Match Replay: France v Republic of Ireland Match of the Day

Match Replay: France v Republic of Ireland

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Hello, this is Jonathan Pearce in Lyon where unchained Ireland's try


to make history by knocking out France. The bookies don't give them


a chance, but some of the French press do. The quarterfinals at


stake. -- unchanged island. France revert to their strongest line-up.


Kante, Payet, Matuidi were arrested in the last game. They have had six


days training for this game. -- were rested for the last game.


The referee took the 2014 World Cup final, and here, England against


Russia. Ireland have just -- had just three


days training for this and in this stifling heat they won't be able to


press as intensely or for as long as they did against Italy. They are


unchanged. Shane Long ran Laurent Koscielny ragged, scoring two for


Southampton against Arsenal this season.


Mark, word from you before we start? I feel everything is stacked against


Ireland. You say about the amount of time the French have had, probably


ten against one in terms of supporters in the stadium, and the


weather is hot. They will not be bothered one iota. They will be up


for this fight. The temperature in the stadium around 23 Celsius, 73


Fahrenheit. Down on the pitch it will be more intense than that. A


beautiful, sunny day. Outside this futuristic stadium, in the green


Fields of France, the red poppies dance, and that will not be the only


Irish song being sung here if they can pull off one of the great


international upsets. Cana Ireland do to France what they


did to Italy? A Captain's summons from Seamus Coleman. What a day for


him. He led that hug in the middle. And the boys in green, the green


shirts, will get us under way, kicking from left to right in this


first half. Back to the captain. Coleman. Into


McCarthy, who has started all three games and has gone off in all three.


Had the injury problem at the end of the domestic season. Richard Keogh


and Duffy staying in at centre-back. Ward, who injured his ankle in the


first half against Italy, but shot -- soldiered on. An early field of


the ball for Darren Randolph. -- feel. And ever present in the finals


and very much now the Republic number one. Duffy of Blackburn


Rovers. They will need him in the air against Giroud. On by Murphy.


Rami came to claim it but didn't get there.


Early cross, Rami has slipped. Murphy. Can Shane Long get the shot


away? He tumbles, and it's a penalty to Ireland. Such a clumsy challenge.


No protest from the French. Sensational start.


Completely got tangled up in each other's feet. Paul Pogba, in that


area that sort of challenge is so risky.


Very similar penalty that he'd immediately get -- conceded against


Romania. The referee has made Robbie Brady


wait a long time, the man who scored the goal against Italy to bring


Ireland to this stage has the responsibility so early in the game.


One minute and 50 seconds played. Brady to stun the French, the host.


Yes, he does! Off the post, but it doesn't matter. A stunning start.


That is absolutely fantastic. And along the way, in terms of getting


the cross in, how well did Stephen Ward do? Absolutely brilliant. Just


abject panic in the French penalty area. We said before that they have


a weakness at the back and it's been proven already so early in the game.


Inexperience inside his own penalty area. Off the post and in. Doesn't


matter, you don't save it. The post and in from one of the best players


in the tournament. He has had a cracking Euro 2016, and all French


eyes will be on Pogba. A big debate in France for the last two and a


half weeks has concerned Pogba. Should he or shouldn't he start? The


other thing is, how easily did Murphy outjump Rami?


The sooner Shane Long went for it, the French were jittery. Evra, back


with him there. -- as soon as Shane Long went for it. Payet will take


the corner kick. Griezmann has gone in the six yard box. Rami up from


the back, and Koscielny, and Giroud. Pogba on the edge of the area,


trying to redeem himself. Evra is in there as well. Referee wants a word.


Why do they even bother? They run back and just get at it again.


That's the way it is. In towards Rami. Good defending by Richard


Keogh. Kante. In came Pogba. Back by Koscielny.


Still the danger, Griezmann, such a talented player. That was done


calmly, to Randolph. That was one of the most fiercely contested corners


I have seen in the tournament. What a start.


Ireland have only scored once against France since October 1981,


and it came in that hotly contested second leg qualifier in 2009.


Griezmann. He has had an in and out sort of tournament.


Murphy was beaten by Rami. Back into the squad because of the injury to


the rain. -- Varane. The French supporters trying to


rally their team. It looks like Pogba is playing on


the left. They have had to sort of mix and amend. Because Matuidi is


better suited to play on the left-hand side for PSG, but Pogba


wants to play there. Matuidi has had to play on the right-hand side and


there has been criticism of that in the print media. Serious questions


about the ability of their national team to stay in the competition, and


at the moment they are 1-0 down. They are right. Pogba, good run.


Payet, Griezmann behind him. Evra is available. The cross came in,


suspicion of handball and the referee played no advantage. Now he


gives the handball. It was handball as well. McCarthy.


I don't know what that was about. The replay did not show the


handball. It came in and hit him. James McCarthy, born in Glasgow.


This is certainly a free kick that should suit Payet.


The world does its job -- the wall. They should deal with this. They do.


Well done. You are absolutely right. The goalkeeper takes his position


from where the wall and is make sure he can see it. That was rather easy


in the end. Darren Randolph will not be holding onto the ball for too


long. He had a long period out of the team, but the last three games


for West Ham, Adrian was injured. Here is Pogba. Slip says Manning


gets in the cross. Griezmann. Great play from Pogba. He was almost


forced out towards the Exeter the stadium but somehow managed to get


his cross in. He's brilliant here. Griezmann, 32 goals for Atletico


Madrid. All the way to be the Champions League runners-up. Nine in


his last 13. Just the one here. Rami, tussling with Daryl Murphy, at


six foot three. Did a good job against the Italians. Payet.


Griezmann. Matuidi has it again. A rude


awakening for the hosts. Ireland's early goal. In the second minute, at


that. Corner kick to France. It's going to


be in examination down Ireland's right here. Seamus Coleman is in for


a busy day with Pogba and Evra. Payet with the corner. Rami attacks


the near post. Maybe got a touch. Cleared away. Only getting it to the


halfway line. He looks a bit nervy, Evra. Gave the


ball away, then a stupid tackle. As they came out to warm up before


kick-off, I thought their faces were tight and tense, especially the


goalkeeper. They looked nervy. Big pressure on them.


David Bowie, under pressure. Showing your age. Evra felt -- felt he was


fouled. McCarthy. Long. He thought Coleman was coming


on to win. McCarthy Anjou Ryu there. -- and Giroud there.


Giroud must have known what to expect today. For Ireland, it is


virtually a second knockout tie in four days. The first one against


Italy was win or bust, but this is a genuine knockout game. He has had


plenty of experience of FA Cup ties against opponents like the Irish.


Comes a long way to win that, but he did well. Payet. Matuidi. Think he


wants to come left. Payet. Good switch. Sagna, who has got


stronger as the tournament has gone on. Griezmann. A good spell here for


France. Antoine Griezmann. Brilliant header away. Saved his team, Shane


Duffy, because Giroud was hovering. Nice strength in the air, Shane


Duffy, really attacks the ball well. Switch allegiance from Northern


Ireland in 2010, Shane Duffy. I think that comes off Giroud. Just so


lively in there. It feels like there is 20 players in there. It is a late


lead. He was stretching all the time. -- late lead. So strong in the


campaign. It's only his fifth International. Made his debut last


month against Costa Rica, then was recalled in March. Had a brilliant


against Switzerland. -- a brilliant game.


Pogba. That is easy for Ireland to deal with. Shane Long, at the


moment, he is having to play the right side of midfield because


Hendrick is tucked in a little bit. There is a danger that Seamus


Coleman might be overrun in terms of numbers. France are unbeaten in


seven, winning six of them, going back to November when they played


England. They have only ever lost once in Lille, that was in 1968.


This is a brand-new stadium, of course. Ward. Payet sucked Coleman


in. He felt he was fouled and pulled back.


There is an undertone in this game, it's great. Proper game of football.


If you want to fight Ireland, if you are French, you won't win. I bet


Didier Deschamps said to them, don't get sucked into a boxing match. Too


late. His team are ahead at the moment. See what he said, put it in


there. He knows they can cause problems.


The odd couple's team are ahead. Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane.


Hesitating before housing -- running on an pressurising his man. Good


decision. Griezmann. Chased by Brady and plenty of pace, Griezmann. That


is why McCarthy is in the team. Has the legs to get across and cover.


You watch those games yesterday, this has started at 100 mph, faster


than all of the games yesterday. This is what knockout football


should be about. Not playing for penalties. An early goal has helped.


France came here having topped the group, topping a group that the


first time since 2004. -- for the first time. Lloris comes to punch as


Along comes in. -- Long. Unbeaten in 15 games at major tournaments at


home, France. But they note -- know that the French defence looks a bit


suspect, those Ireland fans. I bumped into a fair few fans who


have been here from the start from the Republic. They are a bit weary,


I think it is fair to say. One third of the Republic of Ireland watched


the game against Italy. Astonishing. And nice phase of play for Ireland.


The hectic nature has died down a bit. That suits them.


Trying to make space for himself. Matuidi comes across from the


left-hand side. Shane Long goes back in and fouls Ogbonna. -- fouls


Pogba. He will be worried about the


physicality from Shane Long, that is for sure. Payet. He had a substitute


role against Switzerland but looked so much brighter when he came on.


Giroud is currently standing offside.


In it comes, flicked on by Griezmann. Good ball in, wasn't it?


Good touch by Griezmann. Again, Randolph in the perfect position.


This will give the Republic of Ireland a chance to get some liquid,


because it is baking hot and they will take any chance to refresh


themselves. I remember being in Orlando in 1994 in the World Cup


when Jack Charlton and John Aldridge went barmy at the referee who would


not allow substitutions to be made and let fluid be taken on board. I


picked not get up and put anyone off, but I did it in my trunks in


that game. It was that hot. The humidity was off the scale. A bit


too much information, even for me. Sorry. I am the delicate nature, as


know. -- as you know. Brilliant player, Pogba. He might


not be having the greatest tournament here that if you are


lucky enough to have seen him for Juventus this season, he really has


sparkled at times. And he's young, of course, only 23. Well claimed by


Koscielny. McCarthy, good header. Intelligently played to Murphy.


Hendrick, who's had a good tournament. McCarthy. Very bright


early on to the Republic of Ireland. That is a lovely ball. Stephen Ward.


The Dubliner goes beyond his man. And he gets it back again from James


McClean. They just keep it simple, get a


chance to cross it, then cross it. Stephen Ward, once of Bohemians. Now


at Burnley. Looking for Murphy. Got away from his man so easily.


Hendrick, back to the goalkeeper, but another chance for the Republic


of Ireland. Again, from a ball in the penalty area, a throw this time.


Abject panic. It's very difficult for a manager as


well, in the case of Didier Deschamps if your defenders are


skittish. It's all very well saying you must do this and that, you are


not in the middle of it. They have badly missed Varane. Payet.


Griezmann out wide. Hendrick needed to win it. Kante closing quickly.


Gets it back again from Brady. Sagna is on the overlap, doesn't use him.


Straight at the goalkeeper. The that is probably three quarters


saves he's made. He better get used to it, Darren Randolph. Still has to


save it. Really good save in the end. He can't believe it. -- believe


it. I just hope Ireland can keep this up


in the way that they are harrying the French. It is a big ask, that.


That is a foul. The only thing good about this, it may be too far for


Monsieur Payet. Not sure you should issue that type of challenge. The


player will want to take it. Scored three in the friendly matches they


played between the European Championships and this World Cup. An


absolute belter against Cameroon. And the winning goal against


Romania. It is going to be Pogba. It is so hot here, the referee 's spray


completely disappears before the free kick is taken. Pogba, good


effort. Well positioned, Darren Randolph. He looks a bit angry. Not


a lot he could do about that. It is a good save and a great strike. He


read it well. Pogba without a goal for France since October.


Rummy. -- Ramey. They had not allowed opponents are shot on target


in 205 minutes of action in these finals. The only shots on target


have been the Rumanian penalty and then, again, today, a penalty. Payet


is still down. That is not the type of ball to playing Giroud, as well.


-- to play in. Yellow for Seamus Coleman for the foul on Payet. Needs


to be careful. Can't argue with that.


The raffle. McCarthy, Coleman and Ward came into the game on yellow


cards. Rami. He was recalled to the sound


the -- recalled to the side because of an injury to Varane. Griezmann


dropping deep to play make. He took that across his body, Matuidi.


Square pegs and round holes. He doesn't want to be there. It is to


accommodate Pogba. Kante. Didn't get there. Republic of Ireland had


cover. Coleman. Duffy. McClean. Yellow. Kante. That's him out of the


next round. Might not be in it! It is fair to say that the flop was the


Africa will. -- theatrical. All the way through. Even then,


Duffy almost got on the end of that. Just panic every time it comes in


their from the French. Duffy had that terrible injury in training, he


severed and artery in his liver. He had just changed allegiance. He lost


pints and pints of blood. The Republic of Ireland in their


first ever knockout game in the European Championships lead the


hosts. Fields of Athenrye being heard. It has such meaning for


Republic of Ireland fans. Very popular with mutual fans here in


France as well. From Dublin to Galway, they all sing the song. It's


a physical encounter. Yes, great! Both going for the ball. Exactly the


same time. It tells you all you need to know about the boots, sorry,


slippers. This is crucial for Ireland. I don't think anyone could


do the job for them that Shane Long does for them. France have got at


full-back. He seems to have come off worse.


He is a toughie, Shane Long. The French President, Francois Hollande.


He's been at all the games. All the French games! Not too much cheer in


that crowd, is that was matter I was getting confident with my schoolboy


French the other day and have a John please moment. I had no idea what he


was saying. -- John Cleese. The Irish fans were singing. That was a


terrible ball from Rami. Long seems to be moving OK. He is a toughie.


Certainly is. Joe Kenny boy. -- Kilkenny.


Taken aback, stealing too many yards. -- taking it back.


I am not sure that it was from there, by the way. Stealing the same


amount of yards, as Martin O'Neill has just pointed out.


Up goes Murphy. Pressure from Hendrik on Kante. He has had a good


tournament, a really good tournament, the Derby County player.


He has come of age. One of a number of Dubliners in the side. Saint


Kevin 's boys club, he used to play for. I'm not sure about that, that


is two threes and a six. He had his hand on his shirt. Having done the


hard work. And the referee gave it. Martin O'Neill in the press playing


down talk of Ireland gunning for revenge for the Thierry Henry


handball. He will be worried about this. Hendrik has got a knock on the


fly. -- Hendrick. He missed eight of the last nine Derby County games


with a thigh problem last season. He was rapped by Pogba. Watch list now.


He played every minute of the last seven qualifying games to get


Ireland to France, where they lead the French. France then to get


stronger in the second period of games. Dangerous. Richard Keogh was


up there. Two defenders giving security in the


box. Jeff Hendrick is down again. This looks worrying. The referee had


a word with Darren Randolph for taking his time over the goalkick.


But Randolph knew that Jeff Hendrick was down. Talking of security in the


stadium, intensified before the game because the French President is


here, there was a double ring of steel, sharpshooters on the roof,


Armed Forces. Problem here for Hendrick. Stating the obvious, it


was a kick, but it did not seem that bad. Normally if it is just a knock,


you can run it off. That's the sound of 40 5000-50,000 I rate French


fans. -- irate. Didier Deschamps. They are going absolutely mad here.


He is taking his time to go off. He is limping. What do they want?


I think he's going to try and come back on, Hendrick. On comes


Hendrick. Giroud isolated. He is just getting caught, they are both


just fighting him, Duffy and Keogh. Ramey gets underneath Murphy. --


Rami. Ten minutes ago in this half. Crucial for Ireland that they it


like this. Griezmann allowed to turn. That is dangerous. Good cover


by Duffy, coming to meet the ball. James McClean off and speeding down


the left-hand side. That is the first time we have seen McClean


getting away from Sagna, who was daydreaming. Rami did really well.


Griezmann. Free kick to France again. At the moment they are just


absolutely rattled. They seriously are. That was a poor decision by


Payet. Here is Rami. Good decision by the referee and a quick throw


into Murphy. He played the percentages. McClean. Hendrick is in


the middle, Shane Long arriving the. Shane Long, superbly done. I thought


that he had forced a corner, but Evra kept it in. I make that the


best first touch of the tournament from Shane Long. It was the


assistant referee who gave the corner. What is in front of the goal


line referee? Touch, this. Unbelievable. Hawk-Eye will tell us


when the ball is out of play. If they give him a shot of it. Corner


sailing in to the hands of lorries. -- Lloris. Giving him a free ride


just to come and catch it. Ireland are the Lake show expert at these


finals. The Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill will be


delighted to see that. Great pressure from McClean. He has ran up


and down, up and down. Long pressures Evra. He knew he was


there. Shane Long holding his thigh again. Some bumps and bruises out


there. It's all right if that is what they are. It is strains and


Paul's... -- pulls. Payet. Under pressure and squeezes


it away to a great roar from the crowd. Good decision, referee. The


ball was kicked away by Shane Long, and he has got a yellow card for it.


Was it Hendrick? Hendrick was fouled. What has he given a yellow


card for? I thought it might have been because Shane Long kick the


ball away. His shoulders are slumping because he's on a yellow


card already anyway. And each year was there. Good pressure in the air.


-- Richard here was there. They just look so disjointed defensively,


France. Duffy 's header it was. That is a push by Giroud. Not given.


Brady has done well for the public of Ireland again. Shane Long.


Challenged by Kashani. The player with Stephen Ward arriving on the


overlap. Pressure on Hugo Lloris. Some football former Republic of


Ireland. Pogba. -- for -- from there.


Yellow card, play on. Coleman. Ireland getting up a head of steam


again. He is embarrassed. He has got to watch it. There is just no clear


pattern from the French, seem unsure what they are trying to do at the


moment. Ireland know exactly what they are doing in every situation,


but not the French. They have gone through to this stage with moments


of individual brilliance, the French, rather than a wonderful team


plan. Pogba, with Griezmann in the middle. It ends up just behind him,


and given away by McCarthy. That has got to be a yellow, surely. It is.


Long, hurt again. Rami, his second card of the competition. Didier


Deschamps a perplexed man. As he sits there with his assistant, who


was there with him at Marseille. They just cannot get any continuity


in their play at all, the French. The French midfield players are


keeping their heads down when they get the ball, they are anticipating


the challenge coming in, and they are not being disappointed. Part of


the game plan is that they come up against these French players in the


Premier League every week, the Republic of Ireland players to play


at that level. No Griezmann Matuidi, but the rest of them... Pogba, who


gave away the penalty. Pogba holds off the challenge from


Brady and goes again. Strength and purpose. That is that ball again.


Griezmann tried to play Giroud in. He is not that type of player. He


has no acceleration whatsoever, to get in there, Giroud. His possible


replacement has been Gignac, who is not that type of player. They might


put Griezmann through their later. Absolutely. That is what a lot of


the French press have been calling for. Murphy stays down on his


haunches. They have put in some effort, the Republic of Ireland.


Payet skips away. Payet takes the extra touch the work the angle.


Griezmann, good block. The Republic of Ireland throwing bodies in the


way. I think it was Duffy who got in the way. Matuidi is in space on the


far corner of the box. Evra. Four menace of stoppage time. Griezmann


into the box. Again they try and play in a Giroud. He wasn't


expecting it. He was on his heels. This is a poor cross. They get


themselves in a bit of a mess, Ireland, but boy, do they get bodies


on their way. 56,279, the Crown. Probably 50,000 French in here. At


the moment it is the green clad Republic of Ireland supporters who


have the advantage. Griezmann is allowed to turn again.


Payet. Not many bookies would have had


this. 9/1 outsiders, the Republic of Ireland for this game. Now the


French are having to go long. Their victory against Italy the


other night was their first since 1988 here against England. Other


famous victories 1- the Republic of Ireland. In qualifying against


Germany -- 1-0 for the Republic of Ireland.


That was won by Murphy, but going nowhere.


We have already had three minutes nearly of the four additional


minutes. Keogh. I would pay to be in the French


dressing room at half-time to hear what Didier Deschamps says to his


players. Giroud's header to Bognor. Hendrick is doubling up. Still got


the cross in. -- two Pogba. Away by big Shane Duffy.


Didier Deschamps, half-time in the 1998 World Cup final, he rattled


into the team and got them going. And they won that, and he will


rattle into them as manager, and he will need to. Because at the moment,


it is 1-0 for the boys in green. France making a change at half-time.


Kingsley Coman is coming on for Angola can take, the Leicester City


player, who has had a yellow card -- N'Golo Kante. If they go through, he


will be suspended for the next round. Tactically, that makes a real


change. Coman is a flier who will come onto the right-hand side. I


imagine it means that Pogba will play in a slightly deeper role, and


Matuidi will move to his more natural left-hand side. It will look


more like a 4-4-2 formation for France as Coman comes on for his


fourth appearance of the finals. They've had to do something, and


they have done it. Off we go in the second half, France


or in blue and they have made the change with Kingsley Coman on for


Matuidi. -- all in blue. Kingsley Coman on for Kante, I should say.


Matuidi has moved to his more natural left-hand side. Pogba is


tucked in on the right-hand side. Payet nominally on the right but


more of a 4-4-2 player coming in. That is Sagna.


In two Pogba. What do you think of the change? You should get Pogba and


Matuidi to play as a too, to be honest with you. You know about


Coman, he gives them natural width, rather than Bacary Sagna. Pogba.


Brilliant. Wonderful bit of play. Griezmann. Sagna.


Away by Shane Long. He was bumped and bruised in the first half. Evra.


It is important for Ireland to keep pushed up as much as possible. Nine


of France's last ten European Championship goals have been scored


after half-time. That is a worry for Ireland. The sun has dipped behind


the ground, which is good news that Ireland. Shane Long went through the


gap, but he slipped. He's unlucky. He would have been favourite to get


that. Payet, taking on Coleman. They will need to double up in there.


Free kick given against the Irish skipper. Brings him a yellow card. A


crunching run between two defenders, that becomes a collision, and they


will always get the foul. There will not be many more in the game for


Seamus Coleman. He has got to watch it. Randolph wants to win the wall.


-- two in the wall. In it comes. Delicately done, a


little flick man Pogba arriving at the far post, and heading wide was


Koscielny. You should always expect it, that is why you are in there.


Just seemed to react a little bit late, Koscielny. There was a touch


of Stephen Ward, was there? His last goal for France came against


Scotland, Laurent Koscielny. He did actually play every game in the warm


up stages. Brady. Murphy, good work, really


good football. Long will hold and wait for support. Hendrick is the


dummy. Good stuff from the Republic of Ireland. Here is Murphy. But it


ended there. Could have got the ball wide to James McClean.


He has paced, Kingsley Coman. Ashley has paced. Giroud. Coman goes to the


left -- he has pace. Coleman against Coman. And no winner. Didier


Deschamps with a big gamble here. Will he be remembered for all of the


great things he has done for France, the manager? They have certainly


come out with a different attitude in the second half, the French. Much


more energy. Gambled the priceless legacy of his footballing past on


one decision, Didier Deschamps to he may be remembered for that awful


decision if it doesn't pay off. Not the only one, this week.


Pogba. Battling in there with Brady. How about that? Pogba has come out,


and the French crowd loved it. Matuidi. Payet.


Didn't know where the ball had gone, Giroud fouled his man. And he


complains. Definitely used his arm. You can see Griezmann there, when he


played for Germany against France last year his sister was in Le


Bataclan, the scene of that terrible terrorist outrage. She got away.


McCarthy underneath it. Griezmann won it. Duffy. Brady can turn into


space. Murphy, cutely done. Hendrick, came to his left side.


James McClean, Murphy getting across his man. Nearly came to Shane Long


and it is just pushed away by Lloris. Great saving the end, he has


to make the decision, Lloris, as the ball comes across the box. Good


football by the Republic of Ireland. France look good at the moment.


They do look strong, the French, but they don't get enough numbers in the


box. There is only Giroud. Payet goes the goal. -- for goal.


I just think at the moment, they are just playing in front of Ireland,


which is great for them. This is a good save. A strong left-hand as


well. In the corridor of uncertainty.


You sense that Shane Long was ready to pounce. He saved his country,


Lloris. His 79th appearance, and a record-breaking 55th appearance as


captain. Here is James McClean. Rather caught betwixt and between.


Sagna has had a very good game for France. Pogba, long, leggy and


always willing to carry. Payet. He goes inside Coleman. The shot was


well blocked by McCarthy. Longer could not get beyond Evra.


Matuidi is there. Shane Long with the challenge. He is so game, isn't


he? Works his socks off. Jeff Hendrick was cautioned for


kicking the ball away, and that means he will miss a potential


quarterfinal with England in Paris, the winners of that England and


Iceland game. Giroud. If it does not come off for


him soon, the French fans might turn on Olivier Giroud. Not their son.


I'm surprised he started. Benzema may have been here, and Valbuena was


also left out because of the scurrilous goings-on. Many people


think that Hatem Ben Arfa should have been here. We had a great


season with Marseille. But the tournament came fast and furious. No


one can deny his workrate. Pogba. There is not great movement in front


of the French ball-carriers. Matuidi and Griezmann had to stretch. Cut


out by Keogh. Rock-solid again at the back for the Republic of


Ireland. A chance for Matuidi. Good save,


Darren Randolph. Fortunately he had a good sighting of the shot. The


French are getting closer. Can Ireland hold on?


A fourth French corner. Taken short by Poyet. Long was there. -- Payet.


Got away with one, Ireland, they just fell asleep. Matuidi with a


dialling -- diving header. Dimitri Payet. Keogh again.


Pogba, slipping it to Griezmann, who was unaware. He glared at Paul


Pogba. The thing with Matuidi and Pogba,


who is going to sit? There could be a chance for an Ireland counter. The


answer is nobody. Longer by Pogba. Didier Deschamps has taken a real


chance ear. -- here. A good tournament. The only played


15 times for West Ham this season. -- he's only played.


Pogba did not get a shout from Rami that Murphy was there. And the


French are bickering between themselves. Matuidi, strong as an


ox. Always has been. He got there first. Coman, back to Griezmann.


Payet. He picks a pass and brings in Sagna. Looking for Giroud, looking


for Griezmann, looking for the equaliser and they have got it.


Just shy of the hour. He has looked busy at the start of the second


half. Yes, I think it was the first decent cross he has hit. Out of his


feet, great ball in and just freed up the space for Griezmann. It is a


really good cross to the centre of the goal. Nobody near him.


Danger signs are flashing for Ireland now.


The pressure on Didier Deschamps is absolutely immense. But the hosts


are right back in it. And the pendulum has swung.


It would just be interesting now to see if the French play with the same


intensity now they are level in the game. That is a flag.


He has had a great season, Griezmann. They have missed a trick,


the French hosts, they had given out the flags to all of the supporters


in the games. Very colourful, very passionate. Far more passionate than


it was at this stage in 1998. Hendrick with the throw, and allowed


to go. Mistake by Pogba and it comes back out to board. He thought it


deflected off Sagna. It did! How can they not see that, the officials?


The flight of the ball! Crikey! It was Rami, not Sagna. You can see off


the flight of the ball that it went off someone.


Griezmann. He arcs in the cross, too high for Coman. Brady, who is tired.


Payet. That was a poor header and a poor clearing header that would


Ireland in danger yet again. I think Martin O'Neill might be thinking


about making a change. Fresh legs. A few players had knocks in the first


half. 15 efforts in the game by France.


In the World Cup of 1990, in Rome, when the hearts were broken for


Ireland by the hosts by Schillaci. The Irish have said that if they


could win this one, it would be an even greater runs at the last eight.


They still have to win it though. Giroud. Griezmann, in space to


finish it. It has all turned around. Antoine Griezmann. He is the break


of Irish hearts. -- the breaker. Two goals in three minutes, and the man


of the moment in French football. Ireland sliced apart.


I think this is a gift. Watch when the ball comes in. Two players go


towards him. The second of those players should basically be where


Griezmann makes the run. Brilliantly finished. Yes, it is a


good finish. Three goals in this competition for Griezmann now.


Always tipped to be the top scorer of Euro 2016, and the president,


France was Holland -- Francois Hollande. He is amongst the


supporters. First mistake that Duffy and Keogh


have made in the game, really. In their, look at the little enclave


of green and white supporters looking and standing still. I bet


their ears are bleeding. All around the stadium there are little pockets


of green, in stunned silence. And here comes an Irish substitution.


Sagna takes the throw, and Jon Walters will be on in a minute.


Duffy. Away by Pogba. It was a big decision by Didier Deschamps on but


it has paid off. I think Giroud has a problem. He is holding his knee.


A ball in the air by Keogh. James McClean cannot challenge Brit. Rami.


If they can get the ball back inside that French penalty area it could be


trouble, but another French goal would certainly spell doom. Duffy


has won it. Here is McCarthy. Hendrick has gone very quiet. He is


on a yellow card and he picked up an injury in the first half. I think


there are a few who have gone quiet. Murphy, certainly. Pogba, brilliant


weight on the pass. Coleman is there. And he got there. Brilliant


defending. Hendrick. Brady. Ward who's had a good game. Just a


different dynamic for Ireland because they are having to force the


game. Ireland, but the first time in the


game, since the second minute. McLean has gone beyond Rami. James


McClean with a pull-back. Steered away by Koscielny, who glares at his


centre-back partner. James McClean had option. Great opportunity. And


you never know in this game. You might not get a better one. Too easy


for Koscielny to read it. Murphy arriving at the back post. Here


comes the Republic of Ireland substitution, and it will be Murphy


you goes off. On comes Jon Walters, some fresh legs. What they do well


now is to stick Shane Long through the middle or Walters. Play the


opening game for only an hour and a suffered a recurrence of the


Achilles injury he got before the tournament. Griezmann. Giroud to


pressurise Keogh, and he did it well. Griezmann is away and on a


hat-trick. Antoine Griezmann into the penalty area. Drawdown. Oh, no.


Duffy will have to go, will he? Yes, he does. France say it was a


penalty. I don't think the referee knows, I really don't. My first view


made me think it was just outside. But he had to go, it was a lunge. It


is outside. And it has gone horribly wrong for


the Republic of Ireland. In fairness to Giroud, he did brilliantly for


Griezmann. Had a good game. He was brilliant against Italy. You just


never know in football, do you? In a matter of minutes, the game can


change so quickly he does well, Giroud. He has his head up, looks,


slots it into Griezmann. You have got to make the challenge. It has


been a horrible eight minutes for the Republic of Ireland.


Griezmann to the right of the ball, Payet to the left. Ireland came with


a dream and songs to sing. Argumentative in the wall. Not sure


what Bob was doing there. He was almost on his hands and knees. --


what Pogba was doing. He has done this before, for Juventus, this


season. Oh, get up, get up! Dear, oh, dear. Watch the gap created by


Pogba. And it hits Giroud. Yes, I'm lucky. Not! -- unlucky. John O'Shea


for James McClean. O Shea, covering for Duffy, who was


sent off. Brady out to the left. How much of this we are seeing is


down to the extra three days France had to prepare? There is an


argument. It makes a massive difference. -- there is no argument.


Coleman, gets it away. Not many numbers in the box for France again.


He was diplomatic about the extra preparation days for France.


Preparation days, tickets, everything. Memories of 1998.


Things laid on heavily in favour of the hosts, but they are not the only


ones to have done that. Always a tall order for the Republic of


Ireland. It is now a huge task. 20 minutes to go, 2-1 down, down to ten


men. Duffy, the third man sent off at these World Cup finals. -- these


finals. Matuidi will stretch. Evra is


available on the left. Griezmann. He has been their best player. Victor


Riu anticipated. Sagna with the cross, steered away by John O'Shea.


-- victory anticipated. That is a foul. Robbie Brady did not


think so! Here it comes, the French substitution and another Irish


change. Andre-Pierre Gignac, non-, and Wes Hoolahan comes on to replace


James McCarthy. McCarthy placed the game running. Wes Hoolahan came on


against Italy and it changed everything. It is a gamble,


certainly, but Martin Neil has to go for it. Giroud, still on for the


moment. The free kick not yet cleared, Rami stretching for what,


beyond John O'Shea. Hoolahan, with his first touch. Brady, his


clubmate. They combine so well in Lille. Sparking scenes of


celebration that I will never forget. Seeing the Irish fans in the


grand Place in Lille, exhausted, slumped, peaceful. Drunk! It was a


great night. Brady. Steps inside his man. Walters, admittedly, went to


running behind. And there was just a little bit of April. -- of April.


That is interesting. His response to the substitution. We are seeing the


Griezmann celebrations again. On comms Andre-Pierre Gignac.


Places football in Mexico now. He had a great season there. This is


his third appearance. He started the last game. I wonder what the


response would be to him from the Lyon crowd. He played for Marseille.


Payet. Gignac. Matuidi. Payet strokes the past, Griezmann


has had a terrific second-half. Ireland have not been able to


contain him. Sagna with the cross back in.


The possession stats. Suggesting that France deserve it, with nearly


60% of the ball, and three times the number of attempts on goal that the


Irish have had. Walters has not ever got in the game since coming on.


Earning a third caution for the Republic today. Griezmann, waiting


in the middle. Got the deflection he wanted. Corner for France. Some


weary legs in those white shirted players. What a great talent, Coman.


Only just turned 20. It was a statement of intent when they sent


him on for the second half. Payet calls the corner in. Just too high


for Griezmann. Ireland can't get out of their half


at the moment. They look weary. They put so much in against Italy. And in


the first half. Coman in space. Griezmann is in the


middle. He went for goal. Randolph managed to block it. Coman, Matuidi,


it is all France now. Hendrick, risky to be in there, when you are


so tired, but he did it. Brilliant effort! Hit the bar, Gignac.


Brilliant book inside, like Payet. -- but inside.


France have a stranglehold on the game. Shane Long, always a willing


worker to rationalise Rami. -- pressurise.


Ireland have just pushed up on the back for all France to stop them


getting up so easily. -- the back four of France. That was spectacular


but dangerous. Griezmann, working so hard. He has taken this game by the


scruff of its neck, Antoine Griezmann. Coman, look at the pace.


Gignac rumbles up after him. John O'Shea claims for the goalkick and


the corner is given. He has called 32 goals in Mexico for


Tigres this season, Gignac. -- he has scored.


You can feel proud of himself, Richard Keogh. That was too easy.


Randolph clawed it away. Gignac, it comes off Stephen Ward.


Just relentless pressure, now. Just over ten minutes to go. The writing


is on the wall. Even the Irish supporters have gone quiet. They


fear the worst. Stephen Ward did well. Pulled back for handball. I


don't think the referee saw it. It was his assistant on this nearside.


Hard to see what Martin O'Neill can do. Sagna. They have stopped the


Irish getting any ball into their penalty area in this half, with


their total command. Randolph gets a big paw to the ball. Payet. Space


for Matuidi. Looking for Griezmann. At was almost the killer pass. --


that was. That is the difference between Griezmann and Giroud in


those positions, Griezmann is like in quick. Very, very quick indeed.


-- lightning quick. I just picture him playing for PSG, raiding all the


time, nonstop, those big, long legs. The French performance in the second


period has been magnificent. And now, of course, it is against ten


men. Sagna, pursued by Brady. It is a


lonely furrow to plough now for Shane Long. The Irish fans are


singing Fields of Athenry. Such an a bucket of song. -- evocative song.


They are winning every battle, now, the French, aren't they? Fields of


Athenry, a plaintive song about lost love for someone sent to botany Bay.


For stealing a loaf of bread. How lonely it is around the Fields of


Athenry. Mr Trevelyan 's corn. Hoolahan almost slipped it into


Shane Long. Coleman. France quite happy for him to be out


there. Walters is down, Kashani unhappy. -- Laurent Koscielny.


Payet switches it to Gignac. Stephen Ward has put in some very strong


performances. It is all grim news, I know. The French fans are bouncing.


Pogba takes the touch and the second. Griezmann waiting in the


middle for the hat-trick. Stephen Ward makes the block. Kingsley Coman


just doesn't see it. He can't pick the past. He is merging with this


performance as one of the best strikers here. We knew he would.


Class always tells. He is a classy one. Kingsley Coman could have found


them there. -- him. He is from a place just up the road,


Macon. Macon villages. You will know that. Matuidi, it is almost three.


How did he miss? Just not enough contact. Great ball in, lovely run.


You have got to score from there. That is a dream ball for a striker.


The Republic of Ireland are just alive, still. Jonathan Walters. I'd


tell you what, he had Hugo Lloris scurrying across his goal.


But here France, looking for Coman. Griezmann is there, in space. Back


to Coman. Gignac has pulled off into space. Just doesn't make another


good connection. Much better ball this time from Coman, to pick


somebody out. He has almost gone to hit it little bit too early. Pogba.


Doing well as a defensive screen. He is a giant, isn't he?


He is suppressing some of his more attacking instincts. Pogba there


again. He has played an important role for France in this second half.


John O'Shea is with Payet, Payet goes up through the gears. This


could be the moment it ends. 60,000 people knew what was going to happen


in terms of him cutting in from the left, to open up the angle. The


Republic of Ireland, with two shots on target in the game according to


the official Uefa stats in the ground. It is time for Route one.


Get the ball in. Trying to push it through to Brady. No penalty. Just


not quite strong enough or quick enough. Great idea. Evra, guarding


his goalkeeper. He was always going to be second.


Matuidi. France is less than two minutes away from a quarterfinal and


Paris against the winner of the England- Iceland round of 16 game.


Unless Martin O'Neill 's side can come up with something special.


Long, was he taken out between the two? It is an Irish throw, anyway.


Here we go. It is a long one from Stephen Ward. Keogh and waters are


now. Shane Long behind them. -- Walters. Slammed away by Rami. One


minute to play, plus stoppage time. It is hope and pray time. Towards


Walters. Hoolahan. It comes out to Ward. In it floats.


Koscielny got a smack in the face as well. Is the rubric on here? -- is


there a brake on here. I think Hendrik caught him with his


right leg. Three minutes of stoppage time.


France sending on Moussa Sissoko. Big, strong, athletic, to see them


out. John O'Shea is across there. This could be his 114th and last


game. Walters could not get off the ground. Does not look fully fit, to


me. Hoolahan running into trouble. France could break decisively.


Gignac is on the far side, Griezmann pumping the legs to get in there.


Why did he take him on, if he is injured? How stupid is that? It has


set up a counterattack for the Republic of Ireland. Seamus Coleman


keeps it in, just. He looks absolutely at the end of his tether.


Blaise Matuidi was there. He will run it out into the far side and run


down the clock. Griezmann. Gignac plodding up alongside him. Plodding


is right. Coman, who was limping moments ago. I wonder what hurts him


more, the injury or the shame? He missed a couple of opportunities to


wrap it up. Cheers for every French touch.


Last minute of stoppage time. Gignac on the edge of the penalty area.


Griezmann on the hat-trick. Saved by Randolph! He has had a terrific


game, the Republic of Ireland goalkeeper. And here comes the last


of the substitutions. They have sort of wrapped it up. Good stop, very


good stop. Well played Didier Deschamps, he


made a big call at half-time. The header away by Rami. Hoolahan, only


thing he could do. This is it for the Republic of Ireland. It is now


or never. Rami came and claimed. And with that, surely, the Irish chance


has gone. We have had over three minutes of the three minutes


stoppage time allotted. No way forward for the Republic of Ireland.


The dream ends right here. The hosts, France, go through to the


quarterfinal against either England or Iceland, because Griezmann steer


them through, took the game by the scruff of the neck after Ireland got


off to a brilliant start, Sean -- Shane Long winning the penalty


converted by Brady, then it all went wrong, two from Griezmann in three


and it is. France, as a nation, celebrates, Ireland, crestfallen and


brokenhearted. But they have done their country so very proud. The


Republic of Ireland, out. France two, Ireland one.


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