England v Japan Match of the Day

England v Japan

Gabby Logan introduces highlights of the Fifa Women's World Cup, as England play their final group game against Japan in Augsburg.

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Good evening. It was a nervy, Edward and plain sailing, but


England came from behind to secured a win over New Zealand. They were


on the verge of the quarter-finals tonight, to see if they could


complete the job against Japan. Only a huge win for Mexico and


defeat for England could see Mexico go through it. Let's get on with


where next for England? A win could take the team through to a quarter-


final in Labour coups and. A draw means back to Wolfsburg on Saturday.


Defeat, that could mean back home in the morning. That's of course is


the option we don't want to have to contemplate. Rest assured, England


will have to play well to get a result against a Japan side that


has looked very impressive thus far. They have more than justified their


current FIFA ranking of being the fourth-best a women's team in the


world. England's side is changed by four from that which kicked off


against New Zealand. Jessica Clarke and Karen Carney come in. Sophie


Bradley is in, and Casey Stoney with the arms ban. -- on and. Anita


Asante get a 50th England cap. Japan, already safely through to


the quarter-finals. England may need to have to get something to


join them a in the last eight. A win would mean England topping the


group, that may mean avoiding Germany. We won't know whether it


will be Germany or France in the given to change, the same side it


started at the last two games. Five of them started it when England


spoke, looking for a positive result to get through to the


quarter-finals of the World Cup for the second tournament in a row. We


will keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the other game,


Mexico against New Zealand. That will only become an issue if Mexico


too much about it. Good to see England in the all-white, I prefer


that to the blue shorts. That is partnership. No, they have been


together at Lincoln all season. That is key. A Sophie Bradley is


young up. I played with her at Leeds United, she is beyond her


years. She is very focused and confident as well. I don't think


she will have any problems. This is only her Hayterth England cap. --


players will be getting the information. Hopefully not at this


stage in the game, maybe later on if it is required. It just sends


nerves around, and they don't need it, because they have got this game


under control. They can't control Bardsley, but she was more than


ready for it. Kozue Ando, just trying her luck. It was worth an


effort. Obviously watched the no way that she is going to not get


to the ball first with those long today, with Sophie Bradley, 22.


Karen Carney is only 23. Ellen White is 22. Adds a bit of energy


to it. The girls will want to chances. Set pieces are going to be


important for England. Sophie Bradley's long throw is a real


World Cup looking to get out of the grid. -- haven't just come. Their


coach, very confident. He was saying before the finals kicked off,


it is semi-finals, minimum. We want to finish at least a third, he was


very specific. Ellen White lobs at the keeper! A brilliant goal!


Scored by Ellen White! Her first World Cup, her first World Cup goal,


she has hit the big-time! What a fantastic finish. She just drew


herself a way from the centre half, the keeper was in no man's land.


Well done, Ellen White. That is a difficult skill, and she just


perfected it. The youngest player in the England squad makes her mark


in Germany. Prolific for Leeds last season. A goal again before Arsenal


in the women's Superleague this year. -- a goal a game. And she


wasn't even looking, she knew exactly what she was going to do as


Asante. She is a centre half, really. I played against her for


many years, she is probably one of the toughest I have played against.


They are not going to get past a out is higher than the Japanese,


and I think that is showing. They look more confident for it. Japan


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are easing their way through the goal for Mexico. Mexico are 2-0 up.


Dominguez has got the second goal. No dramas yet, because whilst


England are in the lead, or even drawing this one, they are in


I think a bit too far out for them to really try something to her to


Sophie Bradley. Alex Scott, one of the smallest in the England team,


managed to get her head on that as little bit nervous, they need to


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for goal number two. It didn't get spectacular! Great save! What a


goal that would have been! The first one will take some beating.


That was a magnificent effort, and credit to Kaihori, who got up, full


stretch, to debate onto the crossbar. A great cross from Jess -


- Jessica Clarke. It is a great volley. She did really well to


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stretch up and get her fingertips great build-up play by Japan. A


little bit hesitant in the defending, the back four, but what


a great cross this is. Well done is England's half because of a


superb goal from number nine, Ellen White, a quarter-of-an-hour into


the contest. She saw the keeper across her mind and locked her from


20 yards out into the back of the net. Just what England wanted.


Everything is going to plan for Hope Powell's team. Rachel Yankey,


England's and most capped player yet in the current squad, second


most capped player of all time, is tactical change by Hope Powell. All


was going well so it would suggest clock got a knock but you never


know with England's coach. -- Jessica Clarke got a knock. She


made just one big experience of this half. They need to impose


themselves. Japan have obviously had a talking to at half-time to


increase the intensity and they have done. The free-kick has gone


to Japan. It was too easy, the ball into midfield. Japan are pressing a


great chance for Japan to level. It and they have obviously practised


this. That should have gone in. The keeper had no chance if it was on


target. She is astride get that his prolific in Germany. -- she is a


corner, I was about to scream a who I think agree with you.


Incredibly that is not a corner. I don't think that is quite up


there with the equatorial Guinea and handball injury. No penalty! If


you haven't seen it, look it up. It was a strange one, that one. It was


as clear a corner as you will ever seen. Eniola Aluko is going to come


on and Kelis Smith will make way. She has hobbled out of a couple of


challenges today. She has defended well. But where we meet her, it is


brought off, there is something to the quarter-finals of the World


Cup! It is a great ball in from Rachel Unitt. The first touch was


excellent, the second touch even better. What a great goal. Two very


different England goals. Two goals of real quality as far as finishing


goes. Rachel Yankey's Movement, great first touch. Brilliant. It


was a good finish. Just at the right time because Japan were


getting on top and they looked like scoring. It has killed the pressure.


There is the experience and the not making the knockout stages for


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that. It has been a good game. I have enjoyed it. I think England


have done extremely well against a the last eight to place... A win


think it might have been. -- Jill Scott. England are being more


physical knowing they are physically stronger than the


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for Japan. -- Karen Cargill A. No go for it and stepped behind for a


Japan corner. Was unsure whether it would have sneaked in. Good


goalkeeping. She has given a other side. That is ridiculous!


Ellen White, who has got England going with a terrific opening goal,


she is running off. That is how much energy she has got! What a


great goal. An all-round performance. She will get a


standing ovation from the England fans in the stadium and well


deserved. Centre-forward is off, the centre-back is on. Bassett.


There have been occasions where the keeper of the heel and going down


would have got a penalty. Not that I am advocating that. She got a


touch and she goes down... You said far too honest. Can there be such a


thing? I don't know! Very honest This time! There will be an ironic


cheer from the crowd if she has given a corner. Another referee


playing against European teams. And they have lost another because


England had beaten Japan! Not only to seal their face in the quarter-


finals of the World Cup but to do it as winners of Group B. Who knows


Were you happy with the changes you made? Absolutely. I made them, so


yes. We all were said at the beginning it would be a squad thing


that would get us out of the group and then we would go from there but


some of the play is that came in, Sophie Bradley was enormous,


Jessica Clarke did her job in the first half, we changed a few things,


we had a game-plan and the goals did really well. A difficult


technical team to play against but she coped with everything. To be


honest, they are good, they get the ball down, I think we matched them


in parts of the game and we used physical strength as well which was


good. We needed to build on that from New Zealand and we did today.


Every one of the coach's changes was justified. It shows just how


strong our squad is. Ellen White, a young player coming in, scoring a


goal like that in the World Cup. What a finish, I am sure her


parents are very proud of her today. Tell the view was what it is like


to score in the World Cup. It is indescribable, I can't put it into


words. It is the pinnacle of your career coming to the World Cup and


scoring. Unbelievable. I am so pleased we got three points and


topped the group. You came on at half-time. Did you have a point to


prove? No! They said I wasn't going to start the game. To be fair,


scoring the goal was probably the only good thing I did so lucky a


Tibet! It was a great goal! weren't bad! It was a great cross


from the Unitt. I don't know if it was meant for me. Winning the group


against Japan, fourth in the world, it must give you so much.


Definitely. We were not favourites. To top the group and come out... We


need to wait to see who we are playing but it is a big confidence


boost for. This team is getting better, it isn't it? We said our


first two performances were not great but it seems to be coming


together now. It is all about building on that now. This team is


grubbing. Yeah. We have got better in each game we played so that is


positive. We will take that and use that as encouragement and hopefully


we can go a long way. See what happens. Have you finally found


your feet? We are getting closer. Not quite sure we are there yet. We


don't know who we have got next but that will be a big test. The


ambition was to get out of the group and try to top the group. If


we have achieved that so far. We New Zealand, with two late goals to


A really impressive performance, and an example of a team who why


just growing throughout this tournament, in confidence and style.


The way they snuffed out all of Japan's possibilities. I thought


they played really well, they have just grown in confidence throughout


the tournament. I just thought a draw today, so it they were clear


winners for me. Again, a word for the manager, because Kelly Smith


comes off after an hour, we were wondering what she's doing, and she


changes it round, everybody plays their part. The whole team was


outstanding today. We have got a real chance here, with these ladies


come much progress in this tournament. Ellen White has got AA


chance of goal of the jaw and then, I would suggest. -- goal of the


It is nice to see this, we have played it out from the back, a


great finish. We finally now have a striker at the top level for the


ladies who can score goals. The defending was Abid ball, but she


has punished of them. She still had a lot to do. Fantastic running


between the two defenders. She looked up, saw the keeper off her


line, a lovely lob. It is a greater awareness. She has just picked her


spot. An outstanding finish, I'm sure when she sees that back later


she will be delighted. She has scored a goal again a for Arsenal


in the Super League, she is firing They are not at the end of a really


long season, I think it is looking at the moment like Ferrar a real


buzz about them. Definitely. It is not the end of the season, often


you go into a tournament you are a bit fatigued, you have played a lot


of football. But they look like they are buzzing. It is a good


point, their energy levels, they are rotating so many players, and


everybody is doing well. They all feel like they are doing an


important role. Rachel Yankey was out of favour at the last


championships with the coach, Hope Powell, but back in the squad, and


then today, out of the starting 11, she comes back on in the second


half and seals the deal. It is difficult when you keep chopping


Really pleased for Rachel. She has licked her wounds, she has come


back. Kelly has just gone off the pitch, it breaks nicely for her,


she is on it in a flash, and that is a great finish from that angle.


What I like the first of all was Karen Carney's bit of movement. A


great ball in, and that is a perfect touch. He just set her on


her way. She looks up, sees the keeper a little bit off her line,


and that is a difficult technique. She has got the pace, the awareness


and the quality to put it into the back of the net. I think she has a


Interesting, England set out to be physical in this game, we heard


Kelly said before the match saying, we are going to make the most of


our physical strength, stop the Japanese playing in the way they


have played, and they did it with some brilliant tackling today.


did, and they learnt at the right has come in, an awful lot of


pressure on her, she has handled herself well. I thought she would


do, because she is experienced at other levels. Jill Scott, she is


everywhere! Would she be your men of the match? I think so. Casey


Stoney, captain for the day, and doing a captain's job. Let's not


forget Asante has well in that midfield. You are wondering now,


they have selection problems. Williams is fit enough, which


A little bit slippy in that first game against Mexico, and Karen


Bardsley is a good example of a player who had a moment, if you


like, in that opening match. And probably have liked to have saved


this. She will be delighted we are showing that again! But she has


come back well. She showed personality and character. And that


is what you need. The World's eyes on you, these are packed stadiums,


these girls are not used to this, but they rose to the challenge.


That is a great Punch, she is It is interesting that England have


had five goals scored now, five different goalscorers, which again


illustrates the point that there is this strength in depth. You say


Ellen White is now going to be the out and out goalscorer, great to


have a reliable goalscorer, but we are getting goals from all over the


pitch. You want to natural goalscorer, but then you have the


likes of Rachel Yankey, Jill Scott, it is nice to see them coming from


all over the place. You look at other teams, they must look at


England and say, nor are we going to mark? It is growing, this


tournament. So many players are making their mark. Players of


grabbing the headlines, they will be a different star every day. It


So who do England play in the quarter-finals? England will play


France in Leverkusen -- on Friday. We don't have traditionally do very


well against European opposition, and we haven't beaten France since


1974, why are we going to be done this time? That is a tough question.


France have done really well in this tournament so far, they are


going to be difficult to play against, but we are playing well,


and we have got to be confident and just take the result today and take


that into that game and I'm sure we can do that. Are they more of a


physical side? Yes, they are, they like to move the ball well, they


are quick up front, so they need to be aware of their pace up front.


Their number 9, especially. They are good at analysing teams and


watching what they are good at, and stopping that, which they did today


against Japan. We have already said how Hope Powell now seems to be


finding her best 11 as the tournament goes on, which we saw


with Bobby Robson, in World Cups, it changes throughout the


tournament. You feel with her that she has total belief in all these


players, and she is not bothered who she picks, they are all going


Gabby Logan introduces highlights of the Fifa Women's World Cup, as England play their final group game against Japan in Augsburg.

The two sides met at the last World Cup, when two goals from Kelly Smith were not enough to give Hope Powell's side victory, with a last-minute free-kick from Aya Miyama earning the Japanese a 2-2 draw. England will be hoping to win their group, as finishing second could mean a quarter-final clash with defending champions Germany.

Gabby is joined in the studio by Martin Keown and Jo Potter. Commentary from Guy Mowbray and Lucy Ward.

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