England v Mexico Match of the Day

England v Mexico

Gabby Logan introduces highlights of the Fifa Women's World Cup, as England play their opening group game against Mexico in Wolfsburg.

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Hello, welcome to the start of England's World Cup campaign. Hope


Powell's women kicked off their Group B matches this afternoon


against Mexico. Two players with plenty of England experience Joe


Potter and Sue Smith will be with me and lending their expertise


throughout the tournament. Now let's bring you up to speed with


how the tournament works. There are If England top their group, they


would be likely to avoid Germany in the quarter finals. We're with


England all the way on the red button for their matches. Let's get


on with the action from Wolfsburg. Your commentators are Lucy Ward and


Guy Mowbray. Hard to believe it's nearly four


years since we followed England's roller coaster ride to the quarter


finals in China. That was a fantastic World Cup and from what


we've seen in Germany so far, a wonderful opening day yesterday,


this one might yet surpass it. Massive interest, marvellous


stadiums, we're hopeful too that England can go at least one better.


Semi-finals has to be the aim, then who knows, one thing's for certain,


there has never been an England women's team better prepared or


more ready than this one. Let's more ready than this one. Let's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 71 seconds


Dominguez has been leading the line wars in her career. She has worked


so hard to be back in contention for a place at this World Cup and


ultimately to lead the team out in that the bulk of the neutral


support has gone to Mexico. I guess we can expect that in Germany.


Are you surprised at her inclusion, we thought Ellen White might start?


Annie plays in the States. She gets tremendous experience playing at


the pro level. I think Hope's thought, let me put in the players


used to big games, used to tournament football. It's a tough


group. Tougher than people suggest, any way.


England aren't even the seeds in this group. That honour has gone to


Japan, who are ranked fourth in the world. I think that will help


England. The spotlight is not on them. We're expecting them to go


through, but because they're not seeded, the spotlight is often off


see there why Faye White is so important and her experience is


unbelievable in terms of how she deal was a player's experience of


Dominguez. She stood her ground and made sure she didn't get a clear


foirs have played in a men's World Cup and then coached in a women's.


Played for Mexico in 1978. They there. They're a small team. We


have quite a few players above 5'10" in the England team. She's a


bit concerned there, but I think some magic from somewhere. That was


not far away. Kelly Smith with her first shot of the 2011 World Cup. A


really good try. She had the keeper worried. She scrambled across. Not


on target, but the first of many I would suspect. It's going to be


difficult for England not to get frustrated here. Mexico is putting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 71 seconds


a lot of bodies behind the ball, Kelly Smith had space in front of


her, but just too much on it. Good approach play by England. I can see


a few nerves out there, but they her first effort. She will be a bit


trying to do then. Aluko was screamling, she does scream for the


ball. She saw the sight of goal and running at the 2011 World Cup. It's


Fara Williams with goal number one for England. Brilliant. What an


excellent corner. Fara's not known for her headers. I don't know where


the keeper was. Great finishing. Great time to score for England.


She just got the loop in it. I don't know what the keeper was


doing. I think Rachel Yankey went across the keeper. She got a bit of


a touch as well. If you're 5'2" you're not going to get near that


with your head. The keeper didn't react aat all. It was a cracking


corner from Karen Carney. Williams got in front of Lydia Nayeli Rangel


and force another goal. That's what Santiago was wise to it. She did


well with the corner and I don't think Yankey meant to put everybody


behind surprise. That's better goal After two years in the States.


can really see the difference in Karen Carney after playing in the


States. Fara Williams on target. The more she does that in a game,


the closer she'll get to scoring, their World Cup campaign off to a


winning start today. That was a good try. Super goal. Mexico are


level, and it's a brilliant strike from Monica Ocampo. From England's


point of view, Karen Bardsley will not want to see that again. She did


not get to it. It was a good strike, she should have been able to stop


it from going in. It was an excellent shot, though. She needed


to be able to get to that, it was long enough in the air. It has to


be saved. It was just a speculative effort, really, from Ocampo. The


goalkeeper actually got there. The first thing really the England


keeper has had to do in the game and she hasn't done it very well.


This is a test now for Karen Bardsley. At this level, you can't


make mistakes like that. And that was an effort from Aluko. Salmon


Santiago new way which one that was going. She just could not wrap her


foot around it to get it in the There's nothing like a goal to gee


your team up, and that is what has happened. England made a meal of


clearing that one. It was interesting, the Mexican, Garza,


did not even hesitate before shooting. They have seen


nervousness in the England keeper. Gabbling I still look at England


and think that they're more capable of scoring. Kelly Smith took a


knock and son. Wherein to time it minutes. It started so brightly for


England, thanks to the headed goal from Fara Williams. Then it was a


shot from right out of the blue from Monica Ocampo, and the England


keeper could have done better. There's plenty of youthful


enthusiasm and pace on the bench for England. Williams got that one


wrong. Cut out by Ocampo. On the like handball from Jill Scott,


ended his. Great position for that when you're about one metre


England. It was hit by Dominguez. That was a good strike. She chose


stays like this what Hope Powell decides to do in terms of


substitutions. She has got Jess Clarke on the bench, there's a lot


of strength on the bench. The ball comes in from Rachel Yankey, and


Aluko could not make contact. It just needed a touch. England so


close to retaking the lead. We know Kelly Smith is a good player, we


need to see it a bit more. Aluko went for goal. You would expect


that of a strike. But it wasn't a Stoney coming to the rescue for


England. Brilliant, Casey Stoney. She just defends well, she does


what she is there to do. She puts there. Nothing will come of it.


is a difficult one to give, but there was definitely a clash.


has been enthralling, but not entirely comfortable for England


back pass. It was all very tight. Mexico pressing now. It just


creates the jitters are a little bit. Alex Scott is an extremely


experienced player, in a normal game, she probably would have


always going over. And she has looked a very useful number 10,


position, but she has not made the most of it. Chances like that in


big World Cup games have to be taken. Yes, I really thought Kelly


Smith was going to go for it herself, but she was unselfish.


Eniola Aluko just did not get a stoppage time to find a winner.


That was a good ball in from Rachel Unitt, that was the first time she


had got that far forward in the Garciamendez? The referee's far too


laid back to be giving yellow cards for that. You're right, it has been


attack. The keeper got there, didn't think she was going to for a


minute. Good goalkeeping. She did extremely well under pressure.


Kelly Smith, a moment of magic Right across the face of, from


Ellen White. Now, Eniola Aluko. Ellen White did extremely well on


the right home side, but she's the goes past the defender easily.


Yankey was in support, and White is brought down. That had to be a free


kick. It is the first yellow card of the match, and the recipient is


Garciamendez. Great feet, she wasn't bothered. I did not think


she was going to give that, the referee. This is a really good


opportunity for England. Set pieces are important, and England have


been practising these. This is the time to deliver. Kelly Smith has


pulled rank. This is all about England's record goalscorer. Can


she add to her 43 goals for her country? It was always clearing the


a bit of time left. A few nice touches, but it has not quite been


heard game today. Another card here. That's the first mistake: has made


in this game. She chose to step over the ball, and she ended up


losing it. She had to do something about it, and she ended up fouling.


No question about that one. Mexico have got themselves in a good


position here. The substitute, Lopez, has her eye on goal. But the


shot came in from Ocampo, and that Lopez. That was better. Yankey to


Williams. That was a miskick, just when England needed a good ball out


to Alex Scott. Alex Scott now struggling to get back. The effort


came in from Noyola, but it was blocked. And Mexico might get the


last good chance of the game. the England players looked tired,


but it was an excellent block by Ocampo. Come into the box... It was


missed by Garciamendez, and Mayor heard the shot. Good block by Ellen


White, centre forward, playing centre-back. Yes, that's how you do


not concede. Well done, Ellen White. Mexico in no great hurry, it tells


you want to one will do them quite nicely. -- 1-1. The longer this


half has gone on, Mexico have noticed the tiredness of England.


It is all over in Wolfsburg, and England start their 2011 World Cup


campaign with a draw. It was a game they had targeted to win. But they


will have to be content with just one point. Fara Williams's face


tells the story. The Mexico goal came out of the blue. Your thoughts,


Lucy Ward? England will be disappointed, but I think Mexico


could cause problems to other teams in the group, so it is going to go


right to the last game. But they have got a point. I don't think the


girls will be particularly pleased Another World Cup, it's always


enthralling, but never that easy. This is what it means to Group B.


This is what it means to Group B. Japan beat New Zealand earlier


This group is wide-open. Japan were the favourites in terms of seeding.


England would have expected to be in control of this match more than


they were today, and therefore go into the second match with a win.


It changes the complexion of the group. We're into that come on


England, you've got to get a win against New Zealand. Yeah I think


so. They'll be nervous now. They so. They'll be nervous now. They


expected to probably win this game. Even though we said Mexico are an


unknown team. They haven't played them too many times. They struggled


at times, England. Perhaps we should have read a bit more into


the defeat by Australia last week. England lost 2-0. Mexico scored two


goals against them. They've hit their form quicker. They've


probably hit their form at the right time. It's a bit of an


unknown quantity. England would have expected to get a result today


and would be very disappointed not to, but I think the Mexicans can


take massive amount of confidence from that game. They're going to


shape this group in many ways. Let's have a look at the good, the


bad an the ugly. Fara Williams was the good. She must have thought


with her form and this goal, it was going to be plain sailing.


started off very well. This was just, this is Fara, getting in on


the edge of the box and late runs. She did really well to steer that


into the top corner. It's typical Fara. A great start for England.


All the way through the first half, she got on the ball and made things


happen. Second half, Mexico tried to stifle that. They did that


pretty well. If the first half, England in control, Fara Williams


goal, looking good. England pressing, attacking, with the


positivity. Then Ocampo pops up with a longer range shot. Suddenly


it's all change. It was all England, majority of the possession. Then


the Mexico goal comes from nothing really. Ocampo picks it up on the


left. She comes inside and has a great shot with her right foot. I


think she's actually left footed. To take on this shot with such


confidence, I mean, it just goes to show the ability of the Mexicans.


When you see it from that angle, you feel for Bardsley. At that


point she'd hardly been tested. At halftime you felt she could have


been better. That's when concentration comes in. 30 minutes


of not doing much. You have to stay concentrated for the whole 45


minutes, 90 minutes. I know she'll reassess and focus for the next


game. Peruvian referee was rather kind to England perhaps on two


different occasions. In the first half, it was White and Dominguez.


When we looked at it closely, White lucky. Yeah, very lucky. She does


well to get back and recover. As she dives in there, Dominguez lifts


the ball over her leg. We're very lucky not to concede a penalty


there. Initially Initially we thought what a great challenge.


Dominguez does a nice flick over Faye's legs. Mexico will not be


happy they didn't get a penalty. This is more blatant than the Faye


White one. We're very lucky here... Unitt taking out Garciamendez there.


Garciamendez gets a yellow later on. She got nothing from that. She must


feel agrieved. That's a penalty for me. Dominguez had a great free kick


early on in the second half. Let's have a look. This player scored in


the World Cup in '99 for Mexico. She has a wealth of experience and


This is a play they're looking to. She's experienced. It shows the


confidence. It was the first runner. Definitely. That's Ocampo with the


free kick, who you mentioned a minute ago, from the second half.


We have seen her score with her right foot. She's talented.


initially thought she was right footed. She scored with the right


foot and takes it with her left foot there. Definitely talented and


two footed. Great effort on goal. We talked about whether or not


Aluko was lucky to start. Ellen White had been fancied by many. She


did start. In the second half, really good chances fell to her and


it looked like it wasn't her game today. Yeah, she's another player


who will be disappointed today, especially second half. She does


really well to get into positions. She's got fantastic opportunities.


Creating again there. Rachel Yankey didn't get on the ball too much,


but that was a lovely cross. It's like she took her eye off the ball


at the last minute. She might have thought she'd scored before she hit


the ball. She was thinking of a celebration I think. I'm sure she


was. Kelly creating. She picks it up in the middle of the park.


was not on a plate, but it's the lack of power. It sits up really


well for her there. She was pretty fatigued coming into the end of the


game. This is the third attempt. Initially the build up play was


really G she does a step over here to Kelly, gets it, nice little ball.


It's just that final shot. Just the end product, weren't there for them.


Mexico's confidence building throughout the half. Casey Stoney


with fantastic blocks. She saved Glenn's bacon more than once today.


Yes she did. She made just one mistake and got booked for it. All


day she was blocking shots and putting her body on the line. We


thought she had a great game today. Ellen White who came on to score


England's winner, ended up being the player who saved us in the last


minute of the game. Yeah, I've played with Ellen at Leeds. This is


what she will do. She will put her head on the line. It doesn't matter


if she's scoring a goal or defending a goal. Here she gets


whacked in the face, but she saved England's bacon. Do you think


she'll earn a place in the starting line-up? She'll be pushing hard for


a place. She came on and proved herself. She works hard. She


created a free kick at the end of the game. Let's get reaction now


from the England camp. Kelly, a point in the opening game isn't too


bad. But are you disappointed not to take three? We wanted to open


the group with three points on the table, but it wasn't meant to be.


We're grateful to get a point. We didn't lose the game, which is the


most important thing. That goal for Mexico came at a time when it


seemed you were in control of the game? Yeah, we were pushing for the


second goal and Ocampo pulls one out of the bag from a lang distance.


It was a great strike. We're a bit disappointed. We move on now. That


game's in the past. We have New Zealand now. Are the players


frustrated by that performance? bit disappointed. In the first half,


we had quite a lot of the ball and going 1-0 up. We knew they would do


long shuts and we should have got to it quicker. They're a good side,


so I think coming off a point is a good thing. Was it quite a warm


occasion? As you can tell! It's been raining ought week and the one


day we play, it's roasting hot. It's quite hot and difficult. But


no excuses. You have to deal with it and play the game. We didn't get


the win, but we carry on now. Zealand next, that's a must-win


game. Yeah definitely. We have to go into that game with three points.


If we get one point, we have a third game to get three on. We'll


be concentrated on between now and the New Zealand game. Are you


satisfied with that performance? I'm glad we didn't lose. That's the


main thing. If I look at the possession, we probably had more of


the possession, but a great strike from them brought them back into


the game. I think we'll be disappointed we didn't win the game,


but pleased we didn't lose it. Some work to do. We go again for the


next one. Could we have done better with the opening goal? Really we


would have expected her to save that. She's bitterly disappointed.


As I said, that brought them straight back into the game. Up


until that point we dominated, but it is all about scoring goals. One


apiece we go with the points. Powell, Sue, really honest, just


glad we didn't lose. There were last gasp saves, blocks, chances


for Mexico. One point on reflection, good. On reflection she's probably


thought job done. We have one point. We'll move on and hopefully


progress. It changes the complexion of the group somewhat. It gives the


sense that England have to get a win against New Zealand. It does.


They would have wanted three points from this game to go into the New


Zealand game more comfortable. But now they have to go into the New


Zealand game winning all three points. Still as confident?


Definitely. It's never an easy ride watching England. Check out the


website. We have regular tournament updates for you. On Friday, England


play New Zealand, a crucial match now. We'll be on the red button


from 5pm and on BBC Two with highlights at 11.55pm. England with


Gabby Logan introduces highlights of the Fifa Women's World Cup, as England play their opening group game against Mexico in Wolfsburg. Hope Powell's side will begin as one of the favourites for the tournament, having reached the European Championship final in 2009, when they were beaten by Germany. Mexico will have a point to prove - they have qualified for the World Cup for only the second time in their history. They will hope to fare better than in 1999, when they lost all three of their group games, conceding a total of 15 goals. Gabby is joined in the studio by Martin Keown and Jo Potter. Commentary from Guy Mowbray and Lucy Ward.

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