Round 16 - Phillip Island MotoGP

Round 16 - Phillip Island

Matt Roberts presents live coverage of Round 16 of the MotoGP World Championship from Phillip Island, Australia. Casey Stoner could clinch the title on home soil.

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Welcome to Phillip Island, one of the most dramatic stages in the


world for motorcycle racing. This morning we have seen the location.


Coming into this round Casey Stoner is leading the World Championship


by 40 points, he needed to finish 10 points ahead of Jorge Lorenzo to


wrap up the world title at his home. All that has changed. Now he needs


to score 10 points. Unfortunately Jorge Lorenzo has been ruled out of


this race through injury. It was a heavy crash this morning in the


warm-up on the last lap in the last corner. He came off at high speed,


coming out, fell heavily from the Yamaha M1 and got his hair trapped,


causing dag to the ring finger on his -- damage to the ring ring


finger on his left hand. We'll try to get a word with his team manager.


In the meantime we'll speak to Tracey Spicer, things were worse


for Yamaha. Ben -- for Ben Spies, he had a crash. We saw you out


there in warm-up, we assume you were going to ride. Things have


changed. Yes, I was out looking at the track, trying to look at the


track. I wasn't really going anywhere. I took a shot to the head


and didn't realise it, jumped on the bike. Last night I had the


feeling that - we had a lot of bumps and bruises, maybe a cracked


rib, but nothing too bad. I figured it would be a race of pain that we


could get through it. After I woke up feeling fuzzy headed and I


couldn't concentrate in warm-up for put half a lap together. We talked


to the staff and everything. For safety it's not safe for me to be


out there now, and I didn't want to get in the way of anybody else and


ruin anyone else's race for take anyone else ow. It's unfortunate,


more -- else out. It's unfortunate, more unfortunate for lors, we can't


do anything -- Lars dad. We can't do anything about -- Jorge Lorenzo


dad. We can't do anything about it. We have to be smart about it.


about your team-mate. You've been in the position of winning a


championship. He must be gutted. was going to be tough. Casey Stoner


has been riding well. Pretty much unstoppable. There was still a way


to keep it going, but Casey deserves it. Either way he gets it


for sure. He rode like a champ all season long, if he does do it today,


Phillip Island, in front of the Australians and it's his birthday.


He deserves it, it's well deserved. It would have been nice to have


fought it out longer. Whether it would have been this or next week,


he would be the champion, and he deserves it. Thank you for speaking


to us. I'm sorry about such bad luck today. It's OK. It's Casey's


26th birthday. He could wrap up the time. We had a lovely interview


lined up. We had gone fishing with him. All that is out of the window,


everything's changed, he's tense. We have the next best thing. We've


caught up with his dad. Colin, it's been a crazy day. What is the


feeling in the Casey Stoner camp. It's positive, obviously. Casey is


pretty special around here. It's a real shame that Jorge Lorenzo is


not in there. From Casey's point of view he's sad about that. Jorge


Lorenzo is a friend of his, he doesn't like to see it not be able


to compete. Yes, other than that it is positive. I know that Casey went


to see Jorge Lorenzo before he went to hospital. Has said anything


about that. Yes, obviously Jorge Lorenzo is disappointed. At the end


of the day they are good friends and had a good chat and said Jorge


Lorenzo will be alright. That's the main thing. Makes it easier for


Casey now to go ahead and win the title. What are the emotions like,


what will they be like during the race for you guys. During the race


it will be high. At the moment I'm pretty calm. I know once the motors


fire up I will be nervous. Hopefully we'll talk with smiles at


the end of the race. Great to hear from the Stoner camp. Not


surprising that Colin is looking relaxed, the championship on a


plate. What a disappointment for everyone not to have this go to the


wire? It shot the fox. It was probably going to go down to


Malaysia, it was hard to imagine Jorge Lorenzo not get on the podium.


All Casey has to do is get around. Disappointing for the crowd, but


they won't worry. They'll be drinking beer, it's Casey's


birthday. Casey doesn't want it that way. He'd ridden well. He


would have liked to have fought to the end. When we saw them in


qualifying Casey Stoner did three laps on the 29 in the staple tyres,


no-one got there except him -- same tyres, no-one got there except him.


It's not over until it's over. The wind has picked up. We are wrapped


up. There's a chill in the air. Anything can happen. The com box is


warm. This is the most wind affected circuit. It would blow a


dog off a chain. There's sea caps. He has to hang a right-hander.


have ridden here. The first turn is hairy. It is, but the problem is


the web-end speed. The wind is behind and at the front through


that corner. That will be awkward. I have a shirt on, it's not that


bad. No brain, no feeling. You two go and keep warm. Alright. So no


Jorge Lorenzo, and no Ben Speez, and no Damian, the Australian


stepping in for Loris Capirossi, steping in for Hector Barbera will


not be here. They are not on the grid, but they were out in


grid, but they were out in qualifying yesterday afternoon.


Dani Pedrosa may have got out of the pit lane first, he had a


strange, difficult session. Karel Abraham was in trouble with the


Ducati. Ben Spees, the crest of the day on his Yamaha. He did come back.


Jorge Lorenzo, last sector of the track giving it difficulty. Casey


Stoner, how a sliding over the top of Lukey impressed everyone, even


Mr Duan, the 5-time World Champion. A crash out of Siberia corner and


up the hill. Karel Abraham, a big crash, he's OK. Alvaro Bautista,


strong, Rizla Suzuki's best qualifier, he was on provisional


front row until the last couple of minutes. Jorge Lorenzo pushing on,


couldn't get the last part of the lap right. Casey Stoner strings


three laps together, any one of which would have given him the poll


position. After the warm-up crash by Jorge Lorenzo, it's changes for


everyone except Casey Stoner. Alvaro Bautista on the Suzuki


starts on the front row. Outstanding. Ben Andrea Dovizioso,


Nicky Hayden, Dani Pedrosa on the second. Loris Capirossi ahead of


team-mate Pramac Racing Team, then Karel Abraham, Tony Elias are the


for his title shot. His 11th pole. So far one shoot off Mick Doohan's


record set in 1997. On the front road of the grid is a first front


rower, a winner in a 250CC class. What a performance from Alvaro


Bautista to get himself on the front row of the grid for the first


time ever in MotoGP. We were hoping to grab a word. With everything


that happened, we are a bit late to the grid. Let's grab a word with


Paul, the Team manager. What a performance, Phillip Island has


been a bogus circuit for Rizla Suzuki, you can't believe you are


on the front row. We qualified first, not first, and the


unfortunate thing with Jorge Lorenzo, a sub-on spot. To be on


the second row is a dream. We have not qualified on the second row


anywhere. To turn up on the front row is surreal. We've had solid


pace. 27 laps is a long way. It shows how fast Suzuki has come with


the bike and how much his confidence increased. You can see


how far they've come, how far are they going. Any news from Japan


about next year. It will be better to get what I said on tape last


weekend and leave it. We are not in a position where we have a


commitment. Obviously it needs to happen soon or we'll miss the


opportunities, including the kids on the bike. There's Alvaro


Bautista, and another look at him on the front row of the grid. A


winner. We are getting kicked off the grid already. Casey looking for


the championship. He was a champion in 2007. Looking to be the first


Honda rider to win at the circuit, thanks to him in the 800 CC era,


winning four years for Ducati and led every lap here at Phillip


Island for the past four years, apart from the first in 2009 and


that was Dani Pedrosa who led. He's starting from the second row.


Hopefully you have made it to the nice warm commentary box in time


for this. Casey Stoner led every lap for the past four years. That's


a nice picture. I tell you what, before we go to you guys. A quick


word with Mick Doohan. Did you have that grip on the grid? Hand on


Casey's bum, no. It's a great day, a great day for Casey. What do you


think is going through his mind? Disappointment for everyone that


Jorge Lorenzo is not on the grid. Even for him, I spoke to him. He is


disappointed he's not going to be out here. He'd prefer to have Casey


Stoner against him. You know what I mean? At the end of the day, what


is going through his mind is to focus and get the best result. He's


been fast all weekend, he knows if he focuses, tries to win the race


the championship is his. If it all comes together. Could be big


celebrations overnight with the birthday, the race win and the


championships. Is it good to see the No.1 on the Repsol. If I was


Spanish, yes. I won a few titles with the Repsol hond re,al be great.


Equally -- Repsol Honda, it will be great. Equally it's great for Casey


and motorcycle sport. I'm sure it will happen, if it doesn't happen


today it will happen next week. He's had a great season. I wish him


the best. Enjoy the race. Mike Doohan, won a few titles. I think


it's something. There was a neat possess about them, he won them in


a row, getting them out of the way. They were nicely lined up and Mike


enjoying life in Australia, he's into the aviation world. It is


blustery. We know that. A kiss from the wife before you set off. It's a


big day for Casey Stoner. Sure is. Importantly, I hope he has good


presents, but the world title is interesting. His dad said he hasn't


got him a present. He'll win his own, I imagine. As you said, when


we talked to Matthew, it ain't over until it's over. We have seen the


most astonishing things. Ben Spies is not awe usual crasher. We'll


point it -- not a usual crasher. They'll hit turn one at 150 m/h,


that'll be the first get of how hard it is. After the loop there's


a tail wind which partly caught out Ben Spies. That's certain. You


enter the corner faster, you enter off line, on the bumps and down he


went. There is the loop. Then downhill and the left-hander set


there is second fastest part of the trk. Carrying serious speed. If --


part of the track, carrying serious speed. You're flying, that's over


20 knots when you get there. crowd at the fence will be there.


155 m/h, it bashed him around, Honda Corner, up to Siberia and the


Pacific Ocean or the Bass Strait on the right. Nothing between you and


the Antarctic as Siberia Corner demonstrates. The good thing, as we


watch the guys. The sun is out. It's 16. It's crept up to 29


degrees. That makes it easier. can tell you there's a mixture of


tyres, everyone has a soft front tire, a Bridgestone, and in the


Honda Dani Pedrosa has the softer option, Casey Stoner and Andrea


Dovizioso have the harder. You can tell yourself by looking at it.


Colin Edwards and Bronwyn, Casey stoner's mother and father. He is a


grand-dad, but he'll be another grand-dad soon. This straight is a


long way to turn one, it is downhill. They'll be sheltered by


the breeze, the banking and the trees on the right-hand side until


they get to the first turn. We've seen crazy lines in the minor


classes where the bikes are lighter, it's like tacking into the wind


here. Everyone will be cautious of the first corner. Cal Crutchlow


must have stalled. He'll have to start the bike. He is allowed a


push to get him under way. It's dangerous not to, they'll give him


a push to get him started. Desperate moments for Cal Crutchlow.


Oh, no, it's fired. No, it has fired. Everyone's tyres are getting


cold. They need a good push. His pull pulse will be higher.


lights, but the breeze is cooling the front and rear tires. It's


fired up. The machine is fired up. We are ready for a start in


Australia. They are away. Casey Stoner taking a bold food, down


they go. Wide trying to get past. Coming up on one of the Pramac


machines hooking into the right. It is Casey Stoner through by a


country mile. Look at who is with him, mon other than Nicky Hayden,


on the Ducati, -- none other than Nicky Hayden, on the Ducati, how


about that. Ducati Best qualifier on the Ducati. Valentino Rossi in


the mix. There you have him. Dani Pedrosa. Casey Stoner getting the


tyres up to temperature, there's no rush. Birthday boy, he has to keep


taking it home. You know he'll finish in the top six if he stays


upright and the engine goes. Casey Stoner, 27. Nicky Hayden behind him.


Marco Simoncelli, Dani Pedrosa makes up one spot in P6. Valentino


Rossi stalking the back of Dani Pedrosa, and in front of Dani


Pedrosa, of course, is Alvaro Bautista, who started on the front


row but hasn't quite made stick. There were spots of rain on the


camera. I don't know if it was a shower. It could happen any time.


It blows and rains when it wants. big move straight down by ked. The


Ducati - yes, Cal Crutchlow having a moment dealing with Hiroshi


Aoyama. They race for an hour, that's a lot of weather coming our


way. Down we go, Casey Stoner heads council, and across the stripe for


the first time he goes. Leading. 38.494. That's not bad. Valentino


Rossi has gone from 13th to 7th. Well done. You can she him already.


They were basically two lumps -- you can see him already. They were


basically two lumps, you can see where Alvaro Bautista lost it, it


was a stomper from Nicky Hayden, he was on the second row, let's not


forget. Alvaro Bautista with a look down the inside there. Couldn't


quite get on terms with Andrea Dovizioso. Dani Pedrosa didn't get


it together in qualifying, the warm-up was faster, I spoke to the


engineers and said what have you done. They said "Nothing, he got


his finger out", he's battling for third were Andrea Dovizioso. Up the


hill. Tricky part of the circuit. This is absolutely rotten luck not


having Jorge Lorenzo to push this hard. He would have been on the


podium. I'm afraid for Casey, it may have spoilt his birthday party,


he takes the championship to Malaysia, Marco Simoncelli is


trying to get underneath the Ducati He may have done it. He has, that's


a tough place to pass. He is through. Marco Simoncelli is


looking for another podium, looking to better a third. He's over the


line. Casey Stoner already in the lead, a 2 second lead. He did a


1:30.983, absolutely extraordinary on the third lap, second lap.


Simoncelli on to the Ducati, the next Honda is Marco Simoncelli. The


Suzuki, and Dani Pedrosa, and behind Valentino Rossi. That lead


is extraordinary. 1:30.9 for Casey Stoner, that would have qualified


him use fully. It's the move. Marco Simoncelli just tucked in. Between


11 and 12, jams it down the inside. A beautiful move. He took the tight


line, made it work. He's now in second. That's a close part of the


track where Jorge Lorenzo had his crash Yes, hoo Wendt down and


nailed his ring finger, -- he went down and nailed his ring finger.


They can rebuild it. He may lose the nail but not too much of the


finger. Obviously the thing is to finish off the injury and tidy it


up with plastic surgery. It will be interesting next weekend. I believe,


I'm not taking it away, I'm sure it's painful. Had Jorge Lorenzo


been within five points, he would have been out there. He probably


decided he would not ride, but if you scrambled for a few points I'm


convinced he'd be out there. It's a big move, Andrea Dovizioso putting


- look at the Suzuki, watch this, going around the outside. Gutsy.


He's made a break. Blown wide. story, hit the slipstream, too hot,


dragged in there and had to go off the wide side. The Honda seemed to


have the horsepower in the slipstream. That is interesting. We


used to see the Ducati with the last part, blasting everything else


down the straight. Casey Stoner is the fastest lap. Lap record 130.05


past Alvaro Bautista, the blue machine, the Suzuki. Shuffleing


back to sixth, a good result for him. Importantly for Dani Pedrosa,


holding him at bay. The Suzuki just running, he's with the front group.


It's the best from the Suzuki for a long time. I remember Suzuki were


lapped at the same time as the Superbike. They are two seconds of


a lap faster. They have the safety work down, let's hope and pray


there are no answers to what Suzuki is up to. I have a feeling they'll


be there. Demi Moore getting out with a smile on his face. The Honda


horse, and small front area of Dani Pedrosa. Dani Pedrosa carrying it


through, making it stick. Nicky Hayden trying to look back, he does.


Slipped back again. Nice move by the Ducati rider. In through the


southern loop, down the hill. He needs to sort it better on the exit.


Dani Pedrosa is coming back, 150 m/h, in case you are wondering, all


the time the Suzuki's Alto stalks him. Honda corner is tentative.


Look at that, Alvaro Bautista noticed that. He did. Alvaro


Bautista is fast on the exit. Goodnight him is Valentino Rossi in


seventh place. -- sitting behind him is Valentino Rossi in sent


place, he wasn't expecting to follow a Suzuki. Everyone wins a


prize except the guys in the Yamaha Factory Racing team. Here is a guy


that's been around a few times. Beaten up. And I think - we heard


from him. He can cope with a broken rib. When he starts being fuzzy,


it's dangerous for you and everyone else. Let's have a ride with this


boy. 200 m/h. Just about. Nothing wrong with that. Side by side, but


no, he carries and breaks, Nicky Hayden, keeping him at bay. They


have their tails up. It looks like it will happen with Suzuki,


depending on how the tyre ware goes, Alvaro Bautista says it makes a


difference having good tyres. Alvaro Bautista has gone for the


hard at the rear. Everyone on the soft. It should come to him at the


end. Remember this time. He's four seconds down the rode from Marco


Simoncelli, Dani Pedrosa, all in the thick of it, he's on his own.


He's nailing it now, 22 laps to go, there could be a rain shower,


change of the boats. It will be nice to have a five second buffer,


he has 4.1 at the moment. Casey Stoner, 26 today. He's got 11 pole


positions for the season. The record held by the man Matt was


talking to, Mick Doohan with 12 in a season. Doohanable. Absolutely.


Two more races to go. Malaysia next weekend. Sneaking through. Hiroshi


Aoyama signed to go back to world superbakes with Team Carter It's a


shame to lose him, good for Johnny Ray, it's a shame to lose him.


They'll never cut the MotoGP, he was the last of the 250 world


champions, an excellent rider. went wrong for him at silver stop,


with a nasty back in-- Silverstone, with a nasty back injury. That's a


good enough view for you. You are riding with haiden, looking back at


-- Nicky Hayden, and looking back at Alvaro Bautista. Honda corner,


the corner that catches many out. Most of the teams use first gear.


We have seen so many injuries, arguably you'd say we forget this


is the fastest average at that speed that we go to. Pretty much.


Everything's third, fourth year. This is the big one. When you think


of 150 m/h, and Jorge Lorenzo, 130 m/h. All the crashes and the injury.


MG Corner, number 58 crashed every session. That's about the only


place he could crash. Three crashes, looking good at the moment. We ride


with the Jarra camp. Looking at the angles, a cloud on the right. We


have 20 laps, there's a seagull in the air. Be careful there. They can


hurt. They can. I have seen a few thumped over the years. He - yes,


there's rain on the camera, a little shower. You said before


Alvaro Bautista - I don't know if he stuffed it down the inside of


Nicky Hayden. That is moment city that is. Boy oh boy. That's wide.


That was in the slipstream. You get a lot of bucketing there. You get


the wind, you saw me went to put out his leg, went out too far, a


big moment for Cal Crutchlow, powered into the straight into the


Doohan Corner. 30 m/h winds he has to look hook into the Right hander


there. He's speeding his way around. Bike number 7 got through him. Cal


Crutchlow is all over him. He has to pick a way through. Look at this,


his leg will come out. It's such a big moment. Had to run out wide.


That would be awkward and scary. slippery part of the circuit. The


boss is watching. Andrea Dovizioso is tied up for next year. Karel


Abraham -- Loris Capirossi stalking the back of the group. We look at


Hiroshi Aoyama, and team-mate Marco Simoncelli making a move, getting


through. Honda, Ducati, Yamaha and Ducati, that's at the front end.


Hiroshi Aoyama's bike moving around. This corner, you can't do it


justice. It goes on forever. It's Randy de Puniet, there are still


causing him. I like him very much. You look at Valentino Rossi having


You look at Valentino Rossi having You look at Valentino Rossi having


a strangely lonely race. Better stick it out. A bit more rain on


the lines. This is big stuff. was big stuff there. I think he got


a bit impatient at that corner. The Nicky Hayden is still in front at


this time. There is a rain shower, let's hope the track does not get


too wet. There is a massive downpour. Action stations here.


Those bikes will be sitting with wet tyres on. No radio or anything


else. They will just the when and if the Ryder decides. It will have


to be quite a big shower in my opinion. Will he make it this time?


Are trying to find his way through, very close. Kenny come to the left?


Bike number 69 says her them off again. They're having a lot of fun.


That is the trickiest part. Meeting the weather. I think he was after


their laid. -- that lead. I would suspect that Casey Stoner probably


has hit back to the League. You can see the suspension their loaded up


completely. Not a lot of rain there at the moment. Casey Stoner is a


magician on a motorcycle. That is amazing to watch. Extraordinary


stop. Back to the street. Three Honda's. -- back to these three.


You can coming in any way want. You are saying water splashing up from


the tyres. Casey Stoner will be cursing the weather here in Phillip


Island. That is the last thing he needed. He has to decide what is


going on and who is going to make the run to the pit lane first. You


know what is going to happen? You come in, change your bike, the sun


comes out and it is dry. He says he is surprised and the ladies are


here. I did not say that. They are all getting ready there. The sun is


still out. It is windy. I think as he is down in pit lane, let's get


some news. It is a really tough one to call down here because the sun


is out and shining over pit lane. It is down from about turn one. We


will have to wait and see what happens. The team have their second


bite out ready for any riders who do decide to come in. Marco


Simoncelli still trying to hold these guys at bay. This is the


fight for third place in the championship. Car and the Dani


Pedrosa -- current leak -- currently. We are going to get a


passer or not? Two things going on. When it is when you like this, it


drives the track. The only scary thing is, you are riding one of


these bikes, you touch the brakes at 200mph and you get a massive


splash on your wiser because the rain hits your visor. Casey Stoner


has gone to one 31.88. That is about a second slower. He has the


buffer so he is in good shape. Nasty cloud over towards the say.


It could go either way. -- over it to be seen. We have a look at the


Whitecaps in the distance. Nicky Hayden, Valentino Rossi is a second


behind him. He said at the start of the weekend he reckons he can bring


-- win it. He has capitalised on the brain, has not backed up for as


much as everyone else. Valentino Rossi is right on the back of Nicky


Hayden. Many more modifications have gone to his bike. He has not


been the fastest Ducati by a long way. Dani Pedrosa has not been the


fastest on but either. Even with he and his small front, he got tucked


in their behind Andrea Dovizioso. You know better than I do the turns.


It is so imperative to know the terms. He is on the outside but is


he going to go for the inside line? He looks a little bit deeper there.


Real wind, tail went into that corner. The wind and the fact that


you are on an exposed bit of circuit, if we look at it received


from a trackside view... Keep an eye on that front tyre. He will


surely have to pass Nicky Hayden. The body language is not Valentino


Rossi. It is not as aggressive as we have seen over the years. I


truthfully believe at the moment he is saying, until the bike gets as


good as I want it, I am not about to lay it all on the line. This


could be a good one. I think he got but -- got through better.


Valentino Rossi is in close enough. He looks so much better out there.


What about here? Can we do anything on the south slope? -- Southern


Loop? They stretched Alan Maryam over the front end of the chassis


should give it more stretched. -- They stretched aluminium. Alvaro


Bautista outer Siberia and up over the hill. -- out of Siberia. Anyone


who has gone for the soft retire in this rain would be benefited. --


rear tyre. There is definitely Rayner. It is drizzle. I think he


was the one he was pushing it more than anyone else. It was a late


break. There are still points to be had. He keeps jamming the points in.


See how what the grasses. I think he is risking a bit too much. He


would be training the front brake in. The front unloaded first then


the rear end of the bike. The grass is wet, there is enough drizzle.


was almost through also. That was very lucky that Andre about Sister


did not get tangled up in that. feel for Casey Stoner. There is not


a lot of rain there. This is where Valentino Rossi crashed. That is


his version of knocking up a couple of seconds. Everyone else is doing


33.4. He is still a second faster than every other person. But the


wind is blowing, the sun has gone in. Down the bottom end of the


circuit, that seems to be where... Often you will get these squalls.


The guts of rain seems to be elsewhere. Valentino Rossi over


here. Andreas -- untrue ever tester -- Alvaro Bautista very lucky that.


-- lucky there. It is extraordinary. They should be more people out here


for Valentino Rossi. It was looking for a half decent results. He was


coming through faster. I think he was risking it just a touch. That


is two none finishes in thank you races. Cal Crutchlow has tipped his


way up. He is in the top ten. He is through and has made it stick. I


spoke too soon. That is down the slip road at Honda corner. In the


race it costs to Dili. An awful lot of time. This could be his best


ever result. He has kept his head down and tried to stay out of


trouble. Colin Edwards having a lonely race, three seconds behind


Nicky Hayden. Cal Crutchlow in a battle that is still going on. He


has lost a bit of time because he now has Abraham in front of him.


takes them a while to get back up to speed. Cal Crutchlow trying to


capitalise on love. -- capitalise on that. Quite low on the inside. -


- Cal Crutchlow on the inside. Hiroshi Aoyama on the inside.


looks very uncomfortable, may be trying to adjust the front brake.


Cal Crutchlow on the inside. Something not going on there.


Crutchlow is riding with real attitude debt. -- attitude there.


Tony Elliott is having a lonely ride. We have lost Valentino Rossi


and a couple of others of others got other -- going. Meanwhile,


Casey Stoner has gone from a six- second lead to a four-second lead.


He knows what he has to do. He has 10 laps to go. The rain has stopped


now. The sun is out again. They will be pretty happy. That is a


pretty fast right-hander there. Everything is going wide, trying to


chain -- turn left. Simon sin bin Shelley is easing out. Quite an


impressive performance. -- Simmons Cele. -- Simon 7 Selly -- Marco


not only a battle for third place in the race but in the championship.


One. Between these two. He would really want to back a result.


point between these two. He is very solid and a former world champion.


Siberia corner as we start the that Casey Stoner is extremely


relieved that this shower has blown away. He has come in and changed


the bikes. Some very tricky moments of that comes on. Very exciting for


the viewers at home. Thanks for the ride, that was fantastic. This is a


proper, fast-flowing circuit. Crutchlow, look at the back. He


Toni Elias us on the outside. Hayden had a cracking start. What


Nicky Hayden. It tardy start for Colin Edwards. He had a lawful get


off the line. You would not have thought you would have seen it much


of Casey Stoner until the end, but he is behind by five seconds again.


As you can see Dani Pedrosa has got next Leader advantage. -- or later.


A collapse. Who is going to get this one? I can tell you that as


far as tyres are concerned, they have different tyres. Dani Pedrosa


has a softer of the options. Dani Pedrosa is light and easy on tyres.


He seems to be getting him on the southern low. It is quite possible


for Pedrosa to hang on to this. Has he actually managed to the


switchback? Cannot yet he has not. Nicely done. You saw at defensive


line. The back wheel came up again. The infamous switchback out of this


term. Nicely positioned for the inside. Once you have the front


wheel on the inside, you have the right on the outside. You would


think he has a slight advantage. Even when he was chasing, I'm just


trying to think that when Dani Pedrosa was chasing he was closing


in. No-one seemed to miss out then. The world champions are now side-


by-side. Dani Pedrosa is time -- trying to take the lead back.


looks like key had the lead. Cal Crutchlow are still in there. Ear


plugs will be provided. They're having a great old scrap all the


way through. Cal Crutchlow is in the mix, number 35. These four had


been at it hammer and tongs for most of the race. For the last


several laps, very much so. I would say they are pretty sore. He has


got a dislocated shoulder. Down the inside, just kinda Jan did up the


inside. I think Honda is easier. As you come down the hill you can see


them trying to get up the inside then. The way the Honda corner


works is that it is dry on the inside. If someone compromises


their lead, they can't get again. Through this type stuff down the


bottom here in the Honda, as you can sneak through there. The track


has dried out. Casey Stoner has pulled up back to 5.5 seconds.


There are tears. 50 points will be left on the table after this race.


50 remaining, so he will be crowned world champion at his home race. It


must be a tremendous feeling for him, his family and everyone else.


That is Casey Stoner cruise mode. These Honda's have different


mapping on them. When we ran out listening Obama his dad is down in


the pit lane then. They were saying that Casey was very upset about


Lorenzo. Actually at a period in MotoGP where most of the riders get


on with each other. The riders are getting on her a lot better. They


reckon that Valentino Rossi was the one trying to get clear everyone


cross at each other. Casey Stoner was asking Ben Spies how he was. Oh,


Karel Abraham. The wings are gone and everything has gone. He has had


some real difficulty in qualifying. It is a bit close to crash. Double


world champion we are looking at here. First time in 2007. Oh, do


not do that. Does that mean it is raining again? Look at this.


Frantic action. You're better off cruising around slowly. Oh no,


Bautista. Unido like it there just slow it down. He will not be


able to come in. This championship never fails to amaze us. Nicky


Hayden has come back again. He is being prudent. Imagine how far he


is going to be behind when he goes back out. It is a bad place. A pit


lane entry would take you so long. Maybe Nicky Hayden decided he could


be the last one standing. Well Stoner come in? I doubt it. I do


not think anything will happen. You just have to know the conditions


here. Now the sun is out again. am seeing some bikes in the


background. Marco Simoncelli has been actually smoked. But he has


now gotten past. What does look at this gap. He took about three


seconds off in one lap. Shearer's Diary armour, behind his Crutchlow.


on the slippery part of the circuit. Two laps to go. He got enough


championship points just on the scooter today. Karel Abraham has


gotten on the bike again. Casey Stoner has lapped him. Marco


Simoncelli is back again. That's all on four young and old.


currently have seven motorcycles on the track. Nicky Hayden is down and


seven. I think it was a foolish move from him. He is gambling. He


has got five seconds over Simoncelli. Casey Stoner is poised


on being the first man to win the World Championship and the last man.


This will be Honda's first World Championship in this category.


There will be some T-shirts coming out of the boxes, I suspect. The


difficult part is knowing why he is driving. -- where it is dry. Do not


forget, there has been a lot of whale around the circuit. -- oil.


Casey Stoner is moving to the right. The potential world champion. He


has just cut to unwind himself around these long corners. Turned


well, which goes wrong for ever. Stand up Australia. Casey Stoner is


the world champion. The double world champion. It does not get any


better. On his first day. Honda will be ecstatic. -- birthday.


tell you when something is not a Honda crosses the line. There he is.


What a ear this man has had. Colin Edwards crosses Fifth. Can Red Ed


relations. -- congratulations. wrote for the most treacherous


conditions. The most amazing thing. Two weeks ago in Japan, this guy


was third on the podium. He did not think he would be winning in his


home grand prix. Now he has done it. It all changed when a higher


Lorenza went out with that badly damaged finger. He could have taken


it in these conditions. He could have prevented the win here.


credit to Casey, but also Honda. They have come up with the most


behind this move, Casey Stoner after four successful years with


Ducati made his move to wonder. It was a surprise move for everybody.


Nobody thought it could happen. Congratulations. UN instrumental in


bringing Casey Stoner to Honda. How does it feel? Emotional. The last


minute of the race was very difficult. He did an unbelievable


job. For him Lorenzo -- Jorge Lorenzo deserve to fight until the


end. We are just going to grab a the start, I bet he would come for


the last few laps? No heart must have been in your mouth? Absolutely.


We did not know if it was going to rain, snow or whatever. You must be


so proud of their son. Another MotoGP title. How does this compare


to the first? I think this one is even sweeter because it has been


quite a few years. There you go. Congratulations. Those conditions,


he would not know what to do. If you have a radio mike in F1 you get


kind of an update and what's going on but tried to ride a motorcycle


in drizzly rain conditions with the wrong tyres and having to try and


work out what to do... Casey Stoner would have gotten up this morning


thinking, things will get resolved in Malaysia. This he would not have


expected. He would not have gotten odds against him finishing on the


podium. He did not expect to win it this weekend. He would not have bet


against poor a limit -- Jorge Lorenzo. But Marco Simoncelli gets


his best ever result in MotoGP. Everyone is a winner. Dovizioso


beats Pedrosa. Important for him. They have made up. Trophies do


funny things to people. Casey Stoner, number 27, I do not think


we will be getting off the island. Marco Simoncelli, they have to make


fair on him. Congratulations, back on the podium after such -- a race


with such tough conditions. very happy. It was a very difficult


race. There was a lot of wind and the condition of the track changed


lap by map. I tried to push during the race and had four laps to go. I


think of my second place was sure 100%. It started to rain and the


track got completely wet in the first part. It was very dangerous.


We did a good part in the last lap. And won the battle and I'm very


happy. Congratulations to Casey and I want to say good luck. Thank you


market. He is a nice boy, congratulating Jorge Lorenzo. You


can probably sneak out of the car park now. That was a firm but fair


pass on Dovizioso debt Simoncelli made. I think it was. He shook


hands with him. We have not seen that all year. I think he set down


a very mature ride at the end. It is down into on the corners. Close


and tight. David COSO in third place. A great battle there. Third


place. Yes, I'm happy. Congratulations to Casey, he has


had a could season. In the battle with Marco I could not try to


overtake him because in the middle of the corner I was too slow.. It


was a difficult race, a difficult track for me. He did just lose it


into a Honda corner that. Dani Pedrosa slowed in the rain that. He


decided he did not want to injure himself and why would you?


Simoncelli would you usually the race a bit for -- in the rain and


then crash, but he did not this time, he waited until it was dry


and then pressed on -- pressed on. Casey Stoner it is world champion


for 2011. Or take -- Lorenzo and Dovizioso missed out. Casey Stoner,


2011 MotoGP championship. Happy birthday! I have been thinking


about this all week and I did not think there was any chance. Jorge


Lorenzo has been so strong. But he had a bad crash this morning and


some bad injuries. My thoughts go out to him. But we knew we had


momentum this year. It was our championship to lose. It was really


tough out there. I did not want to win the championship today. Could


not ask for much more. A big banks -- big things to everyone. --


thanks. A very proud mother and father here today. Thousands of


fans have turned up to watch him. It is all happening. It is times


like this then you realise the pain and sacrifice you sometimes go


through a motorcycle racing... Peaks and troughs but the peaks get


you through the troughs. I first met Casey Stoner and Colin in


Scotland. They were living in a caravan. Casey Stoner was 15 years


old and I had no idea I was looking at a double World Championship --


champion. He has been phenomenal and his dad has worked very hard to


get him back to the race. Your point about what a great job on


they have done. The point is that they were staring down the barrel


of having never won a Grand Prix. At that particular car which has


been resolved. They threw everything at it this year. The


other writers are not in the running for the championship. If he


comes back, or Hayden -- Jorge Lorenzo will take second place in


the championship this year. might have noticed in the


background, because the wind picks up before the weather front gets


here, it has made a little bit and now it is calm. It is always like


that. Horrendous weather during the race and then when you pack up the


sun comes out. Casey Stoner, amazing statistics. So many


astonishing achievements. This is his bit Phillip Island Australian


Grand Prix win in a row. The first four of them were on Ducati bikes.


You have to feel a little bit sorry for Valentino Rossi, a nightmare


year. He was one of the first to go in the rain. Casey knows it is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


centres for 2011. If you do manage to crack it and take out the title


at home, it makes it all the better. For the fans as well. No time to


rest. Everything will be packed up tonight. Then to Malaysia.


pressure is on. So much to be resolved. It is wide open between


Dovizioso and Pedrosa. So much going on there. Valentino Rossi has


let Ben Spies off the hook. I have to congratulate Australia. Some of


the great champions are from here. For a country with a fairly small


population... They have done a good job. What a cracking circuit it is.


The next round is just seven hours on a jet. Then down to Valencia.


But Malaysia is always interesting. Very humid conditions. Casey Stoner,


159 Grand Prix says. 96 Motor GPs. Congratulations. Nice job.


Matt Roberts presents live coverage of Round 16 of the MotoGP World Championship from Phillip Island, Australia. With three races remaining and a 40-point lead over his nearest rival, Casey Stoner could clinch the title on home soil but Jorge Lorenzo will be desperate for victory in Australia to reduce the gap and hang onto his crown for at least another race.

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