireland. From the


ball into the penalty area from a throw this time, abject panic. Payet


hits the pass and brings in Sagna, looking for Giroud, looking for


Griezmann and looking for the equaliser and they've got it! France


1-1 Republic of Ireland. Antoine Griezmann. Great ball in and just


the freedom and space for Griezmann, really good in the centre of the


goal, nobody knew him. Hendrick from the throw, allowed to


go, mistake by Pogba, it comes back out to Ward and he thought it had


deflected away. It did! How can the officials not see that? How can they


not see it? The flight of the ball. Crikey. Giroud. Griezmann in space


to finish it. It has all turned around. Antoine Griezmann, the


breaker of Irish hearts, two goals in three minutes. I think this is a


gift, two players go towards him and the second of those players should


beware Griezmann makes the run. Brilliant finish. It is a good


finish. Giroud to pressurise Kia and he has


done so, Antoine Griezmann on a hat-trick, into the penalty area,


brought down. -- Keoch. He brought him down just outside but he had to


go, it was a lunch. You got to make the challenge. He had a good game,


he was brilliant against Italy. He's had a horrible eight minutes with


the Republic of Ireland. We hope we made people proud because our fans


are amazing and so is everybody at home. The energy levels started to


drop Aggers of the game we had a couple of days before. France had a


massive advantage in that aspect. But I couldn't be more proud of the


team. A really fantastic effort. And throughout the tournament, and I


couldn't be more proud of the supporters. It was a terrific


effort, Rio, they gave everything. Their country will be so proud, we


all know that. I had lunch with a couple of the boys, Robbie Keane,


Robbie Brady and a couple of the other boys the other day and you


could sense how proud they were and what they were involved in, Robbie


Brady who played for Man United as a young kid and now you are seeing his


potential on the big stage and they are living the dream and it is


beautiful to see that they went out fighting, they didn't go out with a


whimper, they went out fighting which is what you associate with an


Irish team. Great start with the penalty. You started to think this


might be their day. Just over a minute. Long is clever because he


runs into the path of Pogba and he makes it a penalty. Yes, his leg is


there, he doesn't trip him, he puts his leg out and connects with him.


It was definitely a penalty. Just for is bliss second you can see


Brady, oh no, but it goes in. You began to think, is that there day?


They looked pretty comfortable. It definitely was a penalty. They


looked comfortable. Having said that, after previous decisions had


gone against them they deserve that. LAUGHTER


What could you be talking about? Thierry. What could you be talking


about? Can we talk about the second-half? To be fair, you've got


to hand it to France, and Didier Deschamps and those changes at


half-time. He was actually. There is not a competition to be the best


coach of the tournament but he is the best coach of the tournament so


far because every time he changes the formation, or the personnel, the


guys usually respond. What he did in the second-half was put Griezmann


just underneath Giroud, where he likes to be, where plays for


Atletico Madrid, you can see how lethal he is, he is amazing. That is


his position. It is his position and he knows what to do there. With all


this talk about the width, Bacary Sagna is there, in the box, grey


header, amazing. Similar against Albania. Give Bacary Sagna a lot of


credit because he picked him out and that is a hell of a header. First


and foremost, amazing run from Olivier Giroud. And then that is


what he does, that's what he has done all season. Direct. I think


people are forgetting that playing with two strikers, that's what you


can do straightaway, someone can lay it off, the second goal was also a


heck of a finish. That's what he does all year at Atletico Madrid.


Wear them to fight, when the ball came to Giroud he does not sit there


admiring and waiting. To go back to it, and that is a foul, no question,


and it is a red card. At what I like about this is we were trying to find


out a formation, who is the player? We all know that Payet responded


well but you have to make Griezmann the key of the team and put him in


that situation and position where you know he can kill people. If you


guys had to play on the right for England, I don't know if you would


have been as prolific as if you were playing in the middle like you did


for your club. Most definitely! LAUGHTER


Going forward I was impressed with his second half but what about


defensively because I don't think you looked solid defensively.


Defensively we didn't look solid. The one guy that looked solid was


maybe Koscielny, Bacary Sagna offered a lot offensively, but they


didn't get challenges on the wing. Rami looked suspicious, especially


on the penalty when he falls at the beginning. Visit Mangala for the


next game? Is it going to be tutti? I don't know but we have to sort it


out. The guys like Mangala, who has been nervous during the season, 40


odd days not playing a match, to come in with no rhythm will be


difficult. Have you seen the fan Park scenes? When they scored this


was the first toll. It is incredible. Tens of thousands of


French fans crammed in by the Eiffel Tower. This is the second goal from


a different angle. I don't know about you but the whole Town was


going mad, cars were flying by, bikes, beeping horns. Like you guys


like to say in England, blimey! LAUGHTER


That is what is waiting for England. We have got to beat Iceland first,


Rio. Don't worry, we will. I always worry. The second game today saw


Germany take on Slovakia in Lille and the Germans got off to a good


start, the corner and the ball came out and Jerome Boateng, terrific


finish, volleyed from outside the box and they went on to win 3-0. We


will have highlights of that match at half-time. That is the scene in


to lose where Belgium and hungry meat for the right to play Wales in


Friday's quarterfinal. -- Hungary meet for the right to play Wales.


Hungary have surprised lots of people with their performances in


France. We saw them against Portugal the other day, fantastic game, 3-3


draw. Martin, what stood out for you about the weight Hungary played?


Their collective organisation, difficult team to beat, Belgium have


lost to a very well-organised Italian team, surely they won't make


the same mistake today. What about Belgium? They were awful in the


first match against Italy when they were beaten 2-0. They won the next


two, 3-0 against Ireland and Sweden 1-0 last time, have they convinced


you they are genuine contenders? The task was all was to make these


individuals into a team and by playing the brine in the central


position he is pulling the strings, keep Hazard in the central position


and Lukaku knows he is the central striker, full of confidence. Surely


they fancy their chances, this must be a golden opportunity, the way the


draw has fallen, they are on the perceived easier half of the draw


and with Croatia tumbling out of the competition last night as well.


Without doubt, everybody would want to be on the side of the draw. A


game against Wales awaits Belgium but they must get past the


Hungarians and it won't be easy. In a word for you, is it Belgium, or


could we have an old-fashioned cup upset? Belgium for me, surely the


quality will come to the fore and I'm going with Belgium. We looking


forward to this match, fantastic atmosphere in Toulouse, back to you


in the studio in Paris. Belgium lost against Italy but have


improved steadily to reach the last 16. We can hear from their


matchwinner against Sweden. I'm Golan.


COMMENTATOR: Zoltan Gera with the goal for Hungary. How about that?


I think one of those Mohican strips on the top of your head might suit


you, Alan. Very flattering. De Bruyne, after a slightly slow start


he has really come to the fore, hasn't he? He has been a big plus


for them. His weight of passing, the distance of his batting, whether


it's 20 yards or 30-40 yards. It's brilliant, I think. That one into


Lukaku, there. As a forward, you need a guy whose first thought is,


can keep as it forward. Is he going to find me? This guy does it more


often than not. Most assists in the group stage. There is the 20 yard


pass for the goal against the Republic. He makes them tick. The


first thought is, can you get the ball into him. Left foot, right


foot. He can do it. Look at this bowl. Crying out for someone to get


on the end of it. This is his right foot. Superb ball in. The weight of


pass I was on about. What about this? The forward runs in, great


run. You want the ball to find you. If you don't get the ball, you stop


doing it. De Bruyne constantly does it and is brilliant at it. Top


players, it is all about decision making. All these players have


brilliance. It comes to the final third and making the decision here.


He's got the picture in his head. Before the ball comes to him, he


knows what he is going to do. Hazard sometimes makes the right decision


and sometimes doesn't. Last year, he was the best player in the Premier


League but this season he didn't have a good season. He has quality,


we all know that. I don't understand why when he is in this kind of


situation, recognise what is happening. Beat your man on the


line, we know he has the strength and the pace to do it. He does go


inside. That is what Sweden wanted on the day. Yes, De Bruyne could


have scored. He doesn't. When he wants to beat his man, when he wants


to go committed with desire, I don't think there is any right back but


can stay with him. It's impossible. What happens after that, Nainggolan


scores an amazing goal. It is because he created it. Push the ball


and run. Football is really simple. Some players want to complicate the


game. Pick a pass for Lukaku. It's a goal. That is what he has to do


every single time. He chooses, at times the simple power. He goes


inside every single time when we know he can go on the outside. He


will frustrate the other players at times, and the manager. His pace is


almost unrivalled. Use your best attributes to abuse the player in


front of you. The pace he's got, he shouldn't be coming on the inside.


We've seen hungry score plenty of goals but at times they look very


vulnerable at the back. They play very open, forward. The striker


Szalai did very well in the last game. His first goal in 41 games for


club and country, by the way. But he's looking very good. We've some


lesser countries, and just defend but look at that. We know what


Zoltan Gera can do. They are not afraid to come forward and really


commit. Dzsudzsak, the captain, he wants the responsibility of shooting


and taking chances. The little deflection he got here but, as Alan


says, you've got to buy a ticket to get in. Ronaldo will tell you, don't


shoot, don't score. This back for our all over the place. Not in tune


with each other. Allowing the space to run into. No line, punished. I


was baffled when I saw this. The full-back leaving his man alone. The


ball develops forward. Watch this space in behind the midfield. No


protection for the back four. You see Ronaldo on the left of the


screen. Where he should be is defending the front post. I don't


know where he's going standing there? Allowing Ronaldo space to run


into. Ronaldo one-on-one with anyone, he does that. As a defender,


you always need a partner. If they play that Highline with Lukaku and


De Bruyne, they will love that will stop leaving space, these guys will


cause problems. What do you think? Belgium comfortably or could it be


another really tight game? I think Belgium might get a few goals


tonight. I think Belgium, 2-1. Belgium 3-0, Lukaku to run riot.


Your commentary team into lose, Martin Keown and Simon Brotherton.


COMMENTATOR: This is perceived as the easier half of the draw. Croatia


stumbled through the exit door last night removing another major


obstacle on the route of the final. Belgium and the so-called golden


generation will likely never get a better chance of turning rhetoric


into reality. They would be wise not to underestimate hungry back on the


big stage after a long absence. They are organised, unbeaten and


committed and they score goals. Ask Ronaldo and Portugal after the 3-3


draw a few days ago. Wonderful atmosphere here inside the stadium


now time for the anthems. The first we will hear is that of Belgium.


CHEERING Belgium in the knockout stages for


the first time. Since they lost 2-1 against Germany.


# Isten, aldd meg a Magyart Jo kedvvel, boseggel,


# Nyujts feleje vedo kart, Ha kuzd ellenseggel;


# Bal sors akit regen tep, Hozz ra vig esztendot,


# Megbunhodte mar e nep A multat s jovendot!


A big night for hungry in the knockout stages of a championship


for the first time since 1966. 50 years ago. Unbeaten Hungary, joint


top scorers in the stages along with Wales. Kiraly earns his 147th cap.


Adam Nagy plays along to Zoltan Gera. Pinter plays after an injury


in the warm up. The referee this evening is from Serbia. Taking


charge of his third game at the finals after Spain's 3-0 win over


Turkey and the Republic of Ireland against Turkey. Thibaut Courtois has


not conceded a goal in the last two matches. Many a continues at right


back. Nainggolan scored a superb winner in the last game. Mertens is


preferred to Carrasco. That is the only change tonight. Remember Lukaku


leads the attack. He has scored twice so far. Six of the 11 play in


the Premier League. atmosphere in Toulouse, back to you


in the studio in Paris. A quick look at the substitutes.


Korhut drops to the bench, despite looking good against Portugal.


Belgium have depth up front with Chris Dummett Christian Benteke


eight, Divock Origi and Marseille's Michy Batshuayi. There is Bernd


Storck, the German coach of Hungary, what a job he has done. We are


almost ready to go, a highly fancied collection of players facing 400-1


outsiders at the start of the tournament. Three wins from the


final with Wales next in the last eight will stop it is Belgium who


will get us under way. Kevin De Bruyne is standing with the ball and


Martin Keown is sitting alongside me in the commentary box. Yes, very


much looking forward to seeing Belgium really open up in this


tournament, they will be looking at the draw thinking there is an


opportunity for them, can they deliver? Can they deliver? This is


the golden opportunity for the so-called golden generation playing


in their changed strip this evening against Hungary in the red shirts.


Belgium with just one change to the line-up that beat Sweden in the last


group game. And an early touch for Thomas Meunier, who has settled in


at right back well, the Club Bruges man.


First touch for Szalai, who was busy in their last game against Portugal.


Hey couldn't add to the goal he scored against Austria in the


opening game. You sense Belgium have just been getting into their stride.


They were incredibly out of sorts in that first match against Italy, but


they really picked up the bat on when they faced the Republic of


Ireland. Surging forward on the near side, Jan Vertonghen, the long-time


left-back in the national team. The tongue and getting down the left


side, Hazard Bulls inside making the channel for him to run into. De


Bruyne overplaying it a little bit. We have seen him on the right and


now he's in the familiar central position. Interesting as well, in


all of the build-up, in the official information it suggested that Kadar


would play at right back but he's in his usual position on the left-hand


side with Adam Lang on the near side in the back for Hungary. Szalai


making the most of that one. He's big on, eyes and centre forward,


drawing the challenge from Vermaelen. Good to see Vermaelen


playing, he's had so many injuries in his career, including his time at


Arsenal. An incredible number of injuries, he's only five so he will


have his hands full in the air today. Here is Kadar. Smack 5'11".


Pinter thought he would be on the bench and all five minute before


kick-off. He did a good job, he was one of the


players brought in, they rested four on yellow cards and Pinter was one


of those who came in and made a strong case for staying in.


Kleinheisler is a big loss for them not playing, he played off the front


in the early games. Pinter is a decent replacement. The ball played


forward, collected by De Bruyne. Now here is Eden Hazard. It is easy for


Gabor Kiraly. Still keeping goal for Hungary, 18 years after making his


debut. Still performing well. He was the key man in the play-offs against


Norway last November. I hope it's not the same tracksuit bottoms he is


wearing. Juhasz. Hay was one of a good many players


for this Hungarian side on a yellow card. Hazard, De Bruyne are racing


through the centre, inside Lukaku is calling for it as well, Mertens on


the far side. This is Nainggolan. Now Vertonghen. Away from


Lovrencsics. Nainggolan. Looking for Hazard. Thumped away by Juhasz.


Free kick given against Zoltan Gera. Zoltan Gera went off at half-time in


the last match having scored a fantastic goal from outside the


penalty area. Three of the six Hungary have scored in the European


Championships have come from outside the box. De Bruyne with the first


chance of a shot in the game. Rising and always going over the top. Just


a little site for him. Such awareness he has got, lets it roll


onto left foot across his body and he lets fly. I'm pretty certain


Lukaku would have been rubbing his hands together watching the joy that


Ronaldo got from crosses against this Hungarian defence. A couple of


times Hazard hasn't put the ball into the box for him already.


Here is Juhasz, who's been a mainstay of the Hungarian defence


for a dozen years now, this is his 94th cap. Lovrencsics with the ball


forward, Lang being chased by Vertonghen. Lovrencsics. Baton and


with the second opportunity to clear. Here is Nagy, but not for


long, De Bruyne Obita and to the ball by Zoltan Gera. The first time


Hungary have got into the final third. Lovrencsics with the delivery


which came off the thigh of Thomas Vermaelen. Lovrencsics. Decidedly


comfortable for Thibaut Courtois in the end. Comfortable, wasn't it? He


should have delivered it rather than shooting, selfish, maybe. He's


scored a lot of goals from outside the box. Tell Jim quick to move from


the back to the front now with Hazard against Lang, testing him


early, decent ball into Lukaku. Chased and kept in by Munir, who


wins the throw. That is better from Hazard, much more direct. Good run


from Lukaku. -- Thomas Meunier. Already we have seen more pace and


urgency in the opening minutes as Lukaku turns! He just puts it


behind. Via a deflection. Corner for Belgium. We've already seen more


excitement and urgency in the opening six minutes than we did for


most two hours in Lens last night when Croatia play Portugal. De


Bruyne again, that quality he has. Lukaku not able to turn that one in.


A good start to the game from Belgium, the first corner of the


match, Belgium with it, chested down by Witsel. Cleared away by Kuzmin --


Guzmics. I think there has never been any doubt about the ability and


the talent in the Belgian side. It is just whether the coach can


harness the best from the talent available to him. They certainly


look as if they are on it tonight with Hazard. De Bruyne. He took it


superbly. Excellent touch! He is certainly in the mood tonight.


Hazard has blasted that at him and his touch is a worldly touch that he


has. Szalai laying the ball off, surging forward is into. He got the


better of Toby Alderweireld. Here is Hazard again. He has seen


plenty of the ball already here. He is still looking for his first goal


at a major championship. He has created a couple of LG's goals so


far. -- Belgium's goals. Witsel scored with a header against the


Republic of Ireland. Interesting, the movement of Hazard and De


Bruyne, De Bruyne are coming to the left when Hazard goes central. They


need to get that relationship right between them. Baton and leaving that


to Hazard. He is conducting a lot of the early play. Away from


Lovrencsics. Into Dries Mertens. Mertens did well, twinkle-toed,


almost finding Lukaku. It is a very good Belgian line. Against the


Hungarian line. They are better coming from deep. Experience in the


heart of the Hungarian defence, and it looks like they will need it this


evening. It's all one-way traffic so far. Hazard. Vertonghen. De Bruyne


are just getting away from Adam Lang. The referee from Serbia is


well placed. And Belgium are well placed with this free kick. That's


De Bruyne, he's just too clever, moves it away from Lang.


Finally wear ready. -- we are ready. The referee feels he has some


sorting out to do, between Guzmics and Lukaku in amongst the melee of


players forced onto the head and into the back of the net. Superb


header from Toby Alderweireld. Belgium lead inside the first ten


minutes of the game. And already, you have to say that goal had been


coming. It is De Bruyne's quality again. Alderweireld Dummett is


almost just a tap in with his head. Fantastic swerve he gets on the


ball. They are queueing up to put it in. Superb start from Belgium. How


about this for a ball from De Bruyne. Not offside, as the ball


comes in, just over the head of Lukaku, but nodded in by


Alderweireld who was right behind him. Alderweireld had nobody near


him. Than Jerry and defenders are looking around them. You've got to


stay goal side. It's a great header from him. The keeper has no chance.


Hungary are behind in a match in the European Championships for the very


first time here. What response will we get? They were impressive against


Portugal, it was they forcing the issue throughout the game, head


three times. They will now be looking for a response. They were


obsessed with holding the edge of the box. Of course, you do that but


you must stay goal side, physically, you restrain your opponent.


Schoolboy defending really. Unsurprising we have seen a goal in


this game, the teams have scored ten between them in the group stage.


Away by the goal-scorer, heavy footed with the clearance looking


for Mertens. Mertens starting for the first time tonight, the Napoli


player, having come off the bench in the last three. Some feel that is


his best role, that's the role he has with Napoli. He does stay and he


hugs the touchline. That suits the current shape they've got. It's


interesting to see now if Belgium keep the momentum going. Are they


going to just sit back and be happy with what they've done in the early


stages of this game? Nainggolan, into De Bruyne. Chased by Mertens.


Good challenge by Kadar over on the far side. You may remember him from


a few years ago early in his career, four and a half years on Tyneside at


Newcastle. Meunier with the throw. Mertens. Cleared by Kadar up to


Szalai, excellent touch, Pinter Askin a lot of the number nine.


Sweeper keeper, Courtois in a high position.


Long, -- Lang who has played at right back but he is primarily a


central defender. Dzsudzsak with a ball inside, popping up on the right


now for Hungary, having swapped side with Lovrencsics over the opening


ten minutes. Here is Lovrencsics. Decent ball in, onto the head of


Alderweireld. Dzsudzsak. The scorer of two goals against Portugal, both


by deflections, a key creative spark for Hungary, tidy pass to Adam Nagy.


It came off the boot of Witsel. This is better from Hungary. We know


about Dzsudzsak's left foot that he has. The throw in by Zoltan Gera,


trying to get in behind and it will be a goal kick. The throw in didn't


make him favourite for that one. There is the man who scored the


goal, and here it is once again. Excellent delivery from De Bruyne.


Alderweireld kept his eyes on that one despite the presence of Lukaku


just in front of him. The coach is a man who knows how to


put the ball into the back of the net, still Belgian's all-time record


goal-scorer. In towards Lukaku. The outstretched boot of Guzmics just


taking it from his path. I'm expecting a reaction from the


Hungarians. We have seen that in their recent game with Portugal.


They do pack a punch going forward. Gets away from Pinter. Lukaku with


the ball for De Bruyne. A chance for two. Saved by Kiraly. Two chances


there. Look at this ball from Lukaku. Sweeps it into his path. For


me, he should be slipping it in the other corner he is running at pace,


though. If Belgium carry on like this, it's going to be a very long


night for Hungary. Away by Pinter. Started with much more purpose than


against Italy. Mertens, Hazard. Witsel fancies having a crack.


Deflected away off Juhasz. Courtois almost ending up on the seat of his


pants and very red-faced. Just look at this. He has acres of time.


Nobody near him. Take a touch. Trying to take it first time. Overly


confident. He gets nearly caught out. Dzsudzsak, the captain of


hungry macro putting this straight onto the head of Witsel.


Bernd Storck only took over last July with four qualifiers left. His


previous claim to fame was that he was once the coach of Kazakhstan.


Away by Juhasz. Zoltan Gera jumping for that. A light touch from Lukaku.


Very strong down this left-hand side. Lang knows he is in a game.


Interesting that they still play him at left-back. Splitting up the


partnership of central defenders from Tottenham. Away from Witsel.


Slightly wayward. In the end, Belgium and get the free kick. We've


talked a lot about them attacking. Witsel needs to do that job for


them. Nainggolan, I'm not sure about him as a midfield player. We will


see if they come under the cosh if they are able to defend as a pair.


Many are not sure about him as a coach. He has a fantastic group of


players but it is about getting the right balance. This is a lot more


convincing so far tonight but there is still a long way to go. Collected


by Kanda but with his left arm. No one covering on the side. Talk about


balance. Here in acres of space. The referee did well to see that. Could


-- Kadar once again. That familiar theme of hungry -- hungry


Hungary defending. They are missing one or two defenders. Behind for a


corner before it reaches Romelu Lukaku. Hazard has been given so


much freedom. Just the quality of the cross. Tries to bend it around


his opponent. First corner in the opening 20 minutes of the game for


Belgium. Off the head of Szalai who was back helping out. Mertens has


swapped wings. Vertonghen away from Dzsudzsak. Blasted by other viral.


-- Alderweireld. Very crisp with his touch. A wild shot in the end. Look


at his touch. Lays it off nicely. People saying Chelsea let him go


because he couldn't link well with people. We know about his power and


pace. He now has a bit more finesse to his game.


I adored, isn't he? The left-back for hungry.


Looking up, picking the pass. Lovrencsics is always available and


willing to run his socks off. This is where the questions are for


Belgium. Looking disjointed. Chasing the ball. Nainggolan is sitting


deeper than Witsel. Hazard is now in the central position. Difficult for


them to get into a settled shape when they lose possession. Hungry --


Hungary looking to get into the game. This is the man who can make a


difference for them. Their creative spark, Dzsudzsak. Helped by


Lovrencsics. He's got Kadar molest. -- on the left. Belgium can break


with Nainggolan, the Roma player. Here is Hazard. Chance for a shot.


Ricochet off the backside of Juhasz. No support for Szalai. Hungary not


pushing up in numbers enough. Midway through the first half and hungry


Hungary are in a very different match than against Portugal. Hazard


trying to get back. Dzsudzsak brings the save from Courtois. Good pace.


Look at that. No way through, you'd think. Keeping Courtois honest, on


his line. Nainggolan quickly picking out


Mertens. Sloppy. Not sure Mertens is at the level of this group. Many a


seems to be settling in well at right back. -- Meunier.


He gets forward at every opportunity down the right-hand side. Here is


Meunier looking for the run Mertens. Hazard into the box. De Bruyne was


there as well. Mertens still didn't make the best of that.


Decision-making. Picks the wrong pass. Great run from him. For the


really good players, Time stands still and they always make the right


decisions. Hazard, exquisite piece of skill, keeping the ball away from


the Hungarian midfield. Nainggolan, easy to spot with that


distinctive hairstyle. De Bruyne's touch for Lukaku. De Bruyne is


getting into a difficult area for hungry to pick up. Just between the


lines in front of the back four. Lukaku working hard trying to get


back. It fizzles out for Hungary. Lukaku forces the error. Working


well for his team. 20 minutes until half-time, Belgium in charge of the


game. Belgium looking dangerous every time they venture forward into


the final third of the field. Lovrencsics. They are full of


options. It is just picking the right one to kill your opponent.


Scored in the 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland. Adam Nagy has


looked really good in the matches he's played so far. He tries to make


things happen. Just turned 21 during the European Championship here.


Hearing that he has agreed to join Marseille but the deal hasn't yet


been done between the clubs. I can see why people would be interested


in him. Suckle play. The flag goes up against Eden Hazard. He's going


mad because he wanted the ball a fraction earlier. Lukaku takes too


long. Just a fraction of side. It was about one extra touch. He did it


first time for the De Bruyne run but not that time. Hazard didn't need to


go that early. Could have timed it better.


Finding it tough against Vertonghen on this left hand side. Options left


and right. Doesn't choose any of them. Running at such speed, I don't


think he's able to pick out the past. -- pass. It's a bit like


watching earlier on. They've turned up now. -- watching Germany earlier.


It looks like it. Hazard seems to go past players at will. The goal from


Toby Alderweireld in the first ten minutes. Tel Jim very much on top in


the opening 29 minutes. Lang getting forward on the right-hand side.


Again, he can't pick out Dzsudzsak. Away comes Hazard. In two Lukaku.


Mertens motoring away on the right-hand side. De Bruyne with the


header. It's another good move, Lukaku


showing vision, just stinks this in the air and De Bruyne can't get


quite enough power on it. -- dinks. Lukaku has been improving, linking


better than I've seen him before. Adam Szalai. Picking out Pinter. And


now Gera, former West Bromwich Albion and Fulham player. Who plays


in his home country now. Lovrencsics, looking to shoot!


They've had success from outside the penalty area so I think we can


expect that between now and the final whistle. Any half opportunity


they sense they will go for it. Lovrencsics being sucked into


shooting, and why not? He's scored many goals from outside the box.


This was the run that was made off the ball by Mertens, a ball into


him, he timed his run beautifully. He's in the final third here and he


just has to pick up De Bruyne at the near post and he picks the wrong


pass. Collected by Zoltan Gera. A reminder we have more live football


for you tomorrow on the BBC. First up, what promises to be an absolute


belter, Italy playing Spain, BBC One from 4:30pm and 5 live then has


commentary of England versus Iceland from 8pm, and on BBC One we will


have highlights and reaction with Gary and the team at 10:45pm.


Tonight we are concentrating on Hungary and Belgium. Belgium don't


go and engage and you look at how far back they are, they are on the


edge of their box inviting Hungary onto them. Be careful with that. You


can see they've spent time working in the final third, but have they


spent time defending as a group? Lukaku. Nainggolan, excellent


12-macro, Lukaku! Just didn't quite look in control of the ball when he


unleashed the shot. -- 1-2. The break-out here, he has knocked it,


he gets it back and needs to steady himself. De Bruyne is at the far


post looking for the ball but he has to shoot, but it's just a poor


effort in the end. De Bruyne and Hazard stepping up and playing well


in the opening half an hour. Hazard is in possession, De Bruyne has made


the move ahead of him here, currently held up but only


momentarily by Adam Lang. Witsel, this is Dries Mertens, away from


Kadar. Collected by Pinter. The Hungarian fans, there are many


inside the stadium here in Toulouse, will breathe a sigh of relief at


that for the moment at least. Pinter. Lovrencsics now. Strong


running by Pinter. Into Szalai, trying to turn from Vermaelen, but


again outmanoeuvred and outnumbered again and outcomes Nainggolan, long


stride of Witsel alongside him, having looked and seeing that there


is nobody here on the Belgian left. Belgium will realise the way Hungary


kept coming back against Portugal, they need to get the second goal to


make their dominance count. Now the flag goes up against


Mertens. It was a nice idea from Hazard who is roaming around all


over the place. That's right, Hungary have a really high line,


they are gambling everything here, look how marginally it was, if at


all. Great vision, though, to pick him out. Dzsudzsak, into Szalai.


Again, he can't find Pinter. Hungary conceding possession far too easily,


even when they do have the ball. Hazard is striding away from Adam


Nagy again. Kadar was struggling to keep up with Mertens and concedes


the free kick. No more than a couple of yards outside the penalty area


and Tamas Kadar gets a yellow card and will miss the quarterfinal


should they go through. It's great movement again, isn't it? Great


movement, Hazard, great pace, just delivers it, maybe a tad of side,


Kadar having to pull him down, he was the wrong side of him and


Mertens was through on goal. I think he's having a word with his


midfield, almost an impossible task to get the right side. All hands on


deck now for Hungary. De Bruyne is licking his lips at the


possibilities before him here. Mertens is near the ball too. Ten


minutes to go until half-time. Belgium lead 1-0. De Bruyne! It was


so nearly two. The ball is still in play, I Na Li over the top, and the


flag goes up on the far side. What a free kick from Kevin De Bruyne. The


keeper looks as if he has hurt his hand as he flicked it on to the bar.


It is a fantastic save, just tipped it onto the bar. This fellow is in


the zone, tonight, the quality on this goes exactly where he wants it.


The keeper did exceptionally well to get a hand on it. How many times do


we see players unable to get the ball up and over the wall and back


down again from that sort of range? That's right, and he's doing it in


the more conventional way, in the way that he is whipping that. It's


great to see the top players performing on the big stage. De


Bruyne is certainly one of those. Hungary will be hoping that Gabor


Kiraly is OK, he's still struggling, he has a problem with his hand and


he might be forced to test it now. Vertonghen. The only frustration


from a Belgian point of view is they do have only the one gold to show


for their efforts so far in the first half. Nainggolan. Never afraid


to unleash a shot, it worked for him against Sweden, just not this time.


This is where you want players to make the right decisions. For me,


that is too far out, he's under too much pressure, just keep it moving,


keep the momentum and keep the pressure on Hungary. There is that


save again. Still at 40 years of age he is able to pull off those saves.


Lovrencsics now for Hungary. He plays his football in Poland with


Lech Poznan. Into Pinter. Here is Richard Guzmics, now Tamas


Kadar. They are trying to take the sting out of things for a moment.


They need to go forward. Belgium just closing down every avenue at


the moment, aren't they? Xalo is screaming, he wants the ball played


into him. Pinter is up alongside him. -- Szalai is screaming.


Mertens. Time and space now for Romelu Lukaku. Into De Bruyne. He


was challenged by Guzmics there. Well, again, it is just free-flowing


play, great movement off the ball, look at that, the defender just


doing enough to put De Bruyne of. It certainly seems as if Gabor Kiraly


is going to be OK. -- De Bruyne off. It was his bad kick that led to that


attack. Szalai Dzsudzsak. Dzsudzsak sliding it through to Lovrencsics,


but he can't turn away from many a and Nainggolan gets it clear De


Bruyne is so full of running and Nagy does everything he can to block


his run to the ball. Great willingness to run as well, not just


when he has the ball, he wants to run off it as well. Zoltan Gera has


gone surging forward through the centre, if his team-mates can pick


him out. Pinter. Lovrencsics! What a piledriver of a shot. Just a little


reminder for Belgium there. He's found a space where he shouldn't


there. He really spanks that. Courtois wasn't sure whether that


was on target or not and he has flown across. It shows you what they


are capable of. A picture of a frustrating first


half-hour for Hungary so far, the closest they have come to a goal,


that is for sure. Here is Lukaku, Hazard, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Witsel,


inside the box. And it's away by Juhasz, and Gera, to Szalai. Gera


still an important player for Hungary at 37. He passes it well and


switches it well for his team. Nagy alongside him, but it is good for


him. A good balance. Good for his development.


Just heading into the last five minutes of the first half in


Toulouse. Guzmics for Hungary. Kadar. Lovrencsics.


Dzsudzsak has now gone much more central. He's trying to pull the


strings for Hungary. He's done well here picking out Pinter and Gera.


The ball hangs in the air and many gets his head on it and it came out


to Dzsudzsak for the shot, just wide of the post. Well, we talked about


him going central, this is what he can do when he takes up that central


position, he just screws it slightly wide. He's more than capable,


though. He just pulls it wide of the goal. It's just a reminder for


Belgium. They might need more than one goal tonight. Certainly. A bit


of encouragement for Hungary in the last few minutes after a pretty


torrid opening to the game. They have had their backs to the wall is


against Belgium. The referee waves it away, no foul, gained possession


with Juhasz. Adam Nagy. Juhasz had to get rid of that sharpish. Baton,


though, into Hazard, Grable, excellent chance for Mertens and a


good save by Kiraly. Still danger is not cleared, Miss controlled by


Witsel. And wide of the goal via a deflection from Lang and Mertens


couldn't finish it off. Two chances, the second one his touch wasn't


quite up to it. A good move again. That's the second one. They are


showing us. This is the one I feel he should score. Look at the time he


had, he hit it really well, but not enough direction into that corner.


The corner comes in and Alderweireld goes for it again, back out to


Nainggolan. The ball on towards Axel Witsel. But


Lang with time to clear. Dzsudzsak. Szalai, the Centre forward, coming


out wide. Decent save from Kiraly, even though


it was a wonderful chance to score from Mertens. He's done well, he's


kept the scoreline down, using all of that experience tonight. They are


still right on it at 1-0, Hungary. A couple of minutes still remaining of


the opening 45. Mirnyi A, skipping away from Lovren


church. He couldn't quite get clear of Guzmics. Hazard. He invades the


shirt pulling of his opponent, no foul by Zoltan Gera. The referee was


on the spot. He will blow for that one on De Bruyne. Hazard is not


complaining, is he? He is now. I thought it was unlucky, I thought it


was a foul on him. It's very interesting what Hazard does come as


soon as you go to close him down, it's the worst thing you can do, he


just steps and skips inside you. Gera under pressure from Nainggolan,


a little too much pressure for the referee, Milorad Mazic. Heading into


the last minute of the opening 45. Heading into the last minutes of the


opening 45. Lovrencsics is available on the left-hand touchline. Zoltan


Gera is the furthest forward in the middle on the edge of the D. They


are not suffering from any confidence problems. Has that got


past Guzmics? He could have been in? Hazard had to be quick on his feet


to get back. Brilliant from Hazard. Super player. Belgium are good to


watch when they get going. WHISTLE A lively entertaining first half.


I'll jump quick out of the blocks and quick to score. Toby


Alderweireld with the goal in the 10th minute of the game. Viljoen


unable to add to that lead. Hungary struggling in the opening half-hour


but coming back with a couple of shots whistling past the post. One


goal in it, it's going Belgium's way. They lead 1-0. STUDIO: I


thoroughly enjoyed that half. I've never seen such an open game. End to


end. So open to the counterattack, Hungary. It's been a huge gulf in


class. They are leading 1-0 but it should be four or five. Such a gulf


in class. The space Belgium have got in front of the back four. It should


be four or five. A futile as in this tournament we have got frustrated


with teams playing defensively. You can't accuse Hungary of trying to do


that. You can't. What doesn't help the situation is an early goal. They


have to go after it. I don't know how the game is 1-0. You have Hazard


eating people at ease. You have De Bruyne picking a pass. -- beating


people. What a game from Belgium so far. One goal, Toby Alderweireld.


It's all about delivery here. But the ball in the right areas. They


are lining up for it. The two defenders marking, I talked about


organisation. One of them doesn't even face the ball. The header is


great, beats the keeper. Poor defending. They both let him go.


Strange, in many ways, so many opportunities to score but the goal


came from a set piece. We were very close with another one from Kevin De


Bruyne. Great effort but again, you've got to say it's a superb


save. The pace. The whip over the wall. What a save that is.


Brilliant. If your goalkeeper gets beaten on that side, well done to


the forward. He has covered the goal superbly. This was another great


save. Eventually. Super touch from Hazard. I was talking to Rio earlier


and I said I might have played it. But he transformed a bad pass into a


great pass. We have examples of what you were talking about with Eden


Hazard. You can see early on he was a bit timid. Like we said before,


you try to run players, the number eight there. He didn't. He was a bit


indecisive with what he wanted to do. But he grew into the game. He


surely knew what he had to do. There, coming back inside. Making it


difficult for your team. It's a perfect game for him with all the


space. Then he did this. It woke him up and after that he didn't stop.


It's criminal to allow him let control the ball there. Apart from


Messi and Ronaldo, there is perhaps no one better at running at people


with speed. It seems like he has freedom to run. Ultimately, that's


where he sees himself. He doesn't like defending. For an opposing


midfielder, that's a nightmare. Somebody who wants to commit you


from central areas. He's been all over the park. Twice he stopped the


writeback crossing the ball. You have to give him his credit. I think


you should do that every single time. What we make of the Hungarian


defensive setup? It is like a schoolboy team playing against the


first team in training. How disjointed that back four is.


Frightening. In all fairness, it's not easy when you get caught trying


to play. At times, it looks like Belgium is on the Chanson Bizet. It


is to open. There is a lot of space to go. -- John Cena


they have created so many chances and only one goal. Hungary have been


prepared to have a pop at goal. They have scored three from outside the


box in the tournament so far. They are ready to have a go. These guys


have proved that they are not scared to have a pop from outside of the


box. That was a very good strike. They've said, listen, we're going to


go out fighting. They like to get on the front foot and attack teams.


Here, Dzsudzsak, the one guy who is a constant threat. They look to play


to him more often than not. It is 1-0. They like to take


opportunities. Nice to see two teams playing forward-thinking football.


Earlier today Germany played Slovakia in Lille. Boateng! Wellhead


it. His first-ever goal for his country. It was worth the wait.


Number 14 stuck out his toe and just got a touch on it. Good position.


Just too high for Mario Gomez. Pushed in the back I Skrtel. It's a


penalty. Saved! Tremendous save. Nine penalties in these Euros so


far. Four have been missed. Going for the header with Mario Gomez.


Look how close that was for Mozilla. for the header with Mario Gomez.


Look how close that was for Ozil. Exceptional save. Draxler. Crashed


into the roof of the net by Mario Gomez. Now Germany are two in front.


So simple in the end. In a good position. Hamsik. Good ball. Really


lashed it. Manuel Neuer was right behind it. Toni Kroos with the


delivery. Chants. Three. Julian Draxler. Great technique. An awkward


height beautifully finished. Mesut Ozil. Moller. Toni Kroos. Good save.


Almost the fourth. Slovakia will be leaving the competition. Germany


through at a canter. STUDIO: They make it look easy. England face


Iceland tomorrow night hoping to make it through to the


quarterfinals. Gabby Logan talking to Gary Cahill. How do you reflect


on your previous tournament experience compared to this one so


far? Better because we have done better. I always spoke about Brazil


being an experience I never wanted again. The week leading up to that


last game when we knew we were going home was feeling we never wanted


again. Now, I feel were playing well and in a good zone. Let's talk about


defence. It's been very good defensively this tournament. Are you


frustrated? It's been frustrating. All we could see is bodies in front


of the goal. We're expecting that against Iceland, so we need to do


that the same but with a few more ideas to unlock the door. Maybe that


will take individual brilliance. Iceland, undoubtedly the absolute


underdog in this fixture. Does it feel like an FA Cup third-round game


in terms of what you have got to lose and what they have got again?


We're expected to win the game, added pressure, maybe. The pressure


has been there since the start anyway. It's no different. Another


hurdle we need to get over. Going back years when I was 18, I was on


loan at Burnley and we beat Liverpool. I know what it is to be a


smaller team coming against the bigger team and you feel nothing but


hunger because people expect you to lose. That can be dangerous. We have


to be fully aware. Would you say that is the same through the group


customer it has to be. If it isn't, you need a slap in the face. Will


you be doing that? Maybe. Seriously, it has to be that way. Every game is


a cup final for us. We are not ready for this to end. That is what drives


you forward. I don't want the same feeling as we had in the World Cup.


I never thought I'd be nervous about Iceland but here we go. Full


commentary on radio five live and the BBC sport website from 8pm.


Before that, Italy against Spain in a repeat of the 2012 final. We will


have highlights of both matches at 10:45pm. That is not all.


In from De Bruyne. Into the back of the net from Toby Alderweireld. A


chance for two. Saved by Kiraly. So nearly two. Out to Dzsudzsak with


the shot. Just wide. Belgium were one up but it could have been


anything. I suspect it could end up anything. They have just got to keep


playing with the same intensity and passing with a purpose. They have


got to take chances when they come along. There's always a danger that


a long-range shot could go in for Hungary. Always a danger that the


goalkeeper might slip and let a slow backpass into the net. Something


that we need to say. We saw Czech Republic do it to creation. They


surely can do it again. -- to Croatia. That is more my kind of


dancing than yours. Having seen your efforts, Rio. We seen a few players


slipping in this tournament. The first half of Spain against Croatia


was the same. We didn't see them coming back but they did and they


won it. Who knows what can happen, especially in this tournament. We'll


see. They will be saying, just take your chances. Be more clinical.


Simple as that. A substitution. We will leave the rest of the


information to Simon Brotherton and Martin Keown.


COMMENTATOR: There is the man who scored the goal after ten minutes,


Gabor Kiraly with a save Court 2 to keep it 1-0 and one change made by


Hungary, by Bernd Storck, at the start of the second half, no change


by Marc Wilmots and Belgium, why would they? It's going very well.


Belek will come on, he started against Portugal and he was the


player who hit the post us Akos Elek. Who nearly put them 4-3 up. He


played well against the Portuguese and was unfortunate not to start


this game. He is on for dear, they are resting Gera's legs? Maybe he's


run out of steam. I think so, he's 37, 38. He has played well but they


need more, getting overrun in the midfield. -- he is on for Gera.


Belgium have been first class, but I'm worried about their midfield,


I'm not sure when they are out of possession that they have that kind


of structure, with the two in front of them. We will see when Hungary


attack them. They had almost chances and it is still 1-0 and as we saw


from the two efforts from outside the penalty area the Hungarians are


hanging in and they are still in this game. Hazard, early on the


ball, the start of the second half, but saved by Kiraly, and it needed


to be. Fantastic run and shot from Eden Hazard. He's in exactly the


same sort of space as the first half. It is a cracking shot, you'd


expect the keeper to save it. He just comes in on the inside and


works it from one foot to be the. You just can't get tight to him.


Hazard has picked up pretty much where he left up at the end of the


first half. We are still inside the first minute since the restart, De


Bruyne are mixing it up here and Mertens blasting it towards the


goal. Luckily for Hungary it is sticking to Kiraly's fingers. Worth


a try. We have seen Paul Scholes do that in the past, but it requires


great technique. Guzmics with the clearance, blocked out by Witsel,


collected by De Bruyne. There is a confident swagger about Belgium this


evening. I don't think we've really seen it so far in the tournament.


Perhaps in the second half against Ireland. That will be a free kick


and a yellow card as well. It is a nightmare for defenders. You can see


that Lang has gone on quick and wants to win this early, he gets his


body and his arm across, Hazard, definite foul. He's not one of those


already on a yellow card. It is going to be De Bruyne again


with that quality that he has. Let's hope for better marking from the


Hungarian defence for this one. Trying to keep a tight red line


there are just short of the penalty spot. De Bruyne makes his


calculations. You've got to hold the line but also pick up. Whipped in


towards Witsel and Alderweireld going for it as well. Belgium


shouting for... It is an offside the referee has given. They were


shouting for a corner but it's been given as offside. It is good


quality. It clearly went off a Hungarian player. That is why


Belgium were saying they should have got the ball, but anyway Kiraly is


taking the kick, the decision went Hungary's way. Lovrencsics running


at Muniain. Going back. Kadar. Good ball, Lovrencsics trying to get in


behind many eight, and he's done well. Vertonghen with time to wait


for the ball to drop his way -- many --


they are sweeping through this team. It just gets away from Hazard.


Belgium are a different team, they didn't look like they were all


singing from the same sheet at all in the opening match against Italy,


they didn't look like they believed in what they were doing. To be fair,


I was lucky to play in a great Arsenal team with lots of quality in


front of me, the likes of Henry and Bergkamp, and it was our job at the


back to make sure we kept clean sheets. I'm just wondering who is


that player, they need to manage the game well to convince themselves


they are good enough to go and win the Euros and at times they look a


bit loose in the midfield. The ball launched forward by Guzmics, hopeful


pass. Even without Vincent Kompany at the back, they are very


experienced overall, Belgium, with Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Alderweireld.


Meunier less so but he has settled in well. They are, but who is the


leader? Is the mailing talking, that screen in front of the midfield. The


more players do in front of you, the more it lets you do as a defender.


Into eking out Dzsudzsak. Nainggolan sticking his foot in there. Hungary


starting to threaten, Szalai snatches at that. Opportunity. That


was a bit better from Hungary. Nicely threaded ball through, just


doesn't steady himself quite enough. He can't get his foot round it.


Lovely little 1-2, wasn't it? Just picking them off. And again it was


Akos Elek getting involved in the attacking play, the substitute


brought on at half-time. Adam Szalai scored in the win over Austria, the


first goal he had scored for club or country in 18 months. De Bruyne puts


it out of play. He is capable player, he showed good imagination,


lovely little 1-2 and suddenly through on goal. They have not


really had centre forwards in their squad, Tamas Priskin is the other


player who started for them upfront, he is back with Bratislava now, from


Watford and Ipswich player over the years.


Kadar moving infield, cut out by Mertens, now at the feet of Romelu


Lukaku and De Bruyne are available and ready to let fly.


He is just acknowledging Lukaku who was screaming for the ball. The


elected to shoot. Lukaku finds him and he's on his bike waiting for it,


he has got his head down and he just screws it wired once more. Another


chance goes begging. Lovrencsics is screaming for the


ball on the near side of the pitch. Kadar feeding it forward, collected


by Adam Pinter. Belgium quick to double up against him. Lovrencsics.


Has he got the speed to get past Meunier? He has and there was real


determination about Lovrencsics there. He has won the corner. He


stuck to his task, Lovrencsics just wriggled through, he played it


around the outside, runs around the other, and in the end it is a good


recovery tackle, good battle between these two. Dzsudzsak plays for bursa


spore in Turkey, just completing his first season there, will take the


kick. Off the head of Juhasz, away by Dries Mertens. Dzsudzsak. Time to


pick the pass, but straight onto the head of Alderweireld and gets it


away. Great atmosphere inside the stadium in Toulouse, one of the


smaller venues, only 33,000 but packed to the rafters. Akos Elek,


unable to find a team-mate in the centre. Doesn't quite find Romelu


Lukaku. One of the wing is again not getting close enough. That was


better from him. Mertens has done well and Lukaku slid it into words


Hazard. Here comes Adam Nagy. He takes up the running again, they


know who to get the ball too, the ball into Dzsudzsak and into Szalai,


the header! Hungary not out of this game. That is some ball, Dzsudzsak


again, look at Szalai attack this and Vermaelen just manages to get in


the way of it. I think Vermaelen took one in the face, didn't he? We


talked about him being the smaller man and under pressure, that he's on


the right position and able to stop it. You could just see from that


shot that maybe his nose will be throbbing, as Dzsudzsak prepares to


cause more mayhem in the Belgian defence. Good spell for Hungary.


Herewith Adam Pinter. Slight miss control brings the attack to an end.


But Szalai launched himself at the ball. He is such a big man.


Vermaelen just getting enough. I think it might have hit him in the


throat or the chest. It doesn't matter as long as you get something


in the way of it. That's what you got to do, all of these pretty


patterns painted at one end of the pitch and doing your job at the


other. Not a bad scoring record, Szalai, at international record


Dummett level, nine goals in 34 appearances before today. One defeat


in the last eight for Hungary, a good record over the last year or


so. Given away and collected by Dzsudzsak, into Szalai. If he'd been


able to control that, Akos Elek was alongside him and in bags of space.


That's right, the intention to get forward straightaway, the punishing


pass, but Szalai can hold onto it. He had a third man running in


support. Nainggolan giving the ball away cheaply in that midfield. Still


just the one goal in it. De Bruyne. Mertens. Meunier busting a gut to


get ahead of him here. Mertens, straight into the gloves of Gabor


Kiraly. Once of Crystal Palace, of course. Quite a few moons ago. Up to


enter, who has done well to hold off Nainggolan. Collected by De Bruyne.


Witsel. Hazard. Support on the outside if required. From Jan


Vertonghen. Dear me. That was precisely the one ball he didn't


want to play and Nagy has gone forward and Dzsudzsak is on his bike


and Szalai is waiting in the centre and Pinter is up there and


Lovrencsics is screaming for the ball and he goes on a run that


eventually brings the ball to Lovrencsics. It fizzled out for


Dzsudzsak, I thought he might wind up his left foot. He was probably


thinking that too, and a slight misunderstanding, Nagy to win it


back from De Bruyne. He's everywhere in midfield. He needs to be against


this lot. De Bruyne surging forward with Lukaku, the only player up with


him. Lukaku wanted that ball early. Not quite on the same wavelength.


Hazard. Lukaku.


He looks a bit frustrated, actually, the Everton striker.


This is where Belgium need to keep moving the ball quickly and using


the one touch, to touch. Hazard let it run. Lukaku not quick enough out


of the blocks, headed away by Guzmics, Szalai not afraid to mix


it, he is quite physical and put himself about and puts pressure on


Nainggolan. Better from Nainggolan. The referee keeping the game moving.


The kick taken to the. Mertens. Now Alderweireld. Nainggolan.


Belgium have just got to keep managing this game, nicely in front,


just keep probing and being professional. This is where you


build through the tournament, growing in confidence. Hazard skips


away from Dzsudzsak, he gets away from a course Alec, Lukaku, now with


Mertens, players in the centre to aim at. And Tamas Kadar was able to


get back, but not without conceding a corner kick. -- Akos Elek. Kadar


did well but Mertens maybe might have whipped the ball in the early.


Lukaku is still complaining his not getting the service that he wants.


Mertens going long with that one. Back out with Hazard. Witsel,


beautiful touch, Hazard. Looking to see if there is an opportunity to


shoot but the door was firmly slammed on his face. Three to aim at


in the box, Lukaku is one of them and Mertens puts it over the top.


Lukaku went for the clever flick and it would have been sensational had


it come off. We saw Ronaldo do that the other night, he just gets a


cross, great ball in from him, good movement, attacking the near post.


He just can't get on the end of it. That was some goal from Ronaldo, in


the match against Hungary. It certainly was. Lukaku going for it


again but Lang was their first. Meunier. De Bruyne. Lang sliding in.


He's got to be careful here, already having had his name taken. He will


need to not continue to dive in. It is a lunch -- lunge, reckless and


out-of-control. De Bruyne has it. Several waiting for the delivery.


Ultram have a corner kick. It so difficult to play against Hazard,


slow, slow, quick, quick, slow in his movement.


Both sets of fans are very vocal here. Normally, this would be a


rugby heartland in the south-western part of France. The ball coming in.


Kiraly rather relieved to get his hands on that. He threw a haymaker


at it and it just now stop in front of him. Hazard again. Seeing so much


of the ball. That was a foul. The substitute goes in the book. By my


reckoning, not one of quite a few on a yellow. He wouldn't miss the next


game should they get through to the last eight. A meeting in Lille with


Wales on that newly laid pitch that we saw with Germany against Slovakia


this afternoon. De Bruyne. Alderweireld was beaten in the air.


Very athletic. Belgium in possession once again. Inch perfect from


Hazard. Witsel keeps it simple. Keeps the pressure on. Hazard


twinkle toes. Nine we didn't really see Hazard this


season. We know he's an outstanding talent. He has turned up and brought


his a game to this competition. The flag up swiftly from the Serbian


official. Again, De Bruyne has eyes in the back of his head. Just a


fraction of side. I think you could just delay his run a fraction.


Splitting hairs. The movement has been excellent. Belgium looking for


their third win in a row, having seen off Ireland and Sweden in the


last two games. Disappointing 2-0 to Italy in their opening game. Hungary


are happy to keep it in little triangles. It gives them confidence


when they are able to make little passes. We are not talking about the


magical Magyars of the 50s but reaching the knockout stages was an


achievement, as was a making the finals for the first time since


1972. They are improving. Hazard, a chance to run. Tired legs trudging


back for Hungary. Juhasz was back there. Hungarian journalists saying


it has really captured the imagination back in Hungary. They


are all wearing the shirts and watching the games. A lot of


youngsters are going down the park and rather than trying to be players


from abroad, they are pretending they are some of these players they


are watching there. Instead of shirts with Puskas on the


back. They are very keen to capitalise on it. The referee has


given a free kick. He was right. Should have had a corner. Not sure


what the official is doing there. Looking right at it. They are almost


like sleeping policeman some of these officials. I think, there's no


almost about it. Good running from Vertonghen getting forward. It falls


at the feet of Juhasz. Pinter who has played in four different


countries in the last five seasons. Back in Hungary after Spain, Russia,


and Greece. Very much part of the 11, albeit at the last minute when


Laszlo Kleinheisler had to pull out having injured himself in the warm


up. Belgium need to be solid here. Prove they can defend. 20 minutes


into the second half, Hungary are fun seeing this. Pinter with the


shot. Deflection. Good save from Courtois. It all comes from the


throw in. It's so loose. On the edge of the bot, in that position again,


gets lucky with the deflection. Two of the goals against Portugal were


deflected, carrying it past the goalkeeper. They could have had


another one. Juhasz throwing himself at the ball at the far post. Axel


Witsel is down in his own penalty area at the moment. Just doing


enough there. He is back on his feet. The wind was momentarily taken


away from his sales. They need to get back on level terms. It has come


from a throw in. As a defender, you have to switch in that information.


Mertens switches off and the ball flows straight to the front man.


Forward again. Free kick will be given for that challenge from Thomas


Vermaelen. He gets a yellow card. First Belgian to go into the book.


Sloppy, having to rescue things. He's late getting there. Didn't read


it quick enough. The hunger area and fans are recognising this could be


their moment. Give Hungary an awful lot of credit. Alger have played


some great stuff but Hungary have hung in there and they clearly sends


an opportunity to get back in this game. -- Belgium have played.


Dzsudzsak's ball in. Falling to Juhasz at the far post. What a


strike. He has got no right to connect so sweetly. It is almost a


cross. Drills it quite across the goal. Belgium's spectators are not


sitting quite so comfortably at the moment. Making hard work of this.


Not sure Vermaelen has done a lot wrong there. Got up early and attack


the ball well. Thomas Vermaelen will miss the quarterfinal should they go


through. No wonder he looked so disgruntled. We're going to see a


change shortly. Yannick Carrasco is receiving instructions below us.


We'll keep an eye on that. He will be on shortly. Probably Mertens to


come off. Just past the halfway point through the second half. Three


quarters of the game gone. Great collective spirit about Hungary.


Definitely. See the way they went after the midfield player from


Belgium. Dries Mertens is the player coming off. Something of a role


reversal. He usually comes off at this stage. He got an opportunity to


start. Yannick Carrasco, the man he came in four is now on for the final


quarter of the match. Carrasco started the previous two matches


before tonight. He is at Atletico Madrid these days. Often used as an


impact substitute himself. Wonder if that will be the case tonight. They


are going for it. Another striker on.


Lovrencsics getting it to Szalai. Belgium have it back with Hazard.


Leading them a merry dance. Into the box, doesn't find Hazard or Lukaku.


Hazard plays with people. Like a ball at the matador. -- bull.


Vertonghen with the header forward. Onto De Bruyne. Carrasco takes it in


turn. Guzmics was waiting. Great run. What a ball from Hazard. Really


punched it in. Great first time ball from Mein Kampf.


Belgium just keep going 20 get this second ball. Carrasco not able to


take the touch. It lets him down there.


Wondered what was going to happen to Hungary the way Belgium started in


the first ten minutes. All credit to them for the way they've come back.


Attacking at every opportunity. Just a little too high and long from


Lovrencsics. You have to admire the way that they push forward at every


available opportunity. Pinter virtually carrying the ball the


length of the pitch. Whipping the ball in, asking questions, testing


you. Difficult game for Belgium. They've got to see this one through.


The first competitive meeting between these countries since a 1-1


draw at the 1982 World Cup. A late equaliser from Belgium that they put


them through and sent Hungary homer. -- home. Just lost concentration


Witsel. Can't afford to do that. Bernd Storck is going to make a


change. Activity down below is on the Hungarian bench.


Mikulic is coming on. Jan Vertonghen now, big powerful stride carrying


him to the edge of the penalty area. Needs must for Roland Juhasz,


launching that up the field, old style. Meunier not taking any


chances. -- it is Nikolic who is going to come on. At the next


available opportunity. Lovrencsics. Away from Carrasco. Kadar. What they


flick, and now Lovrencsics in space, three to aim at in the centre, and


he doesn't come close to finding any of them. He tried to go with the


outside of his right foot but he was better placed to go with his left.


Adam Pinter is the player who will come off. Pinter has worked really


hard in the middle of the pitch. Nemanja Nikolic who won the double


with Legia Warsaw the season, and was the top scorer in Poland in


their league, 26 goals in 38 league games and he has come on as Hungary


try to find a way back into the match with just over a quarter of an


hour to go. A little reminder we have more alive


football for you tomorrow here on the BBC. First up, what promises to


be an absolute belter of a game, Italy against Spain on BBC from


4:30pm and 5 live has live commentary of England against


Iceland and we have highlights from 10:45pm with Gary and the team, that


is all tomorrow on the BBC. Belgium on the attack, Nainggolan, collected


by Meunier, now at the feet of Carrasco. And Meunier. His wires


crossed. He had his head up looking where to cross it rather than


keeping his head down. He is watching and looking across. He


kicks the ground. Another player slipping. Belgium are going to play


what I would suggest is there a wild card, Michy Batshuayi, yet to play


at the championship. Romelu Lukaku is the player being replaced. Lukaku


has been substituted in every match so far and that Shula, the


22-year-old Marseille striker set to move on, scored 17 goals this


season, his first start for Belgium was early this month just before the


championship when they played Finland. Spoken of by one or two


people as to be their secret weapon. It's not as if he's been playing for


a small club with Marseille. Just a conveyor belt of players coming out


of Belgium right now. Batshuayi, as many viewers will know, has been


talked about as a potential arrival in the Premier League this summer.


Much sought-after. I think Lukaku was a bit frustrated tonight, he


didn't get the service he hoped for. You could see his shoulders had


slumped a bit and he was and get the service he wanted. Hazard forward,


Karas go with a chance for two, and the combination of Kadar and the


goalkeeper, but maybe Kadar, combining to put the ball behind. --


Carrasco. Hazard with his full repertoire of passes, great ball in.


Good defending, but if he is sharper with his touch I think he is through


on goal. I think he's a bit busy for that at the moment. De Bruyne's


delivery. Hazard just loitering outside the penalty area. He


collected his own pass, Batshuayi! 2-0 Belgium. Surely that will be


enough to see them through. What about that for a first touch having


come off the bench? Hello, European Championships, I'm here, Michy


Batshuayi. Belgium lead Hungary 2-0. Well, he can't believe it, the young


man. Lukaku is wondering, why didn't I get a cross like that was met


again, it's Hazard down the left-hand side, just remarkable the


ability he has. It arrives to him from the corner, just watch this. He


just lays it on his path, but he's gone in a flash, whips it in with


his left foot, simple tap in. He's on another level to night, Hazard.


Almost unplayable. I wondered if he was going to miss that, the young


man. How do you like them? He will gobble up chances like that all


night long. And here is a celebration to match. The manager


probably won't be too keen on it in case he gets it wrong. While Belgium


were celebrating that second goal, Hungary have made a second change


and they are on the attack so more on that own a moment as the ball


comes into the penalty area. Daniel Bode, the Ferring Baros player.


Meanwhile, Belgium forcing the issue once more with Hazard who might


fancy this himself. Hazard! It is brilliant -- Ferencvaros. That's the


goal his performance deserved. 5-star, absolutely superb from Eden


Hazard. That's the first goal he's ever scored at a major tournament.


You can see what it means to the Belgian squad. They are going


through to play Wales in the quarterfinals of the European


Championships. It's Hungary 0-3 Belgium with ten minutes to go. Its


top-quality play from Hazard. It's a break again, you just can't give him


any space. He's growing and growing in confidence, as soon as he picks


up the ball. There is one thing on his mind, he scoots across the edge


of the box and he hits it and plants it into because. It's almost like


he's on a motorbike, someone has picked him up and put him there and


when he gets into that position he slots it onto the back of the net.


That was absolutely world-class from Eden Hazard. There are few players


that can play to that level in world football and he's just demonstrated


he's up there with the best of them. The ball cleared away by Toby


Alderweireld. And Michy Batshuayi goes chasing after it. And suddenly


Belgium have the breakthrough that it looked as if their play would get


them in the first half or so but was slow in arriving. Marouane Fellaini


is going to come on for the final just under ten minutes here. Eden


Hazard can leave the field to a standing ovation from every Belgian


spectator. I think virtually all of the Hungarian fans as well from what


I can see. This was the concluding moment of the Hazard masterclass to


night. We have witnessed something special. He has certainly announced


himself into this competition. The manager deserves credit, he gave him


the captaincy and it's taken him to another level. Get him off and


arrest him. Fellaini on for the first time since the opening game.


Nainggolan. And De Bruyne are still happy to run and tease and cause


problems. It is cleared away by Lang and collected by Dzsudzsak who took


too long in position and De Bruyne are nearly took it off his toes. De


Bruyne was saying, don't forget about me, lovely twinkle-toed is.


There has been so much going on, they've only just got around to


telling us Daniel Bode was coming on for Roland Juhasz. Juhasz was one of


the pillars of the Hungarian defence and he has had to go off and Daniel


Bode has come on to replace him, a forward player. Lovrencsics feeding


it through, Akos Elek, deflection from Alderweireld carrying it


behind. Juhasz has gone off, almost retired by Hazard. The little white


flag came out there. Juhasz knows all about Belgian players, he won


four league titles with Anderlecht earlier in his career. Dzsudzsak's


ball in, passed everyone, rather scuffed, still not cleared, flicked


back in, Szalai! The deflection carried it behind for another


corner. Hungary always seem to squeeze something out. It was really


scrappy and it landed at Szalai's feet and he swivelled at it. Could


save in the end. Is there a consolation goal in this match for


Hungary? I think there play deserves it. Lovrencsics. He would have to be


pretty good to get it passed Thibaut Courtois from there. He just loves


shooting from distance, watch what is a good goalkeeper, solid and


sound. It has worked for them, though, hasn't it? It certainly has.


What do you think the Wales squad will make of what they have seen


this evening with the quarterfinal coming up on Friday in Lille?


They've got to be really confident going into the game but they can see


what we can see, the quality that Belgium have, although I think there


are opportunities to get in behind their midfield, whistle and


Nainggolan, I'm not sure they create much of a platform in front of their


defence. Get Bale into the area and may be cause problems. Here is


Nainggolan sliding in on Adam Nagy, the youngster. Nainggolan tends to


go chasing the ball. Sometimes you just want your midfield players to


sit in front and keep that shape. Lovrencsics forward. The little


knock-down. Collected by Meunier, collected by De Bruyne. He's covered


a lot of ground, De Bruyne, to night, all over the place. Another


player you want on. Really good after the first game when he was


decidedly underwhelming. Not the only one, but since then he's been


much more like the De Bruyne we know he is capable of being. I think De


Bruyne is playing more centrally generally and Hazard is wide left


and when he's wide left he's difficult to pick up and he can link


up with De Bruyne. Here come Belgium again, alarm bells ringing for


Hungary in defence, they are at full stretch of Batshuayi.


So many players going forward. Kadar gives it away. Plenty of tired


legs out there now. The pale blue shirts coming forward again, this


time can ask oh, leaving it for Fellaini. Yannick Carrasco, into


Batshuayi. -- Carrasco. Fellaini. Lodge may not be done in the scoring


stakes yet in this one. Meunier. Too deep and too long. Batshuayi was


pointing where he wanted it, he wants it on the deck and at the near


post. Bernd Storck, and Hungary, will be going home. But they've done


rather better than I think virtually everyone expected them to do. Rank


outsiders at the start of the tournament, finding their feet at


the highest level once again. But they have acquitted themselves


extremely well. Unbeaten in the group stage, topping the group no


less. That certainly exceeded their expectations. They are second best


today against a very good Belgian team and we saw Germany earlier


today starting to go through the gears. The competition is starting


for real now. Belgium have got to be fancying it, haven't they, in their


half of the draw, particularly with Croatia going out last night.


Definitely. Don't underestimate the Welsh, though. Nainggolan. Looking


for Batshuayi. That was marshalled well by the Hungarian defence.


Lovrencsics. Szalai. Inside the last five minutes of the game, four to go


plus added time. Balazs Dzsudzsak. Szalai heading up to the penalty


area. That is a rather more lumbering run than early in the


match. It is a tremendous spirit from Hungary. They are not getting


back into the game but they are taking the game wherever they can.


On the far left hand side of the picture on the edge of the penalty


area, the guy with his hands on his knees catching his breath is Adam


Szalai, the centre forward, trying to summon up the energy to get on


the end of the free kick. He has, as put in so much effort. He's running


on fumes now. They certainly couldn't have given anymore in this


match. What an enjoyable spectacle it has been to watch from a neutral


point of view. Balazs Dzsudzsak blasting that one straight into Axel


Witsel, who is staying on the ground and in some considerable discomfort,


shall we say. He's there to do his job and he's done it manfully. I


think we may need a stoppage here for a moment Court 2. I think we


definitely will. I feel we will be stopping that for quite a while. --


for a moment Court -- or two. A chance for everyone to catch their


breath. Marc Wilmots will be under less pressure, lots of dissenting


voices in Belgium. His team are delivering on their promise now.


They were the number ones until April. Here is the final instruction


from Marc Wilmots into the young striker Batshuayi, and what an


introduction into the game. It's more than he could have hoped for,


but this man creates the chance for him, sublime finish, about


decision-making. Just waiting for that angle to appear. 94 seconds was


the time between those two goals, and suddenly the match opened up


completely and the pendulum totally swung Belgium's way. It was like a


tree, just kept chopping away and chance after chance and in the end


just too much for Hungary. Belgium still running hard, Yannick Carrasco


with De Bruyne on the near side, Nainggolan furthest forward through


the middle and wants the ball, De Bruyne on towards Nainggolan, trying


and chasing hard but he is adjudged to have nudged Balazs Dzsudzsak out


of the way. De Bruyne, I cannot undervalue his importance. He's


always looking for these Book for kicking the ball away. What


a stupid way to get a booking. That's just immature. Adam Nagy,


great experience for him at the European Championship finals. He has


acquitted himself well. Good save by Courtois. Equal to everything


Hungary can throw at him. Or has been up to now. Lovrencsics can't


quite pick the ball up. One back by Tamas Kadar. Hungary still straining


every sinew all the way to the final whistle. Now, more defending to do.


Two minutes of added time. Yannick Carrasco can make it for. And he


has! Hungary, despite their best efforts and their pressure and gents


is and near misses, are on the end of a thrashing. An emphatic victory


now. We talked about Hungary's endeavour. Leaving their defence


exposed. Give the ball away here. Sloppily. Straightaway, down the


middle. An opportunity to pass. Great little pass. Carrasco slots it


home nicely. Look at that. Slide rule pass. Just slots it in. Made to


look easy. Martin, a very open game and there are better teams than


Hungary but we are looking at major contenders here. I think you have to


say. They have kept coming, they've been gallant in their performance


but quite naive. In the end, it's a thrashing they've taken here.


Marouane Fellaini gets a yellow card straightaway. He is saying he never


elbowed him. Fellaini never elbows anyone. Very surprised. Just a


little nip. He's not the type to go down. I'm afraid we see that all too


often from Fellaini. Belgium romping home and heading for the


quarterfinals. He spent the afternoon sharpening those elbows.


WHISTLE There goes the final whistle.


Belgium through and we've seen some potential of the Golden generation


this evening. After their disappointing start, beaten 2-0 by


Italy, they are starting to warm up now. Alderweireld, Batshuayi,


Hazard, and Carrasco with the goals. Hungary


finally met their match here in the second round. The final score


Hungary 0- for Belgium. STUDIO: Comfortable victory in the end. It


took a long time to get the second goal. Belgium go through to face


Wales on Friday evening in the quarterfinal of the European


Championship. He's happy. He's not. He has had to pick the ball out of


the back of the net four times. The last one went to Carrasco. Belgium


where the best side. There was a 20 minute spell where Hungary had one


or two chances and didn't take them. Belgium came out in the second half


and thought it was going to be easy again. They sat there and nearly got


punished. Once they got the second goal, it was just a matter of how


many they were going to get. You can't give class players like Hazard


the amount of space they gave him tonight. His touch was brilliant.


Superb. Rightly Man of the Match. The Hungary fans in front -- players


in front of their fans getting there deserve it round of applause.


Thierry, how good our Belgium? We were talking about lack of goals,


lack of performance, lack of a good game. You have to give the Hungary


team a lot of credit. Some people might say they were crazy to try to


play the same way that Belgium were doing. Too much space in between the


lines. You needed them to do that today will stop to see a good game.


As a neutral, I enjoyed the game. But if I was a Hungarian fan, maybe


I would have said it was to open for Belgium. Given that, they did open


them up. It has given the Belgian attacking players some confidence.


Hazard was fantastic today. De Bruyne. The strikers would have been


giving their lips -- licking their lips. The amount of times they were


on the cusp of creating chances, it was like a training game. I'm not


still fully convinced about them as a defensive unit. Hungary created


chances. Better players like Bale and Ramsey will punish them. It's an


opportunity for them to take the final step that they have been


spoken about four years. At the start of the tournament against


Italy it would have been easy to get their heads down but they have come


back and given a great reaction. You have to remember that they didn't


beat Wales in the qualification. The Wales setup means it is not easy to


play them. They can counter with a macro and Ramsey. One thing is for


sure, they won't have the space given tonight. The opening goal,


Alderweireld from a free kick. Sue -- superb ball in from De Bruyne.


Free header, powerful. Got of strongly and got them off to a good


start. Superb ball in. In the second half, a long wait for the second


goal. Lukaku will be a bit choked. He has waited for this cross a long


time. Batshuayi comes on. His first touch. He tried his best to miss


that he managed to get it in. It's great for to on. Players are tiring.


Opportunities are going to happen. We spoke about Gareth Bale's ball


across against Northern Ireland. That is similar from Hazard. What I


like about what he did, the desire, the commitment was second to none.


The whip of the ball, trying to beat people on the outside. That is what


he did. He did the total opposite on his goal. The defence was set up. He


could choose left or right. We can see the reaction to the second goal


in Antwerp at the fan park there. Shows you how much it means to fans


right across Europe. Belgium fans will be happy and partying tonight.


We talked about Hazard scoring his third goal. He has had more assists


in this tournament than he did in the entire season for Chelsea. He


hardly played. Best preparation for the tournament, taking the season.


He should be fresh. He looked sharp tonight. A superb finish. Great


ability to run at the defenders. Because of his options. Left, right,


they didn't know which way he would go. The frustration comes because


you know he can do this but a lot of the time he slows things down and


lets teams back in. Like that, he commits people early and here's an


playable. The difference is, the unit of Hungary wasn't in position.


You have a gap between the back four and the number eight trying to close


the distance. If he can do that, it can be a goal. This is his


second-half performance. He was a dominant character. A dream game for


him. He's deadly in this amount of space. That is his ability. It must


be so frustrating for the Chelsea fans that they didn't see this


anywhere near enough last season. They know he is capable. He is


moving defenders all game. Getting them off balance. It is that timing


and the desire to run past people. Today he was brilliant. Everything


he touched had an element of pure class about it. He can destroy a


team on his own, given the opportunities. It is about not


slowing the game down. He's a pleasure to watch when he is in this


mood. On that one, we were screaming, go alone. On this night,


you just feel it. What I like about him today is his desire to go


forward. Wherever he was on the field, his commitment to go forward.


Dribbling forward, pass the ball forward. It's all he wanted to do.


You predicted 3-0. Carrasco ruined your evening. I almost smashed the


studio up. I looked like a genius. The first ball changed everything.


It makes Nainggolan go forward. Beautiful finish. The goalkeeper


tried to close the angle of the post. Usually they expect you to go


across. For a guy who is right footed to finish with his left first


post is a killer blow. They've got a squad that can come on and make an


impact. Hungary stayed in the game for a long period of time when it


was 1-0. You talked about that spell. They were plucky. They came


out a different team in the second half. Whatever the manager said to


them work. They did create chances. Perhaps they should have had a goal.


The amount of times they got the ball into the box and created, they


probably deserved one. Give it another 15-20 minutes. Really go out


fighting. There is no worse feeling than going out in a tournament when


you feel like you haven't given it all and go out with a whimper. These


guys can be proud of the way they've committed themselves in this


tournament. For that spell, they were unlucky. Showed character. They


are going to have to deal with knowing that Vermaelen won't be


playing the next game. Vertonghen will be back in the middle. He


suffered playing as a left-back. Good point. We shall move on. Our


next live game shows Italy playing Spain in a repeat of the final of


four years ago. England play Iceland tomorrow night


in Nice. Here are the fights of Wayne Rooney and Roy Hodgson who was


quick to pay tribute to tomorrow night's opponents. They are a great


debt to their coaches and their ability to organise a team and take


a group of players and get the maximum out of them and make them


unbelievably different to beat -- difficult. I don't know the


Icelandic people as much as some of the other Nordic countries but the


character of the Icelandic people, their determination, their ability


to survive through hardship, I'm certain it has been a major factor


in their progress. They are going to be a hard team to beat. We've


dominated the three games we've played. We haven't always done that.


If we keep getting chances, we will score goals. We are in the knockout


stages and we don't have much time to be wasteful with any more


chances. Both very respectful as you might


imagine, but last 16, Iceland doesn't get much better, with all


due respect, does it? It's a very good draw for England and when you


consider the population of Iceland, the Champions League experience in


our team, the tournament experience in our team, then defeat for England


is unthinkable. This is fantastic, Wayne Rooney said something there


that is very true, they've dominated all three games. All of the teams


that Wayne Rooney played in that I played with him in we were not like


that in tournaments, we did not have the confidence, dominating games, we


were plucky here and there. With the fact that the European Championships


is so substantial you play against weaker teams that want to defend.


Used all have to go and do it and they have done that but this time


they have to be more clinical in front of goal and if they can score


an early goal this game will be a walk in the park for them. How do


you see it going? It is going to be the same thing they had to deal


with, Iceland will defend, you have to be careful on the counter, Gylfi


Sigurdsson is dangerous. If they score early it will be difficult for


Iceland, as long as you don't score and we have seen they struggle to


score, the same against love Achaea, lots of crosses and stuff like that


but nothing really clear. You know how Iceland play, be careful, you


never know. Of course. Who will play up front? He will go with Harry Kane


and Daniel Sturridge. With Vardy's pace, Iceland will sit back and get


men behind the ball so there would be much space for Vardy to running


behind so Kane will come back in and the unpredictability of storage


might just win the game for us. I think you might even go for Jack


Wilshere as well, someone who can provide that bit of... He did not


look fit in the last game. It is hard when you have hardly played. He


backs him and he loves him as a footballer and if he doesn't start


him, he will definitely be introduced. He was poor in the last


game, he was the one guy that didn't look fit and that's understandable


because he hasn't played all season. He needs games. He's not had any. It


is funny to see you talking about England. What is funny about it? But


I have to say that I would go with Wayne Rooney tomorrow too sparked


the game. In midfield? That will be the type of game for him and I would


back him to score tomorrow, inside and outside the box, he can bend one


and he can see the pasta and he's been good. Not the same position


before -- he can see the pass. I'd like to seem shooting more from


outside the box. The to bang the goals in from 25, 30 yards all the


time. If England win, of course... Listen, we are already there waiting


and then we can talk. LAUGHTER


It was a bit of a struggle but you got there in the end. Who would you


fancy? You are doing that twitching thing again. It is automatic! Sorry.


I want France versus England, no disrespects to Iceland, but France-


England would be amazing. It would be special and we all want it. Thank


you, chaps, we are out of time, that is it from us. . Go through at


Toulouse. -- Belgium go through. # If I can get through this.


COMMENTATOR: Into the back of the net from Toby Alderweireld. Here is


a chance for two. De Bruyne, it so nearly two.


Dzsudzsak with the shot! It is a chance for Mertens. Good


save by Kiraly. Juhasz! Whistling past the post.


Actuate! 2-0, Belgium. Surely that will be enough to see them through.


Hazard! It is absolutely brilliant. Yannick Casco can make it four and


he has a Hungary 0-4 Belgium. Good to have you back, sir. I never


thought I'd live to see the day.


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