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Gary Lineker meets Mark Hughes

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Welcome to the Premier League show, back after a short winter break.


Joining me this week to reflect on the big stories are an uneasy


alliance of former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy and comedian


and Manchester United fan Justin Moorhouse. Gary Lineker travels to


Stoke to meet up with his old Barcelona team-mate Mark Hughes. We


hear from Paul Pogba ahead of Manchester United against Liverpool.


We look at the anatomy of a rivalry and we reflect on the passing of a


legend. Talk to him. Why we have been on a hiatus, football hasn't,


is what has been going on in Premier League. Another defeat. Link WSDL


Palace. Alan Pardew has been sacked as manager. Mkhitaryan, what a


finish that is. Brilliantly put away by Pedro. No matter how we start


again, we find a way to go down and pay the price. Could this be another


one? It is. It is a goal. A 13th consecutive win. We are proud.


Headed in Elliot Lee. -- brilliantly. Dele Alli. Dele Alli


gets his second of the game. Basically killed us, a big mistake.


Fernandinho, it is a red card. You are the journalist, not me. Marco


Silvestri is the new Hull boss. -- Marco Silva. If he was to leave, I


would be angry. It is 2-0. Welcome, we have managed to find a cosy spot


not far from Craven Cottage, your old stomping ground, just round the


corner from Stamford Bridge as well. Things wobbled after the 13 match


winning run over the Christmas period. It all came to an end at


White Hart Lane. Thankfully for the Premier League. For the


competitiveness of it. It did, what a performance it was from Tottenham.


I thought they were fantastic. They showed in that performance and the


one against Manchester city that they will be competing as well. From


back to front, they were brilliant. Dele Alli, for his age, keeps


amazing us with those brilliant conformance is and the goals he is


now scoring. Well done Spurs and the title race is on again. They didn't


start the season with the same meant from a team that came so close last


season. They seem to be getting into their stride now. Some great young


players. I agree with everything, he said they are good back to front, I


think they are better front to back to be honest. You have not brought


me in for the expert analysis. I think every neutral wanted that gap


to be maintained at three or four points, not extending to six or


eight points. As a fan it has been fascinating watch Chelsea march on


and grind out results like they used to. But they won 13 games on the


bounce and were only six points clear. Which shows the quality of


the top six. You could put everybody's top four is in that top


six. It is the familiar top six. Last year was clearly a blip, no one


outside the top six is thinking they can break in easily, money talks. It


does. The quality that has been brought in and the new managers and


the money that has been spent. The brilliant thing is you will get


these six teams playing each other. So many games to look forward to in


the next couple of months. The games between the top sides have already


been entertaining. No bigger coming up at the weekend than Liverpool and


United. You do feel that it is hard to predict the top six encounters.


Chelsea against Manchester city, Man City can lose, even with Guardiola.


That gives it a wonderful competitive edge. City did win ten


games on the bounce but they are still in the top six after a blip.


You would be hard-pressed to think anyone would think this would be not


the top six at the end of the season. I think United could have a


significant impact on the top six. In the summer of 1986, Barcelona


boss Terry Venables signed Mark Hughes and Gary Lineker to be his


new look front line. 30 years later, Gary has travelled to slightly less


exotic Stoke to catch up with his old strike partner.


Hello young man. I've only come for the weather, beautiful. I think you


are winning on the great front. And the beard actually. Not seen you for


a while. When not kids any more. Mark, it is over 30 years, July 1986


was when we signed for Barcelona. I have a few snippets and clips to


have a look at. I will leave you to translate.


"Barcelona Manager at Terry Gornell is assigned to English strikers to


boost is teams campaign." I was a young 23, in years and probably


attitude to life. It was hard work for me. I think your attitude helped


you succeed better than I did. My debut coming up. Lineker and Hughes


helped make it a winning start for Terry Venables. I remember it


because I scored after two minutes. Usual, three yards out. Based a


career on it. Your personality and how you was as a player. He is off


with a red card. And how you are off the field is entirely different. You


were a very aggressive footballer. And you are quite a calm and


laid-back individual, especially for a manager. I'm never going to be


life and soul of the party. At times, yes. I have two distinct


personalities, as a player I was completely different. Maybe that's


how I was able to express myself as a person more readily than maybe off


the field. I think this role tests you. It makes you do things and


takes you out of your comfort zone. To stand in front of 25 grown men


and make them believe what you are saying is true. Do you ever lose it


in front of those 25 individuals? What do you think? We had Terry


Venables as coach of course. He was great, I liked him as a guy and he


knew the game very well. He knows this is his responsibility. The


translator gave him a terrible time. You get to that four yards, but the


brakes on and when you shop him, go again. He is actually talking about


forward pressing which is interesting. Clearly you have


completely switched off there, I am not far behind you there. Gary has


the angle to cut that off. He was head of the time, we talk about the


high press now. Sylla macro it is interesting to see what they say.


When you see someone like Terry working, you forget about what


happened when you under his tutelage. That looks a bit of a mess


really. Goes around the goalkeeper and makes it 4-1. I worked with a


few managers, interesting to see how they all very in how they approach


defeats, does it affect your mood badly over the weekend if you lose


on Saturday? It shapes your week. One quality I've got that I'm


grateful for is that when I get home, I can shut the door and I can


switch off. My experience with other managers is that it is quite rare. I


don't toss and turn in bed thinking about formations, that is something


I am grateful for, not many managers have that. You used to live there.


That was my good lady. This is after you scored that hat-trick. Against


real Madrid. What do you miss most? They would ring me every Sunday


afternoon to make me feel better. Saying they are having a pint. You


had trials and should relations. At Barcelona and Bayern Munich, did it


help you nowadays because you get so many foreign players when you are


managing. Without a shadow of a doubt. Going back to those


experiences helps me when I'm speaking to players here. I use it


when I try to acquire good players. It is always useful to say that you


have played for Barcelona and Bayern Munich. They can't a member me


playing but they checked Google to see if I am telling the truth.


That is my attitude, completely the wrong way to embrace the culture of


another country. I regret to this day that I didn't break it. When you


go abroad, you have to go with the mindset that you want to stay there


as long as you can. If you do that, you can be successful and give


yourself time to understand different cultures and languages and


you can get a better experience. My attitude was to do it for a couple


of years and see how I go and then get back home. At Stoke you have


been in the top ten for three years running, do you get the credit you


deserve for that? You had to change the style of play as well?


Bill-macro it is not for me to say. That is what it is. As a club, to


get ninth for three seasons running is an unbelievable result. Did you


think you were unfairly treated at Manchester city? Big-money was


coming in and they wanted a big name from somewhere else. To be must be


thinking you would have won all sorts of things. It was always going


to happen. I was close to being fired on three occasions, I was


unaware of the first two but then I finally had a bad result. They will


always going to replacement, I always understood that. I probably


lasted longer than they thought I was going to. I take that as a


positive. Spanish guys talking... This should


be interesting! Show we stop there? -- shall we stop there? Nothing


changes, does that! Everyone has a view! Everyone knows best! What is


the best that Stoke City can do? If you look at the top six as it stands


that is difficult. The best would be to do a Leicester. Perhaps to win


that middle league. We are talking top six and there's a gap to


seventh, why can't we be seventh? And on any given year when things


fall in place maybe we can get into the top six and see where that takes


us. Certainly we should always look to be an established top tens side


which is what I I got this job, I felt there was potential in the club


but year on year on year it is and more difficult. -- it is getting


more and more difficult. It is great to see you again. I wish you well.


You're doing quite well, well done! I lurve the use of archive footage,


looking back on those early days and Barcelona. You played under him at


full, what is he like as a bloke? I got on with him really, really well.


Good sense of humour, stern when he wants to be, he has a bit of a


temper, there's no doubt about that, stands back in the training, lets


Eddie and Mark get on with it, come in when he wants to make a point,


likes to join in and show off his volleying techniques. He was great


with me. You've got to work hard for him. He demands a hell of a lot. You


can see that with his Stoke team and he has done really well to move them


forward while playing in a bit of a different way, credit to him, he's


done a good job. We've talked of the top six and if you look at the next


band of clubs he has cemented stoke there, they've finished ninth in the


last three seasons. It's difficult for teams like Stoke. There is not


that much it is Stoke. They are not the... I've got a theory, Danny will


probably pooh-pooh it but it is hard. To do better than they will


ever do. Because people say, Johnny foreigner has come in, he's done it


at Real Sociedad but can he do it on a wet Wednesday at Stoke? So every


Carlos Bacca Ball who comes in house to raise their game at Stoke! And as


a compliment to him, I've done it on Tuesday and Wednesday and it's hard


work! Actually the budget has gone up and they've brought in a better


quality player, in terms of Arnautovic, and Bojan. I think they


are doing as well as they will ever do. He said seventh. It feels odd


seeing someone like Mark Hughes who was so competitive and played for


the very best, having to almost concede that he cannot win the


league. It's probably practical and good for Stoke. If they finished


seventh, possibly six, I think that's what they look for. You would


have to ask a Stoke fan but I think they are a very well-run club. They


make the best of... What other club in the world deliberately don't fill


the corners in to make it windy in the stadium? Just to make it more


difficult to play! I know that you are both looking forward to this,


Manchester United face Liverpool this Sunday and who better to get us


in the mood for this and the world's most expensive player? COMMENTATOR:


What a header by Paul Pogba. Brilliant strike.


How is life back at Manchester United, how would you describe it?


Life is good, we enjoy it, every moment. Just enjoy it. Is it


everything you thought it would be? I knew it would be like that. The


weather didn't change! One say Manchester United versus Liverpool


at Old Trafford does that sent a shiver down your spine? The history


of Liverpool and Manchester United, big derby, more than Manchester City


I think because the way you feel, the atmosphere is more. I want to


win, I want three points. It is good to win three points against Stoke


City, any team in the league, doing even better, it is better when you


win three points against Liverpool because it is the Derby communal.


Hear more from Paul Pogba on football focus on Saturday. Before


this week's game we asked Ivo Graham for his unique take on rivalries.


# Life is a struggle, baby you've got to choose... #.


As a football fan nothing set the pulse racing like the phrase Clash


of titans. The beautiful thing about the Premier League, the greatest


league in the world trademark, is that you loads of these every


weekend. This Sunday we are gearing up for the most heavily hyped title


clash of all, Manchester United against Liverpool. We came, we saw,


we kicked their backside! I should say early doors that I'm a neutral


for this one. Both clubs have attracted a good few glory hunters


over the years mainly because they've had more glory than anyone


else, Liverpool, 19 years leading up to my birth, Manchester United the


22 years leading up to the loss of my virginity. Oh yes, I was one of


those cheering them on while clutching my copy of one of the most


confusingly narrated sports memoirs of all time. But then I started


something that would cause an even more pain than their emission of May


from the squad, my long-time relationship with my home team,


Swindon Town. In the years I've been following them they've slipped down


the division weathermen excitement now comes from Brussels with the


Auld enemy, Oxford United in the a 24 Derby. Police are hunting for


vandals who broke into the Oxford ground on the weekend and burned the


initials of their rivals into the ground. It is never we hate Reading,


it is always, we hate Oxford. I hate the Derby but I would say that


because we always lose. You have to tell yourself it doesn't matter, we


are to clap teams linked by one clap Rd, it does not matter who gets the


come, we are both still bored. That's the thing about lower league


derbies, passionate and Betty. Something to boast about apart from


having the most famous miniature roundabout complex in the UK. Of


course I will watch Manchester United against Liverpool this


weekend, it is the big one, both great teams trying to knock each


other of some nonspecific perch. But in three weeks' time and fifth


February I'll be here, at the County Ground for my own personal big one,


Swindon versus Oxford, the clash of the non-Titans, not about who is the


best but who is the worst. All of the hatred, none of the hope. At the


very least, please let us get a draw! You will be relieved to know


I'm not going to ask you anything about these and- Oxford rivalry but


there's a big rivalry this weekend on the hotly anticipated much


always, Liverpool versus Manchester United and you have special memories


of playing in these games. How long have you got? Strap yourselves in.


He'll be dining out on his three goals a game. I know you are never


asked about them! Old Trafford became a fantastic place for me for


many reasons, I made my England debut there, but the winners I got


for Liverpool there were always special, growing up as a Liverpool


fan. The second came from a selfish point of view, the late winner. The


previous couple of games I hadn't been playing very well and that kind


of turned things around a bit for me, coming off at the end, the


supporters, and Stevie was the captain for the night, personally


that meant a lot to me. And the first that the club, United have


been so successful, ten years we hadn't won at Old Trafford and that


first one kind of put that to bed. We did OK against them. It is my


best memory of playing football, going there and winning games,


because of the fact that they were the best. If you try to rationalise


this to someone who is not a football fan and doesn't understand,


would they think this logical, there are other teams, why focus on them?


It's almost always about these two periods in history,


the dominance of the teams and it will never change, that intense


dislike. I grew up watching football in the late 19th 70s and the early


1980s and Liverpool were the best team in the country and in Europe,


for periods, and they were close enough to us to be almost a derby


rival but far enough away that you did not know many of them, which was


thankful! You said you grew up! When Fergie came in 1986, that was his


thing, his job, he was going to knock them off their perch, that was


a clarion call to us, and do you know we are over obsessed with


Liverpool and they are over obsessed with United. Your big memory? Live


and John O'Shea scoring the winner at the Kop in the 90th minute. I


heard afterwards that Gary Neville hoped him and whispered to him, you


have stolen my dream. And that dream was my dream and the dream of every


kid who grew up wanting to be a Manchester United manner, to score


the winning goal at the Kop in the 90th minute. Does it carry on until


the next time you meet? It wasn't until about to stick you have to


wait until the area has been evacuated! -- it wasn't until about


Tuesday that I could leave! I know a view Liverpool fans. Why do some


outreach work! You can confers with them once you've got over the


language barrier and you have stopped showing off about use, they


are all right. And now we have these two great characters, Jose Mourinho


and Jurgen Klopp, it means a lot to them, they get their history. They


both love the game. You can feel that question. It's like having a


fan on the touchline. Jurgen Klopp is the Liverpool manager but I like


the way he's immersed himself into the culture of the club. Both have


immersed into the club the type of player with a from. When I was


growing up is still had Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen and


United always had Gary and Phil Neville, Ryan Giggs, it's not all


about that but some sort of resemblance to the supporters goes a


long way, I think. It is lost a little in terms of that but it is


still a huge game and one that is massively important in terms of the


Premier League. One thing, Win, lose or draw I've never enjoyed one of


them. I have an them all. You never enjoy them, they are horrible games.


That's the point of being a fan. It's like playing, you only enjoy it


when you finish. And score the winner. That's all from us, big


thanks to Danny and Justin, let's look at the weekend, Tottenham kick


us off on Saturday with the early visit to West Brom, three games


featuring teams from the bottom five before faltering Leicester City take


on Chelsea. On Sunday its Manchester versus Merseyside beginning with


Everton against City before Manchester United take on Liverpool.


And today the sad news reached us that the former England manager


Graham Taylor has died aged 72. After a playing career in the lower


divisions he began his managerial career at Lincoln City and had


spells at Aston Villa, walls and the national team but it was with


Watford where he had extraordinary success, taking them from the old


fourth division to the top flight and guiding them to the 1984 FA Cup


final. Spell at Watford was probably the best of my managerial career. It


was fantastic. I think that I've got qualities as regard coaching. I


think that is what I ought to be doing. I've always had admiration


for him. People come to be entertained, to be excited. Nowhere


does that action take place. Cheers. I've got an 83-year-old


mother-in-law that wants his autograph. You can get a position


that Gary Lineker has got, now the captain of his country, but you must


keep working hard. It is a game for the man on the terraces, a game to


excite the people. The sound of hitting the football thrilled me.


Now my playing career is over and I'm fortunate that I'm a manager and


I would like to remain one, simply so I can hear a football being




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