05/02/2017 MOTD2 Extra


Analysis of Saturday's Premier League matches and a look ahead to Sunday's action, including Manchester City v Swansea City and Leicester City v Manchester United.

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Good afternoon, welcome to MOTD2 Extra on BBC Two,


Joining me today former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann,


former Everton midfielder Leon Osman and the Sunday Times football


#bbcfootball on social media, or text 85058 if you


Here is what is coming up this lunchtime. Chelsea's rivals all but


concede the tiet wl Antonio Conte's side nine points clear. Dietmar


Hamann said it was madness to give Jurgen Klopp a six-year deal. What


next for Liverpool after one win in ten. We will hear from Jermain Defoe


as he helps Sunderland to a win over Crystal Palace and Claudio Ranieri


and Jose Mourinho have been under pressure. These are some of the back


page headlines. A bridge too far said the Star saying Arsene Wenger


conseepeds the title. Mark Hughes concerned that information about


Saido Berahino's drugs ban came out before their match with West Brom.


And Claudio Ranieri giving his side an ultimatum - back me or get me


sacked. We will start though with the title race. Jonathan Northcroft


with Chelsea and Arsenal and that 3-1 win and if we take it when every


game has played 24 games at least, only Newcastle who were nine points


clear in February 1996 finished second. And Manchester United blew


an eight point lead, everyone is conceding? Yes this is the weekend


the title was won. Chelsea had their two biggest games and you saw a


mature, relentless side who knew how to handle the pressure and won


yesterday with something to spare and should have beaten Liverpool and


if you look at the points total, they could break the record of 95.


This is a team, I can't see it slipping up. They're setting stand


arounds that no one else is getting near. -- standards. If you look at


that defeat against Arsenal, that left Chelsea back then eight points


behind City, the leaders and in eighth place. That was a water shed


moment? Yes and they had a disappointing game with Liverpool at


Stamford Bridge, where Liverpool beat them and people were


questioning the manager, whether he can adapt to the English league and


will last to Christmas or how quickly he can change things around.


What a turn around. I watched him at Anfield in midweek and I was


impressed. In Kante they have the best holding midfielder in the


world. Matic is outstanding and they have the base with the back three,


Luiz playing that free role like Beckenbauer. He can pick his


challenges and in Diego Costa and Hazard they have game-changers. They


look the real deal. Leon Osman what is it about Chelsea, they're not


setting the world on fire and playing sensational football, but


they're getting the job done. That is it. If you look at them, they're


like a machine. They're constantly performing at a high level and don't


look like they're going to slip up. Don't look like there will be any


human errors and they look well-oiled and we are seeing that


the league's pretty much over and you can see why. You can't see the


machine slipping up. And I'm wearing my anorak, because it is a brilliant


stated, 38 home games, including a bit of Juventus as well for Antonio


Conte. How many wins? 36. 95% win rash yoep at home -- ratio at home.


These are the kind of stats that Jose Mourinho arrived with after


being at Porto at Chelsea. Those are the echos you hear looking at that


Chelsea team. It is that relentless machine-like Chelsea that Mourinho


built and a manager that is so in charge of the team and used to


winning, it looks familiar and bad for the rest of the league. What


does it say about the rest of Premier League? Slackers? No, I


wouldn't say that, you have a team that plays at a very high level,


unbeaten in so many games and don't concede many and they have the


credentials of a Championship-winning team. I don't


think it says a lot about the rest of league are no good, but one team


are better than the four or five chasing them and nine points is a


lot. Barring injuries, I think they will win the league. But you have to


see, City's going well and Spurs won't go away. I think six or seven


good teams in the league, but one is outstanding. If one of the six or


seven are good, one are Arsenal and Chelsea have been nicking games, but


this was a real message yesterday? Yes, a lot of people were saying


Arsenal were potentially still in the title race. I didn't believe so,


but Chelsea destroyed Arsenal and sent a message not only to Arsenal,


but to the Premier League and the fans that they're the team running


away with the league at the moment. They're going to be very difficult


to catch. It does show how bad we were at predictions. We didn't


predict Leicester and this year we thought it would be between the


Manchester clubs and be tight and it is one of the most one siepded in


years. -- One sided in years. Glenn Hoddle said you can never be sure


the league is done and dusted in February, but that is what it felt


like. And one said, it felt like a school game with a lower age gap and


you have a trial against the year 11s. Yes Chelsea bullied Arsenal and


Diego Costa was bullying the defender and Kante and Matic were


ruling that area. It is the way they win games. It is not just the fact


they're winning, but the dominance they're showing and they have that


ruthlessness that Chelsea with Jose Mourinho had. They're physically,


you said the trial game, Chelsea look like that, they're so


physically big and mature and even the small players dominate the pitch


and that leads to even if they're not playing well, because they have


not played well in every game, but they still win the games and always


in the game and they have Diego Costa to nick the goals. Arsenal


started badly against Watford and were 2-0 down within ten minutes.


That is the difference for me, that just doesn't happen to Chelsea. When


you look at Chelsea's next six games, Burnley, Swansea, West Ham,


Watford, Stoke, Palace and the top six, they only play two between the


end of season. Manchester City and Manchester United. Now Arsenal,


Didi, who takes responsibility for what's happening at Arsenal. It is


just Arsene Wenger? How broad does it go? It has to be the manager. He


is the man bringing the players in. They spent money. He was accused


years ago he does not spend money. He brought a player from Barcelona


and one from Real Madrid. So they spent money. And they have not


progressed. They're in danger for the first time in years to miss out


on the top four place, because they have been in the the Champions


League for 15 or 16 years and the chase for the title is over and I


just don't see the team progressing. When you look at a team and you


bring in new players, you want progress. If you see progress, you


can give him a year or two. I don't know who turns up to a game with an


enough is enough banner. But the old rear guard, noft turning against him


-- not turning against him but questioning him. This is Ian Wright


last night. You have a tough couple of months and when you think Arsenal


are doing what they're doing at time of the season, when they're slipping


up and falling away, you have to say he has got a real serious think to


do at the end of the season. What he wants to do. Has he got the stomach


to do it again. You hear the sadness in his voice. No one wants to attack


Arsene Wenger and the ex-Arsenal players owe a lot to him. But the


fact they're saying this is significant. You look at things like


a week ago Arsene Wenger said he had the best strike force he had and he


said perfect the Watford game -- he said before the Watford game we are


prepared and then they're 2-0 down. Things like that makes people wonder


if he has got the grip on the club and the direction that it needs and


it is sad, but we have been here before with Arsene Wenger. He


usually endses up with a new contract. Manchester City can take


advantage of the slip ups of Arsenal and Liverpool, they take on Swansea


today. Our correspondent is at the Etihad. Yes, great excitement here


after City's recent performances in London against Palace and West Ham.


Great excitement Trevor Sinclair about Gabriel Jesus. How excited


should City fans be about this kid? I think he could be one of the best.


He is so exciting and you look at the front three, with Sane and Rahim


has hit form and it is just amazing amount of pace they have. For any


defence facing them three and Aguero, they will be fearing facing


that and the pace they go at teamles is incredible. That is the $64


million question - is it plus Aguero or does Gabriel Jesus play instead


of him? Potentially that could be the case. But they're both going to


do the job and I'm sure at times looking for the Champions League


games Aguero will be needed. You look at Gabriel Jesus, he has


everything. He is strong, he is powerful, he is fearless. He said


I'm cold. And for me that, I was impressed with that. He won't get


nervous. He won't get too down when he plays bad. He will stayed in


middle and the best way to bring the best out of himself. Are you sure it


is not just because he has come to Manchester. He is not bothered about


the weather. He takes the game by the scruff of the neck. He reminds


me of Wrighty with his attitude and he had a chance against West Ham and


the ball didn't come to him and he was hands up in the air, 19, we have


to remember that, the experience at 19. A special talent. If Swansea


were coming here a month ago, everybody would be saying they're


going to get battered. But Paul Clement has had an immediate effect


on the team. Yes, the players have responded well to his coaching. He


has so much experience. It didn't work at Derby, but I think that


makes him a better manager, he will have a look at things, where did he


go wrong and he has moved on and started well. The players enjoy


playing for him. Sigurdsson could walk into most sides in the top six,


and Llorente, he is getting a song out of him. They're a dangerous club


to be facing today. But City seem to have so much fire power and


confidence and Vincent back and there is confidence growing. If they


can get a win they will be third and closing the gap. Thank you. Trev's


on five live later. I will be on Match of the Day Two later. . Loving


that outfit for Trevor. Manchester City and Swansea kick off at half


one. We are waiting for the teams news. Aguero left on the bench


against West Ham. Can you imagine him being left out. What is his


future with Gabriel Jesus? I can, because there is a younger player


who looks equally, doesn't have his record yet, but he is some player.


What struck me is in two and a half appearances, he made himself a focus


of everything. That is the kind of thing that superstars do. A long way


to go. Not saying he will be a superstar, but he has that thing


about him and for Aguero there is somebody else in town that is a


contender. I think he could get left out. City have a lot of games coming


out. He will want to blood Jesus as quickly as he can. He is a top


player. But you know, you forget that Aguero's played a lot of games


and started all the games. Top teams are the ones that go and try and win


the leagues and more than one trophy. You can have two or three


strikers firing and the manager chooses when to bring them out.


There has been so much pressure on Aguero and I think it is a good


thing for City they have somebody else. Is the issue one of your old


clubs this ageing prospect and I'm getting confirmation, Aguero on the


bench and Gabriel Jesus starting. Is it the age factor and eleven players


over 30 and just four under the age of 22. Is there a quick fix to that?


There is no quick fix. It is not always good when you bring in young


players. You need players of the right edge. If you had these


players, 26, up into 30, it is the best age for football. You need


these players as well. There was a game last year were they did not


have one player under 29 and the page, way to Crystal Palace. They


needed to bring in young players. I still think Aguero will have a big


role to play, because as Leon said, there was big responsibility on him.


Since the goals have dried up from Yaya Toure, they have not had the


threat from midfield. De Bruyne is probably the biggest threat from


midfield. They need someone to take the pressure away from Aguero. It


gives him more space. We will maybe see him late in the game today. It


can only be positive. City need someone to take the weight of the


shoulders of Aguero. We will see that game later on Match Of The Day


two. What a win yesterday for Sunderland at Crystal Palace. 4-0.


Two goals from this man, Jermain Defoe, who joins us on the phone.


Good afternoon. What was that journey like going back to the


north-east? I am actually still in London. I watched Tottenham last


night. It was a nice time to show your face when you have won 1-0. It


was a performance that we needed. It was always going to be a difficult


game. It is always difficult when you're playing the teams around you.


It was a six pointer. Is specially playing against some Allardyce team.


They are always direct and physical. It was important that we dictated


how the game was going to go. To win the way we did was unbelievable. The


Sunderland fans, if they are 30 and they are not grey or bold, they are


doing well. What are you doing to them? The journey you have been on


over the last five seasons, it has been all relegation battles. I do


not know. For some reason, it is how it has been. It is important that we


stay focused. Because we have done it before, we have been in this


position before, we know what we're doing. We would rather not be in


this position. It is what it is. It is important we stick together and


try and get some results. On a personal point of view, everyone


always talks about you being underappreciated in the Premier


League over the years. Do you feel that way? Not really. I do not think


I have been underappreciated. It is nice when people say that, but it is


not something I have thought about over the years. The only thing I


have really thought about, if I am being honest, I have always felt


like I could have played more games for England in certain parts of my


career when I was playing well. What have you done, have you run over


someone's dog at the FA? I do not know. I get asked that question


every day. I just get my head down. I have always been one of those


players, I worked hard and I love scoring goals. That satisfies me.


I'm playing for a top football club when I am appreciated. The fans are


brilliant. I love scoring goals. That is what I need to focus on and


anything that comes after that is a bonus. It is Jonathan. You have


scored another two goals yesterday. You are for Baggio scored more goals


than you have ever done in your career. Have you improved something


about your game? I do not think I have improved anything about my


game. I just feel like I probably understand my body more than when I


was younger. For me, the key thing is not the game, it is how I recover


between the game. I will make sure my recovery is good. Away from


training, I always try and do the right thing. I give myself the best


opportunity to perform at the weekend. As far as the game goes, I


do not think I have changed anything. My game has not changed. I


can still running behind. Sometimes I come short. At the age of 34, it


is nice. I do not feel like I need to adapt my game. Be honest with me,


Jermain, it is just us on the phone, there is no one listening, at the


end of the day, in terms of the relegation battle at the bottom, can


you forget about it, or is it like some Allardyce when he was at


Sunderland, he is Ops thinking about it all night? -- he is awake


thinking about it. It is a lot of pressure. At times the relegation


fight can be stressful. I just enjoy it. I look forward to the next game.


That is the great thing about football, even when you're not


playing well, when you have a bad result, the next game still comes


around quickly, you can rectify it. Yesterday we won 4-0. You went the


next game to come around quickly, which it well. I will try to enjoy


it and not think about the position we're in. I will focus on scoring


for the team. The goals are needed. I know how important the goals are.


That is why I am even more focused than I was years ago. I imagine you


do not really care much how some Allardyce feels this morning, your


old manager. I do not know if you saw that interview with Jacqui


Oatley, he said he was shell-shocked and heard. He looked like he was


bewildered by what had happened. I sent him a message after the game. I


wanted to say hello. I do not have the opportunity. Did it say LOL. No.


I wanted is beat him after the game but they did not have the chance. I


messaged him after the game. Some Allardyce was great for us.


Obviously it is not nice seeing him in that way. At the end of the day,


you can only do what is best for your team. Ara Gaffer, David Moyes,


he was absolutely delighted. The work he has put in on the training


pitch, trying to improve the players every day, bringing in the new


signings, you could say it was a perfect performance yesterday. On


our side of it, everyone is delighted and happy. I can imagine


that some Allardyce is not best pleased. Thank you for joining us.


Top man. Best of luck for the rest of the season.


The Sunderland striker, Jermain Defoe. Leon Osman, that is the kind


of result, I was listening to it yesterday on final score, and you


think, really? It is one of those. Looking at the game, you thought it


would be close. Either team could win. If one was going to, you would


probably have picked Crystal Palace. Sunderland have been struggling.


They have made some good signings, Bryan Oviedo from Everton, Darron


Gibson. He will know what he can get out of them how quickly can


introduce them. Bryan Oviedo played yesterday and did well. It was a


great result. You are the only one who is missing. I am waiting by the


phone. I do not go out in case it is going to ring! Sunderland have had


belief in themselves. I do not think anyone else thought they would win


that game. Credit to them, to score four goals await any ground is a


great achievement. But in a bottom of the table clash like that, it was


vital. Didi, I want your thoughts on what some Allardyce has had to say.


Let's listen to the Crystal Palace boss. For me, it looks like fear.


For me, the fear we are suffering at Crystal Palace is evident. It was


Swansea, the last time we had the game as big as this. These games are


bigger than playing Man United, Chelsea, because they are 6-points.


The fear has gripped the players and has not allowed them to express the


ability they have God. I cannot think it is anything other than


that, having experienced it. It is difficult because the fans are so


good here. They come to support the club. It is a sell-out today. They


are desperate for the club to do well. The dead behind the players.


It is not often the players get criticism, and they deserved the


booing they got today. I will have to apologise because of what the


first-half performance was like. It is my responsibility to get it


right. With the rest of the staff, I will continue to work as hard as I


can to turn that around. Jonathan Northcroft, Didi Hamann and Leon


Osman joining with -- with us if you're listening on five live. You


are the -- you are in the Crystal Palace team, and you have just heard


the manager say that you deserve to get booed. What do you think of


that? If you lose 4-0, and you concede four goals by half-time


against a team that is second bottom of the table, it is probably right.


If there is a problem, he has to identify it. If he thinks he knows


it is fear, that is a good thing. But how does he address it? I worry


for Crystal Palace. They have always been a team that is hard to beat.


They did not concede many goals and they had exciting players going


forward. Some Allardyce bases his success on defence. They have got to


sort it out quickly. The teams around them, Sunderland, Hull, they


all show glimpses of life. They are a team that you would rely upon to


win at home. That has always been at the heart of their success, through


their history and in the Premier League. Some Allardyce has been


there for a game now and he has only one victory. That impact has not


happened. He is calling out the players. Perhaps it is a desperate


thing to do. We will see if he gets a reaction. From the point of view


of the players, you accept that. You're losing 4-0 two Sunderland,


who are bottom of the league, at half-time. You go on to lose the


game. It is bad. You expect to face the wrath of the fans. It would be


strange if you did not. You look at Crystal Palace, and as Jonathan has


said, you expect them to win their home games. It was always a


difficult place to play football and trying get the result. You were


always up against it, no matter where they were in the league. Some


Allardyce has not won a league game at home. They won a league game away


at Bournemouth. When you're in that sort of trouble, what does that sort


of emotional hurt do to you? It should make you go out and put it


right in the next game. You do not want that happening again. The worst


you can do when you next go out there is run around until you cannot


run any more, giving your all. That is probably the question about the


Crystal Palace team at the moment, I'll be doing that? On paper, people


said they have got a good team, too good to go down. But if they are not


showing that on the jihadist, they will be trouble. I think the award


for the idiot of the day or week goes to that Crystal Palace fan.


Trying to punch one of the players from the team you support is not the


way to show you care. I think he was dealt with quickly. I am not sure he


will be seeing many Crystal Palace game again. Let's talk about


Liverpool. Madness to give Jurgen Klopp a new six-year deal in the


summer just gone. That was your quote from this morning. You going


to talk about that? If you want to. I am not quite sure you believe it.


Jonathan is responsible. Sensationalist journalism. I found


it strange in the summer. If you look at the facts, Jurgen Klopp


cumin, he changed the perception in the City, at the club. It gave the


fans and the people in the City a bit more common-sense. In Liverpool,


people are either ecstatic because things are going well, or they are


almost suicidal because things are not going well. It is either black


or white in Liverpool. He gave them more common-sense. He had an impact.


He improved some players, but if you look at the facts, even in the


summer, I do not think the points average improve dramatically if


anything from Brendan Rodgers. You get to two finals and Liz two. I


think both could have been won, especially the second one against


civil-mac. That would have had an impact because he would've got the


Champions League. -- against Seville. People talk about


stability. You do not get stability by giving someone a six-year


contract. You get that from being smart and the transfer market. Have


they done that? I do not think they have. If you do not fancy the left


back, bring one in in the summer. James Milner is a great team player,


a great player to have around the place, but he cannot play him all


the time at left back. A new keeper has been brought in and he has not


function so Mignolet is back. I think Liverpool are too weak in the


midfield. I think they need a holding midfielder. I watched them


against Chelsea. He had two plumper players in N'Golo Kante and Nemanja


Matic. In Liverpool I do not see enough purpose and structure. -- two


proper players. They should get Didi Hamann in the dressing room at


half-time. That would sort it. Listening to that, are you


suggesting, Didi, apart from Klopp coming in and talking common-sense


that the club has gone backwards after Brendan Rodgers?


He said I need too win a trophy. I home he is there for six years,


because that means the club will be successful. If you look at the


table, six or eight weeks ago they were favourite to win the title. A


lot of people said Liverpool could be a threat to Chelsea this season.


Now, they drop out of the top four if City win today and there is a big


question mark whether they finish in the top four and there is another


huge two games with Southampton, where I think it was a fantastic


opportunity to get that first trophy and they failed gloriously. My issue


with the team is in recent years when there was a final or a


semi-final, when ever the chips were down, the team failed. That hasn't


changed with him. Whether he can change with that crop of players or


he needs to change most of the team, I don't know. But I think something


has to change, the way the team has been going is not good enough.


Damning verdict. That comment came about because we were talking about


you build success and I think it is what it says, giving someone a


six-year contract when they have lost two finals. Liverpool as a club


has been built on winning, and Jurgen Klopp's brilliant, we


recognise his abilities, he may be the right man. But at that point to


give a guy a contract extension when he has not won something goes


against what Liverpool used to stand for. Take the contract issue of the


of the way, have Liverpool not just had a bad month. Couldn't it be an


over reaction. Arsenal were renowned for having a bad November. This is


his first and a half season, has he just had a bad month? They have got


knocked out of both cups and lost a couple of league games and as we


have noticed with Pep Guardiola, and Ronald Koeman, coming in with


Everton and having a run of bad games, are they not learning, it is


his first full season. He tried to mix the team up against Southampton


and Plymouth and Wolves, maybe he, maybe next season he will think, I


have learned me lesson and move on. Sometimes you have got to see a


perspective on it. Looking Leon Osman getting the Liverpool view.


That is the difference between a good and bad month. I'm an ever


tonian, I want to keep him. You can't have a a bad run, if you look


at teams they did lose, lost to Southampton and Swansea and Wolves.


I think he should have after losing to Swansea and not beating


Southampton, he should have picked a strong team and they should have won


that game. He picked the team he felt would win and didn't to set


himself up for the Chelsea game. If he had that opportunity again, maybe


he would do it different. That is what I mean about learning the


league. We need to move on, but huge credit to Marco Silva? Yes they look


a different team and they're still putting the team together. There are


new signings. They look like they're capable of surviving and they looked


dead a few weeks ago. Jack said Jurgen Klopp is finding out pressing


like mad men will make you hit the wall quicker in England. They can't


break teams down and the clubs know how to play against him. A big game


in the Championship with Leeds playing Huddersfield. The most


anticipated West Yorkshire Derby in years. 1-1 at the break. Brown put


the home side ahead. A ball by Smith and Brown pounced. Leeds equalised


eight minutes later, Hernandez with the cross and Huddersfield defence


too busy waiting for an offside to be called. But Wood bundled home.


And there have been two chances for Huddersfield. But at the break it is


1-1. Thank you. Now Everton, 6-3 winners, what a game that was for


the neutral and the Everton fans. Romelu Lukaku, where is he in his


career, rejected by Chelsea, had a decent loan at West Brom. Has he


done everything he could do after being pushed out by Mourinho? Yes,


he is a goal scorer and he wants to score goals. That is what he has


done. He has come to Everton and playing some really great football.


He looks deadly in front of goal. I don't fancy him missing chances in


the box. As a striker, what more can you ask? He is scoring regularly and


you forget he is only 23. And at that stage he is probably still


improving and got a bit to go. Does he think he is bigger than Everton?


His agent certainly does. Do you think he does, you have trained with


him? I don't think he does. But with all your top strikers, they have an


arrogance about them. That is probably one of the things that


makes them as good as they are. They have a self-belief and they go out


and show that on the pitch. Four goals yesterday, top scorer in the


Premier League, he deserves to be that arrogance. You don't think he


will be there next year. Can you blame the play er? Finishing is one


area where me can improve. He gets into good position and he is so


powerful and quick. But his finishing yesterday was sublime.


There was rumours about Bayern Munich in the summer. There might be


big English clubs knocking on the door, or a German or Spanish club, I


think that is how good he is. Can you blame the player if he wants to


play f a Spanish giant comes in or a Manchester City or Chelsea.


Tottenham. I am not sure will they spend the money required. But what


it is doing or what he brings to Everton is tremendous. Let's hope he


stays for another season. I doubt it. If a big offers come in they


will sell him and then they have to plan for next season, because they


have a lot of talent there. But he would be a massive loss. What about


Everton in general. I said to Ronald Koeman has it become the top six and


the best of rest. He said I don't know what the best of the rest is.


He can't complain with the six above him? No, but he is a winner and that


has been important to Everton. He has not settled for just a good


season. He is ambitious, maybe ambitious for himself. That is a


factor. The young players coming in, we talked about Tom Davis, that has


been important to the team and he has brought in Schneiderlin and that


helps and they're two points behind United. I was asked a while back,


maybe there was seven or eight points between seventh and sixth a


can Everton make up the gap. I have said they have got to believe. If


they keep winning games, I feel they're big up to make up the gap.


They're clawing that back and with the run of games coming up, they're


winnable games. The way Manchester United have been going, they will be


thinking we can finish above them. Yes they have been on a great run


apart from the cup match. Jonathan, Saido Berahino. West Brom 1, Stoke


0. He came off the bench to boos. Has he come out of the situation not


looking too shabby. We are talking about Tony Pulis and Mark Hughes and


how they have fallen out. Are we missing the bigger picture? Yes it


is probably good that it has been about the managers for him. Whether


it was right or wrong. For people who don't know, Mark Hughes said he


is suspicious about how this story came out before the teams met. West


Brom we should say adamant it has been done above board and that all


the full details were give on the Stoke. I think these things should


come out any way. If you want to deter players from getting involved


in drugs, then you have to... Allegedly. You have to name and


shame and when somebody fails a test or there is an issue, it should be


made public. Why did Jake Livermore's come out and this


didn't? I think there is an anonymity. There is a bigger issue,


I think we should know. I think that will be a great deterrent. You want


to know and it to be above board. But West Brom handled it well to


keep it quiet and sell the player, if it had come out, I'm sure the


money would be reduced. West Brom handled it well to get as much as


they could. Anything to say on the that. No comment. Let's hope he


concentrates on his football. Because he is a wonderful talent and


it would be a shame if he doesn't fulfil the expectations of him. Only


a few minutes left and let's talk about Leicester against Manchester


United. Has Jose Mourinho gone on the attack. He has attacked about


his own players, saying they haven't that winning mentality and they're


in their comfort zones, he has had a go at Pep Guardiola. When he shaves


his head, does he turn into somebody else. Yes he has calmed down in


recent weeks and that coincided with a good run of results. But I just


don't get it when you have a go at the players. Because you will need


them again. It is a squad game with 25 games and publicly names and


shames people like Mkhitaryan, at some stage you need the players. I


don't know what he wants to achieve having a go at everybody. You need


to give the players belief and if they haven't got the winning


mentality, apart from Rooney and others, that is why he is there. Try


to instill the mentality and win trophies again. That is why he gets


top dollar. Do it. His agenda is the transfer market and he is


campaigning to be given another ?200 million to spend. He wanted to bring


in a defender and he was not able to. The slump has occurred and he is


saying I don't have enough winners. So he wants more signings. On


Mourinho, is it not all every where he goes there is a conspiracy theory


against him. It is like he gets bored and this what shall I do, come


out with an incredible statement. I'm not sure whether it is... The


conspiracy theory that he says, but with, you mentioned the players


don't have, I think it was the experience of winning troefives is


-- troefives is how -- trophies is how he phrased it. The players have


been brought to win trophies and it is up to him to help them and they


have experience with Rooney and those. And Leicester, spirit's gone.


What is happening? Dreadful recruitment, the tactics keep


changing and the spirit has been affected and even around them is


doing better and today is huge. Leicester and Manchester United,


full commentary on five live this afternoon and Manchester City


against swan say kicks off in half an hour. Gabby is here tonight with


Match of the Day Two and it is the Super Bowl too. That is on BBC1 at


11.20. From all of us, have a good one.


Will Perry presents analysis of Saturday's Premier League matches and a look ahead to Sunday's action, including the top-flight games between Manchester City and Swansea City, and Leicester City versus Manchester United.