Round 6 and 125cc - Silverstone MotoGP

Round 6 and 125cc - Silverstone

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The British Grand Prix starts and away it goes. In this sensational


race, what a ride! It's going to be up periscope for


Valentino Rossi. Barry Sheen, is gaining, gaining,


gaining. From fourth, to third, from third to second - it is the


Yamaha. The chequered flag is out. The


crowd is cheering him home. I can hear them!


Silverstone - it's about the fans. ALL CHEER


And history. It's the greatest of all time


against the new generation. And now, it's one of the best Moto


sport facilities in the world. What is it about MotoGP you love?


The thrill of the chase. Danger involved. It's an adrenaline buzz.




The British people create a great atmosphere, around the Grand Prix,


around the rider. The track, for me, it's fantastic!


It's a little bit like in Italy, so it's great.


It's very special because the people are very close to their


riders. It's a pleasure to be here. Absolutely, couldn't agree more!


What a great pleasure to be here in Silverstone. The crowd are out in


force. The British summer time has dealt us a bad hand today. The rain


looks set to stay for the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately Cal


Crutchlow has had a crash yesterday. He lost the rather. Came down hard


on his shoulder. Goes to clutch his collar bone. That is broken. He is


suffering from concushion. He is out of the race. -- concussion. He


is out of the race. There you can see his dad, his manager. Everybody


is sick in this garage. Just a word from you. Like all of us here at


the track you must be sick today? We have a bad feeling, all of us.


We know these things can happen. It has happened to a rider. It is a


sad thing sometimes. You need to know how it works. Any way, we are


not worried for the future. We know that Cal is a strong character. We


hope he gets well soon. He will be back. We will show what he is able


to do. A message from the team on h bikes. This one here, "We wish you


were here." That goes from all of us. If you are watching from


hospital, hopefully see you in Holland in a couple of weeks' time.


A brand new pit facility here at Silverstone. Fantastic it is too.


We have a nice English lawn. It is wet today. The seedlings have


barely sprung. I am not talking about you guys. You look like you


are waiting at a bus stop. All of us sick to the back teeth for Cal.


You have to feel sorry for Cal. He was going so well. It shocked us,


the great gay we were going to cheer on is no longer in this race.


He will think, "did I push too hard?" He flicks over to the left-


hand side. He is tapping over the power. It fires straigts on to his


shoulder and head -- straight on to his shoulder and head. The word


back is, he's in Oxford hospital, he may have chipped a verter brai


as well. If so he will be shipped up to Manchester and he'll be back


again soon. A few lessons from across the garage. A week ago in


Barcelona his team-mate, Colin Edwards broke his collar bone in


practice. He was in hospital. These are live shots of Colin getting


ready to go out. One week later he's back. He has 13 screws in that


collar bone. They are not the only thing in his body made of steel, as


we caught up with him earlier this morning.


You have been the iron man coming back and racing this weekend. How


has it been? I know you've been in a lot of pain. My ribs are killing


me. I thought they would get better. They have got worse. The rain set


out. We don't have it yet. We may have to make a change in


Lincolnshire. We don't have enough weight on the rear. What about Cal


- that's two collar bone injuries for your team? It is like a virus


around here the last couple of races. I feel sorry for him. It


looked like he was on for a good weekend. So, we're injured and more


injured at the moment. We have to keep going. If he can take a lesson


in coming back quick from anyone it would be you? I am just a man's man.


He is a man's man, so is Cal. I am sure he'll be back in a couple of


weeks. He talks about Cal and his set-up. He is a tough lad.


tougher, he would rust. He has been great for Cal. He is taitain anyum,


so he won't rust -- tatanium, so he won't rust!


These are not the only two with broken collar bones. Pedrosa - we


have talked about that non-stop since then. The injury itself, the


broken collar bone was a month ago. It is strange he is not back.


has he gone? Steve said before he is frail, but nevertheless he has


gone AWOL. There are rumours in the Spanish press that he's had another


accident in a training incident and perhaps further injury there. Any


potential there? I think something must have happened. Seriously now


it has been a month. Once you put in a plate, the bones are strong.


It is just a flesh wound. Colin has shown what you can do. If you don't


come back within three weeks you are catching your skirt in the


chain. We have seen guys back from broken legs in six weeks. The thing


for Danny is now this is the third race he has missed N the


championship he is dropping off the This is developing into a two-horse


race? You would have to say for Jorge Lorenzo, if you pardon the


pun, the tide is coming in. Casey Stoner is closing him in. Both of


those on the pace. How will this weather change tonights today?


might help Jorge Lorenzo today. He is done on -- down on speed. We


have 12 to go. Anyone can break a leg. We know how dangerous motor


racing is. We have seen championships won and lost with


injury. You have to get a lot of points. There is a lot on the table.


A few went down, including the doctor himself? Every accident


we've had in the wet here has been on the veal. This is the other


camera -- on the Vale. This is the other camera. The good thing about


falling off in the wet is, generally it is softer. You slide


easier and are less likely to get injured. Relatively speaking.


People are losing it in the dry. It is steeper down hill. It can catch


you out. We will let you get in and stay dry. Don't get too wet.


chance of that. Valentino Rossi of course not just here in the wet at


Silverstone, but this season, the adaptation to the Ducati has not


gone that smoothly. You don't get the level of success and popularity


over the years that he has without being a little bit special.


THE COMMENTATOR: Valentino Rossi takes the World Championship.


Greatest of all time. Valentino Rossi!


Well, nine world titles, 105 wins. Have we seen the best of Valentino


Rossi now? Is there more to come? don't know. I hope there is more to


come. I mean, this is quite difficult. At


the beginning I had a lot of problems with the injuries and the


problem with the shoulder makes us a lot in delay, compared to the


other guys. Now I feel good, but I have some problem with this bike.


We need to improve, we need to fix, with have some area where we are


struggling too much. The other factor is especially on the maker,


a huge step. Are you confident you can be fighting for wins soon? You


are getting closer. So, I'm quite confident to arrive


closer in a short time, because they work and they have something


new. But, for winning this year, I think


is very difficult. East sp specially Stoner did a --


especially Stoner, did a great job. They have to try to beat this


couple and they think it will be very hard. Has there been any


moments that you thought, this is a bad decision? I know it's difficult,


you know. The worst moment was at the beginning, after the test in


Valencia because the bike was very difficult to ride. More than what I


expected. The atmosphere is great. It is very good to work with these


guys. We are very quiet and focused on the target, so I think we are on


the way. I am sure you have lots of competitive years ahead, but we see


shoe shoe in Formula One or MotoGP now, they continue to race when


they are not competitive - is that what you would want to do, or would


you want to finish on the top? don't know. About Schumacher, a


mistake for him in the stop. He had a lot of power to continue.


When you stop two or three seasons after, it's very difficult to come


back at the top. I don't know about me. I hope to race a lot and after


I want to try also, this is my idea now, I don't know if the reality,


to try something with a superbike. I have a great passion for rally


and for cars. When you become old and a little bit more fat, the car


is more comfortable. You have the seat belts, the cage around. Maybe


this is the future. I cannot imagine you being fat, ever! The


fan nattism around you is as high as ever. We saw T-shirts sold for


�1,000. Ladies with tattoos on their arm. People with children


called "Rossi." Does this seem strange to you? More than straidge.


It is a great -- strange. It is a great pleasure. Sometimes it is a


surprise, because you come here to England and you see all these, I


see all this love around me. It is something great. I expect more in


Italy. It is great. You are here for this weekend, I suppose from


what you have said today the best chance of a win is maybe rain on


Sunday. It looks like, usually we are more competitive in the wet


because the bike is not so bad, but today we are quite slow in the wet.


The setting is not fantastic. We hope to improve the setting. If it


rains on Sunday, maybe we are a little bit faster. Our target is


try to be faster also in the dry. Fantastic! Thanks. Thanks a lot and


Just bumped into a five-time World Champion and somebody who knows


Valentino Rossi very well. He wants to continue for a few years come up


what keeps him so motivated at this stage? I do not know, to be honest.


When things are going good, you enjoy it. It has been a challenge


so far this season, but I guess he hopes there will be light at the


end of the tunnel. And in the end, he will come good. I am sure they


are working hard but it is harder in the paddock to develop bikes,


there is not as much testing. But I am sure they will get their!


anyone can do it, it is your old crew, still knocking about. They


have been very long time but they are enthusiastic. But they are only


as good as the people supporting them, Ducati and the engineers. But


as long as everybody is wanting to develop, there is no reason Ducati


cannot get back to where it was. It has always been good handling wise,


it never had a great motor. But the other guys have now caught up so


they need to focus on the chassis side. And that is what we are all


seeing now. Life in the old dog yet? He is not that old, but he has


just been around for a while. Remained you! There had -- there is


no live in this one! Were what do you make of the new paddock? New


people coming through? His good, Marco Simoncelli will add flavour.


-- it is good. He is quick and rattling cages, he use his elbows


more than brains at the moment. But I am sure that will change. And


Jorge Lorenzo is a great talent, consistent and fast and on the


platform he is happy with it. If you are coming through and there is


it what of life in this game yet -- a few are coming through.


mentioned Casey Stoner, a fellow Australian, he has fulfilled a


dream of following in your footsteps in Honda colours, is that


good to see? He it has been a dry run for those guys. 2006 for the


last Championship. The bike has not changed much this year. Casey


Stoner has just picked up. Andrea Dovizioso cannot believe that now


they are a second quicker than last year, and was talking to him. It is


good to see it is pushing up the other riders are long and I am sure


Casey Stoner is back -- is relieved to be back on something more


consistent than the Ducati. And now Valentino is finding out it is a


difficult thing to control. Enjoy the race, great to see you. Thank


you, enjoys. Jorge Lorenzo was the man to beat here last year, he


dominated from start to finish, so who better to give us a tour of the


track? Everyone can hear me? We are in the first corner of the track.


This is the first chance to overtake. In very fast corner. --


it is a very fast corner. The front wheel touches the ground, front


wheel. And then we come to a very difficult part of the track, it has


a lot of bounce. But you need to break a little before without any


pounds -- bounce. This is the funniest corner of the track


This is very difficult to pass. Loris Capirossi tried to pass but


he crashed last year. And here, for me, is the most difficult part of


the track. There is a big bumpier. So if you are leaving a lot, it is


very easy to make a mistake. -- for leaning over. You go at a very high


speed, but try not to leave too We arrived at a last corner of the


track. -- we are arriving at the last corner. We are rushing down to


the grid, at a familiar walk and Susie, happy memories of this?


really running up with this fantastic weather for the British


Grand Prix. But a great crowd, a fantastic atmosphere. And joy


yourself today, great to see you back. -- enjoy. Let's find out who


is on the pole position. Crutchlow was not the only rider to


get up close and personal at Silverstone. Karel Abraham was down


a Bailey but put in the performance of the day to put his Ducati on the


second at row of the grid, what a first! Toni Elias did not have a


good day, he qualified second last. Jorge Lorenzo's knowledge of the


track showed. Marco Simoncelli then set a new lap record, breaking a


Renzo's record of last year. Then Australia got in on the act -- then


Casey Stoner got in on the action. Marco Simoncelli responded


immediately. But Casey Stoner raised the bar with a spectacular


time of 2 minutes and 2.02. So he start on pole ahead of Marco


Colin Edwards, even with an injured collarbone, ate his middle of the


table. And way back in 13th place, get ready, Valentino Rossi on the


just in front of Toni Elias and Loris Capirossi. This is the second


row of the grid, the rain is coming down and the wind. Ben Spies is


here, trying to keep warm is not easy. Is not so nice but we will go


out and put on a show for everybody. Hopefully stay out of trouble the


first couple of laps, it will be quite tricky but I hope it will be


fun. Everybody will stay safe and we will put on a show. Good luck.


He was on the podium here last year after a great fight with his


country man Nicky Hayden on the Ducati. Let's move along because


the story of the second row and of the grid is this guy, Karel Abraham,


qualifying 6th bustard. He surpassed all expectations this


season, but especially yesterday. Last night, he's said he would feel


more nervous because you are more near the front than usual, how are


you feeling? You more nervous than usual! Van passed it performance,


you must feel fantastic -- a fantastic performance. Now is D-Day,


and not nice conditions but we have to do our best. The fastest Ducati


and ahead of the factory riders. Are on the third row of the grid


where Nicky Hayden has qualified 7th, his best with Ducati this year,


you have shown what you can do in the rain, how do you feel about


conditions today? He it is nasty, wet and windy, but you deal with it


and go for it. I am looking forward to it. You have had a good week.


Does that bode well? Like us hope so. Good luck. We are getting water


in the system, sorry. I just spoke to Iwan Thomas, I think you have


got caught out by the conditions but perhaps glad you are not on a


bike. I am scared even try it on a bike. But it is amazing, the noise


of the bikes. And when Valentino Rossi turned up, the crowd went


crazy, brilliant. You ride a bike, so you appreciate the skills.


trying to slow down, I have a Harley-Davidson. I am getting old,


so I am trying to be sensible. But these guys have great skill.


Harley-Davidson can also be dangerous! Another celebrity here,


Shane, is this your first time and a MotoGP grid? First time on a


MotoGP, a bit of a fan of Valentino Rossi. Lucky 13th, hopefully he can


come through. He wanted a wet race and hopefully he can find pace.


do some racing, with four wheels, you must have great respect for


these guys? Obviously, four wheels is more forgiving than two. I am


involved in other racing, and it is a good season at this year.


plenty of here supporting Valentino Rossi, but will it be lucky or


unlucky 13? These are the guys to beat, last year's winner Jorge


Lorenzo in third place. Marco Simoncelli, four front row start.


And on pole position, his 150 if start, his first pole in 2011,


Casey Stoner were keen to turn domination into a 4th win from six


races. - looking to turn domination. Can he do it? Wouldn't you love to


be sitting on a motorbike now? happy to be sacked in a warm


commentary box. So much can go wrong, spray, wheel spin, there are


so many things and elements you do not like in wet conditions. But


when you get going, and I have been there, it can be fun. When you are


warmed up and can see where you are going, riding in the rain is a lot


of fun. You are tiptoeing your way through it, at trying to find the


dry areas. A lot of change of surface along this long circuit at


water is an issue. People are down there talking, and that changes


every think. Casey Stoner on pole, he has been dominating these three


races. That was a built-in performance by Karel Abraham, at a


very good job. What -- that was a good performance. What are these


guys going to do with their tyres with 11 degrees in temperature?


That is massive. They will come quite well with that. I looked at


Bradley Smith's bike as he got that result and the tyres looked good.


Remember when that tyres were burnt out, I do not think we will have


that issue today. The guys would rather have these conditions. It is


very wet but at least it will be consistent. And you are better with


rain coming down because you have that consistency. People that


followed MotoGP will know we have flat to flat racing, and if it does


strike out, they can change bikes, back to a bike with dry settings.


But I think there is little chance of that happening. About six


minutes to change a bike from Wed to dry with a spare bike in the pit


lane at -- wet. Case is Stonor moving off the line, he is in pole


position -- Casey Stoner. This is a warm-up lap. They do have to have


backed come up workout what is going on and the standing order.


they do have to have that, to work out. The first couple of laps and


will be very different -- difficult. There is a lot of spray from the


rear of the bike and difficult to see where you are going. A lot of


Harley spectators, you have our respect. It is cold and wet and


windy. And we have lost our British hope in Cal Crutchlow. A big round


of applause for all the fans that have turned out for this. Look at


that spray. Even when they are not going flat out. This has got to be,


as we look at it, the best chance for Valentino Rossi to salvage


something out of a difficult cannot seem to sort it out. Wet


conditions. So many out there, we know are fast in these conditions.


We know that Valentino Rossi was doing good in the wet. There are


all these guys we are looking at. Jorge Lorenzo won in the wet


conditions. It is such a shame. It is a shame that Cal Crutchlow is


not here. If he's watching this he will be absolutely sick. We do wish


him a speedy recovery, back in two weeks' time. He's as tough as


goat's meat. He'll be back. This is a wonderful flowing series. There's


one more coming up. As we look at Casey Stoner, at the back of the


grid, so he can line up last, not first getting wet. Half a mile long


that straight. That is tape that has come off the radiator. There is


no therm stats. They are 220 horsepower. The last time Valentino


Rossi got off that was at the Vale, crashing.


How is the horsepower of the bike? A good start from Lorenzo on the


left-hand side. Look at that, Lorenzo moving over, giving Stoner


the squeeze. Ben Spies, trying to go.


Simoncelli, third place, a right dust-up. At the moment, until Casey


Stoner tries to put a move on him. You are see how different the track


is in places as new tarmac and old tarmac, stones around the outside.


Dovizioso is through. He is getting in early. He cannot


believe how fast these guys are going. The best thing he can do is


get a run at the boss and try and slow him up. That is Jorge Lorenzo


t favourite. He has a gap now. The best place to be for visibility and


have a nice clear track, the worst place is to come up against the


clear conditions. If you are following somebody. Jorge Lorenzo,


as they go over the old start and finish, this is out of Woodcote


Corner. Stoner in behind. They don't want


to sit there for long. It is a double-edged thing, yes you have


the guy in front of you. We look at Simoncelli trying to find a way


past, making new friends early on the first lap. I thought Jorge


Lorenzo had a moment coming out of the Luffield section. He lost time


at that second. That is where he lost time. That is always knocking


your confidence. If you've had a moment you have to re-group


yourself. Dovizioso. Number four over the line. The rider 25 years


old. Winner at Donnington. Stoner having a look. Simoncelli


having a big look and he's through. If he can keep it nice. There's the


moment, mate. There's a punt. Deep water at that point. Foot out for


Dovizioso. Has he gone in too hot? He has gone wide. This will


compromise, the left hand. Haidhaid haid, bike 69 -- Hayden, bike 69.


Valentino Rossi is in 12th place. Dovizioso from Simoncelli, to


Lorenzo. Not much longer. Rossi is way back, but Stoner has just


mugged his team-mate. Casey Stoner was letting things settle down. I


would have thought he was the fastest guy in the warm-up this


morning and does revel in these conditions. There's no point in


rushing these first few laps. You make sure you know where the


puddles are. In theory, I look out of the window booth and it's not


raining as hard. The track will get better, with the heat from the


tyres. Tucked it on the inside. Nicely done actually. That was the


sort of Simoncelli move where he gave the guy enough room. That is


the kind of thing. Simoncelli, nice in third place. Those big, long


laningy legs will do him a favour. -- lanky legs will do him a favour.


They have knee pads on. If you do slam away, you can jam the bike in


and get away again. If you are ra Simoncelli you can ride like a --


are Simoncelli you can ride like a tripod.


Toni Elias started at the back. He's having a bell ter, up behind


Colin Edwards. That is good stuff for him.


Karel Abraham, in tenth place. He's been prudent and being swamped


slightly. Through this wonderful, wonderful section. It is fantastic


to watch these changes. You can see the F1 cars having a stab at it in


a few weeks. Here is the big gaggle of bikes. Simoncelli is looking


like a problem for Dovizioso. Dovizioso wants to keep his


countryman at bay. Number 5, he's had a mixed year -- 58, he's had a


mixed year. He has shown sides of brilyapbls. He wants to use his


brain more than his elbows. There, Dovizioso, if he carries on at this


pace he'll be a problem for Casey Stoner. We are talking 2.25, last


to Stoner. 2.19. Clearly a lot wetter at this point than it was


this morning. As I said, looking out the window, it is raining, but


not heavy rain. He had a moment through that wonderful series of


corners. Drops a couple of places as a result. Simoncelli, he is just


stalking Dovizioso. The problem that everybody has in


the field is that Casey Stoner is super fast, but he happens to be


very good in the wet. I don't think there is any conditions he's not


good in, is there? Not to put your foot down and Simoncelli hit that


puddle. Did you see the front washout. I don't think Stoner is


good at anger management. Probably not. That is one of the things he's


not. We saw him give a few guess tick


youlations to Hayden during the practice -- guesticulations to


Hayden during the practice weekend. There's water across the track. As


I was saying a while ago, it changes lap by lap. Still a way off,


as you can see. Just have to tip-tow your way


around in these conditions -- tip- toe your way around in these


conditions. They revert back to steel disks and normal pad material


because the carbon brakes cannot get up to enough temperature in the


wet. It's been a long flowing... You tend to have a different map,


so it's not as aggressive on the power. Simoncelli on the inside,


number 58. We saw him a moment last lap around. He is being more


judicious. He didn't lose it that time. Stoner up on the pavement


there. That was brave, so was Simoncelli


in a big way. Simoncelli has got a slight brain


to elbow deficiency at the moment, but nevertheless, as we look at


Valentino Rossi putting a move on. He got in there and manage to block


him at that time. That will move Rossi up. Simoncelli having a major


moment there. Running too deep, trying to get too close to


Dovizioso. He's going to join. Watch out. Can you imagine what


Lorenzo will say to him later on! He managed to get it stopped. Here


it is, it's into abbey corner. How on earth did he hold on to that. On


the brakes, all but ran down. That was Abby.


Simoncelli, he is a magician, at, yeah, more water please! He'll have


to re-group. That was a big, big moment there. Came back on the


track. Can you imagine the paperwork if he took out the lead


of Lorenzo, who has already warned him. He wants to buy a lottery


ticket on the way home. That will savour the day.


Gyroo -- gyrocam. That was out of the old Woodcote


Corner, but the new Woodcote Corner. This has all been re-surfaced here.


It is smoother than it used to be. It is not hugely abrasive, so it


holds a level of water. That is true. There's not enough to swal


low the water. conditions. The tyres, it is about


normal as a normal road tyre. It is amazing how much traction you can


get. It is like jet ski racing. That was an issue that Simoncelli


had there. He aqua planeed for a moment.


Toni Elias, he has been pinged by Bautista, in ninth place he is


having a good run. Boy, he could do with some. He could do with some


luck, couldn't he. Bautista, all over the back of Hayden. He is


paying for that moment across the grass. It is not just the time you


lose, it is the confidence you lose. Lorenzo has put in the fastest lap.


1.23. We know he is seven points newspaper the championshipment if


he could run second he would come away from Silverstone. He would


come away in the lead n the championship. He is Mr Consistency,


as you said. Steve, that's a real key for him, and also having a


horsepower deficit. It masks somewhat the bike in these


conditions. We... What is going on? I think he has an issue there. Ben


Spies, the factory team-mate of Jorge Lorenzo, Yamaha have just re-


signed him for another year. A pair of Texans there. He was saying to


Colin, "what are we doing out here?" Shouldn't we be in Texas,


sitting in the sun! Knocking 2 minutes 25. Chatting to


Colin yesterday, his time was better last year. He has broken


collar bone. He said his ribs is soarer than his collar bone. That


got pulled out. He doesn't know how he pulled his ribs. He was faster


yesterday in the dry than he was last year. I don't know what you


read into that. A nasty sponge bath, that is what


can do the ribs in. Back across we go. 15 laps left of this. These


guys will think to themselves, well, 25% down, got to keep it neat.


Simoncelli now fastest lap. That is scary. Mixed messages. Simoncelli


now the fastest man. He is trying to make up the time. He's in fourth


position after that incident into turn one.


There he is. There are the top four. There's not a lot in it, I can tell


you. As they went around last time, it is two seconds between the top


four at the moment. Simoncelli compared to 1.23 for


Stoner. So, this is looking interesting. Took the thick end of


a second out of him. Simoncelli is fierce, as we have discussed many


times. He will not take many laps to forget that moment and get his


head down to have another run at the wall. It is great how you


forget pain. He is 250 champion. He has made the transition to MotoGP.


This is his second year in it. When he gets his MotoGP win, it will


happen soon, on the podium for that the angles and grip. And now Karel


Abraham is trying to get past Toni Elias. Good to see Toni Elias


having some success. And this is the reigning champion, Lorenzo. And


eight seconds down the road of the rest. Be so is for 9th position.


Toni Elias and Karel Abraham. And the traction control system is


kicking in to stop the wheels skidding too much. It also knows


the angles and the Giro system on it. There is a GP a system on its.


-- there is another system on it. That was easy. Maybe he has decided


to follow is easier. And Karel Abraham is through it. That is all


very polite. In my day, somebody would swerve across in front of you.


Abraham just get that sorted out. And he will want very much to get a


result here and not make the qualifying lap he did look like a


flower, he is smart. Name -- Marco Simoncelli did not put in the


fastest lap last time so you probably had another scare, but he


is now 3.2 seconds back from the leader. Casey Stoner has just set


another fast lack. He has been faster than Andrea Dovizioso in


second. It is about remembering way you were, breaking earlier.


other thing to do, and in car racing also, you experiment all the


time -- of the other thing. You look for more grip and the most


obvious line does not always have the most grip. Is Nicky Hayden


looking for that of the us like? He went to white. Sometimes there is


more grip off-line because there is not dirt and oil at the track is


not worn out. Lorenzo is getting close to Andrea Dovizioso. The most


famous track in Britain for cars and bikes is Brands Hatch where


there is a rain line and a try line. -- a dry line. That was the same at


Donington Park oarlock -- also. Lorenzo is in a passing position.


But a sort it all out. -- but they sort it out. That was so close! He


was trying to muscle down the inside. Almost came to take another


piece of him. They were lot of concentration. -- a lot of


concentration. It is still raining, and not heavily, but there is


surface water. That is why Lorenzo is struggling. On the exit, he is


good. He is good going in, he is good closing up, but it does look


like jet-skis at the back. He needs to sort it soon. He goes round the


outside, with Marco Simoncelli behind him, he almost got in close,


but not quite. It is really pronounced. Bid Yamaha needs a


faster in and the Honda is a monster -- the Yamaha. And look who


is there now. Can I come and join you? He has caught them up very


quickly this last lap. He was half his second quicker than Lorenzo, I


am talking about Marco Simoncelli. Number 58. And Casey Stoner has now


got a 2.9 second advantage over this, the fierce fight for second


place. 13 laps remaining, still not half the distance. They will be


getting cold now. It sounds ridiculous because you are working


hard, but cold hands are an issue when it is wet. Bad is why so many


of them wear gloves. -- that his wife. Either that or to protect


their cuticles! Lorenzo is very neat, it cost him a bit on the exit.


Marco Simoncelli is about to say, a room for a small one! Starting to


close these guys down. This is the important curve, Chapel curve.


Marco Simoncelli has got history. While not getting into trouble, he


has got to push hard. And Lorenzo is strong, that is the part of the


track that caught Valentino Rossi at this morning. Was no problem in


wet conditions, and Jorge Lorenzo seems to have more confidence front


and breaking, but if you get on the inside, you compromise... Ben Spies.


He was shaking his head like he is not enjoying it. The man who


finished third last year... And Jorge Lorenzo is down! The World


Champion is down! Both of the Yamahas are down. He is definitely


out, it is in bits. And he is out! The exhaust looks like a snorkel!


My goodness! Casey Stoner is in the front of this. We are into Abbey,


just when he is about to put the power on. That is pretty much the


corner before Cal Crutchlow went out. Just lit up. Although the


crash of Cal Crutchlow was it a bit to drier, but the same principle.


- was a bit drier. That is a very broken Yamaha and a very


disappointed Spaniard who has lost the lead in the Championship now.


If this marry it -- if this man carries on, Yamaha will be saying


Lorenzo is out. He has now just put in the fastest lap. He does not


know, at the pit crew need to tell him to slow down and steady things


up because he is about to inherit the lead. Casey Stoner is four


seconds ahead of these two now. So that is a pretty comfortable lead.


And these two will probably slow each other up. Andrea Dovizioso


will try to ride defensively as Marco Simoncelli will try to pull


the bike up. The Yamaha Team, a rotten day for them. We just saw


the wreckage of Ben Spies's bike, and a moment later, spent -- Jorge


Lorenzo is down. Fast running out of riders. Just one Yamaha. And in


4th position. In credible, one week after breaking his collarbone and


pulling his rips apart. Of Simoncelli can stay upright, he


will get his first podium in MotoGP. As you say, the 50th year of racing


for Yamaha. The bikes are in corporate colours this year. Casey


Stoner has nearly five seconds... mentally is through! -- Marco


Simoncelli is through! This is going on and on, down the hill.


Andrea Dovizioso has got it back again. Marco Simoncelli is pressing


hard. He might switch back to the inside. Very optional wines here,


it is not a very precise - lines. Casey Stoner has been told. And he


will also have had a slowdown time. So he is close on a second slower


and he cannot afford to be. Valentino Rossi has just past Karel


Abraham into 7th place. And this is some passing it. Just out wide. Be


interesting thing is that Valentino Rossi is four seconds slower would


ban the guys at the front. And these are the two I am talking


about. Surely he is going down the inside? He is not. Andrea Dovizioso


is very late on the brakes. Marco Simoncelli had water in front of


him but obviously wanted to get the speed. We have seen so many washout


here during the warm-up this morning, but they are safely


through -- washouts. I can remember being here during the World


superbikes when one of rider got off a -- fell off three times.


the bike never broke. -- and the bike. He has gone! Andrea Dovizioso


is down -- Marco Simoncelli is down! That was the same place he


had that big moment. There is not going to be a podium today for


Marco Simoncelli. He is like a puppy that has had it is meal taken


away from him -- had his meal. is furious with himself. But his


fuse is too big. He would need to fit base for -- fit a small fuse


because it did not blow. It is looking good for Andrea Dovizioso


nowt. And this guy is a potential podiums. Cal Crutchlow, if you are


watching this, there is life after collarbone! Look at your team-mate.


There is one Yamaha rolling around and the guy on it is now on a


potential podium. 10 laps to go but Colin will be thinking it is


looking good. Look at that puddle. That is extra water just washed out


from under him. It was just at the end of the pavement, he was great -


- he was squeezing the brakes a bit too hard. You will just see a


splash up, and that was it. A bit too much water with a bit too much


breaking. And that was the same corner, although Jorge Lorenzo was


a bit further round it. This engine, this could be another motor again.


What have I done wrong?! Will he sit on the fence now, do you think,


and talk to Jorge Lorenzo? Kiss and make up. I do not think they will


kiss and make-up. I think they will swim home. And it is Casey Stoner


who now goes over the line. Notice he has a tighter line, he was not


going through the water, he was turning a earlier. Would you please


wave him down? He is a friend of yours, get out and slow him down!


would give a special Australian at smoke signal, but it would be put


out by the rain! That puddle! That was where he went down. Back to


Colin, he was going for a great result before he got injured.


deserves good luck. And you will note that trying to button it off


in the rain, we need to talk about that, in some ways, it is easier to


keep pressing on because you are at least precise about the last stage


you can break, it is more difficult if you try to button off too much.


You lose concentration, if you take a different line. Nine laps to go,


Valentino Rossi his 6th. It to Leigh is doing two things. He is


floating -- Valentino Rossi is doing two things. He is floating to


the surface, but he has taken time out of the boys in front. But we


talk about Valentino Rossi being a bit slow and not as fast, but he --


but it is about management and keeping the bike up and going as


fast as you can, time-management and sorting it out. It would be


lovely for them to get a decent gingerly back there.


Here is Randy de Puniet. He paid quite a price for that


crash. You can see just by the body language how everyone is trying to


tip-toe around here, looking for the dryish line. It is still


raining, but not particularly more heavily at the minute.


There was a lot of 250 moments out there. There you are, Stoner again.


He has slowed the pace down. He's backed the pace down. His wife is


waiting for him to return. In eight laps, in theory, he will return


with 25 laps in his pocket, which will put him at the top of the


himself any harm if he can bring it in second place. Look at the start


here, everyone got away cleanly. It was Jorge Lorenzo who got the


Yamaha across there. Number four, Dovizioso, on the inside here now.


He goes into third place. Simoncelli has a little go at


nudging him out. He doesn't do so. On board with Ben Spies, you notice


how he let the revs drop. No big clutch movements there. Let it grip


nice and early and powered off the line. Nice to get the rear heel


spinning up. Spies won his first podium here


last year. OK, there's a different angle again. Valentino Rossi didn't


get a belting start there. Look at 24 there, Elias, he made up some


ground. He got it back.


I don't think it was the plan though. Back across we go. We only


have seven laps of this left. He's having a lonely, but effective race


at the front, Stoner. This will be a nice win for Casey Stoner. It is


his 150th start. He has 26 wins. He will go 27.


It is nice and neat and tidy here in the UK. Stoner will feel a


little bit of vindication, I guess, that's, if he pulls it off that


he's had a win in the rain. There is some talk that Ben Spies might


have hurt his back. They are taking him off to the medical centre to


check. Let's hope it's a sprain and nothing more. The rain is coming


more heavy now. It looks to me like it is raining heavier. The wind is


getting up. There are lots of showers and storms you can see from


the on-board camera. The dark clouds. It is a miserable day,


unfortunately here in Northampton. MotoGP, it has to be worse for us


it was the puddle. There it is.


Unfortunately there's no ABS on these bikes. It slapped him down on


the ground. That looked expensive. That was the


reaction we were seeing there. Marco Simoncelli is in front of Cal


Crutchlow. Neither getting any points this weekend. But Marco


finished the first race and finished the third and fourth race.


This will be his third crash of the year.


On board with Valentino Rossi. Sixth position. He could pull off


the podium. He's actually starting to really make a bit of head-way.


He's about to come out on the fastest part of the circuit, if we


stay with him. On to Chapel Curve here in the warm-up.


The revs drop. He grabs second gear inbetween the Vale and Club Corner.


Another lap completed for Valentino Rossi. Six laps to go. His last was


a 2.25, the same as Dovizioso. He's broadened his pace up a bit.


Valentino Rossi did 2.25. That is a lot faster than Bautista. Bautista


is... Not, it is not. He is slower than Bautista. He has locked


himself into sixth place. Bautista is a few seconds down the road,


isn't he? Hayden in fourth place. Bautista is three seconds behind


him, so with six laps to go, it's not impossible for Bautista and not


impossible for Hayden, on the Ducati to respond. The last lap


around, he was two seconds faster than Edwards and Dovizioso. So


Hayden is on the move. He's a long way back, but on the move forward.


6.7 seconds behind Edwards. It's not impossible.


What a result this would be for Colin Edwards, really! It would be


very, very special. From Houston, 37 year old - he's had numerous


podiums, of course. Twice World Superbike champion. He was gutted


last weekend not being allowed to race. It broke an enormous record


run of consistent starts. When he joined in 2003, never missed a ride.


Was disapointed they would not let him race. It was not about his


physical condition. He was able to do push-ups after having the plate


fitted. They felt it was not be the right thing for him to do. He said


it is because he had the wrong passport. Don't know what he meant


by that! Plenty of support here though. Dovizioso, tip-toeing his


way. As we know, he came second here


last year. This is what it would do to the points. 18-point leave he


would leave the British Grand Prix at. Dovizioso would have a useful


margin over Valentino Rossi as well. That was a replay again. Sorry....


That we had not seen. We have not seen that particular angle. No, we


hadn't. That was a replay looking from the camera in front. That's


the onboard. It was... That shows the level of grip. This is the


other angle we did see at that time. Jorge Lorenzo and Marco Simoncelli.


There is his team-mate behind Capirossi last time out we saw a


fantastic scrap that involved Capirossi, also Bautista, also


Barbera. There has been some big scrapping in the mid-field in this


series around the last couple of rounds in particular. Hayden, last


time around he was a second faster than Colin Edwards. Still five laps


to go. If he carried on a second a lap we might have a race on for the


podium. How annoyed would Edwards be, if someone snuck up on him. The


two Americans, of course. mate, the aforemen -- Pramac


rider's team-mate. The aforementioned, there he is. There


he is. There's Casey Stoner. Actually these guys will be pleased,


they'll have a lap less to do. It will only be 19. The only thing


Casey Stoner has to watch, imagine if someone gets in his way, you saw


how he waved -- Guesticulated in half time. If they fall off now and


take me out, it doesn't bare thinking about. I lost a


championship tip-toeing around someone else. So case Casey Stoner


does have time in hand. He's not being pursued. He has a moment to


pick his way past. He has the thick end of 15 seconds over Dovizioso


behind him. There is the time gap. Look at that,


Steve. 24 for Stoner and Barbera last time around, with two minutes


and 30. So, Stoner is really floating to


the surface. Barbera sees him, lets him through. Good call. Oh, my


goodness. Straight through. Don't tear it, bite the whole piece off.


Casey Stoner straight through, not impeded at all. Mr Stoner, Casey's


father, watching for his son to take the lead in the World


Championship, so long as he can bring it home. Hayden last time


around was half a second fast r. -- faster.


Look at this - it is poetry in motion.


He's a guy at the op of his game, isn't he? That is in very wet


conditions. There's no double knee slider on that. He has the bike


really stacked over. His best last was 2.21.7. It looks like a


pressure washer from behind, doesn't it? It does.


It is extraordinary, this man's talents. M and I don't think, I


think I realised it, but I think I realise more now, how he has got


off the Ducati, having won on the Ducati and still nobody else, you


don't get more than an A lister than Valentino Rossi. He has


struggled to ride it. Casey Stoner has shown the other Honda riders


the way as well. It was frustrating for us all that


Pedrosa was out of that competition. He was the most guy most likely on


another Honda to give him a run for his money. We know his ribs are out


and his shoulders hurt and everything else. He doesn't want to


crash. Hayden, told you he was a man on the move. 2.21.38. That is


three seconds faster than Casey Stoner. He is comfortable,


obviously. He is pressing on. four seconds back. That is the


issue. He will see Colin Edwards in front of him. He was further around


the corner. There it is. There's the visible


gap, as they say, Edwards down that and the straight. Hayden will have


the magnets on, I am sure. As you last saw the fastest lap of the


race for Hayden. It will drag Hayden on as well. Colin will have


that nightmare scenario. The next time he comes around the pit, he'll


say it has gone from minus six to minus five, to minus four and you


just don't want to push too hard because you are on egg shells here


in these conditions. You try and do the maths, how many laps, how much


can he afford to be whittled around and be in front of this. Trying to


do the maths when you are riding in puddles you cannot normally add two


and two. Or I couldn't. I still can't!


That wonderful complex I was talking about that, Becketts and


Chapel. seconds quicker than Valentino


Rossi's lap last time around. That is slightly embarrassing, I have to


say. Now I am talking about Hayden haid, the same factory team.


Be careful, you are pushing the limits. He will certainly, dropping


down the hill to Vale here, he will look at Colin Edwards.


Ewan McGregor here today. He is a big bike fan. He has been around


the world with Charlie in nicer Last time over the line, and he has


responded! And he has kept it at four second with two laps to go.


Colin Edwards has to hurry up. Just two-tenths slower than Nicky Hayden.


These will be a long couple of laps. Visit Spain, you want to today!


cannot see through the rain! It is brightening up as the rain is about


to finish. Still plenty of water on the track, as Casey Stoner floats


through. Ben Spies has been given be OK, excellent news. A bit of


pain in the morning, but nothing more dramatic. And look at those


times, that is a fantastic response. A great lap from the old boy.


time Colin comes round the pit board, he was see he has stabilised


it. He either want to go back to the toilet or he is nervous! Both,


it happened at be certain age! Colin Edwards was rocked last time


out. -- was dropped. -- robbed. was on a definite podium with a lap


to go up. The last time around now, at one more lap. That is the


progression, as you can see, between lap 12 and 18. That is when


it really stretched out as people white Andrea Dovizioso realised


they could not close him down at. - - people like. The last lap for


Colin Edwards. The gap is still 4.6 seconds, Colin can take it easy.


But you never can, you never think you can. One bored with Casey


Stoner on the final lap. -- we got on board with. And this is a


Wellington straight. Appropriately named. A Honda making a bit of


noise on the overrun. We about giving the game away, will it be a


red-letter day, after that used for race we saw for Bradley Smith? --


useful race. That is worth watching, I promise you. Casey Stoner is


halfway round. This is really, really longed. -- belonged. If the


British fans boo him, I will be angry, because he deserves a big


cheer riding in these conditions. He will take the Championship lead


and he is also the only guide that has had more than one win and he is


about to make it 3 -- the only man. So an astonishing performance from


him. Won in France... Down the hill to veil now. -- Vale. The boys are


up and they are ready for it. And not only can he ride a motorbike,


but the Australian can also swim! Casey Stoner wins in a rain-sodden


Silverstone! His father is giving him a pause, rightly so. He loves


the bike and has enjoyed it. Andrea Dovizioso second last time and


another second a year later. A brilliant from him, in great and


smart race. -- it was a great and smart race. But Colin Edwards is a


legend, and he gets a podium. Hospital one week and the rostrum


the next. He will need to be helped up, but great from him. And the


British team run at Suzuki, up that just makes theft. -- and that just


makes fifth-place. Valentino Rossi did not get a place -- did not get


close enough to Alvaro Bautista. He will come across a line in 6th


place. But nothing can touch the how it is the taker? -- Colin?


not good, it has taken some beating. A brilliant performers, he has been


outstanding this season. -- performance. He has done well in


everything. A enjoy it the podium. -- enjoy the podium. He made a good


point about a long circuit, it is so much more difficult for the few


bikes circulating to pump drive the track, so it was a very difficult


circular -- circuit. Hector Barbera and Randy de Puniet have just


finished. A lap down, that does not happen. Casey Stoner and Andrea


Dovizioso, a fantastic result for the team-mates. Dani Pedrosa will


want to have been out with them. But Colin Edwards, finishing third,


and with pins in his shoulder, that is really something! Life in the


old dog yet! However Matt described him earlier. And look at those


conditions even on the slowdown lap, absolutely saturated. Casey Stoner


has 116 points, that means. So a really, really positive result for


Casey Stoner. And a couple of surprise results in terms of Alvaro


Bautista in 6th place, at Surrey, 5th place. Karel Abraham in 7th


place. A real boost? What do you make of it? Not great when it rains


like that? The you can make of it how phenomenally good Casey Stoner


is in any conditions. Stick him on a motorcycle and point him in the


right direction. And with Jorge Lorenzo crashing out, it is looking


ominous. Just a third of the way through the season, but not a good


-- to stop it. He has an 18. Leeds now in the Championship, so looking


good for him now. We still have a fight on. Boy what about the


performance of Colin Edwards? -- what about. This has got tyre


warmers on, I love this bike. can look at a few of the crashes.


up and down it went. You can see that puddle and it caught him out


five or six laps before that. I do not know how he stayed on. Pushing


a bit hard to get past Andrea Dovizioso? Absolutely, but that is


raised -- that is racing. And the same for Jorge Lorenzo, he had to


stay in the pack. He is further around the corner and it goes round


and you shut down the throttle... It shows how much grip it has. It


grips again, and generally a wet tier will let you go up low side.


You can see the disappointment in his face. When you go out, you are


really disappointed. Colin Edwards will not believe it. I spoke to him


at last night, we had a show for the fans in the centre of the


circuit and Colin it was on painkillers. And I think he had a


drink! I think he was riding with a hangover today, maybe that is the


future! His ribs are hurting at more than his shoulder. And he will


be out partying tonight! The next race is in two weeks, so we can


relax. If you do not know the result, what it on the red button


up later. Bradley Smith finished on the podium, and unlikely for him.


In was a great race for Bradley and the team here. -- it was. The guy


here builds the chassis, that is nice. He came through from 38th on


the grid to finish on the podium, sensational, and we will show you


the highlights later. Here, with the time difference, the races have


switched round. And with the bad weather at Queen's, it is as bad as


it is here, so there is no tennis, it so we will be able to bring you


the 125 cc later. Plenty of It was all going on behind Duke


again! We did not get a great start but the bike felt good and I waited


for the tie is to get up to the right temperature. In the first --


for there tyres. I got a lot of water in the visor and could not go


fast because I could not see where I was going. I knew roughly where


the track was book could not see the puddles and I was nervous. But


slowly the water went away and I was able to get the times I wanted


and to open up a gap. And from that, we were quite lucky. Lucky to stay


up first, and the fact that Jorge Lorenzo had a crash unfortunately.


And also Marco Simoncelli went out and other riders. But we had a


great race and I am happy. These were tough conditions and to come


away winning was really good. leading the Championship now,


congratulations. A good day, in general.


A good day for him. And a good result after the last race.


levels it out for him. This is his 150th grand prix start this weekend.


He is the first Honda rider to win at three successive MotoGP races


since Valentino Rossi in 2003. That is how significant it is. And that


is a fact! He has been reading of my paperwork! He has been reading


your notes! It shows how much Honda have been struggling in particular


over the past three years. Another man looking to put that right is


Casey Stoner's team-mate. Congratulations on the podium, how


tough was it? The very difficult. Jorge Lorenzo and Marco Simoncelli


crashed so the conditions were very difficult. I am happy because it is


easy to make a mistake in this situation, there was a lot of wet


and it was difficult. Casey had to take more risks but he is good in


these conditions. I am so happy because the level opposition is so


high it this year and in the practice, we struggled a lot. But


at the important time, we got it. Congratulations.


Andrea Dovizioso, the winner of the British Grand Prix in 2009 in


similar conditions, and he kept his cool under a lot of pressure.


so hard on -- hard in wet conditions because conditions are


changing, you tried to talk about what you are doing to yourself. And


Donington Park 2009, he stayed upright throughout the race. It is


time for away director. -- it is time for our director now... Colin


Edwards now. What medication have you been given? You should break


the collarbone at more often! medication, it is just by Ibuprofen


this week. I felt like a space cadet on the bike when I tried some


the first time. But we have had great racing this weekend. I did as


few races as I could to qualify, at we changed the bike completely from


this morning, different everything. I went out on the race and then key


D go and celebration. Congratulations. Not surprisingly,


exhausted, Steve. I suppose the conditions really difficult for


everybody out there. It makes it easier in the wet conditions.


not as strenuous. You are not jumping around so much. It is


smoother all the time. We sort of wrote Colin off. Will he get a win?


Getting back up on the podium was really good. It makes you wonder


what a fully-fit Colin Edwards could have done? That is something


special. Things have moved on. He was very polite then, wasn't he?


Compared to last night. There were a few people shocked. He was on


stage. It was blue, but he has a career in stand-up in the future.


Perhaps not politics. Let's look at Perhaps not politics. Let's look at


Marco Simoncelli's crash. As he got on that, he was wider. He


turned it in. There's nothing, when you lose the front end, that's it,


you're history. Cars have ABS. They don't have all these problems.


These machines are - he has so much heavy machinery going on. He has


great support from the British fans this weekend. He was good enough to


chat to us earlier on before the chat to us earlier on before the


race had even finished. Another disappointing finish to


what started as a great race? it was a great race until the crash.


I am so disappointed because every time we are so close to a very, to


some very good results and every time something happens that


separates us from that result. I am disappointed. I crashed. I did


a big risk in the first lap. After that I start to brake softer,


little bit before, but I lose the front. It was completely straight.


It aquaplaned. I am so disappointed. Bad luck. He is a colourful


character. You can see the reception off the British fans he's


had this weekend. He's somebody ready to take their mantle from


Valentino in the future. I will put money on that Marco Simoncelli will


win a MotoGP race before the season ends. A trail not dissimilar to


this one. You are right. It is one of the longer tracks we go to. A


bit more narrow in places. Let's hope it is brighter and warmer,


quite honestly. Despite the conditions, I am sure these three


guys are nice and warm and fussy inside. Charlie? He does not look


very warm and fussy to me. He must be absolutely freezing, all of them.


Shivering, but he will have the warmth of success.


Casey Stoner has leapt ahead in the championship, 116 points in front.


Also, as we watch the trophies being handed out to Colin Edwards,


hates be an while. Colin Edwards is eighth in the championship. He came


this weekend 13th. It has been an incredibly useful points haul for


Nigel knows his way around Silverstone, just a bit!


Second place this year and second Another former President, he makes


the trophy presentation to the winner and increasing his World


Championship lead. The winner of the British Grand Prix....


Congratulations to Casey Stoner, who started to get the momentum to


look like he could actually take this championship this year. So far


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


to go though, as we were talking APPLAUSE So, Casey Stoner, as I was


saying to you 150 starts in Grand Prix racing. That is fantastic.


That first Honda race, three in a row for such a long time. Honda is


back, as well as Casey Stoner being back. This is absolutely massively


useful points for all three of these boys on the podium.


Unbelievably they will start to spray champagne over each other.


There is only a slim hope... Oh, the poor AirAsia girls. So smartly


dressed as well. More fluid being sprayed around, but a great day for


Honda and, what a belting day for the last Yamaha standing.


Congratulations to Colin Edwards. I think there will be difficult


conditions. We might see him shine again, you two.


Absolutely. And what a way to end a very, very


difficult week, not just a weekend, for everybody here at the Yamaha


team and for Colin who went from a hospital bed to the top of the


podium here at Silverstone. We have a weekend off. Next round is the


Dutch. It is held on the final Saturday in June. It is a Saturday


race, so do remember to put that in your calendar. No race on the


Sunday. It is on the Saturday. Qualifying on the red button on


Friday afternoon. Then we'll be back here in the usual place on BBC


Two for the Dutch TT. For the time being, we are left to wrap up here


at a wet and windy Silverstone. Steve, dreadful conditions, as


we've said. We saw a great race in the Moto T race and a fantastic


result for a British rider. He is getting ready to speak to us in a


second. What a race that was. was extraordinary. He had so many


problems and came through. It was great to see. So many fans were


cheering him on. We were out there willing him on. He got a great


result. Let's look at the highlights with Charlie. I will


tell you what, the highlights they are indeed. 28th he started on the


grid. grid.


He just battled his way through. It was action stations, like always.


Scot Reading started second fastest. The guy fancied and doing so well


in this championship, battling with Scot Reading. He took the lead.


Then steffan came back again. Bike number 75 came storming


through the field. A countryman of Simoncelli,


absolutely fearless. Bradel decided to give best. Markes


there, he crashed on the last lap of the warm-up.


That is Pacini going down. He cannot believe what he has done.


Good shape here, keep circulating. It will work fine. Look at that -


doing battle with Scot Reading. Started second. Riders falling all


over the place. It was unbelievable, the number of people who crashed


across the course on this race. All the time, all the time Bradel


was working so hard. At the front, this guy can do no


wrong. He's had pole position after pole position. He kept his head


where others failed. What can you say about Bradley


Smith? He stormed through the field. Eclipsed Reeding in the process. It


was an incredible result. He really makes his championship


look strong. He didn't get the pole this time out. Bradley Smith, a


podium, second. What a belter for him. Second Grand Prix. He was, by


a very big margin, the rider of the day.


Absolutely - we got a British rider leaderboard, courtesy of that 20-


leaderboard, courtesy of that 20- point haul. What a beauty, boys. D


He joins us now. What were you doing at the back of the grid in


the first place? It was absolute carnage yesterday because we had


some sensor problem. You know, we had Honda, we had pretty much


everybody from the GB side of the garage trying to figure out what


was the problem. Obviously I made a big mistake by coming down the pit


lane the wrong way and had to get race direction in the middle of the


session. That was expensive, wasn't it? Just a little bit. I think that


was the reason what made me so fired up for today. I knew I had to


do a good job. It was a bit scary in the rain. Made up a lot of


places in the first corner s. Then the spray for the first two or


three laps was so scary. You couldn't see anything. I knew I had


to commit to get a result. That is what I did. Nice little battle


there - what was that like? To be honest I thought it was Luti. I


didn't know it was Scot until I was behind him. We are battling for


third. Two Brits, don't knock anyone off. I go up the inside and


am rubbing against him. I am like, this won't be going down good.


Luckily both of us stayed up. I soon found another rhythm after I


got Scot back into the 2.25 lap times. It is so nice to do this


again at Silverstone. I stood on the podium last year, which was a


bit of a disappointment with the result, but it was still nice. This


one goes down in my top three. Absolutely. I am sure, like all the


Brits here at Silverstone, but for you because you are a tech three in


the class. Your team-mates, one is in hospital and we hope to see him


back in a few weeks? Without a doubt. I was gutted to see Cal go


down. He has been riding so well this season. He was up for it.


Obviously disappointing for him to break a collar bone and just hope


that he's back as soon as possible. Awesome job by Colin today. You


know, I see him yesterday inside the hospitality, he was in a lot of


discomfort with the collar bone and stuff. To do what he did today in


the rain is a remarkable result. And obviously a great day. I


suppose it kind of makes up for our lack of performance in the last few


races. I think you made up for that as well in the race today. Thank


you. It was just job for these guys stayingen the bikes. We saw in the


warm-up, tell us about this crash. It was a monster. Look at this.


Coming out of the last corner, in front of the pit lane. His bike


stayed upright. You can see the effect. The pit lane and goes


straight into the pit wall and destroyed the bike. It is credit to


cameras they kept running. The bike came back six inches shorter than


it should have been. It was the last of the warm-up or wet-down.


They amazingly got it fixed. It was the same bike, got a new chassis.


Now forks. Very expensive crash. Got out there and did it again.


you are not used to watching MotoGP, it is the feeder class into Moto GP.


They have 600 CC. With Bradley Smith and Scot Reading we have


potential to get Brits into the premier class. In the 125, which


feeds into Moto too we have great prospects as well.


Guys, how is it to be here at your home GP? It is nice to be here and


relaxing with the crowd. There's more British rider in the


championship. The public are taking a lot more notice of it. Whereas


before there was only two or three of us. No-one really knew us


because there was not much noise about us because there were only


three of us. Now there are five or six of us, you know, a lot more


people are taking notice of the Have you soaked up the atmosphere?


It took me about half an hour to get to it. It is good knowing


everybody is here to cheer you on, It should be good, I have got Matt


Roberts here. You had a go at underspent, didn't you? I realise


how talented he was, he was on it! It should be good. I have got my


family and friends here and all the British press behind us. Before, I


have always got nervous before the British Grand Prix, but I will go


as fast as I can and give 120%. If I crash, I crash. Just push for the


front and see how hard I can push. It is one of my favourite circuits,


to be honest, it is fast and flowing and suits our riding style.


It is good fun. The whole circuit. A lot of it is flat out so it is


really fast and good fun. How are you feeling about this season? You


started with a broken hand. started with a broken hand after


crashing in testing. It has not gone brilliant. First, I was taken


out. In France, I broke down. And in Barcelona, I crashed. 10 me


about the crash, you've two taking each other out. -- Tel-Me.


first thing you think is, he is down. I watched it back, somebody


made a mistake and I ran into somebody and crashed and he crashed


into my bike. So both British riders were down. But I am sure we


will have a good result and will come back twice as strong. So far


this year, I cannot complain. I am top 10 in the Championship. I hope


I can do the rest in the year. season for you especially, you are


doing your A levels at the moment, aren't you? I had a product design


exam on first day of practice. It keeps my feet on the ground going


back to school on Monday. I finished two weeks ago and am on


study leave, so it is relaxing now. It has been flat out working and


riding, but I am looking forward to concentrating on my riding. Some


great British talent to look forward to in about 10 minutes in


125 cc. Time to contemplate on the MotoGP race. Congratulations, the


podium after a tough weekend. in racing, everything is changing


so quick -- in racing. Last night, with Bradley having only two lapse


and the qualifying because of an engine problem, Cal Crutchlow broke


his collarbone, Colin struggling with his broken collar bone from


last week, I thought it would be another difficult weekend. And


today, thanks to badly and Colin, thanks to the English weather and


the team working really hard although it was not easy, we saw an


incredible recovery from 28 to second for Bradley. And Colin was


as young and fast as ever, coming through the pain without any pain


killer. He was under the knife of a surge in, his collarbone was in


five pieces. -- under the knife of a doctor. And we are very happy.


Only racing can give you this up and down. And at the moment, we are


flying. Or what is the latest about Cal Crutchlow? No do not want to


think -- want to forget about Cal Crutchlow, we are thinking about


him. He will be upset because he was a strong possibility for podium


finish. His collarbone is broken, they are checking of the neck.


There is nothing really bad but you still have to have a scan up later


in the afternoon to be clear. And hopefully he will have an operation


tomorrow in Manchester tomorrow and follow Colin on the podium. That is


all I can wish! Known pressure! Well done once again. The British


we have seen in 125 cc, let's see how the rest put on in qualifying


yesterday. -- got on. Qualify ing never disappoints. Always action-


packed and always the same guys at or near the front. The man to beat


his Nicolas Terol, but there is a new challenger to look out for also.


This guy, he is the hunt, all the This guy, he is the hunt, all the


And a big moment for Hector Faubel, he just get away with it. The


German always at or near the front. That cornet down behind the pits is


catching out a lot of people -- that corner. Bike number seven


looking competitive. Always a hard charger. Both these guys in the


hunt really pushing each other. Bike number 18, Nicolas Terol, it


was always going to be him up. But Maverick Vinales was still pushing


and saw off the best of them. His first here in this Championship and


in poor position in front of Danny Kent in 12th position. And it


A long way back, but tough conditions. These conditions are


difficult. It was interesting to hear before thank you for the


weather, he is always complaining about it because he lives in the


south of France! There are a lot of puddles, but it will be a great


racing. Let's see if we can catch up with those British races before


their home Grand Prix. I am here and it is still raining.


I am going to show you five British, because there is a wild-card rider


also. He is riding in the Spanish Championship officio, Wessex of Our


riders have graduated from this year -- where six of our riders. In


26th place, we have Taylor Mackenzie. He said he was going to


be missing Friday practice to sit his A-level exam and his teacher is


a big MotoGP fan so he has helped him to set that up. Ahead of him on


the 9th Road, we have got Harry Stafford, his first full season


here -- the 9th row. He competed in the British Championship last year.


He has had a difficult start with injury. And he had a crash with a


Danny Webb that he was talking about. And we will try to speak to


Danny Webb, a veteran. His 5th season in the Championship. He


finished in 8th position last year, which was a good result in his best


season so far for him in the Championship. A bit harder, a bit


more difficult this year on the new bike for him. He is helping to


develop it alongside his team-mate, Marcel Schrotter. He said to me


before that he was going to go all out and tried and if he crashes, he


crashes. He actually said, of gas it! I am saying that you told me


off-camera you were going to Gas et! Is that still the plan? We will


see what happens, I would get my head down and see where we end up.


I am on the grid, so get down and get my head down and see what


happens. If I have any doubts, and will close my eyes! How do you feel


about the conditions? It has worked for other riders today, but she


said it you do not want rain today. -- but you said. I am not fan -- I


am not a fan, but it is part of racing. A lot of people have been


crashing in MotoGP because of standing water so we will try and


stay out of that and try and bring it home. Good luck. One row up from


him, we have got Danny Kent. He finished 5th in the race, 4th in


the race he has corrected me! I guess you will be happy with


conditions today? I am not going to complain, I am happy with a dry


race or a wet race. I will just have to be consistent and see what


we can do. We will hope to see you at the front at the end of the race.


It looks like it is going to be a great race.


Plenty to watch, Danny Webb and Danny Kent. I am not sure of the


tactics of, if I am not sure of what to do, I will close my eyes! I


might try that! Danny Webb has five years' experience but that is still


not a lot, and in front of 75,000 fans in these conditions in your


home grand prix, it is going to be very, very difficult. We are going


to be able to watch the 125 cc for the first time here on BBC Two so


no need to go outside in these conditions. Stick with us for 45


minutes off the top racing, as you can see, at rain has been


interfering with play here at Silverstone. The weather, I believe,


is no better down at Queen's. A rather depressing picture at the


Queen's Club. Rain is falling heavily and no prospect of any


tennis right now. And what the final! Britain's number one Andy


Murray against talented Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. But the rain is


falling and the forecast is not very good so if there is any play,


we will bring it to you, but if there is not, we will be back


tomorrow afternoon at 12:30pm on BBC Two. Fingers crossed! Tickets


will be available from �10 if play is available. But hopefully, we


will still see some tennis here today.


Mac, back to use at --, back to use. That is the back end of the


starting grid. I hope you can sit back and enjoy it because it looks


as though it will be full of incident. Steve and Charlie are


back in the commentary box. I hope you have been doing your homework!


I always do the highlights of 125 and so I hope I am match-fit! I


cannot wait to see how Steve will get on! I love it and particularly


in these conditions. The look -- the good thing is that because they


have much narrower tyres, but they slower. I am by proportion, they


lose last time a black eyes and a very fast bikes. -- they lose less


time than faster bikes. You are likely to get all the horrible


things you get riding a motorcycle in wet conditions. Below there is


uncomfortable because it is wet and heavy and difficult to move around


-- a leather suits. It makes a significant difference to the horse


power in these conditions. And the track, as you can see, it is still


pretty wet. If you have never seen a 125 race I can tell you it is a


knock them down and drag them out stuff. We sit in awe of these guys


way you have five of Ben Cross sing a line within a 10th of each other.


Cost macro is the manner to beat, he is different and it runner.


Sandro Cortese also. But Maverick Vinales is in his first year of


this racing, he has been on pole for the first time and only had six


races, he is a child. He had to wait for a birthday because he --


before he could get onto the track, Maverick Vinales, No 25. Keep an


eye on him. Bike No 8, te roll, he is leading the Championship and


rides for the people. That was Bradley Smith's 125 team. Te roll


there that is by a big margin the most celebrated 125 team. There is


our boy, Danny Webb. The same applies in this class, if you have


a horsepower advantage and we know Danny is sorting out this bike for


the guys, this is a great opportunity to shine. Yes, the


discrepancy in power is nowhere near as pronounced in these


conditions. Danny Kent qualified in 15th. Sorry Danny Kent qualified in


12th and Danny Webb in 15th. They are the two British lads up the


front. Taylor McKenzie had a few issues. We did see what you do from


28th. That is what was done by Bradley Smith. But I have never


said this properly, revs are up... Almost. Getting himself in position.


Bit of a grid swap going on. Maverick Vinales on the right. Sit


back and enjoy, this is going to be fun - for us any way. Those guys


are going to be wet. Revs are up, and they're away. It is a bit slow,


but Maverick Vinales has nailed it on the right hand side, making the


turn in. Te roll is trying to ride around the outside of the pair of


them. We spoke about being offline. There is three already off the


track. These are all kids and are all sorting themselves out. It is


like a flock of Stahlelings there. They -- starlings there. Maverick


Vinales was hung out to dry a bit there. That is a proper spray issue.


There is Terol. Folger looking down the inside. There is no time there,


they're four abreast. Any old line you like. They are high and wide.


Maverick Vinales has dropped a couple of spots. Just in behind the


pack. There he is, No 25. Look like he is in fifth or sixth place. 17


laps the journey here. Across the old pit strait. We will give you


some speeds as we get them across the strait. We get a tangle. That


is Faubel. We saw him in qualifying have a moment in life that hesome


got away with. It is important with 125 to gate drive. The most


important corner -- to get a drive. The most important corner on the


circuit is coming up. There he goes and it is No 18 charges through,


the man that qualified second fastest, Terol. No 11 is there.


Danny Kent up into 13th. they're right out on the pavement.


Don't for goodness think about getting on that grass, or what


looks like grass, atro turf. Folger is the man. The man that is second


in this race is third in the Championship. This is really close.


Side by side. Folger getting passed Terol. He has got to sort it out


for this right-hander. Look at the speed being carried by Zarko on the


red bike behind the green bike. Really pushing hard. Maverick


Vinales is back into sixth. Zarko goes through. Terol is being


prudent. He has got the lead in the Championship. You are. We have all


done that. You're leading a Championship, it is hard to defend,


because you can make an idiot of yourself by falling off trying to


get an extra couple of points. But he has had that tremendous start to


theer -- the year with those four wins. Zarko in the orange. They're


are still pretty well bunched at the front. It is Danny went went


over the line in 13th. And 209 was young McPhee. What speeds have they


got? We got 209. 210 I beg your pardon. That is not bad going.


125mph. Good enough. Little single cylinder two stroke machines. The


end of a two stroke era coming up as we stroke to four stroke. A


squeeze there. A bit of nip and tuck, Faubel ducking through. We


have seen Terol in the last couple of races electing to let others


through when he has been leading, he waved Maverick Vinales on the


last time. He has done it a couple of times, because he does not


necessarily like to lead all the way. Slip streaming is part of it.


But here he does not want those two guys to get in fault, so he is


holding the line. They go down the hill and this is the battle for


third. 18 plays 55. Team mates at play and this is that treacherous


part of circuit. You come out of here and grab a gear as you come


through here. The final corner before the finishing line. Up on


the pavement the grip in the pavement is good here at


Silverstone. They use nice abrasive paint on the curving. It is fair to


say that as a rule there is a greater ratio of crashes in 125


than in the GP class as a rule. They have to get on with it.


somebody like Terol in third is as likely to think those two clowns in


front are just as likely to hop off as not. But they are making a very


good fist of it. Folger and Zarko are some seconds down the track now.


Maverick Vinales is in fifth. So there is your leader in the red


colours. Look at Maverick Vinales. He has managed to pull it up.


Nicely done from him. Will he switch to the inside? He has. Take


that! Two in one. Two team mates got beaten up there. Zarko goes


through. Sorry Maverick Vinales straight the way through. This is


his sixth race. It is stonking stuff. Of course, he has not been


to Silverstone and definitely not in these conditions. At the front,


bike No 5 and look at this Terol's getting a bit of a dust up here.


That last lap from Folger was the fastest lap of the race. He has got


a 0.8 second lead. The man on your screen is third in the Championship.


Jonas Folger. So it is as usual the sharp guys at the sharp end. This


is a battle for third place. This could swap and swap again two or


three times a lap. Vin aless has good speed. -- Maverick Vinales has


good speed. But a squeeze there, no 39 squeezing through. Louis Salom


there. He is not usually at the pointy end, but making hay while


the sunshines. He did have a good qualifier and got into sixth place.


Oh no, there you go, he overclubbed it. We spoke too soon. Reentering


hopefully. So three laps down. Folger I on his own. Second is


Zarko and then Maverick Vinales. Now bike No 15 starting to put


pressure on. Here is the mistake. Oh wow! Salom, Salom? It was slalom.


How did he hang on to that? We have had the blade aerobatic team here


today, well that was acrobatics. Fearless on the paints for reasons


best known to them as they move down the inside strait. Folger is


looking strong. That lead is now a second. The German rider looking


like he got it fairly well sorted out. I can tell you that


unfortunately for these guys one or two of the damp crowd have gone


home. It is not as full as it was for MotoGP. I don't think damp is


the way to put it. Well good luck to them, we admire the 75,000 of


them that toughed it out and came here. Zarko is closing him down.


Look at that. Not so much getting in the draft as getting in the


spray. Still under the screen there, even in the wet. Then sit back,


back a gear, back another one now for these lovely little 125


machines. I was brought up in the two-stroke era and it is a sad


sight that this is the last of two- stroke racing. But it is progress


and the Japanese manufacturers don't make any two-stroke machines


now. This is a change for the lead is it? No it isn't, Zarko had a


good strong look, trying to pressurise the German, Folger.


gap they have opened up is absolutely laudable at this stage.


The Frenchman there. Just probing away on the red machine. I can tell


you. Oh look another that rain. Danny Webb has moved up to 15th. He


rate behind Danny Kent. That is looking good for Danny Kent. For


both of them actually. Harry Stafford not starting today. That


is very disappointing. There we go, Terol, 18. Tyrol does not want to


get shuffled back too far. He doesn't want to get too beaten up


in this race. He is going in sixth and seventh place. Look at that.


Zarko giving it ten tens. He lost ground there. There is no question.


He wouldn't have got on the power. He was off the track. Right on to


the grassy AstroTurf. He would have lost a lot of ground actual


Liverpool Zarko just put -- of ground actually. Zarko put in the


fastest lap of the race. And he is in the Paris Hilton ma stheen and


Paris Hilton was at -- machine and Paris Hilton was at the last race


to cheer him on. I would say that almost certainly No 5, Zarko is the


quickest guy on the track. We saw how he had caught up and then lost


a lot of ground, now he has caught it up again. Folger has some issues


at the moment. He has got someone all over the back of him and I


think any minute now the lead will change. 13 lapse remaining. Zarko


one of few derbies. Up on the pavement, look at this. Right on


here is brilliant. This is the gap back-to- they are less -- Vinales.


They have had to sit there today watching these conditions, watching


the slipping and sliding. I would say there is fractionally less


water than there was in the MotoGP. The rain has not really abated. It


has not stopped but is still not as heavy as in the MotoGP rest.


pretty good battle with Sony there. The laps are tumbling down. It is


getting fractionally drier. Folger has put in a good time. The best


speed through the speed trap was 213 mph. Danny Webb has dropped


back a bit now. Danny Kent has got himself back into 13th.


proportion, they have more bikes on the track, giving them more hope of


a dry line. Zarco looks quite happy following. I believe that Zarco is


biding his time a bit here, keeping a close eye on what is going on. I


feel like he has something up his sleeve. There is a long way to go.


Often, these races are decided in the slipstream to the line.


would have to get a big run to get on the inside. It is literally just


round the last corner, into that very slippery section where we have


seen so many slide off the track there. Look at the gap between


these two and third place. Faubel corner. The Formula One circuit


turns left that this point. It goes up to the famous Bridge Corner.


There is the difference in lap times. Zarco has got his tail up,


Steve. He started from third on the grid. It is his first ever front


row start in professional racing. Now he is trying to make a mauve.


He did not quite get there, but he is really pitting Folger under


pressure. -- putting. difficulty is that if you run round


the outside you have compromisedFor the left. These are all linked


together from the point where you are into the brakes. This is the


one that you should get right. It looks to me that the number 94


machined has got the speed. In the slipstream, Zarco does not have, is


not able to pass. Just probing around there, seeing what he can do.


Terol, meantime, he is going to pull it up. He was wide enough and


he could block enough. That was it. Into the Vale. I think he thinks he


can go faster. Yes, head down and try to ease the gap out if you can.


If either of these guys it makes a mistake, they are so far ahead of


the rest of the field they all but guarantee a win for the other rider.


You can see Terol, Vazquez right within. Terol has that huge lead in


the championship. Danny Kent is knocking on the door of the top 10


as well, Steve, which is useful. Here is the past. It was very deep,


down to veil. -- Vale. He has done exactly what you suggested - head


down and try to pull out a bit of an advantage. Yes, this is going to


be a big test. After the next series of corners, we have the back


straight. There is finale's, still running third. His first pole


position in Grand Prix racing. He is in good company. He is quite a


sensation. Back at the front, it is these two, and as you can see they


are slowing down. Look at the speed. Hang on, we have got something


going on here. I do not know if tsar, steadier but he lost a lot of


ground on the straight there. I think he may be missed at here --


agear. Be aerodynamics favour the smaller rider. Some riders are


literally just too big for the bike. As soon as you stick your knee or


you are my it on the straight, you you'd -- you lose 1,000 revolutions


per minute. Vazquez is getting in the middle of that scrapped. There


are lots of tactical moves made in this. Danny Kent is now inside the


top 10. A yes, his manager is here as well this weekend. They are


absolutely fearless on these white lines, the pair of them. It does


take a very special person to race motorcycles. The fastest lap now


goes to Martin. That is interesting. He is in fifth position. Yes,


Adrian Martin, another Spanish rider. He is new this year. Even


when Bradley Smith was in here, the year that he ran second, there was


a third rider in that team as well. Adrian Martin, as a Spanish-


registered rider, is having a great ride. That, to me, indicates that


the rain is not falling quite as hard. It is a tiny bit drier.


Normally the first six or seven laps would be where you would pit


in the fastest lap, so I think the track is trying a little bit.


for Martin, is an absolute sensation. Terol, being the slowest


of the trio, is not something we're used to seeing. He has not really


had an auspicious start to the season. Maybe has a problem with


his visor or something like that. That is the battle for sixth.


People were getting more and more confident as this race unfolds.


can see that it is still raining, but not hard. You get to know where


the dry parts are and where the puddles are. We do not see it, but


they will be slipping and sliding, losing the front and losing the


rear. Yes, they still have those two-stroke characteristics, in


spite of the lesser power. There you go! Folger is just trying to


tap the horsepower on. I think that Zarco has been playing with him.


There are eight laps remaining. There will be no tyres over heating,


that's for sure! Bradley Smith could hardly speak when he came in


from his race, it was so-called. -- so cold. Zarco is having a good


show. Finale's was speeding up. We are going to get a proper measure


of this across the line. There is Vinales. There is Adrian Martin,


the man who set the fastest lap, off the track and then back on.


my goodness! That is not possible! That was just extraordinary. The


one good thing about nearly crashing when you're going fast,


the gyroscopic effect of the wheel makes it want to stay up right, it


is you with your weight that will push it over.


The move has taken place. Now let us see. Three 10ths, that is not a


lot. I truly believe that Zarco has the pace and speed to pull away


with this. I think he has been slowing the pace down, hence their


malice has closed down the gap. -- Vinales. He looks really neat


through there. Grotzkyj has crashed faster. Looking very confident,


this disman who is leading the race. He is only fifth in the


Championship. The guy who is dropping off is third in the


Championship, Folger. 2.34.0. So he has put in a faster lap. You can


see by the distance, he has pulled out. This is going to go down to


the wire. This now is the whole bunch of guys. They are pushing as


hard as they possibly can. Another one running wide. Team mate to


Danny Webb. That is Marcel Schrotter. Bringing it back on.


Watch where you go sunshine. That was near lay big moment. He took a


whole bunch of people with him. Taylor McKenzie started 26th and he


is up to 15th. Just in the points. Danny Webb is in 14th, Danny Kent


is still 10th. Here we go Vazquez, bike No 7. Oh no. I can't believe


it. It is the Paris Hilton leathers, Maverick Vinales was staring down


the barrel of a great podium finish. He has pushed it that bit too hard.


But he was closing down the front two and took a second a lap out of


them that. Is about a tenth too fast. Yes it was his fastest lap


the last time. He was picking up the pace. Now this isn't over. I


thought Zarko was going to disappear. But Folger is keeping in


there. Oh that is why. Flipping heck. That was exotic stuff. A


focusing moment. It is very much not over yet. The Frenchman there


really, really giveing himself a major fright. Six laps remaining


and I thought. Let's look at this again. As he turns the power on,


over the puddle and it just, he thut the throttle, it regripped and


nearly fired him out of the seat. Bearing in mind they're lighter


bikes, but even so, they're wet tyres are as good as anyone else.


They still want have the crispness of edge as when they started.


it is the sharpness of the red block that gives them grip and they


tend to lose their performance. Zarko last time 2.34.9. To 2.34.0.


So that second has been regained. Danny Kent is up to ninth. Courtesy


of that exit we saw from Maverick Vinales. There is Terol, the


fancied runner but he is nowhere. He is a good kid, Danny Kent. Very


polite and he has a great future in front of him. In front of him,


Folger is now back in front. He has just pipped Zarko. That looks good.


These two, don't think will be playing for too much longer, they


should start playing for keeps with less than five laps left. The rain


starting again. It is just one of those days, showers keep blowing


over and then it gets drier. All these lovely two-stroke machines.


We have a faller. He also has been that in that Bradley Smith team in


years gone by. He is of course, it is a bad day, he is of course...


Team mate to Maverick Vinales. So they have lost both their bikes,


the Paris Hilton team. Maybe the lap bards are telling them to press


on too hard. But we have lost both of them. Not actually as bad as the


run rate we had in Moto Two. We had a page of losses. Yes let's check


out the British lads. In ninth it is Danny Kent. Danny Webb is 12th.


John McPhee is 16th. He took a tumble as well. Earlier today. But


he came back and he is in good shape. For the Championship,


Cortese is only one place in front of Terol, so it won't make much


difference points-wise. Terol is back in eighth. But he is a hell of


a long way from the boys in front. He is 15 seconds. Maybe he has


decided discretion is the better part of valour. Cortese is second


in the Championship. So the front runners are seventh and eighth.


Frplts for Terol it is 120 point for him. Folger, he is going to be


closing in on Cortese. Folger is in the front and will pick up 25


points. So that will really push him right up the top. Last lap


2.34.6 for Folger. He is trying to get his head down and gap Zarko.


You never know what they have up their sleeve until you try to sea


what you have got and then it can bite you, you think you have got


something up your sleeve and you touch a puddle and there you go.


And you have got water up your sleeve. Exactly or you have got


gravel up your sleeve when you have finished. Four laps to go. Just


feeling their way through the corner there. Here is that pack.


There is Martin. There is Vazquez. That is a big slide of guys that


have got fourth. Talking of big slides, that is how Martin got on


to terms, bike No 7 have a back slapper there. But he got away wit.


We have seen some spectacular saves this afternoon. We really V we saw


one from Simoncelli in the GP class. It is a good trick, but you can


only do it once. This gap is coming down again. I can't work out who is


trying to play games with whom. But once we cross the line, I'm sure


they will have to declare their hand with three laps left. That


looked like it was telling him he had got more of a lead than he had.


They have got quite a bit on. Here is the man in third. He is nine


second down the road, but the guy in second is nine tenth down the


road. As you can see, there is the confirmation. And Martins has got


himself back up into fourth. Vazquez in fifth. He is always a


front-runner. Cortese is and Terol. But they are buttoning it off


further. Back to 17 seconds from 15 a lap ago. That is happily that is


not Danny Kent, it is his team mate, Marcel Schrotter. So Danny Webb


rather. So Danny is now, well he will be 11th after that. They were


having a good old battle. Danny Kent is tenth. Danny Webb 12th and


McKenzie 13th. Well they will move up. We were talking to Danny Webb


about this machine and they did have some difficulty power delivery


problems. That is where he felt he was losing out. Which you don't,


they have got that sort odd United. Ther doing a lot of testing -- that


sorted out. They were doing a lot of testing. They were working on


the electronics and the engine and trying to get the power delivery


smoother. He said it was fast enough, but it didn't deliver it in


the right way. There he is, Danny Webb. It looks well doesn't it?


A nice-looking machine. Oh that was the wrong time to cut away. Please


tell me he survived the AstroTurf. I'm surprised at Folger's speed. He


is the one that has pulled the pin. He really has. He is lean out with


his knees and when the he does that is because rather than leaning the


bike over as much, are trying to keep the bike as upright as


possible and the advantage is if it slides away, you can jab your knee


on the ground. Is a -- it is a non- abrasive material. There is Danny


Webb. He did survive that. Bike No 99. He is the moment again. Oh! It


was a close one wasn't it? Indeed, bike No 99. He was guessing there.


He does like tumble. But as he said, I'm just going to gas it. And


plainly he was there. Back at the front, well second from front


really. Bike Pa -- bike No 5. There is the front, bike No 94. A


professionally-run team. Think you're right, it does not look as


though Zarko can now respond. And Faubel is staring down the barrel


of a useful podium at this place. As long as Folger can stay on. The


pace he is running at, a hot pace, that is his fastest lap of the race.


Folger leads 2.33.05. His fastest lap. Zarko is not responding and


decided he is running the pace he wants to run and it is fast enough


for him. Folger is looking strong and he has not had a race win this


year. He has had... A second in Spain. He has had some podiums and


a podium in Spain. Two podiums in Spain actually. Faubel on the other


hand is paying the price of a non- finish in Portugal that. Is what


really hurt him. He has had an 11th and 11th and a a -- a seventh. So


getting on the podium would be a belter for him. It is rare you see


a race so spaced out like this, but in these conditions, doing its bit


to sift through the field and cut out a lot of the runners. Most of


the time you have just lucked into a setting. You don't always have


practice in the wet. They had warm up. But you find a spring that


works. A gear ratio. A final drive ratio that is working. You have got


the engine set right and it falls into place. Most important is


having good feedback about what is going on in front of you. You're


feeling your way through it and that gives you an advantage. You


can't always Getty time. It depends on the track conditions, wind drex


and sometimes you do luck into a setting. -- wind direction and


sometimes you do luck into a setting. We see Terol in eighth. We


have lost Marcel Schrotter, gid ya, Maverick Vinales Francesco


Mauriello and Stafford. They are all not running. We still have 20


round, Steve. It looked halfway through the race like he would be


the one struggling, didn't it? was under pressure but he responded


excellently. Germany 1, France 0. He is not going to press on any


more because he has got light years behind him. Past the old exit of


the pits. Now moving through the complex. To have something go wrong


now would be too cruel indeed. has got it all sorted out. A good


look over his shoulder as he comes down to the straight. Look how wet


it still is. It give you a very good idea of how hard those guys


are still going. That is more than 200 kilometres per hour. This is


the corner that caught out Rossi in warm-up this morning. This is it,


Steve, he is going to do it. The last corner. Head down, he is


putting the bike, he knows he has done it. No shame for Zarco in


second place. These two have been absolutely the class of the field.


Where is Hector Faubel? Areas. That is a useful podium for him. Salom


in fourth place, Vazquez in fifth, Martin in six. Terol in eight place.


Danny Kent makes the Top Ten, bike number 52. Here is Danny Webb,


right behind Danny Kent on the leaderboard. Two Brits. That was


very fortunate for him that he survived that enormous moment. How


about that? Taylor Mackenzie crosses the line in 12th place. We


have got Kent, Wed and Mackenzie, tenth, -- when, in tenth, 11th and


12th. Another name to look out for is


your man Folger. -- your hand... Folger is there that the moment,


but a very distant third to Terol. It is only the second race he has


not won this year. Terol has absolutely dominated in the drive.


Perhaps not quite as comfortable in them wet conditions. He was second


in this series last year. He is the stand-out rider. He is one of the


oldest riders and has the young guns breathing down his neck now.


It is funny how when in these conditions can give a youngster


like Folger the drive to kick on. That will be the case for Danny


Kent and Danny Webb, too. It is good to see Hector Faubel getting a


podium again. He always seems to be the bridesmaid in that team,


doesn't he? He has crashed out of a couple of pole positions in this


season. When he moved up to the intermediate class, it never quite


worked out for them. He has taken a few races to get used to riding a


125cc again. He never really made the step to a bigger bike but he is


definitely a strong contender here. I think that Folger can get himself


up there now, with Zarco. I think these two can start pushing Terol


for the championship. That is what we need. Terol is the class act, as


you say. Here we have the result. As you can see, the German just


ahead of the Frenchman. A little clutch of Spaniards there. Sandro


Cortese in seventh. Look at that, three Brits there. Isn't it great


to see all those Union Jacks? was a really good result. I kept


telling everyone it had stopped raining, but it is still pouring!


Did you enjoy that, Steve? I was about to ask if we pretend over


time for that! I always enjoyed a 125cc. There were some good battles


going on. Seeing some of the scale of the guys when they should have


crashed but they stayed on. That was fantastic. Adrian Martin should


have crashed but he stayed on. What a stunning save this was. He is a


rookie but you would not know it. It looks quite slow but that is


about 85 miles an hour. They are quick, these bikes. These guys have


got great skill. The name to look out for his Folger.


Congratulations on your first win. What conditions! There was so much


sliding and I had to take so much care in the first laps. I followed


Zarco for many laps. I thought I could go faster. It was just


amazing. Congratulations. An aim to look out for in the


future, as I said. And speaking such good English at such a young


age as well. It was a real disappointment for Lorenzo, wasn't


it? Yes, it was. It bit him big style, he flew over the handlebars.


Fortunately, he is not injured but he is going to be grumpy. He is up


and running for us in two weeks' June. It is a Saturday, not a


Sunday. That is the traditional. That is the Dutch TT. Hopefully the


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