Round 8 - Mugello MotoGP

Round 8 - Mugello

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Mugello. Up until last year of the talismanic circuit for Valentino


Rossi. But now there's a new hero in town. He may win over the fans


but he's not making friends on the track.


This is unbelievable! Fortunately he does not appear to be hurt.


the future if that happens it will be a problem. Lawrence Hill is down.


I hope he will meant the lesson in the future. Mainly I am sorry. I am


sorry. Yesterday he was laughing if someone would arrest him but maybe


he needs that. Dani Pedrosa is back after seven


weeks out and two operations. But not in the mood to forgive and


forget despite that repeated apologies from Marco Simoncelli for


that crash that left him with a broken collarbone. I am joined by a


MotoGP BT van Mark Webber. What you make of all these a handbags in


MotoGP at the moment? I lost touch a bit in the last few weeks but


obviously Simoncelli has been involved in a few incidents here


and there, some a little bit over the edge. But the riders will sort


it out on track. They always do. So I'm looking forward to the race


today. This is a very physical clap. The Yamaha looks quick. What to


make of this event at? This is a special one? It is phenomenal. This


is motor racing at its best. You see the passion, you have got the


hills and the background. I think we need a Formula 1 race here! It


has got more atmosphere than most of our places. It is a sensational


track. Beautiful for the riders and drivers. Have you asked Casey


Stoner if you can have a go on this? It is probably a bit short


for me but one day I would love to do some laps. It would be so alien


from what I am used to. But respect for the guys. Balancing the bike


right on the edge. They're all just phenomenal. I hope they have a good


safe race today and enjoy it. Pedrosa is back to do and Casey


Stoner in the Repsol Honda team. But not quite back to full fitness


just yet. How long before you are one &? It is hard to say. It was


now it is really painful and I feel I'm not so strong. It is my right


hand, normally I always go with my left and this is the first time I'm


having problems with the right hand. But I hope that I can get back to


the top and try to win some races. Is it just a case of focusing on


yourself and your own performance now? There's so much going on in


the press it must be hard to concentrate full stop I have a


special technique - I read nothing about it and that works. Sounds


like a good technique! Great to see Dani Pedrosa back. It has been well


overdue. It is good to have him back. But how many times have we


seen embracing when his series is already in tatters? Still a lot of


points up for grabs. We just so this shot of the handshake before


the press conference on Thursday. What did you make of it? I thought


it was all to do with the fact that Simoncelli had not washed his hands


after going to the toilet! But it is getting ridiculous. Well one guy


not here this weekend unfortunately his Loris Capirossi. He was injured


and is still a bit battered and bruised. He will be missing from


this race for the first time in 20 years. What a waste. We have seen


some of his best races here. Some great efforts from him. And it is


Courier time as well for us Capirossi I guess. He will have to


ask themselves some questions. think so. He just has not cut it.


And when you get a little bit older it you do not even know why you are


not doing so well. And other Italian, Valentino Rossi. This is


his circuit and it is just not going to plan. You either have to


worry that your Hero has got through it you knew hero has a head


full of straw. Valentino Rossi is struggling with handling. The front


end is still worrying him. thing that will Wherry his fans is


that he is not even the fastest to catty. No, not nearly. They just do


not seem to be able to unlock the bike. At that the merchandising


guys are worried. Today I think she might be found out. They're just


not getting it together. And Jill Burgess is not here this weekend.


Yes his wife is having medical checks. That is awkward because


they need all the help they can get trying to sort out that bike.


we wish him and his wife or the best. He may not be the fastest to


catty, Valentino Rossi, but he is the fastest in the Championship.


He's tough at the moment but you have to imagine that that position


is coming under serious threat now. Ben Spies should be further up the


Championship than he is. He is low on points but now he's Burrell and


feels he is getting results under his belt. And what about Casey


Stoner, 20 points in the lead? Looking good for Casey. The Honda


is arguably the best package out there. He is fast and solid and has


got a great bike underneath them and a good team around him. Well we


will see how he gets on. The man on the move at the moment is Ben Spies.


He's showing all the ingredients to be a future world champion.


AMA Superbike champion. The old Superbike champion.


-- world. MotoGP rookie of the year. And now all in just his second


season, a MotoGP race winner. You have had the best part of a


week now to reflect, has its own kin that you are a winner? Honestly


it has not. It has started to. Once I got back to Italy and went


downtown and had some dinner I could see how different it was to


be an MotoGP winner and how will the people were just so excited


that for me. It was more excited than I was. It is going to take a


while to sink in. It may not happen again, I don't know. But I do know


it helps me in my head as a rider knowing that when the bike is there


and I'm riding well, that I can't win it. I felt more relieved than


joyful that it is over and done with. But now it is done I can


concentrate just on going back to the track and work on getting the


job done. Generally in MotoGP there seems to be a lot of riders who


have fallen out with each other. How do you get on with the other


riders? I get along with everybody pretty much. Motegi P E with the


riders, the hospitality, it is a travelling family. And when you


travel so much during the year and you're in this world, I want to get


along with everybody. When the green flag drops, I do not have any


friends out there. But it is nice to be able to go and chat with the


riders. I do not need - some people need animosity to race better but I


do not care. If it is my best friend I would probably raise them


harder than somebody I do not like. You said it was like a family but


you also have your mother here as well. You or relationship with your


mother is quite unique, and she helps you out professionally?


is the reason that I'm here. She worked three jobs when I was a kid


and if it was not for her I would not be here. I owe her basically


everything. As much as Siddique supports it I'm sure that it's


vital trip I was done with the racing she would be happy. If you


did decide tomorrow you did not want to do MotoGP any more, his


cycling but think that you would turn to? For fun. But I'm not good


enough to be a professional cyclist and I do not want to suffer so much


as they do. I would do it hard core for 10 days and then go back to a


real job. But it is a good week for me to turn it my brain of MotoGP


racing. But apart from that I do not know what I would do. I do not


have any great skills. But that is my favourite hobby and I like to do


it. I would race and have fun but I'm genetically not gifted enough


to do that well at it. And your hopes for this weekend? This is


almost like another home race for you? The Italian people have been


very good to me and it is like a second home race basically. I


definitely want to back up what we did last weekend. We want to show


the confidence and we need to be upfront again. But there was a lot


of stuff happening here. Valentino has the best track record here. It


is their home test track. So I expect him to be pulling some stuff


alt. All we can do is give it 100% like we always took and hope it


comes together. Good luck. Well Ben species back include this weekend.


What a weekend that was for him. The first dry race winner since two


dozen than six. It was a different story with his old team last


weekend. They had severe problems with their front tyres. You can get


a look at the where on that. It was a difficult weekend for them and


this is another circuit that places huge demands on the tyres. We went


to have a look and find out more. Down here at Bridgestone, the TEC


three guys at young had did not know what had gone on. Can you shed


any light? It was a slightly strange situation. It was 29


degrees colder it than last year. So the guys went out to the grids


on the wet tyres. And it is very unlikely that you can go from the


wet tyres straight to the heart. And pretty much everybody used the


softer front tyre. Of course that warms up quicker but it does not


last so long. And we got that graining. The bikes and the riders


use the tyres differently. The Tech 3 Yamaha bikes used them harder and


You're using you the asymmetric tyres for the first time. Should


this work better here? The world record was set at Mugello last year


by Dani. This year, as part of this lane to the riders and providing


something softer that warms up quickly, we brought asymmetric


tyres which means the left shoulder is a little softer, to give them


more grip on the left Tyneside and more consistency.


Hopefully asymmetric ties will militate against the problems we


saw Simoncelli had last time. A big problem for Bridgestone is trying


to prevent tyre degradation. Take the main straight. They are doing


0-100 mph. It generates so much heat that it runs the risk of


disintegrating the stock and even bigger problem is tired degradation


through constant corners. -- tyre degradation. They hit the brakes


and the suspension possums out and the tyre wall goes like that. Then


they get on the gas. They stuck to head up the hill. They never stand


the bike up. Then they get to the crest of the hill and the tyre


grows light. It is still grinding and yet at another angle again.


They are putting it on an angle grinder and trying to destroy the


edge of it. Bear in mind that this track is all brand new, so it is as


rough as an emery board. It is a trap that demand -- is


demanding on ties but divides his signing of the theatre for the


thousands of fans who have descended here for what is for them


a treat tribal gathering. The never are the colours so vivid


all the support so passionate as here in Mugello Kong where the


Italian riders get fanatical Over the years, there has been a


sea of red and white in this, the Ducati stand. Meanwhile, over here,


they have been sticky yellow. This is Valentino Rossi territory. --


strictly Ella. Where once they competed to be the biggest and the


loudest, this year the once sworn enemies have formed an eagerly


anticipated Alliance. I was Ducati and then Valentina. We have Italian


pilots and Italian bikes. Ducati yes but Valentina is the God.


Valentina is the best. He is the first rider, for up Italy he is


number one. Ducati is Italian. Work, work, Ducati will go.


The doctor needs a miracle cure if he is to recreate the races that


have made him the most successful rider here at the Mugello circuit.


He has nine wins in all classes here, including one very special


L&G comes in steaming with the brakes. He muscles his way past


Rossi. Rossi's has not on your life. The land leases come up Ia and


going to take it anyway. This is great stuff. This is the part of


the circuit there really plays to Rossi. P Reid takes the lead. They


have won a corner to go. A slide from Loris Capirossi. This is a


last corner. What can Capirossi do? Canny comeback? Cannae get the


power down? Will it be a Ducati podium on the home circuit? Yes, it


An Italian classic. Now there is a new generation of local lads


looking to make their mark in front of this incredible crowd. Here is


how they got on yesterday in qualifying.


Casey Stoner came out on top in their rain-affected qualifying


session. He set a new circuit record of 1:0.4. Ben Spies was


second quickest, half a second behind Stoner. Completing the front


row was Marco Simoncelli who look like a poor contender for much of


the session. But he got tangled up a little bit in the rain. Cal


Crutchlow was in line for a desperate top-six position right


till near the end of the session when Colin Edwards knocked him off


back to 7th. As for the home fans' favours, he is back in 12th. No


sign yet that Valentino Rossi and Ducati are any closer to solving


There he is, Casey Stoner, number 27. He has 27 wins to his name and


his -- this is his 27th pole. We spoke to him earlier on. The same


position as Assen a week ago. Hope for the same result? There is


always a hope. We got good confidence at Assen. We just want


to get a good start and see where we can be at the end. Yamaha is


working really good here. We can't expect Assen to happen every week.


It was fun while it lasted and we would try to get a good start here.


It was 0.08. I think we will have a good race. We could see four guys


go at it until the end. Ben Spies second on the grid for the second


race in succession. Who else to round up the front row? For the 6th


successive race, Marco Simoncelli, Dani Pedrosa is coming through as


well. Colin Edwards qualified on the outside of the second row just


behind Marco. It was right at the end of the session he knocked off


his team-mate, Cal Crutchlow. You really didn't need the rain


yesterday, did you, on a track that you are learning? I know you find


it quite difficult on this track as well. No, not at all. We had the


worst warm-up this morning I think you could ever have. We will see


what we can do here. It is just track experience. We are going to


gamble and run the soft tyres. They probably will not last the race but


we will try our best. Let's move on because behind Cal Crutchlow we


have Dani Pedrosa. There was a lot of talk about his motivation after


all those crashes for coming back to racing. I can tell you he has


been all smiles and pretty relaxed here this weekend. He was second


fastest on Friday and he has been pretty happy with the rain in the


sessions. He was talking earlier about the pain he has been feeling.


So it remains to be seen what he can do in race distance. But as we


know, he is really good for his start.


He is a demon starter and it is a long straight down towards the


first turn. Some way further back is Valentino Rossi in 12th. I have


his team manager here. What is going on? Valentino's struggling


with Ducati still and been beaten by other Ducatis as well. Yesterday


was a tough day but I think this morning in the warm-up we had a


difference and he felt better. So we think this is the start we look


for in the race. And of course we looked to go ahead of all the other


Ducatis. More Rossi magic? Yes, maybe. We hope to find the same


edition that was in the warm-up. Good luck.


Just one more before we get kicked off that I would like so catch up


with. De Puniet. He is not there. The talkies that Sylvain is going


to replace Capirossi in two weeks' time. We are all set up now for the


start. 23 laps. We have pool men in particular are very much on the


pace. All eyes on one of them, Marcus Simoncelli. Steve Benjani in


the commentary box as usual. Our first 23 laps, you'd have to say


Simoncelli in particular the first nervous about. Probably the left-


hander. Over the crest of the whole, there is a chance to get it sorted


out and get back up the hill. But then the tide and twisted turn that


we will have a look at in the laps, the journey. It is quite a


circuit. Talking to the riders, it doesn't necessarily look that way


but it is fast changes of direction. It goes on and on with chicanes and


hills. There is no time to get a breather. It is very, very


difficult and very, very hot. I think we are 28 a 29 degrees. It is


looking like being at Cocking race. We saw Ben Spies saying that he


reckons there will be a bunch of them, Parnaby four guys battling it


out. This guy is looking lonesome on the 4th row. There are two other


Ducatis faster than him on the Forth Road, which is always very


difficult. Word coming to me is that Simoncelli has some problems.


You do not need to bomb stark one of those bikes on the start-line.


He has got it going. But it doesn't do well to get on it and sort it


out afterwards, if I was you, Marco. The last thing you need is being


hot and bothered before the start of the race. It ruins your


composure. It could wreck your hair! I hope we didn't fire of his


airbag. You will see some real shots onto the bottoms of the


riders that they have airbags. Casey usually holds back. Valentino


Rossi will hopes he stars as well as in the warm-up. He is important


rider to watch aside from the fact of all the nonsense being talked


about him. They are ideally as many people around Simoncelli's track as


Valentino Rossi's. These are these winding corners, left to right,


left to right. They go for 110 to 140 back to 110 mph. Pedrosa is


going to find this very, very hard going indeed. There is lots of


downhill and off camber and big stocks. I have a feeling Dani


Pedrosa will be better once the race gets going. It is funny how


Payne seems to disappear when after his win. Lots of results. A


wonder if Yamaha will look at the team order at any stage. We just


saw the safety car or going through. For Valentino Rossi, a last year he


left Mugello in an ambulance. the grid it is important to keep


our eyes out for Dani Pedrosa. at the crowd. It is a big one.


Casey Stoner on the left. Similar Shelley on the right. And where


weighty for the start and there are a wave. Marco Simoncelli has


dropped back behind Lorenzo. Dovizioso trying to come through


the middle. Riding with Valentino Rossi. We take our first left-


hander. It over the Crest of the hill. So Margot Zemin Shelley did


not make a lot of that there but a to find a way past Marco's


Simoncelli. Casey Stoner in the lead. Dovizioso is always a strong


has up their sleeves. Tony Elias is up into 7th place. In front of Cal


Crutchlow. I do not know what went on there. Casey Stoner is at the


front. One lap down and he leads. And what a first lap that was.


Bautista goes down the inside. is Nicky Hayden. Straight back onto


the track. He was really in good shape there. What about the crowd


here today? The Ducati fans are not getting a great deal. Down the hill


we go. Look at Alvaro Bautista! I do not Megawati had for breakfast.


-- I do not know what he had for breakfast. It is getting busy.


Already we are going to find out whether Lorenzo can stay in touch


with Casey Stoner or if Dovizioso gets all over him. The Honda is


good on this circuit. It looks like Casey Stoner is bolting at this


moment. That was a shocker. Nicky Hayden. There running with the


hounds before that. Casey Stoner with the fastest lap. Bautista or


having an outstanding ride. The whole of this circuit has been


resurfaced. There's not a more beautiful band of tarmac in the


world. Working our way down the hill. Margot's Simoncelli is not


really in Dovizioso. Realistically Margesson and cherry does not want


to go and do anything silly. -- ma Championship. Take a look at this.


There's number 19 in front of Colin Edwards, in front of Cal Crutchlow


and a whole clutch of other people. Including Valentino Rossi.


Qualifying shuffled things up. But just to have a shot at qualifying.


They cut tiers wrong. But this is better than anything we have seen


from Zizzo keep this year. There is talk of Suzuki not entering the


race next year. Cal Crutchlow has never been here before. It is going


to be a tough race for Valentino Rossi. Cal Crutchlow still pretty


so air from his broken collarbone from Silverstone. Pretty much all


the front guys have gone for the harder tyres. Cal Crutchlow is one


who has gone for the softer at tyre. But the top four or are all on the


hard tyres. It is really going to play itself out in the second part


of the race with the heat, the sun. It is much hotter than these guys


have experienced all weekend. much Ellie's last lap was the 10th


of the second to faster than the two guys in front of him. So he is


creeping up. Has Lorenzo gone too deep? Just hangs on to it. It is


one of those corners. It goes down whole -- Downill and it just wants


to subacute in. Ben Spies will be slightly frustrated having


qualified second for this. He's having to write a hard to keep in


touch with these guys. Including his team-mate. A lot of people have


been saying about Simoncelli being wild and crazy but this circuit in


2006, I can remember Casey Stoner appearing out of the dust. The bike


literally exploded into mid-air as if it had been fired from a harpoon


missile launcher. Casey Stoner used to have the most spectacular


stomach wrenching crashes you have ever seen. And how many times has


Lorenzo done the same thing? board with Casey Stoner. They do


not use the first year around this circuit. -- first year. Valentino


Rossi closing in on the back of Colin Edwards. Cal Crutchlow just


in behind that lot. We took about Valentino Rossi, he is having


another look on the inside. Colin Edwards is his next victim. But he


has got so much pressure on him. Looking at Valentino Rossi, and we


have got Edwards, and in front but Mr. -- Bautista. Valentino Rossi,


one of his favourite passing places is Casanova of. Round the outside


at Casanova's. A all his fans used to be there. He was right in front


of his own crowd. I remember it not long ago when Alvaro Bautista will


slammed down the inside of the Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo finished up


meandering through the crowd. That is how long the grudges go back in


his class. That is Lorenzo and that is Dovizioso. He has spent much of


his career chasing Lorenzo around the pack. The old boys are in it


and the crowd are just loving it. Valentino Rossi is through. He has


passed Cal Crutchlow. Now he has to get past Hector Barbera. Valentino


Rossi has moved up into its eighth position. Doing a great job because


he has no confidence in the front of the bike. That is the bike with


a different rear suspension system. There's so much grip on those. And


the new surface here has helped a great deal. It is all in it really


great shape. We must talk about the Ducati. Casey Stoner at the front


just stroking it away. Let's have a look at what Valentino Rossi can do.


Nicky Hayden will be furious with himself. Because he does speak


himself up especially here in front of the home crowd as far as Ducati


are concerned. How about that? Lorenzo has just been done by to


the tyres again. He is pointing at the front tyre. What is going on?


That is out rages if that is the case. Everyone has gone for the


harder option. I don't know what is going on there but what a


Dovizioso said thanks. The rear wheel came up in the air a touch.


Left a yard or so. Now it is Repsol top of the show what was going on


there. Talking to Bridgestones. It was the Tech Three on the guys who


had this problem last time in cold conditions. And Dovizioso was one


of the other ones who had a problem with the tyre wearing in odd places.


Honda have never won in this category. They have won with the


990 bikes. At the moment, Honda are so desperate to win the 800s. A new


lap and circuit record for Stoner. That wasn't bad. Down the hill we


go. The lap record is not as fast a time as the qualifying times. But


nevertheless, as I said before, the Times these guys are banging out


are fast. You don't get a dull race here very often. It is a slight


worry when the field is a bit depleted. In fact, where his Rossi?


I think he got past Barbera. Barbera has got back past him again.


I need to get some paperwork done This is the battle for second. I


will keep an eye on Simoncelli's time. He would be getting a spell


of the exhaust fumes... He nearly drove up those exhaust fumes.


Barbera now at the head of that. now got Barbera to try to deal with.


-- Bautista in blue. Close stuff there. Lorenzo de squeezed his way


past. He ran into the corner too hot. In 4th place, Marco Simoncelli


is watching all this going on. You can see that he is much closer. Ben


Spies not dropping off either. Rossi now is in to 6th position.


fairness, he had the better of a battle in the last couple of laps.


Rossi started 12th and has battled his way through and he has had to


race all the way through this lot. Over the line goes the leader. I


look at Bhagat. It is 2.3 seconds. That is comfortable for Casey


Stoner. I know he takes a different line through there. Lorenzo. But


he... Here they come. Brace yourself! It is a lovely set of


cross about this and I think the crowd will as well. But they played


so Hector Barbera. He has not had a great year but he is having a good


race here. He is way down in the championship. This is an absolute


belter. Ducati, Suzuki. Up the whole we go. Then the Honda and


then the Yamaha. It is a great clutch of bikes. Rossi on the


inside. Can Barbera hang him off? He has got to be slipped streaming


down this long, long straight. It is 0.7 of a mile long. And it is


downhill. That is the part of the circuit where Rossi hurt himself


last year. The Ducati team give very good customer engines.


Absolutely. If anything, Lorenzo is struggling with the brakes a little


into that corner. I think he is faster in the middle of the corners.


But sometimes you are in the slipstream at 200 mph and it upsets


the bike. This is a reverse of their 250 days. It used to be


Lorenzo in front. A beautiful move. That is down at Casanova again.


Third gear corner, about 110 mph. Simoncelli keeps nudging his way


closer and then he loses it. To ritzier so cannot turn when he


wants to. -- Andrea difference here so it can't turn when he wants to.


Our life is like a time warp together. So that gap at the front,


comes up. Shifting gear and then the other part of the ramp. Jorge


Lorenzo this time. Ben Spies is not done with. He has definitely closed


up on Marco Simoncelli. Meantime, he is tried to get them if he


possibly can. I think they eventer keep each other tangled enough to


do it. Try to have a look at Barbera. We have the other battling


Ducatis. I would not look over my shoulder now. I think he looked


over his shoulder not to upset Nicky Hayden. He has let him


through. Nicky Hayden was let through by Karel Abraham. That is


Nicky Hayden, who has now moved up to 11th spot. Number 69. He went


into the gravel on lap two. 2.1 seconds, the advantage he has got.


We are waiting to see if he has extended it or lost it. It is just


enough of a lead. He cannot go too mad with it. But it is useful


enough. This is where thickness comes into it now with 11 laps


remaining. The Yamahas do such a good job there. The Honda


particularly. What a great start for Casey Stoner and also getting a


breaking-point right. You never get a chance to test job breaking point


of the start line. The watch the blue bike at the back, 19. What


about any as? He is right on the inside there. I think he went with


Battista. There is Elias with the yellow helmet. Karel Abraham got


shuffled out there. The gap from Stoner back to Lorenzo is 1.9. That


has gone down from 2.1. We have 10 laps remaining. There is the leader,


right. I get so excited. There is just too much going on! It is


electric! A will Casey Stoner be able to respond to this? Ben Spies


is right on the back wheel of Marco Simoncelli. Marco Simoncelli has


run out of puff. I reckon his head has got hot. Maybe his hair will


melt off. These two will now be working their way back on to it.


Yes, Simoncelli has really got to concentrate. Ben Spies has got the


monkey off his back of Assen. I would have thought Marco Simoncelli


could block him out. He didn't need a second invitation! A little tiny


gap like a rat up a drainpipe and he was through. He has got the


taste for racing now after last week. He got his head down. It


wasn't an error from Simoncelli so much. It was just a fantastic bit


of work from Ben Spies. He managed to keep it nice and tight there. He


got it loped down very nicely. Down the hill through Casanova. 15 left.


We are on board with Marco the bike goes light. Yes, indeed.


Nine laps to go. This is going to be a long nine laps. Here is the


replay. Ben Spies has a look and see is the gap and it is just about


the way it of a Yamaha. Beautiful move. Simoncelli, nice and polite,


tucked his arms in. The critical thing for Simoncelli is actually


tried to keep it on the island and make sure everything works. He has


got to finish even if it is 5th. eight laps gone. Gap is 1.3. We


have a race on here. I know I said that in place two but we didn't. --


less than 1.3, I would have said. They are reeling in Casey Stoner


big time. Very much so, yes. Jorge Lorenzo said his fastest lap of the


race. -- set his fastest lap. We are on board with Casey Stoner for


gear. Can Casey Stoner respond? It is your worst nightmare. This will


be something else. Lorenzo is the man bleeding the Championship. This


is going to be a special for the current world champion. Nice clear


vision as he goes over the line. From 1.3 down to 1.0. That has let


Lorenzo off the hook a bit and will give him some breathing space to


really get his head down and get on top of Casey Stoner. Lorenzo in


qualifying, it is not traditionally as Yamaha's circuit. It looks like


the Yamaha is the one that has less degradation in its tyres. Because


Lorenza can keep up the pace and it looks to me as if Casey Stoner


cannot. We said about this Championship, no put him trying to


keep in front of Lorenzo and crashing out. The best thing that


Casey Stoner can do is make sure he gets across the line. If he has got


issues... He is in big trouble. some locally. -- absolutely. Casey


Stoner getting reeled in now will be style. The clock. Any minute now.


The crowd trying to wake him on. Not 0.3 of a second it is. While


all this is going on the one man not in the thick of it is Cal


Crutchlow. What happened to. could not afford to crash and I


knew I was going to crash. We struggled for a set up all weekend


and be we chasing I tell. -- we were chasing our tail. That tyre


completely chewed up. I was wide at every single corner in that race.


So decided to pit. That is devastating for me because I never


give in but I have got my shoulder to think of as well. I don't want


to run what we have put in so far. We will go away from here having


learnt some stuff I think. world champion is back in front


with a new lap record. The fastest lap of the race. Down again into


Casanova's. A lovely move. That was terrible news for Cal Crutchlow. He


was being prudent, not wanting to hurt himself. But this Championship


is going to be booted wide open again if Lorenzo can pick up these


points. If he cannot extract that kind of performance from the Yamaha.


Has Casey Zdenek decided to that he wants to hang on to the coat tails


of the Yamaha and? Is going to hang on to Lorenzo and have a go?


key will be where their Jorge Lorenzo can crowbar open a gap. It


looks as if Lawrence Hill is leaving Casey Stoner behind. That


is bad news for Casey Stoner because the last thing he needs is


Dovizioso to take it away. He could lose another it for all points in


that case. That has got to be issues with the tyres unless the


Honda has been burning up too much fuel. In that case the engine


management system will shut itself down. I suspect it is more likely


to be the tyres. Casey Stoner has perhaps Murren down those tyres a


start for Valentino Rossi. He had a bit of a run-down into the first


turn. It seems they have had electrical problems with the Ducati


bike. There's Hector Barbara haven't a good run at the moment.


Ben Spies 18 seconds further up the road. It looks like the Battle of


the Repsol Honda to get second and third. Jorge Lorenzo are looking


good with four laps remaining. Casey Stoner has got a second


problem. He is trying to respond to Lorenzo but Dovizioso has just as


quick. Here is a replay. Then spies and was not close enough. It is


easy to see at Gap and think you can get through it. Colin Edwards


having a reasonable run out there at the moment and Nicky Hayden has


come back pretty good. Casey Stoner trying to hang on to his team-mate.


He just could not get the power. He has lost grip on the rear of that


bike. You can see him try to shift his body weight. He was definitely


in trouble coming out of that bottom end corner. I could see him


trying to shuffle his weight around to try to get more grip. Lorenzo at


the front with A1 second lead over these guys. Dovizioso has recovered


quickly as they work their way up the hill. The elevation changes are


enormous. There is Lorenzo, the reigning world champion. But the


guy that is in the front in the series his way back down the road.


This is probably about the best race I have ever seen for work


Jorge Lorenzo. To come back from where he was in third place to


fight his way back up to the front. Putting in its solid and consistent


times. Running down the hill from the penultimate time. Casey Stoner


seems to have Dovizioso it under control but anything can happen in


the last lap. This is where I expect Dovizioso to be able to get


into the slipstream. You would think he would try to slip through.


Side by side over the hill. Casey Stoner tries to cut back. Dovizioso


throws Casey Stoner. What a belter! Casey Stoner looked to go to the


inside. You can see him go for it the gap. He will not be pleased


about that. That was the most amazing bit of breaking by


Dovizioso. We're down through Casanova's. What can Casey Stoner


do to help his Championship here at the moment the? Was all Dovizioso


in the slip Stream. He may have to stuff him into the last corner,


which is coming up very soon. The two team-mates have to make sure


they do not take each other out. Casey Stoner it seems to be


struggling on the exit of the corners. It looks like Dovizioso is


getting out of their. Jorge Lorenzo has pulled off a magnificent win in


Italy. Dovizioso eclipses Casey Stoner. And a nice one there for


Ben Spies who sees off Simoncelli. The crowd are cheering him over the


line. That was very nice work by Valentino Rossi. What a race he had.


There is Nicky Hayden who made something out of it. And


disappointing to see Alvaro Bautista a, he was so much in the


hunt for so long. I think that is the best race I have seen. The


Honda is such a great bike. Tremendous stuff from the younger


Spaniard. Absolutely brilliant. That was now his 16th win. He has


the body language of someone who looks really surprised by it.


not even think he will have any celebrations. It was not looking


good at the start of the weekend. That is good stuff. Today it ran it


incredibly well. EMI have was good on the tyres. Casey Stoner will not


be pleased. He still picks up some points but not what he was


Dovizioso, whose -- whose voice is just breaking! The unbridled joy a


of being the lead Honda home and a team win. Beating fair and square


Casey Stoner is a belter. Tight round the bottom there. Excellent


move from him out of that final corner. OK, what a way in. -- what


a win. A fantastic win. Where did those


Lamb times come at the end from Jorge Lorenzo? A race like this,


only he can make. It is like a robot. He doesn't like that name.


It is unbelievable how he is doing that and the rest was just


hammering and pushing and finally we did it again. Is the


championship back on now? Were well, that is hard to say. Of course,


these are the moments where we can make the difference and catch up


with Casey a bit. It was good that Dovizioso came second as well. We


clutch up nine points. There are still a long way to go. We are


ready to do more. We were told yesterday you put some 2010 parts


back in the pike. Is that what is making it work? No, not really. It


is a combination. It is still a 2011 bike. That is what matters.


Basically, we improved the set-up and it is a bit different from last


year. We are not sure why we are able to have to change the package


so dramatically. Finally, it is not a 2010 bike. Yes, we are using some


parts but race by a brace, we are making changes. It is a good bike.


Enjoy the party. He must be absolutely... It is an


interesting point about whether they have actually found something


on the bike more than Lorenzo just getting a bit lucky. Yes, what a


ride for this man. It is not a 2010 bike. They have a 2011 registration.


Jorge Lorenzo, current world champion. He didn't have confidence


in the old one. We have all done that. Gone back to start again.


That was a proper little triumph for Dovizioso. I'm sure there will


be congratulations between the team next. I don't think Stoner will


bear in any ill will. I thought at the beginning when Stoner got his


head down and set out to Matt Baggott, botty was gone.


Congratulations there. It was fair and square, wasn't it? This is


where we expected it, losing a bit of paint on the side. Stone in


nearly ran into the back of him. I don't think he could believe that


Dovizioso managed to get it stopped so well and so good. He looked more


under control than Casey. The one thing this championship needs is


more riders. Have you found one, Matt?


I have found one. First of all, look at the crowd coming up at the


bank. I have a former Grand Prix rider with me. He speaks better


English than myself friend Charlie put together. It seems you are


going to be joining a compatriot in the next round at Germany. -- in


Germany. Yes, we're going to start tomorrow so I can get to grips with


the bike. It is nearly three years since I rode it. I can't wait to be


back on it and try the Tantastic bike again. The plans are for the


Saxon ring. We were chatting at the start of the race and you said you


missed that being when all the bikes go off together. What did you


make of the race today? First of all, it was the noise. I was


sitting here with the race director when they started the race. When


the bike goes, I just forgot how loud it was. I used to be on the


grid, so I had the ear plugs. get down to the podium.


Casey, congratulations. Damage limitation, though. What happened?


I did everything I could during the race. We started off up all right


and the bike felt all right. We had a problem in the warm-up. As soon


as the temperature warmed up, we lost grip. We decided whether or


not to change the pressure and I was recommended not to change it


for the race. But as you can see, it was so much hotter. The tyre


pressure got up private at -- too high and I lost my grip. There was


no pressure on the front and has started closing the fund. We


thought let's try to keep a consistent pace, but it was too


slow. There was nothing we could do. We lost all the grip in the rear


and you can't do anything without it. Thank you.


I should say, Casey called her Lucy. He is calling her a different name


every week. Casey was saying that the extra heat today was causing


problems for grip. A difficult weekend because not much dry track


for these guys. It makes it hard. It is hard on the tyres and pop --


and hard physically. After 45 minutes on the bikes, you can feel


it. Of course, it would have been really hard. Casey's pace came down


a bit at the end. Lorenzo was on fire.


Congratulations. Important victory and important to see this by


winning again. The Yes, I'm so happy. I put everything, all the


energy I have in my body on the track. In the end I win the race


which at the beginning seemed so difficult. Casey was so quick.


Little by little, I was recovering. I was not able to overtake them on


the heartbreakings. But I saw the opportunity on the downhill.


Congratulations. Tang Q. What a performance from Jorge


Lorenzo. You were marvelling at his consistency, particularly towards


the end of the race. His pace was unbelievable. It was very


impressive. You could tell he wanted it so badly. He was really


pushing hard. Then Dovizioso gave Stoner a hard time at the end. It


was a great race overall because it is not so often you get the


surprise of people coming back like this. A great podium for the home


fans to celebrate. Congratulations on the podium. You


have given them something to cheer about. Already last year I came


third. It is something I have been waiting to feel. It is something


not many people can feel and it is very special. We made a really good


race. The pace was good. We made a really good weekend. Thank you to


the team. To be the first Italian in Italy is something special.


will and enjoy it. I'm up sure he will enjoy it.


Sylvain, standing on the podium in front of a home crowd and a crowd


like this as well. Look at this. Incredible scenes. It is


unbelievable. I was just thinking, last year you could see everybody


was in yellow but now you can see red and yellow. You're going to be


riding one of these Ducatis. It is not the quickest bite out there at


the moment. A bit of a handful. They are working on it. For a shock,


they are difficult. Everyone is very close in competitions like


this. You just need that little step. Compared to what I'm used to,


this is a very different way of using a bike and I can't wait. When


you push the bikes, there is nothing better in the world. Let's


have a look and some stuff from Valentino today. He always gives


these guys something to watch and A real fight between the three of


them. Barbera did a great race. I was really impressed with how he


wrote. He fought with Valentina until the last laps. Fair play to


him. He is struggling as well. You're fighting with Valentino


Rossi on his home track. You can hear the support for Valentino. It


has been a great race for him. Ducati had the pace here. Overall,


I would say not such a bad weekend the Ducati. I would say they are


probably coming back a little bit. Let's have a look at Jorge Lorenzo.


We all marvelling at him. He not only had the consistency at the end,


but he made some perfect passes as well. It is easy to make a mistake


with the adrenalin rushing. The way he passes Lorenzo, he was so fast


around the corner. Stoner. Yes, Stoner. You cannot tell how steep


it is on the television. He was very good towards the end of the


race. His pace was very quick. You could tell by the body language as


well that he was confident. Today, Lorenzo is back. I think he was


probably hungry from the Assen experience. I would say so. The


No that opportunity for cases don't have to take women number 28. A tip


for Germany. You are going to be on the grid, up 3. If yes, I think so.


It is my favourite track. I got my best race in the Saxon rain in 2008.


Banks were talking to us. We will see you in a couple of weeks.


speaking to you. We will see you there in a couple


of weeks' time as well, Sunday afternoon at 12.30 on BBC Two. In


the meantime, press the red button to get more reaction from re-racked


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