Round 11 - Brno MotoGP

Round 11 - Brno

Matt Roberts presents coverage of round 11 of the championship live from Brno. Can Casey Stoner hold on to his championship lead?

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The brief summer respite is over for the MotoGP pressure cooker, as


the temperature rises once again here amongst the pack hillsides of


Brno. Today is all about Jorge Lorenzo against Casey Stoner, who


took a crucial victory three weeks ago. Jorge Lorenzo had cut stone


a's lead to 50 points before the US Grand Prix but he was lucky to be


racing a tour after a crash in practice. The Spaniard bounced back


with a stunning qualifying performance, then turned pole


position into an early race lead. After winning in Germany last time


out, Dani Pedrosa was back on the pace, passing Casey Stoner at the


start. Once he closed down the lead, he struggled to maintain the speed.


After watching Lorenzo and Pedrosa's efforts in the first part


of the race, Casey Stoner struck. There is no coming back from the


The 5th when of the season for the Australian put him back in control


of the championship. Back in control but it was something of an


opportunist win with Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa are struggling for


fitness. It has been the case really here and now, about 25


minutes to race start. Casey Stoner is in the race box, still with


plenty to talk about with the mechanics. He said last night he


was happy to have a chat with us at this point in the programme, but


unfortunately he was 5th fastest and not happy at all. A different


story a couple of doors down - Jorge Lorenzo was second fastest in


the warm up, albeit off the pace of Dani Pedrosa, who was 0.7 seconds


clear of the field. As I said, the championship story is all about


Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner here this weekend. That victory for


Casey Stoner three weeks ago put him 20 points clear in the


championship standings. It would have been 10 points if Jorge


Lorenzo had managed to have gone to Lorenzo had managed to have gone to


the victory -- hang on to the after a victory at Sachsenring and


third place at Laguna Seca, that game after four races out with a


broken collarbone. An amazing return to fitness for the Spaniard.


How does he do it? I thought we upside-down and wins in Portugal.


Talk about pushing, Dani Pedrosa et Dani Pedrosa. The pace he put on in


the last couple of laps was extraordinary. After that injury,


you came back to take the victory at Sachsenring. Were you surprised


how quickly you came back to winning ways? Yes, I was very


The race was hard when I came back. I expected that so it was normal.


Then I thought, OK, we are going to Sachsenring, I can improve. Instead


of finishing in eighth place, I can be me be around five. Then I


managed to come back and win the race. It was really impressive for


me, also for my team. They were surprised. Emotionally, it must


have been a big victory for you as well? Yes, just after the victories,


both of them were very emotional. For this is not the first season


his championship challenge has been curtailed by injury, leading some


doubt as to suggest this time he might not bounce back at all.


after so many injuries, my body is not like it was before. I start to


feel the injuries more than when I was 16. To get back, it is not easy


this time. The doubts other people had about you when you were a way,


do they ever cross your mind? know how it works so it is normal.


Normally the press picks you up and takes you down immediately. More


than that, at the same time I had all of the fans, my family around,


they help a lot not to come to deep down. I had my moments where I


thought I don't want to get crash - - I don't want to crush any more,


it is painful and I don't want any more surgeries but it is thanks to


them. It looks like I am good enough. The you can definitely say


that. What about your relationship with some of the other riders? We


know you have had a problem with Simoncelli, but in the past you and


Jorge Lorenzo seemed to be friends. Yes, we had a good communication at


that time, but we are quite nice to a completely different story. Time


Can we expect you to win any more in the season?


Of course. To get victories is hard because Casey Stoner and Jorge


Lorenzo are very good but if I can get back in shape soon, I still may


well win races. If I can get some more victories before the end of


the season, I will be happy. If not, you get an injury and you know when


you come back you will win! No, I try not to get injuries, just


victories. Great to see him looking so confident. He is on pole


position this weekend. Charlie, he has shown such great resilience to


come back after some bad injuries and to keep smiling like that. You


know what it is like to come back from injuries and you are still


smiling. I am just a happy-go-lucky man. Dani Pedrosa is running the


risk of becoming the greatest rider never to win a championship. This


year he was really pushing Casey Stoner hard. Before he was taken


out, he was in the title hunt but not now. Championship pace now, the


last two races, as good as you have seen him ride? Absolutely, you can


mend bones but the confidence is back now as well and he will be the


man to beat. The man they are chasing in the championship, when


he is confident, have a look at this... Casey Stoner in slow-motion.


You can see the rear wheel spinning up, it is travelling faster than


the front wheel. He is lifting up his elbow because he is so close to


the kerb. It is such a treat to watch someone doing that at so many


frames per second. A beautiful shot. Unfortunately not riding with that


much confidence this weekend, but I know you were on your computer all


night so tell us about this graphic you were working on. Look at this.


He is trying to hold the bike upright as much as he can. It is


spectacular to work out how he is doing that. The suspension is


pressed, and the motorcycle should not really be standing up. He is


cheating because he is leaning on the kerb. Steve is downloading


information most nights, really committed. We have got to say, when


we are talking about extreme leaning, the king of it, John


Hopkins, he was one of the first MotoGP riders to be getting his


elbow down, he was going to be here this weekend but it has all gone


wrong. Yes, such a shame because it has been going so well. A pretty


straightforward crash, but as he hits the gravel, he catches his


fingers, dislocates one and breaks two more. He has got to be out on


his own bike in the next couple of weeks but it was going brilliantly


well and we need him back here. has shown he has the ability to be


here. No question about it, he wants to be back next year. It was


so disappointing because I think they are also trying to convince


Suzuki to be here and have two motorcycles. Problems for Suzuki,


but light at the end of the tunnel for Ducatis this weekend. They have


made some good changes, it is starting to work. They have changed


their head stuck on the bike. They are definitely moving in the right


direction. The question is when it go for the whole race? You're


getting attacked by a wasp. I think it is my hair gel. The track


temperature will be a big issue because we have not have these


temperatures all week. A no, it has changed a lot, a lot of rain


yesterday as well. It will be a lot about estimation and getting it


right but it should be a great race. Meanwhile, we have been looking at


the British riders from the 122 cc class and taking them back to


You are late, get inside! Be careful, Harry. Bradley, thanks for


the Apple. Scott, Daniel, pay attention. We are at the halfway


point of the season. Who has had the most crashes this year? Harry.


When Harry applies himself, he is very capable but his discipline


leaves a lot to be desired. He showed improvement in the last race


and he was looking for his first ever points finish before a crash


on the last lap. Hopefully he can build on the momentum and have a


more consistent second half. It has not been my fault. Who is the top


Brit in the 125 class? That is me. Danny is doing very well this year


and has really taken to his new surroundings. He finished 4th in


one race and has had four top-ten finishes. He has a bright future


ahead of him and should be challenging for podiums soon.


really happy with how the season has gone. Attendance - who missed a


practice session to sit their A- level exam? That one was Taylor.


Snitch. Taylor has shown how capable he is taking fifth-place in


the wet in Spain. One crash in eight races is not bad. He needs to


start finishing in the points more often this year. Now I have an


engine, I will try harder. Progress - who has been held back for a 50


it in 125s? That will be Dani. Danny has always had a reputation


for crashing but he has matured this year and is doing a good job


of developing his bike. He showed great strength to ride after a


crash in warm up and has made a big That is all right. Not too bad.


has got the most podium finishes this year? That is me. Bradley has


taken very well to the challenge of MotoGP. He had a little slip up in


the last race in Germany when he was lucky to escape unhurt.


Hopefully that will not halt his momentum. He currently lies 5th.


Good. Mummy and daddy will be pleased. Attitude. Who has been in


trouble for fighting? There were high hopes for a Scot coming into


the second season. Unfortunately he has not been able to turn his


natural talent into results. He needs to learn to control his


temper in class and qualified further up the field. -- and to


qualify. An impressive finish in Germany should give him the


confidence. That is the only Grade I got in my career. I guess I will


have to up my game. God, that is really depressing! The headmaster


wants to see you after class. The rest of you will have to work


harder to stop the Spanish kids Remind me never to get on the wrong


side of her! One of the riders was Taylor Mackenzie. I have got his


dad, Neil McKenzie. We heard the half term report. What is Urus?


think it was fair. He has to improve in quite a few areas. It is


a tough. He is riding with some of the best riders in the world. It is


a roller-coaster. Toffs some weekends. Other weekends he


surprises himself. It is a massive jigsaw. Every week there is another


piece in place and you make progress. He has got plenty of


promise. That peace was filmed before today's races. Taylor


finished 23rd. Danny crashed out. Harry finished 30th. Danny Webb was


12. Bradley Smith crashed. Not a great day. What about the premier


class? What do you make of Cal Crutchlow's season? Very difficult


for Cal. He has proved he has got the potential. He is making


progress. He is looking quite competitive. Looking good. It is a


track he is familiar with. Yes, I'm expecting top six or seven today.


They at would be a great result. Cal is fighting for rookie of the


year. He has only got one of Poland. That is the man riding his bike.


Karel Abraham. This is his home race. His dad owns part of the


circuit. And he also owns the team. How has the transition been to


MotoGP? You did get a lot of criticism last year because this is


your father's team. How did that make you feel? It was a bad feeling.


But at the end of the year I was trying to get the best results. The


people who like me, like me. Those who do not will doubt me. What


about the level and MotoGP? Did you expect to be where you were?


expected to be a little bit worse. I am surprised with my results. The


season is not over. My experience so far is if I do not do well,


everything goes a lot worse. It is very difficult to get back to the


rhythm. We have to push as hard as we can. What about this weekend?


This is a special race track and the special crowd? There is a lot


of pressure. Pressure from sponsors, fans, family, friends. They are


trying to be nice with me. Everybody asking questions. The


press conferences and everything. That makes the pressure. It will be


difficult. What is it about this place that makes it so special?


This is a very trick -- tricky part of the track. It changes direction.


Exiting out of the corners here is very important. Let's have a look


at the two chicanes. This is turn 11 and 12. It is very steep. What


else about it is important? Were when you're on the bike you do not


feel at that stage. It is interesting. It is very important.


You have to be good at the exit. You have to be very fast through


turn 12. Carry the speed on that straight up the hill. Exiting the


corner you lose five times more at the end. That is going into the


final chicane where it is everything or bossed? Right.


Hopefully you will be fighting for a good position on Sunday. Good


I am afraid it is going to be difficult for him to be fighting


for a good position today. There is nobody behind him. He starts in the


Crutchlow came a cropper on turned 10. -- turned 10. Rossi has had a


wretched time recently. He put in a good performance to claim a. Casey


Stoner had the odd moment. He held the top spots until 15 minutes from


the end when Jorge Lorenzo knocked him off his perch. Dani Pedrosa 0


beat the pair of them to claim his Dani Pedrosa on pole position for


the first time this season. Ben Spies, an impressive race starter.


He has had a pinched nerve. Until now he has only been able to put


four Halve laughs together. How do you feel? Usually I am looking


forward to the end of the race. Now it is about damage control. We will


do the best we can for as long as we can and see what happens. It has


been a tough weekend so far. I am getting more tired. The team has


been doing a great job. The bike is working great. Given the


uncertainty, what is the plan of attack? Will you have to make a


really good start? Yes. Ride as hard as I can for as long as I can


and try to make it to the finish. Ben Spies a contender. Cal


Crutchlow is here. A much-needed summer break. You must be glad to


be back at Assen could you know well? Yes, I know it well. But


Colin has been here nine times more than me. It has been OK. Stupid


crash in qualifying yesterday. My own fault. Tried to carry the break


into the corner. One of those things. If we can get a good


start... Maybe we can have a bit of a battle. Cal in 11th place. A few


things to wrap up. One is the performance of Valentino Rossi. He


is fifth on the grid. His best of the season. His mechanic was joking


on Twitter that they had found a cardboard box in the corner of the


garage with the missing piece of the did so. I am not sure it is


that simple. Valentino making his last preparations. By Alex Jo Pay


that you had fanned a cardboard box in the corner of the garage. I am


sure it is more complicated? Yes. We had made improvements to the


bike. It is good to be on the second row. We will see after the


22 laps. Is there anything technically that you have brought


back from the summer break? But of little things. -- lots of little


things. There is the front row of the grid. Dani Pedrosa or aiming to


win in all three classics. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo


the only other riders to do that. Lorenzo was last year's winner.


Casey Stoner is top of the Championship. Chasing his 9th


consecutive podium, his longest one. The times we have seen during


practice have been pretty close. Stoner not happy with third place.


It is two-tenths off. He was working hard to close that gap.


Simoncelli, we need to talk a bit about him. He has gone a bit quiet.


second row... He is not renowned for a fast start. We will see.


There they hour. -- their they are. will be a great opportunity to see


this astonishing track. It is unbelievable. The elevation changes,


the duration of the track. These tyres will get a workout. That is


the first turn. It is a long corner. Into the first chicane. That was


where Lorenzo crashed a few years back. Hopefully he will not do that


today. Lorenzo is going for a softer front tyre. The rest of the


field has gone for the heart tyre. hit the -- downhill here. If he did


not have conferred with the front end of the bike, it would be a


nightmare. -- comfort. He it would be. We are riding with Colin


Edwards. This is a downhill part. This is the lowest part of the


circuit. It climbs about 250 ft chicane, 13 and 14. So many second


gear corners on this circuit, they will be wearing them out. There are


some pretty meaty clouds overhead. It will do two things - if it keeps


the sauna in it will drop the track temperature. The track temperature


is higher than we have seen all weekend. That is good news because


the tyres will come up quicker in the early laps but they will be in


unknown territory at the end when the tyres are really cooking.


is important. We are just past the middle of the season, everything to


play for. We are away! A good one from Dani Pedrosa, no surprise


there. Ben Spies is not bad off the line as well. It looks like it will


be Pedrosa, Spies hanging on to the outside, Lorenzo hanging on to the


outside in front of him, and Stoner on the inside in front of him. Down


the hill they go, Lorenzo goes past, Pedrosa first. Casey Stoner


actually getting a bit of a hang out by his team-mate, Dovizioso.


Lorenzo has the soft a front tyre. The world champion has taken the


lead at turn three, that was confident from him. Now to be


tricky pesky Number 10, it drops away here down the hill and these


are the negative camber corners, which are very difficult. Lorenzo


on his Yamaha is in front. Dovizioso not giving his team mate


any room to move. At the moment, Casey Stoner the third of the three


Hondas. It is Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Dovizioso, Stoner, Spies, then


Nicky Hayden, that will do. tremendous start from him on a


Ducati. You can see the white band on his front tyre, he has gone for


the softer compound tyre. Cal Crutchlow in the middle of the mix


in 13th place off the line. This is the 250 ft climb up to the final


across the strike, indeed he did, past Nicky Hayden who will have to


deal with the attentions of Valentino Rossi. Stoner has stuffed


his team mate, as he should do. he was making sure the temperatures


are all full study can't win the race in the first lap, but you can


sure as hell lose it. I don't know about getting temperatures up for


Casey Stoner, but his blood pressure will be up. These two


team-mates are having a great old ding-dong. Valentino Rossi is the


all weekend. He has been a class act, half a second faster than


anyone else. I am sure he is letting it get up to temperatures.


It is always different of course, racing is a different matter to


qualifying, 23 litres of fuel they are carrying. Sometimes the fight


will come back to you. Casey Stoner said the bike came back to it when


the fuel load when down in Laguna. It is about the championship, Casey


Stoner in third place with a 23 point advantage over the man who is


leading. From this is a great deal this first turn now. The big three


RN. How close do you like that?! He dropped a spot but that's nothing.


That will knock his confidence. am talking third gear corner, about


100 mph, and he lost the front end. He will now be waiting for that to


do it again. That was really how he held that that that sort of pace,


amazing. I don't believe it. And we have lost Dani Pedrosa,


unbelievably. We were talking about bad luck. He needs that like a


third armpit. He has had such trouble this year. Here is the


right hander. The front end washed out at turn four. Unfortunately his


legs are not quite long enough to show of the bike back up again but


it just washed out. Casey Stoner was lucky not to get taken out with


that as well. The smoke comes down and it is one of the corners that


rarely drops away. -- really drops away. Simoncelli is in the thick of


this and his body language says he wants to play. Dani Pedrosa has


crashed already, now all I can really let myself go.


Dare I say it, he will let his hair down and really go for it.


Simoncelli was almost the fastest man on the track last time and you


are riding with him - good luck. will be a wild ride from the number


58. He has had two pole position has, he was for the 250 world


champion in 2008, and he is very fast. I am he doesn't wear his bike


out because he doesn't have any laps. Casey Stoner meantime, if he


finishes in this order, he will bank an extra five points in his


lead against Jorge Lorenzo. With respect to Dovizioso, it is really


just about Lorenzo and Stoner. That is the shooting match. Honda will


look after him but I don't think he will be in the factory team next


year. He had a reasonably good season last year and had a two year


contract, was in the right place at the right time and got resigned. In


fairness to Casey Stoner, he would have preferred Dani Pedrosa been


right behind him. He would like another bike in between him and


Jorge Lorenzo, but the way Dovizioso is going, who knows?


Remember, he has the soft a front tyre and we saw him lose his front


end at turn one. It is a gamble but no one really knows what will work


because we haven't had these track temperatures this weekend before.


Casey Stoner needs to get his head down now. Dani Pedrosa has been the


man to beat all weekend, sadly he has beaten himself. Dani Pedrosa is


down, but it is Casey Stoner leading now. Ben Spies has are a


Dovizioso. This would keep Honda have become a wouldn't it? On the


inside of Jorge Lorenzo. His clear through so it is nice work on


Dovizioso. If he finishes like this, it is yet a done the three points -


- another three points. Then the organ is thinking I have chosen the


wrong tyre, that normally would not happen. The front tyre was a gamble.


An odd thing to do. It is, because everybody else chose a harder


compound. It was a strange thing to do but he had his reasons, they


know what they are up to in that team but clearly it does not seem


to be paying dividends at the moment. It paid dividends for about


one lap, then it got loose. Simoncelli is stalking. All arms


and legs, it looks like they should give him a bigger motorbike. But he


has pace. He is on the same times as Casey Stoner. Look at the crowd.


A lot here to cheer on Karel Abraham, who has got round Randy de


Puniet. On board with Lorenzo, is he losing time on the corners? If


his bike has not got a grip, that is where he will be losing time.


What a result it would be for this guy for start 0 no, Karel Abraham,


he is the home town hopeless this weekend. A lovely bloke, this has


probably been his worst round all year. Haven't we seen that before


with James Toseland, Cal Crutchlow... But who else did Matt


interview? He interviewed Dani Pedrosa, he is down, did the


interview anyone else? I would just sit carefully on your chair. I


think Jorge Lorenzo is feeling the effects of the softer front tyre.


Lap record is held by Jorge Lorenzo here in 2009, 1: 56.57. Albeit that


Dovizioso is third in the championship, but 40 points back.


He will not trouble the scorers for the end-of-year championship.


doubt it. You never really know, a lot of things can go wrong in


motorcycle racing so nothing is done until the final championship.


There is an awful lot left - Indianapolis in two weeks' time,


then Japan, Australia, Malaysia. is really inconvenient the Malaysia


round. You want to stay in Australia. I do. I wanted to talk


about John Hopkins - boy, I wish he was here and I am sure he does.


Look at that pace on a Suzuki. would have been a great fight


between those two. Similar times in the practice sessions so he would


have been there or thereabouts. Cal Crutchlow has just moved in front


of our breath. He has more speed than the qualifying indicated.


did I say? We are going to stop talking about people, interviewing


people. My goodness me. He was on the move, starting to pick up pace.


That is very like the Lorenzo moment, which he luckily saved.


is a third gear corner, down and out but he was up thankfully from


that. He just went past the commentary booth and that happened,


so what can you say? Karel Abraham knees to pick himself up, dust


himself down, lower his sights just a fraction. Because he made such a


good start. The score sheet shows he is 15th in the championship and


that is not his standard. There is no points for qualifying, just for


the final two laps. This man is doing a good job of it. He has


finished every race he started the season, apart from the one he got


knocked off on him round two. It was the Doctor who took him out in


the waiting room. He had a quick house call and that was the end of


it. Casey Stoner has won more races than anyone else. He won last time


out in the USA and is staring down the barrel of a win in the Czech


Republic. That his five wins so things looking good for them at the


moment. They are desperately keen to win this championship this year.


Everyone thought the Hondas would wipe the floor, they started


building their bikes earlier than anyone else but it didn't happen


saying to Lorenzo, you can do this the easy way or the hardware. --


are hard way. The Armagh has been with the sweetest looking bike on


the track all weekend. -- Yamaha. When you change your retire racier,


you often have to change your racing style. -- Europe Tyrer


the fastest lap we have seen. a belly full of fuel that is not


bad. Yamaha versus combat. -- Honda. Dovizioso tried to pull it back. He


could not do it. Maybe Jorge Lorenzo is just trying to rebuild


his confidence. That would have been asking her to him early in the


race. -- a real scare. Valentino Rossi starting to close down Ben


Spies. Spies is carrying an injury. This is all playing into the hands


of the man leading the race. The other three tripping themselves


over a little bit. Right in with Simoncelli. -- riding. There is


quite a bit of potential for a passing. But if you get it wrong...


The most critical point is getting a good ride out of the corner. The


difference in losing the front end and not losing is literally two


kilometres per hour. You are teetering on the point. These guys


are the best in the work. If somebody falls off, it means they


have just got it wrong by two kilometres. If you do have to it,


you get past. Although this is such a long track, it has got such a


short pit straight. It is hard to get a big drag. You have got to


work your way. This provides some remarkably close races. The longest


nearly was won by a Jorge Lorenzo... If Dovizioso gets through,


Simoncelli will be right behind him. Marco is having bad thoughts will


stop he wants to work his way past these guys. It is so important for


Simoncelli. Such an incredible talent. So brave, so tough. He has


had his head down in the last couple of races. Jorge Lorenzo said


the only thing in his helmet was his hair. I think it was Dani


Pedrosa who said that. That was a massive mistake. Too tight on the


entry to the corner. That was a case of getting in there, the bike


turning to early. Turner one has not going to be Jorge Lorenzo's


favoured corner. -- the first turn. Casey Stoner is lapping four-tenths


a lap faster at the moment. He announced at the weekend that he is


going to be having a child Shawky. He should keep his ear plugs Andy!


of his skin. -- Bautista. He is having a very good run. No doubt


that Ducati have made a leap forward. Valentino's last lap time


have a second behind Casey Stoner. These guys are holding each other


up Ablett. -- a little bit. looks to me like it is Lorenzo who


is holding the others. He is riding like Dani Pedrosa right. Not the


way you normally expect him to do it. This is more like the 1000 CD.


-- 1000 cc. Lorenzo has now reverted back to block writing. 20


points for second place could easily beat all the way back to


fourth. Afridi crucial seven points. He is really riding to stay in


touch in this Championship. Lorenzo, Dovizioso, Simoncelli... Nicky


Hayden is further away. Bailey armour is inside the top 10. --


Aoyama. He made that look quite easy. That starts to improve


Valentino Rossi's opportunity of getting these guys. If this keeps


swapping and swapping back again, and Rossi might be in touch.


Dovizioso will be having another little loch in a moment. Lorenzo


has got all sorts of issues. I just wonder if it is that front tyre?


was Lorenzo's mistake, not Simoncelli's move. It was almost


certainly Lorenzo's decision to take that. It was a wild gamble.


was a huge role of the dice. This will be a little carrot for Ben


podium? He has not had a podium. He has been close. He has ended on the


gravel track. He has also been closely jail! -- close to jail! He


has just got to get himself under control. He is due a podium. This


is great for Bautista, battling away with Valentino Rossi. Rossi's


last lap 58.2. Dovizioso, 58. Whatever Ducati have done, it is


starting to work on the racecourse. I think they are going in the right


direction. The good thing is they nowhere they're heading. -- then


is too rigid. It is not flexible. think we may see a change in


chassis before the end of the season. Honda will be bringing


their 2012 bike out tomorrow. As far as Suzuki is concerned, we are


waiting to hear what their plans are. We hope for an improved


performance from the Suzuki. Casey Stoner looking forward to riding


the 1000 again. I would say he would like to ride the bike he is


riding at the moment. He will be happy for everything to stay as it


is for the next five years. The potential move between the two


Italians. Dovizioso and Simoncelli. There is too much Marco to go


around. It does not get harry macro closer than that. -- any Klosir.


His elbows are close to the ground when he is standing up. He is a


very gangly lad. Legs Eleven. Simoncelli looking very good. He is


almost getting backed up by a Dovizioso. He has got to pick his


moment and make it clean. He is through Lorenzo. He will not catch


Casey Stoner. This is the potential for a Marco Simoncelli. He is


having a nightmare. The bike has clearly had enough. That is


possibly coming from the engine. The oil had probably got away from


the oil pickle. Simoncelli runs too deep and wide. His Simoncelli going


to say to himself, a podium is a podium? I suspect he will go for


second place. I do not think Rhys and is high on Islamist. He has got


lots of talent and enthusiasm. -- him. There is the gap. Casey Stoner


has been royally aided by the battle between Simoncelli and the


Visio so. -- Devitt CEOs so. There is lots of talk that Dovizioso will


be sent to a satellite team. He is fighting again -- against that. He


is being stalked by Simoncelli. Another man being stock is the


world champion. Casey Stoner has a lead of nearly seven seconds. Look


at that. The way he dances around on that motorcycle. Everybody


looking in admiration. Casey Stoner, the tyres looking good. Eight laps


Casey Stoner. I will be fascinated to hear if we can find anything out


what the theory was behind Lorenzo going for a soft front tyre. There


was not just a gamble for this race, he was in touch with the


championship leader. Casey Stoner will now put a monster gap between


himself and Lorenzo. It will be more than one race win's worth. It


is not over yet because the guys behind him are closing down.


This is when Lorenzo's tyre was at its very best. Often if you have


more grip, you have the confidence. In your head, the other guys will


be taking more time to warm up their tyres. Again, he used that


confidence around the outside, dived up the inside, taking the


lead early on but it didn't work. For and neither did it work for


poor Roald Dani Pedrosa, who Indianapolis just as fast and just


as smooth. Fortunately he didn't seem injured. It does look as


though with seven laps going at this stage that Simoncelli has


decided prudence is best and he has backed off a bit from Dovizioso.


Bautista has not backed off from the Doctor, he really wants it.


This is the first time we have seen them smiling in the garage all year,


I reckon. They don't know what that cardboard box was or what it had in


it but it worked. The Doctor is in the house. I don't believe it. Both


Mr crashed last year, didn't he? On the final lap. The engine is still


running, so get it picked up. not in a hurry to get back on the


bike. We talked about trailing the front brakes into the corner.


didn't want to let Valentino Rossi disappear, it is such a shame. The


front end just folded out and he would be trailing the break into


the corner. He knows. Bid was a classic example of how close it was.


There was nothing in that. When you are following someone, you think


why did that do it to me? But every bike has different settings and


everything else. Disappointment as he picks his bike up and goes back


in. If I was out there I would go back out. Meanwhile, this gap is


nearly eight seconds. Casey Stoner is having a beautiful smooth ride


here. Six laps remaining. The from three are all Hondas. Ben Spies is


only half a second behind Jorge Lorenzo, who has led this race at a


time. What was going on with that tyre choice? I just asked his team


manager why they went with that and he said because it was better, so I


gather he had a better feeling with it. They thought with the track


temperature the way it was today may did that, but he did admit they


need to start reconsidering now. They don't think this is just a


tyre issue. It is not effective. it seemed strange he was the only


person to do it. Normally if it is borderline a softer or hard at tyre,


others go for it. The only other person who chose the softer


compound was... Have a guess. Bautista, who'd just fell off.


saw Lorenzo struggling from the second lap. Ben Spies is closing


him down and carrying injuries. Simoncelli, on bike number 58 with


the fantastic red and white, easy to identify helmet. Do you reckon


he will have another go, or will he settle for third? The looking at


the way he is going at the moment and Dovizioso is going at the


moment, maybe we'll settle for third place. He is desperate for


podium, he does not want to do anything silly. I am more worried


about what Ben Spies is thinking about - do I dare pass Jorge


Lorenzo? That will be the quandary going through his mind at the


moment. He is in the same position Dovizioso would be in if he was up


the exhaust pipe of Casey Stoner. Realistically Jorge Lorenzo could,


in theory, lose five points here if Ben Spies gets past him, which


could be crucial at the end of the championship. One man nothing here


about anything is the Doctor there, Valentino Rossi. He is having a


nightmare season but he is one of the few riders out there who has


scored points in every round. They have been small points but he got


them anyway. He sits 5th in the championship and after this he will


leap Frog Dani Pedrosa back up to fourth in the championship. The


statistics look better than the raising he has had. A couple of


Americans battling it out, never discount Colin Edwards. You would


be hard place to fill his shoes with anyone better or faster.


great each-way bet. If he went into Superbikes, I bet he would win it.


I Hiroshi I has had a challenging raised false start -- challenging


at what Valentino Rossi is doing. Everyone who signed for Ducatis


teams this year were hoping the bikes would be sorted out. It has


taken longer than they thought. Let's have a look at the Ducatis


roll of honour. Rossi is in sixth, Hayden in seventh, Barbera intent.


De Puniet in Twelfth, and Capirossi in the 13th. 220 brake horsepower.


I just love watching the movement and how he dances around on the


motorcycle. Slamming it down into the ground. The front tyre still


looking pretty good, everything looking pretty good. They are all


thinking it is looking pretty good but anything can happen. Cloud


cover is heavier, keeping the track cool. Man, what did I just say it?!


He will clearly no, nearly eight seconds in front, you can afford to


back off a little bit. We have all made silly mistakes sometimes when


you are not really focused. Have a look at this. That was turn one


again, a pretty fast corner. There is the external view. Inside of the


kerb. What happens when you are going into the corner, if the back


end of the bike comes round it points you to the inside of the


corner and it can catch you out a little bit, which it did just learn.


-- just then. Casey Stoner can keep his focus. As you were saying,


nearly eight seconds ahead of of is 11 seconds back from the winner,


but only five seconds back on Dovizioso, so five seconds of


second place in the race at the moment. Last time out we saw.


Forget where he finished on the track, 30 seconds down the road


almost, so this is a massive improvement. You couldn't keep


success away from JB and the rest of those guys forever, they will be


chipping away. No matter where Valentino Rossi finishes this year,


he and his team will leave that Ducati a better bike than they


found. That is a nice sign for Simoncelli, still on board in third


place and still looking all right. As far as the Ducati team are


concerned, that is not just about winning for the sponsors but it is


about making a motorcycle other people want to get on to. Until


recently would be worried. I know which bike I would choose.


Ducatis have had some very clever riders, like Melandri who nearly


killed his career. Casey Stoner is the only one with whom it has


clicked. He is the only one who has harnessed it. He came third here


last year, qualified for and came third, and he was winning races on


a Ducati at the end of last year, the same Ducatis Valentino Rossi


jumped on in the practice after the last race in Valencia and came


almost last on. It is horses for courses, I guess. When you get to


this stage, I am sure he will be able to cling in there, but Ben


Spies is now running into position. The gap between Simoncelli and


Lorenzo is reasonably comfortable and Lorenzo would be a big man to


try to muscle his way back past Lorenzo. A good ride from Dovizioso,


albeit eight seconds back from his team-mate. Nevertheless, in front


of the current world champion, Jorge Lorenzo. Look at the focus.


He grabs a bitter throttle and it is just about backing it off,


tapping it back on again, trying to get the power down as quick as you


can. The last lap now for Casey Stoner, he can ride hands and heels


to home from here, it should be nice and easy. Simoncelli is


staring down the barrel of his first podium, and I reckon it could


be the making of him. I agree. A very mature ride we have seen from


what a lot of people have said is a very immature man, but getting the


monkey off his back and on to the podium will be great for him.


Simoncelli did not finish in Portugal, in Great Britain, in the


United States. He needs to finish here. He needs to finish here and a


podium would be good. He has had the pace, had pole positions, he is


always at the top of the time sheets and his race results did not


reflect his speed. This will be Casey Stoner's 29th MotoGP win.


Honda will be pleased they signed him. He said he always wanted to


replicate his hero. It was much more a case of Ducatis losing him


than Honda stealing him. Yes, he was not impressed with the way,


when he was ill, he didn't feel they were supporting him enough and


he started looking round. Honda took him along, they knew his


talent because he previously worked for Ducati and now look at how fast


hears. Dovizioso, faster than this guy on its last lap of course


because he has Button it down, but Casey Stoner has done the job in


the Czech Republic. You bet he has! Casey Stoner wins in Brno.


Dovizioso in second, and Marco Simoncelli is on the podium.


will dwarf everyone else on the podium. Valentino Rossi will be


very pleased, 12 seconds back, the closest he has been. Marco


Simoncelli's handlers will be in the pit lane to put him back in his


years ago. Doesn't time fly? There is a man who will have a nice


weekend off next weekend before going to Indianapolis. The


Championship is looking even better for him. Stoner gets 25 points. 13


to Lorenzo. And Steve Parrish will be up all night every night working


on those graphics! A huge sigh of relief for her Stoner. The barriers


at huge step change. Psychologically. -- that is a huge


step change. Yes. If you make as big a mistake with a lead like that,


it is not as big a penalty. would rather nobody else on the


grid had a motorbike what you! Last stop and think. Valentino Rossi


finishing 6th. 12 seconds adrift. The best he has done all year.


18 second step change is a monster. Absolutely. Valentino Rossi has


leapfrogged Dani Pedrosa. He is now in fourth place. Marco Simoncelli


has moved up two places to eighth. Casey Stoner sits on a 218 points.


The rain so, 186. They will be an interesting debrief in the Yamaha


or garage. -- there will be. Simoncelli, Aliadiere! --


think twice about his strategy. It can go exactly the other way next


time around. Colin Edwards finishing 8th. He just keeps on


keeping on. He is 9th in the Championship. Just behind


Simoncelli. What do you make of it? What was Lorenzo on about?


clearly choose the tyre that he thought was the right one. I


suspect it have to do with the track temperature are increasing.


It caught him out. He and Bautista were the only two who went for the


soft tyre. Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi having a chat.


Spare a thought for about Easter who was chasing Rossi Harrad until


An interested spectator. What did you make of it? It was a


disappointment to not be out there. The potential of the bike is really


good. It was a disappointment to see Alvaro Bautista a fall out of


where he was that. More solar disappointment that I was not there.


I cannot believe I was not racing because of broken fingers. It is


only a minor setback. Right now, the main priority is getting fixed


and getting back on the bike in British Superbike. It must a giving


you a boost to see Alvaro Bautista's performance. Yes,


definitely. Suzuki has the potential to be in the top six


pretty consistently. To see him crash out was a big shame. Right


now is a crucial time for the manufacturers of Suzuki. The bike


should be out there. They should be continuing the development for 2012.


It is a shame. But I think the potential was shown by Suzuki this


weekend for sure. The winner, Casey Congratulations. Another weekend.


Yes, to come back from two weekends, we are not looking too strong.


Things were looking tough. As soon as the race got under way, and had


a battle with andrecht -- I had a battle with Andrea Dovizioso. I got


past Jorge Lorenzo. I tried to cut as many laps as I could down quite


fast. We pulled something nicely very quickly. After such a hard


weekend, this was probably more Back-to-back wins for Casey Stoner.


He extends his lead at the top of the Championship. We were surprised


at the pace he put out there? definitely. He made it happen in a


Laguna Seca and he made it happen here. You can never count him out.


Him and that bike is a really good match. I just could not believe


that Dani Pedrosa did not pull it off. I didn't expect him to crash


like that. When he gets into the lead, that is when he gets more


confident. Do you think the tyre choice was Jorge Lorenzo's problem?


Yes, I think so. I tried the harder tyre on Friday. I was losing the


front. In these conditions I would have gambled for the harbour front


tyre. -- harder. I would have done with the hard one. Dani Pedrosa did


go with it. We will try to find out about his choice later. The biggest


smile as got to belong to Marco Simoncelli. It has been a long time


coming. Finally you first MotoGP podium? Yes, I wait for a long time


this result. I am really happy. I want to say thanks to my team and


to Honda. We had a lot of difficult moments. We never stopped to


believe that I could do it. I am happy. In the last lap, nothing


happened. Everything remained in that condition. I am very happy.


The biggest smile in Brno. What a character. Definitely. He has


definitely come into his own this year. He has had a few struggles.


He has definitely proved he does errors a bike at the front. -- he


deserves. He writes the bike extremely well. It is harder for


him to ride that bike and it is for Dani Pedrosa or or Casey Stoner.


The Honda is one of the smaller bikes on the grid. For him to be


sitting on it and riding it so well, is awesome. I think he would get a


little more speed Iffy cut the hair! One guy who fix on on the


perfectly is the Dani Pedrosa or. - - fix on at that bike perfectly.


is one of those things. You just gamble on it. It is unfortunate. I


would say he deserved the win with the way he has been riding all


weekend. At the end of the day it his the first one who gets the


chequered flag. Casey is the one with the consistency right now. He


is doing the job. He is trying to get that a Championship. When it


comes to consistency, he might not be showing Championship pace, but


Andrea Dovizioso is certainly consistent. Congratulations on


another solid podium? Yes. We started in seventh. We worked


really hard. Friday and Saturday. We are having the race very


competent. I made a really good start. I want to say thank you to


the team. We are struggling a lot on Friday and Saturday but we


worked really hard. I tried to manage Simoncelli in the last few


laps. I tried to push him on. He could not stay with me. Really


That is crucial. He cuts the gap to Jorge Lorenzo having managed to


manage Simoncelli! Can you imagine the sight of that bear down I knew?


I am sure he would be cooler with his hair cut. Can he win a world


title? I think he can. I am sure you will be a champion of the


future. He is still a young kid. He has got the speed. He has to calm


things down. Cannae get a win before the end of the season? Se


can. -- can he. He may come right at the end. The problem he has got


is that he has got to get past the other Honda bikes. He has got to


play the politics very well, Marco. It is a strange podium here. It is


a strange circuit. Great natural amphitheatres. A few rickety stands.


I stood on that podium myself and managed to shake Shum -- spray some


champagne on second spot. On Friday I ended up going six-tenths quicker


than I did in 2007 on my fastest lap. The first podium for Marco,


the first of many? Definitely. He has proved the talent he has. He


has got some speed. He will be at the front quite consistently.


we see you again before the end of the Year? I certainly hope so.


British Superbike has got my main focus. Charlie says he hopes it


sold two. Find you for being here. -- thank you. The riders on the


Matt Roberts presents coverage of round 11 of the championship live from Brno. As the championship moves into the second half of the season and with things tight at the top, can Casey Stoner hold on to his championship lead, or will Jorge Lorenzo race to victory and pick up the crucial 25 points?

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