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Behind the scenes at Watford

Gabby Logan is joined by Ian Wright and Mark Watson as they look forward to another weekend of the Premier League. Dion Dublin goes behind the scenes at Watford.

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Hello and welcome to The Premier League Show.


Domestic football returns this weekend after a thrilling


international break and joining me, with hopefully no middle finger


exchanges, are Arsenal legend, Ian Wright...


He has done it and scored. That is Ian Wright at his very best.


, I am not sure about legend, but no problem.


Coming up, from provincial club the Premier League fixture -


Dion Dublin goes behind the scenes at Watford.


We look at the latest events in the Arsenal saga,


and journalist, Paul MacInnes, explores the phenomenon


But first, Romelu Lukaku's move from Everton to Old Trafford


was the blockbuster Premier League move of the summer and the Belgian


striker, and Manchester United, have hit the ground running.


Romelu Lukaku! It is too easy. Romelu Lukaku! Moving to a club like


Manchester United, that comes with expectation? You know the


expectations are high, but I was mentally prepared. I was waiting for


the opportunity to come. How keen was the manager, in working for him


once again, for your decision to move to Manchester United? I have


wanted to play for him since I was 11 and when you get a chance like


that, you don't say no. I am grateful for a second opportunity.


Has he changed since the last time you worked for him? No, he is still


the same. He demands a burst from the players every day. He doesn't


give people time to rest on the pitch, you want everybody to fight.


That is what I like about him. He is like a family man, somebody you can


talk to, say what you want to say and he will listen to you. I like


that a lot. That is the image of a man brimming with confidence. Last


season you said you wanted to win trophies, so why is Manchester


United the club to do that? It is the best club in the world. I knew


what the players were like, I wanted this challenge. Everybody is hungry,


everybody wanted. When you lose games, you get six sometimes, I am


delighted to be here. How excited are you about the prospect of slot


on Abramovich returning to the site? He is good for the team. It is good


to have another player hungry in the team. He can bring us a lot. Is the


competition going to help you when he comes back into the site? Of


course, you relish it. You don't fear it, you relish it. As long as


you make it better, you relish the challenge all of the time.


He seems to have settled in, how do you rate him as a member of the


striker's club? I am very impressed with him, I have always liked him.


People have constantly talked about his touch. When he went to


Manchester United, there was a lot on social media about his first


touch, which I got was unfair. Yes, yells a lot to work on in his game


and he has got himself to Manchester United, where that helps. If you can


keep the ball in certain areas and link the play, but he is scoring


goals. I think the Manchester United fans won't be too bothered if the


ball comes off him a couple of times if he starts to score winning goals.


He is 24 years old and has 88 in 109 games. He will be pushing a certain


Geordie's record? Nobody wants to see that happen. Alan Shearer must


be a bit worried. You can never tell because people do have a dip in form


and things, but you forget how Young he is. The amount of criticism he


has had come he's 24 and probably he could peak in five years, and that


is the ominous thing. He has learned so much through those moves, seasons


and experience he has had. He has linked up with Paul Pogba, which is


what was missing last year? They are very good mates. I was with them out


in LA and I was talking to them. I was telling Paul Pogba how great he


was in the England game. And I was telling Lukaku how he has got to be,


where ever he goes he has got to look to be winning things. I said to


Paul Pogba, you have got to be Player of the Year, this year. They


have taken it on board. Hopefully. They are both at the club and they


have the potential to do anything. Matic has been fantastic and Pogba


has been released. Stoke, is that a potential hiccup? With their


confidence and the way they are playing, I don't think it will


become I think they will win the game because of the confidence they


are going into it with. Stoke against Arsenal, Arsenal should have


done better, but I feel Manchester United have a different mentality


about them at the moment. It is the sort of game they might have slipped


but over the past three of four seasons, but not this time. It will


be long before the Manchester United fans will be saying they'd will go


the whole season unbeaten. Watford are now on their eighth


manager in six seasons since the Italian Pozzo family


took over in 2012. However, in that time they've


achieved promotion to the Premier After an encouraging


start to the season under new boss Mark Silva, we sent


Dion Dublin into the hornet's nest. Now, from the outside looking in,


what fall football club is a bit of a merry-go-round. Players in, plays


out. Managers in, managers out. But I am at the training ground to find


out what is going on. -- players. Big man... Nice to meet you.


Watford are in front. How is the Young man enjoying the English


weather? He said this is nothing compared to December or January up


north. Newcastle on Tuesday now it! The Brazilian under 20 International


is up and running for the Hornets. He didn't have any expectation two


years ago and now is in the best league in the world. He's very happy


to be here. Watford needs someone like him. An extraordinary goal and


an extraordinary end to this crazy game. That surely seals it for


Watford. Come and say hello. The talismanic, Troy Deeney. As Kim


about the players come at that age, coming in it has got to be great for


the team? Trying to get conversation out of him is the hardest part, but


he is learning. He has grasped it really well. Gomez is like his dad


so he is looking after him at the minute. I feel that the club and me


don't have the same point of view. Walter Mazzarri has been sacked and


the next man in will be the ninth manager in five years at Vicarage


Road. The traditional UK model is to have a manager who is responsible


for the whole football operation. Scouting, medical, picking the first


team. We think it is too big a job for one person. Head coaches will


move on. And with the UK model, when the head coach goes, there is


turmoil. When we replace a head coach, the infrastructure remains


the same so it allows long-term growth for the club and gives


stability. Poor finishes to the season have accounted for the last


two head coaches. Now Marco Silva is leading the first team into battle.


How have you found the change, because there has been a lot of


change, has backhanded Watford moving forward? Know, everybody is


hung up on the fact we were promoted on for managers. But the way the


game is going now, the manager is less important. There is always a


player you don't want to lose. Whether you like the manager or not.


That is different... That is fine. ?100. Fine. What I was saying,


changing manager commies said the manager isn't as important nowadays.


If you have got players like you guys around, but if he hasn't? I


will contradict myself, if you have a manager like now, who is saying,


this is the direction we are going, get online or get out, it is even


better. It is a case of making sure everybody is to his level. If


anybody drops below it, we can nip it in the bud. He has gone all the


way. It is two for Watford. Watford have survived the last two Premier


League season is relatively comfortably, so where do they go


from here? First of all, our target is to keep the Premier League


status. It is very important because the Premier League is becoming a


very competitive league. Medium to long term, we would like to fight


for European a place. But the competition is really hard, so let's


see how long it will take. You have been here now for years, has the


feeling changed, has expectation changed? Of course, I felt it could


be good when I signed for the club. But didn't expect the way we are


doing it at the moment, the way things are changing. At the training


ground, it is better. The expectations for the fans. They once


more and more and that is a good sign. It is a sign we are all in a


very good way and we expect more as well, as players. We have more


competition to be in the starting XI because it is difficult because of


the quality players. When you feel that, things are going in the right


way. There is a realisation we are onto something good. We put Everton


in the top seven, then it is who is the best of the rest, so not too


much of a difference between West Ham and Watford or Stoke and


Watford. I don't think we will go and win the Premier League, but if


we get into Europe, it is a massive achievement for a club the size of


Watford. We are here to achieve things, not just to play. That is


why he is the main man. Happy? Yes, more than happy to be going home at


one o'clock. Thank you very much. Wish you all the best, Young man.


Good luck. Thank you, my friend. Did you hear that, a little bit of


English. Two Goodlad 's. Good lads. Everything has changed in the


Premier League over the last 20 years but when you see a piece about


a club that has come from Elton John, Luther Blissett days, it is


amazing what the club looks like now. I would like to know how the


fans feel it is going and the changes in managers, players coming


and going, who are the heroes now? Troy Deeney is still there but


everybody is coming and going. It is a strange one. It is interesting


what he said, Troy Deeney. He said the managerial programme doesn't


seem to matter to the players. It is a New Age thing, what is happening


right now and probably see it in the future. I would like to note there


is some stability in my manager. Although we do know a manager can be


moved on easily. It is what it is like for the Watford fans. We have a


manager now who will probably move on because he will be too good to be


at Watford. What he did at Hull, how he changed them, the organisation,


was fantastic. He's very ambitious. As a Bristol City fan, not in the


Premier League obviously, do you have any worries that the culture of


the club could change dramatically, would it matter to you if success


came as a by-product? You ask yourself if you would pay


that price for success. It depends on if you feel it is still your


club. Watford, I like to recognise the manager's face and his name. We


have the same manager for two or three years on the board have backed


him through a difficult period and it is almost the opposite approach,


I'll most instantly prefer that but it would be nice to be in the


Premier League. Most than the principles up to a point but when


you are successful, you are happy no matter how you got there. Some clubs


have been transformed by foreign investment. I get that you mean


Manchester City. Not mentioning any names. If you have been one of those


clubs long enough it must be really weird to see how the club is


transformed. DCO like young Brazilian player come in, who has


been scouted very well. But probably has ambitions to play for a


champions the club, how can you get attached as a fan when you know it


is a stepping stone? For players like him, who looks athletic and


strong and very good is that yet, we know he wants to go. So how do you


get an attachment to a player like that? If he carries on doing what he


can do, he can probably do that. It is sad when we do not have one club


players, it is sad when you don't have those players who represent the


image of the club. It feels like that is a dying breed. Arsenal's


deadline day dance with Alexis Sanchez was just another episode in


the ongoing saga in north London. Sanchez stays for now but the


criticism and controversy rumble on. Arsene Wenger agreeing a two-year


contract to stay at Arsenal. If he loves the club like he says he does,


he would have walked at the end of last ease. Leicester City lead


again. It is in. Leicester will wonder how they lost it. They have a


soft underbelly and will always concede goals. He goes again,


another awayday at Stoke to forget for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. It is


frustrating, it is the same talking points. We are talking about a team


that is underperforming and people in the boardroom and the manager. We


need decisions. They have not brought in enough quality or


players. And with Sanchez not playing, we are not going to


improve. Big problems for Arsenal and big questions. I haven't seen an


Arsenal performance as bad as this in a long time. From an Arsenal


corner, Liverpool score. The players are not tuned in tactically or


mentally. It was an horrendous performance from Arsenal. Won Arsene


Wenger has called on supporters to stick by his team. I am literally


exasperated. He is earning ?9 million a year for failing. Arsenal


just look really winded at the minute. Two Arsenal have agreed to


sell Alex at the link to Liverpool. When Lamarr opted not to go to


Arsenal, the Sanchez deal collapse. Was it a mistake to give him a


two-year contract? Is not time to panic but it looks like we are


looking at the end. I almost feel wrong asking you anything about


Arsenal, you must be so fed up with it lurching from one disaster to


another and then trying to come up with some way to fathoming what is


going on and wear it will end? It is difficult. You can't sit on the


fence. Especially the way Arsenal are playing. The way they ended last


ease in the way they have started this. You cannot sit on the fence as


fans. If you come out and say you love Arsene Wenger because he


country lived me and love the club and it is just a phase, you are not


telling the truth. Especially when you see the performances. You try to


put it out as best as you can but you will not please everyone. The


way the transfers have gone, big players wanting to leave. Sanchez


does want to live, oxo Chamberlain has gone. Kieran Gibbs has gone.


Saying that he has gone because Tony Pulis can make him a better


defender. That has to hurt Arsene Wenger. He should, but he got a lot


of stick will make him map and said the boss doesn't coach. They are


getting to that age that they feel they have to go somewhere else then


it is an indictment of what is going on there. And upstairs as well as


the manager and the performances on the pitch. Most old school fans have


a fondness for Arsene Wenger because he built this culture but it seems


the more or refuses to hear any criticism at all so it is hard to


see how they can improve. There was an obvious need to strengthen in the


summer but the last two or three transfer windows they have barely


been active. And with Sanchez, it seems bonkers, if he definitely


doesn't want to play with you any more and he is worth 50 or ?60


million and he will go for free in the summer can surely you have to


let him go. At and he wears this cap a professor of economic scum he


must've been delighted with the profit on Oxlade-Chamberlain but


what about cashing on Sanchez? They were offered 60, doubling their


money. If he had three is left on his contract, he would go with what


we have seen in the market nearer 100. It is something that will be


awkward because you have a dressing room and a squad of players that


know that the main guy wants to leave. That must be a bad atmosphere


as well. It seems crazy what is going on at the moment. The only


people who can put it right are the players. It doesn't happen


frequently enough for them to come together and really get behind the


manager. If you like drama it is the gift that keeps on giving.


Footballers are a superstitious bunch and the Spurs Wembley curse


just the latest in a long line of football who do, we asked a reporter


to investigate. Enter a world of mystery, of dark forces and


inextricable events. A world where curses are real and can only be


cured by messing with the corner flag, enter the world of football


who do. Everyone is talking about Spurs right now and how they can't


win at the new Wembley. Is it to do with the size of the pitch? Has


Christian Ericsson built a new house on an Indian burial ground war has


Harry Kane thing is other who do not being able to score goals in August?


Automatically, an Arsenal fan might have -- alter Nativity, an Arsenal


fan may have caused it, Manchester and the fans did that at the Etihad


and they might not have got away with it apart from some dude being


able to dig it up after posting a picture online. It is nothing new


for Spurs. It was once a think that Gareth Bale had cursed the club


because he didn't win in his first 24 matches. Similarly, Jack Rodwell


lost 37 consecutive games with Sunderland, Noakes, sorry, that


makes complete sense. There are curses but there are also


superstitions. White Hart Lane legend Glenn Hoddle when he was


England manager not only employed a faith healer but also according to


Gary Neville, once told his staff to walk anticlockwise around the pitch.


The aim was to create positive energy. The outcome, England lost on


penalties. In modern times, things have got weird. The Internet thinks


that every time Aaron Ramsey scores a goal, he kills a celebrity. In


2015 during his record-breaking goal-scoring streak, Jamie Vardy


also had a ritual. He would drink some port and then the next day he


would drink a certain brand of caffeinated beverage and on the


surface this makes sense. The port might help him sleep on the caffeine


in this would get him up for the game but he insisted on only


drinking the port from a half empty water bottle. So footballers are a


superstitious breed. Are they right to be? In a way, yes. Football is


again largely governed by chance. But while superstition won't affect


the bounds of a ball, it may affect what goes on a player said. So it


may need the intervention of a sports psychologist but sometimes


more imaginative efforts are required. Barry Fry have Birmingham


City decided to break a run of bad results by relieving himself in any


corner of St Andrews. And then there is Dave Bassett who when he was in


charge of Sheffield United moved the festive party up to August because


he said his team only started playing well after Christmas. Here


at the National Stadium, superstition will linger in the air


until Spurs finally win a match. But there is one other solution, get


Kyle Walker Peters to wee his way round Wembley. Who do, busted. Where


are you on the voodoo thing? Did you have anything you had to do? I


always wore the same little white underside is. Socks under your


socks. The Onuoha yes. And I would always put the left one on first. I


didn't we on them, that would have been uncomfortable. You just got


into the habit. Do you look back and think it was ridiculous? A little


bit. The one where a player who like to put his shirt on in the tunnel. I


didn't like it. It was not like Les Ferdinand's chest. It was a plain


white square. The fact is that when he was captain of England, it was


really with because he had to come at last. So it was really weird


because it messes it up because actually doing your thing. Going on


stage, do you do anything, write some checks prison every question


try to think of funny and say it. I did meet quicker J played for


Argentina, he said the weed on the post before the shoot out in the


semifinal and he still believes that is why they wanted. I think he was


serious as well. Although if you watch the highlights, he also did


have the save the penalties. That is a high opinion of your own you're


in. -- your Rhine. To produce it in that moment is tough. Anderson in


2000 people is possibly harder than playing the game I would have


thought. The let us look at the fixtures.


Crystal Palace are looking for their first win against Burnley. And it is


crunch time for West Ham on Monday night when they entertain


high-flying Huddersfield. You can see all the football across the BBC


this weekend. One man who has been an instrument or part of the BBC


football team for 50 is has announced he is hanging up his


commentator microphone at the end of the season, John Moxon. We can


plough the archives for years, some wonderful moments, do you have any


particular moments? Me personally, I was quite fortunate to spend a lot


of time with him in Japan and coming back on a flight with him. Going


through all these meticulous workings, the sheets and sheets of


papers and players that he knows. It is quite fascinating the amount of


work that goes into what he does. The transform the sheepskin coat


industry as well. Yes. I think just occasionally you get something


really unexpected from him. Hiram when Zola was playing for Chelsea


and there was a close-up and he said you have the sort of face that one


scene is not easy to forget. Just occasionally he would go away from


the football. Just how much he loves football and loves his job and we


will definitely miss him. Two imagine he commentator matches in


the park as he goes past. I hope he does. Thank you so much, always


lovely to spend time in your company, same time, same place makes


weak but we will leave you with a little bit of John Moxon.


A moment that also brings tears to his eyes. Here is the tape measure


and here is the pot of paint, this is extraordinary. Radford again,


what the goal. Platini, goal. I haven't seen scenes like this in


years. We were couple of puppets. You were rather uglier than the


puppet. What a fantastic run, he has scored. Oh yes.