12/02/2017 MOTD2 Extra


Jason Mohammad and expert guests preview Sunday's two Premier League fixtures and discuss the major talking points from Saturday's action.

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Hello. Good afternoon to you. Welcome to Match of the Day 2 Extra.


Joining us this afternoon former Arsenal and England defender, Martin


Keown who had a big impact on the final score yesterday. He's back for


more. Alongside Stoke City defender, Phil Bardsley who hobbled off


yesterday, but is fit and well today and Andy Dunn Andy Dunn, the


Mirror's chief sport writer. Good afternoon to you all. You can use


the hashtag BBC football to get involved and text us on 85058. This


is what's coming up. Liverpool's Mane man is at the double to damage


Spurs title challenge. Arsenal beat Hull City, but what does the future


hold for Arsene Wenger? We shall hear from that man, Antonio Conte.


And we'll look ahead to a huge relegation battle at 4pm live on 5


Live, Swansea City taking on Leicester City. Some back page


headlines. The Sun, "I'm off." I'm not. Serge serge ready to quit.


Arsene Wenger hinted he will remain Arsenal manager beyond the end of


the season. We'll discuss that. The Mirror goes with top gun Benitez,


saying Arsenal are eyeing up a coaching team of Rafa Benitez and


Thierry Henry if Arsene Wenger quits. The Sunday People goes with


dreamer Klopp still crazy for the title. That's where we're starting


at Liverpool. You were there yesterday. It was more like the


Liverpool we saw in 2016? It was. It was the irresistible Liverpool when


they attack like they did in the first-half, the first 30 minutes


certainly. They are irresistible. It was relentless and quick. Mane was


unstoppable yesterday. It was everything we had come to expect


from a Klopp team and certainly everything we have come to expect


from a Klopp team against the big teams. Everyone leaving Anfield last


night had the same question, what happened in January? What happened


against Hull City? They couldn't understand it because Liverpool at


their attacking best are unstoppable and there was also a great feel


Jason around the place. Klopp is a big one for getting the crowd


involved like a lot of managers are, but he makes a big play and the


atmosphere there was electric and basically Spurs once Liverpool got


at Spurs straightaway and knocked them out of their stride and they


never got into any stride Spurs. Phil is it too simplistic to say


Liverpool, they missed Mane? Is it to say that was the problem? I think


losing Mane to the Africa Cup of nations and an injury to Coutinho,


but players who come in have got to take their opportunity and for


Liverpool that didn't happen. They fell way short. One win in January,


I think, it was for a club of Liverpool's stature is not good


enough. Ben Davis had a tough afternoon against Sadio Mane. I feel


sorry for Ben. I have been on the receiving end of that when Sadio


Mane was at Southampton. Within five minutes he got two shots. I was


thinking I would get closer. He is a top player and missed him in January


dearly. More like the Liverpool we come to expect under Jurgen Klopp?


Yes, but all they have done is made it easier for Chelsea to win the


Premier League. I was hoping Tottenham would win this one to make


a fight of it at least. Jurgen Klopp works on hearts and minds and he


spent the week working with his players and reminding them of how


good they were. They lost their confidence and lost their way at


home. It was becoming an ordeal for them. Incitied of the emotion, it


was becoming tricky. Mane really, I mean, he was a breath of fresh air,


but he has, it gives them a real balance at the top of their team and


you have to have that, to play against pace, it is a nightmare. It


is relay pace. It is incredible pace. Ben Davis had a torrid time


and especially when you had Eric Dyer in the back line and Rose who


was a huge miss and they struggled. What I would say about Liverpool and


Mane is they looked physically fresh yesterday and now, they've only got


13 games left in their season, until the middle of May, that's it. 13


games. Klopp was talking after the game, they don't play again for I


think it is two weeks tomorrow when they play Leicester away, I think.


He was saying he was going to give them a couple of days off and have


another pre-season. I said to Phil, does that mean, he's going to work


them hard? Pre-season working these guys hard because of the game being


based around that physical freshness. He said his dream was to


win all 14 games. The chance is slim and none. As a player, it's


interesting. You don't want to be sitting around thinking too much


about what is ahead of you, sometimes I would rather work and if


I goat used to working it not a stranger anymore. You have had a


break and you should feel fresh and you don't because you lose your


fitness a little bit. Maybe there is a feel-good factor again and he is a


feel-good factor manager like no one else. We talk about this heavy


metal, they are dancing to the beat yesterday. But when it goes wrong,


there is a quietness in the room as there was at the Kop the last few


games before this one. So they're on the way back. I think they're good


enough to finish in the top four. They won't win. Chelsea are away and


running now. They have given themselves too much to do. It is a


mountain to climb for anyone to catch them now. In Liverpool's


favour, I think they will finish top four because of the fixture


deadlock. You look at Tottenham and Pochettino and he came into the


press Conference and he was pointing out they play Europa League, FA Cup,


Europa League, and then League again while Liverpool are going through


another pre-season. Liverpool winning the first game and they beat


Arsenal and went to Burnley and lost, so where are we with


Liverpool? Will that happen next? I don't think we can say the


drawbridge is up and Liverpool will be successful. Tottenham have really


let themselves down and Dyer taking liberties in possession. Is he a


centre-half? Does he play, when he plays in centre-half, you can't take


that kind of time on the ball and they really missed Danny Rose


yesterday and they look like they play of three because at the back


because they have got players suited to it and when they don't have Danny


Rose they go back to a four and they've played a three away from


home up until now. They did it at Arsenal and they were magnificent


and they really looked a good side. Let's hear from Mauricio Pochettino.


We didn't have a chance enough to try to score, but the first-half was


very poor. Our performance was poor. That is true. We need to be honest.


If you want to fight and challenge for the Premier League, we cannot


accept that and we need to recognise that we were really poor and


understand why. The big question is will they make top four? The title


has gone for Spurs? It has. Judging by that performance yesterday. I was


really shocked. I mean I was shocked at one how despondent Pochettino


that was. That's how off colour Spurs were. They were never at


races. He mentioned, Pochettino, there was a lack of aggression and


there was a sort of almost a laziness summed up by Eric Dyer


getting caught on the ball for that second goal. I thought Pochettino


got it wrong. They defended too high. Teams who get success at


Anfield tend to drop deep, don't over commit, I think Spurs did and


got picked off by the pace of Mane. All-round they were just not there.


Having said that, the two quick goals knocked the stuffing out of


Spurs. They didn't have any time to get back into that game? Liverpool


could have scored ahead of those two goals and scored after. Mentally


when they couldn't win the Premier League, it was like nothing else


matters and they tumbled down the table and let Arsenal sneak into


second place. Is Pochettino thinking there needs to be a resolve for my


players if we can't finish first, we finish second. They're going to


throw their good work away. You have got Manchester United starting to,


by the way Manchester United, six draws at home, if they could turn


those into wins they would be in second place now. So they're all


marching behind you Arsenal, Spurs, all the teams are together and


you're going to have to grow up a little bit. Tottenham can't worry


about not winning it, you're going to have to finish in the top


position. Perhaps the most over used word is mentality. The question with


Spurs is it mentality or are the players not good enough to win a


title? I think they're good enough and the manager showed it that he


doesn't think they were right mentally. Yes, you can be undone by


a bit of greatness. Davis should drop off quicker and deal with that.


You're playing against someone rapid and you have got to give yourself an


advantage. Why is he holding the line there? He didn't react to the


danger. He didn't get a reaction from his team and he will be it is


appointed. Phil this is Pochettino's third season this charge. Under him


the only team in the top six they have beaten away from home is


Manchester City, therefore is that problem psychological or I go back


to the point, are the players not good enough to go to the top six


sides and win away from home? Spurs are one of the most exciting teams


in the League. I watched them live the last couple of seasons and they


beat us 4-0 twice at home. I think there is a lack of mentality in


amongst the squad, a bit of experience maybe to be in the


position where they are challenging for Premier League titles. You look


around the squad, it is a young squad and inexperienced. Maybe


another season or two, you never know, but at the moment, I just


can't see them winning the League. I just don't think, I think there is


an element they can be adventurous away from home. A lot of the top


sides, someone like Manchester United went to Anfield and defended


deep and parked the bus. I don't think Pochettino is capable of doing


that. He probably hasn't got the players. I think that in terms of


winning the title, I don't think you can win the title if you're reliant


on one man your goals. Harry Kane barely got in the game. Dele Alli


hardly got in the game. Look at how young Dele Alli is. When you're


challenging for title and you looked in the continual for the game and


you're thinking real menment you look at some teams and you look in


the tunnel before the game and you think, I have got half a chance


against these. There is a lot to be admired with Tottenham because they


have been in the Champions League. I know that's not gone well. Playing


at Wembley ten years ago and we were awful as well. They're building a


new stadiumment they're trying to compete on the transfer front. They


are at the top of the table. I think there is a lot to applaud and it is


that maturity of the player that, you know, you go to these places,


you suffer, you make sure next time, you have seen your little book, I'm


suffer that again. They're equipping themselves. It wasn't a Pochettino


performance. It was lacklustre. There was no energy around the


pitch. They couldn't put their legs up to run. It was unlike them. What


about Dele Alli the Sunday Express is reporting that he is linked to a


move to Manchester City? And Barcelona and Bayern Munich and


linked with a lot of people. It is strange the way he keeps getting


linked. He had that purple patch of goal scoring particularly the goals


against Chelsea, magnificent. I have seen him a couple of times away from


home this season. I saw him at Manchester United when they got beat


by Manchester United. And yesterday, when they got beat and he wasn't


effective at all. He wasn't effective at all. Strange that the


stories keep coming out. Here you've got Dele Alli who is on his second


contract. So signs a contract. Then signs another contract for let's say


?50,000 a week. Then after that, you get Harry Kane signing for say


?100,000 a week something like that. So now, Dele Alli is only one year


into a five year deal and if people are saying, it suits him and his


people I would suggest, if he's a ?40 million, ?50 million target then


he can go into the Tottenham board and say, "I'm a ?40 million player.


I deserve more than that." I think there is an element... It would be


disaster for to Tottenham to lose this player. Finance won't be a


problem for this guy. Be a part of the Tottenham history and help turn


the club around. They're not that far away Tottenham. They are close


for it happening. They probably need a striker. When Kane was out they


didn't have that resource. They are just a couple of players away from


being the champions. Build a team around him. You have got Rose. You


have got Walker. These type of young English players. Top, top players


and you stick with them and build your team. You know how these things


work. You know how these things work, Dele Alli will say I love


Spurs. I'm committed to Spurs. You can't tell me he's overly unhappy.


Coming second, he won't be happy. It happened at Arsenal where they have


lost players and it could happen against at Arsenal. Some players


haven't signed contracts and will they stay? You point at the


trophies. You want Utopia as a player. If you're winning trophies,


that's the icing on the cake and if they don't get it, they will move


and it will be the same for Dele Alli. One final point on Dele Alli.


All top players want to play in the Champions League. Real Madrid or


Barcelona come calling, you can't tell anyone watching that Dele Alli


is not going to be interested by what Real Madrid have to say.


Of course he would be interested. He wants Champions League football and


he wanted to play but England and that would help that cause, and if


you are building your team around him and he is the main man, he wants


paying as their main man. Who is saying that topping am not going to


make the Champions League? That's not get ahead of ourselves, he is


not Real Madrid level come let the game win something at Tottenham and


do something for England, it did not go well in the US. He is still


maturing and developing and it is too early for him to leave -- in the


Euros. We can hear first from Arsene Wenger after their victory over Hull


City. Noticeable there were some banners saying Arsene stay. Well,


you know, I have a big respect for this country and this club. I'm


grateful because I work here for 20 years and that absolutely


exceptional. But my job is to make these people happy and when I don't


do it, I feel guilty, that is what it was important for us to win.


Arsene Wenger talking after the win over Hull and referring to the


discussion which has been widely reported in the papers with Ian


Wright. You know him, is he staying or going? I'm almost bored with this


and people are probably bored with my answer! This when


-- when you're a player and you look at a monitor, you want somebody who


trusts you and believes in you, you don't want to be bored -- at a


manager. You want variety in your work. Wenger gave me all that is a


player. Everyday we did to me different, he believed in me, we


were challenged, can you go unbeaten? He has achieved many great


things. What he had to decide is if he has come to the end of the road


in terms of his managerial qualities that he had to offer. If he went


here without any succession plan management for the club it would be


too soon. I don't think the club are ready for him to leave. A lot of


thinking needs to be done at a high level. Yes come at the end is coming


but maybe another one year contract. Wenger should be make to be part of


the manager coming in, in the same mould. He has been such a big part


of the club, the new stadium, he is clever committee but the idea out


there and let other people believe it was their idea and then grows it.


That club is a huge story of success also I am a competitor as well and


I'm disappointed in what they have done, not since I left, but I


thought they were going to win everything in Europe and it didn't


happen. There is a disappointment but we are realistic to know that


Chelsea came in with their millions and changed the landscape, Man City


cabinet. That is why Arsene Wenger has struggled. Leicester told us you


don't need to spend the most money to win and that is what hurts and it


will hurt Arsene Wenger. He can't quite get the recipe right and that


is the biggest mystery. A good piece in The Times today, Rio Ferdinand


speaking ahead of Arsenal's game against Bayern Munich in the


Champions League. He's as he would not have wanted to play for Wenger,


he said Arsenal need a rocket and they won't get it from their


manager. He is wrong because he would have loved to play for Wenger,


I can't think of a player who has not improved. That is is not what he


is saying. I think he's wrong. I'll give you a flavour. I often look at


big managers and asked, would I like to play for him? With Wenger the


answer is no. Everyone is different but if I'm not doing the right


things as a player, I want somebody who can press my buttons, give me a


rocket every now and then, the whole team to liven up the dressing room


and sent shock waves through the group. From what I hear, Wenger is


not that sort of guy. How does he know that if he hasn't played for


him? He would have loved to have worked for Arsene Wenger, because


everybody does who works with him. He is getting stuff from players.


Players play way above themselves under Arsene Wenger and ago summer


and they are not the player. It is his judgment of players. Can he


still did a player? Who are the midfielders at the moment? Xhaka has


come in, Wilshere is on loan, who is better? This the hard questions need


be asked. People talk about the mentality of Arsenal and there is a


soft belly in the midfield. Don't buy the best midfielder in Europe.


You mean mentally? From your point of view, does he


give players a rocket? Rio is saying he doesn't. What he does, he leaves


you out. He leaves you out of the team. And if he is with you, he


supports you. That is all you need. From the outside, a suggestion Rio


is getting at is that he is too soft. Does he indulge players? If


the indulging in a poor run of form, Mesut Ozil? If the indulging him?


Because he is a big name? Things like that. It is an environment he


creates which is one of trust and belief in his players and he doesn't


fly off the handle. He is very consistent and stable and that is


how the club has been built. That is the worry for Arsenal, when they


change that, what will the next manager be like? Everybody is


thinking that the grass is greener but will the new guy be any better?


We won't know. Maybe they say, we should've done this three or four


years ago because we have won the league. It might be that Arsenal


fall out of the Champions League. While they have such a good man, I


believe they will hang onto him. And you get a mention in this Rio item.


The great side with that Spike 's -- spine. You are at the end of its!


That leads me onto this, when you were playing for United and you look


in the tunnel and you saw Martin Keown and Patrick Vieira and


Emmanuel Petit, what was going through your mind? I was 17 when I


first went to Highbury and it was intimidating, seeing these big


blokes, and now you look at the Emirates and you think, they are


very good players, top players, but have they got that...? I watched


them away at Chelsea last week and it looked like ten kids running


around on a pitch. No organisation, no nothing. If you are challenging


for titles, you need to go to Chelsea and do something. Can I ask


Francis Coquelin has to MB at Eden Hazard, fantastic gold


It. You have to regroup and organise and go from there. Arsene Wenger


went more towards Barcelona, more technical and the physical players,


I was in there for the physicality to be fair, the next one wasn't


physical. The belief was that we need to go more technical and it is


the balance. In the Premier League as Guardiola is finding, there has


to be a toughness about you which Chelsea have. Costa is the toughest


centreboard in the Premier League and have got that balance through


the team. -- centre forward. I would look at the opposition in the tunnel


and they looked up at the error and Emmanuel Petit because they were


giants -- at Patrick Vieira. Arsenal need that type of player. You ask


where you find someone like Patrick Vieira. Kante is an example, he is


the best midfielder I think we have ever seen. If Leicester can recruit


somebody like that, why can't Arsenal? What do you make of the


link in the papers this morning, Rafa Benitez and Thierry Henry? When


Martin says about a succession plan, I can't believe they haven't


considered it. They will know where they are going to go. They will know


what direction to go in. If Wenger leaves, it would be remiss of him


not to tell them now. I don't think that'll no way, it is too soon. That


changing the reins cannot happen this quickly. I don't think they are


ready for it. Unless the board do think he is going to go. It is a


multi-million pound business, we can't rely, if you are the manager,


I can't wait for you to decide. We need to get our house in order. I


imagine there is an indication behind-the-scenes. When I have been


with Arsene Wenger, he has lost none of those reflexes, he still wants to


do it, it is whether it is right and proper for him to do it. As he done


enough to deserve to stay there and I believe he has. It is his decision


to make. He has created so much and it is unique. I admire him for what


he has achieved and the success he has brought, but finishing top four,


the occasional FA Cup, Champions League quarterfinal maybe, is it


enough for Arsenal? If I'm an Arsenal fan, certainly not. You want


to be challenging and winning the Premier League and getting to


Champions League finals. That is where the club is at. The lunchtime


game in the Premier League is Burnley against Chelsea. The Burnley


defence pretty much picks itself, it is in midfield where we have some


variation. Jeff Hendrick is suspended, Ashley Westwood makes his


full debut after his transfer from Aston Villa and so does Robbie


Brady, signed from Norwich City the money comes in for Scott Arfield.


The Chelsea team has pretty much picks itself for the last few months


and so again, David Luiz's sore knee is fine and Chelsea are unchanged.


Thank you. You fancy Chelsea to win that one? Yes. Burnley have got a


very fine home record, but looking back at that Chelsea performance


last week, it is hard to pick a fault in them and to find a


weakness. It is very difficult. They have a way of playing and the


personnel. It sounds strange, that I think the difference Conte has made


is that he has coached them and coached them. You can tell they know


every last detail of what they are supposed to do on the pitch, from


the wingbacks, Alonso and Moses, they know where to be. And when


they're not, he goes mad. Against Arsenal he picked up his assistant


by the collar and threw him down the line to go and tell him! It is


brilliant, how well drilled they are. We saw it with the Italian team


will they did really well in the


tournament. It was a variation of the system he has got now and it's


difficult to play it and manage it. You have got to know everybody's


role and responsible deep and he knows it. He has shoehorned in


Hazard as a skilful player and still to be creative. He is playing one


striker now. He had the midfielders that sit there, Matic and Kante avec


a brilliant. Who couldn't play with those two guys? -- and they are


brilliant. And on the sides, Moses has been a revelation. It is a


fantastic story. It is led by the manager. The transformation


defensively has been extraordinary. Earlier in the season they had a few


problems, especially when there were playing back four. I was at the


Swansea game when Gary Cahill had a terrible match and suddenly Conte


changed it and look where they are. I think he has found the right


formation for the right players. You look at Moses and Alonso, you would


never look at them before and think they would be winning the title at


Chelsea but they have come in and the manager has shown faith and kept


them in and they looked solid and well drilled. One wingback is


crossing and the other is in the box because they rely so much with the


discipline in the centre of midfield. So much trust in the


squad. They are going to run away with it. Costa, Kante and Hazard get


the headlines but Moses and Alonso have been the unsung heroes. We


mentioned it, that Arsenal game, it is a Moses cross, and Alonso


finishes it. We have seen it often. And six years ago, Bolton against


Wigan at the DW Stadium, FA Cup fourth round replay, around 7000


people there, Moses comes on as a sub for Wigan and Alonso comes as a


sub for Bolton Wanderers. Now Conte has taken them, they gone different


routes. Alonso went back to Italy, Moses was on loan all the time but


he has got them both and they are now in a system they are relishing.


We had Moses on loan at Stoke. He was completely not interested in


training! But on game day, he was on it and brilliant for us. Just to


alert listeners to Radio 5 Live that that stat came from your head! And


Gary Cahill played in that game. Sam Ricketts got injured, he got badly


injured, he ruptured his Achilles. Alonso came on for him. Moses came


on for Callum McManaman. Where did you park?! And Klasnic scored the


winner. Conte is a winning machine, people underestimate him, you put


good players with a very good manager and it is a recipe for huge


success. When he was at Juventus, his first season they went unbeaten


in the whole season on the second season they went top of the two


games come after three games in the third season and a record number of


points and he is a serial winner of trophies. He understands the system,


it is not that of saying Moses, what can I do with him? This is how we


are playing and you are playing. He gives a clear message which is what


players want. Contrast that with the weight Man City plague and it is


about creativity and he is an artist. It is a lot easier to be


told to do a job and that is why Conte is flying this year. Next it


could be different when the artistic side of Man City comes through and


they can understand it. There are some huge managers in the Premier


League this year and Conte has been the pick.


Right, let's turn our attention to Slaven Bilic. Let's hear from Slaven


Bilic. I am the first one to say it is hard for the referees, the pace


of the game, contact sport and you are on the wrong end in all the


major decisions and there were like more than a few. You can can live


with one or two, but you can't live with so many of them. I really rate


him. He knows that. I told him that privately last year. Now I can't get


over this. I can't get over this. Look, I'm going to go home tonight


and instead of having three points and be so happy before this break


and everything, to have that bitter feeling, it's awful and the


refereeing was, sorry for the words, nothing personal, but the refereeing


today was awful. He was very emotional, Slaven Bilic.


He is. But we watched that game in the studio yesterday afternoon.


There was a discussion over whether Gareth McCally impeded James Collins


for the equaliser for Johnny Evans, but do you think the refereeing was


that awful? Well, look, I think when you're playing against one of Tony


Pulis' teams, you're wound up and it was one of those where they went a


goal up and they sat back and it was all about West Ham. Everything


seemed to go against him. There was a goal that was disallowed which,


you know, I look at that and to be honest, I don't think the player


was, but he did push the goalkeeper that was the infringement. There was


another penalty appeal. Everything seemed to be going against him. He


was wrong on the throw in and there was probably a foul on Collins


because Collins came off the bench to deal with that situation, but it


was a towering header from West Brom and they just keep going and it was


the frustration of the afternoon. It is interesting to listen to him, his


honesty, he wants the two week period to relax and the three points


in the back... Even though West Ham have got themselves out of a bit of


a hole, all the decisions, I watched that last night and it was the


build-up, they were marginal. There was probably a foul in the build up


to West Brom's first goal, probably, but you could see him not giving it.


Questionable. Probably, I think, what I would call say a seven times


out of ten that's probably given, but only that. They were all


marginal and the increased frustration of conceding so late.


Two, whatever infringement may or may not have taken place, it was a


good cross and a towering header. Phil, have you seen a marked


improvement when you've played West Ham? Because they have had a couple


of tricky results, haven't they? It was a strange, well, a good point


for us at their place, but there was a strange atmosphere at the ground.


It took them time to adapt from moving to Upton Park and going to


their new stadium. They have players with exceptional ability, but I


think when corroll doesn't play, you can tell the difference when he


doesn't. Yeah, I think, you know Slaven Bilic is doing a steady job


there and bitterly disappointed. Andy Carroll comes in and he's


almost unplayable. And then he's injured again. This is, they're


going to have to manage. You don't hear anything of the injury. Kept


quiet and puts a hole in their season every time he gets injured.


West Bromwich Albion, what a job Tony Pulis has done there. Tony's


teams have always been like that. It was a disappointing result for us


last weekment we was poor first-half. The second half we took


the game to them a little bit more. I felt we should have got something


out of the game. We had a um can of good clean chances which we didn't


take place. He has a well drilled and organised team and typical Tony


Pulis team. You came off yesterday by the way? Yeah. Disappointing to


come off as always. A little bit of a tightness in the hamstring. It was


a disappointment, I got back in the team and put in some steady


performanceks, but hopefully not too bad and back training next week. You


weren't exhausted chasing after za hard? I think he was exhausted


chasing after me! You know what them wingers are like. They don't like


chasing full-backs. Do you feel they gave the ball to Benteke the way


they should? If I was Benteke, is this ball coming in or not because


the amount of tricks and flicks? Stop, start. Stop, start. My quads


are in bit stop starting. He put Townsend on the left and za hard on


the right to get crosses in the box for Benteke, I can't recall too many


crosses going in the box. Our goalkeeper had a clean kit after the


game. Not much for our goalkeeper to do and not much service for Benteke.


Andy, are Palace going down? I fear for him. I fear for him a lot. I


look at that squad. I am thinking they bought some players. I'm sure


when Sam went there he thought that squad was easily good enough to get


out of trouble and it hasn't happened. They're on a run, the


result last week, you know, it was a shocking result. The sort of result


that can knock the stuffing out of you. And you would expect some


response, wouldn't you? It didn't look, from what Phil tells us, there


wasn't much of a response. I fear for them when you consider there are


green shoots of hope from the other teams around them. If it was anyone


other than Sam Allardyce because their recording has been shocking


but they play Middlesbrough, if they can win that game, that gives them


hope and belief. You see the team on paper and it is a decent team.


Strong, powerful quick. The last season Sam took Sunderland away and


got a response from that break. I think they only lost three games in


the last, I think it was 12 or 13 and stayed up. And instead they get


thumped by a team at home and don't go on Sam's traditional mid-winter


break. It is a different Sam Allardyce after what he went through


with the England job. Has he got the stomach for this? He found himself


in a situation that he probably shouldn't have gone to. You mean the


impossible task? Was it six wins in 46 matches that John Motson told us


yesterday. It is a terrible, terrible set of results, isn't it?


He has gone there. It has become a culture of losing football matches.


How can we expect him to turn that around? You know, if Sam sat on the


bench yesterday, you know, and looking at this and he can't help,


but maybe think I was England manager not long ago, it was my


dream job. Would he let that affect his professionalism? He needs this


break and the build up to Middlesbrough and everything is on


that game and he has got the players to do it. They're at home. He talked


about the fans as well, saying that the fans, it has become a difficult


place to play at home. They paid for their fans to travel up there. It


was an olive branch and they have got to play their part and if you do


that, you could book Palace to win that one. Talking of trips abroad,


David Moyes is taking his players to New York. Some of them are going to


watch the ice hockey and some are going to watch the basketball. Is


that a good idea? They are going to train running around Central Park.


It would have been a good idea had they won yesterday! I wrote a piece


about this in the week. What is acceptable? As a result before you


go on a mid-season break? So, in other words, 4-0 at home getting


beat by Sunderland wasn't acceptable to Palace, we can't go off to Dubai


on a jolly. I feel building up to this game when David was talking


about going to New York... Sometimes you need to be away from each other.


We were losing games hand over fist and I've got to sit and look at you


for another two weeks. It might be best let me go and live my life and


go away and then we will be back in each others company. No, I don't


think, we're footballers. We're not tourists. I am not with the trip,


there is plenty of time for that when you finish. Yes, a change of


environment, but in each other's company. It is freezing cold in New


York. It is forecast sub-zero. New York or Dubai? A bit of sun. Dubai!


Ice hockey, New York. At least, it is not masquerading as a training


camp. They're going there for a bondering session. For socialising


and Sam loves the mid-season break and you can't tell me that it's...


The north-east, people are working hard, aren't they, on the coalface


and suddenly these players who are not performing are off in New York


enjoying it or sunning themselves. It is the wrong message. It is work


for us at Stoke the last three seasons. We have had a couple of


good results leading into knowing that we were going to on a


mid-winter break to Dubai and come back refreshed and gone on to get


another couple of good results. It has worked for us, but I don't know


if it is a training camp. It is not a summer holiday. They will take in


Ground Zero and the basketball. It is a bonding trip. I guess not


everyone likes bonding trips, but David says he thinks it will be


benefit. If he thinks it will be been fit regardless of that result,


it will be a benefit which I think Palace were mistaken, if he thinks


it is a benefit they should go regardless. You can understand


Chelsea going to New York for a break because they probably deserve


it! The sun is great. There is a health benefit for doing that and


there is a training facility there as well, but I'm not sure about New


York! Like the Dubai trip, it has been a


good work out. It has been a good... Is it all work or is there a bit of


play? All work! LAUGHTER


I remember Charlie Adams sat there and winking at me. Some downtime.


Yeah. Everyone deserves a bit of downtime. Phil's reluctance to


answer is, "I'll tell you off air! " Andy, let's talk about the


relegation battle today, Swansea City, Leicester City? I think


Swansea will win the game. I was impressed. I'm impressed by what


Paul Clement is doing. They made the right decision to get him in and


sadly for Bob Bradley to lose his job. I look at Leicester. I think


he'll go back to the team. He rested for the Cup game and that's the team


that's been performing. If you rotate and then a team plays well


and they are all out again and you're bringing in players who were


off form in the first place. So you want him to play the Cup team?


Elements of that. If you've got a defensive unit there. That team have


conceded ten goals in four games and they look like conceding every time.


Do I think morgue-should be playing today? I'm not sure they should.


Ranieri said come back and be the player you were last year and all is


forgiven. So I believe he'll play the 11 that played last year apart


from Cante. He will play his main players and it is about believing in


those players. I can only imagine what's going on in that dressing


room. Nobody wants to be a champion and get relegated. Do you want that


with your name? That is almost a disgrace to end up where they are


and they have got to come together. Their strength is unified. They are


all strays thrown together. Even their manager could never win a


trophy. Sort it out and get together and they can be a good team. Martin


thank you very much indeed. Phil, good lucks with the injury and Andy,


thank you very much indeed. Thank you for your texts, e-mails and


tweetsment we're back tonigh with Match of the Day 2. Thanks for


watching. Bye-bye.


Jason Mohammad and expert guests preview Sunday's two Premier League fixtures and discuss the major talking points from Saturday's action.