14/05/2017 MOTD2 Extra

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Mark Chapman and guests discuss the talking points from Saturday's Premier League matches and preview Sunday's three fixtures, including Tottenham against Manchester United.

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Good afternoon, welcome to Match of the Day 2 Extra on BBC Two


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Over the next 45 minutes we will update you on the big game at


Selhurst Park in the fight to stay in the Premier League and Crystal


Palace took an early lead against Hull.


Swansea won yesterday, beating Sunderland 2-0 at the Stadium Of


Light and we will reflect on Chelsea's title triumph in talks


birds as they get ready to bid farewell to White Hart Lane. -- we


will talk about Spurs. Antonio Conte features on most


of the back pages, after reportedly Andy's paper, the Mirror -


"Conte Me In". Saying they are planning to get rid


of players starting with Zabaleta. We can get details of the early game


at Selhurst Park. It is on 5 Live. 1-0, the goal coming after three


minutes, a horrible moment for Andrea Ranocchia. Missed his kick


and in bit Wilfried Zaha, gleefully slotting under the goalkeeper.


Selhurst Park erupted. It could have been two. A James Tomkins header


drifting wide. As it stands, Hull City will be relegated and a draw


would keep them up but if they lose, they will go down and Swansea and


Crystal Palace will stay up. They have a lot to do. Leon Osman, you


can do all the planning as a manager but if a centre-half makes a mistake


like that there is little you can do.


You send your team out with all the things you have worked on in


training, and a player makes such a horrendous mistake. You are fighting


an uphill challenge with your backs against the wall already. 1-0 down


and you have their crowd up, you have them really firing. It is


difficult from that position. Hull, I assume they will be nervous, the


crowd will be nervous, the more we can prey on the nerves, the better.


It has not helped. Right now, the crowd firing. I know what it is like


playing in front of the Selhurst Park faithful. Once they are up,


they are up and it is definitely the man. Wilfried Zaha scoring an early


goal leaves Hull with a big task. It was a horrendous error but Zaha had


to be aware to capitalise on it. It is important for him, obviously


Palace staying in the Premier League, a big moment for him. A


shining light of the season, a Premier League style. His awareness


to capitalise shows why he is. That is why it is important for him to


stay in this league. He showed great composure. He has been criticised


for showing his skill, getting into set positions and not showing skill.


With that play, and the team sheets, with that type of player in the


Palace squad, that is why they should not be in this situation,


having to beat Hull. You look at the Hull team. Looking at players I have


trained with nine out of 11. I think how have they done it? Nobody


understands. Do you understand? I cannot put my finger on it. It is


probably the home record that followed us all the way through from


2016. Not winning in ages. It affected the team definitely. A lot


of the players have been there for the duration. Only three players...


You wear blue now, you cannot say" us" any more! I am still a fan. You


talk about players you know. This is one of the players you do not know.


Millie a. Do you think he has provided a defensive protection. A


similar type of player who looks more mobile. Definitely got... He


looks like he has helped out Palace. They like him down there. Letting


him score a penalty against Arsenal. His first goal. Shows the


appreciation. -- Milivojevic. For Hull firms, who are unlikely to be


watching this, you could use a similar argument for Hull. They may


not get the amount of attention Zaha does in the media but Maguire, young


players on the radar of Premier League clubs if they drop out. It is


a natural scenario for any team dropping out, players who are


ambition, the full-back, Robertson, that type of player would find a


club in the Premier League if they want to. It depends on the ongoing


situation in the hierarchy, the board, whether they can find the


wherewithal, be it financial, to keep the players. You will be


manager next season. Silver probably -- Silva probably has a clause where


he can leave. For all the good publicity he has generated with the


home record, it still looks like a relegation on his CV. They have


looked better organise. In patches. At home, barring last week's


disaster, they have been impressive at home and have had great victories


against sides you would not expect. He has not been able to do anything


about the away form. Would Sam Allardyce have kept up Hull? Trying


to bedevil's Africa. Answer your question, you are the guest. -- I am


trying to play devil's advocate. If you had said to me Sam was available


at the time, who would I bring in, I would have brought in Sam Allardyce.


Sam Allardyce will be delighted Palace came available because he


might have jumped into the Hull job. He went to Palace. He would have


been delighted with the squad he got. In my opinion they are a top


ten team. They are languishing near the bottom. I put it down to desire


of the players when they are out on the field. I do not know them like


Yannick. They look like they wait to have someone else reacts first and


they can follow them and now they are off it and it has come to it


where Sam Allardyce has said it is time to step up. A squad that needs


leadership? Palace? Yes. Milivojevic is a big leader. Delaney. He is not


playing. It takes a toll on the player when you are not playing. The


leadership skills tend to be relaxed. They found a new captain.


Jason Puncheon is a great captain. When you go out on the pitch, the


captain playing at the back. To set the tempo takes a striker and you


bring in someone like Benteke, you get crosses and finishes and


hustling feller upfront but he does not start at tempo and chases centre


halves. If he does not, people behind think they do not necessarily


think they to do it. Would you say Palace have better players? Yes.


Then he should have done a better job with the players, is so Silva


has done a better job than Sam Allardyce? Is some cases he has a


better squad. It took him a while. Three games ago they were thought


they were safe. The Manchester City game looked like a game they were


not overly interested in. Maybe there was an element of that. I


guess you could say that. It looks like he will keep them up and it


looks like he will keep them up with a little to spare. He would have


gone to Hull and approached it differently possibly with those


players, making them harder to beat on the road. Palace, it is not just


a question of making them hard to beat but looking at the squad


thinking this is a team that should win games. Swansea, a huge win at


Sunderland. Their squad are meant to be watching this Crystal Palace and


Hull game together. Everton played them last weekend and were beaten by


them at the Liberty Stadium. What did the squad say about the Swansea


team? They are definitely more up for it, that is for sure. To be


honest, the boys will have felt they let themselves down. Especially,


myself being a Crystal Palace supporter, I would want Everton to


go out and beat them. It happens. We are seventh. Not much to play for.


You tend to relax a little bit. It is hard to keep up the tempo. It is


not like we can catch the top six, all go down, so technically, it just


happens. Paul Clement, what has he done for you? He has got the team


together. They were a bit... Certainly flimsy under the previous


managers. They had a turnaround. The third manager. Fourth, I don't know.


He brought stability. He gave them a shape and place to play from and


from that when you have the likes of Llorente to score goals, you have a


chance. It is a vague concept but they look well coached as you would


imagine from someone of his experience. He will be finding his


way into the man management situation and the way he reacts to


situations, to winning and defeat. I think he was over exuberant in


celebrating some wins, going around the crowd. They lose and suddenly


you are under pressure again. Looking at him, he looks like a


coach in charge, a guy who has been number two two big clubs. Arguably


they needed that. Some might think it over the top going around.


Because there were accusations of the club losing its identity because


of American investors and one of the things he appears to have done is


bring everybody together. The players buying tickets for the fans.


That is a conscious decision. That is clearly people behind the scenes.


That was Leon Britton, as I understand it. In terms of his


interaction with the club, Paul Clement, that is people behind the


scenes making the decision to connect. He has made the effort. It


has lifted the place. A better atmosphere. Crucially they look a


more cohesive unit. Part of what you were saying when they were up for it


last week, the atmosphere and crowd players coming together. Paul


Clement going around and clapping the standards. It works. There is


definitely a togetherness there. If football there is so much


exaggeration with that kind of thing but the fans really like that. It is


the modern way of the manager to basically go out on the pitch. I


used to think the manager should not be near the pitch. Look at the


manager who won the title, Antonio Conte, he probably does it the most.


The fans respond to it. Did you see Alex Ferguson on the pitch, other


than when they scored in the extra 20 minutes of injury time? Maybe not


until the end of the season, but I suppose there was never a doubt in


Alex Ferguson's loyalty, because he was there so long and in the age


when managers come and go more and players, whether it is real or not,


you want to see some passion and appreciation for you from them. You


are a fan, I am a fan. Maybe I am an old-fashioned band. You will not see


Arsene Wenger going to all four corners of the stadium.


You don't see him anywhere! I know what she was saying, the passion,


but it is a bit of the cult of the manager, that is because now they


are as big a star... They were never as big... It was always the star


players. You would not get managers, basically, milking the acclaim like


they do now. If you have just won the Premier League title and you can


dance in front of your fans. But keeping them up is just as big. Not


everybody can win. Ten games from the end of the season, I can't and


who they beat, then going onto the pitch. It is very curmudgeonly, I


know... With ten games to go if you are in a relegation battle, you need


to galvanise? I'm pretty sure that was part of what he was to do,


showing the fans his team is fighting and how much it means to


him, he was probally trying to show the players this is how we can


celebrate after games if we are all in this together. He went on a great


run when he first came in, they fell away a bit but now they are back on


a good run. In no small part, in my opinion, to Leon Britton. Clement


did not seem to fancy him at first and played him -- fancy at first,


but now he is playing him and realising what an acid years. One


reviewer says that for Hull to stay up as an achievement. Jackson says


it is a big game for Swansea fans, we need Palace to win. They are 1-0


up at the moment. Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday 0- in the


Championship play up -- play-off. Somebody is saying about the rent


say is one of the key players, would you say he was? Who is that? Low


rent a? Definitely, his goals have been fantastic. If you have a


striker but can score goals, you put it in on his head. If you have


somebody with the ammunition and firepower, let's play to the


strengths of Llorente. Swansea are a passing progressive team. When they


get into the final third, they know they want to get the ball to


Llorente. Most of the papers have the quote


that he is staying, Antonio Conte, despite the reported interest from


inter-Milan, and a new contract could be on the table. It is serious


interest from Inter Milan. What I would say is that in the immediate


aftermath he will not say I am not sure. He will not say I am undecided


whether I will stay or not. There is an element of he would say that,


wouldn't he?! But I think over the last couple of months it is by no


means 100% certain that he would stay. From two elements. Have you


settled in London? His family have not moved to London yet, I think he


hopes for his wife and daughter to come in the summer, they were at the


game the other day at Stamford Bridge. You can't underestimate if a


guy has not settled and maybe wants to go home. That does not seem to


have been resolved. Professionally, it would be a big challenge going to


Inter. Newly owned, relatively newly in the last two years. Big money to


spend, big money to offer him. He looks around the Premier League now,


he will look at Jose Mourinho, Pep and their salaries and think I am on


half of that, I might want to upgrade. The consensus now is that


it is designed that they will come to him with a new deal and most of


the papers say it would be record-breaking, but I would not say


100%. 99, maybe, not 100%. You can see from his perspective in that if


he looks at Mourinho or Guardiola or Klopp or whatever and goes, I am not


getting what they are and I have won the title, you can understand


wanting parity with your peers if you are the title winner. When you


do the job, you always have a right to demand. He has come in in his


first season and won the Premier League with a team, technically,


that was struggling last season. They still have the Champions League


to play for this season. Winning the Premier League is still a big


especially with all the managers. Is Yannick was talking, Leon, who has


paid no attention at all... I heard everything he said! Made a little


move because there has been another goal at Selhurst Park. We will go


there very shortly. Christian Benteke has scored. Crystal Palace


are no two goals to the goods is home to Hull. It came from a corner,


John Southall can describe. Crystal Palace two, Hull City nil.


Hull City are looking doomed. They corner from the right-hand side,


Christian Benteke rose five yards out to power the ball into the back


of the net for his 15th league goal of the season. Hull City really need


to win this game, they trailing 2-0 and look like they are heading to


the Championship. In this game, Palace have cause to Hull lots of


problems really. Tompkins almost scored as well. Knowing what the


teamwork on, and the boys, Big Sam always works on set plays. That is


the training ground peace. Six foot plus, lots of the Palace players.


Three centre halves in Maguire, Dawson and Rodon here. Maybe they


should be able to compete, but when you have the likes of Benteke and


Tompkins, get set pieces, get the ball in the box, we will ). 2-0 to


Crystal Palace against Hull. Still goalless in the Championship


play-off between Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday. The Telegraph


says that Antonio Conte will have ?2 million to spend this summer -- ?200


million to spend. How much do you think they need to strengthen? I


think Sir Alex Ferguson said it a number of years ago, the best time


to strengthen its when you have just won something. I agree. I think he


will splash the cash. I think there are some players are Chelsea Lewis


believe, John Terry is certainly on his way out, Willian possibly going,


will Fabregas be happy being a bit part player again? They could be


losing quality players, they will have to strengthen, meaning more


competition. I looked at Jose Mourinho in the summer when he won


the Premier League, moving into the next season when he got the sack,


the only player of note he brought in was Pedro, he tried to bring in


others but they were not successful, I believe that was a big


contribution to him getting the sack, the lack of competition for


places. Players can get a bit relaxed and what they have done and


what position they have held. The competition comes with signing new


players. That would have been another element in Conte's mind,


finding out what he has to spend and how he can strengthen. He will know


that his schedule will be busy next year, clearly, a European schedule


to content with, he knows all about that. He will be thinking, hang on,


you will also know he is a little bit... I would not say fortunate


that he has been privileged to have to make so few changes. It has been


highlighted, probably the least number of changes in the Premier


League, at the top end. The same as Leicester last season, winning


formula. Don't play any rug, win the title! That was never the case until


Lester did it. Previously to Leicester doing it... Liverpool got


really close, barring the Steven Gerrard slip. That is the best they


have done, they were not in Europe. For these teams are the top 12 or 13


players, Chelsea probably have a bigger squad than most but if you


have 12 of 30 players that don't have the extra games in Europe... It


has become like this in the last couple of seasons, the last team to


win, it was not the Premier League, it was the last season of the old


division, Leeds, they were not in Europe. From then on until Lester,


every team has been in Europe. Now it is getting more physically


demanding, there has been appointed. Grujic is reference to the Steven


Gerrard stuff extra measure my -- a gratuitous reference. I can't


believe the camera caught me smiling! Is the fellow Premier


League winner, when you watch him, what do you see in his game that you


would like to add to yours? Hazard is a great player, obviously. The


thing I would like to take off him, if I was going to take something,


was the way he stands in pockets and it's really patient. Sometimes I can


go in a pocket and I'm standing but I'm thinking the ball needs to come


now, now, now. If it don't come I end up going out wide. But stays,


makes the team shuffle across and is still in the same position where he


knows if he gets on the half turn... That is patience? Patience and


knowledge. The fact that Hazard... Lots of academy players I see coming


through are doing the same thing, hanging around in pockets. A player


like myself who has come through the non-league system, it is one of the


things we tend to miss from our game and have to minute at a later stage.


When you learn it at a younger stage, becomes as simple as opening


a book. The fact that Hazard has it, it gives him an advantage,


especially the way he plays, he is so quick and runs at players and


goes that you from the centre, literally running the centre-back,


it makes it harder to mark. Or you are trying to teach yourself that


ability? I have had Alan Pardew playing me in number ten, that


helped a lot. When you tend to come out wide and do it, it is different.


It is easier through the middle. When you are out wide and coming


into my pocket, it is a lot harder. The way Everton are playing at the


moment has a lot to do with that. It caused me some problems at the start


of the season but I started getting better. I am sure I will pick at it


differently. Lots has been made of the Chelsea formation, the formation


really benefits them in that situation because you will have


players going alongside. In the same way as you learn at Everton, when he


is back fits, you would have Seamus Coleman doing the same thing? I will


go back to when we played against Chelsea and lost 5-0 at Stamford


Bridge. It made it so hard... My full-back, shameless probably did


not want to go in there. Alonso would be making much run. If I'm


following Alonso every time, how will I... I tried to cover Hazard,


which makes it even harder. Am I listening to my instructions from


behind? How will I follow him? Especially if he is that quick. It


is a clever formation. Definitely. It has gone well in certain


occasions but it looks like the Chelsea boys... They tried to go


4-3-3, eventually said no, we will stick it out at the usual formation.


The Championship play-off first leg between Huddersfield


and Sheffield Wednesday is under way.


It is still 0-0, fifth against fourth in the jumping Chapecoense.


Great atmosphere at the stadium. Yet to have an attempt on target.


Huddersfield have dominated, Brown grades the crossbar and Erin Moyes


sought an effort to be a wide. -- saw an effort. Andy on Twitter says


that at this rate Newcastle will have lots of troubling to do, their


nearest away match could be in Manchester. A few others in the


North will have to do a lot of travelling next season! -- a few of


us in the north. Leon just wants to watch the football, so I will talk


to you! How is your recovery? I could not be in a better stage right


now, not trying to force anything but now I am in a good state of mind


physically and mentally. Of, we were saying you are the kind of person


that wants to set yourself a target but you have done that yet? I have


not done that just yet. I like to see the end goal. For example,


Everton, their end goal would be finishing in the top six. It is like


myself as a player, you need to know the end goal and as you are going on


the way, if there are setbacks then you adjust, but you know the end


goal. Do you feel this is a positive time for your former club? I do. You


look at the way Ronald Koeman strengthened when he came in. The


club move forward. People working behind the scenes to make the club


move in the right direction. For a large part of the season we have had


players like Yannick missing. I expect they will strengthen again


over the summer if we can keep our better players, be a keeping club


rather than a club who has to cell. Strengthen and then get players like


Yannick and Seamus who have missed a big chunk, that is a great addition.


Talking about Conte strengthening, if Everton continued they can


compete at the next stage, the top six, and potentially go up. How


would you describe the season? At the start of the season if you


thought how many points they would get you would come up with something


around a smart. They have been great at home. The current state, these


next two, three months are important, what happens with Lukaku?


What I'm getting, I think, even though his situation is more urgent,


I think Lukaku, if I had to save one of them will go it will be him and


that will be a big blow. Ross Barkley. I don't know. He is playing


a strange game not to sign by now but I would not be surprised if he


stays but I would not be surprised if he said to the board, what is


happening with Lukaku? It is OK Everton saying to Ross Barkley sign


this contract or you are being sold, when they might say Lukaku has two


years of his contract left. If they could hold onto those and


strengthening, they could challenge the top six and make the big six,


big seven. How have you found your manager to work for? When you ask a


player, they go, he is brilliant. The awards dinner the other night,


Lukaku was honest, saying he has improved me. But we have had times


when we have fallen out. He was honest, how have you found a


manager? He is like that, he is chilled out, but he ain't. I am more


relaxed. I am a little bit older. The manager has been fantastic to


me, ever since I have been injured, the staff, as well, the support has


been incredible and for me, I am looking forward to being back.


Playing and doing well and showing the fans what I am about because I


don't think I have shown them what I can do. You talk about Ross Barkley


and Romelu Lukaku, but Everton under 23s won .pl two, their division.


Several have played in the first team. There are others going


through. A lot of players coming through, but like Leon Osman says,


we have probably got to bring in players to freshen up the


competition. Bringing in players helps players like myself, anyone


else in the team, to raise their game. If we can do that, hopefully


we can be challenging. Agreed. It is a great sign the young lads are


doing so well. They have potential. Now we are talking about Everton


making the next step and becoming a top six guaranteed club and moving


on. You have to have top young players to help the first team


improve and the next step would be to strengthen by bringing in


players. Ronald Koeman has done a great job. He seems to have been


more strict than the previous regime which the players have needed.


Ronald Koeman seems to have not exactly a my way or the highway, but


do what I tell you, maybe not far off. I think the club may be needed


that. You have seen that in the home form. The fact Everton have


progressed. Let's go back to Selhurst Park. Crystal Palace


leading Hull City 2-0. The referee's whistle should go any moment. A


horrendous first half for Hull City, who are being relegated at the


moment. The first was a shocker. Ranocchia missing his clearance just


outside the penalty area and Wilfried Zaha slotting it under the


keeper. There goes the whistle. The second from the corner on the right,


Jason Puncheon with the corner and wrist in Benteke with the header.


There was a controversial moments before half-time. A Grosicki free


kick on the left-hand side and it looked like Puncheon handball and


the referee did not give the penalty and Hull City need those decisions


to go their way. As they go off at half-time, they have 45 minutes to


save their Premier League status. At the moment it is hanging by a very


thin thread. Half-time has gone in the Championship play-off semifinal


first leg and that is goalless between Huddersfield and Sheffield


Wednesday. At 4:30 on 5Live, you can hear


commentary of Tottenham's final game at White Hart Lane against Mancheser


United. Did you enjoy playing at Spurs? I


loved it, my favourite away ground. I made my debut there. Back in what


was a 4-3 defeat. I came on in the 97th minute and played 90 seconds


and definitely touched the ball! Although that did not go well, and


another couple of defeats, we won three on the run down there and I


think we had not won as a club since 1987, and we won three on the run


and I scored a goal or two. I am surprised you have not been asked


back! I thought I would have been. I have my suit, just in case. Did you


enjoy playing their? Yes. A lot of the times. Won in the quarterfinal


of the FA Cup, last season. It has been an enjoyable place. Do you like


the crowd on top of you? I do. The atmosphere. When they don't like


you, it gives you more edge to hurt the team you are playing against and


I like that. You said you will miss it because the press box is great,


over the tunnel. You can see the bus stop new Mac. When the new press box


was designed -- bust ups. We are low-down but we are next to the


dugout and the tunnel. You sort of hangover and see the players walking


in. You will notice an inordinate amount of Spurs tunnel bust ups


stories because that is because we conceive. In the Derby, you see what


it is about, it was about a drugs test. Having said that, I did notice


it will... Will Spurs have a glass tunnel when you pay extra money and


watch what goes on as they come through? What went on in the tunnel


always stayed at the tunnel. Remember that? Unless at Spurs, when


the press can crane their necks and looked over. It is a great


atmosphere and I am glad it is staying where it is. These stadiums.


The bricks and mortar change, dramatically. White Hart Lane from


ten, 20 years ago is nothing like it is now, they change all the time. It


is like Trigger's broom. The Anfield of today is not like the Anfield my


dad went to. But it is the area, the routine. Upton Park we miss, it is


the area, the atmosphere. The same people you see and routine you have.


The same pubs and cafes. In a way, it is good, I think it remains in


the area and it will not be out of town. Not remote from wherever it


has been. I have not seen the plans for the new stadium but White Hart


Lane is what you would class as a good, traditional British ground


from years ago. You have the modern stadiums. It was steeped in history,


tight, a good ground. The noise they made was fantastic and a great


ground to play at regardless of the result. I am fascinated when you


speak to players, how it works to your advantage. How Goodison Park


works for Everton, White Hart Lane for Spurs, and when you go somewhere


like the London Stadium, more anaesthetised, is there a


difference? Palace is an intimidating place. They are on top


of you and the noise they make, they are jumping up and down. Manchester


City, asked, new stadiums. They are not so much. The crowd is set back,


not as much as the London stadium but setback and the seats are more


comfortable. They are not on top of each other like a Palace and


Goodison and White Hart Lane at the moment. These new grams have to come


into modern eyes football and create more money, but the old grounds were


great to play in. You say at Spurs you used it to your advantage. Do


you get intimidated? There is not a game where a player goes to take the


corner near the away fans, home fans, and there are gestures going


on at that player. Do you look and see that, can you blanket out? I


have looked and when I have looked I have hands pointing. I laugh it off.


I have just won a corner for my team. With those grounds you will


get it, especially when they are on top of you. I probably got abused at


Goodison more than anywhere else. It is great you know that is there. The


opposition getting twice as much as you are. Do you expect Spurs to win?


I do and talking about the emotion, that will lift them. Manchester


United have their mind on other things. It will complete an unbeaten


season at home, the home they are leaving, and going to Wembley, and


we know what happens there. As far as the top four is concerned. In


this top four chat, we ought to keep saying, you really want to finish


third, not forth, in this because you avoid the qualifier and go into


the group stage. You would rather finish fourth and fifth! Liverpool


have a tough game at West Ham, especially after the performance


against Spurs. They know how to get a result and what it requires, those


players. Probably their last home game of the season, which brings


more. It will be tough for Liverpool, but they tend to win


games when they are up against it. It is Middlesbrough next week where


Liverpool will struggle. I expect to win today. This is no comment on any


team going for the top four, but it is just the way football work


sometimes, there is no analysis, the feeling that after everything this


season, Arsenal finish fourth. Do you know what I mean? And win the FA


Cup. Probably. Everybody saying... What a manager! I was at Stoke


yesterday and the Arsenal fans were singing Arsene Wenger's name. Mesut


Ozil scores and they are singing about him. Arsenal win 4-1 and you


think, it is a typical Arsenal world. That could happen. In the


past they have got to this stage and it has been in their hands, but it


is not and if Liverpool win this afternoon, that should be it. As


Leon says, Liverpool, when they have their backs against the wall are


more likely to come good. Liverpool, no, I think West Ham will give them


a good challenge. My gut feeling is telling me Arsenal will finish in


the top four. They play Everton on the last day of the season. We are


in good form. It has always been the way for me. West Ham no Liverpool


have to come to get the result which will help West Ham. With Arsenal,


they always seem to come good when the pressure is off, basically came


from nowhere. When they are expected to win it is more difficult. I think


Arsenal could potentially finish fourth. It is on this game today.


Hull's game against Crystal Palace is on 5 Live. We will have


highlights on Match Of The Day to later. Goodbye.


Mark Chapman and guests discuss the talking points from Saturday's Premier League matches and preview Sunday's three fixtures, including Tottenham against Manchester United.