08/06/2012 Match of the Day


Colin Murray presents highlights of the two Group A matches that took place on the opening day of the 2012 European Championships: Poland v Greece and Russia v Czech Republic.

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A nice low-key start, as always. Your highlights of the first two


games of Euro 2012 are here. With me, a man who spent many a summer


travelling to major international tournaments, another who spent many


a summer on his way to Spain with his mates. David James and Robbie


Savage are here for all of this. The big kick-off was in Warsaw. We


will see how Poland faired against 2004 winners Greece. Russia faced


the Czech Republic. After the action, we will hear from Roy and


his England boys. We will assess the Republic of Ireland's chances


Now, as most people know, this is Europe. Poland's capital, Warsaw,


is approximately 900 miles from London. The Ukraine's first city,


Kiev, 1340 miles. Lesson over. Kiev, 1340 miles. Lesson over.


These are the venues in Poland and Ukraine there are eight cities


hosting matches, split across the two countries. The final is in Kiev


on July 1st. Russia, Czech Republic on the way. First an expectant home


nation who take on Greece in the nation who take on Greece in the


nation who take on Greece in the opening match in Warsaw. Poland


start the race as the lowest rank side at Euro 2012. Arsenal keeper,


Wojciech Szczesny could have a busy type of it. Robert Lewandowski sent


his team to a league double. For Poland to progress, his form is key.


Greece are not fancied either to run a big race this this summer. In


2004 they finished first-past-the- post. They surprised everyone eight


years ago and have vowed to succeed in 2012 to give their crisis-hit


country so some much-needed cheer. Commentating is Simon Brotherton


face in goal today, Wojciech Szczesny of Arsenal. Their right


back loves to get forward. The captain will start on the right.


Look for him to be a key figure today. The third player with the


German double winners Lewandowski leads the attack. He scored a hat-


trick against Bayern Munich in the last three major tournament, the


oldest player at euro 2012 starts left hand side. Geks --Gekas will


at every opportunity. He's done well. Lewandowski!, a superb save.


It was Lewandowski with the shot. That will get the crowd going. A


showpiece save really. Greece under pressure for the first time. It


falls kindly. It's sent wide of the goal. A shot from Rebus. Lovely


play here. Looking promising for Poland. He fired that ball from


close-range. Number nine goes to the near-post. In front of his


defender. Sidefoot into the back of the net. They are knocking on to


the door, Poland, here. They have great footballing traditions in


Poland. They haven't had much to cheer about for a long time for


their international time. They said that Group A is the easest game and


said if they don't get through it, they only have themselves to blame.


Tes -- it is Lewandowski. The star striker has the goal. The roof may


be on, but it's threatening to come off the stadium here. The perfect


start. Where is the goalkeeper going? Where are you going? You are


nowhere near that ball. Lewandowski knows what to do when the goal keep


her is approaching. Head it down. The atmosphere is electric inside


here. Perfect start for Poland. home crowd will be sitting easier


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


in their seats. They were nervous tournament goes to Papadopoulos.


Red card here. They could have a red card. The Spanish referee has


sent him off. When you look at what he has done in those two challenges,


he has done, very very little. couldn't be worse for the groups,


could it? That was a soft red card, two yellows. The first yellow, I


can't understand it. A genuine challenge which he wins the ball,


fair and square. That ball clearly touched his hand. The referee said


it was the motion of the way the play was going. We have additional


assistance. He can't see where that ball is. It touches him on the arm.


He is looking to the assistant behind him. Absolutely. Greece have


lost all previous eight occasions that they played on Polish soil.


History favours the home team. This means absolutely nothing, it's


about what happens down there today. Lewandowski, every time he gets the


ball around the penalty area everybody around the stadium stands


up. You can feel that buzz of be a chance. It's an equalliser.


Greece are level. It's Salpingidis the substitute. Two mistakes by


both goalkeepers have led to the goal. A good ball. Reverse pass. He


is nowhere need it. Into the back of the net. Their first ever


Wolverhampton Wanderers quol goal in South Africa, he has another big


one there. The ten men of Greece the ball to drop, it was always


going wide off the offside of the boat. What a chance. Runs off-the-


shoulder. He is onside. Miscues completely. Samaras. Good ball


stays down. Szczesny is all over the place. Will Greece have a


penalty? Szczesny is sent off. The Arsenal goalkeeper is given a


straight red. He comes from the ball. He doesn't get it, catches


the ankle. What an impact he's had, Salpingidis. Salpingidis, the


goalscorer for Greece, the man involved. Szczesny took it and


walked off. Absolutely. There was a man relaxing in the chair a minute


ago, not expecting to come on. That's what it means. It has not


gone in yet. It's a penalty and they are down to ten men. The


player who is being sacrificed is Rebus. He could be the hero of the


day. It could be an opportunity for him. He is not expected to save it.


He is good at mind games, clearly. Karagounis has placed that ball


exactly where he wanted it. Giorgos Karagounis, the captain of Greece,


what a big moment here. In the very first match. Karagounis to put


Greece ahead! Oh, it's saved. What an introduction to the game. Not a


bad penalty. Gambles and gets it right and keeps his country in the


game. A wonderful chance has gone astray there for Greece. There is


the most relieved man in Warsaw. Szczesny will not play against


There is space in the centre of the field. Here's Samaras! Compose


yourself, bring the ball down. It's wild. He doesn't get a good


wild. He doesn't get a good connection on it. Sometimes, in the


opening game of a major tournament, you get a giant killing. Most of


the time they are a damp squib. Because of the mistakes you take


that game, it had a lot in it? fantastic opener. Poland dominated


the first half. Greece deserved the draw. Goals, penalty saves, sending


offs, good openinger. Good day to have a goalkeeper sitting with us.


Szczesny, discuss. Your thoughts? The first half he was OK. He didn't


have a lot to do. It changed in the second-half. I mean, you are


second-half. I mean, you are looking at 51 minutes. A game which


was comfortable for Poland, given they were 1-0 up, with the


advantage. Positioning here was questionable to start with.


Obviously, the defender should have come across to cover the attacker


coming in. The big mistake wasn't so much his ending up position, as


the contact was made with the defender, but the fact he went


towards the ball. If he had stayed still, the shot would of hit him


and he would of been in a position to pick the ball up. Not good.


words would of gone, "Not good". What about this? Strange, Samaras's


best contribution to the game, I think, that little pass. The attack


by the goalkeeper, once he committed himself I znd didn't


understand why he stuck his foot out and brought him down. When the


touch was made by the centre forward, had he stopped, it


wouldn't of been a penalty. Have you been in this situation? It's a


pressure situation. He lifted the ball auch the penalty spot. Mind


games. Still, Szczesny gets off the hook. Have you been in that


situation where you had to come on for a keeper in a penalty against


I have, in the Ukraine in the World Cup qualifiers. Rob Green got sent


off. I did not touch the ball beforehand. I used some Jedi mind


tricks against Shevchenko. He put it wide. We will always have to


talk about referees. I am not sure there was even a foul committed


clearly wins the header. Lewandowski has gone down like he


has been hit by a bus. It is never a yellow-card. If you give I


yellow-card for that, there would be several people sent off. Here,


the guy is slipping before he makes contact. It is never a yellow card.


Never Semenov. We will talk about at their heads never went down. It


was a game driven by mistakes. It is hard to pick out one player who


made more mistakes than others. But he did. This is how not to play in


a major Championship in the opening game. I have got to highlight


Samaras. Not the best start. This was a great run, composer? No. Good


options. He did not play well. He had a good chance of a strike and


smashed it over the bar. The guy is thinking to himself, you have got


lovely hair, gorgeous. Lewandowski was the opposite. In the first half


he was a real threat. He looks like a real prospect. 30 goals for


Borussia Dortmund. He has brought it into this tournament. Yes, in


the first half he got the service. He played really well. The second


have, he did not get the ball down the right side. He was poor and the


the right side. He was poor and the the right side. He was poor and the


second half. Greece were really up against it. They had a Hall of


Poland on their backs. Their heads never went down. They thought the


whole game. They did. Greece. They did. The penalty miss, the captain


will be kicking himself. It was a poor penalty. If he scores that,


what a start for Greece. What about Poland? A little bit of a man on


quantity because of a lack of competitive games. -- on a known


quantity. Interestingly enough, you said Greece will be kicking


themselves, I think there will be cattiness as lucky they got away


with the draw. They were sold Open and the first 15 or 20 minutes.


Poland had opportunities to take advantage of that. I think Poland


will put themselves in a position to contest qualification. A lot of


that will be down to the other game in this group, Russia against the


Czech Republic. Managed by Dick Advocaat and captained by Andre


Arshavin, Rochette could do all right here. They have high hopes to


better their showing four years ago when they made the semi-finals.


Runners up three times and they won the novel event in 1960. The Czech


Republic could look to three Amigos, Petr Cech, Milan Porras and Tomasz


Radzinski. Their coach will take inspiration from their record in


the competition. Winners in 1976, runners up in 1996 and semi-


for the same prize. Both teams at full strength. The big news as far


as Russia are concerned is their No. 1 goalkeeper is not fit enough to


start. The other question was who will play off front. That role goes


to Kerzhakov of Zenit St Petersburg. Dzagoyev is in from the start. The


two captains need little introduction. Andre Arshavin and


Thomas Rosicky, two makes for many years in the English Premier League


at Arsenal. Howard Webb is the Republic is that Milan Barajas is


fit enough to start. He had been doubtful with a thigh injury.


Rosicky is fit to lead the team. Petr Cech, fresh from this


Champions League success with Chelsea, wins his 91st cap. Second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


now and the country's all-time list Followed up by Dzagoyev! Rochette


in front. The man who scored four goals in hit games in qualifying,


Oscars his country's first goal of the tournament. -- in eight games


in qualifying, scores his country's first goal of the tournament.


Dzagoyev kept his composure. With the extremely cool finish, he makes


it Russia one, the Czech Republic male. -- Russia 1, Czech Republic 0.


This is where they can be so dangerous. Look at the space.


Dzagoyev should have made it two. That was a let-off for the Czech


Republic. He should have had his and his country's second. Look at


the Space Dzagoyev had. Petr Cech narrowed the angle. But he will


feel he should have hit the target. Dick at the cat experiencing an


international tournament for the 5th time as a manager. After the


tournament he heads back to PSV Eindhoven for a second spell in


Czech Republic coach played in the World Cup in 1990 for


0. Shirokov doubles up Russia's lead. Russia breaking with pace and


precision. Shirokov was the first to react. He kept his cool. Lovely


finish over Petr Cech. Another one who has had a very good season with


the Zenit St Petersburg. Bringing his form in the euro 2012. -- into


Kerzhakov slams the ground in frustration. The Czech Republic


again living dangerously. It was a chance. His reaction tells you he


feels that was an opportunity. And they wanted. His second for the


Czech Republic has got them right back in it. The 22 year-old kept


his cool. It is game on again. It was all about the ball through to


him. Terrifically time to run. He kept his cool and rounded the


goalkeeper. Calmly into the back of the net. His second international


cole mack. It is a big one. It attack. Extremely pleasing on the


Kerzhakov cannot take the chance. Will he and Rochette look back on a


some of these chances not taking? - - Russia. Time to steady himself


and he's good it across the front that it would have been. It would


have been his first international together the second ball, too.


Rosicky saw the opening. The goalkeeper at full stretch. He


it for Russia. His second, his country's third. Their two-goal


cushion is restored. Dzagoyev enhancing his ever-growing


reputation. Pavlyuchenko whip the ball in. Lovely first touch. That


created the opportunity. He still had plenty to do. That rocketed


past Petra checked. -- Petr Cech. The Czech Republic, the work so


hard to get back into it, now trail substitute settles it. The man who


got three goals at the European championships four years ago, opens


his account in Poland. He seals a convincing win for Russia. He took


his time. But when the shot eventually arrived, it caught Petr


international goal, Russia 4, Czech Republic 1. Arismendi, final few


seconds. -- Arshavin, final few seconds. This will be the last


action. The offside flag is up. It won't count. That is the last


action of an enthralling evening. One were Russia have sent out a


message. They have lived up to their billing as Group favourites.


They have blown the Czech Republic away by 4-1. The Czech Republic


have to regroup for Greece. 100% start for Russia. Russia 4, the


Our first live Group table to show Russia sending the first message of


this tournament. Of all the players who impressed you, who put the


stamp on the message? Arshavin. When he played for Arsenal, every


time the ball comes to him when he plays for Russia, he is on the


plays for Russia, he is on the front foot. He has 70 caps, 17


goals. Fantastic today. His energy levels, as captain he leads and has


confidence for Russia. He went on- loan, is there a collective


responsibility foi playing international football for Russia.


Does that suit him rather than higher profile? Yes. Playing for


Russia is a hard thing to do. He battles away. He likes being part


of a successful team. They won the League, he was part of that. As


captain of his country he leads by example. He was exceptional today.


The body language, you could see it from the first whistle, couldn't


snu he was hungry for the ball. He was making space all the time.


Everything was going forward. was positive, everything. The ball


for the goal there. I'm not sure it for the goal there. I'm not sure it


was meant for him there. A great ball. A great day to have you in.


You were sinking in your seat during the two games, not another


keep tore talk about. Petr Cech on his day is world-class. It wasn't


his day today? JT said to me when he joined Chelsea this guy came for


everything. The first goal wasn't about the shot, it was the cross


about the shot, it was the cross that came in. A few years ago he


would of eaten that up. He was far advanced. On his day, there are not


many keepers better than him in Europe. I don't know about the


world. The goals he conceded here, he won't be happy with them. Long,


long season for him. He had to play two Cup finals and a league


programme? It's difficult. His season has been hinged on


qualifying for the Champions League. The unexpected highs of getting


through to the Champions League. Picking yourself up after the low


of winning it, if you like, and having to deal with this Russian


having to deal with this Russian team. Robbie Savage was given this


Bible. No matter who scores goals, Robbie has to know everything about


Robbie has to know everything about them. Right, Dzagoev? He was 125-1


to finish top goalscorer. He is a player with class and reputation.


This competition brings people to the forethat they might not know


about. He has been in a squad for three years. He was very, very good


today. To be fair, the left back of the Czech Republic helped him


immensely today, he was awful. I have to say, that was one of the


worse performances I have seen. Lack of composure, puts it wide.


This goal here. It shows his class. He gets the ball through. He smashs


it past Cech. Cech should have done better. People will start talking


about this guy. Fantastic player. 22 years old. I enjoyed watching


22 years old. I enjoyed watching him a lot. Russia, I know you are a


big fan of, before any ball was kicked today. It was the first team


you talked about, the dark horses of the tournament. From a


goalkeeper and defensive point of view did you see enough there?


was an open game, granted. They looked dangerous in zone 14. I have


been on my coaching course, where the Czech Republic set up the block.


They were able to get through there. The left back, the second worse


left back performance after the first game. Yes. How were they in


Zone 11? It's not an area we would like to go into. David James,


keeping it real. Zone 14 that is what it is about. Euro 2012, Five


Live with commentary of every game on the radio. Tomorrow two cracking


matches on the telly: start working This these shows are late for you,


or you fall asleep during them, you can access them at your leisure on


the BBCi player. They are available for seven days online. You can


watch them straightaway when you log in. We head off for the first


time to the England camp as they prepare for a massive first game on


Monday against France. Here's Gabby. Kicking in Krakow. This was the


first look at the New England in Poland. Training with the doors


thrown up. A couple of thousands locales had a look. One lucky


punter went home with a souvenir. An entirely difficult constituency


to those who were reported to have racially abused the Polish players


yesterday. Much of this area is untouched. The pitch will be one of


the finest in the fourth tier of Polish football next season. No


penalty spot. Why would you need to practice those! Nearly half the


squad retired to the team after the PR was complete. All part of the


plan insist the FA. No new injuries to report, not for the want of


trying. After that, most of the players spent the afternoon on a


tour of of the camps. Several players went to Auschwitz. So


gripped were they that Joe Hart said you could hear a pin drop.


Today was emotional for all. glad I came. I've got to say, it's


not a pleasant experience. It's a very harrowing experience. I think


it's something that people should really try to do because it's...


You know, it's very difficult to imagine this type of inhumanity. To


see it so clearly documented and have the guide explain so clearly


and so graphicically how everything took place, and the scale, it's


still very worrying today, 60 years after the event. The scale of the


place. The numbers that walked through these doors with no hope of


living. I've just been in there where the bodies were cremated. So,


90% of the people who came through the door didn't last over an hour.


The pictures of people who lived. One hour later they were dead.


we went in to see the Hume hair. We moved next door and started seeing


suitcases and we saw the age difference between 60 year olds and


three-year-olds. Having kids myself, seeing young kids' shoes was the


point were it brings a tear to your eye and hitting home really hard


then. Next door you see the selection of shoes. Let's be honest,


we saw 40,000 pairs of shoes, that would of been nothing compared to


the amount of people who, obviously, died and lost their lives here.


Tomorrow, attention refocuss on France. It's the last day of


training before the flight to don Ideally, you win your first game.


If you don't, win the other two. Beat whoever is in front of you.


Exactly. Positive mentality. We made David work for his fee by


coming up with his England 11, who he would start against France. I


will run you through it first. We will look at the high points and


low points. Obviously, Joe Hart is low points. Obviously, Joe Hart is


the keeper. Picks itself. The back four, who is there and who isn't.


Johnson, Terry. Lescott Zone 14. I'm not doing a coaching badge,


Cole at left back. Your midfield. This is were there were a few


raised eyebrows at home. Walcott, Gerrard, Parker and Milner and then


you want Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Danny Welbeck. Rooney banned


for the first two matches. No Ashley Young. You have Milner on


Ashley Young. You have Milner on the left. Thoughts? I like James


Milner. I think he is the sort of play that Roy Hodgson will like as


well. He is versatile with regards to what side he can play on. As


to what side he can play on. As much as Ashley Young is a great


player. He will have a big role in the tournament as it progresses the


idea of having Theo Walcott with the pace, the way he links in with


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is on fire at


the moment. This is an opportunity for the two of them to really


attack Zone 14. Why can't Oxlade- Chamberlain be the hero of Euro


2012? As a nation we search for a hero. We haven't got one, arguably,


this tournament because of the suspension for Wayne Rooney who has


been our hero in the last few tournaments. Oxlade-Chamberlain is


a young player, looking fantastic for Arsenal, good for England as


well. This is a good opportunity for him. Robbie, as David mentioned


17 times today, he is doing his coaching damages. Do you think he


has a future as an England manager given his starting 11? Possibly.


was going to start with Wales and work up. You have to start Ashley


Young on that team. You can't sit back against France and wait to get


beat. You have to attack them, beat. You have to attack them,


surely? The thing with France is, they are bang on form at the moment.


You can't go gung ho against them. You have to win games. Play young


Walcott. We will see. 1-0 England. You love 1-0. I haven't been right


yet. Ireland kicked off against Croatia on Sunday. We have


highlights of that game at 11.35pm This is the longest wooden pier in


Europe, apparently. Twin with Southend on sea as well, classy.


Home away from home for Republic of Ireland during Euro 2012. Over


10,000 locals turned up to the Republic of Ireland's first


training session earlier in the week. Excitement about all things


green and all things euro. I'll be at the stadium when Ireland is


going to play with Spain. Yeah. Yeah. They have a lot of fans here.


A lot of Poland work and live in Ireland. So, I think, that you will


have a big support here in Poland. I saw the team yesterday. In 73-


year-old Trapattoni the Republic have the oldest team in the


Championship. We must be proud about our country, our people,


because they make very big, or great, sacrifice, the money, the


travel, the trip. The players know this. A warm welcome for the


Ireland team. The draw has been a quick kick where it hurts, Croatia,


Spain, Italy, ouch. Ireland could be back on the beach soon, this


time on holiday. Croatia is before us in ranking. We met them in


friendly game. Many players play in England, I know many players. Our


team know. They are good quality, our quality. Our attitude. It is in


the life never say never. Never say never. He is a wonderful man I have


to say. Inspirational. You looked look at the fixtures. They are all


It is mouth-watering. I am going to suggest they have got a real chance


of getting through this group because they do not concede goals.


I totally agree. In Jack Charlton they had at God in the Republic of


Ireland. He was a legend. In Giovanni Trapattoni they have


somebody who can closely follow him. I think they have a real chance.


Has this ever happened before? He named his team before anybody else.


Unless anybody gets injured, he is playing it. When the appointment


was made it was looked at as a strange decision by both parties, I


think. He has proved himself to be a tremendous manager. He could do


some very wonderful things for Ireland back this trip. The fact


they do not concede goals, with that confident going in before the


game starts, you know that I knew a day with that discipline you can


beat anyone? For sure. I think they had one of the best defensive


records in the qualifying campaign. They will be tough. One down, 23


more to go. Here are v early headline makers. Salpingidis gave


Greece and new lease. Tyton spared the blushes of Wight TEC chairs me.


-- Wojciech Szczesny. Off the pitch this was the only thing worth


seeing from the opening ceremony. Event Samaras played better than


this man. That is the curtain coming down on the first day. We


Colin Murray presents highlights of the two Group A matches that took place on the opening day of the 2012 European Championships: co-hosts Poland are up against 2004 winners Greece in Warsaw, and Russia face the Czech Republic.

Russia will be led by former Arsenal star Andrei Arshavin, while Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech is one of the star performers for the Czech Republic.

Former Wales international Robbie Savage provides expert studio analysis.

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