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Good afternoon, welcome to Match of the Day 2 Extra, we are on BBC Two


and the BBC sport website this lunchtime. In the company of Martin


Kiang, Wes Brown, and John Cross. If you want to get in touch, you can


across social media and drop us text. Over the next 45 minutes, this


is what we will discuss. Swansea stunning Liverpool and moving off


the bottom of the table with the win at Anfield. Manchester City less


than impressed with the officials. Wayne Rooney becoming Manchester


United's all-time leading scorer at Stoke. Later today Chelsea can


increase their lead at the top with a win over Hull, and updates from


Saint Mary 's, the only game where it is currently goalless between


Southampton and Leicester. As far as the newspapers are concerned this


morning, the Sunday Express saying Jurgen Klopp was critical of his


team's defending yesterday. The Sunday Mirror, one of several


papers to go with Wayne Rooney's record-breaking goal for Manchester


United. We will start at Anfield, Swansea beat Liverpool by 3-2,


Liverpool 's first home defeat in over a year, and here is the Swansea


manager. It is a fantastic result for us, it wasn't a game we were


expected to win. There are games this season which are must wins and


that goes down as a big bonus for us. What does that do now to


confidence in the dressing room, to believe collectively? Going back to


the start of the week, if you put the effort in and you focus on the


training ground, execute the plan to the best of your ability and always


work as a team, then anything is possible. Where is it -- is it over


exaggerating to say it is the kind of result that can change a season?


Anyone playing away at Liverpool, it is very difficult and that result,


considering they are in the bottom three, is massive. I watched the


game, want to get stuck 2-2 I'm thinking there is only one winner


here. He has come in, sorted it out, they have a plan and I think they


have gone into the game... You can see, the way they defended I thought


it was brilliant myself. They went 2-0 ahead, Liverpool are always


going to come back but they got the winning goal. I wondered about the


fact that they were 2-0 up, it came back to 2-2, then they went to 3-2,


and if the manner of the victory is as important as the points itself.


Definitely, it is all about belief and that will help to establish some


belief. You can win at Anfield, you can most win anywhere. You want


results to back up the messages you are giving the team so that will


potentially turn their season around. But with -- we have seen it


once before so we will have to see if they can build on this. He has


players who can turn the games around, Sigurdsson is an outstanding


player, and others and he has the tools to turn it around but he's a


young manager. He didn't have a great time at Derby, whether that


was to do with the owners or his results so I think they've got a


good one. With regards to the confidence, we were talking before


we came on air, I was at Swansea last week and for the last half-hour


you could argue they were the better side against Arsenal. When they


conceded the second goal, they conceded two own goals, and after


that you could see them deflating so confidence, as it would be at the


bottom of the table, has been a problem. It has been the issue, and


I would think they would look back on yesterday and think the biggest


thing about that result is having lost the two goal lead, to be pegged


back to 2-2, you worry about your team's mentality from then on but


then they go for it again and I think that is fantastic for their


confidence. It might be a season defining result for them because it


might give them the belief to really push on. I know he wasn't in charge


that game, but they won at Crystal Palace with Clement in the stands.


They got thrashed by Arsenal but it hasn't been too bad of an


introduction in terms of results for Clement. Psychologically you wake up


this morning, you are out of the bottom three and you can build on


it. Because it is... Wes has been there with Sunderland, it wears you


down, you cannot get out of the bottom three, it gives you a massive


boost. Is it easier away from home when you are in a relegation battle?


I'm not saying go to Anfield. It was easier to play against the bigger


teams because nobody was expecting anything. You go out there and you


play, you are more relaxed. We seemed to get results when we were


at Sunderland against the bigger teams for that reason. The teams


around us we struggled against. It was very weird. Was it a different


feeling from the fans as well? Did they expect less? Yes, probably. You


forgot about the whole situation and just went and played. We had good


players but the confidence between the team wasn't there and then when


you play the bigger teams it comes out in new. You can relax and get


results. On Liverpool, when they missed Adam Lallana earlier in the


season, they were talking about the problem with that, then missing


Mane, does the fact their squad isn't big enough at the moment? Yes,


I think they particularly miss Mane because he's made such a difference


with his direct running, his goal threat, the opportunities he


creates. He also, in the way he plays, allows Adam Lallana to be


deeper and he makes things happen the Liverpool so it's almost like


they are missing things on two fronts but you are right, it's


likely highlight the issue about the squad. The defending on the Ponzi


goals will give Jurgen Klopp nightmares and that is perhaps still


that frailty so the depth in the squad and perhaps dealing with


crosses and the area of threat will be his biggest concern if he's going


to try and maintain the title challenge. A massive shock, if you


are lovable you've got to win that game. Chelsea not even playing


yesterday. They are in the hotel, the sun lounges are out, it's


fantastic news. I wouldn't have had the sun lounges out in London


yesterday, it was very cold! It is, you can win the league not actually


playing. You've got to put them under pressure. Liverpool had a


massive opportunity yesterday and that -- let that slip. It is a big


result. Mane is one of the best players for me. He makes things


happen. As a Liverpool fan you might not say he's my best player, but I


think he's the difference this season when he has come in. They've


struggled over the last three or four games. As you all know, when


you are used to winning championships, those games you are


struggling in, you just need to get a win. Particularly if you can get


it back to 2-2. Yes, as I said, there's only one winner and it


didn't happen. You can play well for three or four weeks, get a draw,


when you play bad you want to win. We have got Southampton Leicester on


the screen just out of the camera shop. It is lovely and sunny there


so we might be able to get an update from the sun lounge! It is goalless,


it has been a bright start of the game. Southampton have a decent


chances, Nathan Redmon picked out from seven yards out, he went over


the bar. Treadmill on the right-hand side of the area, shot saved by


Schmeichel down to his left hand side. One moment the Leicester on


the counterattack, but the shot was saved. Southampton have lost their


last four Premier League games, Leicester have one one of their last


six and just five points off the bottom. -- won one. It is Manchester


City against Spurs. An equaliser came moments after Andre Mariner


didn't give a penalty for Kyle Walker pushing Raheem Sterling.


Let's hear from Pep Guardiola. We are just watching it again, the


push on Raheem Sterling, what are your feelings on that? The first


question is on the referee? This is the BBC, prestigious, to talk about


the football, not the referee? It's just because we saw that then, I


wondered what your reaction was. Let's go back to the performance of


your team then, what I thought overall of the performance? They


made outstanding performance so it is a pity. We cleared more chances,


we conceded few. The right decisions, the right moments, always


against, and of course you have to score goals. We created so many


chances but we were not able and after that with the top teams like


Tottenham, so again, that is impossible to make something and we


create eight or nine chances in Everton today, I don't know how many


book a lot. It is impossible. Pep Guardiola with Guy Mowbray, and we


will talk about the penalty after we had back to Saint Marys where there


has been the first goal of the afternoon. Yes, a really good finish


from James Ward, a curling shot for Southampton into the left-hand


corner and they are leading 1-0. Martin, you must have some sympathy


with Pep Guardiola after yesterday's performance and the lack of penalty


being given. Without a doubt, that is where you want the officials to


be, Raheem Sterling is working hard to stay on his feet. If he'd gone


down it would have got a penalty and the referee has got to read that


situation. We have all done it as defenders, you nudge the striker,


hope to get away with it. Slightly more than a nudge. Definitely, the


assistance should have picked up on it. Yes, he has sort of been


punished himself for staying on his feet so in that sense he was very


unlucky and that's why the referees have got to do a little bit more, I


think. City I think bossed the game, but Tottenham getting a draw, and


they can only go away feeling happy about the situation. We are in a


very old situation, aren't we, with footballers and referees at the


moment. Root hollered alluded to it on Match of the Day last night that


referees will respond to how players react rather than what they may see


as regards to the actual foul. Howard Webb on Twitter last night


said that the ridiculous claim by Ruud Hullit, but referees react on a


lot of incidents with regards to how the aggrieved party reacts. Yes, and


I felt a point last night was valid. Early in his career, Raheem Sterling


has taken criticism the going down too easily. He's trying to be


honest, trying to play. It was just knocked off balance at the crucial


moment as he hits the shops, so what incentive is there for him to be


honest to try to be as honest as he can, stay on his feet? If he goes


down and dives, he basically gets a penalty. For me, Andre Mariner has


not kept up with the plague. I think he will be disappointed when he sees


it again because it is a howler and it's basically a game defining


howler as well because it is just the rules of football dictate that


Tottenham were always going to go up the other end, you didn't expect


quite so quickly, and equalise and punish them. Visit one of those


situations where you needed to have played the game. I don't want to


wave the game at referees really, but if you have played the game you


know that this situation in which it is a foul. I think that is harsh on


professional referees. Should we be getting referees in younger though?


We are seeing a lot of penalties lately where the player gets his


foot there to be fouled and you know what they are doing because you


might have tried to do it yourself. It is difficult to pick that out,


practice helps are free to do it, but... We have seen that so often


over the last ten years of players leaving their foot there to be hit


by the defender that in this era of professional referees, surely they


should be knowing that's happening. Secondly, if you follow your logic,


why are you sitting next to me? Why are you not there,?


To be in the referee system, I would have had to have started halfway


through my football career. But if a scheme was in place to fast-track


you? If I had been a high-profile player, it might have been


difficult. I would have been interested. I went on a referee


course and had a look at it. It is harder than it looks. But I wanted


to get some idea of how difficult it really was. One thing that annoyed


me was that curly finger, come here, to book a player. The first thing I


did when I sent someone off was to do except what the referees had done


to me. Players' reactions, if you win a ball as a centre-half and the


striker you win the ball stays on his feet and 30 seconds later, in a


similar tackle, that striker then falls over, do you think you are


more likely to concede a free kick for the second one that the first


one? Yeah, 100%. It is difficult for the referee, but that is a very big


part of the game. If he goes down, he gets a penalty. They just need to


get that bit right. The fouls in the middle of the park, OK. But the big


decisions need to be sorted out. I understand why City are not happy


this morning. There is huge pressure on these referees. I don't know what


the referee does between now and the next match. Does he go and referee


and under 23 games? Get his sharpness back again, rebuild his


confidence? Or do they just drop him into the next match? The bigger


picture is, it is neither the referee's fault nor players' fault,


it is the game's fault that we are in a situation at the moment like


this. Well, so much of it is depicted by the player's reaction.


It is harsher on referees to say that they don't get it because they


have not played the game and they don't understand. Generally, when a


mistake is made, why don't we castigate the player who has dived?


But the general consensus is, let's get at the referee because he has


made the mess up. No. Get at the player who has dived. That is who


should be openly criticised. That is what annoys me. Also, the goal-line


technology has been such a success. It is black and white as a science.


You can tell if it has crossed the line. You can't obviously do that


with subjective penalty decisions like this, but giving video


technology to referees gives you a better chance. It is still not going


to be 100%, but I can understand Guardiola's frustration. I don't


like his interview technique! It was perfectly fair of Guy Mowbray to


ask. You generally throw them a general question about the game, but


it was the only question. The whole of this discussion negates the fact


that that was one of City's better performances. At half-time, they


could have been at least 3-0 up. They created chance after chance. It


doesn't negate what was City's strong response to a real thrashing


by Everton. They worked hard pressed hard. Tottenham will admit that it


was one of their poorest performances of the season. So it is


as much about their resilience to get something the game. Manchester


United dropped points at Stoke, finished 1-1. They need a late


equaliser from Rooney. He got his 250th goal for Manchester United,


which makes him the club's all-time record goal-scorer, going past Bobby


Charlton. This was what he said after the game. When you sign for a


club, you realise how important he is to the football club. Surpassing


him today is something I had never even thought of. So I am delighted


that I have the utmost respect for Sir Bobby. He came after the game


and congratulated me. So he is pleased and it is a great honour for


me. Sir Bobby Charlton said he was disappointed to lose the record, but


glad it had gone to Wayne Rooney. You know him well, Wes. What do you


think it means to him? It is brilliant. When you sign for a club


like Manchester United at a young age, he would never have thought


this achievement was possible. When this 31 now -- Wayne is 31 now. To


break that record, even in this time, is remarkable. It is


well-deserved. He is not even a regular at the moment. Do you think


he has adapted to that? He has done a perfect. He will not be happy


about it, but he has adapted to it. He is the captain of the football


club and in his head, he has sorted that out perfect. He obviously wants


to play every game, because I know the sort of character he is, but he


has adapted to it well and he came on yesterday and got a draw for the


boys. It is fantastic. As lots of people are pointing out, Martin, it


is not the fact that he broke the record, it is the fact that it was


the ball in the back of the net and he wanted to get the ball back


rather than celebrate. And what a goal. He was aiming for a small area


from that distance. There is a lot more to offer from Wayne Rooney, and


I don't believe he should settle for sitting on the bench. That fire is


still burning in his belly, you can see it. He has mature brilliantly


dealt with the situation. Can he do it at Manchester United? He's 31.


There are players at the team who are older and doing well. I don't


see why he can't do more at Manchester United. But he might not


want to start every week. And Royal Marine you give him that chance? I


couldn't agree more. He has this wonderful desire and energy and


talent. That goal, what a fitting way to break the record. Sometimes,


we do under appreciate him generally, maybe more so in the


media. I include myself in that. He is not England's record goal-scorer.


It may only be when he retires that we offer him the appreciation and


the honour that he deserves. For me, he has been an all-time great. When


you say we, who do you mean? Do you mean the media all football fans?


Football fans in general and the media as well. He may be a bit of a


target to be shot at. I am not blaming anyone else, because I am in


newspapers, and newspapers do this as well. But I have always been


appreciative of him. Does he feel he is a target? He gets a lot of stick


for no reason. His football speaks for itself. The stats show how good


he is. Maybe on the England seem, because we have not done well, he


gets more stick because of that is the captain. Do you think there is a


reticent sometimes from United fans because a couple of times, he has


tried to leave the club? That doesn't help. But that is football.


It makes you question some of the players other than. There are not


enough of them players about. Players just accept it nowadays. He


has won everything a player can win domestic live. OK, England has been


a problem for many generations, since 66. He has won everything in


the game and these individual accolades he is getting are just


like icing on the cake. Its immense human history for ever. We would


talk about Saido Berahino moving to Stoke in a moment, but there has


been another goal at St Mary's. It is not looking good for the


champions. No, it is looking bleak at the moment because Southampton


lead 2-0 against Leicester. It was poor defending from Leicester. A


free kick just wasn't cleared and it felt a Rodriguez four yards out, who


volleyed it into the back of the net. A couple of tweets on Rooney,


just to show how he divides opinion. Jack says phenomenal effort, hasn't


had the credit he deserves. He has always been scapegoated. Eddie says


he is underrated, one of the best the country has produced. Oliver


says, overrated, never scores in big games, bad attitude, overpaid,


hasn't done anything for England. Not a fan! #bbcfootball if you want


to get in touch. Are you surprised that Saido Berahino has ended up at


Stoke? It is a bit of a sideways move for him. He was try to get a


couple of years ago. We have been talking about him for a couple of


years. I suppose the club has won that situation and he has gone


somewhere a lot bigger than where he left. I think Mark use will turn him


around and he will be a decent striker for them, but he had a role


to play for Tony Pulis and he didn't seem to want it. What I meant to


that question was that he was linked with Spurs a lot, who were trying to


get in the Champions League. And yes, they have Schir Kierey and


Arnautovic, but the two clubs are similar stature, Stoke and West


Brom. I do think it is a sideways move. It is a fantastic deal for


West Brom. I know it is still competition, but they have to be


delighted with that. I think Tottenham were interested in a


player who has genuine ability, a top quality player, great potential.


But I'm afraid his conduct in trying to force the move would make any top


club say, is he a player worth that sort of gamble? It has to be seen as


a risk. Good luck to Mark use. -- Mark Hughes. He is not afraid to


take on big characters, whether it be Arnautovic chew or players in the


past. He believes in talent first. That is a good sign. I think West


Brom have done brilliant. There is always this thing nowadays where


players have the power. If they want to move, they eventually get that


chance. But with five months to go, it is perfect. I don't think it is a


bad deal for Stoke. It will help them out. West Brom have done


brilliantly with the transfer. Wilfried Bony has not worked out,


for whatever reason. But if they can get him working and fit through the


middle, then they have the firepower to deliver. Those of us with long


memories can remember the goals he was scoring a couple of years ago,


and this fella is special. He has good feet. He is quick. He has the


eye for a goal. He wasn't focused, and he probably feels he was bullied


a bit. Couldn't get what he wanted. Tony Pulis is a difficult manager in


that situation. But they will get a very good player. But there is


something wrong with him a little bit mentally. It could all happen


for him again at Stoke. Let's move on to Crystal Palace, who have


slipped into the bottom three after Seamus Coleman's late winner for


Everton at Selhurst Park yesterday. Here is Sam Allardyce. The learning


curve for me is finding out about this player, that player, who I can


rely on the most. When I made that decision with bringing new players


in by the end of January, I was focusing on that and making those


players better between now and the end of the season in all aspects of


the game. I guess it is tricky, because you are trying to give the


club in the Premier League, but you are also firefighting to an extent


as well. But I am used to that. I can't say I particularly like it,


but at the end of the day, I have been here before. So I will try and


manage the team with the backroom staff. And if the team believe as


much as I do, if the players believe as much as I do, we will get out of


it. So he says he has been there before and he has. He also said a


couple of weeks ago in a post-match interview that it might be late


March or April before they pull away from the bottom. If you look at when


he was at Sunderland, won three of his first six but then lost the next


five. He has admitted it could take a while to turn it around. He is


trying to go on the front foot by saying if the players believe as


much as he does. That is different from what he said at the start of


the week, when he was questioning whether there was the belief there


and whether he could keep Palace up. It was a strange statement from


Allardyce and I know he regretted it afterwards. He tried to address it


in his post-match interview there. I wonder about Allardyce. I thought


Palace would immediately go on the open up as soon as he got that job.


I wonder whether the England experience scarred him and is eating


up at him and perhaps taking away something of his ability as a


manager. I don't agree with that. Look at the


amount of games Palace have lost before he got there. It is


scandalous the amount of games they lost that the previous manager


stayed in the job as long as he did, so he inherited this. He's got to


turn things around. He's got to get wounded players who haven't won for


a long time back to winning. They have no confidence. Townsend is


sitting on the bench at the moment. Ben -- Benteke. He has some really


hard work to do in there, some really serious talking to those


players because they will go down if they don't turn it around very


quickly but they have the players to do it. What happens when he takes


over? What does he change really? The outside looking in at these


clubs you think an oncoming are all professional players, you know how


to defend, so what does he change? We were struggling. No confidence.


He comes in and keeps a very basic, very simple. He tells you what he


wants. It takes a few weeks but as soon as you started doing it, you


can see the lads coming together as a team and we started performing in


a reasonable way. We start getting results. It's as simple as that.


There is no, right, we will change this and that... We do it as a team.


He gets the confidence up. Does he walk you through shape, position,


drumming it in? Yes, we were letting in goals so he would get it all


tight and pretty much sorted out as simple as that. It's very simple.


There would be nothing very difficult going on with his


training. It would be simple, tight, compact. Wes, do you end up playing


for the man? Because of the X factor with the man himself. I've spoken to


some of the staff and they say he's a breath of fresh air. Yes, when you


are in the changing room, I know what it's like. Players are always


worried by other clubs. Players can come and destructive player and


there will be players at that club thinking oh, come summer I'm looking


to go. They just need to win games. They got some great players. Benteke


Has not been playing well and if he can sort that out, it's a great


help. You look at their midfield and Townsend is not even being used.


They have players who can turn this around. Puncheon. I look at them


defensively and I just don't think the quality is there. I just don't


think they are strong enough as a unit. But if he keeps them simple


and organised, there's not that much difference to the back four that


kept them up last season. I don't know, if you sense the manager


hasn't quite got that trust in you, I mean I guess it is an art of


management to hide that doubts but basically I think is clearly going


for two new full-backs, he will clearly go for that and a


centre-half. He is mixing it up, he played three yesterday. Font went to


West Ham, and that was a big mess because he is solid. We will come


back to the bottom of the table shortly. It is half-time at Saint


Mary 's. Simon Brotherton is up the Emirates for us. I know you were at


the Liberty Stadium last week watching the game against Swansea,


4-0 for Arsenal, were they as good as the scoreline suggests? Certainly


the first 20 minutes Swansea played very well, and Arsenal just look a


little bit laboured at times starting the game, but it's as if


they got in at half-time. Arsene Wenger regrouped with them and gave


them a kick up the backside, and their second-half formance was


scintillating at times. We saw Danny Welbeck come off the bench, Arsene


Wenger has been talking about him this week and the contribution he


can make in the second half of the season. Do you think in a way it is


almost like having a new signing and he could be a key contributor? Yes,


before his injury he was starting to get a few important goals for


Arsenal. He's done his preparation, there's no way Arsene Wenger would


allow him to come back into the Premier League in a game with such


pace and ferocity otherwise so he's obviously ready. He wants to get


Welbeck on the pitch and get him back to full fitness because you can


have bounce games and play in the reserves but it's not the same as


playing in a Premier League match with the meaning it accounts for.


Welbeck for me is a good player and just needs to get back to playing


games. I'm sure at some stage today you might see Welbeck coming on.


It's an opportunity for Arsenal to gain ground on some of their rivals,


with most of the top six dropping points yesterday. Can they be the


main challengers to Chelsea, do you think? I think there are still


several. I still look at the likes of Manchester City, and Spurs,


dropped a few points yesterday. They are all still chasing Chelsea, but


they cannot drop any points. In the past you seen Arsenal lose games


like today. Arsenal have got to be looking to win today.


You can hear John commentating on radio 5 Live this afternoon. Two


o'clock kick-off here at Emirates. Andy Dunn wrote a column in the


mirror questioning why Sean Dyche is not on the list to replace Arsene


Wenger when the time comes. Yes, it's an interesting read and I guess


at this moment in time basically is Sean Dyche judged because Burnley


went down, where is obviously Eddie Howe has kept on up. In answer to


that I think Sean Dyche has done a good job because relegation is such


a hammer blow, then to get them straight back up is almost more of


an achievement I think to keep that group of players together. This


season has been remarkable for Burnley and yet I don't think he


sometimes gets the appreciation as a young English manager that he


deserves. I know we are alluding to there, basically the home form is


out of this world, but away from home it is one point. But Sean Dyke


deserves much more credit than he sometimes gets. Sunderland beating


that West Brom yesterday, bottom of the Premier League. David Moyes


after the game spoke about inheriting a losing culture. Does


that ring true with you, Wes? Yes, a little bit. Out of the five seasons


I was there, four of them we were always in trouble. I don't know what


it is, it is hard to recognise what the problem is. It's not just the


players, it is a bit of the club as well. When you get into that, the


players have got to bring themselves out of it a little bit because luck


is not just going to help at the moment. The defeat is disappointing.


You talked about Sam Allardyce keeping things simple when he came


in and bringing the dressing room together. Does what David Moyes...


Seems frustrated in every interview. You can see that in his interviews.


He's got some good players and they are not performing. They need to be


doing better, they need the bigger players... Jermaine Defoe has been


brilliant. He's been doing what he's been asked. The other players need


to perform a little bit better because this has been going on for a


few seasons now and there's no... If you look at Sunderland you say yes,


Jermaine Defoe, there's not really anyone else you say. Do you think


they feel sorry for themselves, some of other players? Maybe, but I was


there and you have to get over that. Are they good enough now? Anichebe


Came off the bench and that someone they turn to. Has he got the money,


are his hands tied? The spark has got come from somewhere. He has his


hands tied behind his back. It will be an interesting acid test. He has


already been tested on Jermaine Defoe but how much ambition is there


to keep the better players? How much ambition is there to stay up and


maintain their Premier League status? I like David Moyes as a


manager but he's been eaten away by it all and it must be demoralising


but he is struggling to even stay positive. He has been linked with


Jagielka, Lescott and Robbie Keane which either implies they think it


is 2008 at Sunderland or there is no money. I don't think the money is


there, he has been open about his frustration with the lack of


funding. I Karanka described the atmosphere at the Riverside


yesterday as awful and suggested fans were calling for urgent long


balls and that was detrimental to the team, which goes back to the


point that sometimes it's easier to play away from home in a relegation


battle, but dangerous, as a manager, criticising your own fans? Honesty.


Visit the north-east thing or just a football thing. We had it at


Sunderland, especially with Gus Poyet it. It's difficult because if


you are keeping the ball at the back, maybe holding midfielder, they


just want to seek action. When you are not doing too well, when you are


trying to play like that, the fans just want to see some action. It is


the mentality maybe we are not trying to win. Effective football is


what you want, isn't it? You want to get behind your team. I think fans


is a big part of it. Even if you are losing, if the fans are behind you,


the lads love it. It lifts them and it makes them want to do more. When


it is done and it is doing and everyone is getting on your case, it


doesn't help. Even though you are not really focusing on it, it is


there in the background. The fans are like the 12th man for you,


aren't they? When it is not going well. That's when you need them the


most, just a bit of encouragement. We are nearly out of time, if


Chelsea were to win against Hull it would be a very successful weekend


for Chelsea. A remarkable weekend so far for Chelsea. They have gone


through a difficult couple of weeks where they have suffered a first


defeat, they have had the Costa fall out, and to go into this weekend


stronger than ever is credit to Antonio Conte. They still have


difficult games coming up. It is coming that through that, the next


few matches will be tough but they are looking like champions already.


But there's a long way to go and you cannot give up. Teams have been in


this situation before and lost points. I remember when Arsenal had


a ten point gap... All right, we are out of time, Martin! Who would have


thought that would happen. Southampton against Leicester is 2-0


and that's on 5 Live.


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