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Sean Dyche

Gabby Logan is joined by Chris Sutton and comedian Elis James to discuss the latest from the Premier League. Steve Bower meets Sean Dyche to look at the psychology of relegation.

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This week I'm joined by Chris Sutton and comedian


and long-suffering Swansea City fan, Elis James.


Coming up on the show - with a big weekend ahead at the foot


of the table we look at what it takes to escape the dreaded drop;


Steve Bower sits down with Burnley boss Sean Dyche


and football-mad John Robins tells us why he has no desire to...err..go


But first, the games are running out and the tension is rising


at both ends of the table - here's what's been happening


over the last seven days in the Premier League...


It was an outstanding performance. Up comes a Randolph. But is it the


way, not very far. Sunderland have hope. We will keep believing why we


have a chance. We keep going, we don't give in. It is a free header.


The only thing I want to remember is a positive experience. If I had to


work 15 years to experience one such moment, I will do it gladly. Drives


it in. What an outstanding goal. Rowdy outside... 2-0. Get it in.


That is the icing on the cake. Exciting moment. Marcus Rashford


with the chance. Taken brilliantly. Young, again. And as her rare red.


It is deflected and it is in. Listen to those cheers for Manchester


United win which will be cheered as loudly by Tottenham.


Keeper doesn't see it at all. Sanchez, right footed, quality kick


and Arsenal lead 1-0. Negredo steers the ball past Petr Cech. Sanchez,


into the penalty area. The ball is fired in. And it is Ozil. Arsenal


are back in front 2-1. There will be a new team in the Premier League


next season, Brighton Hove Albion have been promoted. John Terry has


announced he will leave the club at the end of the season. He has been


at the club for 22 years. He said he will decide on his future later. You


get the feeling Spurs smell a little bit of fear, they smell an


opportunity and they look imperious. Is it a little wobble from Chelsea


would you be worried if you were a Chelsea fan? I wouldn't be too


worried. Chelsea have four games at home, two away, Sunderland and


Middlesbrough and they are automatic for Chelsea. Spurs are on an


incredible run. Were you surprised by Antonio Conte's body language? A


couple of months ago, all of the pundits are saying they were going


to win it. So to lose two games in a month, must get in the back of your


mind, doubt. As a neutral, you want the team at the top in April to


throw it away, because it is so entertaining. Liverpool fliptop and


they have throw it away. They had a Newcastle like lead as well,


Chelsea. It is so much fun if you don't support the top two teams. I


am trying to find a link, do you want Spurs to win? I don't care. I


used to live with a Spurs fan, they haven't won it since 1961. People


used to rent radios in 1961. I love Ben Davies. A Welsh connection?


Clutching at straws. Who do you want to win it? I want Swansea to win it


in some horrendous mathematical... I don't know how it will happen. It


won't. No it won't. I prefer watching Tottenham to Chelsea. Spurs


are playing attractive football, they look tougher than they did this


time last year? The manager was saying a month ago, last year they


lost focus. They don't seem to have lost focus this year. The


interesting one is the semifinal at the weekend. If Spurs bump Chelsea,


there may be doubts from the Chelsea players. Is there anything to read


into cost of's form as well? He is reliant on service. He didn't have


his best game against United, he was shackled well. But overall he has


been exceptional the Chelsea. There is no way he is 27. He looks about


50. I thought it was a typo when I saw his age. It takes it out of you


being a sportsman, look at Chris. The top two aren't in action this


weekend so attention is firmly on the bottom of the table -


and there are some big Huge home games for both


Swansea and Hull dominate Saturday's fixtures,


whilst West Ham and Bournemouth are still desperate to reach that


magical 40 point mark. Likewise, on Sunday Burnley


entertain Manchester United and resurgent Crystal Palace face


a tough trip to Anfield. But what does it take to avoid


the trapdoor and keep your head Recent Premier League history


is punctuated by miraculous escapes but how do you psychologically equip


yourself to fight relegation. When the threat of relegation enters


into the thoughts, this whole idea of needing to escape occupies my


energy and what I think about, I'd bring about. You start distrusting


each other as players. You look at your coach and doubts whether they


are the person you hoped they would be, the blame game starts happening


and you get into this negative spiral. Whether you can ride the


emotional roller-coaster that is relegation is going to be the key as


to whether you come out successful or not successful. For me, it looks


like fear and the fear has gripped the players and it hasn't allowed


them to express the ability they have got. When players enter into


the competitive arena cup performance is in their mindset.


That is when they are stifled. Fans on their back, press on their back.


What a dreadful moments. If you can imagine my hands are like my


thoughts and my feelings. When I am experiencing fear, it is as if this


happens. The fear of failure perpetuates itself onto the pitch.


They freeze and take less risks on the ball. If body language reveals


anything, it reveals horror. It is often said, the health of the team


is reflected in the face of the coach. Being mindful of your body


language as a manager is important. They may be saying the right words,


but if their body language doesn't reflect what they are saying, their


players will recognise it. When you see players making a mistake, they


look straight to the bench for some kind of confirmation of how to feel.


We cannot not communicate. The serious stuff starts here for the


new Hull boss. When managers come into football clubs, there is this


sense of freshness, everything is new. You are coming in with the


level of optimum and you have to convince somebody that you can. You


share those thoughts with somebody. A change of manager disrupts that


cloud of negativity. Cloud you run your airy has been sacked as the


Leicester City manager. You create belief systems and then the fear


starts to dissipate. The Stadium of light is lifting. Sam Allardyce has


a tool box he brings with him, both mental and scientific, if you like.


He has done it before. Job done, mission accomplished. Sam Allardyce


has pulled it off. People look to him and say, we are in safe hands.


He said, I am the man to get Crystal Palace out of relegation. That


belief conveys itself to every single player in the dressing room.


That will do it for the boys in blue and four Nigel Pearson. You look


back to Leicester City a couple of years ago, Fulham a few years back,


it is about a change of mindset. It has all swung Fulham's way. Go back


to 2005 when Bryan Robson led West Brom. They were bottom Christmas and


everybody said it couldn't be done. Bryan Robson's baggies are staying


in the Premiership. In the end, a manager who is able to motivate,


inspire and energise, those managers become successful. Relegation is a


seemingly innocuous word but it is a powerful or pervasive place to be


sometimes. If you think you are doomed, you will be doomed.


Chris, you've played in successful sides and you've played


in struggling sides, what do you think you need


More to look around the dressing room to see what players we had in


the dressing room but Middlesbrough and Sunderland are struggling


because they don't have the quality of players. But psychologically at


this stage in the season you have two stay strong. A lot of it comes


from the training ground, organisation and repetition. That is


why Sam Allardyce has a big reputation. Because he knows what it


is about what you produce on the training ground to take into a match


day, so he has tried and tested this formula? Yes, giving the players


confidence through organisation. His biggest trick in January was the


signing of Sakho. He has galvanised the defence. Maybe there is a self


propelling prophecy, Sam Allardyce has done it before, we can relax and


play good football. He was linked with Swansea, Sam Allardyce. It was


amazing when the fans were talking and they were saying, he will keep


us up at all costs, but the football won't be very pretty. He was given.


Because he does have this amazing record. When you read player


autobiographies, it is amazing how confidence comes into it and how


important it is. You would just think players can their own


confidence, but they are like sensitive singer songwriters. If


they don't score for ten games, they doubt everything. Our players, when


we go a goal down, head strop. We need big characters in our team.


Ashley Williams was the one who used to lift and galvanise the players


when the chips were down. We don't keep clean sheets and we don't score


goals. In a nutshell. Clement said he should be sacked and then


re-employed to get the bounce back. The first eight games he has won


three out of four. I was at his first game at Crystal Palace. I was


at Anfield as well. When we beat Liverpool at Anfield I thought,


we're not safe, but he is going to do it. He has had an amazing impact.


Hull, they haven't got a great squad of players? They made some smart


business decisions in January. They lost Livermore and Snodgrass but he


does have some decent players in. I saw them at the weekend against


Stoke. I think they have a better chance than Swansea. Did you get


that? Their away form is horrible, they missed a lot of chances at the


weekend. Hull's home form will be enough to keep them up. Third spot,


Middlesbrough and Sunderland are gone, who will it be filled by?


Swansea. Swansea have their chance, one point. Winnable games. Thanks,


never thought that would happen. Burnley are in 14th place, but they


have only won once in their last ten games and the only Premier League


team without an away victory this season. We have been to the


Lancashire countryside to talk to Shaun Batt I should.


Do you feel safe now, sitting here? Finding Boyd! A turf war erupts!


Know, one thing I definitely know about the Premier League, all levels


of football, but this is especially unforgiving. Good runs come round,


awkward runs come round equally as quickly, sometimes more so when you


are not the superpower of the division. So far we have had a good


season, and I would agree with people. We are really keen and


working hard with the group to make sure we do what we have too. I know


you almost sick of talking about this but if you look at Turf Moor,


ten wins is almost unbelievable and achievement but you search for that


first win away from home? I'm not sick of talking about it, it is


there to be spoken about, an anomaly that is there to be mentioned.


We have been closing games, delivering good enough performances


to get a win, we haven't got that. Margins have been equally tight at


home, sometimes away you need that. Whether it is luck, or good play.


The main thing for me, it's points on the board. That has always been


the goal this season. See hominy points you get on the board and at


the end of the season, you will know. Is the way you get those


points important to you? It is a game of opinions and some Burnley


fans would say that Boyd and Armfield are Sean Dyche players,


what about others? Fans are open to their opinions, they have a bigger


say than ever. That's no problem to me. The fact I work is that the team


is the strength. Nothing against even, he is a fine player but has to


fit into the team on any given day to make it work. And he has had his


injuries as well. That is superb from Jeff Hendrick 's! That was like


Schmeichel! How difficult is it to manage Premier League players with


everything that goes on around Premier League football? I wouldn't


have said if you years ago that I would have imagined they are


superpower clubs. It's like having 25 mini companies. A lot of these


players now are not about just the players, they have agents, Private


physios, private sports scientists, that is different here. We are not a


giant club. My players don't have two or three


agents and specialists, etc. One of the things that is clear in


management is that every manager, whatever level, have their own


challenges. You have the ridges and the magnificent players, but they


take managing -- riches. To get them successful and winning


games, ultimately. Everybody has their own challenges, mine or the


realities of financing the club and balance that against the team's


production, the players being successful for them and the team. In


general, the Premier League for anyone involved is all consuming,


can you easily switch from the bubble that is the Premier League? I


don't think so easily, but you get more used to it. You have those


times away from the realities, with your family and things like that.


It comes with raising their profile, Burnley are not giants of the


division but because of the exposure you get recognised a lot more. I


blend well, as you can imagine! Most people say, in my experience, it has


been pleasant. Most fans know the hierarchy of the


league, not just on a piece of paper, they know where we are in the


grand scheme of things. They haven't been of empathy that it


is a tough challenge for us all of the time. You look to outperform the


market. The keyboard warriors sometimes hide behind acidic terms,


but mostly when you meet people they are decent. From the, Darryl Rice


say it, the worldwide perspective, there is no doubt that everybody is


delighted that Pep Guardiola is here, and Antonio Conte has come for


stock as a young English manager, are you ambitious in the Premier


League? Do you think one day that you would like a crack at that?


Absolutely, as a player you maximise your soft and it's the same as


manager. One thing people forget is that a lot of managers in the


Premier League have been successful in their own right -- maximise


yourself. Not many come from nowhere. But it


is the English Premier League, is it important that one day an English


manager wins the title in the English Premier League? It would be


helpful, it enhances that there are some very good English managers and


coaches out there. Eddie Howe for example has done an


amazing job. An absolutely fantastic job. If they don't build a statue of


him at Bournemouth, I don't know who would! All we can do as British


coaches is keep working hard and try to be successful. Over time maybe we


will be recognised from one of the biggest clubs? Who knows? And from


the supporters view at the weekend this is one of those games, with


Zlatan Ibrahimovic... Especially in these parts, the north-west hotbed


of football that it is, we have been on the rise for the last few years


and playing some of the superpowers of football, for Burnley fans they


will be quietly delighted. Even those who question why I don't


play Steven! They will be delighted. -- why I don't placed even before.


He scores for Burnley! In this wonderful Lancashire setting, can


you clear up the story about the Friday for bits and the players


going in this river? It's grown legs somewhere, it's a bit of banter with


the lads, it isn't weakly. We made one team out of three teams who lost


a round robin, and we made them sit in there for a minute.


Good fun for the lads on the bridge behind me. We don't do it every


week, it isn't a coaching plan! Not something you learn on the Pro


Licence? You would be surprised that this range stories going out. It is


cold, no matter what time of year, trust me! I will decline your


invitation but thank you for your time!


They are not mathematically safe yet...


Burnley have been in the Premier League before


Will they do it? The Swansea team are in real trouble, but Shaun Daesh


is a realist. He knows the players that he has, and their strengths and


weaknesses. And he plays to their strengths. They are organised, they


have more of a goal threat this season compared to last time they


were in the Premier League. He's done an unbelievable job and I


thought at the start of the season they would be in a relegation scrap.


They are not really down where Swansea and Hull are at the moment,


fighting for their lives. What do you admire about what he's done from


a distance? He looks like someone who can motivate the players, he


looks like a shout and personally I would not respond to that, but a lot


of footballers do -- shouter. And Turf Moor is a very old-fashioned


ground, they've got that going for them. They are an anomaly in their


home form? Yes, it's a different experience going there to Old


Trafford or the emirates or Anfield. Did that bother you? That the fans


were right on top of you? Not really, it's an old-fashioned ground


but they've got a tremendous home form, but I disagree about the


shouting thing, in terms of... It is the information. Players will see


through a manager if they are talking nonsense in a second. The


Burnley, they do not play fantasy couple. He keeps the players


grounded. That is why they have been successful this season -- but


Burnley do not play Fantasy Football Club appears a fan of Howe, he wants


a statue of him at Bournemouth. There are not many managers like


that in the Premier League, where can they take Burnley? Do they have


too aspired to be stoic, cementing a place in the middle of the Premier


League? I think that Burnley fans will take that, don't get too far


ahead of themselves -- should they aspire to be Stoke?


Elis' good friend, John Robins, lives and breathes football.


Cheers! Hi, I'm comedian and digital DJ John Robins. Ask any man on the


street what they associate with me and they will tell you... Who?


That's right, football! I've got all of the kit, get there, I play once a


week, you're welcome! And I know all of the lingo... Oh rest, you silly


goose can he touched it with his hand! The beautiful game, the


correct run, massive that snooker, call it what you will, I love


football! -- massive City soon .


But I have a secret, I've never been to a game. You aren't a real fan.


You aren't a real fan. As tedious and argument as it is possible to


have come as you don't get it in any other sport. I'm upset with the


Ryder Cup, utterly absurd. Nobody has had a go at me for not flying to


Madonna in 2012. Like a normal human being I watched it in a friend 's


flat and scared a girl I did not know by screaming at Martin Kaymer.


So, why don't you go? Why don't you go and watch the beautiful lake


tennis from those hallowed plinths? I will tell you why. I don't like


crowds, I don't like noise, I don't like traffic. Cheers! I don't like


chanting on public transport.


I don't like aggression of any kind. In the privacy of my own home,


screaming into my own mirror though...


You... I get it, you pity me. Because I'm not a real fan! All, sod


off! I like sofas and a 1-person, 1-person policy. -- toilet policy. I


like solitude! For the armchair and use yes, maybe that should not be a


derogatory term any more. They are amazing! Maybe you are supposed to


take the Mickey and utter those dreaded words, that you aren't a


real fan. How many times have you heard this? The atmosphere was


amazing, you were ten minutes late because of the traffic I missed the


first goal because I was at the bar, it was amazing but you wouldn't know


that, would you? No, I wouldn't. Cheers!


I can't imagine you've got a lot of empathy with John there, he's never


been to a football match but he is a fan, do you understand that? You are


right, no empathy! I can see why you are friends! I can't believe you


haven't managed to persuade him to come with you! On a sunny Saturday


afternoon to watch Swansea... I tried my best, you really doesn't


like crowds. I should start him off with a preseason game or testimonial


game. -- he really does not like crowds. I would want him to go to


Cardiff or the FA Cup. I do not think he would like it, and Old Firm


game, or into Milan versus AC Milan. He is a huge golf fan, I get that


point, but he's never been to the Ryder Cup. There are some pure and


chess boards fans. Maybe we made it too easy? You did not have the


amount of sport on TV that we do now when you were kids... -- pure


armchair sports fans. You don't have to defend your friendship! It's an


awkward position... I know a lot of tennis fans who have been to


Wimbledon... It is difficult to get tickets?! Those who do not support


those sports in the same way that football fan support football teams,


it is a different culture and he likes to sit at home watching. One


of the reasons I could not get him down to the football pitch, he likes


his own toilet and ours are the worst in the league! I was thinking,


nobody has two suffer this. This is the worst toilet experience... But


they have improved now? I don't like them, they are to clean! I don't


think John will be going to a football match any time soon...


There's live football on the BBC this weekend


with the tantalising FA Cup semifinal between the


Join Gary Lineker with Frank Lampard, Jermaine Jenas


and Alan Shearer on Saturday for Chelsea versus Tottenham


I think you've witnessed the start of something special between Chris


and Elis. He's my new best friend, or my dad!


We'll be back in two weeks' time with some special


guests in Leicester, so please join us then.


Don't forget, if you've missed anything you can always catch up


with the Premier League Show on the BBC iPlayer.


And whether your team is at the bottom of the league


or at the top, I hope you have a great weekend.


Gabby Logan is joined by Chris Sutton and comedian Elis James to look at the latest news in the Premier League. Plus Steve Bower goes to meet Sean Dyche to take a look at the psychology of being in a relegation fight.