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Italy v Spain

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# Je revois la ville en fete et en delire


# Suffoquant sous le soleil et sous la joie


# Et j'entends dans la musique les cris, les rires


# Qui eclatent et rebondissent autour de moi


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Et perdue parmi ces gens qui me bousculent


# Emportes par la foule qui nous traine


# Nous entraine # L'un contre l'autre #


We are the Azzurri. We are La Roja. We have been trusted with our


nation's fate many times. 44 years without HIV. Spain falls


again -- 44 years without eight trophy.


They are down to North Korea, who ever would believe it.


Spain are out and the group stage have not finished yet. Fate over and


over again. And that is why we succeed. Spain are European


champions for the first time since 1964! He has done it! Italy win the


World Cup! This is it! He gets the goal! David Silva has struck gold


for Spain! The state of France is the venue for


today's final. Italy and Spain are European heavyweights with nine


major titles between them. This match is a repeat of the match from


four years ago when Spain were the comfortable winners. Italy manager


Antonio Conte is off to Chelsea following Euro 2016 but he has a


team in the mould of himself, fiercely driven to succeed, they


have already shown all the classic traits of an Italian side and will


be tough to crack. Spain's side is full of household names, Ramos,


Iniesta, Fabregas and Pique. They are back again. Defeat to creation


mean they are second in their group, setting up this match. The winner


will face Germany on Saturday night. Hello, six teams are already through


to the quarterfinals. England have their chance to progress later when


they face Iceland. First, it is Italy and Spain. Talking of European


heavyweights, it is a warm welcome to these three. It is Thierry Henry


and he is turning this into a bit of a one-man show!


Henry! In it goes from Vincent Kompany, it is the captain's goal.


What a tackle! Goal! For Italy! What a lovely goal! World Cup and


European Championship winner Thierry Henry, double winner and the injured


captain Vincent Kompany, and Gianluca Vialli who scored a winner


sometime ago. How do you feel this will go? I am curious to see how


this match will pan out. I think they have creativity and technique


but we are very well-organised side. We respect them because they are


finally winning side. They have been for the last ten years. They know


how to close the deal but we start as the underdogs. But normally


brings the best out of the Italians. We do not like playing against Spain


as much as they don't like playing against us, and I would say I am


realistically confident. I think we can do it. One Spanish paper


describes this. We have seen a different Italian side. Full


pressure. Both teams lost their last two games but still, we have seen an


excellent Belgian side yesterday, and Germany have been very


impressive. For me, those are the two teams which impressed me at the


group stage. We know that... This is the first time that I am going to


sit on the fence. It is a 50-50 for me. I will have to go the guys I


know because I have played with some other guys in the Spanish team but


it is a tough one. To footballing superpowers, Vincent. It many


people? We forgot to mention the two great football coaches and yet they


could not be more opposed in the style and history of playing. For


me, I have seen an impressive Italy against Belgium. We have to remember


Italy cause a lot of problems, blocking them to play the way they


wanted to play. We no one team likes to dictate the game and it is Spain.


I think Italy will have maybe a weakness to exploit and it is the


fact that Spain did not seem to deal well with crosses against Croatia,


and with Heller and Eder. Really, I would like to see players like David


Silva create magic. A quick line on Belgium, congratulations, they are


through to the quarterfinals. The main player everyone wants to name


is Eden Hazard. He has been a revelation in this tournament


because he has never performed this way for us. If he can perform the


way he did yesterday against Hungary, that puts him in a


completely different bracket for me. If he maintains this level, you talk


about the top two, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo. It was a beautiful


performance. More on that match in a moment and Italy versus Spain.


England and Roy Hodgson are Nice for the match against Iceland. Gabi


Logan also made the trip to the South of France.


Waking up in sunny, glamorous news this morning does feel like


something of a vacation away from northern France where England have


been based for the last couple of weeks. But make no mistake, Roy


Hodgson and the team are not planning their summer holidays. We


desperately want to stay in the tournament. We think we are good


enough to stay in the tournament, but to do that, we have to get


results. There are no draws available now, it is win or lose. We


would have to accept the title favourites and they can go into the


game as underdogs, but we know perfectly well, whether we entitled


them favourites or underdogs, it will be very difficult game for us


and they will be a hard to beat. We're not going into this game


showing a lack of respect to Iceland. We are showing full respect


for the way they played. They will be tough to break down and score


goals against. We have to work out ways to create chances and score


goals. We have dominated the three games we have played. If we keep


getting chances, we will score goals and if we get those chances, we will


score goals but we have to take the chances as the boss said. It is the


knockout stages of the tournament and we have not got much time to


wait with any more chances. Let's get a perspective on that game


from Danny Murphy who is pitched five at the Stade de France with


Jason Mohammad. Thank you, welcome to the Stade de France. Imagine what


the atmosphere will be like if England do beat Iceland setting up a


match against the hosts, France, in the Stade de France. Do you fancy?


What do you mean if? I am confident. They have ridden their luck at


times. I think we have more than enough to win the game and I think


it would be a huge disappointment if we did not win the game. Let's look


ahead to this match, it is two superpowers when it comes to


international football. Do you think Spain will be hurting after losing


to Croatia? I do. They will have been given a kick up the backside


rather than cruising through. They will know now they can be beaten.


They will be up for it today. The manager will have had a word with


them. I expect a good performance from Spain here. But we have been


watching Gianluigi Buffon. They look so fit as they are warming up. Maybe


it is us getting older! They are very fit. They are very organised


and a great side to play. They have brilliant, creative players. I think


with the three at the back, they will have worked out how to open


them up and with the likes of David Silva and Fabregas, I fancy Spain


very strongly. Thank you. Antonio Conte, the Chelsea bound manager


does face a backlash after the loss to Croatia.


It is not raining there but it certainly is here. Pouring down


outside. Let's have a look at the starting line-ups.


The all Italian back three boast caps between them. Heller is


partnered upfront by Eder who turned down a chance to join Leicester in


January. How foolish. --. Three of the back four started the final


against Italy four years ago. Chelsea's Fabregas is joined by


former Barcelona team-mates Iniesta and Busquets.


These two teams have a rivalry which spans decades. It used to be that


Italy had the upper hand, but in 2008, it all changed.


The Azzurri versus La Roja. A clash of styles with a colourful history.


Italy were considered to be Spain's most feared rival. The team they


could never conquer. 2008, Spain had not defeated Italy in a competitive


match for 88 years. When we had to play against Italy, quarterfinal,


everyone was, oh my God, the same story. Italy, we always lose. And


when it went to penalties, we thought we would go out on


penalties. The thing about jinxes is they take a lifetime to build but


can be destroyed in a single moment. They are in the semifinal of the


European Championship. Fabregas with the responsibility of taking Spain


through and putting Italy out. And he does! After that moment, it was


like liberation for all of us. It was like this mental thing that


clicked and we played with no fear any more. Spain, the perennial


underachievers go through and Italy can only reflect on what might have


been. Vincente del Bosque built on the


success of the previous manager. You just need five minutes with Vincent


Dell Bosque and you like him. Once a team that never won, Spain became


the team that never lose. In 2012, we had the final. The black beast,


the team that normally beat us. David Silva has struck gold for


Spain! You have to remember that in the final, we played without any


strikers. It is four! There are few teams on the planet, ever, you could


have lived with this Spain side. That was the revenge of 94, "Yet you


break our nose but now we have destroyed you". And for many if they


had the better made and the better players, well, not any more! Not any


more indeed, look at that, the last 11 meetings, Italy have only won one


of them but this is one of the great rivalries, isn't it? We have the


same rivalry to be fair and I think a lot of countries in the world do


have a rivalry with Italy. You have to respect what they do, the love


they have the game, they have a different approach like we met you


before but you have to respect they always find a way to win. In a way,


you admire that, I can say it now because I'm not playing any more but


you admire it because you are like, "How do they do? They don't touch


the ball the whole game, suffer the whole game and yet at the end, 1-0,


Italy", and you are going home, like, "How did we lose?" We called


it tactical knowledge! LAUGHTER That is also that they have mastered


it. You have to say that this is the first time in a long time that they


will be underdogs as they are today. It suits the style they are trying


to play as well. This game is not like all the previous games. Belgium


has had to learn it. I think it is well-suited game for Italy. How do


you beat Spain? It's optimistic to think you can sit back and just


event for 90 minutes without conceding. We need to put them under


pressure occasionally, sometimes very high on the pitch. But you need


to do it properly, at the right not as individuals, like Croatia did


sometimes but as a team because if you do it at the wrong time in the


wrong place, they are so fantastic at putting players, always in


between the lines will stop midfielders and strikers, and now,


midfielders and defenders, and they make runs forward so well, they play


vertical passes, they can really hurt you and now it is Fabregas and


Morata just have tap it in the back of the net but if you it properly,


at the right time, as a unit, with controlled aggression, especially


when they get a bit confident, like in this case, they like to look


themselves in the mirror, you can win the ball back and then you can


cause problems. So controlled aggression, sometimes high on the


pitch. I played for Barcelona and it is


pretty much the same but the thing is, it is not being arrogant, even


if you put the pressure, they will still try to play and that's on you.


Croatia showed everyone how to play against Spain. Answers --


Artis-Payne susceptible to counterattacks? Yes because they


sent so many players forward. Normally they start on the right on


the left and then they switch to the other side to find the right space


to help your position. Look at Pique, he's even forward, further up


than Iniesta. Then they switched to the other side to find the right


space and look who's going to come up, Ramos. These are the two central


defenders and they are basically playing like to offensive


midfielders. But the good thing about this is that they have got


weaknesses. They are vulnerable, especially when you win the ball


back. The first pass, this pass is essential. If you manage to get out


of that pressure, then they don't love tracking back at all. And we


have got a player in Eder who is a bit like Perisic, who is going to


score the goal, who is so good, working really hard but direct and


fast and he can score goals. You can hit them on the counter whenever you


have got the opportunity. What I think I liked about it from the


first game for what we have learned, the first two games actually, it did


not feel like Italy were dangerous on the counter. For me, it was more


like they were really streetwise and clever in good moments like the set


piece, quick set piece, they get a chance and score, throw in, quick


throw in, they get a chance and score. For me, today, the question


is, will they have enough pace to hurt... It will be intriguing to see


if they can get to the Spanish goal in open play. The midfield is going


to be interesting as well, in that sense whether they can get enough


service for Morata, who is the one who has been scoring goals for Spain


but playing in Italy. He reminds me Fernando Torres. He does not want to


do a lot in terms of dropping, coming into play but he wants to go


in behind. I have a guy right by me that used to do it, Gianluca, you


were amazing. Yet in the right spot, get the ball, dummies, he could have


finished but what he wants, he does not want to do this. You see that


with a lot of the new generation of strikers, I don't know why but they


always drop. Run in behind. You have space. That is what he does, gets


the ball down, gives the ball to Jordi Alba and it could have been a


goal. The same here, there is nothing that shows you hear that


Turkey is in trouble. The connection with Iniesta, you always have a


chance to run in behind and that is key for me. The same year, how many


times would you have seen a striker coming to offer something but he


does not want to come short, he wants to score goals, ball in, he's


in and it's a goal. That is what I love about him. I think to be a


centre forward for Spain is quite complicated. In a way, you need to


be in the right place at the right time but you don't have to make


things happen. The rest of the team will make things happen. You need to


complete things, be in the penalty box and sometimes, just put the ball


in which can be a bit frustrating. There is something that, and I


mentioned for reason because you used to do it very well and Gary


dissenting, the first thing as a striker, you want to running behind,


run into space and when you have the guys that can maintain midfield


possession, why would you come short? That's not your game. Run and


stretch them. One more thing we have dementia and is for wide players to


come inside and get the balls between the lines, Uni B striker to


stretch the defence and that's why when he's on the shoulder committee


gives David Silva and the other midfielders to come in. And we have


the Italian BBC, Bonucci, Barzagli and Chiellini.


We have mentioned them already but you can't they do rise of the


Italian defence with the outstanding bouffant behind it. He loves his


goal so much, he wrote a love letter to it, seriously.


# One love, one love. # Saved by bouffant! Save, Buffon. Oh,


Buffon. Their man in goal is Buffon, of


keepers, he's the dog almost 20 years with gloves on, they'll miss


him when his -- he's gone. I know, it's wrong but he's got a back three


in front of him that are tough to break down. Very experienced and


solid and they have played with each other for about six or seven years.


I think that individually, they are good but not great but as a unit


they are almost invincible. I think it's the best unit in world football


at the moment, individually, like you said, I don't know if they are


the best but as the unit but it does help when you play every day in


training the same way, when you have the same tactic, when you play with


the same guys alongside you. Vincent, this is what you do all the


time. My friend, the striker, and allows me to... To play in this


defence, it must be an absolute pleasure these guys. You can see the


bars of it. As a defender, -- the bars. As a defender, you have to


communicate with each other, and this partnership, in this case,


there's three of them and they know exactly where to start at what time.


They will be talking a lot which we cannot hear, hear, but they have


become a force, almost invincible at times and they enjoy it. They are


like a great boxer sitting back on the ropes and knows he's got the


strength to come out whenever he wants and take it all stop I like


that about them. What a great partnership. Unlike in the past, our


defenders are the trampoline to play forward. They really participate


when we have got the ball, they spread wide and they start building


something offensive thinking. That is why I mentioned before, when the


Spanish papers said catenaccio, it's not the same any more, those guys


want to pay because Antonio Conte eight as given in the liberty to do


it. But still, they can only play one style, for me. And the way they


are playing now, they are very good at doing it and it makes them the


best defenders in the world when they are together but it only one


style. Like you say, it has evolved but this is just great to see for a


defender, I admire what they are doing. Who do you fancy? Italy! Why


did you not say Spain? You're not sure? I will go for Spain because I


have friends in the team but in terms of football, it's a very open


game. Need ask, Gianluca Guidi bouffant and save the unfavourable


times and we need to stay in a match whatever happens, 1-0, 2- there are


because physically, I'm sure we will get the upper hand in the last 20


minutes and we can turn things around, so don't panic if we go down


1-0. It is the last 16 game we have all been looking forward to, Italy


against aim -- Spain and the commentary team in the Stade de


France is Danny Murphy and Steve Wilson.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you, good afternoon everybody, it has been


called the final played too soon, Spain beat Italy in the European


jammy chip quarterfinal in penalties on 2008 and they beat them again in


the 2013 Confederations Cup semifinal on penalties. They met


twice that the last Euros, a 1-1 draw in the group in Gdansk and


Spain recording the biggest ever win in eight European Championship final


in Kiev. Can you believe it, they have been drawn together in World


Cup qualifying for Russia 2018. Today, it is Paris and the perfect


venue for the big occasion. In 13 days' time, the Stade de France will


become only the fifth stadium ever to host both World Cup and European


championship finals. A wonderful atmosphere around the stadium and a


fair bit of tension within. Such familiar foes, such familiar


anthems, first, that of Spain. CHEERING


Ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the national anthem of


Italy! # Fratelli d'Italia


l'Italia s'e desta # dell'elmo di Scipio


s'e cinta la testa # Le porga la chioma


che schiava di Roma # Fratelli d'Italia


l'Italia s'e desta # dell'elmo di Scipio


s'e cinta la testa # Le porga la chioma


che schiava di Roma # Stringiamci a coorte


siam pronti alla morte # Siam pronti alla morte


l'Italia chiamo # Stringiamci a coorte


siam pronti alla morte # Siam pronti alla morte


l'Italia chiamo If you think Buffon was thinking the


-- you would think Gianluigi Buffon was singing the anthem for the first


time, not the 160th. So, the luminaries almost done. Germany,


watching closely because they will play the winner. Robbie Brady's goal


for the Republic of Ireland in Lille, the only one conceded by


Italy in their last five matches and that was only the second match in


which they failed to score since going out of the last World Cup to


Uruguay. Antonio Conte you made eight changes that the Ireland game


but it is planned letter A, here although Matayo Darmian loses out to


dish idiot at left wingback. Six of this starting line-up are one yellow


card away from a ban, including the goalkeeper in the back three. --


Darmian loses out to De Sciglio. Brilliant against Belgium. They will


look to reproduce that performance here in Paris. The referee is Cuneyt


Cakir of Turkey, his third match here, highly regarded.


It is the same old, same old for Spain. Vincent Dell Bosque got some


criticism for selecting the same team for the group games. It is


tried and trusted. No changes. Alvaro Morata plays with Nolito and


Chiellini. He has three goals in his last five matches for Spain. So,


Danny Murphy, it does not get much bigger than Spain and Italy, it has


come early? It is an amazing atmosphere here. I was pitch side


before. You can feel the tension. Wonderful. Support for both teams. A


fantastic match we have tactically. The back three with the Italians


against the 4-3-3 of Spain. We will see how it goes. Spain all in white


to kick off from right to left in the first 45 minutes. It feels above


the stadium as if a storm is coming. Dark clouds overhead, and this could


be a stormy encounter. Here is the rain, right on cue on the kick-off.


Spain get the game underway. Juanfran was beaten to that very


quickly. That is a ball from discreetly over which ended up in


the grateful hands of de Gea # a ball from De Sciglio.


Florenzi did well. Got away from Jordi Alba. Hello with the header.


It was not on target. A good start for the Italians. Pressing every


opportunity they have got. This weather has just turned in the last


couple of minutes. It will have a factor. We saw a slip from Alberta.


And Italian free kick for a foul here by Morata. It was noticeable in


the warm up that the two teams were looking at the pitch that the


conditions have changed in this very heavy rain, Morata was getting their


hugs from his team-mates of last season. I always found it


fascinating playing against friends. You know every little trick, what


they like doing, what they don't. It can work for you sometimes. I am


also interested to know, Danny, what you think as a player, if you come


into a game as big as this one, on a yellow card. Six Italians in that


position. I think it is very difficult to think about it too


much, and the fact that it can affect your game if you do so, so


just play your normal game. There will come a time in the game when


you have to make a strong challenge and you have to commit to it and


trust your instincts. Sergio Ramos was there.


We have seen a lot of pitches in this tournament which are not at to


the standard you would expect. And the players, you think they would


have got there footwear right. Jordi Alba for Spain. European champions,


of course. It looks like the Rees in the Stade


de France is no more effective than parts of the roof at Wembley. We are


a, that is the main thing! -- we are key.


Spain getting a feel of the ball and the feel of the surface. Bonucci


just tried to get in front of Morata. Chiellini with the header.


Fabregas forward. Nolito here. Nolito could not quite stay on his


feet. No, another slip. Good play from Iniesta though. We have seen


them play so well in the group games.


To Rossi, that is a decent idea. Threatening here!


Good patient build-up from the Italians. De Rossi finding a good


pass forward. Just did enough there, the Spanish, to snuff out their


chance. He is a bright little player will


stop. Nolito unable to tame the pass from


Sergio Ramos. The Italians had every player back in their own half then.


Very difficult to break down. A poor touch, unusual from De Rossi.


Italy were outstanding against Belgium in Bordeaux in their first


group game in Group E. A free kick. Juanfran. It didn't look like...


He got the ball. What is obvious early in the games is both teams, as


soon as the goalkeeper gets it there is a high press from Italy and from


the Spanish, trying to get the keepers to kick it long. It


hopefully means we will have an open game. It started that way.


Alessandra Florenzi on this the Italy. Every white shirt is back.


Pelle, a good save by de Gea! A good stop. The first good chance of the


game is an Italian chance. It is a super ball in from Florenzi. And


Pelle, we have seen him do that so many times for Southampton. What a


save that was from de Gea. He took some criticism after the Croatian


game, but that was a wonderful save. Harsh criticism may be on the second


goal. It did flick off a defender's foot. That was a tremendous stop.


Jack Porrini with this tremendous corner, Florenzi with the ball in.


That did not work. A cute little corner though. This is the free kick


again. A powerful header from the big man. A mismatch against the


scripts really. -- Sergei Lavrov 's. The header was not bad. Four in the


box for Italy. Giaccherini! De Gea again! A brilliant save again.


Good play again. What an effort that was. A super save on the post. It,


the referee might give a free kick. - it, I think he has given it four.


A little bit harsh. --- but he has given it four. -- high foot, he has


given it four. It did appear that the Turkish


referee awarded a free kick against Italy. De Gea was not to know. What


a fine save that was again. To think there was talk about whether he was


going to start or not for Spain, which is remarkable, considering the


season he has had. An intriguing first 12 minutes or


thereabouts which Italy will have enjoyed rather more than Spain.


Bonucci's header brings Spain a throw. They are struggling at the


moment, Spain with the Italian system. Nolito and Silva are not


sure whether to press the centre halves or drop back in. You think


they would have worked on it but it is definitely the Italians on top at


the moment. Can Silva get inside Giaccherini?


Looking for the run of Jordi Alba. It always gives you such great


options, Jordi Alba. Yeah, great engine. Down the right side with


Florenzi, I was talking with Gianluca Vialli earlier in the hotel


and he was a big fan of his, said to keep an eye out for him because


there was a blow, when, I think Andre Berto has got a knock but he's


come in and looked right at home. -- when I think Candreva got a knock.


Ye has just been beaten in the air by Ramos. De Sciglio, the other


wingback, unable to keep the ball under his control.


There must be a rainbow somewhere. The sun is coming out now. A little


bit short but always de Gea's. Interesting character, Antonio Conte


E. I've heard a lot of good things about him and I'm looking forward to


seeing how his team plays when he gets to the Premier League this


year. A man who knows what it is like to lose finals in both the


World Cup and the European Championships. 1994 and 2000.


Losing, actually, in a penalty shoot out in the first instance and Golden


Goal in the second. It's hard to take. Yeah, that is hard to take.


I'm sure it will all be forgotten if he can win something with this


Italian side. He has certainly got his team well organised and well


drilled, that is for sure. Bonucci with the header, now coming to


retrieve it as Morata was sniffing. It bounced off Nolito kindly.


Good play by parole oh, and a little nick on De Rossi by David Silva.


A mistake in the end but good to see, what, seven, eight Italian blue


shirts in the final third of the field. Yeah, they do that rarely


well, they choose their moments to drop off and then they choose their


moments to go high up the pitch and press, always a sign of a good team,


being able to mix up that play. De Rossi with the flick. Juanfran hi,


for Spain. This is Barzagli, Buffon behind him,


just directing traffic. This is Gianluigi Buffon's 30th match in


major tournament finals. It would have been more, only he missed Euro


2000, injured. He missed the game against the


Republic of Ireland, too, the final group game in Lille, which they


lost. He had a bit of a fever. Estate from Sergio Ramos. Florenzi


was on to it quickly. -- mistake from.


Chiellini had to work and it is turning into a good ball, if


Florenzi can reach it. He couldn't quite. It was like a water slide,


that. I'm not sure whether he meant it, Chiellini, but nearly, for


Florenzi, again, down the right-hand side. He's had an impressive start


to the game. There is an obvious lack of pace in the Spanish forward


line, especially when they press. Obviously, they are all very good


technically but when they are trying to press the Italians, they are just


a little bit late at the moment, Fabregas, Silva, knowledge so, not


the quickest players in the world. -- Nolito. Nolito's touch to David


Silva and back to him. Danger, here. Real danger, now, Fabregas!


Superblock by De Sciglio, and Chiellini, throwing themselves at it


and I think it was De Sciglio who actually made the block.


The first bit of quality we have seen from the Spanish. I expected


Fabregas to get a better shot away but horrific defending, wasn't it,


again? -- terrific defending. You would think that over the course of


the match, if the Italian safe as a combination to open it, then Spain


are the great safe crackers. They will find a way of getting in at


some point. But Italy are a threat at the other end, too.


Better from Spain. They have not really got too many people in the


box who can head it, other than Morata. A sloppy pass, really, Jordi


Alba is normally much better than that.


A stooping header from Busquets. Under pressure from De Rossi but he


rode it. Morata winning Spain's first corner.


It's taken 20 minutes but they are certainly getting a foothold in the


game, now. Much better possession, aggressive.


Nolito. Iniesta. Well... Sergio Ramos is appealing that Chiellini


fouled him. The referee immediately gestured to Sergio Ramos to get back


on its feet. I think he pulled his shirt. -- his feet. But he has gone


down rather easily, as Ramos sometimes does. I think the referee


has got that one right. Italian defender pulling a shirt?


Shock, horror! They do like to get tight in the box, don't they? That


is for sure but you have to be careful because some referees see it


and give it straightaway. Not many. I think Chiellini understands the


odds of being punished for that as well as anybody.


You don't need to be in Italian defender to pull a shirt, by the


way! Now... A yellow card for De Sciglio.


Pulling a shirt! There we are. It was a give and go, I think and a


spot from the referee. He did well to see that because the ball had


gone. -- good spot. He's not one of those that had a yellow card earlier


in the tournament, De Sciglio, so he is OK, should Italy get through.


They have 11 yellow card in the tournament now, more than anyone


else. Romania had ten. Fortunately for David Silva, Marco


Parolo could not take it in his stride. Iniesta. Jinking but


beautifully read. And now, Italy charge on the counter. Bonucci,


Pelle, Giaccherini. Bonucci has continued his run and joined Pelle


and Eder in the Spanish penalty area. De Rossi. De Sciglio. Oh,


arriving late and just unable to guide it was Mark Webber Rolo!


Lovely, late run into the box and spotted well, too. It was a


fantastic move, all started from Bonucci coming out with the ball,


intercepting Iniesta's pass. Then he got himself in the box, another good


quality ball into the box. And Parolo could not get there in time.


Really good counter from Italy. Italy did not qualify when France


hosted the European Championships in 1984, a rare tournament that they


missed out on. Spain were runners-up to Platini's France in the final


which was that the Parc des Princes in those days.


They had to wait, Spain, for over 20 years more before they started


winning but boy, once they started...


More Italian complaints about the Spanish free kick. I think he caught


him. Nothing too cynical in that. Left arm was a little bit high. A


little bit naughty, yes. Morata has not got into the game yet. I know he


has do stay high up the pitch for his team and play his position but


we need to see more of him. Three players on three goals in this


tournament and Morata is one of them along with Gareth Bale and Antoine


Griezmann. Juanfran, back to Fabregas, and


again. Chased by De Sciglio. David Silva with a little bit of


space opening up in front of him as Parolo and a Rossi backed off. Jordi


Alba, in. -- De Rossi. Behind by the well-placed Bonucci. Super


defending, again. Good play from Spain. But positionally, that


Italian back three, so good, so experienced. Nolito with the corner,


Iniesta, driven towards Buffon. He looks the man, Iniesta, the one who


is able to get Spain playing. He has just turned 32. Looks a


little bit older these days but does not play any older. A pleasure to


watch him play. He makes the game look so easy, as all good players


do. De Rossi, knocked off by Pelle to Eder who thought about hitting it


early on his left but brings De Sciglio into play instead. Ramos!


How lucky was he? It all starts from the ball up to Pelle again, little


flick on, causing problems, then they get it down and play. He is a


lucky boy, Ramos. Good ball across from De Sciglio.


Certainly been the better side, Italy.


So, Florenzi with the Italian corner.


That is going to be another corner. It is another great delivery, isn't


it? He has put in some super balls, Florenzi. He had a fistful of De


Rossi's shirt there. The referee has blown his whistle again. It will be


a free kick. I think he's indicating that Bonucci was the man. It was a


good spot. Just a little tug. I suppose on every corner you could


pick someone out who is having a little nibble with someone. Every


corner, every country, every level. Sadly, every age group probably as


well. It is a very watchable half an hour.


Italy have had the better of it. It is going wide and away towards De


Sciglio. Nicely done. A good ball that. He did not need to


dies in, Ramos. Great build-up play from Italy again. He doesn't need


to, just keep goal side. The Italians played this system is so


well. This great view that we have up here, we can see what they are


trying to do, wherever the spare man is, to get out, and they are looking


to get to the front two as early as possible, to get balls in the box.


The Spanish are struggling with it, they really are. They are so well


drilled, you can see they have been coached. A big debate going on with


Bonucci, Eder, Giaccherini and Florenzi. David Silva trying to


listen in. He has made two excellent saves, de


Gea already. He might be tested again.


Florenzi has walked away from it. Could be Eder. Giaccherini has left


it. Eder all Bonucci. Eder! De Gea der again! And again! Not the third


time. Italy are in front. Chiellini scores!


Deservedly, Giorgio Chiellini with a goal.


Richly deserved indeed. A silly foul from Ramos. A free kick on the edge


of the box, always going to be a problem. A decent stop from de Gea.


You could argue that he could have got it away from goal, but how


hungry and quick they are on the rebound. If it had not ended up in


the back of the net, that arguably was a penalty. If it had been given


as such, de Gea would probably have been given a red card. Chiellini


with the goal. 1-0, Italy. Now we will see what Spain 2016


vintage is made of. I think he will already be thinking


about changes, because they have lacked is it in the first third.


Pedro has lacked pace. Nolito has been nonexistent in the first half.


Good play from Pelle. Tenacious. Good work ethic, starting from the


front. He has had a splendid 35 minutes.


Nolito taking a tumble after De Rossi right under the referee's


knows. Nolito is getting at rather gingerly but he is not involved in


this attack. A free kick. It is parallel again. He's trying to come


back and help out his team. I do mind that. Sometimes you do get it


wrong. He has epitomised the spirit of the team.


Spain have been quarterfinalists or better in seven out of the last 11


European cups and championships. They have won three of those


conversations. If it stays like this, they will not make the last


eight of this one -- they have won three of those competitions.


The flags stayed down, certainly on the far side. Just seeing the gold


again, he tries to push it away, I think the ball movement means it did


not quite... You could see his arms and hands push the ball away, just


bounces back. Florenzi forward. I did expect more


wrath of the Spanish. They play with a lethargy really. -- I did expect


more of the Spanish. They have not got Morata into the game. It took


them a long time to break down the Czech Republic in their first match.


They beat a pretty average Turkish side comfortably. Oh dear. They now


have the unexpected present in the shape of a corner. They lost their


final group game to a very good Croatian team. Now, can they cash in


on that error? Jordi Alba. Five white shirts in the


Italian penalty area. Could not quite squeeze it back to Andres


Iniesta. Eder. Good pace. Sergio Ramos could not quite live with that


change of pace from Eder. Giaccherini and Pelle with him. Just


couldn't get that acceleration going.


It is a good recovery from Ramos in the end.


Nolito on. Iniesta. Nolito tries to keep Spain on the front foot but it


is a free kick. A yellow card for Nolito. That sums up his first half,


really. You have to give Iniesta some credit. He is the one who's


trying to up the tempo of the play, make these things happen. Out of all


the creative players Spain have on the pitch, he is certainly the one


at the moment he looks the most likely.


They had a general election in Spain yesterday. The government might be


glad it wasn't tomorrow if they lose this game. It would be rather flat.


They have got some work to do. It is interesting, the Italians, all


through the years, they have always had a star, whether it is Rossi,


Gianluca Biagi -- Gianluca Vialli, not really in this team, but they


are team. I think this is a fantastic display of players who


want to work hard for each other and play the system. Nolito. Pulled back


dangerously. Pique could not get it under control. Italy now defending


in numbers. They look very fit as well. Athletic. Italy are unhappy. I


think they felt they had been awarded something and changed his


mind on the say-so of his assistant on the far side and gave Spain a


throw. Fabregas was not quite as quick as


De Sciglio, nicked it away. The Spaniard then landed his foot on De


Sciglio's to. That have been so many of those type of balls,


interceptions, drop downs in midfield. They have looked much more


hungry, much more athletic. The system is working a treat at the


moment. Good ball. Parolo, options right and


left, into the box from Florenzi, the worst part of the evening so far


from him. What a brilliant move, brilliant football, Spain trying to


oppress, too late on every press they made, Italy playing around them


far too easily. A poor touch from Nolito invited the


Italians to take it away from him and they did not need a second


invitation. De Rossi with the nutmeg, forward from Eder to Pelle.


Carries it, looking to his right but there's nobody there because Eder is


on the floor but now Giaccherini, good try!


Wonderful stuff. This game could be out of sight, couldn't it?


Unbelievable stuff, again, from that man de Gea. Giaccherini, what a shop


that is, flying into the top corner. Into a minimum of one added minute.


That was a sensational save. Another one! Florenzi with the corner,


headed out by Ramos. De Sciglio for Italy, and the Italians are buzzing.


It all started, that, from De Rossi, who has been sensational in the


middle of the park, with a little nutmeg on Iniesta.


Given away carelessly by Florenzi. Iniesta forward. Fabregas to Silva.


Florenzi making some amends because it was his mistake. And that sees


Italy through to half-time. They have deservedly -- they


deservedly lead through Chiellini's goal. But for David de Gea, the


damage might have been irreparable. As it is, Spain have work to do, but


it is not beyond them. At half-time in Paris at the Stade de France, it


is Italy 1-0 Spain. Very rarely have we seen a Spanish


side dominated in 45 minute quite like that but you know what it is


down to? Tactical knowledge! It certainly was. Which is Italy and


Spain? I can't believe it, we've been fantastic we look full of ideas


and I think we look much more... We look fresher physically and


mentally. We got it tactically spot on, so far. Sometimes we are


defending territory, sometimes we go and try to put them under pressure


high up the pitch. Every we win the ball back, we send players forward.


We have been fantastic so far. They have been lethargic and bit


confused, I think. Listen, tactically, technically,


offensively, defensively, on the ball, off the ball, I've never seen


Spanish team like that before. Italy is like dominating the game. It is


almost an fairer times. I don't recognise that. De Gea had to kick


the ball long so many times without having an idea of what they want to


do. And we always praise Spain or the likes of Barcelona or other


teams in Spain, with what they do when they are on the ball. It is an


artform. What Italy is doing right now it is an for everyone. If they


are watching the game, it is how you should play a team like Spain.


They've got the tactics down to a tee. A couple of use are going World


Cup, we saw Spain have a bad couple of matches, particularly against the


Netherlands but we thought that was probably a one off but so far, Italy


have been very dominant. I would not say as much... I would not say it


about Spain, I think it's about Italy today. I can enjoy the


performance from Italy almost as much as I can enjoy Eden Hazard's


performance yesterday! It solve the same level in the sense that


everything is perfect. There is coordination, communication. You can


see that when there is a balanced team, they attack and defend


together and they almost pick and choose what team they want to be at


which stage of the game. This is one of the most impressive performances


I've seen so far in the Euros, probably the most impressive,


actually. One thing you have to say, Eden Hazard, yesterday, for example,


does it because it instinct. The amount of work you have to put on


the field to make sure that the timing is right, you go, I go, you


squeeze, we don't go yet, now, remember, wait... It is unreal. I


don't remember an Italian side playing like that, as high on the


field sometimes. Not in front of the box but high on the field. They


certainly have and the goal came courtesy of a free kick that was won


by a ball up to Pelle. Yes, I think this tackle was a bit unnecessary


and reckless but we got the free kick and took it very well. I think


we were discussing this, they were not ready. Something that baffled


me, I have to be honest, Pique, you will see it from another angle, he's


not ready. He's looking behind, four Italian players and only Pique does


not react but on the other angle, you can see it, Iniesta is not


looking at the ball, nor is Pique, the Gaia is not actually ready for


Eder's strike and I think if he was, maybe he could have pushed the ball


further away. He's just not ready. It is kind of weird, the desire of


Italy you can see just on that. That's what I love about this


Italian team and that is what they teach in many nations, I been, they


are almost playing to their cultural strengths. This is very clever and


if you play against an Italian team, you almost have to understand that


this is what they are going to try to do. They are already because they


know the goalkeeper can push the ball away and they will have a


chance. I think that is playing to your cultural strengths in that


sense. They are intelligent on every play of the game. Was David de Gea


for the goal? He's been spectacular in terms of the saves. Of course, we


are trying to find a way, maybe he not looking at the ball and pointing


out the guys in the Italian wall. I have to say, listen, if it was not


for him, they would have been two or three down so give him credit, we


are just trying to find a way of how they could have stopped it, maybe an


four dies following the ball has nothing to do with it. Try to


describe Antonio Conte's master plan and how it has worked so effectively


must remark we have just been a very solid, tight, compact unit that


moves are up and down the pitch. Left and right, with aggression and


purpose. We are not scared of taking chances. De Sciglio goes up on the


pitch. And clearly shuffles to the left and becomes like the left-back.


-- Chiellini shuffles. It gives us purpose and desire to go forward and


hurt them. The one I enjoyed, I was like, "Why don't they go on the


break? Spain aren't in position bowsprit, but they go back to the


goalkeeper, give the ball to Barzagli, then they play, said the


ball up Tommy see what is happening, Florenzi is on the ball, then De


Rossi, play through the line and they are out. It's crazy but the


pressure they are putting on, the timing, what I was talking about,


they are all on the front foot, trying to get the ball as high as


possible and it's amazing. And also, I know you like that. What I like is


that you can see, like we said, coordination. These guys have played


together for a while and it helps, of course. Look how tight the spaces


are. They are just aggressive at the right time. That is the difference,


when we say aggressive at the right time, we saw Ramos, no one has been


tight to Pelle all game and suddenly, you put in a challenge,


the first challenge of the game on Pelle, it is right in front of your


box and your team concede. The Italians have made no mistake so


far. We are making the pitch so big on them and they don't like it, they


don't like tracking back. It is something I've already noticed


against Belgium, when an Italian player is on the ball, he has four


options so it becomes easy. They can play Pelle, Eder comes underneath,


they have the width, the full-back on the side, they can go back to the


holding midfielder. It easier when that happens. But Spain are still in


the game and things change, as we have seen in this particular


European Championships, at half-time. If it was not the David


de Gea, who made two brilliant saves and another which we think was given


as a foul... Again, you can see the Italian desire with Chiellini. He is


not scared to go and run and Eder, what you said, that desire of going


and trying to dribble and they get the free kick. On set pieces, we


have the upper hand. That is an amazing delivery and if it was not


for, what we all know, what he can do, as we say every week in the


Premier League, what a save from David de Gea. It shows how many


players we sent in the penalty box, which is very an Italian but look at


them, four of them going for this. Giving the country a bad name! And


we nearly scored there as well even though the referee blew the whistle


for the foul by Giaccherini. If they start giving free kicks for those we


will never see an overhead kick again. You can see the two front


players who are making up the ground, now, but there's the rest of


the team coming and I'm sure that if you show a wider angle, even though


that's great, you will see the defenders coming up and everyone


gets very tight and compact. The Spanish players are lacking a bit


behind a comeback. There was something you were mentioning, I'm


not a defender, obviously, but you were talking about how easy it was


for the Italian players to get a run in the box and how easy it was for


them to put the ball in the box. What did you mean? For me, it feels


almost like it is a natural for Spain not to have the ball and to be


in defensive positions. All the little defensive habits, I don't see


them with Spain. I see them with Italy. It is sometimes a hand on the


chest, a little bit of putting in your foot at the right time but it


is not very natural, it looks uncomfortable for me at the moment.


I think we wanted more. Certainly looked that way in the first and it


will be interesting to see if Spain have a plan B, because they haven't


very often needed one. England play Iceland in a couple of hours' time


with a real chance of reaching the quarterfinals.


Roy Hodgson's side are in Nice for the night's game and if they were to


win, it would be the first time they have ever won Euros knockout game


away from home. Pitch side for us in the South of France, Martin Keown


and Gabby Logan. Thanks, Gary. Martin has just


observed that he thinks the stadium resembles the bird's nest. We'll


England soaring to the quarterfinals? The team is expected


to be the starting XI that started the whole tournament against Russia,


except Adam Lallana is out and ran him sterling is back in. Of course,


Daniel Sturridge is the other player who did not start that game. Your


thoughts on that selection and the reasons behind it? I think Raheem


Sterling is a player that we need that thrust down the left-hand side,


where he's going to play. The problem for England is how they


break down this very well-organised events. They bring all 11 players


back inside their own half. England first need to go through the middle,


in a 4-4- two system, you're going to be outnumbered in the middle and


then go wide because the wide players do a commended job of


protecting their full-backs. If we can isolate their full-backs, we can


cause real problems in the game tonight. They make no apologies are


white -- about the way they set themselves up an average possession


is 35%, and Lars Lagerback knew how to get a result from England when he


was sweeter manager, never beaten by England in six attempts. Would you


be naive to completely underestimate any threat from them? It is not


afraid to complete. England won't be underestimating them and they will


make it a Test match because the code is a real technician but I'm


hoping a verbal much breaks out and England totally dominate and have


the firepower and the belief. Why should have been working on finding


a way through and getting the players scoring goals, playing with


confidence so I'm going to back England to win this. And the


Icelandic nation, I think almost 10% of them will be in here to night and


they are completely enthralled by the tournament. Martin has found out


what makes them a bit special. You have had some sociology, some chats


with the Icelandic people and they have its plain how they got here.


They are a very proud nation and they believe just to survive in


their own country, you have to be made of really tough stuff. They are


saying they've never been in the tournament so they don't know the


feeling of getting knocked out and they could go on and win it. If


England said that, they would be accused of being arrogant and over


that but maybe we should change our attitude and take a leaf out of


their book. I think our quality will come to the fore denied, though, and


we will surely have too much or Iceland. Thanks, Martin.


Full commentary of that game on Radio 5Live and on the BBC Sport


website from 8pm. You can chat with Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas on


the Facebook page and we will have highlights on BBC One later. And if


you missed Alan Shearer's programme on Euro 96, it's on again on


Wednesday night. It's well worth watching.


We have got three Europeans here and I think we are still allowed to ask


you your opinion despite what happened in a referendum! How do you


see this England side? What do you make of them? I like them. The


potential is there. I'm not sure the system suits the players. I'm not


sure about the system. The rest is there for you to do very well in the


Euros. Offensively, we all know what they can do although we did not see


what we were inspecting, I guess, especially against Slovakia. But


defensively -- we were expecting. But defensively, I have not seen


anyone testing England yet so it's difficult to judge what those guys


can do. If they go through against Iceland, for the first time, they


will have to play a team that will test the defence. I think you should


be just OK, more than OK against Iceland and I call on Rooney to have


an amazing game. We will see, we think we have an idea of what


England team Roy Hodgson is going to go for. You said you don't


particularly like that way of playing but Vincent, it looks like


Raheem Sterling is going to come back, a player you know very well


from Manchester City. He's been given a bit of stick and seems to be


struggling with his confidence. Do you think you can cope with that?


I think Daniel Sturridge said some great things this week, about how


much of a talent he is and how much he should be supported. I would say,


go out there, enjoy playing, enjoy learning and improving every single


time. OK. Almost time for the second half. Spain Trail.


It has been called a final played too soon.


Good saved by de Gea! The first big chance of the game is an Italian


chance! Giaccherini! A brilliant save again! Ramos, how unlucky was


he? Eder! Italy are in front! Chiellini scores, deservedly!


The players are out at the Stade de France. Spain clearly making a


change. They certainly need to make a change.


Nolito has left the field of play. Let's go back to our commentary


team, Danny Murphy and Steve Wilson. Thank you very much, Gary. Aduriz is


coming on. He is 35, plays for Athletic Bilbao, his only


international goal so far was against Italy in a friendly in


March. He had to make a change, didn't he? Gas, but I find that one


a strange one. They are lacking pace. I would have been looking


maybe at Pedro in a forward area or the Thiago in the middle of the


park. I thought the system needed changing but we know the Spanish do


not change for anyone, do they? This man, Chiellini with the goal.


In some ways, it was scant reward for their dominance in the first


half. Florenzi. I corner. Might have been


another opportunity for the Italians. Florenzi did well. He has


been a threat down this right-hand side. Pique just getting his tone to


that. Florenzi with the corner which


Morata tried to clear but missed. Sergio Ramos did a rather better


job. Under difficult circumstances. The Italians have come out in the


second half, just as they did in the first, in Spanish territory and


Spanish bases. They have a spring in their step. They are playing with


quality and control. It really is a super performance from them, it


really is. Juanfran getting forward for Spain


here, blocked by Bonucci. The flag is up. It was handball. It is a free


kick to Spain in a decent position. Yes, good decision. Can't put your


arms up in the air. A better move that, from Spain.


David Silva detect this free kick for Spain. It is very unlikely that


Spain will be dominated for the 90 minutes of this game.


That was off the head of De Rossi for a corner. Yes, a good ball in.


Delivered to Morata. It would have counted. The Italians are claiming a


push on De Sciglio inside the penalty area, but nothing was given.


The header was straight at Buffon. A bad miss. Really bad for a player of


his quality. Barzagli on Morata. The referee was


well placed. Interesting to see if that was in or out of the penalty


area. It is obviously academic because he did not give it anyway.


Here is a foul. De Rossi on Iniesta. It was not a foul. The ball there,


as you can see. I tell you what, there was a little kick. I think it


was just outside. Spain are getting their supporters going behind the


goal. In from Fabregas, a dangerous ball. Chiellini with the block


again. Pique with quite an inventive effort at goal. Morata is having


words with the referee's assistant behind the goal. He is certainly


aggrieved about something. Sadly, not quite so comfortable,


Italy. It have come off his shoulder. I think he has pulled him


down. The referee didn't give it. A wonderful opportunity for Morata.


It would have to be a ferocious strike. A bet a few minutes for


Spain. On the front foot at last. Busquets forward. And again. Blocked


by the Rossi. -- de Rossi. The Italian manager Antonio Conte


can be heard. I don't know why he passed it there.


So often he gets in those great positions, too unselfish. Take a


touch, get your shot off. Thiago Mott coming on for Italy. -- Thiago


mutter. I saw him limping a little while


ago. I don't know whether he decided to come off. I think that has to be


some sort of injury because he has had a really good game, brilliant in


the first half. The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder is on. Not


a bad replacement. The card comes out for Graziano


Pelle earth. He is still OK as far as suspension goes. This is his


first of the tournament. That is absolutely ridiculous. He has not


once looked at the man, he has not once raised his elbow high enough to


cause a problem. A lovely flick! Aye! De Gea once


more! Having an unbelievable game, David


De Gea. Without their goalkeeper, they would already be out of this


game. I don't think I have ever seen a keeper better at one-on-ones than


David De Gea. You always look for turning points in games. That might


be one. He should score. One-on-one with the keeper, good strikers.


Needs a finish. Aduriz battling with De Sciglio. De


Sciglio forced to concede a throw in. There is no question the


pendulum has swung away from Italy in this second half, despite that


big chance for Eder. I would not say Spain are on top, but Italy were,


and now, it is a very much more even contest. I think Spain had to be


better and play with a bit more intensity. And that would obviously


leave gaps, as we saw there, with a chance for Eder. David Silva here.


Juanfran with a ball into the box. Aduriz did everything he could to


get onto it. Getup. Your team is one down, come on. You can hear the


sentiment boozing from Danny Murphy but he is 35 years old and that is a


fairly hefty fall. Maybe I am doing him an injustice. The last thing you


want is to lose momentum. You are on the front foot. Give the Italians a


chance to have a drink, a chat, whatever they need to. Yes, looking


at it on the replay, it was a bit of a nasty one. Look how big he makes


himself. Stays tall for so long. He should score. He would be


disappointed. Every week I watch in play, he seems


to say those one-on-one situations, doesn't he? He is so good at it. A


bit of a bloodied nose. Spain momentarily down to ten while they


patch up the substitute. Great play, that is, to get out.


Pelle, nicely done to Eder. Knocked out of it by Pique and the referee


says play an! The Italians are absolutely incensed. -- play on.


He's not going to get up in a hurry, that is for sure. The referee has


had to stop play. Safe to say, that is possibly one of the poorest


decisions I'd seen. -- I have seen. Pique has got away with one, there.


I don't know how the referee hasn't seen it, by the way. I mean, come


on. On a positive note, I think the


refereeing has been good in the tournament, generally, trying to let


the games go. We have not seen too many red cards. Just three, so far.


In the tournament. Fantastic noise in the Stade de


France. If he had lofted that over Buffon into the back of the net, it


would have been one of the goals of the tournament. Good thinking, you


saw what he was trying to do, he saw Buffon off his line, trying to catch


out. He's actually had more effect on the game from the left-hand side,


Morata. Than he did in the first half.


Maratha's ball in but Buffon was there. -- Morata's. I agree with you


about Pelle, I think he has been as good as I have seen him. He looks


fit, strong, Hungary, a real threat. -- hungry. Iniesta. David Silva.


The whistle goes against Silva, catching De Sciglio.


A little bit late from David Silva, not known for his tackling. He has


not had enough of an impact on this game, a man of his quality.


That is a good ball. Pelle with the chest of. Eder with Giaccherini


added him, Day studio -- ahead of him, De Sciglio, pass David de Gea


but not into the net! It could have been. It should have been.


Two big opportunities for Italy in the second half, to get the elusive


and now probably overdue second goal. I thought Eder should have


shot himself, he was in a fantastic position and decided to bring it


left which tightened up the angle. That is a brilliant tackle by


Chiellini. And now, Sergio Ramos is caught by Parolo. That was a good


tackle. He is five yards away, the referee.


Chiellini in again, superbly. Giaccherini for Italy. Eder and


Pelle in the middle. Not a bad idea. But not what Pelle wanted. It was


neither, wasn't it? It was neither a cross or a shot, just a little


scoop. Looking a tiny bit tired, Giaccherini, which is understandable


because he's put in a hell of a shift on this left-hand side.


Eder again, and they form a to reflect partnership, Eder and Pelle,


Martin Keown has a theory that modern defenders are not used to


playing against two strikers. And they have shown that if you work


together, Little overlaps, give and go, always close to each other, you


can cause teams problems. They seem to have a really good understanding,


that is for sure. Morata, in the middle, now. Back to


Iniesta. Juanfran, danger, here. Iniesta, through Eder. Out by


Chiellini. Pelle was held up by Busquets but he has done well with


that. Could not quite find Thiago Motta.


He never took his eyes off the ball, De Sciglio. Brilliant.


I am amazed the Spanish are not looking at more changes with the


quality they have got on the bench. Absolutely gobsmacked.


Aduriz running into Chiellini, rather than the other way around,


there. Perhaps the gloss has just begun to


tarnish a little bit on Spain. In the final at the 2013 Confederations


Cup, they were very, very comfortable you beaten by Brazil and


in the World Cup the following year, it was, in footballing terms, a


catastrophe for them. They qualified comfortably, of course as they


always do for these finals but this would be another failure. -- would


be deemed another failure. They have got a lot of talented


players, of course they have, he probably being the best of them but


they are certainly lacking some pace. In today's game, you need one


or two lads who can go past people or run in behind at least otherwise


you become predictable. Chiellini with the throw in.


I think there was a time when whole tournament cycles went by without


Spain losing a game. They have lost six games since the end of the last


World Cup, some of them friendlies. I think about who they have lost,


Carles Puyol, being the obvious leader for them at the back, and


Xavi, probably one of the greatest midfielders we have ever seen. They


have not replaced them with the same quality. They are still a good side


with some great players. They are still in this game, just about,


thanks to the wonderful save from David de Gea. Busquets to Juanfran.


Iniesta and David Silva. Morata. It is a Spanish free kick.


Highlights of this game and England against Iceland from Nice, to night


at 10:50pm on BBC One. We can confirm that Wales' quarterfinal


against Belgium in Lille will be live on BBC One on Friday at 7:30pm.


Busquets, forward. Back to Iniesta, lovely dummy, Aduriz! Wide.


That was more like it. Good move. Nice and intricate, with the


passing. Can't wrap his left foot around it. Decent chance, that.


Morata is coming off, unable to break through his Juventus


team-mates and he is replaced by Lucas Vazquez of Real Madrid.


His first appearance in these finals.


Juanfran. Aduriz, decent ball, and Buffon came.


Spain have a corner. And they still have plenty of time.


Fabregas with the ball in, and a towering header! Ramos, off target.


Yes, it is a good header. We have seen him score a lot of big goals


over the years. Powerful when it comes to set plays.


They are starting to get on top, aren't they? The Italians are


looking a tiny bit lately. -- leggy. Late tackle on Pelle. And


Fabregas... Is the man guilty as charged. Yeah, I think he is trying


to say he is the innocent party, there. He wasn't, by the way!


Alessandro Florenzi with the free kick which flicked off PKI think


into the gloves of de Gea. Yes, his worst one that. His delivery has


been good today. Fouled by Florenzi. A Spanish free kick. Cesc Fabregas.


It is an agonisingly slender advantage to have with 18 minutes to


play. They are looking to still be in the game really, the Spanish. It


will make for an interesting last 16 minutes or so.


The offside flag. It wouldn't have counted, it didn't go in. A lovely


little ball through but he was offside. A lovely run. Yes, he is


offside. I think De Rossi going off weakened


the Italians. I know Motta is experienced bet he hasn't quite got


the legs that De Rossi has got and the power. There is not much he


hasn't seen and done, Vincente del Bosque, over the eight years he has


been in charge of the side. It may be his last hurrah. He has not


confirmed it, but he has suggested that this would be it.


Going to need a bigger technical area at Stamford Bridge. I think he


got angry because Giaccherini mis-controlled it. I don't think he


was actually trying to waste time. The Italian fans absolutely loved


it. You can see it. He is kicking every ball with them. There is going


to be some fun and games next season in the Premier League. There will be


some fun and games in the next 15 minutes, I think. Juanfran with his


throwing for Spain. Aduriz made the run, Chiellini read


it. Two straight, that pass. One back, David Silva. They are not done


yet, Spain. A lovely smile from Buffon. Two wise


old heads. Technically perfect, that volley. You would expect nothing


less from him. Pushing hard now, Spain. David


Silva. The rest of the Gershon touched to Cesc Fabregas, and again


Fabregas. Iniesta. A good save! Pique struck it true and struck its


firm. Buffon called upon again. Every sinew of this Italian defence


will be tested now. Another good strike that was from Pique. A


comfortable save from Buffon. It is an Italian throw in. This is


the Pique strike. A good save. They have actually made their own


problems, Italy. Twice they have been caught out, playing out from


the back, when at this stage of the game, probably percentages is


probably the best way to go. Get the ball off Pelle, play-off him, get


higher up the pitch. Well, I do believe that Pedro will come on for


Spain. He has been outspoken about his


discontent about having played so few minutes in this tournament.


Well, here is his chance, coming up shortly. Meanwhile, David Silva has


lost possession to Giaccherini. Too much pace on that. He has been


good, Eder. Good touch, missed the one-on-one, but his all-round


performance has been very good. Pedro on. Shortly for Spain.


Too high for Aduriz. A tit-for-tat substitution, because Italy are


going to bring an Lorenzo Insigne as well. A great little chest off from


Pelle to Eder. Well timed from Sergio Ramos.


The fourth official is Martin Atkinson. I am pretty sure he just


tested his bald with David Silva's number. Here is David Silva.


It has got to be injured perfect, that kind of ball. Three big centre


halves in there. Actually, it is Aduriz who is hobbling off, who has


come on. The substitute is substituted.


Good athleticism from Juanfran but not the result he was looking for.


The first time I have seen del Bosque in his technical area. I have


to say, Antonio Conte is expressive. He covers some yardage down there. I


have been watching him. Insigne just crowded out of it. That


was a foul from Giaccherini. An apology from Giaccherini. A


substitution can be made for Italy. Florenzi is coming off. I think he


has been really impressed with him. Good going forward, good discipline,


good energy. He can be very pleased with his evening's work, as they all


can, actually, but I have been really impressed with him.


Spain Italy is a heavyweight fixture which invokes memories of great


games over the years. Lorenzo Insigne, beautifully done! De Gea.


Right behind it and straight at him actually.


David Silva forward. Now Pedro. A very good volley clearance.


Brilliant clearance. That flicked off Darmian's Spanish


throw. Into the last five minutes of normal time.


Like a bag full of ferrets, Spain have wriggled and squirmed and


fought, but they are still in the Italian bag. David Silva. A great


ball! A fantastic ball in. It is a corner. Pedro twice in the last


three or four minutes has threatened him behind. He was just a foot or


two away from that one. Just flicked off Barzagli. Fabregas in. Pelle


out. Not what Spain were looking for.


Pedro high and not very handsome. A bit wild for Pedro. It has been a


fascinating game, hasn't it? I think it has been a bit more even in the


second half. Sitting here now an 86, 87 minutes, so impressed with the


Italians. An absolutely superb performance. Full of grit,


determination, quality, tactically perfect. They have done a real job


on Spain today, so far. Sergio Ramos has gone forward.


Iniesta. Fabregas. Holding off Pelle. Iniesta's flick back to


Fabregas. Might have been a little touch and Darmian made sure the


referee was aware of it. He has not had the influence on the game,


Fabregas, that we have seen him have in games before. He has been crowded


out a lot of the time. Not been given the time to dictate play and


play those passes forward that we know he can.


Fabregas, that was a foul and a yellow card for Thiago Motta. It is


a shame because Pedro had made a brilliant run in behind, and I think


the ball would have found him as well.


Oh, yeah! You can see why they are suggesting it could perhaps have


been more than a yellow card. Busquets, getting one for his


complaint. Thiago Motta is out of the quarterfinal, assuming Italy go


through. They might, though, Pique! Bouffant! -- Buffon. Gianluigi


Buffon, one of the greats, one of the absolute great, with a game


saving stop. could be the last chance. A man of


his quality would expect to score. Not quite done yet, Spain. De


Sciglio behind, it is a corner. Oh, it is just superb goalkeeping. Great


instincts. It has been a David de Gea masterclass but that might be


the most crucial of them all. And they can break, here, with a minimum


of four added minutes. And we are into them. Insigne. Thiago Motta.


Insigne. Well played. That is a wonderful ball and Darmian, with


Pelle in the middle. Pelle! Done and dusted!


Italian revenge is sweet! Thrashed in Kiev in the final of Euro 2012,


Italy have knocked Spain out of Euro 2016.


If there's one player who deserves a gold night, it is that man, Pelle.


He been absolutely sensational. He has worked tirelessly, held the ball


up, made good runs. What a great finish. Thoroughly deserved. It is a


good pick out from Darmian. A little bit of luck with the deflection but


smashes it home, no chance for David de Gea. Game over. 60 seconds


earlier, Pique has got a shot from five yards out against Gianluigi


Buffon. Wonderful display from Antonio


Conte's team. Chiellini away. He is hugging everybody down there. He


will be in the crowd in a minute. Leigh was on top of the dugout after


they scored! He is a jack in the box, no question. They have deserved


it, though, haven't they? They really have. Absolutely. Fabregas


forward. David Silva. But Chiellini away.


Italy, after a feud lean years, are very serious contenders again. But


for Spain, it seems like the magic is really now beginning to fade.


Yeah, they have been outmuscled, outclassed. They have had a go


second half, Spain, give them some credit for that but only on occasion


have they threatened. Italy have had the best chances, been dominant in


huge portions of the game. David Silva on Chiellini. Yellow


card shown to David Silva. FULL-TIME WHISTLE


After eight years, the champions of Europe are dethroned! Italy march


into the last eight of Euro 2016 and deservedly so.


Chiellini with the first, Pelle with the second. De Gea's heroics for


Spain come to nothing and in the end, the best and biggest slave of


them all -- save them all was Gianluigi Buffonto deny Pique right


at the end. Italy are back and it has finished in the Stade de France,


Italy 2-0 Spain. Yes, Italy are through to the


quarterfinals, beating the defending champions, this is the first time


Spain have lost a knockout match at the European Championships or World


Cup since 2006. The Spanish novels and lost back-to-back games at the


Euros for the first time since 1998 and much of the credit will go to


that man, Antonio Conte's master plan certainly worked. It is Spain


's sixth consecutive defeat as a major tournament while playing in


white. I think they might change when a next tournament comes around.


Italy meet Germany on Saturday night in the quarterfinals and the Germans


have never beaten them in eight meetings at major tournaments. That


said, the Germans did defeat the at story 4-1 in a friendly earlier this


year. -- the Azzurri. Congratulations, Gianluca, terrific


performance from the Italians. And deserved. Yes, absolutely. I think


we should not get fooled by what happened in the last 20 minutes in


the game, when we started defending a bit too deeply and we probably


drop the intensity but we raised the concentration. I thought we deserved


to win and I get a say that we won quite comfortable, each of been 2-0,


3-0, we should have killed them. It was 2-0! Three or four, then. We had


a plan and the execution was perfect. We looked mentally and


physically much fresher and tactically, we were superior. They


looked clueless and I think they looked surprised. Finally, they


found a team who could control the game and take it away from them. I


want to say something about that Italian side. I love the


togetherness, the way they are together since the first game


against Belgium, when they celebrated that win like they won


the tournament. There is something special, there. You see the way the


boss is celebrating, the way the guys on the... Even this! Even this!


It is going to become a ritual. 38 years old, after 159 caps. I did not


see another team yet having what they have in terms of togetherness.


I don't know what you think, Vincent, but almost like a dream,


you would love to play in that team, it's amazing. For people who don't


watch football every day, the word tactic is sometimes seen as a


mystical term but if you watch the Italian team today, you understand


what tactics is all about. They took the strength away from a team, and


almost used it against them. For me, I enjoyed watching this, really. So


that is it, too - zero, the second goal was a long time coming and


Gianluca was sweating right through to the last 20 minutes or so but a


great breakaway. Yes and we showed that we still had the energy to go


from one box to the other in a very short space of time. Look at the


number of players we are sending forward. Pelle is in the middle but


then coming up on the right, we have got another player and we are


talking about three minutes to go. And then Pelle was in the middle.


Very similar goal to the one he scored before. It might be pure


coincidence but Insigne gives the ball to Darmian, and they both just


came on and Pelle was in the box, breaks his neck to make sure he can


go into the box and it's a goal. It is simple when you say it but they


can do it. They did the same thing against Belgium, almost a similar


goal, the way Pelle finished. But listen, they are amazing. The key is


that we realise our limitations. We have not got a great deal of talent


so we need to play as a unit with great spirit. That is our strength.


And you relied on every player, even Gianluigi Buffon right at the end.


Just before the goal, when it was 1-0, a vital save. It's a great


save, how many times have we seen him do it? Pique is all within the


right spot in the last minutes of the games, but this guy, it is


instinct, it is quality, I think he has done it for so many years. What


a great goalkeeper. Listen, that is the only opportunity from Spain. The


clear one, yes. And how did it come? A long ball and they missed header


by Barzagli and then Pique is there, you don't even know why but that is


the only thing they had to do, Spain. If you came in a bit late,


let's mind you how Italy took the lead in the first half, through a


free kick. -- you. Look at this, four Italian players going for the


rebound and only Pique is there. Spain should have done better but


they are not ready. We talked about it before, I don't understand what


Pique is looking at, what Iniesta is pointing out, what David de Gea is


doing, also, not at that time, not at that time, when Eder is about to


strike the ball. You do that before, two Italian players, you know they


are going to bridge the wall but you have do deal with it before, make


sure they don't get the space and as you mentioned, the four Italians,


the desire was there but long before, against Belgium, we already


saw the desired. We saw Antonio Conte's reaction to the first goal


and he is quite a character, feisty personality, a couple of examples of


his touchline histrionics. This was the winning goal, of course. He


works so hard. A bit of frustration! This one... That is the winning


goal. Where is he going? It is like Buffon. He has got every


reason to be pleased. His tactical masterplan work to a tee. He's been


fantastic. I have been in tournaments, when you start well and


you win, don't get me wrong but when you see, generally, the guys on the


bench being happy, the kit man, the doctor, the guy from the press or


whoever, they are all celebrating the goal, there is a genuine


happiness about whoever scores. It is about Italy first and foremost.


That is it and you see it in their eyes, amazing. Italy through to the


quarterfinals and no one fancied them at this tournament. Belgium in


the next round! Hang on. Let's not tempt fate! Not at this point. But


congratulations, we are all thrilled for you, well done and you could


possibly go all the way, couldn't you? We might be the new Leicester!


The national team version. We are wearing the right colours. I'm not


sure you are quite 5000-1 outsiders. 16-1, I think. In all fairness, it


looks like you are going to do an Italian job on the tournament. You


could do. We are just about out of time. Great to see you, Vincent,


TME, Gianluca. We will have full commentary of England against


Iceland on Radio 5Live and the BBC sport website. At half-time, head to


the match of the database but Page to chat with Alan Shearer and


Jermaine Jenas. We will have highlights on BBC One later this


evening. The next live game will be on Friday when Wales take on Belgium


at seven 30p on BBC One. Italy have beaten the defending champions,


Spain. This tournament is so unpredictable that England might


just beat Iceland. Goodbye. It has been called a final played too soon.


Pelle, good save by de Gea. Giaccherini! Brilliant save again.


Eder! Italy are in front! Chiellini scores! Giaccherini can try! Oh!


Morata! Pique! Pelle! Done and dusted! The champions of Europe are




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