12/03/2017 MOTD2 Extra

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A look back at the major talking points from Saturday's action and a preview of Sunday's games.

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Welcome to Match of the Day 2 Extra on live BBC Two


Joining me today, former Everton midfielder Leon Osman,


Hull defender Alex Bruce, who's currently on loan at Wigan,


and James Ducker, who's the Telegraph's


Good afternoon to you all. If you want to get involved, we would love


to hear from you. Use the hashtag, #bbcfootball,


on social media Yesterday's Emirates FA Cup


quarter-final goals as 5-star Gunners book


their place at Wembley. Manchester City join


them in the semi-finals with a comfortable win


at Middlesbrough. A huge result for Hull City


in their Premier League relegation battle,


beating Swansea City. And a Josh King hat-trick


puts Bournemouth six points clear The Sun says Chelsea


are interested in Manchester The Sunday People claims the Arsenal


players are shunning Alexis Sanchez and that Wayne Rooney's


England days are numbered. Arsenal's board have told


Arsene Wenger to make a decision on his future during


the international break That's where we will. Four is we


talk Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. We'll keep you updated


with the Old Firm Derby. But we start with the goals


from the Emirates. COMMENTATOR: Than an halt -- Petr


Cech saves, but only just. Ozil, picks out Mustafi. Little lob.


Touched on, Giroud. Coming back for Walcott. Theo Walcott! Arsenal have


the lead on the stroke of half-time. Lincoln City's first half endeavours


under. Giroud has pulled away from his


marker. There he is. Miskick from Theo Walcott. Bellerin going with


Sanchez. Giroud! 2-0! Well worked by Arsenal. They cut through Lincoln


City, and they head into the FA Cup semifinals barring a miracle


comeback. Sanchez to Gibbs. It's in. Arsenal


have a third. And the scoreline suddenly looks a lot more knobs


sided. -- lopsided. Away from Wood. Alexis Sanchez.


Brilliantly placed for an Arsenal fourth. They put Lincoln City to the


sword in the end. Poorly placed, back to Alexis


Sanchez. They are out on their feet, Lincoln. At the far post, or walked


into the back of the net for an Arsenal fifth. Aaron Ramsey


completes the victory. How good was it for your players to


play with that with and fluency in the second-half? As it does help to


build confidence. We have been short of confidence, because we had some


disappointing results recently. In the second half, when the confidence


was there, you can see the quality came back into our game. Our game is


about that. Much has been spoken about Alexis Sanchez and what has


been going on with him in the last few weeks. He played 100% today, no


one could question his attitude at all. No, people talk, and talk, and


talk, but it does not mean they talk the truth. But we have to deal with


that. Performing on the football pitch, that people talk, show what


we are about, playing with quality and commitment. That is what Alexis


can do. For you, it has been a tough week or one in your career? I don't


know. I always, when I have a problem, I try to sort it out. I am


competitive, I am always focused on solving the problems I face, and in


our job, when you sold one out, you have straightaway another one.


Sometimes the size of the problem is bigger, sometimes a bit smaller.


STUDIO: Let us know whether you think Arsene Wenger should stay or


go, should he leave Arsenal? Get in touch. Alex, looking at Daniel's


comments already, he says that Wenger should leave. What is your


view? Arsenal fans have got to be careful what they wish for. How many


times in the past have we seen managers leave and people can't


replace them. Manchester United struggled to replace Alex Ferguson


after all those years. People need to pay Arsene Wenger more respect


and what he has done for the club. I wouldn't like to be the man that has


to fill his boots, that is sure. It is a difficult one. Looking across


the City, looking at Chelsea, Mourinho leaving, the Messiah at


Stamford Bridge, Conte comes in and day are going to win the Premier


League, in my opinion. They might look at that and think they have to


make a change as well. It will be interesting to see what happens in


the summer. But for me, I wouldn't like to be the man that fills his


boots. Back to Wenger in a moment, but there has been a goal in the Old


Firm derby. Ian Turner. It has gone to Celtic. It has been an even start


to the game, but Stuart Armstrong has broken the deadlock. Cutting in


from the left, a low, left foot shot, beating Wes Foderingham in the


goal. 1-0 after 35 minutes gone. Leon, good afternoon to you. It is


difficult for Arsene Wenger because they put five past Lincoln City,


they are in the FA Cup semifinal, but fans on social media and on the


radio last night saying the time is up and he has to go. Yeah, you know,


it is a difficult situation. They have come up against a very strong


Bayern Munich team in the Champions League. They have gone out, albeit a


lot worse than you would have expected. He is through in the cup.


He is still in contention for the top four. From that point of view,


he is doing the job he has done every year, but it is getting to the


stage where Arsenal fans want more. They want to be challenging for the


title again. They need to be winning trophies and competing in the


Champions League. Arsenal fans are demanding more. I also think Arsene


Wenger's demeanour in general seems flat and a bit deflated of late.


When any manager gets to that stage, it is may be time to move on. James,


John Richardson, back page of the Sunday Mirror, apparently the board


have told him he has to make his mind up in the international break.


There is a time pressure for Arsenal, if Wenger decides this will


be his final season, then they need to be able to move and react quite


quickly. It is a big decision. It will be a big decision for them, who


they get to replace. The change brought about if Wenger goes from


the club is huge. We mentioned United before. We saw one guy being


there the 26 years, and the people at the club was huge. It will be the


same at Arsenal. That club is modelled to Wenger. Everything that


happens there has gone through him. He is omnipresent, and he controls


everything. They will want some time to be able to plot their next path


if he does decide to go. It is very interesting, it does look like he


will make his own decision, Wenger. They have been clear in the past


that Wenger will pick his moment ago. Should it be his decision? I


don't think so. At any other football club around the land, the


chairman and the board have their say. It is, but I believe the


Arsenal board are showing some respect Arsene Wenger. They saying,


we are not going to sack you, we are not prepared to do that after the


service you provided to the club. We would like it to be your decision to


move on. They are showing him the respect, and hope what they consider


is the right decision. What do you think the players want, Alex?


Whether we like it or not, we have seen what goes on at other clubs,


player power exists, we know it is exists. In the dressing room, people


will want him to stay, and some will want him to leave. Once that play


every week will him to stay. That is what it is like image dressing room.


Players there will be happy, but it will be a mixed bag. There will be


an obvious divide. Especially the players not playing. But you get to


the point where players like Alexis Sanchez, I think they want more.


They want to be competing at the top. It gets to a point where they


are thinking, Arsene Wenger doesn't seem to be the man to do it. They


will want to bring in better players. There is such uncertainty


about Arsenal at the minute. Back in my time, I have played for managers,


David Moyes left of his own will, Roberto Martinez was under a cloud,


and ended up getting the sack. For the period before that, there was


such uncertainty for the players of being there next year. What was


going to happen? Are we looking to strengthen the team? Will I fit in


with the new manager? So much is going on that there is such big


uncertainty and you don't know where the club is going. What is it like


listening to the same voice, you had David Moyes for so long at that


club, sometimes does it get to a point where players need to be


reinvigorated and tested? I think they probably do. It depends on the


type of manager you have got. I have got to be honest, David Moyes is the


type that is in your face. If he feels that you are not doing it, he


will demand it from you. For everything I hear about Arsene


Wenger in Arsenal's dressing room, he is quiet and lets people get on


with things. That type of manager will be more susceptible to the


lethargy that comes with uncertainty of not knowing who the new manager


is coming in. An interesting piece in the Sunday Times survey by


Jonathan North Croft. If you take a look at this, it is basically about


the young talent that Arsene Wenger brought to the club. People like


Aaron Ramsey, Karl Jenkins, and Jack Wilshere, James, and a suggestion


from here that there are questions about whether he can get the best


out of the British talent. The players that have been written about


today, can they improve? You mentioned Gibbs and Walcott as well,


can't you. Wilshere is a difficult one. They look to him as the one


with the talent that they thought would become the creative fulcrum of


their midfield 47-8 years. -- the 7-8 years. He has massively been


debilitated by injuries. Some of the other players, have they actually


have the quality and the skill set to get Arsenal to the level that


they want to? I would maybe argue not in the case of Jenkinson and


Kieran Gibbs. You mean, initially? They have definitely been good


Arsenal squad players, but are they actually good enough to win games,


dictate that team? We have seen some English players down the years that


have been the driving forces in their side. Walcott, you know, he


has flattered to deceive at times. There have been moments where you


have thought he is turning a corner and the penny is dropping, but he


falls short. Aaron Ramsey, very gifted, but hasn't really, sort of,


dominated in a way that they would have hoped. That has been the issue.


Have they been quite good enough to start with to get Arsenal to wear


they want to? Maybe they have had some of the from players coming in,


if they had been of a better quality, bringing different


attribute to the team. You might have seen those players kick off.


Only Arsene Wenger knows how they are performing in training, only


Arsene Wenger knows whether he sees whether they are capable of getting


through all the games, but I just feel that to get the best out of


these young players from 21-24, they need to play every week. There is a


rotation that goes on at Arsenal that they never get a head of steam


up. Wilshere in and out of the team, picking up injuries.


Oxlade-Chamberlain can never find a position, he picks up injuries


because he is in and out of the team. On the flip side, Aaron Ramsey


had a whole season in the team and was arguably Player of the Season


because he played regularly. Since then, there is so much rotation at


Arsenal that you can't get a set team. There is so much choice that


he wants to keep them all happy, and you suffer for it. Being brutal and


if we are honest, and Arsenal fans won't want to hear this as well,


Alex, if you look at the quality of European football we have seen, the


magnificent game midweek, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. Arsenal


were few million eight, and it shouldn't happen to them. It comes


down to the squad that Arsene Wenger has assembled, it is not good enough


to compete at the top level. You could say that, and the result


against Bayern Munich, 10-2, it is a very bad result. We all know that.


The players have is bonded in the right way yesterday. I know they


were playing Lincoln, no disrespect to them, to win 5-0 will give them


confidence. But when you compete with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, where


Arsenal fans want to get to, they are a million miles off at the


minute. To compete with those players, you have to spend the


money. I know he has spent money, and when you spend it, you have to


buy the right players. Are they top, top European players? They have not


shown it. What might they have spent a lot of money. They have got to do


better. Recruitment has got to be better. A lot of England's top clubs


would struggle against Bayern Munich. I don't think that is


necessarily... Manchester City would be beaten 10- to? I am sure they


wouldn't be, but as we have seen all teams have struggled in the


Champions League in recent years -- 10-2. The difference is, certainly


in the Premier League, they look well short of Chelsea, and even


Spurs at times. So the jump to Bayern Munich, that ilk of team, it


is getting greater. The great frustration for Arsenal fans is, it


is not that they have been miles and miles away, they always seem to be


perennially 2-3 players short. They are just not resilient enough,


they seem flimsy when the going gets tough. They are not physically


dominating to grind a result out. Chelsea can accommodate a physically


dominant. Look back years ago when Arsene Wenger and his team were


dominating, Vieira, Adams, they were big guys. I don't see Arsenal having


that. If you are ever stuck in a bar with


Martin, he will say he would look around at dressing room and he would


see Vieira, at Old Trafford, he would think, we are winning because


we have a team of battlers are really hard men.


I was fortunate to play against the Arsenal team. People think Vieira


was a powerhouse, Tony Adams. But you looked at Pires, they were


monsters. Over Miles. Not in size but they had the blend.


Perez, the flair player, 6-foot three inches, strong, physically


built. Arsene Wenger's teams have come so far away from that. When the


going gets tough, if they don't play well and dominate, they don't win


games. You can turn up, Ozil, Number ten. Arsenal have two or three, you


can outplay the bottom clubs but go to Chelsea, there are too many


players not doing enough work. Great discussion, Wenger, in or out?


We don't know. You are saying out? You don't know. Respectfully out,


well said. Half term -- Half-time at the Old


Firm clash. The opening 25 minutes, Rangers


started really well, Waghorn should have given them the lead. Craig


Gordon said that, it was vital. Stuart Armstrong fired in from 20


yards. Rangers did not sustain further damage to give them the


chance to regroup at the break. 60,000 at the east end of Glasgow.


Thank you. From 1:30pm on BBC One,


the FA Cup quarterfinal Eilidh Barbour's already


in position at White Hart Lane. The stage is set for the penultimate


game of this FA Cup quarterfinal weekend, sure to be a tasty one.


Spurs might be for dictators above, but Neil Harris and his side are on


a 17 match unbeaten run which includes knocking out three


Premiership sides. I am joined by Michael Dawson, former Spurs


captain, and Teddy Sheringham who played with both sides. Millwall say


they fear no one, had difficult will they be?


Really difficult. I have seen them a couple of times this year, really


impressed with Neal Harris, a real unity. They will come here today and


enjoy the day. Michael, I think Mauricio Pochettino


underestimated lower League opponents last time, you must be


expecting a strong Spurs side today. The FA Cup can have upsets, and it


was nearly with Wickham. Millwall, but they have done in the League and


FA Cup is impressive. Harry Kane, a lot said about how


well he has been playing recently. What was he like to play alongside?


He is a finisher. Teddy was a finisher. And probably watches him


with pleasure. If he gets half a sniff, as with


Everton, it ends up at the back of the net. Another two hat-tricks in


the past few weeks. He cut his teeth at Millwall, what


is it like come up against a team you have played for?


We had Harry speak in the week about his affection for Millwall. It is a


good ground for any young player. They put you to the sword as fans.


If you come through, you have half a chance of building your character


and becoming a footballer which is what Harry did at Millwall and is


proving to go on to bigger and better things with Spurs.


Neal Harris, you played with him at Millwall, what has he brought to the


club, not just results, but a sense of unity in the community.


I didn't actually play with Neal. He played in an era at the old Den, you


get a feeling of how things are amongst the supporters. He has


brought that along as a player and a coach and manager. He knows all


about Millwall and the feeling at the club. It is special. They will


be a formidable team to play against. A big ask for Tottenham.


Millwall will enjoy themselves. Prediction, Michael?


3-1, Spurs. A little closer, maybe 2-1, Spurs.


Thank you very much, all looking very sharp.


I am used to seeing him in a tracksuit!


Mauricio Pochettino has done a great job, they have to win a trophy.


You look at Spurs, they have developed well under Mauricio


Pochettino. They nearly won the title last season, got close this


season, they need that first piece of silverware to develop the club.


Jose Mourinho likes to do it, at Chelsea, at Manchester United.


I feel that is where Spurs are. Millwall will have something to say.


Are you a romantic for the FA Cup, do you want the four big boys in?


It has been terrific, the FA Cup, the upsets this year, getting to the


quarterfinals. Millwall, there will be something quite exciting for the


big boys in the semifinal. When you get to that stage, he would like to


see ultra competitive games and perhaps a really good final. It is a


big ask on their hands, Millwall. You like the romance up until the


quarterfinal point. But if you are tuning in to watch it, a top


Premiership team against a championships team which has


happened on occasion, it is an anti-climax.


We got there as well! Hull City almost beat Arsenal.


Do you fancy Millwall to swing a surprise?


Not funny. It will be a good tie, a Derby down there Tottenham will be


too strong. Lots of FA Cup action. And a big day


in the Premiership, three fixtures, what a win for Hull City?


Exactly what we needed. In recent weeks they haven't picked up too


many points. It was a must win game. They came up with the goods.


Did you play alongside Lou Massey at Everton?


I have to be honest, Nouiasse. You have seen how Roberto Martinez


treated him and Ronald Koeman. It is great to see him having gone to


Holland and found his feet and scoring goals.


He has obviously been frustrated at Everton. The games I have seen him,


he has been a handful. He gave an interview where he said


he had no idea why he was frozen out. He has gone to Hull City. He


has been fired up by the experience at Goodison.


There is back. He is working with a very able coach. Look at Silva


coming in. I thought the likes of Snodgrass were going because they


wanted to get rid of some big earners and get money in, in


anticipation of the Premiership. Silva said that is not the case. He


wanted to build his team. I have watched them quite a bit


recently. They look so well drilled as a team. Actually very fluid going


forward. Supporting the attack pretty well. Before it was an issue


getting the best out of Tom Huddlestone. There has always been


an abundance of talent. But doing it on a consistent basis has been


difficult. He looks like a manager who believes, and playing much, very


much to his strength. I fancy them to stay up.


Sometimes, you are always, no matter how good a player you are, if you


don't fit in with the management style, you have no chance. I don't


think this was the player they thought they were getting. Hull are


now getting the best out of him. Man City, is Aguero a Pep Guardiola


player. There is talking the men be there next season. He has brought


Jesus into gently push Aguero away. Maybe he doesn't super-team.


This can happen. Alex, I talked to you in December about Hull City. You


are on loan at Wigan. Hull City is your parent club. He said there was


confident they could get out of trouble.


Is there still that feeling? They have been in that relegation


battle before. They have experience with Dawson, Davies, McGuire. That


will stand them in good stead. Middlesbrough haven't really


experienced it. They have just been away to a training camp in Portugal


working hard. I have seen the preparation and organisation. The


way he started as manager has been very good.


Marco Silvestri the ground sharing with Hull FC, the Rugby League side,


it is impossible. They played at the KCOM on Friday, then Premiership


football, hardly ideal, the next day.


The pitch will get cut up terribly. I was in Russia with United last


week, the pitch was diabolical. It can get cut up quickly. Wigan


have had those battles, rugby and football being played on it.


For markers of them that will be frustrating. He will want everything


he can -- Marco Silva. It depends who you are playing.


Playing Man City. Swansea. Sometimes it will super-team. It could make it


more difficult. Let us talk about Swansea City.


Given the result yesterday. It has died them straight back into it. One


moment they are thinking a couple of results we might be out of the


relegation worries around Easter. Suddenly they are back in it.


The run Swansea had over recent weeks, many thought that is it.


It was a must win as Alex said for Hull yesterday and they got that.


Now Swansea amongst other teams are back in there. I watched a bit of


the game yesterday. When Llorente went off, they had a few injuries.


In the first half they controlled proceedings.


Then they fell to pieces. When you take your main goal threat


out of the team, the opposition get a boost. When they saw the Venter


go, the lads would have had a boost. They have teams in and around them


to play so there is hope for Swansea.


They are better equipped to get out of it?


Hull and Swansea of the form teams at the bottom. They had a difficult


one fixtures. Their promises even in defeat against the big boys says a


lot about where they are going. Look at Crystal and Middlesbrough,


they have really difficult run-ins. Whole, Swansea have a favourable set


of fixtures to come. They have momentum and form and looked like


they have belief. They look like they can score goals. I expect both


to steer clear. It will be close. Who is going down? Palace might call


with Middlesbrough. So Sam is not going to keep them on? We will have


two C. -- we will have to see. The other side maybe don't have the same


pace and quality that Palace and Sam have at their disposal? Absolutely.


As Sam went into the Crystal Palace dressing room, he rubbed his hands


together and thought it was brewing. He has never joined a team at the


bottom of such talent. But you can't get the talent to work as hard as it


needs to come and get them to perform, then you will be in


trouble. Hard-working teams will always outperform. They have


something like five of the top six to come. And all of the teams at the


top are fighting. That is a good point. It is really competitive up


there. That is the problem. If it was a different run in four Palace,


you would always back Sam Allardyce to get them out. That might well end


up being the case, but he has a tough task on his hands. Palace fans


switching off now, well done, James. Here's a question for you, Alex and


Leon, Josh King, he scores but missed a penalty, then gets another


penalty, then Benik Afobe gets the next, and misses. As a player, would


you take the next penalty? I would be halfway down the tunnel, to be


honest. I would run as far away from the penalty as I could. I was


hopeless at penalties! I was fortunate to have someone like


Leighton Baines, who was unbelievably good at taking


penalties. He was very confident stepping up. Some players would like


to argue over it. Some players are confident. But ultimately, stepping


up to put the ball on the spot, he has got to be confident. We had


Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink in the studio yesterday. He was


disappointed. He said, if you are the penalty taker and you have


missed one but scored, you should be taking the second penalty. It would


be hats off to anyone that has missed one to show character to take


one again. It is a problem for Bournemouth, because they were two


dire penalties, missing the target with the first one. It would be nice


for him to take it again, but I am sure Afobe... I was told off by


Geneva Hasselbaink for saying it was a rubbish penalty. He said it was a


good save by the goalkeeper. Where do you sit on that? -- Jimmy Floyd


Hasselbaink. Now the goalkeepers are turning off! If it is going in the


corner and it is safe, it is a good save. It was a poor penalty and an


OK say. With regards to penalties, what usually happens is, you have a


guy on penalties, and a guy jumping on the bit to take a penalty. The


rule is, if you miss one, I am on them. He scored from the penalties


but against United in a previous week. Watching Josh King, his


reaction after missing that penalty. He ended up scoring a hat-trick, he


didn't let the penalty miss go to his head at all. Actually, his


response and his reaction was outstanding. In that sense, seeing


that resilient streak he has, I was a bit surprised he didn't step up


and take it, because I don't think he is a player that shies away.


You are based here and you cover Manchester City and Manchester


United, how much of Josh King had you seen at United? He made a couple


of substitute appearances in the first team. I saw him a bit in the


reserves. He was 14 when he came from Norway. He was well thought of.


A tidy player, certainly when he moved to Blackburn, a lot of people


thought, United have a good player in the making there. It didn't quite


work out for him. You are starting to see in the past two seasons at


Bournemouth, he is delivering on that promise. You almost forget, we


said it off air, he is Norwegian. It looks like he has been here forever,


classically English, strong centre forward. He has a good touch. You


are starting to see he has an eye for goal as well. For him having


that confidence, playing regularly, it has maybe brought him up to


another level. Is he a top striker? I think he is some way off that yet.


But he has been key for Bournemouth this year. The first time ever,


Eddie Howe celebrating with a player getting the winning goal, the first


time you see Eddie Howe unruffled. He is so calm in front of camera. A


lot of that is down to getting three points, because he knows he is in a


battle. But also, he has been publicly critical of the FA, saying


that five matches is harsh on Tyrone Mings, does he have a point, Alex?


He does a little bit. Only Tyrone Mings knows if he meant it or not.


If he did, in five games is probably fair. It shows how much pressure are


on these games. As you say, Eddie Howe is normally a cool customer. He


was doing a Jose Sa the touchline yesterday. It obviously meant a lot


to get the three points. The draw last week, the Bournemouth lads have


taken confident out of that. The Tyrone Mings incident and the


aftermath, is that something, James, that you think might be able to


galvanise the club and the togetherness in the dressing room in


a relegation battle? To a degree, possibly. I think there is more a


sense of injustice on Bournemouth's part. I think they genuinely feel he


has been harshly treated, it is that more than anything else that might


galvanise them. I was slaughtered on social media last week for


suggesting it was far from clear cut that Tyrone Mings meant it. I think


if you see before he surveys the wreckage in front of him, he looks


at Rooney and Ibrahimovic, puts his hand, and make a big leap. He is not


looking anywhere, he is not looking at Ibrahimovic. He is looking ahead


and to the side. I think, clearly, obviously, it looked bad, but I was


surprised that the FA came down so heavily, because I didn't think it


was that clear cut. Are you saying three and three would have been


fairer? That would have been fairer. Ibrahimovic has clearly


intentionally elbowed him. There are a lot of pros that have argued


otherwise and said that he knows what he is doing. Having looked


closely at his body language, his line of sight, what he was doing


when he made the jump, I am far from convinced that it was deliberate. It


was a shame it resulted in that because it was a good, old-fashioned


scrap. They both gave each other a little bit. They came out after the


game and said they enjoyed the physical battle. For that to happen,


it put a damper on on the afternoon. Your opinion, Leon? I think it was


dangerous. I don't know if he meant it, like Alex said, only he will


know. If you can see someone is lying on the floor and his head is


down. You have got to avoid it. Make sure you jump ten yards further or


landowner backside or something. You can't have a chance of standing on


someone's head. In my opinion, it was dangerous and deserved a ban. Do


you think five is justified? No, three would have been fine, but once


you start appealing things, it is always going to be made even bigger.


It was dangerous play, clearly, that's why he has got it. It is the


extra two matches because they thought it was intentional, I would


argue that. Let's go back to White Hart Lane, a cracking quarterfinal


coming up on BBC One, Tottenham against Millwall. Here is the team


is. A shrunk Tottenham team to reach the


semifinals for the first time in five years. Four changes from the


3-2 win against Everton last weekend, trivia in at right back the


Kyle Walker, Winks comes in for Dembele, who is not on the bench.


There are two changes for Millwall, unbeaten in their last 17 games, a


big blow for their goalkeeper Jordan Aja who started his career at top


them, but he is not fit today. Tom King continues between the sticks.


Morrison starts with Gregory, and Jed Wallace on loan from


Wolverhampton comes on. Millwall have blocked out three Premier


League teams so far on their own patch, can they repeat the triggered


White Hart Lane? Don't forget to join Gary Lineker and the team 1:30.


Plain sailing for Manchester City yesterday in the FA Cup quarterfinal


at the Riverside. COMMENTATOR: Toure looking for


Zabaleta, who is free. Surely in the end it's got to go in. It does from


David Silva. A disastrous start for Middlesbrough, just past the two


minute mile. Manchester City already in front.


Leadbetter's corner, and they haven't! Claudio Bravo almost


conceding. Here's the second one. Just over.


Here goes de Bruyne. He's got Sterling away to his right. He's


seen him. Raheem Sterling looking for Aguero. Middlesbrough survive


yet again. Silva, well worked. Sane in full


stride. In towards Aguero... Finally! The scoreline has a more


realistic look about it. Sergio Aguero, four in four in the FA Cup.


STUDIO: If we are honest, it was all too easy for Manchester City


yesterday, but what they need given the huge week they have. A big


testing week, Monaco in the Champions League, it is finely


balanced, Guardiola says that if they do not score, they will go out.


A big week for them. Particularly after the disappointing result


against Stoke three, drawing 0-0, that was a cakewalk for them


yesterday, evidence yet again of how exhilarating they can be going


forward. Talking of cakes, I never thought I would say it on live


television, you saw Ibrahimovic in a cafe be was eating a cake? No, he is


a bit healthy. Were you eating a cake? I was. That is the difference


between me and Zlatan! He is a beast of a man, I have never seen such a


big, physical presence. He walked in, and you hear people say he is a


big lad. It is Chelsea against Manchester United in the FA Cup as


well live on BBC One tomorrow evening. That is your Sunday and


Monday plan for you. Graeme Souness says


in the Sunday Times that "with Ibrahimovic suspended United


have little or no chance That is what Graeme Souness says,


agree or disagree? Agree, if I am honest. He has been such a


figurehead for them this season. Scoring probably 40% of all of their


goals. He is also assisting them, he is a big physical presence up there.


I think they will really miss him. With Chelsea being social at home, I


can't see anything except a Chelsea win. Little or no chance, James? I


think there is a chance. The issue is for me, less Ibrahimovic being


out, and more fatigue, this will be United's, they have had 45 games


this season, it will be their 46. Chelsea have had 43. Majesty night


it had been to Russia playing on a god awful pitch -- Manchester United


have been to Russia. 5-6 players will come into the team that didn't


feature. They have shown signs in the last few games in the second


half of looking battle weary. I think that will tell tomorrow night.


Particularly when you look at how formidable and aggressive and


strong, Chelsea are, that will be a problem. If they are that reliant on


Zlatan, a number of United fans want Antoine Griezmann. He gave an


interview in the week saying that he is happy in Spain. It shocked a lot


of people. The fans hoping he would come to United. Will it materialise?


It doesn't necessarily mean a great deal. I expect he will move to Old


Trafford in the summer. Clearly, with the big deals, there are always


convocation is an things can change. It looks nailed on in April... They


need to get the Champions League, that has got to be a guarantee,


surely? Not necessarily. It wasn't a factor for Paul Pogba and


Ibrahimovic coming. The framework of a deal is in place with the player.


The problem with a lot of deals is the negotiations with transfers, but


he already has a clause in his contract, if activated, Atletico


Madrid can do nothing about now. There are lots of complexities. It


is complex to invoke clauses, but if they want, he is therefore ?85


million, and there is nothing Atletico can do about it. It is


likely to go semi-only will leave in the summer. He'd of the


extraordinary step of reducing the length of his contract, so he is now


a free agent. There is talk of him going to Italy. That could change.


But if he goes, maybe is it the start of the break-up of that sad,


Diego Godin is a bit older now. I think Antoine Griezmann will go. Is


it possible he will stay in Spain for another year? Yes, but he is 25


and that is a good age to move. Ibrahimovic will stay, I expect. He


will give them another matchwinner, it will give them a game changer


that they need. From a Chelsea perspective, hard to


be at Stamford Bridge? The Arsenal team, Chelsea are the


opposite. They have such a strong spine, physical players and they


have proved this year they don't get beaten. They have a never say die


attitude. It will be a great game tomorrow night. Man United have


improved in recent months. Jose has put his stamp on the game. I would


like to see Wayne Rooney given a chance if he is fit. It is a great


occasion for him to show what he can do.


Really enjoyed your company today, thank your very much this afternoon.


Chelsea v Manchester United is live on BBC One and


You can watch Spurs v Millwall shortly.


And don't forget MOTD2 tonight with highlights


They're calling it an entertainment extravaganza


audience fun and frolics and outrageous shenanigans.