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Welcome to the Premier League Show. This week we've travelled east


to Kingston-upon-Hull - the 2017 UK City of Culture and home


to Hull City AFC. The Tigers spent the first 104 years


of their existence outside of English football's top-flight.


In 2008, all that changed as they were promoted


to the Premier League. Since then, it's been


a rollercoaster both on and off the pitch with two relegations


and two subsequent promotions back to the promised land.


This week, we go behind the scenes as the club attempts


to find its feet under new boss, Marco Silva.


Also coming up, Adrian Chiles visits his beloved Baggies to talk


management with Tony Pulis. We speak to Stoke's Peter Crouch


as he closes in on a century of Premier League goals,


Nathan Caton explores the perils of aocial media - and we catch up


with all the big stories from the last seven days.


Like Hull, West Brom established a reputation for bouncing


between the top two divisions but since the turn of the decade


they've established themselves as a Premier League fixture


and currently sit in 8th place. We sent Adrian Chiles back


to his spiritual home to get all nostalgic with Tony Pulis.


Can we turn it on? Yeah, yeah. The success and appeal of these


clubs to their supporters depends on the team, so the 15 men comprising


the first team of West Bromwich Albion prepare for the match at the


end of the week. , arm, harder! It was a fly on the wall documentary


about West Brom in 1962 when Bobby Robson and Don Howe were playing


here. That's Bobby, is it? The chat in the dressing room is usually


about players, cars, money, things that have status. Nothing's changed




All of them have got shirts and ties on.


What is your emotional response when you see your predecessor from more


than half a century ago, when you see those clips on there? Everything


has changed, Adrian. If you look at life in general, if you went back to


the steelworks or the docks in that period, life has moved on


dramatically. Over the last month there has been a


deterioration in the play of certain individuals.


The big thing that really stuck with me was the meeting that he had with


the players and told everybody that he was making changes. Whereas


today, I'd never walk in the dressing room and say this is the


team at the reason why I'm doing it is because of this, that and the


other. Could always try and make it a more personal thing. We've got a


couple of pictures of you. CHUCKLES


If someday when you are this age gives you a new car or money, how


would you end up as a different player, manager or person? What do


you suspect? If I go back to when I was 16 and jumping on the train in


Newport and pulling out of Newport station, I was one of eight people


in a small terraced house down near the docks. I wanted never to go back


home. I wanted to make this my life and I promised I would do everything


I possibly could to stay in this sport that I had loved ever since I


can remember. The academy setup in England is


absolutely fantastic. Better than most countries in the world. The


problem we've got is that technically I think the players are


better now than they ever have been but we've never had it right in


respect of playing the games. It's OK being technically good enough but


I am a manager and I have to win games so the players who come into


my team have to be winners. They have to know how to win and learn


how to win. Because if they don't you start losing and your job would


be at risk. Isn't that taught to them? Not at all, the big problem we


have is these kids are sent out at a young age and they should be sent


out to learn that whether it is down at the bottom of the road playing in


the third division or non-league football, that manager and those


supporters, whether it's 500 or 600 people turn up, they want to see


their team turn up on a Saturday. They don't want to see a kid just


run around and be technically good, they want him to be technically good


in leading that team to winning the. I think we miss


that out of the time we ask them to give something back they don't know


how to because all they have done is take.


Once a week the Albion's directors meet to deliberate on the club's


policy. Once a week? Archie, I'd like to hear your views of last


Saturday's match for the benefit of the directors.


I don't like board meetings. I think if I've got an owner, if it is the


chairman, if I can have 20 minutes with him rather than being in an


office with a committee of everybody asking questions, it suits me much


better. I think you have to understand that they will sometimes


cut across new in the way you believe things should work. You're


almost managing up as much as you're managing down. And when things are


going badly it must feel like you are fighting absolutely everybody?


LAUGHTER You will always face the supporters


in some shape or form. Every week you are in front of the shareholders


and if they don't like what they are seeing they let you know. I accept


that is part of it and you have to deal with it. Frank Skinner and I


sit right behind you. You are the one that shouts at me all of the


time! Frank shouts at you sometimes. CHUCKLES


I'd been encouraged from a very, very young age to learn my trade,


not just playing but coaching and listening to people. The systems you


have learned, have they set you in good stead for what you play now?


Well, we had a wonderful set up in England. I think it was better than


anywhere in the world where we used to have a week with senior coaches


coming along and learning from Don Howe, Bobby Robson, Dave Sexton, I


haven't moved to far-away from the basics that I learned at that time.


The basics being what? Setting your team are properly, making sure you


play to the strengths you have got, not trying to do anything you can't


achieve, football is a simple game and the important thing as a manager


is trying to get the best out of the group of players you have got, not


trying to justify what maybe other people want from that football team.


But actually accepting what they are and what they are about and getting


the best you can out of them. Is it important for you to be liked


by the players? There will be at least half of the squad who hate you


because you are not picking them. The most important thing is to be


honest and straight with them. If you try and be clever eventually you


will spin round and they will catch you out. It's difficult because you


know it will hurt their feelings but you have to do it, that's your job.


My thoughts have always been, be as straight to them as you possibly can


whether they like it or not and wonder if they walk away they will


say I didn't like him but he was a straight fellow and a straight


hitter. Tony Pulis has this morning been


confirmed as West Brom's new head coach. It's the right club at the


right time, I've got a decent record of helping places turnround.


Being marked down as the defending I wrote, ten behind the ball, you


don't need possession and all that, do you get fed up of all that? That


is one thing I don't give a dam about, we can sit down and have a


drink together and you don't really know me and I don't really know you


and the supporters don't know really what I'm like. I have got a plan, it


has been a short-term plan, and it was to shake the dressing room up a


little bit and get rid of quite a few players which we have managed to


do and bring a little bit more quality in as we go along. Over the


next year, two years, is to have good windows and sign players. Maybe


not the numbers this club has signed before but a little bit more


quality. I believe that we've got some exceptional young players at


the football club. The aim is to bring real top-quality players in


like Evans, good professionals like Fletcher, you know, people of that


ilk. And then hopefully over the next year or two the younger players


will learn from those and eventually take those players' places come and


bring those kids who are local lads in through the team and have a real


good team and a good structure in respect of age. Because that's


important. Is possible to be adventurous and defend corners,


effectively? Is that really possible?




LAUGHTER Were you watching this? I wasn't


quite born then! Do you think looking at this club, you never own


a club, you just look after it for the next generation? The thing I've


always try to do and hopefully I've done it at most of the clubs I've


been at, I always want to leave the club better than when I came in. You


are just a custodian of it really. The most important thing is when I


leave people can say he didn't do a bad job.


I think we could let those two chat for hours.


I'm here in leafy Cottingham, just outside of Hull,


where Hull City's first team train and today they've


allowed us in to watch. At the end of last season,


the Tigers won the Championship Play-Off Final and there


was jubilation as they returned to the Premier League.


But things soon turned sour with the departure of manager


Steve Bruce in the summer citing a lack of transfer investment


from the club's owners. The season so far has been a battle.


The opening day is normally one full of optimism but it's in short supply


in Hull, no new signings, no permanent manager, surely the most


scrambling Bulldogs ever to a top-flight season.


# You hold me down in the best way # COMMENTATOR: A famous win for Hull


City. Stunning result this, what a story they are. What more does he


have to do to get the job? Hopefully it will continue.


Sanchez. The hole recovery is a short lived one. What an absolute


screamer. -- the Hull. Mick Phelan is now the head coach on a full-time


basis. COMMENTATOR: They are punished yet


again. We have to realise we are in the big league. If you sell your


house and the roof is leaking you fix it. The roof is leaking, Assem


Allam. Hull City began in 2016 dreaming of a return to the Premier


League and they end the year fearing an all too speedy return to be


Championship. Mike Phelan has been sacked as the


head coach of Hull. Hull City have appointed Marco Silva


as their new manager. COMMENTATOR: Hull City have the


equaliser through Hernandez. What a shot! Maybe, just maybe the great


escape is on. # You'll keep on saying it's all


right # Thank you for doing this.


Marco, welcome to the Premier League Show.


Everybody looks happy and relaxed this morning. What was the mood like


when you arrived at the club? We have had a difficult two months and


in the last couple of weeks we have won two games, the players are more


happy and the atmosphere is different and that's important for


the work. Incredible start. You must think you can save this club. It is


our job to change some things, we don't have a lot of time, only six


training sessions but we try to pass on the most important thing for the


players step-by-step and they understand. They are starting to


understand and believe more and it's important in this situation. It's


impossible to change everything in one week, two weeks, one month, but


we will try and do it step-by-step and pay attention to the most


important things. You have had success in Europe and when you came


here people didn't know as much about you, perhaps, even though you


have had that success. Do you feel extra pressure or is it good coming


under the radar because you are almost an unknown quantity? The


pressure is always with me. When I started 34 years old as a football


coach the pressure always stays with me. Day by day, with my players, in


training, I like to work with pressure. It's not a problem. You


have a big job this week, how do you stop a team like Chelsea? Until now


they did a fantastic season. Very good squad, and a very good coach


also. It's a big challenge for us. We will be competitive, sure. We


will believe in our team and see what happens on Sunday. It's the


most important because it's the next, not because it is Chelsea,


it's the next game for us and so it's the most important. I can see


your influence has already spread into the canteen because I asked the


chef what the menu was today and he's joking but it is piri piri


because of the gaffer. He's joking! No, you've got a piri piri checking


waiting in there for you. Good luck and enjoy your lunch.


Stoke City's Peter Crouch is chasing a record -


his header against Sunderland last weekend was his 99th


Premier League goal. Can he make it a century against


Manchester United this Saturday? He's been talking to Pat Murphy.


Peter Crouch gets the 50th goal of his career...


Peter Crouch's 99th Premier League goal.


When you get your 100th will you resurrect the robot? People say if


you get the 100th you have to do it. I am sure I'll dust it off at some


stage. We can take that as a yes? Maybe! What was the best goal? The


goal for Tottenham, that was an amazing feeling. Because of the


sheer technique of the goal. What a feeling? Against Bolton on New


Year's Day for Liverpool. And there has been obviously the goal for


Stoke against Man City, which was probably the best goal I scored. Oh,


what a goal! Tell me about that card that you give out to people - you


saw it on social media about being six foot seven. People ask me how


the weather is up there. Do I play basketball? I had a couple of cards


fitted to give out when these questions are arise. What do say


they? Yes I am six foot seven. I don't play basketball and I am glad


we had this conversation. I think people take it all seriously. It is


nice to engage with the fans. It is a good bit of fun!


And you can see more of that interview on Football Focus


on Saturday at 12pm on BBC One. Good luck, Crouchy!


There was a time when the only interaction fans had with players


was an autograph after the game but things have moved


on in the digital age - and not necessarily for the better -


We sent Nathan Caton to delve into the murky


world of social media. MUSIC Isn't social media great?


There are so many things you can do! Talk to your friends, meet new


people, see if they are still single and put on weight... No, no, I don't


do that! I just know people who do! For footballers, one great thing


about social media is they get to connect to the fans off the pitch.


We get to learn more about them. For example, from social media we have


learnted that Huth is not just a Premier League champion but the


champion of banter. Let's all welcome Jon to twitter and


congratulate him on learning to write!


What would you do if he committed a crime? Make him watch a West Brom


game? Yeah, that's right Wayne Rooney


tweeted himself offering a fight! Madness! On second thoughts, maybe


not a bad idea. We all know what happened when he tried fighting


someone else! Social media gives us an insight into who the players are.


Including those who tweet normal stuff - such as Victor Wanyama. Some


use it to vent their frustration, such as Diego Costa. If I was 20 and


had a face of a 58-year-old I would be constantly angry too. The


angriest has to be Joey Barton. Ouch! I don't think he will play for


Burnley any time soon! Speaking of Burnley, how about this?


It probably wasn't his fault. It was probably the people who look after


his profile. A lot don't run them on twitter. If they do, they have


someone telling them what to say. Isn't that right?


There have been some hiccups but some have been landed in hot water.


Make sure you watch everything precisely, even you are one of the


best players on the planet... You can't say that, man! Your name


will go from the back of your shirt to the top of a register! So I guess


what I am trying to say is social media is a great tool, but has to be


used correctly. What you put out there stays out there. And you


cannot get it back, no matter how it might be... Like all these... Me!


Hey, why is my picture there? Thank you. Watching Nathan there on


social media and footballers finding themselves in sticky situations.


Have you found yourself doing that on social media? I've not had


anything that's that bad really. During the summer when we only had a


few players I tweeted a picture of the Hull City squad photo there and


were only nine of us in it. Because it was retweeted by a number of


papers and things like that, our coach said, you lot are causing a


story. It was only a joke that people picked up and saw it as... If


you don't write "this is a joke! " I think a lot of our fans saw it in


good light and it made them smile at a tough time for the club.


We had the pleasure of speaking to the new coach. Did you know much


about him before he came to the club? He is obviously only a young


manager. He's recently only stepped out of playing the game, really. It


is a fresh approach rather than maybe getting a manager who has been


somewhere, got someone, failed and got sacked and it is bold by the


chairman and touch wood, it is going good so far. What you want with a


new manager in your position is that immediate bounce. He seems to have


had that impact on the pitch. A great result at the weekend. Has the


mood lifted? It has. It seems that the manager has come in. He could


have easily have taken a step back and waited to see, OK give it two


weeks, see what they can do, but from day one he was in the changing


room, physically dragging players across the pitch, I want you here


and you there. I think he's done his homework. I think he's watched all


the games on tape. He was talking about the last time we played


Bournemouth. This is what we done. You playing Chelsea as the second


league match, that away, that is going to be tough. Of course. The


game at the weekend was massive due to the fact we are playing Chelsea.


After that there is Liverpool... Welcome. They don't come much


tougher than that. What about the relationship between the fans and


the owners here? It appears to have been through a troubled time. How


does that affect you as players? I k not say it affects us. When you come


to the Swansea game and the FA Cup, there was a miniboycott, we only had


6,000 fans. The atmosphere was so dull. I cannot imagine for the


players on the pitch what it was like. The fans, firsts and foremost,


are with the players. Usually they are with us players.


Shall we look inside and see where all the prematch magic happens. Back


into the warm. That is what I meant! Shall we go and get warm. So, what


is this room here then? This is our warm-up room. Usually, I say


warm-up, usually lads are doing kick ups or something. Someone will


probably kick a ball at your head or something like that, unfortunately.


Has every ground you go to got a space like this? Most of the newer


ones do. When you go to the away changing room, there is usually


nothing. You usually do a stretch in the shower or something like that.


It is interesting. You have to find whatever space you can. The club


must have been delighted there was a stock of these tiles? I think they


got a detail after -- discount after the 80s. Has the atmosphere in here


changed? Did row have some sympathy for the predicament here? When Steve


Bruce had some problems, Mike said he wanted to take us forward. That


was a bold statement. We had 13 fit players and maybe no hope from the


outside, but he took the job. Started off OK. We could not sustain


it. As somebody who has been in the game for a long time now, been


around a little bit and seen other set ups, who are the other voices we


would hear here on match day? Daws, the captain. He is influential. He


speaks to whoever it need be. There are a few in here who have something


to say. You need the leaders right now? Whatever happens with the


management, the board. You have to go out there and get the result. It


will be an interesting few months? Hopefully happy. Shall we see what


else has been going on in the last seven days?


Schlupp is watching today. You don't feel it will be long before he


breaks into the side. Michael Keane... ... Alli scopes it


back to him. What a week for him! Who's the daddy? I am a new dad. A


good feeling. What a great way to finish the week off! There'd not be


a louder ovation today in memory of Graham Taylor.


And it is in from Giroud. Ramsey tries to shoot. Sanchez does.


Arsenal lead by 4-0. Was Sanchez OK when he came off?


Completely OK, he wanted to stay on. Carroll on the far side... Oh, that


is tremendous! Lovely! Extremely important three points. Under the


circumstances, in a very difficult week. So, brilliant! Costa left at


home after a row. He does not strike me as the kind of person who is


bothered by what people think. Alonso... Deflected 2-0 and Pedro


has surely sealed it for Chelsea... Using it to solve all the problems.


Never doing a press Conference, but I repeat, if there are other


problems. He beats Bravo and Everton have a


three-goal lead. And Lookman scored. 4-0.


I don't think football days get better than that, do they? No. I


don't think they ever will. Penalty to Liverpool! Pogba's


handball. Milner puts Liverpool in front. Ibrahimovic... In the net!


Ibrahimovic for Manchester United. Before we go, let's take a quick


look at the weekend's fixtures. Saturday begins with bottom club


Swansea City visiting Liverpool in the early kick-off.


There are five 3pm kick-offs including


Crystal Palace against Everton and Manchester United's


trip to Stoke. Faltering Manchester City


host in-form Tottenham in the evening game.


There are three games on Sunday with Hull's trip to league leader's


Chelsea rounding off the weekend. Best of luck against Chelsea. Which


will you wear? I think this purple one. Lovely! Thank you. And we're


off for a couple of weeks. If you miss anything on the show you can


catch up with the i player. Thank you to everybody at Hull. You have


made us feel very welcome. Have a good night. Goodbye.


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