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Hello. Welcome to Match of the Day to extra this Sunday lunchtime. With


me, the former England captain, Alan Shearer. Also Mark Schwarzer and the


chief football correspondent from the Telegraph, Jason Burt. You can


send us a text on the following subjects over the next 45 minutes.


We will ask, what does the future hold for Diego Costa? Harry Kane's


trick takes Spurs second, seven behind Chelsea for the bid will look


ahead to the huge game at Old Trafford where Manchester United


play Liverpool. As for the headlines this morning, Diego Costa dominates.


You were at the game with Leicester where Chelsea won 3-0. Did they miss


Diego Costa? Chelsea more than help themselves without him. The way the


front three played with Pedro, hazard and Willian, they were


brilliant. The question will be when they come up against better


opposition. That will be a big challenge when they come up against


the bigger teams. Will they miss Diego Costa? They will miss him. He


has scored goals and assists and been integral about everything good


about Chelsea. It will be a huge, uphill struggle to win the league


without him. Do they have to miss Diego Costa? Nope. I think they will


not sell him this winter but they will try to rehabilitate him back


into the team. That is partly by Antonio Conte spoke the way he did


yesterday. Perhaps a very different approach from Slaven Bilic with


Dmitri Payet at. At Chelsea, it is very saddening terms of the offer


from China. There is some tooling and throwing as to whether or not


there is an from the table. His head has been turned for. He wants to


look at that. The money on the table is huge. If you are only looking at


what has been said, on the record, he has a back strain and he has


argued with the fitness coach. You will not reveal sources of who said


what behind-the-scenes. The use sense that the Chinese briefing is


coming from one side all the other or from both parties? Do you sense?


The story broke on Friday. The Daily Mail got the story and put it out


there. Everyone has tried to verify it. The element of the bid from


China has come out as well. There are various parties involved in


that. People like Chelsea are well aware of the situation. Diego Costa


has always been fairly unsettled at the club. I never thought he really


wanted to move in the first place. He wanted to go back to Real Madrid


and Chelsea have managed to keep him on board. If this big offer is on


the table, it will make a big difference to Diego Costa. A


Brazilian guy who has come from the middle of nowhere. Coming to Chelsea


is not his dream. He can be quite disruptive character at times. What


Chelsea are trying to do is close this story down. Yesterday was all


about closing the story down. Yes, there is a back injury of sorts.


Interestingly, Dmitri Payet has a back injury and are difficult to


quantify. They want to get him on board as quickly as possible. They


wanted out there that, from their point of view, we will publicly say


there is a back injury for the behind-the-scenes they will try to


keep him on board. I do not see them selling him this window. Next summer


it might be different. In the summer we could possibly see him leaving


the club. The story will not go away until he starts to play again.


Absolutely. You are right. How bad is the back injury? Eventually


Chelsea will have to talk more openly about the situation. Would it


be a problem him being around the club, even playing for the club up


till the summer, if you knew he was going? That is from a fellow


player's perspective. He does not think Diego Costa even wanted to


come to the club in the first place. Last season the whole season did not


play particularly well. The two seasons in between, he has done


very, very well. The bottom line is, if he comes back into the side and


start scoring goals again, people will forget about it. Inevitably, he


will dictate the situation. He will decide what happens. The players


have the vast majority of the powerful if he does not want to be


there, he will leave. Whether in this window or the summer, the same


will happen with Dmitri Payet. Would you have any problem with that being


in the squad for the remainder of the season? It depends how bad apple


he would become. If it affects the dressing room then you will have to


get rid. I do not know how close he is to the rest of the Chelsea


players or with Dmitri Payet. As soon as it affects the dressing


room, you have to get rid. He is a big character and someone a lot of


players do like. He is always joking and has a great attitude when it


comes to training. If he does then decide to throw his toys out of the


pram and wants to leave, knowing what Chelsea is like and how he


wants the team attitude and work ethic, like they showed yesterday,


again they will not want to have that type of character around the


training ground and changing room. I think he is a volatile character.


Hope is that they will get him back on track quickly. He is back to his


fitness coach -- Antonio Conte has backed his fitness coach in theirs.


Hopefully they can move on in all of this. Partly the tactic yesterday


they tried to close the story down by saying it was a fitness issue.


Also what massively helped Chelsea yesterday was they won. That helped


the manager a lot. They will wanted to go away as quickly as possible.


Knowing a bit about Diego Costa, he wanted to go last summer but they


managed to keep him. He has not been massively settled that Chelsea


throughout his career. He has done very well there, 100%. I do not


think he will be at Chelsea for the long haul. You have been at the


Chelsea dressing room with him. You had the same first season. As I


understand it, the private Diego Costa is different to the public one


we see on the field. Definitely. On the pitch he is a fighter. He wants


to scrap for everything. Off the pitch he is a joker. He loves that


position in the squad. For me, in the end, who knows? They may


surprise us. It may be completely blown out of all proportion. That


must be their priority, sitting down with him and speaking to him. It has


not been blown out of proportion. The story is true. He wants to go.


The extent of the back injury I do not know about and I do not think


that Chelsea know about it, Forshaw. This is a huge story. The team at


the top of the league possibly wanting to go to China. I'm not


talking about players on the bench and over the hill. I am talking


about a player at the prime of his career wanting to leave Chelsea and


go to China. It a huge story. If you live by inflated wages, you die by


it. Chelsea need a fit and focused Diego Costa. If I was content I


would say no player is bigger than the club, go and rot in the


reserves. -- Antonio content. In an ideal world, that is what you would


do. We will sit to you in the reserves. Is that hard to enforce?


It is virtually impossible. He has to walk into the dressing room with


the rest of the players. He is still one of your players foot if you


tried to enforce all of these rules, you have the PFA coming to scream at


you. -- if you try. That is the way it works. Jermaine Jenas said they


had to get into the new Spurs training ground with fingerprint


access. One summer, his stopped working for the back is how he got


the message he was not there. If they got, if the 8 million offer is


on the table, is it unrealistic to say they would sell him and bring


summary in to do a job for them before the end of the transfer


window? I do not think it was unrealistic. These clubs have an


enormous scouting network. I think they will always have a Plan B and a


plan C. If the scenario does happen, they will get as much money as they


can and bring in someone replace him. I am not sure that Roman


Abramowitz will want to be pushed around by the Chinese market. He is


a Russian billionaire and has spent a lot of money. He will not want his


players to dictate to him the way that Diego Costa is trying to do. At


times like that, they will put their foot down and you cannot force the


situation. Roman Abramowitz will not be pushed around. If he is going to


go, it will more likely be the summer. Getting a replacement in


this window will be nigh on impossible to get in the right


player. Simon said, I would let him rot in the reserves and train on his


own. He is not talking about Diego Costa but Dmitri Payet. Ryan says,


caching and by players who want to contribute. What is the point of


keeping Payet and ruined team spirit. West Ham got a good season


out of him, let him go for the what would you do with him? If it is


quite clear he has said what we think he has said to Slaven Bilic,


that he is refusing to play, it is the same thing. You must sell him.


Get as much as you can. Take the hit. If it starts to affect the


dressing room but that is more important to the team than one


player. I agree. He is a commodity but if a player does not want to be


there, is refusing to play, is a bad apple. Players yesterday, you could


see West Ham players coming out and saying, we have a great, close-knit


unit here. We don't want any disruption with players being a bad


apple. We want to concentrate on playing football. They can win games


without him. Get as much money as you can and bring in players who


want to play for the club. I think he is more likely to go in the


January window than Diego Costa. If the right offer comes in, they will


let him go. He is saying he wants to go back to Marseille for personal


reasons. Just under ?20 million. The think his circumstances are


different? He has a French wife and three kids. If he wants to go back


to a specific club, let's see. He will not play for West Ham again and


he wants to go back for personal reasons. Presumably he had a French


wife and kids before he came to West Ham! Presumably so. It will be a


long day. In his career, he did move around clubs a lot. He moved around


France a lot. West Ham brought him over. He has done very well for


them. He has been unsettled for a long time for the he came back from


the Euros, expecting to leave. -- a long time. West Ham did not have a


single offer. Nobody has made an offer. You cannot go. Three months


after his loan, he has done this to him. Slaven Bilic has worked


extremely hard to make Dmitri Payet happy. He was the player he really


wanted. He has worked with him a lot in terms of developing the player.


For Slaven Bilic to come out and say what he did... That was the last


straw. I have nowhere else to go I have to tell this story from when he


was on the bench in the FA Cup, and put him on at 4-0 down, that said


the story. He is trying to prove a point by putting on a forward when


you are 4-0 down at home. He is saying, I am the boss. For most of


the season, Dmitri Payet has been unhappy. They have tried everything


to get him back on board. Slaven Bilic probably felt, with the full


authority of the club, that was the final straw. Oliver Holt has written


in the mail today, anyone who thinks there's loyalty left in football is


an idiot. We mentioned the loyalty bonus that Dmitri Payet got. Would


you go on about loyalty in football? There are swings both ways. There is


a case to say that is almost correct. Players have shown there is


loyalty and John Terry is a great example.


Skew and far between. It's funny, I always get undersized for staying at


Newcastle, people say, you should have gone to Manchester United! --


get criticised. Loyalty is a two-way thing. One club decided they no


longer want a player, then the club sells. The truck try and get a


player out. So loyalty is a two-way thing. Maybe it's different here


because you didn't play that many clubs but if you were ever going to


move to another club, would you have taken into account who you had paid


for before, before deciding if you would move to another club? For


example, your very good friend Steve Harper made that decision last


season, to go and sit on the Sunderland bench, which given his


record at Newcastle may seemed slightly odd. You've got to look at


the options what options have you got as a player when a club say, we


no longer want you, your contract is up or we have had a good offer, you


say, OK, I will look at my options. I haven't got a problem with players


wanting to leave a football club, it happens every month. You allowed to


leave the club and the club was allowed to sell you but there is a


way and means of doing it. Refusing to play or saying you will fake an


injury, is not the correct way. It's not as if West Ham have said he has


to stay, he signed a five-year contract, Dmitri Payet, doubled his


money, they said you can go in the summer, he will be giving them 17,


18 more games, that's all they are asking for. Does it make that much


difference? It does to their season. It was a massive victory yesterday,


but it has not been an easy campaign for them. He hasn't accepted and


brilliant this season. But he's still there best player. If he was


sold to Marseille in this transfer window, what would it mean for the


fans? When you went to Chelsea, did you consider your from history? Of


course, but I was also realistic. I had a fantastic time at Fulham, I


gave them five years and at 40 years old I had an opportunity to be part


of a club like Chelsea, as much as Fulham fans may not want to hear it,


you can't compare the two. I'd never played Champions League football and


I had an opportunity to try and fulfil that and Chelsea gave me


that. It's like Alan says, about your career path, what option you


have and what career path you want to take. Because it is a career for


you, for us fans, it is irrational love but for you guys it's a career?


Look at the options, with the club wants you, with you want to be


there, I go back to my point, there is a correct way of doing it. Do you


want to give a struct's opinion of appreciation for Andy Carroll


yesterday? Outstanding, to get it on target, the technique, just sublime.


It was a brilliant goal. Which is more likely to win goal of the


month, that or Giroud? That is a horrible question. I don't really


care, I love goals! That is such a rubbish answer! We have messages


saying, sell Payet, move on, others are saying, he has got a bit big for


his boots, when decent season, Andy is sick of overpaid players who


don't get stuck in. Let's go to Goodison Park, the first of two


games this afternoon, Everton against Manchester City. Hello,


welcome to listen, if you are on the blue side of things, this is the


only game that matters. Leon Osman scored one of the best goals of his


career four years ago, Everton haven't beaten them since. It's


going to be difficult, they scored five at West Ham last week and kept


a clean sheet, they seem to be coming into a bit of form but


Everton are on the back of a new study, the crowd should be fantastic


today, they had a chance. What about that signing, Schneiderlin, what


will he bring to the team? The manager knows him well, he knows


what he's capable of, he knows exactly what to do to get the best


out of him and Schneiderlin knows what the manager wants from his


players so it should be a quick introduction, seamless introduction,


he's a terrific player, a French international, think he will do well


here. The manager was saying that everyone needs to open their eyes


last week, was he right to say that? If it got him what he wanted, he was


right, if he was after more signings, a manager needs to do what


he can to get the players, that's the first signing, the second


signing is hopefully coming afterwards, I don't think he's


finished. What is the latest review, you itching to back into playing? I


am enjoying not playing. It's different, your weekends are


different, I am not running around on this pitch but I'm enjoying


myself. Highlights will be on tonight. Let's get a good the team


news. Morgan Schneiderlin is only on the bench and so is the other new


signing, who cost ?11 million from Charlton. Everton make only one


change from the cup defeat against Leicester which so angered Ronald


Koeman am a the youngsters Holgate and Davis both stay in the team. Man


City were more like themselves against West Ham in the cup, they


have won four out of the last five in the Premier League and quite


yellow goes with just a single change, in goal, Claudio Bravo


returns in goal, Kevin de Bruyne is fit and John Stones is back at


Goodison. What is important for John Stones this opportunity goes back to


is old club, how does he deal with it? Not to get carried away with the


emotion, not to do things that he wouldn't normally try. He hasn't had


the best of seasons as yet. Still finding his way, I think, that club.


I think he still learning what the manager wants from him. Not to get


carried away, not to do anything stupid and put in a good


performance, it'll be a tough afternoon for him. You think Ronald


Koeman turning things round will be a slow process, he has kept a couple


of kids in, Kabul and his new signings? He said himself it'll take


some time to change the squad. He wants to bring in some new players,


what they are able to accomplish with that type of squad is not at


that level yet. Morgan Schneiderlin is the first of potentially many


signings. Whether it is in January or in the summer, one or two more


signings and then he will look to the summer to strengthen more. I


think he wants to have his team in place by the end of the summer


window. On Friday he said by the end of the summer window, the fans will


have the team but I want. So he set a deadline to the club to get


players in. He is an interesting character, he called out Steve Morse


last week, which is a big thing to do, to mention your own recruitment


guy, and there has been a reaction. It is possibly hurried to the


Schneiderlin deal along. He has been looking to do this deal since he


realised that Schneiderlin wasn't going to get a place in the Man


United team. That is when he was getting frustrated about. I think


the way they have to play today is direct, I saw them against Arsenal


and they went direct, get the ball up, make it an ugly game, as hard as


it will be because City were very impressive in the FA Cup against


West Ham when they put five past them. But it'll be a tough afternoon


if the crowd gets behind Everton. A quick cricket score, England made


three June 50-7. India are 40-1. If you want to listen to that, it's on


five live sports extra. At Old Trafford, you can hear this as well.


Mark, Alan, we will have those thoughts shortly but first, we will


hear from Paul Pogba. Do you feel more comfortable integrating into


this new team with the new manager? The adaptation may be took a bit for


the team, when you change players as well, you need some time. Now the


team is going better and better, we all feel better than the start of


the season. What is Jose Mourinho like the plague for? It is


adaptation to him as well, and you club, now we know him better, how he


plays and we understand him more. What is your relationship like with


Zlatan? He's always a joker, on the pitch, he is a winner. He has big


experience, a big character and he pushes you to your best always,


gives you advice. Almost a father figure in a way? He wrote like it,


but he's the oldest! -- won't like it. He's maybe the one with the most


experience. When I say Manchester United against Liverpool at Old


Trafford, does it send a shiver down your spine? The history, a big


derby, more than Man City, I think, because of the way you feel, the


atmosphere, you have no taste when you win three points against


Liverpool. He wrote to be on Zlatan's Christmas card list! Lots


of talk today about how Mourinho is trying to use Pogba in a Lampard


style position. A bit further forward on the left of midfield. Did


you see that and are you surprised it took him so long to work that


out? I don't think it did, I just think he was trying to accommodate


so many people, people were talking about Wayne Rooney come he's had a


legend at the club, he tried to play with all of them at the start of the


season and I don't think it worked particularly well. Now he has made


the change he has been able to have Pogba in midfield in more of a role


where he did so well at Juventus. Mourinho has got his swagger back,


even on the touchline to me has the arrogance back about him, the


winning mentality that was missing at the start of the season. It was


figuring out the best way to play all those players. He has found that


weight now, I thought they were static early on in the season, not


so many runners going past Ibrahimovic, where he struggled to


begin with, everyone is pulling in the same direction, he seems


comfortable and happy and it seems a happier place now. For those


listening, you had a little laugh. It was a great loaded question! I


totally agree with you. What you are driving at is he should have played


Pogba at this position at the start of the season. I was surprised how


they lined up at the start of the season, I thought Carrick should


have been in the team, the vegetarian thing is interesting, it


has taken him a while to get into it, Mourinho will get credit now,


maybe should have been in the team earlier. It has taken a while to


come together. It could be a number of reasons why, the club had become


moribund under van Gaal, I think Mourinho said it which was


interesting was changing the mentality and some people were


sceptical but I can understand what he meant, they were playing in such


a way that it was affecting them so much, the pressure was too great on


them, he needed to release them more and that has happened now with the


players, the formation. The influence of Ibrahimovic can't be


underestimated, this guy is not fazed by anything. He is not fazed


by playing for Manchester United. He was out of contract after he left


Paris St Germain, they thought physically, that was the end, his


movement wasn't the greatest, he's come in and reenergised himself and


he has reacted to being in the Premier League and thought, I am


going to do this. I have been incredibly impressed by the way he


has responded. Initial reaction, Scruton God, then he has struggled,


and now he has gone again, use a player who has reacted briefly to


being in the Premier League. Not only is his movement better, it is


players going beyond him now which for a centre forward when you are


there on your own, you need that is otherwise you're constantly fighting


with two or three defenders all the time and if you have guys prepared


to go beyond you, with his ability, he can handle his own against one.


When you watch him at the moment, you could sort of see it with Pogba


were joking about him and laughing about him but having huge respect


for him as well. He may not have the arm on but he appears the talismanic


leader of this United side at the moment. Very much so. He is leading


from the front and has got better as the season has gone on. He has a


swagger and presence. Wherever he is. He has stood up to criticism and


reacted, like Jason was saying. He is getting better and better and


becoming a main player for them. One final thing, Jose Mourinho's and is


about getting the players to change them and talented. -- comments. When


you had a change of manager, did it take time to stop doing certain


things? Sometimes. A manager can come in and asked something


different view. Sometimes you do not understand what the manager wants


and is looking to you to do something different. It depends who


it is and what is in this situation. Quite clearly, Mouinho did not know


what his best options were. It has taken longer than we'd thought --


Jose Mourinho. They are a team without doubt on the up. If they


were to win today, two points behind Liverpool. That is a statement in


itself will stop let's concentrate on Liverpool. Here is Jurgen Klopp.


Give me 11 players and we will be competitive. That is the plan. They


are not some players, they are my players. They already know a lot


about each other. I know how they react. It makes us not weaker. It


should make us stronger. Being ready for this. It is not about being


confident before the game it is about getting confidence in the game


with the right movements, the right kind of defending, the right kind of


causing them problems. That is what we think about. For the last game it


is not important. If it gives you a last percentage of greed, if you


want, to fix something, welcome. Use it. He talks about being given 11


players and he will get them to play football. Is the problem may be that


he could do with having 20, 22 players? That Liverpool squad still


might need strengthening, if you look how they suffer when they do


not have Coutinho, Henderson or Mane. Liverpool need to bring in


more quality. They have a good base of quality players. They just need


to bring in more bodies of top quality. That has always been the


big problem. What is interesting with Liverpool in particular, I have


always doubted whether they could maintain that level of intensity for


the course of the season in the Premier League. He did it in Germany


because they have a winter break. That had a massive influence on


being able to rest players. People reach highs, go away for ten days,


do a mini pre-season and off they go again for the here they are


overloaded through Christmas. It is almost impossible to play that


intensity. He tried to give them a break in the New Year in the FA Cup.


He brought in a lot of the youngsters and change around a lot


of things for the game in the hope that going to Southampton, who would


have a fresher team, but they looked so flat. They did not have any


energy whatsoever. In the end they were lucky to get away with what


they did. They will train at that intensity and training. The guys not


playing every week will be doing the same sessions. At times you will be


doing more because you are not playing at weekends. It does affect


the whole team, especially when you're not playing week in and week


out together as a unit. Over the FA Cup weekend, teams have made


wholesale changes and struggle. They are missing key players. Matip at


the back did not play. Henderson, we are definitely seeing the best of


Henderson. I think Mane gives them whips. They do not have the width


without him for that I think they are a bit too narrow. Daniel


Sturridge was a disappointment. He did not look at it against them for


the batter is a problem. Coutinho is coming back. That will make a


difference. -- he did not look at it against them. I think he genuinely


wants to work with younger players and bring them through. As fans, you


want to see it. He sees the pressure to recruit and buy. He is also


saying I want to develop players and bring them through. I applaud him


for that. There are parallels with Pochettino at Tottenham with the way


they play. He also wants to bring players through. He wants to get the


balance right, also being competitive and ambitious and


develop a team. That is one of the big things with his teens. The


energy they have shown and the appetite and the way they go after


teams. -- teams. He will be looking for a reaction today particularly


after they were so poor in midweek. I think it will depend on whether


Coutinho plays, if he does play. Will he not miss a stride because he


has been out? If they do not play, missing Mane as well, Liverpool


lacked a bit in the quality they do against Manchester United who are


preparing for ten consecutive wins in all competitions. That will be


the big question today. I think it will be a high-scoring draw. Don't


curse it already. See you on Match of the Day later for a 0-0 draw.


There are goals in both teams. Both defences do not give me great


confidence. I'm hoping for goals. As long as it is better than the game


at Anfield. Manchester United went there with a certain game plan. I do


not think Liverpool will arrive with a game plan against Manchester


United. Liverpool against Manchester City were slightly different. They


were more controlled in the way they played for them if they can get back


to that type of performance they could do well today.


I imagine as never Tony and playing at home for Manchester United, it


would be great to break the goal-scoring record. -- and


Evertonians. It is a matter of time before Wayne Rooney gets this


record. He has been one hell of a player, Wayne Rooney. For him, it


would be fitting if he were to get it today against their biggest


rivals. Let's move on. We will talk Spurs and another striker. Harry


Kane hit a hat-trick for Tottenham as they beat West Brom 4-0. The


little girl has been great. Not too bad. Quite a few misses, getting up


at night, not letting me sleep. It has been a busy week, one I have


enjoyed. I enjoyed today as well. You were buzzing from the start. It


was important to get that early goal. We said that was at the last


few times we played them, they scored first. They always hang in


there and managed to make a draw. Going in there, flying, trying to


finish the game. We did that with probably the best performance of the


season. A great day. A good week for Harry Kane. What to do mumble to me


during that? I said he is the real deal. -- what did you mumble to me?


I me huge admirer of the way he does most things very well. The way he


loves scoring goals. He will be around for a long time. There is a


quote from Pochettino saying that Spurs can win the title. Why not?


Last season was a massive blow for them. There was a lot of regret.


Last weekend they played Chelsea. There was a sense of a bit of


revenge in that result. I spoke to Dele Alli after result and he said


it was kind of like getting one back on Chelsea, not just the rival


Republicans Chelsea have a chance to win the title. -- the rivalry. They


look more comfortable now. They are a bit under the radar. People have


not really mentioned him a lot. It has been about the Manchester clubs,


about Chelsea. It suited Tottenham really well. If they get their first


11 out, and they can keep them fit... The 11 is the best 11 in the


league. It is the best 11 and the Premier League. Vertonghen is out


injured. That could potentially be a big blow for them. When out on the


pitch, the 11 they played against Chelsea is the best 11. You


mentioned Vertonghen. I spoke about it yesterday on the radio. When


Alderweireld was out, they suffered earlier in the season. It was


interesting yesterday they brought in Ben Davies to play in the three.


That would be perfect. I think he would be ideal on the left side. And


then it keeps the left foot on the left side. This is key to their


success. Equally, the defensive side of things can he is as important to


anyone in any team. I do not think Spurs have the depth. Janssen has


struggled. They made a couple of substitutions. The relationship


between Dele Alli and son change the game. It is a blow with the injury


but I think Tottenham world challenge. Still time to send us a


text. How has Harry Kane developed in the last to years? You can see he


has an edge about him. He has a great relationship with Dele Alli.


He knows what he will do. When I played with England, with Teddy


Sheringham. We used to turn up every six, seven weeks. We hardly train


together. I understood his game. We knew what each other would do. I see


a similar relationship between Harry Kane and Dele Alli. The flick over


for the setup yesterday, for one of his goals, was superb. The way he


did it. The running and the timing. Everything. Did you used to watch


what Sheringham was doing in his club games before you met up for


international duty? I knew his game. That our partnerships and


relationships where it just works. It just happens. With others, you


have to train together and work together and do a lot of


understanding of his game. With myself and Teddy, it clicked. From


the day we met, I knew he could work for me and I could work for him.


When he went sure I took -- short, taking a defender with him. Harry


Kane is getting stronger and stronger. Absolutely. He has grown


in confidence. He is the real deal. He is backing it up year after year.


People think he will struggle. I think he was slow at the start of


the season. That was at the back of the Euros. Now he is back to his


best. I would not underestimate the influence of Pochettino. He has


responded to everything they have asked him to do. I know you referred


to Olivier Giroud and Andy Carroll's is as potential goals of the month.


They were both against Crystal Palace and I am a Crystal Palace


fan. We will see you for Match of the Day two later. We will show


highlights of the high-scoring draw


A look back at Saturday's Premier League matches, with analysis of the major talking points along with a preview of Sunday's big clashes. On Sunday, Everton host a Manchester City team still striving for the title in Pep Guardiola's debut season. In the late kick-off, championship-chasing Liverpool travel to Manchester United.

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