Round 13 - Misano MotoGP

Round 13 - Misano

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The 5th over the past few years, Misano has begun a Mayor Ken for


the two factions of Italian fans. - - Mecca. Today was the day that


they were supposed to join together, but it has been a nightmare for the


Italian Dream Team. Instead, it is on that and a certain Australian


who have taken control. Just seven days ago, they strengthened their


grip on the championship. The new circuit at Indianapolis from that


lot of controversy, but Casey Stoner coped best with the slippery


conditions. He got into this groove over the earlier laps and once he


had overtaken Dani Pedrosa, he just got faster and faster. Ben Spies


was the only rider looked like matching his pace in practice, but


a disastrous start spoiled any chances of a home win. He did but


on a show of the home crowd, fighting back from ninth to the


podium at taking a few precious championship points from Lorenzo,


over the reigning champion. There is an interesting battle for fought


between Pedrosa, Ben Spies, and if you are a real optimists, Valentino


Three wins on the bounce for Casey Stoner, and despite the brilliance


and dominance of his win at Indianapolis, it was the first time


he had been on the podium at that circuit, the only circuit left on


his list. Great stuff for Casey Stoner, and he is going to speak to


us now, just making his final preparations inside the truck.


You're making a final preparations before you go out, take us through


it. You have got your flight case from Indianapolis, plenty of


luggage to carry. Yes, definitely, we have it take all the suits. When


you have a few consecutive flyweight races, you have to make


sure that you have plenty of gear to take with you. It ends up being


a little bit heavy, and the team has got to take all their stuff,


there is a lot to carry around. much going wrong for you at the


moment, three wins on the bounce, your first podium at Indianapolis,


going well. It has been a really good season for us. There are a few


things we would have liked to have done better, a few podiums that we


could have done better, but you learn from those, and that is why


we have been able to get the amount of wins that we have, you keep


moving forward, and it is going to be another tough race today.


talked to were Jorge Lorenzo before the race in Germany, he was racing


to Phil Collins on his high pard! Anything like you to get into the


zone? I cannot do anything. I have seen two other riders listening to


music. I do not need that. I figure, you know, when you go out there,


you should know what you are doing, I know how to get myself ready. A


lot of riders do different things to prepare for the race, but I do


nothing like that. Just stay inside here and tickle, it is a hot one


today. It is going to be very hot. Hopefully we have prepared well


enough. Thank you for letting us in, good luck today. Casey is setting


the headlines at the top of the field, but there is plenty going on


further back. There has been a lot of talk in the paddock recently


about the future of Loris Capirossi, but after 22 years, three world


titles and 99 podiums, the veteran rider had a very special and rather


emotional announcement to make this This is, for sure, my last race in


Italy, because I have decided to stop and retire. Also, it is


strange to listen to many riders talking about testing the new bike,


Anyway, I... I want to say sorry about my emotion, but it is not so


easy to say that. But I was thinking a lot about stopping.


Always I say yes, no, yes, no, but I think it is the right decision. I


want to say thank you to everybody who has supported me and tried to


give to me a good time, and I try any way to give my best in the last


couple of races. Thank you to What a guy. Loris Capirossi,


understandably emotional. He is all smiles now, getting ready for his


last ever race on Italian soil. As you can imagine, it has been a busy


weekend for him here, everybody wanting a piece of Loris Capirossi,


but he is such a gentleman that he took time out last night to have a


Well, Loris, here we are at Misano on the eve of your final race on


Italian soil. How does it feel that you have got it all out in the


opening? I Ms Mugello this year, I am here in Misano, and for sure


this is my last race in Italy. It is also the race of my career.


Anyway, it is so strange, because I have passed all my life in racing.


I started when I was four years old, now I am 38, I never stopped, 22


seasons in MotoGP, world champion. Anyway, I am happy to have made the


decision. It was the perfect place to make the decision here at Misano,


because that podium was your first podium in 1990. Yes, well, I have


good memories of the track, because, you know, I do my first podium in


the world championship for Ben. It Were you tempted by the possibility


of moving to Superbikes? There must have been of us for you. Yes, I


received offers to ride other bikes. Also, to go to Superbikes. But I


have had all my ideas in a championship, to move on at that


time, always I say to myself, when I stop, I want to stop in MotoGP.


And this is the right time to say And they gave you an engine this


weekend as well. A nice surprise. It is a great present, I did not


expect that. I saw the engine in the hospitality, it is beautiful,


and I'm really happy about that. I think I'll put it inside of my


I am thinking, anyway, I am a really lucky guy, because in 22


seasons I have been three times world champion. 1993, 1994, I had


problems with my aggression, minus X. 1996, I did not say I lose that,


but I had a chance to gain another title in MotoGP. But I am anyway


have peoples of no regrets? No. I am a lucky guy because I ride all


kind of bikes, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1,000, Suzuka, Yamaha, Honda!


have had a great career, it has been a pleasure talking to you,


thank you. Thank you very much, great for me, thank you. It really


has been a pleasure, and how fitting that his team manager from


his first ever premier class victory on a 500 cc Yamaha back in


1996 is here as well. For very different reasons, it has been a


poignant weekend for another true And Eric and legend Wayne Rainey,


who dominated the sport in the early 90s, with some of the


greatest epic battles we have ever seen against any loss in, make do


and, on those fire-breathing 500 cc two-stroke machines. Tragically,


his career ended right here in Misano in 1993. Quite remarkably,


he has returned for the first time. Wayne, 18 years ago here at Misano,


your life changed dramatically. What does it feel like being back?


Well, it is much different than I anticipated, Steve. I thought I


would be more emotional, showing up and not been here for that long,


and considering my history here, but it has been wonderful, I have


had a great time. As a rider myself, with all said, it is your worst


nightmare, what happens to you. Were you going, why me? I have been


waiting motorcycles for 25 years. I have had my accidents and broken


bones, like every other racer, but I also saw some really good friends


of mine that did not make it to the end of the year wall ended up in a


chair. So this is the sport that I chose to compete in, and I know it


was dangerous. I knew that something like this for West could


happen, but when you race, you never really think about those


things. You try to do the best you can. How it ends up is how it is.


This track has changed dramatically, running the opposite way around. It


is much safer. Is there still more to be done on the saved his sight


in motorcycling? I don't know, Steve. When I raised here, I


thought personally, riding the Grand Prix bikes, I thought this


circuit was perfect for those bikes. A challenge, big fast corners, very


exciting to drive. The exhilaration you got from this track on those


bikes, you could not emulate it anywhere else. After my accident,


they did not race here for a long time, and when they did come back,


they changed the direction. So it was just... I thought they ruined


it. I do not think it was too dangerous before, but I have not


looked at it lately. I only see it from watching on television, so I


am not sure. Loris Capirossi was racing when you are, and he has


announced his retirement. I cannot believe how long his career has


gone on for. It has to come to an end at some point or start I saw


him last night, and he has been doing it for 22 years. That is an


amazing career. I think it is wonderful that he has been able to


announce its and prepare for the end that is going to come real


quick for him. Congratulations to them. Wayne, thank you for talking


to us. You have been an inspiration to World Championship riders.


you, Steve. I could not agree more with that.


Remarkable to hear him so candid about what happened to him. Is a


very, very brave man, and we talk about the ultimate price, but that


comes very close. There is no question about it. He has taken it


very pragmatically, and easily is a very enjoyable life. He follows the


sport very much from home, and it was a pleasure to talk to him.


about the other legend we were talking about, Loris Capirossi? You


have had the pleasure of commentating on some epic races


with him. Isn't it astonishing to think that he won his first world


championship in 1990? Three world titles. A huge country be there,


and he played a huge part in Ducati's early success. -- and


better. I was still in junior school then! The leaves us,


retiring at the end of the season. That leaves Colin Edwards at the


last standing veteran racer, and he will be back with us next year. He


has joined the CRT team, that was announced at a press conference on


Thursday. The Texas tornado will be back with us. CRT teams, that is


not something we have discussed very much this year so far. Tell us


about it. It looks very exciting. Colin Edwards has gone to a team


that seems to be very well-funded. He seems to have squeezed some


Yamaha Superbike engines out, because they are not running a


Superbike team next year. Good engines, good electronics. His time


to get the Tech 3 team to build a chassis, and we know how well that


is going. They are allowed more fuel than the factory teams, 24


leaders as opposed to 21. They are allowed 12 engines as opposed to


six. Some of the rules and regulations are relaxed, and that


should help them get nearer to the I heard there was 24 litres of beer


as well. That was part of the deal... Don't mention that with


Charlie still here! We've spoken at Indianapolis about the problems


that Ducati have had. The clouds have come over now and this is


probably their best chance. It was as hot as Sydney springtime an hour


ago, when you were talking to Casey. It was scorching hot. There was


talk of rain. It feels thundery. The only shot these punters will


have of seeing Rossi. They won't mind being rained on if Rossi can


get out there. Jeremy Burgess said we usually pull a rabbit out of the


hat on race day but we haven't found the rabbit yet. It is a rain


hat, mate. It is going to be interesting to see if they have to


switch to ewet tyres. They are going out of the starting lap on


wet tyres, that could be the case today. If it is a real challenge


for the riders, physically, but two other matters for the team to take


into account are fuel consumption and brakes.


The reason it's hard on brakes here at Misano is simply because you are


always down to first gear, back up to fourth, on the brakes, off the


brakes. What the teams do to fix that is use these, the full-mask


disks. It dissipates the heat. These are running at 5 00 degrees.


On a circuit that's not as hard on brakes you can use one of these. It


is much lighter, so you have less gyroscopic effect. The fuel is a


harder issue. This circuit for the same reason, up and down through


the gears, full threatle, not in top year for long, you use the fuel


up a lot. It is like driving in town as opposed to the motorway.


Last year Valentino Rossi never made it to the podium. He ran out


on the slowdown lap. So regulations state just 21 litres of fuel.


That's about 4.6 gallons in old money. One of the tricks of the


trade to get a bit more fuel this is to get it cold. It makes it


denser and gives you about a quarter of a litre. Did you that,


not hi-tech. Put the fuel in a freezer. Get it really cold before


you tip it into the bike before the start of a race. You must not have


it 15 degrees below ambient temperature or you get busted by


the organisers. It is 0.7 litre per lap.


All that, nice and cold, ends up going into this tank. The 21 litres,


they don't measure that. They weigh it and then the whole lot ends up


in the fuel tank. The engineers work really Lord to


set the bike unfor good rear grip, as wheel spin wastes fuel. The


electronics are set to make the bike run as slim as possible. Dani


Pedrosa is nice and light, but he's not that big either.


Alvaro Bautista is one of the smaller riders on the grirbgsd just


5'5" and just over -- on the grid, just 5'5" and just 9 stone.


At least the teams can ramp up the power for one fast lap in


qualifying. Here's how they got on. Randy De Puniet was one spot behind


Cal Crutchlow, who scuffed his leathers. At the pointy end as


Charlie would probably say Jorge Lorenzo was on pole.


Lorenzo and Pedrosa had a quarter of an hour to fight back but all


Not the qualifying session that Loris would have wanted. There he


is on the back roe of the grid. He's all smiles. I think he's going


to plan on enjoying himself, and who could blame him. Cal Crutchlow,


a winner in 2009. He set the lap record in the world superbikes in


2004. We are going to try to grab a word with him in a second. A little


bit of consternation here on the grid because a few spots of rain


have fallen. Even though he is in 13th place he was only 0.8 of a


second. Over to Azi. From Ben Spies to Nicky Hayden in 15th there is


only a second, but from Ben to the front three will's over half a


second. I'm going to try to get a word with Ben but he's talking to


his team. Ben, the front three, there's half a second between you.


Do you think you can catch him? is going to be tough. We are


looking at a lot of different conditions right now. We went with


a completely different set-up. We haven't raced all weekend on. We


are trying to find something. It looks like it could mist or rain at


any time during this race, so it's a little stressful but it's the


same for everybody. What have you been struggling with so much this


weekend? Just the front end of the bike and getting it where I'm


confident with it. Right now I don't quite have the confidence in


it. It's been a problem all weekend. All we can do is the best. We'll


give it 100% and we'll see what the conditions are like. Thank you Ben,


good luck. Ben Spies there. Just 0.8% of a second quicker than Cal.


A woopsy there on qualifying but other than that you were pretty


much on the pace. It seems that we found something in the second free


practise. Pre-practise and qualifying was OK up until the


point where it came to put the fast lap in. We only had a 25-lap front


tyre and a brand-new rear. We should have put a new front soft in,


but it's one of them things. We learn from the mistakes. Hopefully


the race will go a lot better for us. We are confident of a top ten,


if we get a good start. We'll see if we can make some ground. The


bike isn't so fast. A couple of spots, would you be happy with


that? No, it won't rain. You heard it here first. MotoGP ridered and


weatherman, you heard it. Colin Edwards... Sorry, that was


Loris. Calling time on his Tech 3 Yamaha career. Colin, obviously we


saw earlier that you decided to make the move to a CRT team next


year, but you are determined to finish with a high with Yamaha on


the pace here. Yeah, I finished I may as well do I job. It's been


going good. I can't complain.. We had a set-up issue on Friday but we


changed the bike a little bit and got going good. Now we've got to


top it off. I don't normally say this, but look between Colin's legs.


They use this reflective material to keep the temperature off the


fuel tank. Steve was telling you how important it's so keep the fuel


at as loi a temperature as possible. low. Alvaro Bautista, a new paint


job for the Suzuki. What an sawsome paint job that is. That might cost


you a few quid to get a replica. The hunt for podium positions, as


it looks like it will be a three- way ballot at the front. We are


here with Wilco. It is tight at the front. Only three tenths between


the front three. How did you see this going? It is a very important


moment in the Championship. You know you see the weather as well.


It is not very stable. It can rain. Misano raining, I'm not sure if you


remember a few years ago, they cansled the race. But to come back


to yesterday's qualifying, it was a great job. He is close to Casey. We


should keep our chances open for this year's Championship and we


should be beating him this race. I don't say it is everything or


nothing but if Casey wins here, we should try something here.


mentioned the weather. We are feeling a few drops of rain now as


we speak. That's really going to mess things up a bit. Yes. For sure.


It is a flag -to-flag race. If it starts raining it will be a gamble


for everybody. Thank you. Good luck. Hector Barbera, before you put your


helmet on, top Ducati on the grid. You seemed to be comfortable the


last few races, you are finding good form. Yes, I'm happy. It is


important for me and my team. I like this track. I think for me


this race, the possibility of a good race. Thank you. All the best.


Battling with Alvaro Bautista, just behind us, for the 250cc win in


2009, and taking that victory. It could be an all-Spanish battle.


Hector crashed out at Indy so he is hoping to catch up this weekend.


Andrea Dovizioso is in 6th place. He's been on the second row ten


times this year. Marco Simoncelli in 5th. A best result of 6th in the


250cc class in 2008. Ben Spies, looking for back to back podiums


for the first time in his MotoGP after his excellent race. Last


year's winner here at Misano, Jorge Lorenzo. Second here for the last


three years. Really needs to go one better if he is to close the


advantage that Casey Stoner has over him at the top of the


Championship. And Stoner himself looking for his first run of four


wins back to back in his MotoGP career. Steve, Charlie, for one


reason or another it looks as though we are going to have a


really memorable race here. Absolutely buddy. It looks like


they really could close together. must apologise for my nuisance


phone call friend behind me, with his croaky voice. I hope you can


get through it. I will try. It was our flight back from Indianapolis.


It is like going to a germ swap meet. I don't know what I picked um.


Dani Pedrosa has had serious pace round here. Could be the one to


watch. Marco Simoncelli in second row.


When was the last time Nicky Hayden got through the chicane? I don't


think he ever has. We go downhill with the circuit running in the


reverse direction, with the chicane. Loris Capirossi starting his last


race hire at the back. A difficult time on that Ducati, as have so


many riders. Stoner, what is he going to do is Dani Pedrosa bolts?


You would still bet your money that Danny would be the first guy into


the corner. 16 corners around the circuit and he is normally the dart


off the line. We've spoken about fuel a great deal. They will want


to make sure that tyres are up, the brake temperatures are up, but I


can't imagine anyone making fast speak, with everyone changing their


bikes. The spare bikes, they'll be frantically putting them to wet


settings. Let's reprise the flag to flag rules, in case you are are not


a MotoGP regular. It is important. These guys can swap bikes. They


will be changed to wet settings, with wet tyres on, wet front


springs, rear springs, steel disks. Needs a bit more rain than we've


got now to warrant it. With the track temperature so high, the rain


dissipates as it hits it, so it needs a fair old shower before they


would warrant do that. It would be interesting to see. That's an


aerial view of the corner. The run back up the hill. Down to the


incredibly fast and scary occur volcanoy corner.


will really tip the scales. Everyone has gone for the same


tyres, the softer of the two on the rear tyre, hard at the front. No


gambles this weekend. Apart from the weather! Fingers crossed on


that, revs up, we are ready for the start in San Marino. It looks like


Lorenzo went pretty quickly and Simoncelli as well, not a bad job.


Ben Spies on the outside, Lorenzo having a look, that is very tight,


very firm between Lorenzo and stone all about bravery, nobody knows how


much rain is on the track. It is a gamble on the grip. The word from


the pit lane is that it is probably raining. They will be tiptoeing


around, and the difficult job is reading it. Jorge Lorenzo is the


world champion, and he knows he needs to win some races. That is


the black this say it is raining. Looking out of the commentary booth,


they are frantically trying to get those wheels and springs and


everything, geometry changed and the spare bikes just in case they


can then nice and early. Valentino Rossi is on a charge. He started


outside the top 10, but is now inside the top six can and he is on


and. If it rains... It is raining, the flag is being waved. The


forecast was for some rain here. Those curbs will be slippery. I do


not know if I want to watch. might be a lousy weather forecaster,


but if he got it wrong and it rains, he should be in with a good shout.


It takes them about 10 minutes to get all the changes done to those


bags. Still, Jorge Lorenzo Ltd, Casey Stoner and his exhaust pipe.


-- Leeds. Jorge Lorenzo, head down, Palmer across the straits, 1:28.


Look at Valentino Rossi, he is the row. The crowd are all dressed in


yellow with his home just being have the road. It will be tricky.


The good thing at the moment is the track is so warm. Having a bit of a


shower will not be too bad, but it is easy for me to say that sitting


here. It is about who dares go in these conditions. At the moment it


is Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa or... Look at that, mate! Having a big


bloke, Lorenzo had to come up. Casey Stoner will be worried that


Lorenzo is going to back this up and make Pedrosa a problem. He has


got a trilogy of Hondas behind him. That is the first on trying to get


through, then Valentino Rossi, you heard it right, top six for Rossi.


He is in the five at the moment as they go back up the hill. -- P5.


is the only chance he has got in these conditions are getting that


Ducati anywhere near the front, but Jorge Lorenzo is the man who was


having to tread carefully, looking for the grip. He will not know how


fast or slow to go. Simoncelli at the inside. When you say tyre


tracks, that is when you know it is getting awkward. If you see that in


the water, that is the first indication. The other indication of


someone falling off in front of you! Screaming past the commentary


box, Casey Stoner having a look. Is he brave enough on the brakes? The


dots of rain on the visor will slow you are. Fastest lap of 35.74 Casey


Stoner, then a 35.54 Valentino Rossi. How about that! Not bad time


is considering the rain on the visor. Even if it is not causing


any traction problems, 35 is not bad, bearing in mind 1:34 would be


a good race time in perfect Stoner trying to find a way past,


very tight at the top. One second covers the top five, including Mr


Valentino Rossi. You are riding with Casey Stoner. He is looking


all the time. I do not think he will be in a rush to do anything. I


think the rain is stopping, which is good news. It seems like it is


abating a touch. When the track gets dry, I think you'll see number


27 going through. He has got good grip, Casey Stoner. At the moment,


Lorenzo is a good litmus, let him go first and see what comes up, as


long as he is not compromised by pretty clear now. And they are


using the painful start that is always a sign that there is not


much rate at that. That gets slippery first. I think it is


completely dry. 34.519, Jorge Lorenzo, so we are no money. Oh, no,


that is Nicky Hayden! He was having a dog day weekend anyhow. The


qualified 15th and has gone from bad to worse. I do not think he has


ever finished a race here. It is a weekend he will want to forget.


Nicky Hayden, it is not running for him this season. Capirossi has come


into the pits. Is he going to change bikes? No, he has got a


problem. The chain is perhaps jumping, spinning out. I cannot


think there's any point going out on wet tyres, it is too dry for


that. It is an ignominious end to his day, when you think of is big


news, his retirement after 22 seasons. Last race in Italy, mate.


Fruit and one day, up the hill. Lorenzo is getting his head down. -


- through Tramanto. Talk about a recovery, you will find pace. --


you did say his race pace was better than his qualifying pace.


will not take long to dry because of the tentative. The Ducati


President will be quite pleased with this, they want to be higher


up, but Valentino Rossi is only 1.8 seconds back from the leader, Jorge


Lorenzo. It is starting to settle down now. As they come across this


drive, he took three-tenths out of Casey Stoner that time around, that


is impressive. I think Casey Stoner has got the pace once he has


decided the track is in perfect conditions. That is a great time,


lap record of 1:34.340. That is a new macro -- new lap record here.


They are still points to be had, Capirossi is coming out.


Crutchlow inside the top 10, he is behind parties that. Good


qualifying for the Suzuka. They are battling it out further down. It is


already developing into the Lorenzo, but I cannot imagine he


will run a faster pace than Casey Stoner. -- the fastest so far. One


of the issues that they have, and it is the same for everyone, after


the previous race, the track tends to change, rather has gone down


from the Dunlop tyres, which is not always... That was close, nearly a


mistake! The track does change from the warm-up. Do you do not want to


do that here, Simoncelli, if you take out a national hero, they will


kill you! He just slips past the Doctor in a reasonably easy fashion.


It was a heart move, but he has got to do it. I think he feels he has


the pace. The San Carlo team, it is their anniversary, 75 years in


business, that is what that is all very polite. What will the crowd be


doing? I know who would be burned alive! Him! I can tell you from the


pit lane that they did put a new chain on Capirossi's bike. He is


circulating again. How hard is Lorenzo working, that will be


is giving Casey Stoner has behind. He is pushing it. Casey Stoner has


the pace. He has set a new lap record. You can say how much he has


closed on Jorge Lorenzo. There are a few places to pass on this track,


it is all about carrying pace. See how much stability he has on the


front end of the Honda. I suspect Casey will probably be getting a


run at either into turn one or maybe in to turn a. Well, he has


got that rows out of his hair for the moment. What was the story with


Floris? They were frantically changing the train. There was a


problem at the start with the chain, so they have taken it hard the


second fight and put it on the first, and he has gone back out on


that. Through a bad way to end your last race in MotoGP ethos Barth the


might still need that spare bikes Nicky Hayden has had it happen.


Anyway, as she just said, not good news for Loris Capirossi. He is


back out on the track. When not if, Stoner passing Lorenzo, and


Simoncelli all over the back of Dovizioso. There is always a


situation where I do not think Dani Pedrosa will be dropped by this


bunch. Such a lovely guy, it just does not happen for him. I do not


was not even running to pick it up. In some ways, he probably believed


it was over. OK, this is the part are the track where it tightens and


tightens. It must be so difficult. Just grinding that front tyre out.


Yes, in the old order, it was obviously designed to open up and


throw you down the back. It must have been great fun. Three are the


greatest corner as ever, but now it is running the other way. They had


to change the circuit around for safety reasons. They decided that


they could not get enough run-off areas in the other direction


because of the motorway that runs parallel with the straight, 11, 12


and 13, anyway. The traffic management over motor-racing. This


is the other when not if, what you reckon? Simoncelli is all over him.


Is chasing his countryman. Have a listen. Nor are chasing, he is


through. These are old protagonists from the 250 year, they used to


knock spots are the jug of. Dovizioso looking for a job now, he


has been told that he will not be in the factory squad. I do not


think is going to be able to stay with a factory team. He is looking


everywhere. Somebody from Honda told me they would rather he went


to Ducati because they want and it seems to have great riders. They


have the budget but not to pay him as a full factory rider. They have


an embarrassment of riches in terms of riders. Dani Pedrosa a, a slight


gap from these two. Seeing all the road and more, Jorge Lorenzo on the


blue Yamaha. We talked about this yesterday, the sweet handling


nature of the Yamaha would favour it around the thirdly parts of this


track. I have had a long chat with Jorge this weekend, and he says


there is not a lot wrong with the Yamaha but the Honda is so


brilliant. It is not about power, it is about putting it altogether.


It is not just the motorcycle. That man, 27, the Australian, Casey


Stoner, is some kind of motorcycle rider, not taking anything away


from Jorge Lorenzo. He has to be the fastest man in the world at the


Valentino at the pointy end, as we get a replay... That is how much it


is working, sliding at the front and at the rear, look at the heat


haze, 230 brake horsepower, the exhaust gases fired at the back. We


talk about Casey Stoner, he has a 44 point advantage, but thankfully


for Valentino Rossi, he would probably have had another 25.


have got a championship still alive courtesy of Valentino taking out


Casey Stoner, who looked good for the points in Spain, if not the


winner. Those are the lap times. Pedrosa or is 1.2 seconds behind


your race leader. I thought he would be closing its down. It is


fairly clear that Casey Stoner is being hampered. We talked about


lots of lines, but there is one of the online to pass someone like


Jorge Lorenzo. He is inch-perfect thinking there's just the two of us,


if I follow him a while and he punches a hole in the air, it helps


my fuel consumption. All these bikes, the Yamaha and the Honda and


Suzuki, they have a management system. The management know if they


are using too much fuel and it is not going to finish the race. Let's


watch the start. A pretty good start for both. There is nothing


more daunting than charging off the line and getting grit on vour visor.


Nicky Hayden had a bit of wheel spin off the line. That helmet, it


is a cartoon of, "Oh, my goodness me" I think he is saying. Look at


Rossi going round the outside of Alvaro Bautista. He scooped them up.


Like shooting fish in a barrel through the first couple of turns


for him. Up the hill. Different lines from


both of them. Overclubbing it, Lorenzo, but getting out well


enough. The gap from the first Honda back to Pedrosa... I'm quite


surprised. I thought Pedrosa was going to have the pace. Capirossi


is back in the pit. He's having a nightmare in a bubble car.


What a shame. It is not the way he would want his day to end.


That's assuming somebody doesn't come up with a great offer for him.


He's had more hum condition backs than Nelly Melba. That's Alvaro


Bautista, the guy in aluminium. He's gone too deep. He does look a


bit like David Essex in those colours.


Cal is on the back of him now. While we watch Cal Crutchlow


bearing down on Alvaro Bautista, what happened to Nicky? It's the


curse of the track here really. Bad luck. What happened? I hate this


place. I got a decent start. We went a lot better this morning. I


was fifth in the warm-up and really consistent. I got a decent start


and got up with the group. I thought OK, I can go with this


group. But turn 15, I lost the front over some bumps and Bam! I


was down really quick before I had any chance to try and save it.


was rider error. It was my fault. apologise to the team and the


sponsors, because I made a silly mistake, we could have had a decent


race. Hopefully we'll learn from it and move on. Thank you Nicky.


Always candid, Nicky Hayden. We are really sorry too. We love having


him on board. We are back to the Ducati having no feel. That's what


everyone is complaining about. You are over the bumps and you lose


them. I've ridden motorcycles where you get no feel from it and it is


no good. You need a warning or you do keep falling off. Athens


greatest rider, arguably, of our era, Valentino Rossi, can't ride it


fast because he isn't getting any feed-back from the bike. This is


the battle for the Championship, kids. Lorenzo is aware he needs to


win some races. I think he was on the brakes on the paint there.


Probably gave himself a bit of a scare.


He is definitely gapping there, mate. This would be something else.


We heard from Jorge's team this is an important juncture in the system.


Jorge knows he needs to win races. He lost knows that Casey Stoner


needs to have some problems. Realistically a non-finish at some


point. Casey Stoner will be doing of the year and just about do it,


but that's high risk. A flip side, he is riding around on 20 points.


Lorenzo would be all over him if running is concertinaing. Going


back to Nicky Hayden, I hope for his sake the bike isn't too wet.


She on his sixth engine now, as is Valentino Rossi. I know someone who


might have a spare engine, as we look at Bautista, sorry, Barbera.


Loris Capirossi has had a dog day afternoon. This is a shocker.


Loris, back luck. Your last home GP. What was the problem? I don't know


what really happened. At the start I had a big problem with the chain


and the bike started not to go. I had a couple of laps of waiting to


see if it would rain. But the rain did not come. We changed everything


on the bike but I went out. What happened, I wasn't able to continue


like that. Anyway, we really hope to have soon a little bit better


luck. We hope so too. Thank you. Not worth persevering with? If the


bike is crook and if it starts raining he would come in and change


it. I'm sure there'll be a post- mortem to find out what happened.


Jorge Lorenzo has set the fastest pace of the race. 1: 415. Lorenzo


is gap. I said a couple of races ago that


we were so lucky to have a Championship so tight at that point


in the season, with Rossi AWOL from the front end of the grid.


Pouring five points back out of Casey Stoner's lead, Lorenzo will


still be in good shape. The slightest mistake and they'll


say the track was nothing like it was yesterday, this circuit is not


known for its grip either. Absolutely. We have to remember


that in qualifying Stoner was only a tenth in front of Jorge Lorenzo


and Lorenzo was fastest in one of Eleven, Ben Spies.


The GP11.1, a revised rear end. Valentino Rossi hasn't got many


Charlie. Blue sky now. Hopefully the rain has disappeared. Do we say


hopefully? Sometimes it is interesting when it rains. 180


miles per hour that corner is taken train hire. This is the battle for


fourth. Marco Simoncelli there. And then Andrea Dovizioso. Valentino


Rossi is in the hump. Just sensed that time maybe he got his head


down a bit, Simoncelli. Alvaro Bautista on the lone Suzuki.


And Cal Crutchlow still in touch. Hector Barbera got past. Aoyama is


not letting him go. Colin Edwards had a really bad lap


last time. Not sure what went on. Karel Abraham in 13th. Behind him


De Puniet and Elias. Ben Spies has got past Valentino Rossi. Not a bad


run-in for these guys. With the race progressing fuel


loads are getting lighter, the front tyres are getting a little


wear. I assume the vagaries that Valentino Rossi suffers from in the


Ducati, it continues as the race race avidly from his home in


California. We are past halfway of the race


distance. Simoncelli is gapping Dovizioso. Ben Spies work ing away.


Crutchlow in the background. You are right, Colin Edwards has an


issue. Bautista has mugged him already. I don't know what's


happened to Colin. His last lap was a 36. The guys in front and behind


him, Crutchlow with 35. It is not looking good. Bautista moves up one


Brits. They did lose an engine here on


Saturday morning. It was an engine that had done lots of miles. Suzuki


had a small technical problem. They couldn't fix id. They've used less


than some of the teams. We are hoping and praying that the news


will come through that they will ride two bikes next year. You just


saw a very good aerial shot of the gap between these three and Marco


Simoncelli. He is firmly fourth with Dani Pedrosa down the road.


Jorge Lorenzo is having a stellar day. Three seconds now over Casey


Stoner. Stoner has the 44-point cushion. Something that slowed his


pace down. He should be running low 34s. He is running 34-and-a-halfs.


It will only be Casey who will know what is going on.


I suspect it is something to do with grip levels. Jorge Lorenzo


might be Spanish but he is red hot in Italy.


He won in Italy. He had second in Germany. Snecked the States --


Second in the States and then third off the podium.


I'm listening to the growl of the Yamaha. Absolutely on it. This is


the fastest part. Look at the speed. Just roll the throttle. Tease it.


motorcycle when it is going away from you. He always becomes


stronger and stronger. He knows he's got to get the first laps and


starts sorted. Every time we see him he is coming all the way


through. He had a stellar ride in America. It is not his fault. He


was boxed out. He never seems to be at the sharp end at the start. He's


going to be another one that will be tight on fuel. He is one of the


biggest riders, so he will be using more fuel. And because he didn't


get a good start he's having to threat from Ben Spies, so they are


closing down on Simoncelli with ten laps to go. Ben Spies is working


hard to get past number four, and they are both closing in on


Simoncelli. There will be frantically waved pit boards next


time around for this large, go? Jorge Lorenzo has a three. A


second lead. We expected Casey Stoner to play a percentage game,


but that was on the assumption that his team-mates disappeared into the


distance, not Jorge. I still have not worked out what it is, and we


will not be able to until we can ask him what is going on. It will


almost certainly be the podium you would expect. He said after


qualifying they had put behind them some of the problems of the last


couple of races which saw Lorenzo off the paid him. -- the podium. He


is banking consistent lap times. They fell on a setting that they


had not used for a while, and it just seemed to work for him. We all


know from our own experience that you find a setting that works for


one track but it doesn't work somewhere else. You have to start


from the beginning, sometimes work in the opposite direction. You get


25 for a win, so it is as close as you like so far into the


championship. It is quite healthy if it finishes in this way. I think


Casey Stoner, with nine laps remaining, can count himself lucky


there is road between him and Dani Pedrosa, all the damage would be


much worse. Through these remain right hander, Simoncelli throws the


bike at the corner. Seemingly, he is the room. His leg is light and


air brake, jamming the bike into the corner. One of the loveliest


blokes about, world champion last year in the low at level. He is


struggling so much on his bike macro. Nobody knows why, apart from


his riding style. He does not seem to be ever to get the Bridgestone


tyres to work. You can only go with these back tyres, and he has gone


with the softest option. Last year they were axe murderers in that


series, so competitive, they are mostly younger than him but he saw


them off in fine style. I think Dani Pedrosa is gaining on Casey


Stoner. There may be trouble ahead... That could be very


interesting. It could be, because that would be another four points


taken away from him. We are not expecting any team orders. When


questioned, Dani Pedrosa, in the middle of our screen, number 26, he


said, first of all I look after Dani Pedrosa and then I look after


the team. I think he has demonstrated that throughout his


career, what with one thing and another. Andy already has a


contract in his pocket for next year. He can be as nasty as the


likes! He is about 5 kph faster than anybody else simply because of


his weight advantage. Well, his motorcycle will be able to run a


richer mixture of. The gap is coming down. He is able to run a


richer engine mapping because he is not so tight on fuel because the


motorcycle is not pulling as much weight around. Cal Crutchlow.


at that, does he make the corner? That is the point. No! I did not


think he would. As long as it does not torpedo Colin Edwards on the


way out. There is a lot of form- filling when you take out your


team-mate, you are here until late at night. I think Dovizioso has his


years. I would imagine Ben Spies, the way he is looking, is going to


pick his way past the pair of them, front guys. -- lapping in. That is


the factory Honda scalp in front of Adriatic coast, near Rimini, has


just signed another five-year contract. Nicky Hayden will be


pleased! He will, won't he?! I had not considered that. I hate this


Jorge Lorenzo at his best. We know what a great champion he is, taking


his first championship last year, for second place! It is as tight as


you like. The Australian is one- tenth behind Casey Stoner, closing


of Casey Stoner. -- took half a second. The left side of his rear


tyre does not look so good. All the teams knew that it was pretty close


and tight between the hard and soft tyre, rear tyre. Casey Stoner would


probably be harder on tyres than a Dani Pedrosa. I think the left side


of his tyre is looking dodgy. harder on motorbikes. Absolutely,


just slightly more aggressive. Dani Pedrosa is mood, he carries corner


speed more, not as hard, not using out of grip there. To take part the


second out of the guy leading the world championship is really


something. -- half a second. This is that pass. The got the drive out.


I do not know if that was a cake or whether the foot slipped off, but


it was neatly done. It actually started on the exit out of Tramanto


corner. He has got the acceleration. In my opinion, it is not just his


weight, it is the fuel mapping as well, he has got more horsepower.


As he was saying before, when the engine realises it does not got


enough gas, when it worked that out, it buttons off the horsepower. That


is painful, but it was a big pass, the fastest corner on the track.


Gutsy stuff, he got the job done. I think that is the last Casey Stoner


will see of him. He will not want to be falling off, he still has a


for Jorge Lorenzo. He will not know that has happened, but he will be


very happy when he sees the order they come in on. Dani Pedrosa is in


a bind, because he will not want to help me -- L Jorge Lorenzo because


he does not like him. I think they have made up. Simoncelli was the


enemy, they ended on him, so I think they made up a touch.


Fantastic! Nobody really likes anybody any more, do they? I like


you... We will get the gap in a second as they come across the


strike, but you can bet your bottom Stoner is now seven seconds behind


Jorge Lorenzo. This is coming back towards Simoncelli. He got past


Dovizioso, number of four, but he has responded to the challenge from


Number 11, and they have closed up again. I would say Simoncelli has


been using more fuel and tyres. Dovizioso has a golden opportunity


in these last four laps to squeeze advantage. It depends on where the


pass happens, if it happens. Dovizioso, the Repsol Honda, if he


can push Simoncelli at, Ben Spies will be through the gap as well. He


will be studying the rear end of bikes, one white, one orange, but


Simoncelli in the senior team has a factory machine. He is hoping to


get one again next year. That is the mats, 35 points, that is very


significant. That is not comfortable for Casey Stoner. I


would rather have the lead than be chasing it, but even so... It is


not much fun losing this race this weekend. I'm very interested to


find out what is going on. I thought he would have the pace. I


think he will say he should have chosen the harder rear tyre.


Everyone has been talking about real grip, particularly Valentino


Rossi. He has done a. Simoncelli is not having it! Shades of Simoncelli


and Dani Pedrosa. How tight, look at the three bikes. I am running


out of voice! I have never seen the person generally is not


generous, he slams it back just as hard! He toughed it out, clean as


you like. I want to see that again. He wants another bit of it,


Simoncelli has got his blinkers on, he is not looking at all. Normally


they go on the outside. He hung on to it. You know the guy on the


inside is going to... Here we go! Simoncelli cannot get in touch. If


he is not careful, he will be jumped by the Yamaha behind him.


The does not know when he is beaten. You are right, we are on board with


Ben Spies, and he will be try to make a move as quickly as possible.


Simoncelli will not be pleased. Ben Spies will be tried to make a jump


on him very quickly, I believe. is looking more comfortable on the


is really national pride here. sure is, and factory pride as well.


You do not want to be beaten by somebody outside of the works team.


He will be the third of the works riders as it says. Dovizioso is the


championship. Remember this guy? This is the guy leading the race!


He looks like he is doing a lap by himself. 34, he is still really


banging in the laps really hard. The chassis, the tyre looks good,


nothing wrong with that. It looks good, and you can tell by his lap


times. Look at the focus, those Spanish eyes glaring into the


means that at the end of that, we are counting down the laps, two


left. Wayne Rainey, the whole of the Yamaha garage looking on with


apprehension, pride, delight. They have just got to keep their fingers


crossed for another lap and a bit, and then it is all over. What a


triumph that would be for Jorge Lorenzo, and what a problem it is


with Dani Pedrosa second, a huge problem for Casey Stoner back in


third place. He loses a whole bunch of points today. The manager of


Dani Pedrosa there, waving him on. He does not need to because he has


a nice gap. But this is still going on, it is all happening here.


trying to work out what Dovizioso he can pull it out! Dovizioso cuts


back. Simoncelli will want to fight hardly call the thing up and runs


Italians are nuts, I am out of here! Be careful with that voice!


Kan Simoncelli hold it for half a some replays of that. Simoncelli


would not give back. Marco Simoncelli won't be leaving a gap.,


Unbelievable performance. Jorge Lorenzo, against all the odds,


takes it out in San Marino. Second. Third for Casey Stoner. Simoncelli


and Dovizioso. He just did it I think. 3,000ths in it. Not a lot.


And Valentino Rossi with a face- saving 7 I think.


He got tenth there, Cal Crutchlow. That's motorcycle racing at its


best. Three abreast and on the brakes. Colin has some issues. I'm


guessing it's tyres. Randy had a lonely race there. Toni


Elias is still completing his lap. Careful Jorge. Engines to think of.


Don't blow an engine up slowing down and popping wheelies. Words of


restraint from Steve. A great ride for him. Round 13 and he has pulled


back a nice number. That's not what was on (Inaudible) loses nine


points to Lorenzo. 35 points it is. He hasn't been silly and chucked it


down the road. I guess, Steve, if you were in his position you would


have to play a percentage game. He's got issues. We'll find out


shortly what they are. I would bet your mortgage that it was a tyre


situation. That was a good race by Simo. He really did well there. He


didn't throw it up the road. Valentino Rossi coming home 7th, 23


seconds behind. That's an for Jorge Lorenzo. 33: 9. 33: 1 for


Stoner in qualifying. It shows how hard they were going. A mid-race


distance, almost. You can tell... That's not


excitement, that's relief as well. Zeal zeal -- you can see Casey


there. Damage control I guess for Stoner.


We've got a dive coming. Does he know there isn't a smiming pool


there! The big guy caught him. That's his


job. A solid ride there. Dani Pedrosa


has been in the shade just a tiny bit just by a tenth to Lorenzo and


Stoner. That was tough racing from this guy. He is always Mr Exciting.


Thankfully they haven't blunted that excitement from him. He was


castigated earlier in the year but he is a star in the future, Marco


Simoncelli. Valentino Rossi there, I know it sounds as if I'm


clutching at straws on behalf of his legion of fans. But he's


finished 23 seconds behind the race leader. It has been much worse than


that. Come on, you are good at sign language. What's the explanation?


Looks at his rear tyre. I think they are all borderline.


Depending on your riding style and the suspension settings, some


suffered more than others. A wol opening ring by Jorge Lorenzo.


That circuit is a fiddly old thing, but what an outstanding result for


Jorge Lorenzo. Really winches Casey Stoner back. Dovizioso comfortable


in third. Dani Pedrosa, Ben Spies and Valentino Rossi pretty well


Randy hasn't done enough finishing this year to be further up the line.


You can see how close we are to the coastline. Jorge Lorenzo, I don't


know if he is more surprised than we are. What a victory, 7 seconds


in front. Congratulations. Yes, thank you very much. I really


needed this victory. The last two races have been a nightmare for me,


so to be back with a very good bike, it is good. I want to thank all the


team, because they were there for me. Thank you. He did say before he


was feeling more confident after qualifying that things were going


better. But this must be way beyond his expectation. Pleasantly


surprised. Really solid. I think possibly the wet few laps helped


him at the beginning. It kept him out in front and didn't do him any


harm. It helped everyone with fuel consumption. Casey said to us


yesterday, talking to Azi after practise, he thought that Lorenzo


could ba threat and that Lorenzo would push very hard. As I said at


the outset he does have a race base. Dani, he must be delighted. Dani,


congratulations. A few of the riders are struggling. How tough


was it out there? Really tough. The track is very demanding. It was


superhot. But we were lucky it went so hot as yesterday and it wasn't


raining. The bike wasn't how I wanted it but I couldn't push it.


At the end I could catch Casey and I'm happy with a second place. I


hope in the next race I can continue in that way and get some


wins soon. Thank you Dani. Because the Championship is out of reach


with the crash he had in France with Simoncelli, Pedrosa just needs


to bank laudable results from here on in. He needs as many points and


wins as he possibly. We've got a change of formula next year, going


to the 1,000 cc machines. He'll have to get to the gym over the


winter. That's an interesting point. Casey Stoner had a year in 990s but


some of these guys, like Jorge Lorenzo, have never. Their eyes


will be on springs. The testing went extremely well. They all went


out at Mugello. Look at that. I can just see your umbrella from here.


Your drink, they've already put ice in it. My little umbrella is out.


Casey Stoner, the best of the rest today, Azi. Casey, so tough. What


happened. Everything felt good, the bike was working well, the tyres


were good. There was a bit of rain. I didn't want to be the first one


to hit the wet patches, so I decided to follow Jorge. Once the


rain went I started to go feast. I felt comfortable sitting behind him.


I thought I would stay some lap to see if I could learn something and


attack. When it was my time to move forward I got tired. My arms were


tyred and it started to make me brake earlier. I wasn't confident


with the front end of the bike, because I was so worn out. In


general the whole bike has been good this race. The rear tyres were


working well. But no excuses. I'm worn out from the last three races


and haven't been sleeping well. get some sleep. I need some. Well,


that is interesting. He had sickness before but he cleared that


up with a lactosis problem. He is a fit young man. He needs to get


fitter. Even you with a man with no conscience can sleep anywhere but


inside by Dovizioso. Ben Spies looking to have a piece of the


action but couldn't quite do it. Marco Simoncelli, number 58. Never


done with, is he? He never gives up. He knows he has the inside coming


up. Jams it up the inside firmly. He is a big lad. Some of it is a


disadvantage down the straits but for others it is good. He can get


the bike turned. This is where Ben Spies, he can't get the bike leaned


over. I loved that part. He is tough, Marco Simoncelli, but we've


still got a Championship here. was a shame the fight wasn't for a


win but fourth place. I've got the winner of the 197 race here. Randy,


winner of the 197 race here. Randy, what did you make of that race?


was a show of strength for the Yamaha. Even in practise Jorge


showed a great pace. You can never count Casey out. You saw how he was


attacking. Jorge kept the pressure up with the lap times.


Unfortunately Casey couldn't hang in there. You didn't hear the


interview, he said he is tired. Are you surprised by that? I guess we


are all tired but we haven't been doing 28 laps. Yes, but at the


beginning of the pace he was the one pushing wit the full tank of


fuel. Jorge set a blistering pace. We just came out of Indianapolis


and everybody hasn't been sleeping all the best. That's what Casey is


talking about. To each his own. I'm sure he will win a lot more. Maybe


they should look at the calendar. It is strange going to America, to


Europe and we are here for a few days. It is tough on everybody, ept


the team. I left the States on Tuesday and got here Wednesday. I


was thinking about the team personnel. Setting up the garages.


The bike riders can prepare themselves by resting but it is a


tough call on everybody. Podium ceremony is under way now. Charlie


and Steve, the crowd here don't seem to be put off by the fact


there are no Italians up there. and Stoner ston doesn't look


disappointed either. He had a smile a mile wide. Stoner, there is


plenty left in him. I'm afraid we are out of time.


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