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Gary Lineker Meets Antonio Conte

Gary Lineker goes to meet Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, whose Blues are at the top of the league, while Gabby Logan is joined by Mark Schwarzer and comedian Omid Djalili.

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Welcome to The Premier League Show. It's only February, but is the race


for the title already over? Chelsea have been magnificent as they run


away from their rivals. We speak to the blue juggernaut. We are at the


top of the table right now but this league is very tough and for me it


is important to push. My guests in West London have big beaming smiles.


Mark Schwarzer play for Chelsea under Jose Mourinho and Omid Djalili


is a lifelong Blues fan. Trevor Nelson joins in on the Chelsea


Loven. But Tom Price isn't enjoying living next to these neighbours in


London. First, let's look back at a big week for Chelsea.


Can live title challenge? Chelsea have an opportunity to race 13


points clear. Dyfed Louise to hit it! First one to Chelsea. Liverpool


are back on terms. He has cost, and it is a penalty. Jurgen Klopp can't


believe it. This could be a big moment in the Premier League title


race. Oh, and the keeper keeps it out! Antonio Conte's team are as you


were. Liverpool needed to win. His transformation of Chelsea began with


a 3-0 hammering at Arsenal. Costa! Woodwork and the rebound! A


brilliant one! Fabregas! There are days in the late winter and early


spring when you see champions in the making. And this is one of those


days. They have 1.75 hands-on that trophy


so who will challenge them, if they haven't won it already? I think


you're right, they are almost there but there's a lot of games to be


played. There are the two Manchester clubs they have to be careful of and


I think their major threat is Tottenham. Is it about them having a


wobble rather than the others catching them? Of course, Chelsea


only have two of the top six teams to play between now and the end of


the season so they'll have to rely on Chelsea slipping up rather than


the other teams picking up points. As a fan, Omid, can you bear to


think about where you will be when the parade comes through? I'm taking


it one day at a time. It's never over until the fat bald bloke sings,


it's Iranian proverb. Clearly, you're keeping it in, not getting


too carried away selective from the manager, Antonio Conte, who has been


a revelation in his first season in England. Gary Lineker met up with


him at the training ground. Antonia, this Premier League is very


easy, isn't it? Very easy? I don't think so! The Premier League is very


tough. I think this league now is the best in the world. Why did you


start with four at the back when you'd been so successful with three?


I tried it with four at the back. In my mind, this team could play for -


2-4. And we tried a lot in the preseason to play the system. We


started this season well because we won three games in a row. Edge of


the deed, he shoots and wince at the Chelsea! Sometimes you win but you


can see... It isn't quite right. What was missing? Week conceded many


chances to score. And then you change the system to three, which


had been so successful for you. I tried to change the system and give,


first of all, a good balance in the team, don't lose offensively. But to


have a defensive situation more correct. There were players with


these characteristics because when you have a good Wenger and a good


number ten, I knew in my head that we can change, and we can find this


new system. Do you analyse deeply the games? Do you watch the matches


back on video many times and discuss with the players? Honestly,


honestly, my players... They are not used to... Do they like it? To the


enjoyed? At the start, we found a bit of difficulty because after five


minutes, ten minutes... They get bored? Very difficult. But when we


got the right way, when we watch the game who has the fork, because we


conceded a goal, but no, the only thing is to improve. The only thing


for me is to be a team. Every single player must put their talent into


the team. Do you think they did that our season? Is it what was wrong?


Were they playing as individuals? I think when you have a bad season,


there are a lot of situations, bad situations, not only one. To restart


after a bad season, it isn't easy. 4-0! Pedro in a good position.


Little bit of room, too much room! Brilliant goal. You come into the


Premier League, you have a big lead at the top, I do confident you're


going to win the league? No. No one has ever lost this kind of lead at


this stage of the season. We are at the top of the table right now. This


league is very tough. For me it is important to continue to push and to


exploit this momentum. Because if we send the right signal, it's very


important. You can't keep him out of the headlines, can you? What a


strike! Everything was going very well and then you had this big story


about Costa and China or whatever it was. Is everything, now? Yeah, but


do you go is an important player, and the situation is very clear.


He's very happy to stay with us, he's very happy to fight for the


title. Do you think he will stay here for quite some time? Yeah, I


think so. I him very to to make every day, I see has commitment, his


behaviour is in very important and he loves this club. Do you think


China is a big threat to European football? Yeah. That amount of money


will tempt a lot of players, it must be difficult. It is very difficult


to manage these types of situations. When I arrive, this offer... Very


strange. But very simple. 60 million for Oscar. Also a lot of money for


the players. Big wealthy clubs like Chelsea have always been able to


pluck players away and pay lots of money for players but now they


getting a bit of their own medicine, aren't they? Chelsea and the big


boys, it's coming from somewhere else. Yeah, but I don't think this


is the right way to pay a lot of money. Also the players to keep them


in a club. We must always have the right vision to understand the right


way and don't lose the right way because if we lose the right way, I


don't think it is a good example for the young players, for the people in


general that to work every day. Chelsea fans rise to Eden Hazard


and, in the box, brilliant! A brilliant goal by Eden Hazard. A


great display by Chelsea. You bring out the best from your players this


season. We are seeing Eden Hazard from two seasons ago, we are seeing


the Costa from two seasons ago, that must make you very happy. I must be


pleased with this, I'm sure, and I always tell my players that we have


a lot of room for improvement. Will you continue histrionics on the


side of the sideline? Showing your passion? We are enjoying it. When we


suffer, we suffer together. When we score a goal, I like to celebrate


with them. Do you ever look at yourself on the touchline when you


are getting angry? Yeah, but I don't like to watch me. I don't like it.


You have a lot of pressure and you know that during the week you work a


lot to prepare your team. And a lot of time you don't sleep to prepare


your team and to think of the right solution. And when you score the


goal, yeah, for me... It's normal to participate with my players in this


joy. I know you've got a lot of great players here at Chelsea and


you've worked with a lot of great players at Juventus but can any of


them do this over here now? Can you remember this? Yeah.


A brilliant goal by Antonio Conte. And there's the celebration, we are


still seeing it now. Just on the touchline. For me, it's always a joy


to see me with the national team, giving me always a great sensation


and a great emotion. Well, we have enjoyed it and we wish you luck for


the rest of the season, hope to see charging up and down the touchline.


Thank you very much. What was really interesting is hearing how much time


it took him to get the players on board and to buy in what he wanted


to do. It sounds like there was some friction at first. I would have


thought so. Last season, there weren't a lot of additions to the


squad so he's had to work with the players that came off the back of a


very disappointing season. The new manager has to prove himself, they


have to buy into what he's trying to bring to the table. And I think the


players, even though they started well in the first three games, they


had a blip afterwards. And, again, they had to go on the training field


and work hard. They came out of it and emerged stronger, didn't they?


That shows he's got them behind him. Is it through fear of him or love?


One minute, he looks like the scariest man, then he's the leading


man with a piercing eyes. He's a bit of both. If you look at him as a


player, he worked under the greatest managers of all time. Both of them


were brilliant. They believed team should be like a family, play with


the system and use the players at your disposal, which is why have


Victor Moses doing so well. They are not amazing players but they are


working well within a system. There was something in the interview that


struck me. When he shows videos, they weren't so sure about it. He


told them, we're not here to blame we are here to find out what went


wrong which could mean that he's a very reasonable, analytical type


person. Or he's just really scared of Costa. They've been showing Costa


videos of Teletubbies to calm him down because we have seen a very


calm Kant. How important has the acquisition of Kante been? It is a


much better squad of players at Chelsea but still he looks like one


of theme outstanding players. He does and he has been massive for


them. The one game he played badly was away at Spurs. It's no


coincidence Chelsea lost that game. Whenever he plays well, which is 99%


of the time, Chelsea either win or do well. He is a brilliant player. I


said at the beginning of the season he'd be the signing of the season


and he'd gain the most recognition. And an incredible achievement if he


goes on to win the Premier League with Chelsea. 100% of his time in


the Premier League. What a player he could be four years to come. One of


the most important players ever, he could be. See how less to have


fallen apart without him. He releases the creative players. I


remember watching Match of the Day once and there was an away game at


Tottenham were rude Follett said he had Eden Hazard play up front but


Mourinho is making him TrackBack see players like messy or Suarez


tracking back because you need the energy to drive forward. Kante does


so much amazing work, he releases other players. Every time he gets


the ball, his driving forward. They can have a massive effect on the way


the team plays. Arsenal which also's latest victim, following another


loss at Watford. Tom Price lives next door to the ground and he has


heard a few groans recently. Two to Watford. There are boos


ringing around the Emirates. Is this the night Arsenal lost the title?


Live right here next Arsenal Football Club in north London town.


They used to play football here at what is now Highbury Square. Also


famously they are in Jeremy Corbyn's seat, which explains why he had to


sit on the floor that time on the train. When I tell people I live


next Arsenal the first thing they ask without fail is, are you a fan?


Do you support them? As it happens, no, I don't. I'm a massive fan of


pizza but I don't live in Italy. It's incredibly exciting to think


this close to a major football stadium. He is one of the biggest


thrills. The parking on match day is a joy. If you're a local resident.


There are more restrictions than a Donald Trump press conference. Give


me a break. The parking isn't the only high. There is noise during a


game. Nothing quite like it. Sometimes when there was a game on I


like to do chores because that way I will get them finished, if I used


the roar of the crowds to encourage me. Thank you, thanks very much!


Thank you. I use bicarb. Thanks a lot. Job done. The great thing about


living here is you can still relax and lead a normal life. It's not


like the noise of the football ruins everything else. We keep hearing


this every year. Every year we are going to win, we're going to win the


last ten games and win the league. Get real. Still, love it or loathe


it, living here really works its way into your bones.


The pubs on a match they aren't the best if you just want to curl up


with a quiet pint and your favourite book. News of the World sports book


of the year 2007. History is beastly very important at this club. They


like to remember and honour their former great players. Fabregas. Bit


awkward. It is possible to have your panties over watered. Do you mind,


mate? Go on! To be fair, is not even a football fan. He's Allen, lives


down the road. Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon when there is a


match on, I like to have a nap, lie there, listening to the war of the


crowd, quite romantic, gives you quite a thrill. Goodbye then. -- the


roar of the crowd. But job. Whoa, what are you doing? It's my private


room, personal space. We agreed you wouldn't film in my own space.


Stamford Bridge is just down the road and like the Emirates plenty of


expensive housing around here. Are you a respectful fan? Absolutely, so


respectful I've got to tell you, I've been using my celebrity status


to calm things down. I sat very near the away fans one season and there


were two blog always screaming and shouting. They called it banter but


when I saw coins being thrown I said, look, guys,... He said, if we


ever go too far, we think it banter, but give us a sign. Coins started


raining against Newcastle. I said, Niall, cut it. It all went quiet.


The people behind me, who had been quiet all season, leaned over and


said, thank you so much. We've been listening to this nonsense for


years. Finally someone stood up to them, thank you so much. We come


from Belgravia to listen to this nonsense. Fan of the week, were you?


Fan of the year. That's I'm wrong, when your team is playing well,


attacking for 90% of the match, do you feel you tune into what's going


on behind you, can hear more of the banter? Generally there's a lot


going on behind me. At the other end battering the opposition, it's


generally a plateau and where the crowd is going crazy, directing


their line... They don't direct abuse at you? One time I went to


Liverpool with Chelsea, they already got paid won the title. Only a


handful of games to go. -- thought they'd won. We deserved to beat


them, but two bosses in front of the goal. We restricted them and the


crowd were... Animated. Disapproving of the way we started the game.


Right from the minute we try to frustrate everyone. We wanted to


frustrate the players as well as the crowd, which got the crowd going.


They appreciated that. As did the players from Liverpool. Plenty of


commotion at the bottom of the table. Six teams now locked in


battle. # There ain't no grave can hold my


body down #. Brilliant! Big Sam's side are in big


trouble now. He's tapped it in. Jermain Defoe!


4-0 Sunderland. And you're not fit to wear the shirt reverberates


around Selhurst Park. To me it looks like fear. I saw the


fear strike the players today and I realise what the problem is. Kane


against Valdes. 1-0 Tottenham. A chance for an added time equaliser


for Middlesbrough. Gabriel Jesus wins the game for Manchester city.


Tough to take for Swansea. Six teams in it at the moment, wouldn't be


surprised if it goes to the very last day. In an goal. Feeling it,


surely, for whole city. What a shot in the arm for Sunderland. A bit


more belief. More confidence. This gives us a real lift. It's a long,


long way back for Leicester now. It's no crisis. These players are


workers. Sam Allardyce reckons he's seen fear


his players eyes it was almost a revelation to him that's what's been


holding them back. If it is about fear, who should be the most scared?


Crystal Palace kept at it, Sam Allardyce has said himself, I'm


surprised it's taking him this long to realise with his players.


Particularly at home they have been so poor. Leicester definitely have


to be really concerned about their demise over the course of the


season. As with Bournemouth, look at Bournemouth and the way they've


dropped rapidly in the last couple of weeks. It's got to be a major


concern for Eddie Howe. You can't put it down to one thing. They've


lost N'Golo Kante, whose excelling at Chelsea. There seems to be other


factors the team can go from the kind of form where they are expected


to win every time they got on the pitch to a team that hasn't scored


in 2017. It's a question mentality. I remember when Brian Clough came up


with Nottingham Forest in the 1970s, they finished third in the second


edition. Everyone said you can have a season when you consolidate and


Brian Clough said, why talk about consolidation? We're going to win


it, play in the European cup and win it. Exactly what they did. There was


a feeling that Leicester that we wouldn't do well after winning the


league, let's concentrate on Champions League. You were in the


club, the Leicester dressing room, that was a team on their way to


winning the title. 1827 out of nine of the last games to stay up. Which


face will we see in the next few months? They have to get the right


face on, the one that helps them stay in the Premier League. If there


are any problems behind-the-scenes in the changing rooms with the


players and manager, they need to put that aside for the time being,


try to get together and get back to any similar ways, get back to close


to where they were playing last season. From the outside but do you


think? There is a problem with unity. A lot of additions to the


squad. I don't think everyone has fit in, problems behind-the-scenes


with individual players. The manager has swapped and changed quite a lot.


He didn't do that at all last season. He didn't. That was one of


the major keys to his success. Another thing we've learned, Crystal


Palace managers should stay away from dancing on the touchline is,


doesn't work. We saw it with Pardew in the cup final. If I don't dance


in my show people have lawsuits, they get very angry. I hope


Allardyce turned it around, there's something about him we all love


aren't like. I don't want him to finish his career after what


happened with England. -- we all love funds like. I don't think it'll


finish his career if he goes down he bounces back all the time, doesn't


it? Is indestructible, the Captain Scarlet football. One thing 's for


sure, he's not a very good dancer. DJ Trevor Nelson is dancing to a


happier chewing, taking us on a trip of nostalgia with his two loves,


music and Chelsea. -- dancing to a happier tune.


I've been coming here for 40 years. Never this way, though, as a fan.


Through thick and thin. Happy days at Chelsea of course. They've given


me the keys so I'm going to go to parts of the stadium ever been


before and take you with me. I've chosen three tracks that signify


massive moment in Chelsea history. My first musical selection to


represent an epic moment in Chelsea history is 1997 FA Cup final. My


best day as a Chelsea fan ever. We got to Wembley, played


Middlesbrough. I've got my hot dog, I drink. Before I even sat down,


Roberto Di Matteo scored a screamer. Di Matteo shoots! What about this?


Dishonour chosen, really big at the time, was Puff Daddy and the family


with faith Evans, I'll Be Missing You. The second big moment have


chosen is 1970. I'd ever member seeing this game, I was too young,


it was one of the dirtiest cup finals of all time. The sun have


chosen is Curtis Mayfield from the same year, double, what I thought


Chelsea should be doing in the 70s. -- Move On Up. This is where no one


is allowed to go, the players dressing room. I would imagine


whoever takes control of the music at Chelsea, their shirts will be


right by the system, don't you think so? Here is the system and there is


the guy, Diego Costa. And the bouncer, certainly Diego Costa


standing here going, no one, no one touches my stereo. My third


selection has to be 2012. Bayern Munich in Munich. We had a team that


gutted it out, absolutely did us proud. The tune I've chosen because


it felt like it, Labyrinth, Earthquake. The crew asked me to


Pikachu in case Chelsea win the league this year. I don't want to


jinx the club, not going to pick one. -- act me to pick a tune. Can


you play a track I love as I walk out?


Chelsea fans may be singing all the way to make a any of their rivals


can stage a comeback. That's it. The FA Cup take centre


stage next week. Juan Mata will around the attractions of


Manchester. Thank you so much. And best of luck for the rest of the


season. Fingers crossed. From all of us, good night.


Trouble with the genre nowadays, too much murder, not enough mystery.


Gary Lineker goes to meet Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, whose Blues are flying high at the top of the league, while Gabby Logan is joined by Mark Schwarzer and comedian Omid Djalili to discuss all things Premier League.